Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 25, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1934
Page 3
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Monday. J ime gg. 1934 ftOPti STAft, ocietd/ - V ^-^ TELEPHONE 821 Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind thoughts nre the roots, Kind words are the blossoms, Kind deeds are the fruits. Yes, d kindly word is n fertile sect thnt will grow nnd blossom a kindly deed; Pass out a "Hello" It's easy to do; It will bring another one back to you. "Tis not the hours day, that, mark yout But the deeds you do, the words you say. .Selected. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Carrigan of Wichita Falls, Texas were recent guests of Dr. Pink and Miss Mary Carrigan, cnrouto to their home in Wichita Falls after a visit to Chicago and the World's Fair. Mr. and Mrs. J. D, Brown have returned from a vacation trip to points of interest in Louisiana and East iTexas. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Williams nnd ^daughter, Frances Jean will leave on Tuesday for a week's tuor of the Ozarks. ipend the evening at the cool— If you miss this program you miss one of the hits of the summer! Gary COOPER Marion DAVIES "OPERATOR 13" TUESDAY ONLY Matinee j C«% 2:30 IUU SHOW OF* Mr. nnd Mrs. Logan Bailey and little son, Ellsworth have returned from a vacation stay in Bnlcer Springs. and Mrs. Edward Woolford Miss Frances Jane Hayes entertained with a lingerie shower and bridge luncheon Friday evening at the home of her sister, Mrs. Lloyd Spencer, complimenting Miss Ardelle Moses, whose engagement, and approaching marriage to Wallace Cook is announced for early in July. The house was decorated with beautiful summer flowers and bridge was played from j three tables with prix.es going to Miss Miriam Carlton and Johnnie Franks. Mrs. W. S. Berry of Texarkana was Major . and little daughters, Nancy Jane nnd] the week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. .Susan Ann of Little Rock were Sun-' Charles Bndcr. day and Sunday night guests of Misses I - «•»»«» - EXTRA Wed-Nite - • • -~— Only At the request of hundreds of patrons who are unable to attend our Saturday Western shows, we are presenting a real treat for— '^d*'*. ^ED-NIGHT ONLY •| LOOK AT TtHS PROGRAM [ Borrah MINNEVITCH Where's That Tiger" MILLS BHOS. "When Kulm Plays (he Rhuniha" PARAMOUNT PICTORIAL —and— BUCK JONES "Sundown Rider" Marie and Nannie Purkins. Billy Shelton of Henderson, Texas wns the sveek end guest of Mr. and Mrs. George Sandefur. Miss Willie Bell Aubrey of Ashdown is the houge guest of Miss Sel- mal Lee Bartlett. Mr. and Mrs. Kline Snydor and Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Young were Sunday visitors with friends in Malvcrn. The wedding of Miss Louise Lewis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Lewis of this city, and Kenneth Mattison of Kilgore, Texas, w »s solemnized at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the home of the officiating minister, the Rev. Frank Nichols in Longview, Texas. Attending the wedding were the parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Lewis and Miss Xanthippe Porter. Mr. and Mrs. Mattison will be at home in Kilgore, Texas where Mr. Mattison is associated with the Oil Construction company. Miss Edna Middlebrooks of the Little Rock high school faculty and Miss Pearl Middlebrooks of Okmulgee, Oklahoma high school faculty are sepnd- ng their vacation with their mother, Mrs. Mary Middlebrooks and sisiter, Miss Lillie Middlebrooks. o Mrs. J. R. Williams and daughters, have returned from a visit in Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henrne had as week end guests, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Sharpe of Mooringsport, La. Mrs. E. E. White has relumed from a visit with relatives and friends in Jackson, Miss. After a visit with her son, Mr. C. U. Lester and Mrs. Lester, Mrs. J. T. ter left Sunday for her home in Mars Hill. Miss Beryl Henry had as Sunday guest. Miss Wiljie Lawson of Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Martin of El- Dorado were week end guests of Mr. and Mry. Walter E. Hussman. Mrs. Martin is connected with the advertising staff News. ENTRANTS IN (Continued from Pnge One) trip to Ciilulina Islands. ''Second prize, one year season pass to the Saenger, god to any and all performances. "Third prize, six month pass to the Saenger, good to any and all perform- of the ElDorado Daily Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Creason and smal son Don returned this ast weekend to make their home here after several months' absence in Hot Springs. Mr. Creason, advertising manager for the E. I. Rephan 'stores, assisted in the opening of the Springs store. ATHLETE'S KUUT MEDICINE 25c Money Back Guarantee. MORELAND'S Drug Store HOSE SALE ' 89c Pair 2 Pairs $1.50 THE GIFT SHOP Phono 252 "Contest open to any girl or woman married or single, between the aget of 15 and 50 years. "Contest to be limited to 20 entrants. "Friend or relatives may enter girl's name in contest by iilling out entry blank. "Votes obtained only through the sale of theater tickets. No merchants cf the city will participate in the contest, just the Saenger theater. "Contest opens Monday, July 2, closes August 11. Winners to be announced Monday. August 13. "First prize winner to leave Little Rock on August 19, in special Pullman for Hollywood, properly chaperoned by reputable married couple. "Contest being conducted in conjunction with thirteen other Arkansas towns and one Tennessee town by theaters operated by Malco Theaters, Inc. All winners from these towns will meet in Little Rock, August 19, and board the special Pullman. "Special committee, to be named later, will count all votes, thus assuring a fair and square count for each entrant. "Contestants to sell tickets for one particular picture each week. "Beauty does not count in the contest," Mr. Swank said, "as the homeliest girl or woman stands us good a chance. The one getting the highest amount of voles will be declared winner." Only girls and women of the highest type will enter the contest; therefore, there should be no hesitancy in making your entry. Explanation: You see we spent all the money for the radio broacast so wo have to get the newspapers to print it free. The hardest money to get hold of is easy money. MOST GREWSOME (Continued from Pnge One) Announcing the SAENGER'S HOLLYWOOD TOUR POPULARITY CONTEST ? Effectice Sunday. July 1, the SAENGER Theatre of Hope begins a 6-weeks ticket-selling contest which will win one Hope girl or a girl from the trade-territory a trip to Hollywood and return, absolutely without cost. Contestants receive 5,000 nomination votes and a specific number of votes for each Saenger ticket sold, thereafter. This is NOT a Beauty or Movie-Star Contest. Winners will travel in a private pullman on the Missouri Pacific "Sunshine Special" with other winners from affiliated Malco Theatres. The Roosevelt Hotel will be their Hollywood home for five days. While in California they will be escorted through movie studios and entertained at lunch by movie celebrities and taken on a side trip to Catalina Island. Contestants Positively Must Be Registered at Saenger Theatre Office Not Later Than 3 p. m. Friday west and died there. It was thre eyars later that Maud Tabor's sister, rummaging about in ires, jhu basement of their mother's house, Hot found the body, cramped into a small trunk that had served a« a "hope chest" of the dead girl and contained wedding finery. The body had been artificially prcsrved. Mys-tery Never Solved The 80-year-old mother of the dead woman, Mrs. Sarah Tabor, was twice charged with her daughter's murder; once a jury disagreed, once the charge was dropped for lack of evidence. The aged woman spent her considerable fortune in defending her innocence nnd died at the age of 93 at the home* of her son who cared for her in i her last years. Suspicion also pointed I for a time at Joseph Virgo, a licensed ] undertaker, who had secretly married Miss Tabor, but nothing was proved against him either. The aged Mrs. Tabor told several versions of the death oT-Jier daughter, and contended that she had herself, concealed the body in the trunk, because she did not wish even in death • to be separated from her daughter. The exact cause of death was never ! accurately determined, nor was it ever 1 known whether natural causes, sui- 1 cide, accident or murder brought i Maud Tabor to her strange end. In I this case the locked trunk never did fully Rive up its secret. In at least one trunk mystery, the man .sought by police made so complete a get-away that a 20,000 mile chase yielded not a trace of him. And the circumstances arc so similar to those of the Tufverson case that authorities are working on the suggestion \ that Eugene LeRoy and Captain Ivan Poderjay might be the same man. Operation Performed It was from Detriot, the same city in which Miss Tufverson lived for a long time, lhalji trunk was dispatched to New York buck in 1920. Nearly a month later workmen in the storage FILL OUT THE NOMINATION BLANK THAT APPEARS ELSEWHERE IN THE PAPER AND MAIL OR BRING TO THE SAENGER. Sacnger. employees und their families barred from competition: ALL THIS WEEK Miss Helen Campbell Beauty authority fur Cara Nome Will give absolutely Free a complete beauty treatment. 'See or call us for appointment. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL 'Jtore" Hope, Ark. Established 1885 SALE Silk Boucle Suits for vacation needs. $10.95 LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP "Kxciiiiive But Not Expensive" room of the American Express com pany office in New York opened thi uncalled-for trunk. Inside they found the booY of what had been a handsome young woman doubled up with the knees almost under the chin. The trunk had been shipped under a false name, and an effort made thus to implicate an innocent man who had been friendly with the victim. But he proved an alibi, and as soon as the identity of the hacked corpse was definitely established as Kathereine Jackson LeRoy, police sought LeRoy. But he had vanished with nearly a inonlh"s start. Added horror was piled on this case when it was realized that the fiend who had killed Mrs. LeRoy had performed a crude milopsy on her body, body removing all organs that might have enabled authorises to find what killed her-. LeRoy. also known ns O. U. Fernandez and Oscar J. Wood, had gotten away clean. Thought John P. Smith, now Detroit's superintendent of police, then a detective, followed LeRoy '« trail for 20,000 miles to Mexico and Central America, nnd though several suspects were arrested, LeRoy is Mill at large. Dual Killer Caught The name of Winnie Ruth Judcl is still vivid in the minds of many. For it was she who called one afternoon at a Los Angolefi freight depot for tw trunks shipped there from Phoenix Ari/onn. Employes, suspicious of f red stain in one trunk, refused to de liver them and in the argument Mrs Judd slipped nway. When the trunks w<*re opened th« dead face of Hedwig Samuelson stared unseeingly up from one; the dismembered body of Agnes Anne Leroi wus found in the other. Mrs. Judd stood by her during her later xrial-- had shot both women in their Phoenix apartment, packed their bodies in the two courts, and shipped them to Los Angeles. There she intended to call for them and dispose of them later. After a few days of hiding out she surrendered. Mrs. Judd admitted both killings but claimed self-defense during a quarrel. In a long and sensational trial she was condemned to hang, but after many months in the shadow of the noose, a jury found her insane and sent her to an Arizona asylum where she is today. Held for Ghastly Killing- And today while English police seek he murderers of a woman whose dissected body was found in a trunk in Brighton, Philadelphia police are hold- without bail a young woman accused of another ghastly murder. Joseph Hoge returned to Philadelphia recently to find that a young woman he 'had previously known was now his stepmother. She had married his father, Jacob Hoge, while the son was serving an enlistment In the army. One day Jacob came home from work to find his son sitting calmly on a trunk smoking a cigaret. The elder Hoge inquired for his wife, and the son calmly said he didn't know where she was. When the father returned later from a search for his wife, he noticed the lid of the trunk ajar and looked in. There he saw the body of his wife, brutally crammed into the small steamer trunk. Eleven stab wounds hod brought her death. Backed by Relatives Young Hoge, speedily captured, first admitted, then denied, the murder when arraigned. His two brothers and sisters were standing by young Hoge, declaring their stepmother had been cruel. But the elder Hoge seems unconcerned and willing to let Hie law take its course as the son awaits trial. jonstipation I If constipation causes you Gas, Indigestion, Headaches, Bad , Sleep, Pimply Skin, get quick 'relief with ADLERIKA. thorough action, yet gentle, safe. ADLERIKA JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG CO. .Whether the motive in thts case was love or robbery has not been established. Only the finding of the body of Agnes Tufverson is needed to make her case a sensation second to none of these past horrors, where perpetrators tried to lock the evidence of their crimes inside the narror confines of trunks. ERNEST PALS CURB MARKET Anything in the Vegea'ble Line. Fresher and Just as Cheap. Call on Ua. they're delicious Double Dip Chocolate Soda Try our delicious Chocolate Ice Cream Soda—they're a revelation! John P. Cox Drug Co, Phone 84 Hope's Most Sanitary Fountain We Deliver 'I ' a YOU NEW REDUCED PRICES Amoun New Reduced of Llit Price* Reduction STANDARD MODELS Sport Roadster ^ $465 $25 coach .T/rr^rr.. 495 25 Coupe .T.r.7.. JT rr.r.'... 485 '25 MASTER MODELS ** Sport Roadster 540 35 coach ;r:r;vr;:.. 580 35 Town Sedan -.".r.V.. 615 30 Sedan r.Y.V;^^... 640 35 Coupe .'".'".^VrTi ."fTr* .'*.*.. 560 35 Sport Coupe... .TrVlfrT;.V.. 600 35 Sedan Delivery. ;.r.7: v :;.... 600 45 COMMERCIAL GARS Commercial Chassis 355 30 Utility Long Chassis.. f*. w .T 515 50 Dual Long Chassis .V."i 535 50 Utility Chassis and Cab. .*.. 575 50 Dual Chassis and Cab 595 50 Utility Long Chassis and Cab 605 50 Dual Long Chassis and Cab. 625 50 Commercial Panel 575 35 Special Commercial Panel.. 595 35 Utility Panel 750 50 Dual Cab and Stake Body.. 680 50 Dual Long Cab and Stake Body 740 50 Above are list prices of passenger .cars at Flint, Mich. With bumpers, spare tire and tire lock, the list price of Standard Models is $18 additional: Master Models $20 additional. List prices of commercial cars quoted ara f. o. b. Flint, Mich. Special equipment extra. Prices subject to change without notice. Compare Chevrolet's law delivered prices and easy G. M. A. C. terms'. A General Motors Value. mnd up, /. o. b. flint. Michigan DLAUtR fcOVUHl latMkNT Startling price reductions, just announced, place Chevrolet further ahead of its field than ever—in price, quality and value In the face of the biggest demand in years, right when the, trend toward Chevrolet is at its peak, Chevrolet reduces prices! No wonder America was startled when this news flashed across the country just a few days ago.' And now that the public has had a chance to figure out what this price reduction means in terms of greater value, the news becomes even more important than before. f Because it means that Chevrolet now offers you a big, substantial, quality car with the famous valve-in-head engine for as little as $465, f. o. b. Flint, Mich.—making it by far the lowest-priced Six in the world. It means that you can get enclosed Knee-Action, Blue-Flame performance, cable-controlled brakes, and all the other big advancements of the day, for as much as $35.00 less than before—' and Chevrolet's former prices were already among the lowest of the low. It means, in short, that Chevrolet now presents America with the finest buy the low-price field has ever seen.' CHEVROLET,'MOTORCOMPANY,-DETROIT. MICHIGAN NG CHEVROLET CO

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