Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 22, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1934
Page 5
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jViday, June 22,. 1934 SOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Johnson Tells of Brain Trust Origin Only a Newspaper Wise- Crack—Roosevelt the Actual Director NASHVILLE, Tonn. —(/P)— Gen. Hugh S, Johnson Thursday night .wid, "There is n Brain Trust in Washington all right, but the brain is the brain of Franklin D. Roosevelt nnd the trust is the fnith of the whole Amei lean people." Addressing nn economic conference nt Georgia Penboriy College for teachers, the NRA administrator departed from his prepared speeck to attack criticl of what he termed President Hooscvclt's "research staff". "Whatever Brain Trust Franklin Hoosevelt maintains," Johnson asserted "is floing to be the trust of the best brains of u cross-section of the United States." He declared that what the administration's critics do not like is "the fact that the Brain Trust is not n 'yes' trust and a 'yes' trust their way." Johnson si id the term "Brain Trust" ' became popular because the American people, liked a catchword. During tlie 1932 prcsedenlial campaign, he said, Adolph Berle, Raymond Moley. Johncson and pevernl other friends of Mr. Roosevelt gathered at Hyde Park to discuss the situation. He declared that "some facetious newspapermen saw them and said, 'there's the governor's brain trust,." ."The devil of a Brain Trust that . was!" Johnson continued, but it shows the strength of u catchword." Silllarly he declared that reference was made to "cracking down" at iCn NRA press conference, "nnd Ibecame 'Crackdown' Johnson and there's nothing I can do about il." Featuring the newest thing in permanent:;. The new Eugene Cro- quignolc for only ?l. Limited a! this price. ^ Lewis Beauty Salon Experience Counts Phone 39 "Full Feeling" After Meals Here is how Thedford's Black- Draught proved helpful to Mr. Archie W. Brown, of Fort Green, Pla.: "I have taken Black-Draught when I have felt dull from overeating or eating too hurriedly," he writes. "Small doses right after meals rid me of gases and heavy feeling. I am a great believer in Black-Draught." Thedford's BLACK-DRAUGHT Purely Vegetable Laxative "CHILDREN LIKE THE SSTBUP" Rock Not Shown on Nautical Map English Admiralty Conducts Hearing on Wreck of German Ship KOPERVICK KAKMOY ISLAND, Norway, — (/P)— Capt. Peter Moeller cf tlie wrecked German liner, Dresden, told authorities Thursday that tlie rock upon whic lithe Dresden struck Wednesday was not marked upon the English Admiralty chart being used to navigate by. Testifying at an inquiry into the | circumstances ofthe accident, which' damaged the Dresden so badly she I sank after 1.000 passengers had been I rescued from her, Capt. Moeller snid lie was depending on the pilot in waters with which he was unfamiliar. Pilot Jacobson, a Norwegian, informed the court that Captain Mociler , had not ashed him whether he had / a pilot"s certificate covering Ryslke | fjord. Previously Jacobson has assum- j ed responsibility for the disaster. Thursday he said that when it was decided to enter Ryslke fjord instead of following an originally proposed route he told the captain he did not know those particular waters. Captain Moeller told the court it was his opinion that Jacobs'cn answered yes when asked whether he had the right to make an alteration in course. He said that if he had known thatlhe pilot had no certificate for this particular route he would not have allowed aleration of original pliins. A report of the proceedings is to be sent to Germany. Heroism and the Scandinavian midnight sun were credited by the passengers and crew with the rescue of the excursionists from the sinking steamer with the loss of not more than four lives. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "You see, in my \vcr:: it's personal appearance that counts." Yard Eggs GUARANTEED FRESH—DOZEN Oysters NIGGEK MEAD 2 c™ 25c Crackers-2 Ib box 21c-l Ib. 12c FLOUR „„., neon Brand—IS Lb. $1.G4—£1 Lbs. ges NECK Sl/K FRESH SHIPMENT—DOZEN Coffee sunrise Delight—A i Blend—We Grind It—Kb. Corn EXTRA LARGE EARS—DOZEN CORN POST Flakes Toasties 2 I'kgs. CALUMET Humorous Program Is Given Rotarians Rev. David M. Phillips Heads Luncheon Speakers Here Friday A program of humor was given Hope Rotary club Friday at its Hotel Barlow noon luncheon by the Rev. David M. Phillips, who made such a hit at a recent Tcxarkana druggists' convention that he was invited here by Frank Wurd of the local club's program committee. Basil E. Baker, of Jonesboro, also spoke. Another guest Friday was Joe Weisigcr of Little Rock. Baking Powder— 1 Ib. size 24c ONIONS-White 3 Ibs. 10c PEAS DEL MONTE TINY SIFTED—No. 2 Can 20c Dog Food RED HEART—1 DIETS O Cans *Stew Meat REEF OH VEAL—POUND Cheese FULL CREAM—POUND 18c Beef or Veal Roast 3 Ibs. 25c Complete Assortment of Lunch Meats WEINERS-Pound 12|c SAUSACE-Lb.8c 2 Ibs. 15c Lamb, Fryers, Hens and Fish HARRY HAWTHORNE GROCERY *** MARKET Telephone 60 THE COMPLETE I-'OOD SHOP We Deliver NEXT TO CITY BAKERY latter of Belief | Also Is Important i • i Evangelist Estes Recalls ! Christ's Warning af : False Prophets 1 The meeting being continued at the Church of Christ, West Fifth and Grady streets, continues with much interest. Mr. Estcs spoke Thursdya night on the question, "Does It Matter What One Bulieves?" He mentioned the fact that the young prophet for Judea, (1 Kings 13) who refused the offer made to him by Jeroboam, the king, believed the lie of the old prophet. "The theory that ia does not matter what one believes, is accepted in religion only. The belief of a proposition does not guarantee the safety ! of the believer. Jesus said, "For many i shall come in My name, saying, I am ' Christ; and decieve many." And many false prophets shall arise and deceive many." Paul said that he lived I in a good conscious while destroying Christians; that he thought he ought ( odo many things contrary to the name of Jesus. Christ said the time would come when men would kill you believing they were doing God's service. Paul prayed for his own flesh; "Bretheren, my heart's desire and prayer for Israel is that they might bo saved. For I bear them record that they have a - /.eal in God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God's righteousness and going about to establish their own righteousness have not submitted thomsulves unto ther ighteousness of God." Mr. Estes speaks Friday night on "The Divine Library," and the public is invited to attend these services from evening to evening. Two Amendments Urged by Futrell Would Limit Appropriations, Submit Bond Issue to Popular Vote POCAHONTAS, Ark. — (/P)— In the first I'ddress of a political nature that he has made since he announced as a candidate for renomination, Governor Futrell urged the adoption of the two proposed constitutional amendments that he had sponsored in an address here Thursday. One of the proposed amendments would require a majority of the elected membership of each house to enact a law, would limit appropriations to $2,500,000 a biennium, excepts for highways, schools pensions and debt service, provided the limit could be exceeded in emergencies by a vole of three-fourths of the elected membership of each house. The other amendment would prohibit bond issue? for purposes othetr than refunding existing indebtedness except after the approval of a major^ ity of the electors of the state. Governor Futrell said that if the people would adopt these two amendments they would not have to worry about the financial condition of the state. He said that he had made few promises, but had kept those few. He urged the people ty caese to honor a man because he hojds political power but to honor p. man because he is justly entitled to honor for the good he does. "Get back to the standard set by the Bible," were the governor's words when he said that money is the root of all evil. The governor spoke at the Fourth district convention of the American Legion at Current River beach, seven miles north of here on highway 67. The first life insurance policy of which ther is any trace was issued in London in 1538. It insured the life of William Gybbons. Ex-Convict Says He Slew Dentist Harold St. Glair Arrested in New Orleans for Illinois Murder NEW ORLEANS, — (JP)~ Harold St. Clair, 30-year-old Ohio ex-convict, wanted in ElDorado, 111., in connection with the murder of Dr. Homer L. Myers, 55, n wealthy dentist, was arrested by officers on the streets here Thursday. Officers said St. Clair readily admitted his identity and said he would not fight extradition. City Detectives George Dillman and Joseph Vitari arrested St. Clair at an uptown street intersection just as the fugitive stepped from a taxicab. They said he told them, "I killed Dr. Homer L. Myers." He would say nothing more. The officers said they identified St. Clair from a photograhp appearing in the newspapers. Police say he was on his way to visit a woman friend. A poison powder was found in a handbag St. Clair was carrying, but officers took the poison from him as he was opening the bag. There were two loaded pistols in the handbag. One had three unexploded shells in it and two shells had been discharged. St. Clair said the Anderson woman who is being helcl by ElDorado police it innocent and knows nothing of the murder. Officers quoted St. CJair as saying that one of the revolvers found in his handbag was used to kill the Illinois dentist. St. Clair said he would waive extradition proceednngs in order to return to Illinois and face trial immediately. Fordyce Named to HOLC Department Member of Audit Commission Given Federal Appointment LITTLE ROCK —(>P)— Col. John R. Fordyce, chairman of the State Highway Audit Commission, h^s been appointed state supervisor of the Reconditioning Department of the Home Owners Loan Corporation, it was announced Thursday night by R. Frank Milwee, state manager of the corporation. Colonel Fordyce was recommended for the position by Mr. Milwee several weeks ago and confirmation was received in a telegram from Washington last night. Although Col. Fordyce will begin lis new duties immediately, he will continue to serve as chairman of the audit commission until the life of he commission expires the latter part of August. He has been devoting all his time o the audit commission under provi- lons of an act passed at the January oecial session enlarging the duties of he commission and requiring it to -ass upon matters referred to it by he state refunding board. The bulk of his work has been com- leted, only about 35 claims remaining o be disposed of, and Col. Fordyce vill assume the position of nominal hairman. meeting with the other two ommissioners, Horace -Sloan of Jones- sboro and Allan Kennedy of Fort Smith one or two times a month to pass on claims which have been investigated by the commission's engineers andaccountants. 3-Year Program Planned for Farm Pasture, Forage and Woodland to Be Given Encouragement WASHINGTON.—^)—T three-year plan intended to take 15,000,000 to 20,000,000 acres from cultivation and put them into pasture, forage crops and woodland may be offered America's farmers by the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. Officials describe the program as tentative but the prospects are that it, or some modofication. will be substituted for the present series of emergency production control efforts. The growers may be asked to sign up next year. The scheme in that case would be effective for 1936, 1937 and 1938, carrying through the presidential campaign. Or if the farmers show sufficient enthusiasm, an attempt might be made to apply it in 1935, 1936 and 1937. The plan has been worked out principally by H. R. Tolley, University of California professor and now head of the Farm Administration's Planning Division. Here are the essentials: The producer would sign a contract whereby he would agree to put as much of his land into grass, forage and wcodland as the administration might direct. Benefit payments would be continued with the receipts from the processing taxes merged into a central fund. The farmers would be paid on the basis of the productivity of the land he retired from intensive cultivation. There would be few, if any, restrictions en the use of the land removed from the plow. It would be used for commercial production. rades, doesn't. He has always been the leader; now he's at the bottom of the heap, and the shock is too much for him. So, in the end, while the girl adapts herself without trouble, the boy is completely shipwrecked. In the end he runs off. homeless and helpless, a pitiful memorial of his parents' self- centered ineptitude. It makes a queer, biting, and rather memorable book. Published by Dulton, it sells for $2.50. The basking shark is harmless to man; the white shark, of all the members of the shark family is the most dangerous to man. A process for coating paper money with an extremely thin coat of metal to make it more durable has been developed by a Swiss chemist. 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Phone 252 „.,>£ Luther N, Garner^, Candidate for ' '• • Tax Assessor ,,\ Hempstead County Will appreciate your vote flliA influence t ERNEST PALS 6i CURB MARKED Anything in the Vegeable ui&. Fresher and Just as Cheap., i Call on Us. <tv ATHLETE'S FOOT 25c Money Back Guarantee. MORELAND'S Drug Store By BRUCE CATTON "Striplings," by N. Warner Hooke, is an unusual novel, to put it mildly. It's unusual partly because it is so frank and outspoken, and partly because it begins as a hilarious farce- comedy and ends us a tragedy. It is by turns very funny and very comber. And it is, incidentally, a savage kick in the pants for England's decaying horsey aristocracy. Mr. Hooke tells about a boy and a girl, children of an English family which is very ritzy, but also very broke. The father is dreamy and self- contained almost to the point of lun- , acy; the mother is interested only in horses and hunting. I While their estate goes to seed and ' poverty arrives, the children are allowed to raise themselves. | Naturally, thus neglected, they grow up amoral and undisciplined. They j hav° no playmates, and they despise! their parents, so they rely on each other. • The boy is the girl's great idol j —the hero wlio can do no wrong and make no mistakes; and, despite poverty, they are happy enough. But finally, reaching their 'teens, they go off to school; and then the picture changes. The girl meets her new environment successfully; but the boy, unusad to discipline or com- ALL OVER THE WORLD BANANAS, Yellow Ripe— 3 Lbs ................ '.:.....17c LIMES, Extra Nice— Each ........................ ...... Jc ORANGES, California— Dozen ..'. LETTUCE— Extra Large Head POTATOES— 10 Pounds TOMATOES, Nice Red— Pound HONEY DEW MELLONS— Each RED RASPBERRIES— Per Box 30C ISd 5t .25c .19c SUGAR IN CLOTH BAGS 10 Lb. 46c FOR SALE One 1933 Chevrolet Tudor Sedan One 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan One 1929 Buick Sedan^ Hempstead Motor Co. Phone 850 207 East Third A bicycle found in an attic of Hay- ,vard_ Calif., is thought to be the first one ever made; it dates fr.om 1842. As many as 6,000 teeth arranged in rows are found in some species of the shark. Only one set of these is used nt any one time. Scientists say that even those parsons priding themeselves on having pri cute hearing are sounds. deaf to certain Artificial Rubber Proves Successful DuPont Perfects Tire Product to Beat Foreign Caoutchouc Monopoly WILMINGTON, Del— (/P)— The first American synthetic automobile i tires which look like real rubber and wear ;is vvel), were announced to?fc«y, They were described as a potential cht't'km.'ite agiiinst excessive rubber prices and a guarantee of American rubber independence in wartime. The synthetic rubber now costs about 51 a pound, against 15 cents for foreign real rubber, which has ranged from five cents to more than a dollar. The announcement was made by tile clu Pont Company makers of the syn- thctic rubber, and the Dayton Rubber Manufacturing Company of Dayton, O.. making the tires. The synthetic rubber is made of ; acetylene, salt and water, the acetylene comes from coal and limestone-, so that ! the ingredients rae all home products. Tlie Dayton announcement states tile .synthetic tires were "built with tlie tame machinery hat is used to produce natural rubber tires." Both casings and inner tubes are made of tlie snylhelic stuff. The casings arc standard, six-ply 5.25-18. The road tests have been under way si-cretly ill Arizona, Ohio and Maryland. Describing them, J. A. McMil- lan, president of the Dayton company j laid: j "These tires have been subjected to rigid laboratory and road tests,' and have proved themselves fully the equal of tires built of natural rubber. They have been placed on automobiles opposite tires built of natural rubber and have been subject- j to severe usage." Free Arch with each shampoo and finger wave this week. ?C.50 Permaneiils ?4,l)U Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 287 Cannon Apartments Be Thrifty . . . Ask for Trades Day Tickets FARMALL laACTOR PEACHES, Avondale— No. 2»/ 2 — 2 Cans : SHREDDED WHEAT— 2 Boxes DOGGIE DINNER— 3 Cans .............. . CORN, Standard No. 2 — 3 Cans ..... 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