The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT WFAVSPAPlTfj n™ vnn'iuiimu-n .« "^ "" — * * r^^f VOLUME XXXVII-NO. 5. Blytlu;vllie Dally Nows Blythevllle Courier Destruction Of Nazi Ship By British Sub May Change Tactics By Ihilleil 1'rcss Great Bvilnin opened a .spectacular now phase of naval wnrlare today in an appju'ent more to .stop iron ore sliin- meiHs Irom Scandinavia lo Germany. A Brills)] .submarine threaded its way into the mined waters at the entrance to the Haltie KC-A—-a "hull of a place to go, naval men said—and sank Die German steamship lleddernheim. ' * The 4,947-ton Nazi meicJianlman T l !E ^ 0 l nNANT »fWBP*raR_OP_NO»raR«»T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ARKANSAS, KlillMV, MAIiOll 22, HMO Mlssslssl])])! valley Leader Blylheville Herald Circus Is Just Around ih<> (lonicr Nun's Forehead Bleeds Annually On Good Friday COSEKZA, Italy, Mar. 22, (UP) —The nun. Elena Alello, todiiy Blaze Destroys Building Housing Weekly Newspaper Variety Store The Leaehville star, weekly newspaper of IxMchvllIe, Ark , lost its home curly iod:iy when five de- i stroyed the building occupied by j (lie newspaper nnd Hit- o. nnd M variety store and nil contents. En- lire loss was estimated at approximately $16,000. The entire plant ol (he newspaper, owned by Kendall Berry of tills city and of which E 1, shn- neyfcll wns editor, was destroyed, Including three presses, n linotype machine, type and oilier equipment was the first such vessel destroyed by n British torpedo and tin- sinking aroused belief that the allies might be opening ti drive lo break German supply lines lo Ihc north as they did in 1915 nnd 1G1G. In 12 days of Ihe World War British .submarines, operating oK the coast of Denmark, sank H German ships loaded willi iron ore enroutc Irom Swedish mines by way of Norway to the Reich nnd delayed many other ore ships. Ilie Heddernheliu sank eight rallfs east of Skagen on the north Up of Denmark just inside Ihe Kallegat entrance lo Ihc Baliic. The crew of 30 men landed safely in Denmark. It was learned in London loday that a German submarine was believed to have been destroyed in tiie North Sea last night by a trawler. The Germans pressed the war at sea with greater vigor, loo, 1 sinking seven neutral merchantmen. Al) were reported to have been lorpedoed by u-bonts with- Iliis rnlleii to occm ' on tllc sa out warning, according to the Brit-; <JB V ot the Hol V week ' Ule ish accounts, which sought to em- marking the crucifixion of Christ, Al crml ncrl Mr and Mr, c,,,,,,, phasize that Ihe Hcddernhelm was . °" 1™' ! ° US ™™l°™ Ihe bleed- CICI '™ al '^.' "< )' s ' *''" lei ; given "iinnlp wmilm* . ing usually hns slopped about mid- ,. "•'" worKCU uiilll about 2 S ™e Danes loll islfof the seven'"*«• "*ving Sister Alello's face ?..^_lh,s mormng, preparing lor puzzled physicians and priests as used for printing tiie paper and blood streamed from her fore-!J ol) wolk - This loss lias been cstl- hcad lor Ihe iGth consecutive Good | mated as at least $3500 with no Friday. She lay In religious ecs-; insurance, tasy on a small iron bed in the j Flumes, which broke out in the Cosenzn orphanage. | variety slore, .swept through thai During the manifestation which) portion of tiie building where nodi- many regard as a miracle the t ing was saved and llien broke crowds of faithful who yearly make , through the slieel rock partition' a pilgrimage to Coseirav Itnclt in adoration und prayer outside Uie humble slonf edifice In which Sis- into ihe newspaper office within few minutes. lei Aiello lives. Priests and physicians at nun's bedside made no effort to i ncw j' jjinilt' Discovered at 2:30 o'clock by Mr and Mrs. Shaneyfell, who lived in ™ e ! nn apartment In the rear of tiie He's not pink and he is walking that single-rail fence. !|I S name's Pouquu and he's said to be the world's only pe, forming wgmv Hephanl. He's 8 etUn y hl s final Dining bcfo ,. 0 tllc ^'^ on the »ad from Mrs. Evelyn Mcdain at th, ningllng Brothers Barnum and Baltcy circus winter t ,imrlcrs 1 nSurasoln n,, - •"•«*•"»- «i«uc tiu timii, "-news plant, the fame'; wnri> itnnt stem the flow of blood which stain-, fl . ora sprca, ln s to o her I,Udlns, cd one ollloiv niter another. Font „,.,..,_ . lu ,. umL ' mummy, | ol ' e pillow nfter another. 16 years Ihe phenomenon ,. vnr, »i'"--i«'iig 10 oilier windings uni/rn rvi/ npvp r 1 " 1 U>C block by tilc dc l>artmcnls i flLkL I'DV siddcH ° f Leachville ' Mnnl >" "'id Moncltc Him Ml III day "' lltch " lsll(;cl lo tll<! scene flUMLU LI I Origin of the fire has not boon ships sunk by what naval sources said was a new wave of German iiit out from German chalk white. Catholics, awed by the manifestation, said most of trie blood flow- ,, weekly edition of the paper and had only retired a few minutes before Mis. Shaneyfcit said she heard " In Berlin the high command announced that 32.694 tons of allied or neutral shipping enroiite to allied ports had been sunk in the last three days. County Gins 204,670 ___ __ ___ u "something- like an explosion." Mr. much the same manner as did that! Shanpyicit thought It was the bird of Christ when n crown of Ihorns was pressed on his brow. Physicians said Sisler Alello did dog jumping against the door nnd they made no investigation until , a few minutes later the dog did not appear to suffer and that her [ shove against tiie door nnd they lips were opened in n faint smile > found the fire, which had alrcndv Bales During 1939jtectoress. during most of the day. Over her head was nn image of St. Theresa, Sister Alello's pro- Mlsslssippi county made n cot-! ton crop of 204,fnO bales from the! 1938 crop to exceed the most lib-• oral ."estimates,. it' ,was announced today by Chester 'o. .Danehewer of Luxora, special agent for cotton In Mississippi county. This figure, which includes all cotton ginned, counting rounds as halves, and a small amount yet to be ginned, also exceeds, by far, tiie 1938 crop when 188,077 bales were ginned. At the beginning of the cotton picking season last fall, the general estimate for the county wns! made much headway. The building was owned by the Rev. Morris areer, or Jonesboro, who has not yet announced his plans. This week, edition of the L eae,i- ^e^.nmend™ £ Illft iStnr \vrtc nrmfnrl nt +l»n nl,. I - i . . J *""'- Cotinty Assessor Poinls To | National Junior C. of C. Record As Basis Of Second Term W. W. (Buddy) Walson loilay Head Addresses Osceola Group OSCEOLA, Ark., Mnr. 21.—I'erry asked (he Courie his candidacy for "re"- joe'i'iT'of" the "junior , ., . .— News to formally ; I'lpkln of Memphis, national pi-esl- noHil..a lo al the Democratic prl- Commerce orsmtotlon, was nary elect,on for „ second term fls principal speaker al t, Mississippi county assessor. Iprexoiilntlon cerai Mr. Watson said he. believed he ceoln Junior Chamber of tliu dinner of Ihc Os„,,,,„,, . , , -•- — Chamber of Commerce ntltled tocomldcratlon on the .held here last night nt Ihc corn- is of Ihe Dsmocrnllc pracllce inunity clubhouse retiirnlnsj officials who had I The banmict liicellng was attended by one hundred Iwetily- or served efficiently to office for second term. Mr. Walson and his llc . the Blytheville office of the Mississippi County Sentinel, also owned by Mr Berry, 'who said' today 'the Star j would be printed again at I*ach- i ville within a . short time. Asks Consideration Of Voters On His First lerm Record Holds Funeral Today For Mrs. W. M. Wallace OSCEOLA, Ark., March 22.—Mrs. w - Wallace died at her home H. Autry of Burdetic today I in Wilson yesterday noon where placed at 150,000 bales while a few authorized the Courier News to i she had been very ill since an op—'- ' ' -• -' *"~ —'•--placed their estimates at 175,000 bales with no figure higher lhati Hint. The drouth of last summer caused the low esllmutes but il did not affect the cotton as wns generally believed at that time, it Is' said. There were 90 gins In operation In Mississippi county to gin the 2JM.670 bales. make formal announcement of his candidacy for a second term as Mississippi county representative county bo:ird of erpmlt/nllih lasl fall for efficiency nnd Ihoi- oughness of assessmeiils made' "fr Ills office. ' Mr. Watson is well known in Ijnlh Ihc Chtcknsnwbn and Osccola districts of the courtly. live .Jnycce.s- from Memphis, Ullic nook, Morrlllton, Pine Bluff. Tcx- nrknnn, and Cnrulhcrsvlllc MLs- soiirl. William Sliephcrd of Pine Bluir.-Jpriislilmt ,ot Ihc -Arkansas Jnycces orgiintxnllon, also spoke welcoming (ho Osceoln group which is the only Junior Chamber In norlhonsi Arknm-as. Mr, I'lpkin spoke of the rapid zvz? ^«»™** "atif;s=°strr- lias been a favorite drink with all classes In Egypt. !™ t ,L°." ^"•V!l c f" t , lj ' P«fom«cl aljtoot., in In Venice, n gondola Is moro valuable before It Is painted, since buyers .iemphls hospital, , In ill health only a short time, in the state legislature subject to nn operation wns not successful an'l | oclion of voters nt the August! she had been removed to her Democratic primary. suspicion nf ,, , " l " lnlerr o. president of at k Sfr-d 11B ' Home Lumber Comunnj- and ^_ . P Jlnted - vice-president of Ihe Osceola Cliam- Mr. Autry holds one of the three posts In the slate house of representatives alloted to this county. He has been n resident of tile coun- home. Funeral services were to be held this afternoon, 3 o'clock, at the Wilson Methodist church by the Rev. W. c. Guice, pastor. Trie lu- Watching Her Figure Considers Trio For U. S. Marshal's Post j ty for a number of years and has j ncral cortege will leave from the been active as a lender In farm Wallace residence immediately af- WASHINGTON, March 22.—The Department of Justice Ls considering three men for United States marshal for the Western District of Arkansas lo succeed John Riley, whose lerm expired this month. Senator Miller (Dem., Ark.) said today he and Senator Caraway (Dem.. Ark.) submitted the names ol Henry C. Armstrong of Fort Smith. Orady Woolly of El Dorado organizations. Ills friends pointed to a state- maul credited to the speaker of the house that Mr. Autry had an- 1 there. ler the service for Memphis where a private service will be held (it Elmwood Cemetery with burial swcred more roll calls than probably nay other member of the hoiise in 1039. They said this was indicative of Mr. Autry's close attention all of Memphis. f.<ubearers selected were foui nephews. Wallace, Ro'aert and Elwood Thompson and Winston WODC! to the duties of the office. Born in Covlnglon, Tcnn.. Mrs Mr. Autry said he hud tvied to Wallace went to Wilson with her serve the county faithfully and be- ( husband more than so years ago lieved his record Justified his re- . when he became manager of the nomination for a second term in' Lee Wilson Company's 0 mill and accordance and Charles A. Beasley of Tex- j lom - arksna and that the three were | being investigated in the usual manner by the department preliminary to a recommendation by Attorney General Jackson to the president. "The appointment probably will be made soon from among the three." Miller said. It's ihe Peak Of Perfection G. W. Reynolds Dies At Union City, Term. J. Cecil Lowe went to Union City, Tenii.. today lo attend the funeral of G. W. Reynolds, owner and founder of the Reynolds Pack- Ing company, which will be held this afternoon at three o'clock at the First Christian church in Union City. Tcnn., of which he was a member for 50 years. Mr. Reynolds, prominent civic leader, dropped dead Wednesday at a meeting of the company's board of directors. Livestock Hogs. 7.G50. Top, 550. 170-230 Ibs., 535-545. HO-160 Ibs., -150-510. Bulk sows 425-475. Caltle 9M-600. Slaughter steers, 675-1175. Mixed yearlings & heifers, 750- Slaughter heifers 630-1950. Beef cows 62J-6SO. Cutters & low cutters, 400-500. Democratic cus- j lumber interests, she was a music ; teacher in Tennessee and maln- — ; taincd a private class in Wilson for ' several years. | A member of the Presbyterian f I Church, she had for her special (interests, her music nnd flowers, 1 her home having long been H show place in Wilson because of her ! gardens. She is survived by licr husband; | one daughter, Mrs. Ed Williams of ' Armorel who with Mr. Williams hnri been at Wilson for some time, and one son, W. M. Wallace Jr.. of Vina, Ala., who with Mrs. Wallace Jr., arrived several dajvs ago. Among the out of town people altending the church services v;ere: Mr. nnd Mrs. C. E. Criggcr Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Charles Criggcr Or., .Mrs. Bernard Gooch. Mrs. Tom Phillips, of Blythcvillc and B. M. Kcgcnold, Mrs. Arthur Vance, Mrs. E. Cillinwatcr, Mrs. O. E. Moore of Annorel. Swift Funeral Home Is in charge. :See Film History Of Beverage Industry! A moving picture of llic Coca Cola Industry was shown at the meeting of tiie Rotary club yes- lerdny at the Hotel Noble. The in,„,,,,..,,„,-• ." — vocation was given by Dr. T. K TEANNETeto, American modiste, Mnlian. wilh^Uw brfm W? ary ' ? .f ' - Rl T U f alT U tlle Junlor ^ta-'ometer holds the interest of wan a visor brim to wear with run for this month other sheer wool coat dresses and " ' '»u"«i. uiner , - es, staling that for Ihe past several weeks the Increase In membership wns averaging one a day. Osccoln's charter is eight hundred eighty-five. Says Slaying Of Family Most Cole! Blooded In Mis Kxperieiico. l.OH ANCIBLKS. Mar, 22 (Ul 1 ) — .Indue Chunicd KlntnUI today sentenced Uuui'l II, Crawford, -II, u> Kervo foui 1 cnns-ecutlvi! HIV sen- iciHT.s In Rnn Qiipiillu pi-Lvoit for llu' slnyliit; of his wlfi; und ihi-pp children last Dca>mbi>r U. Klncald faked n cm- accident on the Mount Wilson observatory •ay In pltr-ci lo miike Uu> ilemh look ncfl;lontji(. Klminlil wild Crawford's eilmc wus tin' "most diamnlioilly conei-lvi-d, coldly and rutlils'ssl'v I'xecutrd plot" in his cx|K>ri(Mice.' The slate chnrged that, Cniw- fwrd sent tllc fiiinliy ^COPIES FIVE CENTS Reynaud Barely Wins Vote Of Confidence At Deputies' Hands (Sown » icoo foot cliff to I'Olk'ct SSO.SOO in life In.siiiancc Cm w ford allegedly bludneoned his wlfo nnd lliree children nnd Haniell n guest wilh n hnmmi'r iiflcr the nccidnil (o mako sure Iliey would die. lie was not prosecuted for Unrnell's deittli howcrer. "It Is (lie sliiilled rccomniendn- llou of Ihe court ( 0 (h c board ol prison lei-ins ami inu-oles Hint no parole ever be BnniUxl j. ou> " , )m |u c Kliicnld lold Crawford. Judge Kinciild linpttscd four consecutive sentences for (ho first degree murder of Crawford's wife, Mrs. Eln Crawford •!!, his two daughters, Alice IB and lleon I! und his son, I'nul, 10. Two Hurt Slightly When Truck Overturns Two trucks overturned in n ditch when they met al a brltlgu on Highway lil near Holland, lasl ntahl, slightly Injuring A. M. Sniigiilll, 3-1. nnd A. U. Carpenter, 30, drivers for the Tcxnrknilii' Fahtnff company, it was understood that tho driver of the other truck wns not hurl. Hnngalll and Carpenter wove brought lo Iho ulythcvllln Hospital for emergency treatment. Sangiilli wns still under the obscr'vtillon of Ills physician this'afternoon but hc wns lujlicved'. to' •Imvo only minor cuts mid bruises. Carpenter escaped witli a few culs nnd bruises nud both men expected to return I'exarknna tonight. According lo Mr. Carpenter, who wns driving nt llic lime of the accident, he turned a curve. on the highway then approached n bridge. Another truck was approaching and Liie Tex.irkann man applied his brakes. There wns elllier n crash to T? t n~ til r . ""i.L.j. iiiviu ml!> ULUIUI U (JIHSH I?' M^'J^l™'^?^' 911 °'. ™ ,» ot " ^'^ «vcrved Into U,. dllcli, The trailer of Cnrpeiuer ; s truck, which wns loaded wlin 550 cases o( cmply beer hollies, over- oil Ihe highway while Ihe her, nctcd ns toaslmnster and Introduce:! Joe W. Rhodes, Osccola nlioiney unil ncivly-clcctcd presl- introduced Mayor A. s welcomed the wuesls oth of Ihe vehicle went Into '"> j snlri lie remembers nollilng after t applying hts brnkcs. Hc declared «'hicl> lias n membership of "foiTy j ^ ™^ ° f spMd- mccling on the second and fourth I H'daenlnlly, Ihc. driver said tills Tuesday nights of each moiilli ntj ls llls " rsl - hlgnwny accident In 15 'the offices ol the Home Lumber ycars ot driving. Company. The Memphis delegation wns I headed by Deck Johnson, president I of the Memphis Junior Chamber of Commerce. America's First German Princess Prison Choir Director To Have Permanent Job BOSTON (UPl-The stale civil service commission on June 21 will conduct an open competitive examination for the permanent, position of choir director—lit stale prison. The dircclor must be nblc to "select proper music for all occasions, to instruct the choral groups lo sing properly and to give individual Instruction lo choir members." Requirements made no mention £*' j I ° f " T|1B Prisoncr ' s S0"g." Fourteen Girls And Still No Boy Arrives It was a sort of a Joke when there were nine girl babies born at Walls hospital ivllhotil a single boy arriving but the number l.ns jFy now readied 14 clrls and yet, there '""" is no sign of a male in the nur- r.ery. Tills feminine .streak was started about Iwo weeks ago lo make some sort of record for onc-.w.v babies, il is believed. ,,. o Reynaml won"a .'• i> Kid, in the Chamber of-Deputies„ , , .. . t' 1111 - " n) .v government wishes only l)Ut. Ihe U'imi'0 of llic new government in office 111 (lejHilict) ubstniiicd from voting. •+ ,A(lcr the volo Rcynaud called ft meeting of Ihe cabinet at the fin- niice ministry lo consider the situation resulting, from Ihc small vole. Tho volo gave Reynatid Ihe support of n bare majority. Had the 111 abstaining voted against 'the Koverniniinl the vole would have been 2C8 for Union, Columbia Couiily Dealers Accused Of Selling 'Drip' Gasoline UTCLK ftOCIC, March '1'i (UP) -Olmiitrs of cvnilliiB the stale Bosollne (nx, fnlliirc to keep records mid Iheft Imvo l;cen Hied iHjainst -13 uasolinc dealers In Union and Columbia counties, c L. PalU'1-son, supervisor of (lie xnaa- llne division of the stale revenue department, announced loday. He said I In- Inforninllmi .cou'tnln- Ins Ihe, chni-BCs wns on nit) with Prosecuting Allovney Oreii Harris of El Dorado. The -111 dealers wore selling drip (Hid casliiK heaii gasoline, n liy- against, Rcynaud to 267 - 'i'hc vole was taken after a stormy debate In which rightists and moderates said Mini ncynniid had lulled to coiiblUutc n war cabinet. Tiie premier defended the com- poslllon of his Kovcrnnient, justified attacks -on Russia as not ngnlnst doctrines , "but :nn organ- feed system of treason" nnd .lie- snid Dint "in foreign nfrnlrs we. 1 should answer fi-lendsliip with friendship, hostility .'with hostlfe'v lly." • . ,.:-.. He pledged n war to Ihe flnlsli •' nunlnst Nazism. • : , "We may be subjected : to t«m- pi'sls but we want to flghl nnd tiave certitude of victory," Rey- unud said In reminding the dcpii-. tlsc that tliclr voting product of natural wet gasoline, biitty was heavy and which either Is forced out by prcs- sure nl pumpinj; stullons or col- lecls along the bottoms of pipe lines, 1'nllerson said. The charges followed a four weeks investigation of nllciicd guso- Iliii. 1 IwotleKsliijf ncllvlllcs In the two counties. Seeks Stiitc Assembly Seat Now Held By L. H. Aulvy • Tile- Courier Mows was-' today by Prank; p. ,1/udciwood to make formal niinoujiccmetit of lib candidacy for the 'scat in tiie statehouse of representatives now held by L. II. Aulry, subject to tho ac- llo'i of Democratic pavty voters In the August primary. Mr. Underwood who has been n resident of Blylheville since 1011 Is well known over the county. As n salesman for rond building machinery lie traveled over Ilie entire state for many years. His irirads believe his contacts made Ihrough his association with officials in nil counties will be Invaluable In aiding him lo represent Ihls county In (he , slalc assembly. He lins been In j every res]) oils I- thut ."it you disapprove our-policy the enemy will understand." Hoyimud was supported vlgorout- ly by former Premier Leon nluui, Socialist leader, who said amidst noisy Interruptions lhat he . was surprised nt Ihc hostility of the chamber. . . , "The Socialists offer totnl co- opcnilion," he said I'ollllcnl observers regarded most of Ihc deputies who abstained from voilng as opponents. Tiie official tabulation of the ! vote gnve Reynaiid a majority df | only one which political observers said was "hardly adequate In war lime." , Tho outcome of chamber, debate left Ihe situation confused. Tearful Alice Gets v JP.j'/fJce_ From Tony '• HOLLYWOOD,''Mar. 22. (UP)— Alice T'ayo, vvho i;6se from a singer with Rudy VnlicpV orchestra "'to stardom 'In the films, today obtained n divorce from Tony Martin on the ground of extreme cruelty. Martin, also n .singer, 'did not contest Ihc action. The blonde nctress told Judge Sumuel Blake, she nnd Martin Uatl lived together only three..months during the ptist year and this In- fllcted ''gi-elvoiis mental buffering" und cause-is her io become "mentally nnd physically 111." The last lime she saw Martin 11>p \vns during the Ohrlstmns holidays cmirlhouse'Tii The stnl'c n't 1 ' 1 " 181 s ' cnr whc " she wcnt to New Icnst 20 times. Mr, Underwood said.; Mr, Underwood has been an In(crested observer at legislative sessions for about ao ye.irs and Is credited by his friends with playing u principal part In scauriug pns- For Steele Resident Seventeen Persons Injured In Blast *) DOVER. N. J.. Mar. 22. (UP) — ' i Seventeen persons were reported _j Injured. Iwo seriously,' In an explosion today at the government at plcatmny, rear here. to bo with him, she "i)ut I saw very little of him. HB wns always playing cards or going lo ice hockey games 'without., mo In New Vork," she testified as lulus welled In her eyes, sage of an act requiring rc^lsln- llort of county warrants. This act LT •, n . . m« -• Is snid to have been beneficial In ! nolu Kites At Manila raising Ihc credit rating of Uioj counllr's and lowering purchasing i costs. — " ' • . In asking noniliinllon Mr. Under- j Funeral services will be held nt wood believes he Is well qualified ] Manila today for Forrest Brock to care for the co.miy's Interests i of Steele, who died at Memphis . . _ | Methodist Hospital late last night where he had been a patient for 11 week. Ho was 28. . :•. . In 111 health from .dropsy for six months, lie had spent; much of that lime In Ihe hospital. Rites will be conducted at Man-. Cemetery by the Rev. W. J. ; Set Hearing April 23 On Rivers' Citation NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 22 (UP) —Argument.', on uu appeal from a contempt citation against Oov. E. D. Rivers of Georgia were set today for April 23 before Hie Fifth U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Attorneys for River;; obtained a stay order from the appellate court ila Lrfioy, pastor of Manila Methodist church. ' ... A former resident of Manila before he moved to Steele, Mr. Brock is survived by his mother, Mrs. W. »' ""* "° ta °' h "' two days HRO halting sentence by I "' „; ' ,„ „ „„. Federal Judge Dascom Denver of £°"' " nd j l . M ™* Br ^f; r a " ol Ilic Georgia Middle District Court.; „ c ., 2 » , sisiera. Airs. Rivers wns cited when he and * yrtlD , no ^ rt ! 7 °, f Caruthersvllle, his adjutant genera! ignored an In- Ml ' s - Ma Sgle Workman of Manila Juncllon issued bv Denver restrain- nntl Mrs - ^ Lynch of_Steele. lug them from" Inlci-fcrlng with I Holt Fimernl Home is in charge. W. L. Miller holding his office as ' ~ chairman of the Georgia highway) ... , . . n , board. Attend Legion rest Event At West Memphis Rivers ousted Miller and then stationed national guardsmen abosit the office. *.!...•::< HSJ The picture of this tiny baby was laken jusl afler she was rcccnlly christened Princess Maria Elizabeth Knlcrina Gabrielc Dorolliea Grocer Company Host To Branch M lu m The Arkansas Grocer Company yesterday had a luncheon for managers of the various branches of the' company nt the Hotel Noble. It followed a sales meeting which had been held that morning. Fred Puryear, of Jouesbovo, was lii_ charge of arrangements for the j E. A. Rice, commander of the Fiftli Dislrict of the American Legion, John F-, Reinmlilcr and H. G. Partlow Htlended n supper meeting nt West Memphis last right.- Critlendcn post No. 53 of the American Legion had arranged the meeting- and Invited members nir.ilr. There were 15 luncheon WEATHER Uutscll Sa 3 e College coed .it Troy, Details of ihe explosion were S£n£ ri Frt±!S« » ,%'"£* ,,>_,., ,, Hi * ,, n i i . Constance rxtwiiiCtfi zo l*ocwcn- ; [invt* ruinrt timt N. J. Physical education li«mic-| withheld lcm;iorarlly by those In slcin . Holt!ing lhc roya , baby J ""4^1 ?n rm-c orti-lcnrl tVin nl,-1^ *« ,,-^11- H\!CttflreC Of l5lR nVSCliaU ! l.Mim.i.rl 1^ Krt Ihn ficct Amori^rt- I OU * J ^«CU Ulli> IU let suits. It's of softest felt in a Cono of Osrrnh n T wM tffe N - J - ph y sSca ^ education imtruc-{ withhold temporarily by i ^mS^ShSlSSia^ ISJ ^^ "oil Br^'nnd '»» ^°« the glr, S tc walk to *ar«c of the ars.naU - band and bovv. UV^V, B ' UC ol thls clty - and gct trlm ngures - ""'^ are ' 9nd at the wS "H tiior"\ , *' i J. O. Fullertoiror Utlle Ro:k. they'ro clockinj their wHoagc, too. a statem»a L« , commandant bclievLd lo be lhc first American- I born Gorman princess, is tier Commissioners of Littlcfleld, Tex, ' Arkansas — Fair, colder in eas> have ruled that free city waler be portion. Saturday fair, wanner in ™ ler northwest portion.' ' Aferuphls and vicinity-Fair and voddb &r pXVllSJSoValtaS LA*-? " lny Ml me " ti0 " "" ^dder Wi 8 ht,Jc W csttempen,t«« \\owa oa rnoiner, rnncess nugo Maria iu husband's name among the high- About 30. SBturday mostly cloudy, i LiOowensiein. I TS?IA nAnnia t\r T^rii n _, n_..-j -_ij «7..^j.^.- c«sta people of India. conjimisd cold; Sunday/-

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