The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1940 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1940
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JJAUCH 21, 19-10 HLYT11EVILLK' (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE NINK CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rule per lino for «:ousecH- llvc insertions: One time per line UK; Two limes per line per day,..,one Three times per line per day., .We liix (lines per line per day 05c Month rule per line 60u Curds of Thanks Ode & lac Minimum charge 5(lc Ads ordered lor III roe or .si.x limes and slo))|>ed before expira- t!on will be charged for the number of limes tlic add appeared mul adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside o[ the city must lie accompanied by cash. Rotes may be easily computed from above (able. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions lakes the one time rate. No responsibility will, be taken Cor more than one incorrect inscr- lion of any classified ad Repairing Expert emi repairing. See E. M, Damon nl the Ulylhevillo Armory on Wednesdays anil Thursdays. " FOR MARCH AND APRIL ONLY That's the offer we make to prove how far we go to pul you behind the wheel of c better, ear. Our big stock of used cars has to be moved ot once. Values are Way up—prices are way down. It's a great opportunity for you. For o better buy—better buy now* We call for * Deliver Bicycles. Irons, Funs, Timlers, iloi I'lntcs. Uimpji. Upholstering, Kitr- nliure, Slip Covers or nnyUiini; you might liuvu. Hly(!u'villt> Kmiiitnri> Cu. 120 Knst Mall) at. Farm Loans Business Opluullies WANTED—Man, own and operate route fifty machines, vending !!>:!!> CUEVKOLET COACH Driven ICSK than 100(1 miles I'ratlicitlly new Cur Has J!M(I l!ISS [''OKI) DELUXE TUDOH "(iiutil'ul grnj; (inish, low inile- $645 „ ;"• v ,. , , " <ln *•'•>" i.ii-fnse. iK'iiui HI grnv iinsn Hcrshcy and other popular cnmly ,.„.. i,,,. . ... . ° •• ' bars. No selling, no soliciting. Pays j <lgc - u s ' l I'LMcll, if there ever was one ILII f f» ^TT u-pplrlv nr >ir*lt«r S'^Xh - _ b. u)> to $2 weekly or better li)3!l FOHI)'DKLUXK SEJ)AN , »--required. Write, give phone, address atal state if cash is available. Box "AE" c/o Courier News. Party to invest about $1000 in lo- IUH I'UIUJ 1UUUK cal business enterprise that should I Color IJIadi, liiulio & Heater City driven nv returns each vear. In- • ., , .... . . •"•"."•••> v " l .< "H»LH. While Sidcwall tires, color black. A ear tlutl will .siiil the entire fahiilv I'j;i7 FORD TUDOR pay equal returns each year. Investment, practically guaranteed. May take active part in management, it desired. State age, present, occupation ami other information about, sell, For interview mldreis Box "100" c/u Courier News. Welding . Is it dcun? You should see it 1935 I'"OU» TUDOR ilu.s 1!MU Liconse. in fi-oud condition. A (.'lean cur, at a biirgiiin pritc 15138 I'LYMOUTH DIJLUXK COACH Ik'iiutiful bciKc color, dual equipment, I Clean throughout $591 $294 $193 Large or Small At Low lulcresl Hales. We nrc emilpucd lo handle Inrge or small lonns <>n nny sired tract of Jurm land, Hi low "cost, and nl a low interest rule TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blyllicviile, Ark Notice TERMITES Work While You Sleep! Wuku »|> before, they danni^c your properly. For Free Jnsprdlon Call 532-W. Walker and Archer State Licensed Opcrulors MULES l \VII1 trade for illiilrs. Cows, llojis, Catllc. Corn, liny ami Lumber. Delta implements, Inc. Sen 1'loyd Siiii|iM)ii ll-ck-U Wasliiii'r WanlcrJ Poultry llutlery Urulleis MAttlbYN UAT(-l!i:itV 'i 1 M'< H.W. G! Nurlli Baby & Started Chicks Custom IliUcliinjv Marilyn Hatchery Hlivy. lit Nurlli Dairy Cull IM-W'-I tor orders of minX ni'iim, or dunned bulli>r milk. All iws government Uviiieu. llnl- wll'^ Dairy. r.>-pk-'i-12 Stoves t; - K. Cooper I'MmKmr Co. G17 S. l r if\l l-'iill Hue slightly used I'TniTiiec mid Nesco Oil Stovi'.i. Otlur Hems— furniture lino, Near l-in-. Hiothers' Orccerv. 2Q-pk-27 1 -OSt HCT'.M?!) for return of short- huiml white puppy with broivji firs mid brown spot on buck. Named "Bkippy." Ed Cook, IiH;min HltlS, or 210 linsl Kentucky. aO|]k'J3 Personal Ai'imc Sluitcbh Liver, work off UK' bile lo rid yourself of constl- ualioii. f!\s pains, ami thut sour, l"mk feeling. Take one box ol KJHHY'S ACTIVK MVlill I'lLI.S 2 nc :ii r all Klruy S lores EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACUTYLliNfc' Family Laundry. All cloflu-s \vu.sli-j cd separately. Mrs. Mick, iiHil Lake. -l-nk-l-ll J. L. GUARD Optometrist Oi,iy Graduate Optometrist In tUytliovIllc. Classes Fltlcil Correctly Brothers Hold Monopoly On Class Presidency AMHKKST, Muss, tUl') — Thp third term problem bus not Ivoti- bled Clvinent !•'. and 1'rederli-k II. Umr, jr., niunbers of tho Junior and freshmun classes, rcsjiocilvoly, ill Massnchusetts State Collegr. Clement, luis been elected I>IOK|- dcnl of hk eluss (or (hi) third lime In Kiicrmlpii mid his yoiwucr brother I-'rederlck hits boen voled hend of tin 1 iresimiiiu cln\s, nller MTVlnu two ye,irs as clnsn iircsti dent ut Wllliston Aeudeiny. llulsln Xi-eil OH Apiiruvi'd COLUMUUS, O, (Ul')~aome f\i- lurc day u Ijollle ot rnlsln, seed oil limy be u coinpiuilon picco lo IHo vlnegnr cruet on your dtnnor tn- ble. Tho NiUlonul Birin Olienillr- K(c Council reports 'Lhnl vcswirch ineu Imvc (ound llic oil to l)e cdlljlo mid tint, 11 is regnrdcd us vniimbln for niiikiinj suliuls inul cooklnu. S1IAIION, Ptt. tUl')—Ail Amorl- ciui Una with only 'l« slurs hnnns In the Sli»ro» yuung Uejnwrut.s lH':i(li|iiurtcis, Members oxplulu: "We don'l count Midnu iiiKl Vermont." M APPY HOUR GRO.& UKUVXKY )M W. MMn tit, ftiooe 1* — PRESCRIPTIONS— • Sufc - - Aceurntc Your Prescrlnllon Oruuslsl Fowler Drug Co. NO'I'ICK 01' SPECIAL SCIHMMj ELKC'l'ION IN mjKDKTTK Sl'K- CIAI, SC1IOOI, D1STK10T, MISSISfjim COUNTY, AH* KANSAS. Notice is hereby t'ven thai n spcolnl school election will lw liold )n Ilurdclle S|)eolnl School DLstflcl, Mlssiwljij)! Cotjnty, Ark'nnsns, nl which the qunllflrxl elcolors ol talil School iMslrlol sluiH voto on the question of iv millclhig l.-iuid lux oi U mills, jjiikl, utilldlng Fmul Inx lo be collcclcd uniniiilly on ihc iinsexsqd vnluntlon of till laxablo propnrly In the Dlstclct, beginning with (ho loxCH collcclcd bi the. year 10J1, for tliq purixiso of pny- lng Die principal nml Inlercsl o! n proposed retunding bond Issue of $411,000 which will run for 21 .venrs, salil tnx lo continue until snld bonds and Interest nve putd. lilct olwtloi! fihnll be hold In wild District on Miircli yi, 1040, be- tw.een Iho hours ol 2:00 P.M. nml U::)t> P.M., and oUu>rwiso in tliej innuuoi; provided by li\w fov hold- NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service Iny spools! school electtajs, at the following polling places, to-wlt: ' Burdcitc School Bulldliig. Witness my hand this34'day of February, 1810. Mrs. 'tliomas -R.' Ivy County. Examiner. 20-7-14-21 TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone" 64 (V ; VJ VOII'IT Irli'd Ilio lic'Sl,-Non 1 try THE BEST LOWE8T ASH—HIGHEST HEAT REDASHS10.0O DIXIE QUALITY LP. S6.95 01.i) tiVi'Kiuou VAIIU—riio.vis "ou PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock : . Guaranteed Hest Prices Kirby Drug Stores Now l,')c«lcil In Cik'iicoii Hold ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER ; SERVICE BUREAU DON lilUVAUDS, I'loiulelor All Alukes u! lU'biillt 'I'yiicwrlter.s, iVIillii); ni— Itcpiilrlui;— I'urts— If nuil Drag line and heavy welding z spRCialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 or lies. 11)19 Expert Electric ami Dragline and heavy welding our specialty. Dell, Ark. Pflollc S-K-U Female Hel.|> Wld. Avon has opening for ncat-nppcar- ing lady with pleasiin; personality. Good pay. Permanent. Opportunity for promotion lo coon raluriccl position. Write Avon •;i Courier News. 19-pk-2S Room and Board Koom and board. Phone 993. lB-cfc-4-16 HORIZONTAL I Ignacc Jan - , noted pianist. fl.Tud1cial writ. 10 Opposed lo from. 12 Agglomerates. 13 Fa I her. 15 Measure of print. 16 Component. IflPorluga). 20 Fissure veins. 21 Back. 23 Recipient. 2-( Flag. Answer to Previous WASH TUH1IS BY UOY CUANK BY WE WAV, \-JEE IIERE.BUKE,! DO MOT L HOKBV. HOW \ 1CIMD OP i VOU LIKET0<50 h——I MVOWJBHTER! TOEW •SUPPOSE \\IE HAJJ6 AsM UNDERSTAWWN6 MOW, i VOW DAUGHTER HAS A6HECD TO BOAS I TELL HEP, HNIEM'T WO, VOURE WIUINdTO P6AI. IH^TOi-EH WAHOHpS, BUT VOUR. TOO / EEF VOU THE TIUEl'Ei WHO •STEM. / CARE TO THESIS THAT IT? AMD TAKE A UEtthXCHE TA?>Vtl K\AY A^> WELL 6ET ACCUSTOMED fO (30IIJ6 WITH ME NOW LATER ! . ' Two furnished rooms. Near butli. 701 W. Ash. Phone 200. 20-pk-25 SWEEPING COMPOUND Shovisc-Hcnrj' H<hv. honc 3 room furnished up;irtment. Pri-l . vale balh. Mrs. Werl, phone 357. Three aiimtmeut.s. Two furnisliert.J one unfnrnlsliccl. 1519 w. Main . - aO-pk-25 it room apartment, upstairs. 3 and '•i room aparlincnts downstairs. Newly decorated. Private Imtlis. 71'J W. j\sli, plioiic 183. 18cfc-ll IBW* 1 OO&HTA. MLL TOO '™^ FOR tttAT SOCK OM SHUT LJpf •" \MlLUES ONLf TAKIN& MY QUIET, VJH1LE WILLIE Nicely furnished bedroom. 1017 W. Walnut, phone 102. ic-ek-il 3 or '! rooms lor rent. Phone no. i lG-pk-4-lti! Just u Little \Viirnint> 1940 Arkansas li ton Truck license. Number 224-Vj;). Owner may imv c same by paying cost of uiis ad. Courier K'cws Office. 1910 Arkansas License Tag' number 51-08G. Owner may have same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News office. Sewing & Slipcovers. MJ-S. SmIUi & Mrs. Blackvvell, Armorcl. Phone S'X. 7-ck-4-1 VENERABLE MUSICIAN slaves. 30 Uglil brown. 31 Caoulcliouc. H2 Stretched light. 3'1 Hackneyed. 38 Buller lump. •10 Adam's mate. •11 Indian • mulberry. •12 Unit ol work. •H Kxplosivc shell. •17 Period of lime. •18 To scoff, fit! Imbecile. 51 Giblrons. 52 Frees from dirt. 54 Food plant. 50 ills native land. 57 He is also n distinguished , or writer ot music. VERTICAL 1 Foot of the fine. 2 Avers. 3 College oflicial. •I Embryo lm'< ! 5 Stair part. 0 And. 7 Staying power. 8 Neuter pronoun. 11 inharmonious relationship. 13 Ho is (I to his country. M Seemly. 17 Guided. 18 Born. JO He was or head of his land. 20 To crawl. 22 Pismire. 2'i Destiny. 25 Chewed. 2G New England. 27 He is now an —— from liis native land (I'D. 29 Broki.u toolli. 31 To dwell. 33 Shore. 35 To repurchase. 37 Northern cofislcllalion. 39 Cuckoo. •II To concur. •13 Swimming o'rgan of. a fish. 45 Being. •1G Too. •57 Measures. 40 Meadow. 31 Branch of Tai race. •. 53 Form of ll a.' 55 Spain. Nice furnished room. Adjoining bath. Imierspring mattress. All conveniences. Phone 03fi. 12-dh Drain drill and tractor for rent. See Ben Craig or Paul Byrum. 3 room furnished apartment,. Newly decorated. Garage. Close In. 120 Dugan Street-, Mrs. Belle Wood. 2!t-pk-3-29 Comfortable front bedroom, outside entrance. Phone 351, 515 W.j Walnut, l-ck-lt i room furnished apartment. 1C01 W. Abh. '2a-ck-tt a room modern furnished apartment. VJ15 W. Midn, 24ck-tl ...EtoM'T NEVER:TAKE OFF ' YOU!?. ARMOR. LESS'M J.M ABOUWP CLOSE EStoUGH T'KEG-PAMEVEOM VOUR BACK. ! ' Large comfortable bedroom, twin beds, 1 closets, steam heat. Men preferred. Phone 1, Mrs. J. G. Slid- i miry. 21-ck-lf'. Rooms furnished or unfurnished. Newly dccoralcel. Reasonable. 9H Heain. 26-pk-3-26 Nice bcdrooui roiivciiicitt, to bat-h. Steam h«W A-hone m . ick-t, --^^^-g-----—^- noom. close IlJ, Mrs. Nolen, S10 Walnul St. L'2-ck-tf Unfurnished apartment In Sliane Apartment Building on West Main Street. Call 571 or 107. 1-ck-tf For Sale Tomato plants, cabbage, .succt andi hot peppers now ready. These' have been growing ju our c.rein houses and arc free of (lisea e Hcalon's Home of Flowers. 200 E Davis Avenue. Mnlo. Ihoroughbrr.d Screv,tail Bull- cjog. Nine months old. Lewis Ar paiid. Broadway Lunch Koom. ', room house and balh. S1250. 15ar- (jjin. 10,} W. Cherry St. Pbor.c 750. Mr. Kollisoi). Moore's Ilotol. | 19-pk-aa Four head fine mules. Will sell cheap. Wiley Smith. Durdetlc. iO-pk-1-10 i UiLsincss for sate. Store fixtures. Stock, building 26'xSO'. Brick ' bunsalow. o rooms, ball). Hardwood floors. All walk oul. S-1500. One half cash. Call 75!). Mr. Rollison, Moore's Hotel, 10-pk-2i ' IV'^iS'i'rcd Uuroc pigs, 'lliirt: Ij-pr, \\orld cham])ion blooil lines, .Slanton A. Pcpiwr, lit. 1, Blylhc- vlllc. 15-pk-2'.' ..a)R. BOOM CA)«\E ALLTHE WAV FROM THE TWEM1\ETH FRIENDS EH2 OKAM IF VOIJ yoy!Pie TH' ' ... SAV.' WHM\ GDT A muCM A ' CENTURY 70 RESCUE US, TO KW k CO VOU SOME ( WA.V TO HERCUIES?), GOOP.TOO! V: )' ANP HE GOT HERCULES TO HELP HIM FIMD U OUR. FRIEWDS COOPLt Of V\V WVVV KRECKLES AND UTS I'KIENDS UY MERRILL BLOSSEK Tr-JAT WASN'l THE? WAY IT SUPPOSED "1O END' WELL, SOM, YOU Y GOT ME, FRECK, Bur CONNERSAHONJ IS SONNA W3RRY U WMERES r JUNE? 1 WANNA TAKE HER. HOME /

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