The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1940
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 22, Ifl-lO Attention. Jim Farl<>y**~ Red Ryder's Artist Shows Uncle Sam m,YTnr<:v,TT,fi (ARK.)'COURIER NEWS Mow Pony Kxprcss Sieally A p pen red j Wilson Society-—Personal Spraks Ikre On IMun >>. T. A. l.'lci( Ofttrni, Mivi. «'. J. Uulwin president »t (lie W Te idler Association Mis. N. 11. (.Ills, ul «'as cleeled l^un ]';uvm 10 hllceeetl he :ntv . hchl on Thursday afternoon m Hit' hi<h M'houl iiwlitoitum. Mrs. \v. 1". WJl,so.:. chnlrtiuiit of [lie nominal - hv.j cominlltce reports the folio* • In,? oflieci's 10 serve: Mis. J, A. Apple, vice piesidi ni; Mrs. 11. 11. Goldman, soerctaiv: Mis. Jii-.'k Um'lt. liciismw; mill Mis. N. li, MILf. lii.Moi-inn. Miss HOSH il.irily, principal of Hit lilythevllti- hluh si'hool, \v:»s I lie miesi speaker and Hindi' nil In- U'ic.stiii'; talk on •"('hi' conservation j.; Ktliicatlon" whlvh nave much food lor ihuiijthl. mull Mnrgiui • lendCll-ll U pilino .S0)0, "TJlC OWJIII," 1111(1 Illl' pl'I'Sllll'IIL's HH'SSIV,f, "CllH- I • (hen ill n IX'iiiocnu-y" was uivcn I l>y Miss Vlriu'i' UOj'.fis. The finance ' ; committee annouared a proxi-am. composed ol various forms of en: li'ilainmcnt in be xnoiiMm-.i on April Slh, nt Ihe high school audi- toriuui to be presented liy the M::• Uuxhlln Studio. Memphis, imer- ^•stliiB reports were also given liom ; chairmen of (In- 1'iiblidty uiul Stiiii- i nii'r-ItoiiiKluj) committees. ; Mrs. W. J. Liulwlg wns elected n delegate to the lUlh Sink' Clun- 'ventiou, lo be held in Fnyetleville ............. on April 22, 23. 21. Mis', . .. I-ml llirm-m, coulim arti-t «| 10 di « s RID in Hi R. luio of Hit nbms, tor N'i.A hinnt. .mil Conner ''"''"I". 'W«it«l attendance to I*\I-K »i,"inv (I,;? >>,c*n»-i/i.<ii ...... ,1 ..>..-_.i/>.,ii.. „„ — ..... . ..-....._ __ Hie .senior piny on I ; no.iy ihi PAGE THREl* News, draws this oric physically correct r,,iic(-iitloii of Hie I'nny 'Express iltler of 18DO. EDITOR'S NOTE: The new 3- cent U. S. t'ony Express stump. which will be released April 3. has drawn n storm of criticism from equestrians, artists and historians. All point out inaccuracies In the palming of liic Pony Express rider and his horse, as It appears on Ihe stamp. To show how Hie Pony Express Rider really appeared. NEA Service asked Fred Hnnnan, artist who draws Red Ryder comic strip for NEA and Courier News, to sketch his own version, based on years of life in the west as a cowboy-artist and rancher, a firsthand knowledge of the old west HIM! factual research on (he Pony Express. Mr. Harman's comments appear below. By FKE1V HARMAN .M.'A Staff Artist who draws Ueii Kyder for NEA Service and The Courier News- Contrary to most illustrations,] including the government's new stamp design, Pony Express riders were young boys, light of weight, hiral lo outride and outrun the Indians, not to fight them. Buffalo Bill,'- for. instance, got his lirsl Job'as a'poriy postman at the ase of 14. Riders were restricted to a top weight of 123 pounds. The rider in the stamp doesn't appear lo be carrying any mail pouches. Actually very litlle of the Pony Express rider's saddle showed, because a large flap covered nil of it, with the exception of the horn. To this flap were, attached four muil bags. In changing mounts, the rider jerked his saddle hags from one horse, threw them on another and was off again, in relays they crossed httlf the United States In seven days, Saddle makers Insist Ihc saddle shown on the. stamp was not introduced until 50 years after Hie lasl Pony Express ride had been made. NO UNIFORMS FOU 1'ONY i'OSTMEN There were no regulations about costumes. The Pony Express was a Here 1.s Die ncu- U. S. I'ony Express stamp ilesisii, which is imdiir lire as inac'curalc anil imnossiblc. K »us drawn hy William A. lloaeli of the Uureai: of Kiignti-iiiff and l'riiitiii K . private enterprise started by SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON risl's Triumph Over Dealh 'Creates! Event in History*' Text: Mtkllhrw 27:57; ?.8:G -- • I The important thing is what all IIV 1VH.L1AM K. GIMtOV. I). I). u, c New Testament stories hare in Editor of Arivuiw had active disciples \vho were near to Him in fellowship from day to day and who shared j group of men. common—the ciear evidence th» resurrected Christ appeared lo the disciples and thai » discouraged March 22. Announcement wits made by Mrs. N. U. Eilis of in,- n >,\. ! meeting, which ,wlll be a nigln ! meeting, will] Ihc fathers ,is guesls i with it .social hour following the ' business session. * * e Mrs. W. R Purniss. fifth grade leucher. is in Conway. Ark., this week where .she wus called on iic- coiml of the Illness of her fiither. Mr. Hnh'Mon. Mrs. Karl Wright of Pine Bluff Ls visiting hi 11«! home of he'i diiu'jlitvr, Mis. w. f. Wilson. Newell anil Quenlin Jerome, students ot the Polytechnic Institute. Auburn. Aln., arc here lo spend the Easltr holidays with their parents, Dr. and Mrs. j. N. Jerome, Misses Jciuiella Phillips, MiU> Dowden uiul fCmllle Jmnmi.i-; siieiit the week end In Little Hock, visiting friends and rcl.ilI ves. Among the Memphis visitors Uils week were Mrs. N. n. Ellis. Mrs. J. A. Apple and Mrs. Lester Halt'. Mr. uiul Mrs. W. M. Jr.. of Vina, Ala., and Mr. nnd Mrs. E:l William* of Arnxiii:!. attended the funeral of (heir mother. Mrs. W. M. Wallace, who died nt her home here on Thursday, intiv- menl. was maile ni Ehnwootl Ccme- lery In Memphis on I-Yufuy aftcr- noon. Mr. an<l Mrs, J. A. Apple and son, Wesley, spent Sunday in I.D- noke. Ark., visiting tin: brother, Harry Apple. fell that the > earthly mission, great adventure of faith upon which Among these ynrticiilarly were the they had staked everything was 12 whom He h.-ul cnlied from their | over, were suddenly quickened into faith again, sll that they went fortli various occupation.;, and ivhoni we no'.v call "the Apostles." One of these. Judas, proved a traitor, but it Is reasonable lo think uf bis place as belne; taken by St. Paul. There were others, however, in the background, who evidently had been greatly attracted lo Jesus by ,„ omlal .,„„ ttls :r|m , His personality and teaching, and. l!fatn Wc t . n)!nol M k f perhaps even HI these last experi- (lcnd . wc lhmlc of ,„ cnccs. by III.; calmness r.nsl dignity Christ, whost presence under perscciillon. Among these and influence i,,, vc bei wns Joseph of Arimathca, a iveallhy nil through the Christ land Ciilifoniia and Pikes Express Company, and the Wil- man and a member not know much concerning Joseph. It is cmlle possible thai his adhcr- lo establish Ihe ch.rlsli.-m Church and lo make permanent the mission nnd woik 'ol tlieir Master In the world. For a modern world, this is the great evidence of the Resurrection oJ Christ nnd His triumph over ml power manliest n genera- dressed as they plcnscil. Onns they cticc to Jesus had come about used were ot a single action type, through what lie witnessed as .1 empty Marys found the opened ....„ _...,.., tomb. His living presence is the inspiration of His Church today. Billy the Kid Danced To Violin, Now Prized PORT WORTH. Tex. (UP) — A violin, believed to have been ,'ii^n in Illay nearly 350 years at'o. wits 11. Riders and westerners have criticized how the open-mouthed horse on the stomp is ridden with loose rein nnd and starts off nt a full gallop within a few feet of the station house. Critics point out the mail carrier rides like n cavalryman on parade, rather than a cow-puncher in a hurry. member of the Council. i J ll( j gji Scornful At any rate. Joseph now cinnc ' " OLOriUUI forward openly, nl H time when II: might have been really dangerous to do so. and iiske,-l that he might , have the body of Jesus lo give. It burial. He laid the body in his own new tomb which lie had hewn out Of Sober Driver Test WALTHAM, Maw. „,,,,, f r " Pony Express route who took time to notice th? ruler's equestrian form Chief object of riding in the wesi. then and now. U lo gel there—no ni.iller lion- you .sit i;i tile .saddle. event in hlslovv." ' ., '" . , '^ tensus to :i,c.' Altcr tcllll 'g ">'- sus|!e:l to I "''' " '' pl3C(? °" e fin ""' Ia War Fails to Disrupt ] cannot be a miracle without mys u . • i tery. When one ices today the Hunt lor Autographs' BTO>» conflict among students of LONDON lUP) _ A Rumanian Journalist who has Interviewed and collected the autographs of 1.500 famous men has arrived in England with the Men of adding 21 British winners of (lie Nobel prize to his collection. He Ls S. Horchovcr and there arc tew celebrities wllli whom he is not acquainted. His aulograph book contains the signatures of three kings — Guslav of Sweden, Christian of Denmark and Zog of Albania, a score of musicians statesmen and authors. j Thi.s "greatest event" «as the • hts i:OSP vvllli cycs dosed, the offi- 1 Resurrection. The story of Hie I CCIK lire a tarrr 'S c of questluiis be- j Resurrection is full of mystery as' ginning: " I! «ve you been drtnk- i it must inevitably be. for ih«ri I'""' Are • von 'afcing meclicins? 1 cannot be a miracle without mvs- i '"' ave yo " llecn lo tllc dentist?" to be the most common fault of motorists In hill climbing All bookbinders were monks In the Middle Ages of Europe, this being considered a sacred profession. yoi and closing u-ith a request to re- great conllict among students of 1 1:c:U - " Aro "' 1(i the nigged rock tin the life and limb of so jjre.-u an j ">8i!«t rascal ran." American as Abraham Lincoln con- i ~ ccrnlng many mailers associated' '"''- m ' re lo s ''ifl to a lower gear with his life and the large element \ sc011 ello "B n is said by experts of doubt on many points, it is not 1 strange that stories should differ '. concerning an amazing event that happened centuries ago. before there was anything approaching modern means of communication and when methods of scientific in- vcstigatlo:i were unknown. The fact. Hint the New Testament stories of the Resurrection do nol agree at every point makes it plain that there was no fabrication of a [story on the part of those who were j nil agreeing lo say the same thim . cvouehl here by llr, owner, I Prine of Wlc.-iUA ran*, ,. .... father played It for half n rr-nlii'v Prliic. a carpenter, said that the iiiilnrmeiil vva.s given to his father in 1IH2 by n musician «i route from San Francisco to Neiv Yuri;. The owner, who hud a: nt seasons with the San Francisco symphony orchestra, stayed th: winter al the elder Prim's 1 ;ar:i in Oregon, , When he left, the musichn told the farmer to "keep this until I call for it aynln." A few years later, the eider Piine moved lo Ifixits and "carried the fiddle up the old Chlsiiolm Iniln." hi, ,.,,,. said. The lather played it from May Oily. Tex., to Clayttm. N. M.. and in Iloswell the violin provided music lo which the outlaw lllllv IN- Kid. danced. ''cad Courier News want ads Fleet Joyner Say: Vou (Jive afc Vour (.'UK Hitsincss I'll Oive You Ihc •THICK" —SAVE— JOYNBR Oil, €0. SPECIAL! 1/3 More for the same money Johnson's Was nnd Glo-Coal SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 EXPERT BEAUTV WORK CALL 106 Ap JX cnt Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP REDUCE SENSIBLY Swedish Massage, Vap. Baths Mrs. Hulli Lawhon Tuning 8p? .HIST Gl'VK US A CALL FOU KXI'KRT WASHING MACHINE SKUVICE —All Makes— PHONE 233 We have secured the services ol Mr. Phillip Frlc, a factory trained Maytag Service Man. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Service On All Makes Radios—IMrlgc raters 206 W. Main Phone 233 Dr. A. L Boyd VETERINARIAN 29 Years ]VUIi Delta Diseases The very latest niclliotls UKcd. I also hiive ihe c(H- recl answer for your hos diseases. 1 THKAT BLACK TOXfii:K AM) RUNNING FITS IN DOOS Oy 1'OHITIVK GUARANTEE. Permanently Located 1129 W. Sycamore Phone 1114 ')'. II. A. Chupp.'ll. nnlloiml r<>|>-j ri"->'iilatlvi' for Hit- Townsend NIL- j ilunal Kei'overy l>li,n. will ,s|K'iih al ! Hi'' I'ovirlhoiiM' liere tonliihl at'. 1'•'•!" (i'r-!o:'h. j At The Hospitals j Walls UoK|iU:il Mrs. .linues Crooks, city a<|- ii:lllcd. Mrs. Mill-sir ISniiidoii. dlv. ud- iiiilietl. H. Ij. Morrison Jr.. l.illjourn, ml- niltted. •I. M, Holland. C'arulheisvllle ad- mltti'd. •I. P. Ciwin, llayli. ailinliiKl. ll'un .lo Mr. and Mrs,,J. E. Ml,l- illeion. ehy. n dnugliler weighing si'vni pounds anil two ounces who S not Ijeett named. Curl lA'Uh Johiison. Lone' On I:, admitted. lllythcvlli,. iinsiillul Mrs, c. K. 1'arkei, cllv. atl- mltied. " ' A. M. SuiiKiilll. Traarkniia. Ark., ndinliu'd. llonnle Joe llranan, Havtl, dls- missed. Mrs. I,. M. noyd, city, dismissed. O. f:. Wnncn. Halls. Tenn dismissed. Dr. N. D. Mnylk-ld, Manila, dismissed. Horn to Mr. an<| M,-S. jny rj. Evans, city, » linuyliter. i>ln!i|iliis Ititpltsl Hosiiltd Mrs. Eiijiene Drown. Cnnilhers- ville, admitted. Shirley Ruth lloyt. l.eachvllle admltlwl. Jnincs I,. Plnkslon Jr.. Holland ndinltled. Mnnplils Melltmllsl llusiilln) c. W. Whurlon, DVOSN admitted. Osceoia Society—Personal Hns lliillnla.v I'arly. Mrs, .Joe Walson I'liU'rtalnril ten liny lois \vllh n tlu'ittro puny al lh« Cii'iit 'nicutru Tiu'Nilny nlij'lu In M'i.i "(ti'ronlinu" In honor ol tin 1 liltli birthday O r l u , r ihuiv.htor, Min.v Joi' Wiilson, Afti'r Ihr .vlmiv the dilkhcn \vmt lo tin- Wnlson llOHH- whore a tially dccoralcit Kns- li'r diblo jiiwlwl them cciilcvcd «llli u lar«i> vA'hitc blniuliiy tukc ili'ronili'd ivllli« ,ui,l lllllcs with whtii- I'nndli-.'i Injifilnn on cl- tlur .side. Hniiill Kn.stor IjnskiHs tllli'il with 1'iintly OKKS \vi-u> ntvi'n us (avoir,, '11 it- iiui'.st.s won- Kiivcii voiinx, K(ht'l)'i) l-lrii'hcr, Ji'iin icuiidflck, I'mnk Wul.MM). Snnili Ann Ili'l), Siilllc uiul niuio CilhlU'ld, Blrw- art Crlhlli'ld, Ciirolyn Cotni'r and Wadi' Qnlnn. Mr.s. Ch'ortii' MaUhows of llly- Dii'vlllp, i;iar.(l!iii)i!n'i of Mmy .joe, iisslsli'd In I'niiM-liilnini! |jii> chll- Mrs. (iiilluH'ity llnslrss. "Unwilllni; .loinncy" iliv ni".v novel hy llr. C. r. U-e, |iroli'ssor ul Hotilh»'i>jili'rii UnU't'ittlly In Mrmphls, was revU-wcil by Mrs, Cii'oi'si- UK'keison tor nii'inbrr.s ol Ihe Mlcrnlnrc Dt'iinrlinonl o[ the Osccolii I'roui'ivslvc' club In the home of Mrs. f'mil cmlloway on Tui'silny iittcmoon. '1'ho ID nipin- Ijcrs ri'siiontlwl to roll rail wllli on icnt livcnls. Mrs. Onllowny used yvllow jon- Uiills In contrast, in Hu> & \?y n () i the shninrock iilpos nnd nlla'r SI, 1'iilrlck Dny. dei'onttlon.s. Mrs. I'almer Slanloii will be hostess lo the di'iiiirUnenl ill Hick ineottim Hi April with Mrs, II. C. Ilr.van us lender, Ccnnplinicilleil \Vilh Klrlhdiiy !>lmirr. I'.'imni'tl Wilson Jr. was host to 15 for ii luncheon Sundiiy Ihe Wilson home on llnlc nve- 11110 In comiillmenl to Victor Cox on (he occasion of his birthday. After dinner they were his tiuc.sUs at Ihe Sunday inntlnec al the Clem Thunire. fttr. mid Mr.s. K. M. Wc.1- cher eiilei Inlnccl Ihe same group on Siitiirilny nlBht In coinpllnn.'nt to Mr. Cos with a chop siiey snp- |)er In (heir home before Ihe pnvty went to (he Blue Kouin of the Noble Hotel In Ill.vlhevllle fm <liun-- Mother Rarely Sees Son, But Always as Soldier LONDON (Ul>>- Jack Mnycr Ims seen his mother only tbrcr times in'thi: lust 30 years. Eucli time lie •MS licen weiiriii;; tliu uiiKorni of a Cumidlim soliller. 'J'lilrty years nso he went to Caiindn from Liiucii.sliire. Pour yrnrs Inter he rwin-iM.'iJ l» tin country with the first C.E.I-', ue- lore he sailed for I'runue. he vls- Itect his mother In Wc.stellffe. Aftei the win- he snw her before return- i"« lo Hie Doiuliilon. Now he's back ngiiln with (In Cumidlim Active Scrvlt-i- TJJ- and his first leuve took htm n another visit to his mother. Speii i 5 rnnm restdcnrc, 100 focil |«l, 1'rico S125IJ. ?!2.i rash. Haliintt; $11.70 month, Thomas Land Co. II. C. Ciimpljvll, siilosman Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF Safe Driving! Snfc motoring is the aim of every driver. Tlion. «-hy not assure yourself of this safety ns far as your automobile Is concerned. Drive In ami lei our mechanics put ynur car In shape for any driving. The cost is reasonable and (lie ivorfc t'l'iir- nnteed. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5'h & Walnut Phone 810 Diff ivJilto Wrlhdny cuke , topped Wllll .SfVPH yellow CHlKllM. . n»(l jiniwr noLwnmkere ns fnvor« de- UssliU'd OIK children. .The pajicr nut ciiixs mid yellow JoiUjiills over the house milled color to Hie scene. In Hie conifsls I'ntsy Cone mid .Mm UleV.ey Wrlp.lil won nwnwls. Mrs. A. p. Hj,i, ise mid Miss UJIlan 1'iilteison nssliim Mrs, Davis in enlertnlnliiK the Kii^sts, liii.stmi s|;i|. Mcciv. Mi's. Hulli Slaylon, of Joiner. (IWrlil dejinly jjiund leclurer for the flfleenlh district Order Bisl- <rn Slur, |iahl her 'orileliil visit lo UK.- Of.rcola clmpU'r number 420 fil Ilicli 1 stiilo<l meotliiK this wei'k. l''or the occasion, Mrs. 'j\ g. Hcliooler, worthy matron of the luciil ehnpier, entertained (he p:lsi worthy matrons and J. li. Bmm, wuttliy puiron. with n chleken Miplitr lii Die dni|i«'r rootns prc.- ccdlnii lbi. nuvtliiK. Airs. Keliooli'r'H color.s for Ihc yriir, blue and while, weri- used In ihe luble decoi'iillon.s mid whi'jt' In ihe chapter rooms. OaiiillinM'lil,. I'aslor Speaks. 'I'he Rev. Wayne (iui.v, jm.stor of Ihe 1,'niiilhii'svlHe 1'iesbyleilan clnnrli uiul dtslrlet Hiivchior or IliK KISIli dlsLrlnl ol Kotury In- tcriiiKlonal, wns (Hi! prlncipnl ,',|)nikcr belore (lie lunchcoii nicct- ini! <il Owrcoln Holnry Ihls week. Only llirie absenleci; were reported ut ihl.s meellni! over which Cm-roll W, Watson presided In (hi! absence of II. .1. Hale.,-: woe Dr, l>. J. A<|iilno ol CurHlhcrsvlllf, Oscnr Hynithc of Mmkeil 'IVcc. Howard C. Stuck and Mnrcun l-vitz of .Innesljoro, Ilin-vcy Movrts of Dlythevllle, ],. c. II. Vomiii of Osceola. Holjerl. Uhndes o[ Piiyeltevllle, nnd .Indijo Noll KlllotiKh ol Wynne. llabbl Herman Polinck of niylhc- vllle will be the speaker al next week's inestliiR when Niillinn Wcln- liern will Imve cliurno of Hie pro- Mrs. Holier! Simmer HusU'ss. l-'om-leeu children were ituesls ul 11 birthday dlnuL'r given hy Mrs. Itoliert. c. Stunner hi her IIOIIIP on I ml? Avenue Wcdncwlny nltihl In honor of the clglilli bhth- dny of licv tliiugliter, Mmy 1). Huimier. 'Jill! luce covered taMe held u luige Enslcr basket, us n center- pK'cc. aloni! with (lie white enkt Was Old at 57 Feili Ytin Youngir f~ linteitiilns I'm- Son. Mrs. c. A. Davis wns hostess to seventeen children for an Blister mill SI. rVtU-Ick luuly In her home Titcjfdny nfleiiiooji In honor of the seventh liirthdny of ber son, Olln- lon Diivls. 'I'he (able covered with u si. Patrick's Day cloth, ccnlereil with ( u vm, IK litc,lnl Altit IQ b \ftUnt Iron, rnlMuni. |di iilnina. Iwllnp. Vllnmlit III lur liirn.«iili!rn.Tral i *l'l""V«i lij' KriUll, nllP N. Y. Jnri, ir ». (tn* 73 >rat lil IKlcrilll wrUci: -look (In*." IKoii UMll. («i HUB i,l i] Stutl kHl IcU io,Uy, Oilly20« ntiT, tlilj very iUy l— for that "aUtrWIttdown topped wllli pink candles. The facers were mai-hcil with eggs dec-' ornUxl to teniescnt individual chnr- nclcrs, Mrs. Bumner was nssktcd In cri- icrtnlnlnii by Mrs! E. M. Kletc.hei' nnrt Mrs. J, A. Crosthwnlt, 4 * • < . Miss Mildred Jolly has had as' ncr Kiinsts this week Mr. and Mrs JMIHH card well nnd j,. D Brown of I'-ulton, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. Thrace Ramsey mill Mrs, W. T, Ramsey left Tlnir.s'- day for New Orleans lo spend the Knslcr holidays with Mrs. Hamscy's daughter, Mrs, Hoy K. Cauley, at, Hie lioosc-Mlt, Ifotcl. : . ' Mrs. I'. M, Sang.slor, who Iras been .seriously 111 for Ihe past two ' months is able 16 ho up and has Kone liomc with her dtiughler, Mrs. K, J. Kearney id Clarkdale for several dtiys visit. Mrs. .'. B. liiinn Rnd (latigliter, Mnrtlm June, has none to Terry- vllle, Ark., for Iho Rn-stcr vacation wllli her father, U. A. nowen. who Is 111 with 'flu. Mrs. I.ce Maxwci'l, accompanied by Hetty Ann Whltworth, drove to l-'nyt-llevllle, Ark,, 'nmradny to spend llio week coil with Monroe Maxwell, n stndenl In the Untvcr- slly of Arknnsns. Hobcrt Eliodes, who has been vlMtlny his aunts, Mrs. C. M, Hiirwcll and Mlsx Nell Illiodi's, for the. irasl week, retiini- . «l to his home In Fnyeltevllle with Ihc part-y, Mrs. J. 0. Bcurlaek Is visHInt' •clntlve.s In Ainory. Miss., over the week end, William Card Edrlngton, who U a student at Hie University ot Ar- kansns. will nnlve today for Ihc spring holidays wllli his parents, Mr. unit Mrs. John W. Etli-lngton, Chnlk Is almost entirely composed of Hie skeletons of niilmnls, In the slccl liuhislry, the nmii In clmi-Rc of u blnst furnace 'Is culled n "kccppr." FOR SALE SPECIM BARGAINS 0 room coltase on Kentucky. Nice home close In. Price $1050. 5250 cash, bnl, $16.00 moiilli. Includes interesl, taxes and insurance. •104 E. Davis. 7 room stucco. SW50. Owner snys "sell It." $350 cnsli, bill. $21,00 month. Possession today. . On Highway Gl —20 acres and handsome brick residence. All ""iivcitl'tnccs. This home is new. Price $9,6DO; See us for terms. Trumiiis Lund Co. Sole ,At;ts. 22-ok-2G' Tttt Irainnnijlf/l. « '• Ibmi/Ha (lintru .'Iwl '' air 'I MWKlfilrjl I'jtijrJ Meier Cjr Ceralurl) COMPARE ECONOMY-YOU'LL PICK PACKARD! Packard, of all manufacturers, haithofaslost-growlng family of owners in America. And the big reason is— greater owner satisfaction . . . in vnlue, performance aiul all- around economy. Packard urges yon to compare... check.,, demonstrate it against other cars. You'll find it's 19M's siand- oiit—a hig car that costs little to run. For proof, study the comparative service costs at the right—then see your nearest Packard dealer HOW. Now, mote than tiei^- ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE COMPARISON OF SERVICE CHJUiGES Avttaga Charge Type of iervli* Opotatian patbafrf "laweil- 110 prTtedS" Service hrakes, uil>ust complete S2.70 . S2.53 He-line niul adjust hrakei, [ wheels 13.65 . U.R1 CIciin and adjust carliuretor . 2,-fO . 2.-J3 Ttine engine 'f-73 . -1-07 Piston ritigs —rc-ncw all, align roils *3.65 - 24.12 Gutioii nnd valve job .... 13-00 . I3.9S (•'rant wheel toe-in, check and adjim t - - 1-25 - 1.02 Clinch, pedal clearance, adjust . .50 . .33 l-jn belt, re-new 1-90 . 1-57 SPECIAL NOTE: These pticc* arc uk«n from an im- pjriul iVit nte manual u»etl by over 30.000 sar^cs, J)cinp •fiffjjce cmn. thry nuy nc sofnctvhjt burner or loivi-r in your city jiLC-iuic of locil contliiiom. hutthcy <lo iittsnrjti' (fie snullJiiTcriirtCc in upkeep cspcojc between Pickird and much smaller cari, 1940 \AA-V PACKARD 'Jg/ l in Detroit. S AV u MOTOR SALES COMPANY Phone

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