Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 22, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1934
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday. June 22, 1934' ^•^w" Louisiana Lottery May Be Revived Ixmg State Adminiistra- tion Gets Approval for It in Commiittee BATON ROUGE. La.- (if) -Louis- world-notorious lottery of tne last in the United States— to be coming back Wednesday. UK ways and means committee of the state legislature approved a bill introduced by Representative Walter T CUmore. a supporter of the Huey f Long-controlled state administration, to amend the constitution to permit the return of a lottery "operated by the state for revenue purposes "Our people want to spend money that way." Gilmore said, "and they have the right to spend it that way if th«y wish. Lotteries are being operated and lottery tickets are sold by the thousands. Millions of dollars have been going out of Louisiana to foreign Makes Your Skin Look So Youthful Protect your skin with this new wonderful Face Powder and let MELLO- GLO give you that youthful bloom. Made by a new French process—stays on longer, prevents large pores, beautifies your complexion. Does not irritate the skin or give a pasty look. Fittest face powder made. Try MELLO- QUO and you'll love it. 50c and $1. Rexall Health and Beauty Sale Now on at John S. Gibson Drug Co. Real savings during the month of June! $2 box Cara Nome Powder and Jl jar Cara Nome Cream, both for $2. Shari Powder and Lipstick, both for $1.29. Choose 2 of the following items and get both for 69c—Puretest Rubbing Alcohol, Rexall Milk Magnesia, >Ji 31 Antiseptic Solution, or 100 Pure- test Aspirin Tables. 75c pound Rexall Theatrical Cold Cream, 59c. Lavender Mentholated Shaving Cream and Lavender Talc, both for 35c. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rexall Store lotteries, many of which are fraudu- °"I have found that 30 different conn-1 tries have national lotteries," Gilmore. said "and that some are very profit-: able to the governments. The postal: authorities report that $500.000.000 a; year is spent for lottery tickets from outside the United States." The proposal would be submitted !o the people '» " constitutional amendment in November. The same committee, had previously reported favorably a bill to increase the penalty for lottery operation from a present $25 or 30 days to '• $1.000 or one year imprisonment. ' The lottery, born in the carpetbag- aer clays of 1868 brought turmoil into the state's political affairs, and fostered widespread bribery and corruption., 'Stockholders said the lottery exist-j ed because it made huge "pay-offs j to legislators and state officials, mean- , while paying as its own legal tax the , sum of $40.000 a year to the chants . hospital at i Jew Orleans. An anti-lottery administration \v<-elected in 1934, and the tickcl-hoUl- ing-gambling was outlawed. Fedua. laws prohibiting the use of commun - cations systems also contributed to its I discontinuance. Sacrifice Heirlooms to Fight Huey Warns Women of Danger in Fasting Acidosis Sets~in Quicker for Women Than for Men BERKELEY, Cal.-(/P)-Women who fast or starve themselves for the sake of a slender figure do so at a greater risk to their health than do men undergoing similar deprivations, the American Association for the Advancement of Science was told b> Frof H. J. Deuel of the Umvcrsuj of Southern California Wednesday. "Women develop a much more pronounced acidosis during a week s fast- ine than do men." he said. This condition" associated with the inability o females to oxidie fat during starvation as completely^ the male subjects are able to do. Native Jivaro Indians of the Amazon region have a musical instrument carved from native wood and equipped with palm fibers; it resembles a violin. D EEMING no SiUTilH'O tOO groat to win their bit tor battle a gainst Hucv I.ontr, women of Louisiana, will .sell soino of their in o s t preoU'm-' li o i r 1 o o ins by public auction to raise funds, to c a r r y oil tho fight for a political cleanup jn t h o i r state. Family treasures dating bnck to colonial days, ninny of them of great sentimental ami money value, have boon turned over to t h o Louisiana Women's C o in - mittee, w h 1 c h lias headed the altark on Senator Long. At the H'ft i:-! shown Mrs. Hilda I 1 h e 1 p s Hammond, chairman of the commit tee and outstanding in tlic light before, U n 1 t e d States Senate prohers. holding a pair of antiquo sconces, backo;! with mirrors in a g o 1 d frame, sacrilired by tho owiii'i 1 . 'I'll'- sale, tu he hold in New O r 1 e u 11 s , will cmitiiiui: live days. Cleaners' Group Raps Abandonment NRA Deputy Retorts That Wages and Hours Must ' J-le Observed WASHINGTON -(fO~ Charging Hugh S. Johnson with bad fnith. the Code Authority for the Cleaning and Dvein? trade Wednesday night announced it had scrapped the code for the industry. Ml but the wages and hour provisions of the pact had been discarded by NRA but the Executive Committee of the Code Authority said in a communication to President Roosevelt they would not bind themselves (d abide by these. The letter to the president svns signed by N. J. Harkness, Silver Springs, Mel. 'chairman of the Executive Committee, and nine other members. Sol Rosenblatt, NRA9 deputy administrator in charge of the cleaning and dyeing code, said the wages and hour provisions were in force despite the announcement by the authority. He added that the Code Authority in reality was abolished by the NRA action which eliminated all but wages and hour clauses from the cleaning code and a number of service pacts. He said that Blue Eagles of the establishments which violated the labor clause would be*taken away and that irlhcr action might be taken . ots Around Shover 'M' System Store _.^T. . .mir i iktri 1 n\\r DDIfTCl Mr . and Mrs. W. J. Whitcs.de and daughter Hilda left Saturday for their home in Mt. Ida, after spending last week with relatives and friends in Blevins. Imon Bruce was attending to business in Hope Monday. Miss Charlene Stuart, who s n training at Cora Donnel hospital at Prescott is spending her vacation with HIGH QUALITY AND LOW PRICES SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY— Bananas NICE GOLDEN FRUIT-POUND FANCY CALIFORNIA SUN KIST-Doz. SUGAR-Pure Cane QUAKERETTE-^ Pound BOX Table Garden Salad Dressing and Sandwich Spread-pint jar 1 5c KELLOGGS Cream Meal 24 Lb. Sack. 49c Med. Ivory 1 1 C SOAP, 2 bars .... ' ' v Fruit Jar Rubbers, 3 doz... 10c Corn. Flakes 2 packages -~ Bran Flakes Package Whole Wheat BISCUITS .... 15c ra Hartless spent the nd with his mother, Mrs. Joe "el '^Cotton and Annie Jean Walker of Hope were in Blev.ns on Thursday of last week. „ \ D. Brannon of Hope wa Mr r . ttending to business in Blevins Sat a* W Brooks, Miss Beulah Thomas Miss Ruth Huskey and Mr. and Mr AH Wade attended a business meet ng of the E. R. A. Monday night a a Stcyart were shopping m Hope ba ""Cecil Ward spent last week end Prescott visiting his brother Horn Ward and Mrs. Ward. Rev M D. Williams of Gurdon fil cd his regular appointment at Mar — Findley an MrT Honeo were in~Hope Monday. The infant daughter of M r a Your Health By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygcia, the Hcallli Magazine The mind of man predominant!} tmi-.nds study. The dynamts psychology of Sigr.var.i •"rend, the investigations into bchav or, the adjudgments of hur.:an rcla onships do much to assure grcatc i.,ppiness in the future. The efficiency engineers have ac ophshed marvels for industry, ir reasing output, shortening hours ar Ticking simpler the task of evei worker. Yet you, ns a liuman bcin re still a ir.ass of living tissue, higl y complex in construction a.»d don •^ . . ... 1*1 .__*.*! _j w'o^ii^.-- ••• Cell LI 1 IS, i»i*-»i • «•" nated by u mind' which may at me i ^ Centcr Point. The oil industry is beginning to be ic of the leading things in this com- , -unity and may our fondest hopes i this soon be realized. Dr. Austin, f he promoter is a welcome business: isiior here again. | Crops ;>re growing rapidly; also tlie , ra«s Most of the farmers will soon through, with the crops for this imc and until the next step is ready i be taken. Jeff Wright bought some nice beet attic last week which he is turning n pasture. Mrs H O Kyler and little son ot Hope'called on Mrs. Henry Atkinson Thursday. .. I Henry Atkinson was a Sunday can-; :r at Bodcnw. i Mr and Mrs. Jeff Wright and child- | •en attended thc singing in Bodcaw Sunday cvninfi. Mrs Dolly Bearden and little son Lilendon have returned tho their home after spending several days with their jistcr Mrs. Wade O'Neal of Ardmore, Oklahoma. „ Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hunt and J. H. Wright wecr Sundya visitors m the j Jeff Wright home. I Harvey Wright and family were tne Sunday visitors in the home of his parents, MBr. and Mrs. Will Wright same time represent your soul. ener . Jeff Wright has not been very well | ji;ii Y , , 1( . Ml ..„„ — If the advance of the science of mot.- for thc pas . {ew days .rir.e has established any one fact, it s that no two human beings are alike r.nd that your reteention of the status-, of thc human being as an individual is of vital significance to you in thc time of suffering and disease. The 19th Century marked thc beginning of research. The 20th century finds mankind accumulating information faster than it can be used. The 21st century should fincle order introduced into chaos and more health and happiness for all. Prablems of distribution in medical The imam, uane"*" — -—; , • j care make it difficult for many peo- Mrs Aaron B. Stewart was buried in | t(j avail thcmse i vc , o i all that „.._.,-.. Mrs medicine offers It sccms V ital to es- ablish thc fundamentals of good mcd- i. rq V 11 - tu «.v..Marlbrook cemetery Sunday. «irs medicine offers . u sccms vital to es- Stewart, who is in the Cora Donnei - - OltJWeJlt, *T Anirirf nlCG- ,0 b, nk»- ' Hershey's CHOCOLATE SYRUP, 1 Lb. Can....lOc COFFEE—1 Lb. Can Dining Car 28c MEAT—Dry Salt, good and streaked, Ib ...12c LARD home in Little Rock. Mi's Ruth Huskey of Prescott s the eucst' of Mrs. A. H. Wade and Mr. W Miss Ruth Cox, who is 1" the Cora Donnel hospital is reported to be do inc fine We join her many friends Ashing foAer a speedy recovery Jim Bostick and son Jim Jr. o£ r • cott were in Blevins Monday. Mr and Mrs. Roy Anderson Hope were business visitors m t of Houser spent the week end in Blcvins with his mother, fc£r Aubrey Stewart and Billy 4 Pound Bucket 32c 8 Pound Carton 55c FLOUR 48 Lb. Golden Crust $1-59 48 Lb. Shawnees Best $1.75 OATS-Cheeker 20 oz. Pkg 5c 55 oz. Pkg 14c -MARKET SPECIALS- Pork Roast-Pound Pork Steak-Pound 14c Spring Lamb-Choice Native Shoulder Roast-Pound 15c LEG-Pound CHOPS-Pound BEEF STEW-Pound 'Dressed Hens and Fryer B" attend the^ow in Hope o, ' afternoon. • and Mrs. Tom J. Stewart ana motored to Murfresboro Sunday f Rev°C n> C. Merritt preached at Bell'.s lianel church cal care and to aussuie every individual of at least thos-2 fundamentals. For centuries the srvice of the medical profession to the poverty stricken has been proberbial as the fulfillment of a humane ideal. A profession with thousands of years of such traditions behind it must keep this point of view for the future. The medical profo.ssion is capaolc of developing plans whereby the mag- nificant service that ir, being render ed will become increasingly usefu t oa greater and a greater number o people. In the great Century of Progrcs exposition of the 21st century mcdi cine again, no doubt, will be out standing in its contribution. We shall see the majority of man kind approximating the three KCOI and ten years which is the nomal bio logical cycle of man. We shall ;:e the beginning of some; control ovc reproduction of the unlit and th degenerate. More infectious diseases will be e iminated. The bodies of littlo chile ren will be better nourished. Tl hotter utilization cf more leisure tim Or U1U JJtiat n-w ^i*j "• Mrs Lucille Landers and little daughter visited the past week with Thad Vines and family. Mrs Ella Hodnutt was Saturday night Rucst of Rev. and Mrs. Jackson in the Mrs. Dottie Bearden home. Mr and Mrs. Willis Cobb and Winston and Mr. and Mrs. Silas Sanford and daughter Darleen, Harold Sanford and family, Mrs. Wade O Ncal, Mrs Dottie Bearden and little son and Mrs. Rec 0. Gray were Sunday luests of their parents. , Mr and Mrs. H. B. Sanford, Mrs. iff Rogers and Mrs. Lwis Rogers lied on Mrs. Milton Rogers Sunday. Mrs. Nellie Leach spent Tuesday ght with Mrs. H. B. Sanford. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rogers and their Ma W.r and Charline were Monday guests o Miss Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. Stephens. - will decrease the nerve strains an stresses now associated v-ith hot riental and physical breakdown. The frontiers of disoaso move o vard as the control of diseases mr,k progress. New generation; of m osc their immunities of the past. New machines, new cncmicals a lew methods nf living bring new iBARK The astronomer who discovered thc planet. Pluto has taken a bride. No sooner does a man start star-gazint than he finds it woman beside him. 1V1I . iiliu l.no. **w^ --—o — hildren of Shover Springs, Mr. and rs. Steve Rogers of Kansas City and rs. Geneva Rogers of Hope spent- unday afternoon at the Harold San- ord home. Miss Gertrude Hollowy called on Mrs Re O. Gray Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Yarhcrry, a former Harmony'| chonl teacher, was in this vicinity ne day last week. Harold Sanforda and Winston Cobb vcre business callers in Hope Tues- Mr. Dcwcy Camp of Mississippi is isiting his'relatives here. He is m ompany with his father, Camp of Hinton. Andrew Mars rotates on its axis in 24 hours, 7 minutes and 22 seconds so that Us ( lay is only slightly longer than mat if the earth. irds, which must be investigated. The medical profession is a forward-coking eternally viligant, and ever-hopeful body of men to >yhom science is a god and service an ideaL P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Third & Washington Used Cars, Now and Used Farts, Batteries, Tires. Washing, Greasing, Gas and Oils. 768 and our Ad-Taker will gladly give you expert advice ?„ formulating an ad which will sell your discarded furniture, rent your unused room, find the domestic he™£«'want or perform for you of the hundreds of Cervices in which Star Want-Ads get results. For results you can depend on The Hope Star. Hundreds of people are attracted by this tremendously practica section . . it's filled with profitable opportunities and terns of interest. If you are one of the few who haven't become a regular reader and user of this val uable and economical form of advertising start now you will be pleasantly surprised with the Funny how the same people who object to brain trusts in Washington j would yell if there were a lack of | any in their own businesses. I Sc 5c Thij irf National Park Year, but don't H'i parking just anywhere, be- c.-iu:;r- of that. Finland has p;.:d in full again, on its dubt to the United State.',. But it has hopes of becoming a first-class nation, too, some day. Another tragic effect of this long drouth is that there won't be very many headers toward the end of the baseball season. The Cape Verde Islands received their name fruin thu yruen seaweed v.'hich drifts into their numerous bays and not from the vegetation of t nt island which is very scarce. | Your home can be more beautiful and much cooler all through the summer. (let in the shade — put awnings on the sunny sides. Patterns for every type home. 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