The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on March 21, 1965 · Page 75
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 75

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 21, 1965
Page 75
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THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Page 3-G ? Z" r Chic .Ailment; Follows Travel Sunday, March 21, 1965 t - i T" I a it i-'f 1. q , t Hfs i" r f?f srf H 1 . $J W-itrMjrrT. 'p! Joint Venture Mrs. Elmer L. Kiehfuss, health chairman of the Federation of Catholic PTAs; Dr. Kenneth I. E. Macleod, Commissioner of Health, and Mrs. Yoichi Oikawa, health chairman of Cincinnati Elementary NEW LIFE for YOUR FURS! Modernize your outdated FURS into a ojamoroui new capt or stole 48 .00 up IK "4 ARCTIC FUR CO. 407 RACI ST. 421-2220 i I i, " YOUR UGLY IT'S DRUDGERY TO PAINT TKEH . . . BESIDES THE PAINT DECREASES THEIR EFFICIENCY... REMEMBER ACE RADIATOR ENCLOSURES Are the only thing that mikes jtur radiators REALLY acceptable. Indole ane tr more real-tgri now and find out far vourtclf hew eicellent tht enclosures actually irt. Don't Delay, Call Today! DON'T ACE RADIATOR ENCLOSURE CO. CINCINNATI 39, OHIO witl E-Z WALK pat. no. ,5 t . ... ...... ss.mMmiv,iwtwmimi.iM iw anWayiiiiiiiri,ia lit: tK. Styl 4222 A. Bla pMent. j p $19.95 I SoaTKthtig special? You betl Step inside a Fastwon-Ease Shoe. A whole new world of walking pleasure is your- Thfifl t0 h flentle cushioning of the patented E-Z Walk Foundation, the soft leathers, the beautiful styling. Try a pair today. Sizes and styles galore. 1 FOOT COMFORT SHOP 33 W. 7th St. ( Vi Vine Council of PTAs, check final arrangements for "Project Poly-Vac." The project to have every child immunized against contagious diseases will be held Monday in 21 areas of the city. PTA and other volunteers, Identified by a tag reading PTA Project Poly-Vac, will go door-to-door to emphasize the importance of immunization and tell where the temporary clinics will be held. Ceylon's Woman Premier Faces Judgment Of Voters By U P International Nearly five million Ceylon-ese go to the polls tomorrow to decide whether they want to continue history's first woman premier in office and whether they want their country socialized, their press nationalized and their nation turned into a possible base for Chinese Communist operations. The voters of tropical, rubber-and-tea-rich Ceylon will be determining whether to continue In office the coalition headed by Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaran-aike, 49, premier for the past five years. Mrs. Bandaranaike lost control of parliament last December 3, when 15 members of her own Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SIFP) broke with her on the issue of nationalizing the press. In the five years since she succeeded her assassinated husband, Mrs. Bandaranaike has steered Ceylon on a neutral course in foreijrn policy and toward an increasingly authoritarian socialism at home. The elections will bring Ceylon its sixth parliament in the 17 years since it gained Independence from Britain. The tropical, West Virginia-sized island has so far earned a steady, if meager, livelihood by growing rice, rubber, and tea for the tables of England. 521-7700 Writi ar phone (collect 300 miles) far FREE Catalogue at Ideal. FOUNDATION rmntt 5 t I lefweea 621-3052 and Kiel PAINT RADIATORS . HISTORY'S FIRST woman premier, Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike will learn, through ths results of Ceylon's election, whether her countrymen want her to continue in office. But Mrs. Bandaranalke's government has nationalized foreign trade and some other sectors of the economy, and her opponents claim she is leading the nation toward ruin. They cite shortages of cloth and food, and unemployment of half a million persons or more than one sixth of the labor force among the population of 11 million. SHE WAS a political novice when an assassin's bullets catapulted her to leadership of the nation. But she had spent her life on the rim of the political world, and as the daughter of an aristocrat she was born to leadership. Reared as a devout Buddhist but schooled in Catholic convents, she has a deep social conscience, and devotion to welfare work, for which she was trained. Solomon Bandaranaike, was, like his wife, well born. But his political bent was socialist. He encouraged a simplicity in living and dress that belied his background. He won the premiership in 1956 from a conservative government that had leaned resolutely toward the West. He changed all that, and moved the country toward a govern-mentally-planned economy. His rule was so gentle that by the time a Buddhist monk pumped five bullets into his body in September, 1959, he was nearly a saint in the eyes of his people. In an emotional campaign that drew heavily on the assassinated premier's memory as well as her charm as a gracious, high - born woman, Mrs. Bandaranaike swept to victory. PROBABLY the most controversial of the issues is Mrs. Bandaranaike's authoritarianism. The Ceylonese, inbred with a hundred years of British liberalism, seem to dislike the notion that newspapers and speech ought to be restricted. Certainly the newspapers have turned solidly against Mrs. Bandaranaike. One indication of how tough she might be has been the election law rammed through Parliament by the coalition. It severely limits parades, posters, transporting voters to the polls, the display of flags and even the use of loudspeakers at election rallies. The government permitted only 200 public address systems to be imported for the election. Then it awarded BY EUGENIA SHEPPARD NEW YORK (HTNS) One of the chic new ailments is jet lag. To suffer from jet lag it's necessary to have traveled at least six or seven hours on a jet long enough to have dislocated the time perspective slightly. The symptoms of the disease are vagueness and dizziness, and the duration may be as long as a week. Jet lag strikes suddenly. The victim disembarks from the Jet plane feeling gay as a sprite, dashes through customs, checks into home or a hotel as the case may be, finds there's just time to make the next party, greets friends and in the course of the next few hours falls into a light coma. FROM THEN on there's no quick cure for jet lag, described by various suffers as "like a long hang- Why Shades? NEW EXCUSE for sunglasses: they protect against glare when you hang white wash up to dry in the sun. half of them to Mrs. Bandaranaike's party. Three opposition parties shared the rest. There have been charges of intervention by the communist Chinese. But the election may swing as much on personality as on issues. Mrs. Bandaranaike retains the powerful appeal of her feminity. She still finds time to offer flowers at a Buddhist temple, to engage in welfare work, to help her son, Anura, 15, build a toy railway engine, or to read a magazine with her daughters, Sunethra, 23, and Chandrika, 19. news Ar " -Hiiii M a. GEMINI Ptatirtum or Black textured leather with I'a" stacked heel, All Stores; also In Blue textured or Black Patent leather, Downtown Only 13.00 Siies IOVj and 11 14.00 downtown, i (.:.: over," "like dancing out. of step" and "like feeling as if there were a huge sheet of plate glass between yourself and the rest of the world." A seasoned traveler hardly likes to admit feeling jet lag from a little Jaunt like a flight to New York from London, Paris or Rome. The trip the other way, though, is apt to have more serious consequences. There's the tempting arrival in the morning with a whole brand-new European day ahead. A night's sleep goes down the drain, never to be caught again. Actually jet lag from a little trip is harder to fight, psychologically, at least, than jet lag from a longer one. Travelers around the world usually Just have to give up and sometimes sleep as long as 18 hours at a stretch. REMEDIES for jet lag are as individual as the symp WiHIWMiallOTfiiEK'Wlil.WJWiriilM-il'lir-;' waiter DIAMOND RINGS by MAKERS OF OVER 50 MILLION DIAMOND AND WEDDING RINGS SINCE 1850 The most hallowed season for an engagement . . . time for the ring thBt's most cherished. Indeed, with the unexcelled styling, the superb quality of an rtCarved you'll be giving the most persuasive proof of your everlasting devotion. A. NOCTURNE STAR SET Engagement Ring $250 " Bride'a Circlet $ 2 SO I. CONCORD SET Engagement Ring '1 1 5 00 Bride's Circlet $ 17 50 C CATHEDRAL SET Engagement Ring $400 W Bride'i Circiet J 15 0 Regular or extended charge accounts 50 YEARS 1MUS JEWELERS SEVENTH and VINE STREETS MT. WASHINGTON 231.8419 StKhment and Plymauth WALNUT HIUS-9al-630O Kemper lane and McMillan NORWOOD-31.20 Mantgomery and Bennett PLEASANT RIDGE-431-3583 Lonntiville and Montgomery Shop Getl Dewntown, Milford and Iri Counly, Monday till T Hail and phone orders promptly filled in shoes at Young Expressions whether it be the crisply have fountain square hyde park WWW? WSivi?:::1v;.? i'Ki...rt'W.'iVV.V.SA'.V. toms of the disease. Try a long brisk walk. Try another hot meal, even if you've just finished one on the plane. Try going to bed immediately. Try not going to bed immediately. Try sliding gently from the last time schedule into the new one, or move the hands of the traveling clock forward and do it all at once. Try everything and it won't do any good. Jet lag will still be there a minor but ghastly kind of emotional shock. A gorgeous girl in the Sherry Netherlands bar recently, movie star Daliah Lavi, was suffering from jet lag. She had flown in from London to give herself plenty of time to recover before the premiere of "Lord Jim." She's the only female star in the cast. DALIAH, who has a strong, square-jawed face and enormous dark eyes, was dressed for spring:. She was win nan i! if mi i m ii mi i ; time- Plus tax Rings enlarged to ihow detail invited. Up to 18 months to pay. OF SERVICE SaUBEii 721-5555 C0VINGT0N-19I-4121 Pike and Madison TRI-C0UNTY-77I-332I Shoooinq Center MILFORD-831-4021 Shopping Center MI0DUT0WN. OHIO J DAYTON OHIO CYNTHIANA. KENTUCKY w:iii(iw.,a"!K''iiMt!: Wit 5- - totWtir in Fashion Heels . the modern straight side lines of Expresso classic shape of Gemini, our Socialites the fashion look. You'll love the feel, too... cushioned inssles; soft mellow leathers. square trkounly mt. wearing a big straw hat and a navy blue dress from Dior with a pleated skirt. She was coping with jet lag by working through a full scale luncheon oyster and chopped steak with onions and mushrooms. Later she planned to ease Into life in New York by driving clear around the city and looking it over. Jet lag happens often to Israeli-born Daliah. She Is always traveling between her flats in London and Paris. She's just back from Cambodia where "Lord Jim" was filmed. FREQUENT TRIPS,. though, are no inoculation Mr. Carl's House 3319 ERIE AYE. Gray hair? Dull hair? Bleached hair? til w i JsJ-V'$M wmmmmmmmmm L wAwix - 4 o Try our INSTANT color service: Our Fanci-full service) works like Aladdin's genie: colors instantly (even while we set your hair!) . . . needs no peroxide, no after-rinse . . . shampoos out when you wish. Lustrous, natural looking colors to cover gray and highlight dull hair, gossamer-light pastels to ton tinted hair. downtown, tri county, western . . or Matchmaker Handbag 13.95 plus Fed. Tax Available Downtown Washington western village against Jet lag. Store buyers, dress manufacturers, editors, fashion photographers and all those who travel two to six times a year to far places, know and dread the inevitable attacks. For his last trip to Europe, designer Bill Blass decided to play smart. For eight nights before he took off, he collected an extra hour of sleep. In Paris he came down with a worse case of jet lag than usual. Somebody on Madison Avenue gave the disease the name jet lag, and it's a beauty. The only thing you can say for jet lag is, it isn't fatal. of Charm 321-5547 mm. .oofcow.'Wi. wf'r nfft iiiAnirV.ljikfti'il.iLiMt"i Do Yov Havt A WIG PROBLEM Call Helena For Consultation village open monday nij b. EXPRESSO Plafinum, Flight Blue or Black Calfskin, All Stores; alse Whisper Green, Red or rish Oats, Downtown Only. 15.00 Sizes lOVa and 11 U 00 . . . Sizes lOVa 8 11! (near Ontario) :'.:;i.;';-:yi(:::::-& Mliilliilllll iiiiiiiiiiliiil ' A ' '' 1 , ( " i s , y i j ; ' , a-, i "4

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