Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 23, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 23, 1934
Page 4
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FOtJK Baseball KOftlXONTAIi tThe Infleld of baseball. 7Tbe game was lint played in In 1839. UlfiO square rods. 14 Artist's frame* 16 Wind lnstru-1 • Answer to Previous Puaale »7H«n.V lit Concocts. \ tl Deportment. t JO Fortunes. Ill Apple coring , device. J« Marker at , ' home —— k SI To deem. '32 Mongol tribal i dlTlslon. 33 Granted facts. 14 To yawn, f 8$ To choose. 43 Profoundly earnest. 49 One and one. 52 Dry. 54 Weird. 55 Mentioned. 58 Mentally sound 57 Aptaceous plant. A.., W *« t/*«WO*7. _Q »ll_ 37Corners of the™ 1 -.' diamond. 59 There are nine 31 Mineral spring 32 First of I baseball rules waa drawn In 1843. 23 Jewel. • 64 Ceremony. 25 To decree. 37 Kind of flotsam. 28 Wine vessels. 29 Woven string. 30 Pieces out. 36 Three. ,37 Honey gath- VERTICAL erer. 1 Stream ob» 40 Coarse file, struction. < 41 Russian moun- 2 Frozen dessert. tains. 3 Constellation. , 42 Goddess of tho 4 Encountered. _ watery deep. 6 Narrowea ends'44 Close. of things. 45 X symbols. 6 Missile weapon 46 Silk worm. 7 Small salaman- 47 Unless. * der. 4S Observed. 8 Otherwise. 49 Thin tin plate.' 9 Day. 60 Organ of aerial on each 10 Kimono sash;* flight. SB/Transposed - (abbr.). i side. 11 Eggs of fishes. 51 Unequal things 39 Half an em. 60 The game Is 12 Cognizance. 53 Ruler of Tunis. 48 A — — Is Uio _. played for nine 15 Ocean. 55 Type of snow" ; score unit. — — . 20 Before. sboe. Nashville Rtl Everybody in this community is doing very well at this time. Little Miss Wilma Bp}(:h is recovering from a recent serious illness. We hope that she will sonn be up again. There were several from here who attended the singing at Sweet Home Sunday. Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star Marketplace Remember, the more you tell, the ,'_ quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, ipln. 30o tot consecutive insertions, mini• mum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, min. $2.70 (Average SVt words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 STANDINGS Two States League Clubs Won Lost Pet. Hope 14 11 .560 Atlanta 14 ', 11 .560 Goodyear 13 11 .542 Southwestern 8 16 .333 Southern Association Clubs— Won Lost Pet. Nashville 40 20 .667 Atlanta 33 27 .550 New Orleans 33 28 .514 Memphis 32 30 .516 Knoxville 32 32 .500 Chattanooga 30 34 .469 Birmingham 28 38 .424 Little Rock 23 42 .354 ULTRA LIFE contains the best ingredients known to poultry raisers. Southern Grain Produce Company. 21-3tc. Don't Make a Slave Out of Your Wife When It is so Hot. It's Safe to Be Hungry at the CHECKERED CAFE Dinner and Supper for 2 J30.00 a month. (Sat.) Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. NOTICE NOTICE The Broadway Hotel is now under new management. Entirely new personnel. Clean, cool comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. W. J. Newman.-6tp. American League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. Detroit 35 24 .593 New York 3-1 24 .586 Cleveland 30 26 .536 Boston 32 28 .533 Washington 33 29 .532 St. Louis 27 30 .474 Philadelphia 23 35 .397 Chicago 21 39 .35 National League Clubs— Won Lost Pet New York 39 21 .650 St. Louis 35 23 .603 Chicago 35 26 .574 Boston 31 27 .531 Pittsburgh 29 27 .518 Brooklyn 26 34 .433 Philadelphia 22 35 .386 lincinnati 16 40 .286 RESULTS FRIDAY Southern Association Chattanooga 2, Birmingham 0. Knoxville 4. New Orleans 3. Atlanta 12, Memphis 5. Nashville at Little Rock (night.) American League Detroit 11, Washington 3. Cleveland 4. New York 1. Chicago 1, Boston 11. St. Louis 3, Philadelphia 3, (tie, called 7th rain and darkness). Ask Southern Grain for a book on ULTRA LIFE. 21-3tc. FOR SALE Feed ULTRA LIFE Yaying Mash to laying hens. Southern Grain Company 21-3tc. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. The Southern Grain Company has secured formulas for making all kinds ot poultry feeds from one of the bc-s poultry feed laboratories. Come in and ask us about ULTRA LIFE. 21-3tc. National League New York 2, Chicago 15. Boston 6, Pittsburgh 7. Philadelphia 4, Cincinnati 2. Brcoklyn 2, St. Louis 7. Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co Feed ULTRA MASH Growing Mash for pullets. Southern Grain Company. There will be preaching at this place next Sunday morning and everybody is invited to attend. Mr. Jimmie Balch and David Balch of this place were the Saturday night guests of their sister, Mrs. Edgar Pierce at Tokio. Mrs. Vollie Purkins and children ot Murfreesboro are spending a fed days with her folks at this place. The people of tfffis • place A good rain is very much needed at this place at ehe present time. The greatest losses in merchant shipping during the World War were suffered by Great Britain. Luck's Tourist Court Ray Luck Special rates for private dances. Music furnished. Phone 222 H. E. Luck elson-Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suits Properly Laundered. PHONE 8 .50c HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY 1L1934 Bv WILLIAMS •DIDN'T- You SET ANY &%? DISTRESS SIGNAL VET, "FROM TV4" MA3OR 1 ? WES BEEN GONE THPEE WEEKS, AN" HE HA^NTi LET US KNOW WHETHER EXPECTING A WVRE ,GO-LECT ANY DAY NOW SEND HIM BA>L PAY VMS CHARGES \N TO OR HES DISCOVERED SOLD,) COLORA^DO _ OR A SHORT "ROUTE-/ HOUSE/" HOME / f\ L\E'G ALWAYS M/ & EXTRA EXPENSE TC Mt.WVAENJ HE'S AWAX H\S^ SINCE I DON'T <bO TO ANY ABSENCE LTP AS ' PLEASURE AND •RECREATION f TOR vfc WASN'T/ . GOLTJ YET /•—- fcCT TOUR- DER JERK VAE WENT AWAY \N t)\QNiT LOOK TO ^AE LIKE IT COULD > £• . J-/ -ii-i . -..r-» ^H SHOPS T L v .-*£ \ '^ -^ ~^ / O'WAAKJ- 1 6O WAAN.' WHO SENT PER YOU ANVWAV? /I YUST WAS SAY AT=F T BE DE BOSS, 1 KETCH ULL DESE LOAFING—1 MAK PE LOAFERS COME FROM OUT irl I DON'T SEE WOT IS VVRUMG WID DE BOSS- HE DUN'T SEE ULL. DEES THERES ALWAV? H&'P HAVE A HIGHLY INTELLIGENT)WHAT IT TAKES 9)RP )N TH 1 BUSH, f'TO BE A BOSS/ THAT THINKS TH' IP HE DIDN'T BOSS AINT SO HAVE SO*t<Jcri BRIGHT, BECAUSE/ OP ^HAT IT HE DON'T SEE /POESN'T TAKE WHAT OTHERS^ see TO BE A BOSS. -. M. PEG u s P*T 01 934 BY HC* SEflVICe.INC I \f , ® •urr^ir ,, , « A tf rr, — ' r= - \ \ §aafei TO HON\E*= 6-2.3- ,®\ m t BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Rather Touchy! By MARTIN TO 6HOW VT \. TO Mt VXVJt 60R.T HVAPH , voo oo \\ WOULDN'T Vou?i 1 DOMT VOO l . AVAWUVA.V ,TOO I DO 1 . M \6YV\Y 9ROOO WE6 OOT • OOVi'T ALLEY OOP A Royal Welcome! > : J \MLIN OH.OH/ HERE \ HEV/ THAT LOOKS LIKE AUEV COMES TROU8LE.' OOP'S D1NOSAOR.' IT IS .' TVJO BIG ( ANO THERE'S KING GUZZLE, DINOSAURS /^ OH A BRONTO5AURUS HEADED THIS < WAV/ J •t VA^' N, j£7& I'D BETTER GO TELL QUEEN UMPATEEDLE HER OL 1 'MAN'S BACK/ ^^^ .HO? TH 1 OH, GRACIOUS QUEEN,, HIS MWESTV TK KIN&JBLOKE'S _, RETURNS ATTH 1 HEAD/SELF A D\NOSftUR OF TH 1 TRIUMPVAANT/ K LftST ! VJELL .VIEU f MOOVIAN ARMV — I TURN ASTR\DE GIGANTIC f PALACE/ GUARD, 7 ' fJ 1931 BY NCA 5CRVICC INC T M HCG U S WASH TUBES Investigating! By CRANE Noo CANT 9\H NOTVMN" C*l WER/\ SOS9ICIOOS OF TVlKr / T«0. A>T TWe TlM6 t^6 WM V B^fte siMAono. J s'poseoiio of eeet* SKOT, swe N —^V VJKS OUT SV\OOP(N<i r f»MD CAtl T ottsr"-mt l'U, , 60 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS , ViKSV^ ^WCLJ^^L^fc l ^ sew. ewus OP THtRt THE OTWER BOX" OOHT L£T THIKT MOO, . 11^^ i M HEG U 3 P*T. Orr.jri«Ma -'>O 1034 HY NEA SCftVtCC. INC.^X The Pay-Off! BRECKLES STILL THIWKS HE'S BEEM PANCING VvTTW 'MIG' BEATON- .BVB.YBO^! mmmfa >^_ ,>^. _'y miUMIUIlU'HIIII.millff '.••,.< •••• THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) LOOK AT HIM. 1 IT JUST PAWNED ON HIM THAT HE WAS FRAMED TO DANCE WITH HOMELY LIZ-ZIE SPARKS.... AND WHAT A FACE SHE HAS... •WOO !.' WHY, ER.... YES/ LIZZIE... OF COURSE I IT WAS YOU WERE DANCING WITH, FRECKLES •? WOULDN'T YOU, IF YOU SPENT THE uc'iT WHOLE EVENING cL TALLIN'TO A GAL tSEr.. / MAD f wl7H A FAce " TWAT ' LOOKS AS IF A PLASTIC SURGEON STARTED TO LIFT FT,' BUT WAS INTERRUPTED -2. The Deacon Still Leads! By BLOSSER !----. "• """ *-1 . „. ,^ YOU BETTER HERE HE /.SCRAM,CRASH! HE COMES... ]HAS WHAT HE CALLS W. HE'S LOOK- /A CHICKEN PUNCH... I/ i»«^ "EG U 5 PAT „. . tl))ll "aVC ( ) 1914 BY NEA SERVICE". INC By COWAN 1VE GOT TOO SOME HOW THAT OLD BUZZAPD CCA/ER P\LL THAT CAUGHT UP WITH THC BUT THE. VZNETftftBLE PEDAL- PV/iHEB WA^ OH HIS PETUCN TRIP/ T LAST CH\CK ARKWES AT WHHTEMORE BOY, THIS BIKE \ CAN'T DA PHONE SHE \ THE tlEACOU'S THE DEACON HE | STILL AHEAD GONNA VAMW BV A t^VlLE! ^.2^'' S

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