Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 25, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1934
Page 4
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f AGE FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, June 25,1934 By WILLIAMS OUT OUR WAY ByAHERN OUR BOARDING HOUSE YES.N'NYfvTAN- VOLC.ANO IN AT-RIG/X KNOWN ONLY TO UNDER "FIFTY TtET OV A MOLTEN WELL OF PURE <30UD/—MY "PLAN \S TO TAP INTO THE SIDE 01= THE VOLCANO, ANC» LET THE 6OLD T>(QU£? OUT INTO HOOPLE IS VA\S HINA AN TWO OTHER' YAPS ARE OC HAUNTED WOtt ^ ON "POWDER-KEc5 THAT USED TO T3ELON<b TO RED T-LANNEL VAE\KZ, YOU "REMEMBER HIM 1? SAWDUST POET, IN THf Oil DAYS OF LEADVILLE WHO IS THAT ! EAST WIND OVER THERE, ITS GITTN LEMONS IN FROM! OF 'EM WILL .RUIN) AMV BAND COMCERT- . BLEW IN HERt ' A. COUPLN WEEKS AGO AT 'DUTCH BARREL/ LITTLE PHOEBE- MINE -RELAXES - A BIT BORN) THIRTY YEARS TOCTSOONJ AU Worked Up! By MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES K>0\ V\t NEVER VOOVJ KAVAB TO our i YOUNG LAOV , tto 5PHE OF VOOR LACK OV WbCft\MUOMY\OK* ,VOO OO TO UIXVJH £>ONVc CbOOO , COMMOKi O\O ttt VOO ? SENSE s«.£.0 IM SORE YT VOONiT 9O\K)T OUT HOVO VOO\_\SH VOU No Wonder Oop's Up in the Air! By HAMLIN FOR SALE i333 Chevrolet Tudor Sedan Ofce 1933 Ford Tudor Sedan One 1929 Buick Sedan. Hempstead Motor Co. Phone 850 207 East Third 1*. A. Lewis Motor Co. Third & Washington Used Cars, New and Used Parts, Batteries, Tires. Washing, Greasing, Gas and Oils. , Luther N. Garner Candidate for Tax Assessor Hempstead County Will appreciate your vote and influence DINGS Two States League Clubs Won Lost Hope 15 11 Atlanta 15 11 Goodyear 13 12 Southwestern 8 17 Pet. .57 .577 .520 .320 American League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. Detroit 38 New York 36 Cleveland 31 Boston 33 Washington 34 St. Louis 28 Philadelphia 24 Chicago 21 24 24 27 29 31 32 37 41 .613 .600 .534 .532 .523 .467 .393 .339 Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy Iti in the Hope Star Market PI ace Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, nun. 30o l"or consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 tunes, 6c line, rain. SOc 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 tunes, 3t4c line, min. ?2.70 (Average 5% words to the line) V NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication, Phone 768 ULTRA LIFE contains the best ingredients known to poultry raisers. Southern Grain Produce Company. 21-3tc. Help Wanted MAN WANTED to supply custom- rs with famous Watkins Products in Hope and Prescott. Business estab- ;, lished, earnings average $25 weekly, pay starts immediately. Write J. R. Watkins Company, 70-90 W. Iowa Ave., ^Memphis, Tenn. It ' Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. NOTICE NOTICE The Broadway Hotel is now under new management Entirely new personnel. Clean, cool comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. W. J. Newman.-6tp. Ask Southern Grain for a book on ULTRA LBFE. 21-3tc. FOR SALE FOR RENT—Modern apartment including sleeping porch. Rates reasonable. 110 North Washington. Telephone 669J. 25-3t Peed ULTRA LIFE Yaying Mash to laying hens. Southern Grain Company. 21-3te. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. The Southern Grain Company has secured formulas for making all kinds of poultry feeds from one of the best poultry feed laboratories. Come in and ask us about ULTRA LIFE. 21-3tc. National League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. New York 40 22 .645 St. Louis 36 24 .600 Chicago 38 Pittsburgh 31 Boston 32 Brooklyn 26 Philadelphia 22 Cincinnati 19 26 27 29 37 38 41 .594 .534 .525 .413 .367 .317 RESULTS SUNDAY American League Washington 7. St. Louis 0. Cleveland 6, Boston 2. New York 5, Chicago 0. Detroit S, Philadelphia 4. National League Chicago 5-8. Brooklyn 1-0. Pittsburgh 11, Philadelphia 5. St. Louis 7, New York 9. Boston 2-7, Cincinnati 0-10. Home Clubs Patmos-Hinton The Patmos-Hinton club met June 20 at the home of Mrs. J. B. Drakes with 31 regular members and one new member and five visitors present. Miss Griffin gave a demonstration on jelly making. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. George Powell the demonstration will be on fruit and vegetable canning. Mrs. Drake served cake and lemonade at the close of the meeting. Columl>us The Home Demonstration club will sponsor a pie and ice cream supper to be given at the Columbus high school Tuesday night June 26. Proceeds will go toward the purchase of canning kitchen • equipment. Everybody is invited to attend. The candidates will be given the opportunity to announce. Shampoo, color rinse, finger wave and oil manicure all for §1.00 Permanents ?2.00 and up Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 287 Cannon Apartments Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. Feed ULTRA MASH Growing Mash for pullets. Southern Grain Company. RADIO SERVICE Hempstead Co. Lbr. Co. HOYT ANDRES Phone 89 Luck's Tourist Court Special rates for private dances. Music furnished. Ray Luck Phone 222 H. E. Luck elson'Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suits Properly Laundered SOc PHONE 8 TRADES DAY Thursday 2 une 28th Ask for Trades Day Tickets ALLEY OOP THE VICTOR\OUS. ARN\Y OF MOO, LED BV THE DOUGHTV KING GUZZLE, H/V5 RETURNED - COVERED WITH GLORV, LOADED. DOVJN VJITH THE CAPTURED ARMS OP THE VANQUISHED ARfAV OF LETA, AND ACCOM PANIED BV A HUGE BRONTOSAURUS, THE CAfAPA\GN PRIZE OF THE MOOVIAN MONARCH. GREAT IS THE JOYOU5 TUMULT AND SHOUTING! EVERYONE IS HAPPV , EXCEPT — AU.EY OOP - OUR HERO. VJHO IS IM A TOU6HER SPOT THAN USUAL,ALL BECAUSE, IN A MOMENT OF .STRIFE, HE SAVED THE LIFE OF HIS SVOORN KING GUZZLE, 6R&ND W1Z2ERVJOWER OF MOO, VMO, VJITH AN EVE TO THE FUTURE PEACE AND -TRANQUtLVTV OF H\S REIGN, OFFERED OOP THE OF- PRINCESS VJOOTIETOOT, THE GREAT MOOVIAN PAIN-IN -THE- NECK DAUGHTER OF THE MOOVIAN MONARCH AND - UMPATEEDUE, QUEEN AND SOCIAL LION OF MOO, WHO LONG AGO GAVE, UP HOPE OF EVER fAKIMG A SUITABLE MATCH FOR HER ROVAL. ' CAUGHTER. V/OTTA MOTHER-IN-LAVJ SHE'LL, BE / POOR ALLEV OOPJ FURTHER COfAPL\CATE ' MATTERS, ALLEV OOP'S' PAL AND BRAINY ADVISOR, FOOZV, RECEWLV PROMOTED TO THE RANK OF GENERAL, IS OUT OF HIS HEAD, GA-GA' OELSRIOUS, OE TO AN ENCOUNTER VJITH OL 1 . KING TUNK ' OUR HEF?O,THO, STILL '.-AS TWO FRIENDS IN CIRCULATION- STAUNCH OOOLA, THE GIRL. FRIEND -AND THE CARDIFF GIANT THE OTHE2 HAND, HEREARETHE GRAND VUZ.ER, ARCH FIEND, MEDICINE MAN AND ADVISOR TO HIS MAJESTV, THE KING, AND- DOOTSV BOBO, OA R K HORSE.' * LOOKOUT FOR. I HUA, OOOUA: DINNV, 0V. 1 BO-V, THINGS DON'T LOOK SO GOOD/ O I 934 BY NU SERVICE, IHC, 1 T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. Ofr. WASH TUBES New Developments! PUMNO, PoDNER. IT'S THE WRAPPER OF A PACKAGE MAILED TO BABE DIAMOND OMTHE DA.V Of- THE MURDER. "/ TKe PATE'S PUOBABLV JUST \\ / A COINCIDENCE, BUT— BLADES.' \ / LOOK! WHV, IT'S ADDRESSED ) V (N HER OWH HANDWRITING. ./ By CRANE FORGET IT. IT'S ALL OVER BUT THE\ VME'VE FOUND THE PISTOL LANE WAS SHOT WITH, AND ARRESTED THE " " CASHIER, // BUT WHV WOULD SHE MAIU SOMETHING TO HERSELF? 'AT'S WOT i CAN'T ' F(6fiER OUT. HE.V, GRADYJ JU'aT POUND SOME EVIDENCE A6AINST BABE DIAMOND. ON THE PAV OP T**& MURDER SHB— , , FORGET FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Big Mistake! BFBLOSSER J Mi I MICHTA KNOWN CRASH HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH FRAMING ME TO TEAM up WITH HOMELY LIZZIE SPARKS M -sxti-s /\ THERE HE IS, DRESSED UP AS SATAN, AND STANDING AT THE PUNCVJ BOWL! I'M GONNA KICK HIM SO HARD, HE'LL HAVE TO PICK HIS HORKJS OUT OF THE CEILING !'. I DON'T KMOW WHAT IT WILL DO To MY SOCIAL STANDING, BUT VWAT IT WILL DO TO HIS SITTIKG, WILL BE PLENTY-' / A SMART GUY, EH? THERE'S A LITTLE GREETING FROM ME TO You!/ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) •f iM G -GOLLY.' MIG'S FATHER... \ AMD DRESSED AS SATAN, ) TOO!.' I SURE PUT MY ^ FOOT IM IT THAT J ~., TIME !.' ^ : \i ' ^ ""\ c^ ^ ^.4 s^-** ll iV" 1 i j { ( |l \ '. X tv r> " vV <— I i'=^? The Events Leading Up! By COWAN \T ALL CAME ABOUT WHEN DEACOM DKLTON, 'A SPEED MERCHANT OF THt '80'S MACE A PASH 1 KIN TAKE. MY OLD HIGH-WHEO-E1R BEAT VE, ANY DAY WO SIR THEM TIRES ON MV HI6H- WHEELER NEVER 60 FLAT. THEV IS HARD RUBBER. HEN Y/INDY UHN.UP TO HB TPICKS, CONCEIVED A BRIGHT \DEK AND LAID HIS MONEY ON DEACON, WITH OUOS AT 1O TO 1 fT*T THE"GO*SIGNAL,CHICK '^J SURPRISED EVERyBODV BV LET TIM G THE DEACON START ALONE. O) HEM, WHILE CHICK WAS ^'TReATINS THE CROWD To SODAS/WlNOy.fiOT IN HIS D1RTVWORK. \S A PENULT OF WINDY'S ^ SKULLDUGGERY, CHICK IS PACING UNDEft A.B\G HANDICAP ~fe BABY, THIS VEDA.LS HKPD. I CMiT GET UPAHY SPEED, A LOOSE VALVE, AND SHE'LL GO FLAT \N ABOUT HALF AN HOUR I'LL SHOW THtT YOUNG WHIPPED FOR SOME PEASON: CAN'T WITH ME;

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