Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 1, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1952
Page 10
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'q;*?^ - v -v^.'? i -'^^v5?WHl ft AH, , ARKANSAS | Flip * OfO** Dtf B*ter» . •*«, It. 100 PIANOS il«t«»Iy to itop I, 109. 209 8. iMm PQ1X J8.M 10,00 DISPLAY ' per Jncb wWlW wtf fOf , |ff»flul«f or with r>»per«, Mefndfiw Haneh c/o Rvo- ,» rett Ward, PrweoU, Ark, 17-12 •«W* 10,000 dnrd «r eny part I" Stun. tued plain «nd, CJood , for w»i«r, «M or oil. Hop* Mfg. Co,, Phono 7-3847. 10-I.H lor *UI not b* NHPM. * 1 ^U^M«> Ail* ..Mf^d* I TTWil noi UnfffVI to our ottcnllon Jrtlon of ad and ih« ONI OLADIQf/r nnd other flonflwmwt Oirt Shoppo, „.,„.,,.,. ArkuniAi, 3 mile* South High, way (17,' 30.JH NICK 3 room liouge on double lot on Knsl 3rd 8tr0ul, Hiimtonttljto flrfCB, Wrlta [,„ w. Spink*. ftox 797, Hobbi, New Mexico, or Coll 74U7 thj! 4th or flth of July, MAQIC Cbof r«in«o. Kxcollwit <:t>t\. dlllon, Outdoor Chiirenal Cirlll Phone 7-tim. 30.31 HONKV nnd p<'<irh«». Whojfrgnlct and rolflil. Kxiu>rltm>nt Stiltton Phone 7.4-1311, pirfu-h..* i»l<fhr«l Monday, WodnifMlay, Frkltiy, 1-Ot NKW O'V refriftorntori Nn'rjitr nJove, olicdin^ dinette, atudlo cotton, tp'hslr, ottoman, bndrnqm «Mltc with Inner *j>rin« niiittro»», Sfiln-oimy wn*h»iH iniu-hine, 1 Phono 7-1551(1, 1.11 Polity Announcements Th* Star It authorize to •nnuunc* ihut th« following »r« c«mHd«t«i for public office jnbjpet lo th« •etim at th« Demo«r»Ue prlmnrj For Rent ,1 room npart.mont front «nd bnok -cot. 1008 JSnst 3rd. Dial 7-3184 .Ulon Rafw (pSyobM* In « £. In , " 'M f-\ Mm ft«.l»vi|MJti yind ntlghbor- |«^i,to,,,M*.*m<,»lv«r sw3Bsr*!f ID*-' '*M ««"<* ygfffifWUI.« T«niJ,, JSQS Tow* PUttNlJjftRrf ni*mrTm t ..u.'l 1 baltt. From nntl b«ck I. AVIillnlj|i> July 7-2HIJO, four room fiiniidiicd (lti|ilr>.\ ••--.- -iKltlnlic. hardwood , Iinln mill hull rcdpearMt* »'<!. I'llviiti' I'ntnuu't'M. (}octi|j*»t, Mi'« I* K, Oufilf, iJIIH W Avc H. PI...II* 7-aiin.l, a,|, fl i 3 HOOM uitfurnlKhtid »i«rnfii» niitirt. —'•*••, Attic fuh. Unn iilocrk of tlUtrlcl. Coupio only. LAIIOK 4 room ' IUIIINC. $:?o p t >r miinth Mt-nr ItlRh School, C, K ', Phone 7-aHJl i.;(t , Apt!*.- HOI lOimt 8'roem opurlin^iit with Uttlc fun, hiiiiKvtJod fliHii'H »:is.(w. HOUSTON Amu. 1318 South Mnln, ) bttth. TWIN OAKS Apt*.. 203 Wpi.| V |3th. 3 room upnrttnmtt with bntn ' 0\- ufo- rS|uu« to J^U , 'Foy it l f«ntt<l P A|ini'tmw»i», ClQ*o Uptown, .-LUCHO 4 n , <)m «Wt»»ent with bath. Down««lr* FOSTER-ELLIS HKALTY CO, 40fl E, and St. Phono 7.4««i 1-flt N EWl, Y dcconi 'tatT 'T~ 7wim" ' uii- atniUhed npni-tmpni, BID \v. Wi Lost For Tux CHIT STUART fff ClrsuH C]«rh „ dAnRETT WILLIS 8, A, (Speedy? HUTSON For R«pret«nUttv« TALBOT FKILD JR. For County Judo* CLAUD H. BOTTOM y o, oAnnKTT rni'.'n A. U:OK For 8h«rlff C. COOK For Alderman Ward 1 JOB HH1TT fl, C, (Bob) DANIELS JOK JONKS For Alderman Ward 2 . KJflED JOHNSON * DWICiHT nnxmiLL I'AITI, rtALRY For Alderman Ward 8 B. L. HKTTICi Stale B«nnto TOM J, HM.VKY DH. F 1 . C. CROW Chancellor (Flr«t Dlvimon. flth District) WICS1.KV f TOWARD __ A._f>, STKIU. Top Radio Programs NKW YOIIK (-1V- Tncddny nl|<ht W)O — 7:;»> MoiTli- Ci;il';; (1:30 Tenth or C'(iii!i«'t|tii<iit'r>i, OnS ••» 7 l'« 1( |>l,« An- Funny; 7::«l Mr. nml MM. Nurth; II The 4-Base Bunt Wins Game in Southern Tirfi^ Jn^ I, *s&4 Nashville Does If Again, This Time 6 Jo 1 By MERCER BAILEY AmoelMed Pr«M »?orti Writer Nut ifftiyn <!'><•» a fttmt SH for four l»a»f!n but f^nny Yochlm. tlid 1 i.'lK New Orli-»rH iwuthpnw, turni-dl Tlle Nnxhvlllc? tfic trick last rtltfht and won hi*! n °'' df -'<-'l»l»'i "rousing" last ' v.-n «»m«, f.fiiny, fa«l building up a repu- Ifitlrm us an lion man, punched a hunt toward Nuihvill* Hfllofer Joe Mlcclciiif. \<th<>t\ th* «corc wn» tied D.«l| In the 10th. Mlcclchlo'v throw l'i first w«« low und the ball r,kltu-ri-d Vmhlnd a bench nifiir the . Willie Niidhvllle playi'rn searched i fiimiiii!.,!ly for th« lont ball, Yochintj lumbered lidjtif with the vvlnnlnR inn. Vi.l MariaHor )lti«h I HUH uppfHrad In tho (ant low KUDU'S hi i iciiin ha* play«cl. \\>- wa»t called on In relltif In both KiiMH'i Sunday and wu* credlti'd with winning ony nf them. He took ovi-r in the ninth la»t nl«ht and In an AI1C — • — 7 Mnyuf of Tioio.t S(|iinri-; 7:;iO Kiillil Nnrrls Driiinn; (I Anii'ik'iiN 'I'nwii Mi-ctinu, M'MH ,': in, Stuiy of Dr. Kllilni'c; II. '.'10 M.v.'.ii-1'iiiiiM Trnvi'li'i'. Nf'K' 1(1 a, rn. Biriku it Klch,,. "'l^'-ll ii. in. Wi'iiily Win r.'ii HIT- diiilkccl ii|) I:/:* .ticcond victory many dtiys. The vlt-lory and a decision by l,i-»«iii.- PicsUlcnl Charlie llurth HullifyinK a dofoiU by Chutlnnoouu [.lit tin- I't-l;i in first placo, \\i\it u ijcmo nheail of Mobili,'. The Memphis ChickM, which had Ixcn In the- Southern Assoriatlon ci. liar since April 20. panted fin ininKharm. 7-S, und climbt-d Into srvrnlh spot when Atlnnta wrtll- opi;d I..IUU- Hock. 13-3. Joi'li Parks, Atlanta's) dhiKRlng rt-dltcadi.-d relief catcher, connected fi.r two luirriprs and drove In five ruiiM. Th« Cracker:! collected l.i hits off four Llltli! Hock hurler*. The defeat, the Trays' el«hth Klrfiiiiht. dropped (.Item Into the filial', live pc-1-centanc pulntM behind MiMnphln. Chatliinnoi'a and Mobile were Idle, Itye will wlthotfind cold wenther hetier than when! when it Is grown und priidiiee!) more bodily warmth when eaten. ii,l.,.All(' !) n.in. My Story Drnrnn., MltS 10 a. in. |,!ii||i<M l''iiir...lt-u.-,r- l>:>ll MMS Came nf Day Notwork m-.V"t M. l.oui:i at Oli'vclaiul. Cubs blasted out over their Hope | night, making it| fowr »traif{ht over the Legionnaires The only difference last night was that GreRory didn't pitch. But It wa* no different with "Shit Stevenson who went the route. Although he KBVP up II hlK walk-, ed three and struck out four. Hope] couldn't score hilt once. The Flyers' made three mlseu.es ao did Jlope.j Nashville scored three runs the: fliKl irmlriK thanks to Crawley's home run over the left field fence which scored two ahead of him. They picked up single runs in the| xecond and third find another In 1 the uitthth. i SltiKle.i by Bob While. Gordon! Bcflftlcy and Leroy Hldlinfi gavej the U-Kionnalres their only tally in, the fifth. I Kd.sil Nix was the losing hlirlcr,' «lvin« up six runs on ten hits. I walked Bcvcn, four of them together, nnd struck out one. Thursday riinhl Hope noes to Mineral Springs and Friday night the Flyers return to Hope. NATIONAL LEAOUE W L Pet. 01? < Brooklyn 27 18 ,72S ! Ninv York 24 22 Ml 3'ir Chlcn«o 28 20 .559 U)'il St. Louis 28 34 .328 12". I Phllndclphfa 30 38 .45,1 17'ij Cincinnati 31 38 .449 18 I Boston 21 42 .391 22 ; CiltsburRh 18 53 .2:>4 32 ! MONDAY'S RESULTS '• I'hiladclphiH 4 Brooklyn 0 | Chicn«rt 5 PitlsburKh 4 '•• N«-w York 8-4 Boston 3-0 j St. I.ouls 7 Cincinnati ;j I 4th OF JULY PICNIC SPECIALS We Will Be Open All Day Wednesday ^ Closed All Day Friday, July 4th FRESH AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet. New York 39 28 .000 Boston 37 ;u .544 Chicago 3H 32 .543 Washington to 30 .538 Cleveland 37 32 ..i30 St. Louis 32 37 .4(14 Philadelphia 27 33 .450 Detroit 22 46 .32-! MONDAY'S RESULTS Boston 4 New York 3 Washington (I Philadelphia 2 Chicago 7 Detroit 2 Only games scheduled' GB Hope. Po. Hopson, rf Anderson, ss Fllagamo, cf While, 2b Bcasley, Ib .. HldllnR. c Ounter. 3b Hoss. If Nix, p AB . S n R H 0 0 0 2 0 0 Po. Totals .. Nashville CICWH, If Money, Ib Gout, 2b Crowlcy, rf Anderson, ,')h . Jones, ss Castlcberry, cf Hoesu, o Stephensoii, p Total Hope Nashville 1 II Southern Association W L Now Orleans -10 3^ Mobile 47 30 Chattanooga 4:1 ;)(i Nashville 42 38 Atlanta 40 37 Birmingham 35 44 Memphis 33 47 Little flock 31 4f, Last rii»ht's results: Atlanta 13 Little Rock 3 Memphis 7 BirminKhnm 3 New Orleans 10 Nashville 0 (i.nly ;;iimos sclicdulod) (10 000 311 OKI (KIO.-I tllx--(l Meridian Nalche/. Green wood Monroe Pine Bluff Kl Dui-iido Hot Sjirinj'.s (Jreeiivillu Cotton States League W I, Tube Each TOMATOES Ol 11-1 ALL KINDS V-JUlVl AND FLAVORS pkg, SEA GLO For Picnic Lunches SALMON 1 Lb. Con PALL RAZOR BLADES 3 R 1 kg s 0c 25c CALIFORNIA FULLOFJUICE Dozen BANANAS POTTED fr Opportunity $380 M*NTHT.A r Sl>A«iif TIME Nuttwal compony offorg r party xucim* futui-e ser route of vtMullhH mucKintR. N» ••Ulntf remiiml. ja50 per month poa*lbU> utu't tiititf.- full tlnn- j, CMC unvt $800 - - - , , -r - -r «-. i HI |l.«. ^V*TV »V\HI|f VV1) ' which l«'secured by jlnventory. Until will stand strict luwHtlgu- tlon. For Interview in your town with factory rvprestintikitve, in- cluao pltonft nnd nrtdrwita in op* ••tliMikt-tv^tt t» * r* »i^ »\-'». i * - ^ *.wnJL . ,, , AQKNCY. 840 QoWfellow, St, Louis 12, Mo, 30-21 The euHieirt kiiowtrtyiTa" oi 'fossil horse, thp eohipputi, was ftbtnit tl»« Ki»«» of u fox. Logal Notice No. the C»ia««?«ry Court of p«ta»d County, Ark, and Rachel Gibson Al , - Good for alleys, but Best for 9 out of 10 all year'round Esso Extra Gasoline Many motorists believe that all flood gasolines arc generally pretty much ullke. But here «rc the facts as proved by industry-accepted road ami Uilumitory tests! Ksso Kxtra ftlvos you n remarkable combination of qualities that will improve the nil-year, all-around performance of 9 out of 10 cars on the road, ^ \Vo believe n trial will prove to you Esso Extra delivers results no other gasoline can. It gives you full power, long mileage, high antU knock, quick starting, fast engine warm.up, and protection against vapor-lock otalllng. And while you're at your Esso Dealer's, there's certainly no better time to lot him give your car a complete lubrication and careful check-up for the hot weather driving you'll be doing. Can PETER PAN PEANUT BUTTER 12 ? 0lr • 35c MIRACLE WHIP Quarts SALAD DRESSING SHINOLA LIQUID SHOE POLISH IOC FINEST CANE 10 Lbs. SUGAR ALL BRANDS CIGARETTES Carton 2.33 ARMOUR DEXTER SLICED BACON , Bortha H«n Nicbol*. EUie ' Jhc ^. my h»nd « Clark, Court, tbU 2» CMC. * B«*o Rxt« Ga»oline ii good for ALL cm, but in 9 out of 10 it will nive bettor all-iirounj iwrlorniam* all ytur 'rounj than u»y other £*t«line. Only « e»r with *n tngln« th»t'« pcurly aii)u>tcJ, buiily worn, or out with unu«u«l cumprcuion char* acuri$tiv>» ma) b« unabl* to mo fully the many extra qunlitie* ul ihi« Sretu |a«olin*. Sw your nwrby K«ia bwler today t ™J j* v« 1 ,*- v €sso IL COMPANY ^f m *j t ^ '^'^W^^IT^W' Si. FRESH DRESSED U. S. INSPrCTED FRYERS €> SLICED Ends and Pieces BACON Lb. ARMOUR BAKED LOAVES Lb. LUNCH MEAT HOOP CHEESE Lb. n^ SorurJ«y blUtAKI "S.i^'Lii.^iuvwiK tl • f At. il»PI, AftlANlAI Oikk Singing Sisters Answer to Previous Puzzle' HORIZONTAL I On* of the t Andrews clsteri , .•Another of the .' trio 13 Exaltation 14 Siouan Indians 15 Dislikes 2 On the -> sheltered side « 3 Huge f 4 Summer (Fr.) " Washes lightly 7 Abstract being 8 Placards 9 Perfumes W Steps over a -J?£ abor _ ».nJ.. 11 Far off fence 26 Palm leaves . _.. 27 Face part (comb, form) 28 Let it stand 40 Magistrate's staff 41 God of love 17 Ji\)ndl£ \\.ifiiiLs* luim/ *u .Ljcii it, dianu ni ^juu ui iuvt; U Southeast (ab ) 12 Be 'e ian river 30 Cubic meter 42 Stranger 19Trit«r .19 Lance 33 Late comer at > (comb, form) IKTrlter 10 Legal point 21 Through 22 Imitates 25 Individuals |2» Frosted SO Bodies of ' water 81 Lard parcel 32 Seine 33 They are —s in their field 34 Facilitate 35 Saluter 37 Place anew 38 Variant (ab.) 39 Pronoun 40 Third singer of the group 43 English • version (ab.) 44 Holy Roman .Empire (ab.) 47 Alter 48 Pullman car 50 French short story , SITrifolioate 52 Eaten away • 53 Penetrated VEETICAL 1 Sweet secretion CARNIVAL 20 Crimson A. a play . • 44 Mast 22 Chinese M 34 Ever (contr.) 45 Plexus dynasty V 36 Happenings . 46 Angered 23 Frosten 37 Go back to a 48 Female saint 24 Apportion topic (ab.) 25 Fruit 39 Girl's name 49 Compass point 17 53 37 IZ 15 By Dick Turner ^'••,^"testing—one billion, two billion, three billion!" ^ • Vw.*...^> ... * SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith ' *i */* \H£H^*Z*$ '\,!-=A -r^'f-S W^ " A f-jLji,' /,=?' i r?w- *"" •'"Hi*. I OONT CARE HOW HOT It IS, OUT OUR WAY •v J. M. Willlcim 1 NEVER. CAM 6ET N f WELU, IF VOU'RE THESE HCX3D& BACK L I LAIV ABOUT WA€»HOM A DISH WITHOUT >J IN6 THE &TOOL FEET •EM SLIPPINT AWSPLASHIM'^J AS YOU ARE MDUR I TH 1 STUFF AROUND-- BUT K., OWN, I THlMK. 'lOU'LL J u IPM^A. UCDC rv^eti l>> f>Oi^iO TUCT ioc:A./ • \s DROP THE IDEA/ MY IDEA HERE POES AWAV WITH ALL THAT.' VOU STRETCH TH 1 THIN<S» OVER. TH' STOOL. FEET. SLIP TH' DISH UMPEK. AW' LET 'ER. GO: WHV MOTHER.S SET OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Mo|or Hoople PAIGM FOR PRE6- 14 Tl?UE WORD 5POKEM |4 ANOTHER DEAL IDEMT KOLLIrAS?/$> 1M 3EST/-«-gUT AT/|\ LlkE SEOR6& ^-v-ARE VOO ]'.'•? PResesiT X'M CAL-y';\ WA6HIMSTOM , VJRITINS PLAMKS j'7 CULATlMG MOVsJ TO ^$\&MB IM YOUR PLAT- |\ (5£T OUT THE VOTE/ \\ ALL MORE- THAN! 40,ooo,oooy/E\ieR tosseo] llsl&LOTSOF X > QUALIFIED X/ ACRObS " " POTATOES Al^O / V CaiZENiS DlO MOT ) | WATER WA5.' MORE r \ VOTE ir>i 'ij0-**< FLOODS OR )> ^ • ( I'LL SlVlE tHE\ DROOTKS ? f. f ' ^> \^50M.eTKlM& TO , f-. ^H, VNE'LL 6ET '— /ALL THE VOTERS WHIO BOM'T SOTOtHE POLLS = FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger "At last Joe has realized his lifetime ambitlonJ" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blotitr .t«r | WAVE CONTIMUES/ CORRECTION. LlVERMORE/TWEVue J IFMOU BAKEDB3TATOE5 TAKING TWBK. BUSINESS TO THAT FRIGID PHARMACY/ IAIR CQQl JXl OXAMK IKI EXACTIY WHAT IINT8J4D 10 60NEHCAO VIC FLINT 0'M«ll«v ami Ralph -f» AL/ COWl WASH TUBBS IRONIOKL...APTER A P(X0ULOU5 CAREER A& M INDUSTRIAL GIANT, MV WAHA6 WAV HUE THRU THE AGES A PAINTER! li^Vn.V'*- ' •y Ctille Vur UDOWO.RPO PA VINCI W*S VERSATILE, roa.JMyBNTOR, M?CMITECr, SCIENTIST, BRIP6E SUllPER..^ IS KNOWN T^ TRUB.ONLV.nN CALLED Mt WORK BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES -T^. By\\-& ^WRtt OCVOCK \N TWc V\0«K>\^& ,OO«X '. FO« GOSH SftU^G, „ **1 PUNS TOR OUR ;i H sit I it i^ -J8 Illll BUGS BUNNY BHH, WHAT'* YWHEN i CAME SATIN'YA, ./ IN HERB TO VOC? , •/ OKPHR /WV '^' PINNEK,THAT CANPUH WA^ SIX INCHES LONG/ , OKAV, QUIT '. I'LL ITH tou IN A 4ECONP/ ALLEY OOP MY 8TAR&, WHAT vjj^i A FABULOU9UY BEAUTIFUL / NOW IF ONLY CITY/ . J IT DOE6N'T TURN Jt\ OUT TO BE A, ' NOPE, IT'S REAL I THANK GOODNESS.,.> l-V'l CHRIS WELKIN, Pl«net«er HIBAK THAT/ /M/i£:*c?ive'<?6 ' 6U/NBA P/6? lNTHf>/£60« HENRY

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