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Helena, Montana
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THE HELENA DAILY INDEPENDENT, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11. 1934 TODAY YICTOHf FOB DETHOIT Detroit. Sept. Hitting two home runs, one In the seventh to tie the score and the other In the ninth, the bat of Hank Greenberg brought the Detroit Tigers a 2 to 1 victory over tho Boston Red Sox today. Elden Auker, freshman right- hander who hurled part of the first game of Saturday's twin-bill, was In as fine a form with his throwing arm as Greenberg was with his bat.

He allowed only three hits and only bnlls altogether were bit out ot the Infield. Almada, th9 Spaniard recently brought back to Boston from Kansas City, connected with two of the safe blows. Gordon Okeh Gordon Rhodes would have been almost as effective but for tho presence of Oreenberc. He held Detroit to five hits, two of which were made by the giant Jewish first baseman and two by Manager Mickey Cochrane. The count was two and two on Greenberg when he leaned on the ball Iri the seventh Inning.

It sailed high over the score board In left field to tie the score. In the i Hank, the first man at bat, hit the first pitched ball and the game was over. The two circuit drives boosted his total for the year to 23. The only Boston run came In the first Inning when Bishop walked, took second on an Infield out and scored as Almada conected with his first hit. BOSTON-- AB PO A Bishop, 2b 3 1 0 1 0 Werber.

3b 4 0 1 0 1 0 Almada, 4 0 3 3 0 0 R. Johnson, If 3 0 0 3 0 0 goiters, 3 0 0 1 0 0 Ferrell. a 0 0 9 0 0 Morran, Ib 0 0 10 0 0 Lary. a a 8 0 0 8 4 0 Rhodes, 3 0 0 0 3 0 NATIONAL New York St. Louis Chicago Boston Pittsburgh Brooklyn Philadelphia Cincinnati LEAGUE YV.

85 50 80 77 69 66 67 .48 48 63 66 66 76 E2 84 Pet. .630 .602 .679 .619 .604 .429 .369 .364 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. Detroit 88 47 .662 New York 84 62 .618 Cleveland 73 62 .541 Bolton 68 68 .600 St.

Louis 60 64 .484 Washington Gl 73 .455 Philadelphia 66 76 4 2 4 Chicago 48 86 .358 Totali 1 '24 10 0 out when vlnnlni run scored. DETROIT-- AB PO A While. Cf 4 0 0 I 0 0 Coehrsne. 3 0 3 2 0 Oehrlneer. 2b 4 0 0 1 8 1 Ooslln.

If 4 0 0 2 0 0 HOIfll. a a 4 0 0 2 6 0 Oreenben. Ib 2 3 18 0 0 Sb 3 0 1 0 1 0 Walker, rf 1 0 0 0 0 0 Auker. 0 0 0 4 0 TOtnlS 28 2 5 21 18 1 The acore by Innings: noston 100 000 000--1 Detroit 000 000 101--2 Runs tainted In--Almsda, Orcenberv 2. Two baae hits--Cochrane.

Home runs--Oreen- nerv 2. Left on bases--Detroit 7. Boston 2. Bnsr on Auker 1. Rhodes 4.

Struck out--By Auker 2. Rhodes 2. Hit by pitcher --By Rhodes (Cochrane). Umpires--Owens, Crlscl. Time: 1.41 CLEVELAND CANNED BY ANNOYING ATHLETICS Cleveland, Sept.

10. Wlille George Caster, right hand lillrlicr recently acquired by Connlo Mack from Portland. held the Indians In check today, his tcnm- matcn made 13 hits off three Cleveland hurlors and i a i a won. 'J 0. Caster, tiring In tho i i i wns relieved by Roy a but I rookie wns credited with tho victory.

lie limited the Tribe to i hits, struck out four batters and drove in two nf I A i runs. PHILADELPHIA-- AB II II PO A Cramer, cf 4 0 0 2 0 2b 4 0 1 Johnson. If 4 0 1 roxx. ib HiBulni.

3t McNalr. rf 4 Flnncy, rf A Hares, 9 Caster, 4 Mahsffey. 0 Totals 38 II 3 14 1 CLEVELAND-- AB PO Galatzer, rf IS 0 3 Averlll. cf 8 0 Trosky, Ib 4 1 0 VoMTllk. If 4 1 0 Burnett, 3 4 3 3 Kamm.

Jb 4 0 0 Knickerbocker, as 4 1 3 Ben, 4 0 1 Wlneaerner, 3 1 1 Lee. 1 0 0 0 L. Brown, 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 Totals 36 27 10 1 for Lea In Bth. The acore br Innlnia: Philadelphia 010 2OS 100--9 Cleveland 000 012 030--6 Runs batted In--Flnney 2. Hayes 3, Cnster 2.

Johnson. Knickerbocker 2. Rice 2. Wine- earner. Two base hill--Illlllns 3.

Flnney. Home run--Wlnctamer. flacrlflcea--MoNalr, Cramer. Double piers--Foxx lo McNalr to Left on bases--rhlladelphle 7. Cleveland ft.

Baao on balls--Off Wlneaarner Caster 6. Slruck out--By Wlneiarner 1, Lee L. Brown 1. easier 4. Winegarner 10 In 5 (none out In 6lh); off Lee 3 In off L.

Brown none In 1: off Caater In 6 (none out In 8th) i off Maheffey none In 1. Wild Ditches--Lee. Caster. Balk- Caster. Wlnnlnt pitcher--easier.

Loslns pitcher--Wlnrtarncr. Umpires Ormsbjr, Hlldcbrftnd end Bummers. Time: 1:88. YESTERDAY'S RESULTS Anicrlcnn League Washington Chicago 4. Boston 1: Detroit 2.

Philadelphia Cleveland 6. New York-St. Louis postponed, rain. National Lrngiie Pittsburgh New York 7. i i a i Brooklyn B.

St. Loula Philadelphia 1. Only games. TODAY Major league games today: American Ijcagne Boston at Detroit. New York at St.

Louis (two). Philadelphia at Cleveland. Washington at Chicago. National League Et. Louts at Philadelphia (two).

Chicago at Boston. Cincinnati at Brooklyn. Pittsburgh at New York. PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE (n Ran Frnnrlsco-- FlrV game: R. H.

E. Oakland 2 2 Sun Francisco 5 7 0 Ludolph, Rego and Ralmondl; Gibson and Woodall. Second name: R. H. E.

Oakland 4 8 1 San Franclnco 1 5 3 (13 Innings). Hald and McMullen: Zlnn and Monzo. In Ixjs Angles-First game: R. H. E.

Sncraniento 2 1 LOB Angeles 4 10 0 Nltcholas and Wlrts; Thomas and Campbell. Second guno: R. H. E. Sacramento 7 I 0 LOB AiiRPleB 6 I 1 a Hartwlg and Salkeld; J.

rnmpboll and Goebel. (10 I i In First IIHIMC-: R. H. E. Hollywood 2 0 Senltlc 1 Shcllennach, and Bnsn- ler; Craclipnil, Yerkcs and Tohln, Bottarlnl.

Second gmitei R- H. E. Hollywood 4 9 1 Soattlo 7 10 0 7 I i Rheehan, Ulle, Cano and Hersh- borgor; Vinci, Henderson and Bot- tarlnl. No other. right field seats to give the Senators a 7 to 4 victory over the White Sox.

Hugo Klaerner, making htB first start as a Hose, was the victim of the blow. He previously had pitched fair ball despite a lack of control. Then In the seventh Manush and Schulte singled, Susko sacrificed and Sowell was passed purposely. Bolton batted for Kerr and hit his homer. Jack Russell managed to hold tho Sox In check, although hit hard.

WASHINGTON-- AB PO A Blueie. re 9 Stone, rf 4 Jb I Menuah, It Schulte, of Suiko. Ib 4 Sewell. Kerr. Ib i 1 Harris.

Ib 1 Rustell. 3 CLIFF BOLTON BELTS HOMER FOR VICTORY Chicago. Sept. (P) --Cliff nnlton stepped up an a pinch hitter with the bases full, two out and tho Bcoro tied In the seventh Inning today and slipped a homo run Into the Tolale for Kerr In 7th. CHICAGO-- AB Swenson, If 4 Uhllr, rf 8 Simmons, ef 9 oonura, Ib 4 Appllni, at 3 Rayes.

2b 3 Mauldln. 3b 4 ahea. 1 1 MadJeskl. 0 Klaerner. 3 Klnzr.

0 "Haas 1 Tletle. 0 BIG SIX Heinle Manuoh clubbed his way back Into the American league batting picture yesterday tbo feature nt the activities of baseball's Big While Lou Oebrlg, the leader, WRS Idle and Charley Oehrlnger Tailed to get a Mt. the Washington outfielder cracked out throe lilows to boost his average to .367, gain of three points. Bill Terry the National league trio showed the only other of tho day. He hunted out with three hits to Kiln polntf and send his average to 355.

The standings: rbATEft-- AB Pel. lehrtt, Ttnktti 1M lit 111 ill Wtiur. Plnttt 111 107 1M Mhrlnstr. Tfnrt Ill ill iti (intlfh. Senator! HI Ml 171 .187 rtrry.

Ottntt IM M7 1M 117 .181 Xyler, Ouk IM 4M 11 1st 440 7 10 37 II 1 PO A 1 0 1 0 0 1 P1KS SHE MILT INDSETJPPSMCII New York, Sept. New York Giants' defense crumbled today as the Pittsburgh Pirates rallied In the ninth to score five runs to defeat the world champions to 7 for their seventh straight triumph. Tho defeat, the Giants' third successive setback, reduced the lead of the champions over the Cardinals to four games. The Giants were charged with six errors, throe of them In the ninth when the Pirates coupled timely hits with the mistakes to chalk up the victory. They drove Hal Schumacher, seeking his 22nd triumph, from the mound and continued their hitting off Carl Hubbell.

Schumacher was charged with the defeat, his seventh of tho season. Homers. Help Three home runs by Gtis Mancuso, Hughle Criti and Mel Ott helped to pile up a commanding lead for the Olsnts. but It was undermined by their ragged fielding, in which every member of the start- Ing lineup with the exception of Joe Moore, Manager Bill Terry and Ott had a part. Ott'a homer was his 33rd and gave him the National league lead.

The champions scored twice In the second when Mancuso hit his homer and three times In the third as Crltz and Ott parked the ball In the stands. Walte Hoyt was taken out for a pinch hitter In the fourth and the Giants picked up two more runs off Heinle Melne apd Burlelgh Grimes and seemed to have the game sewed up, until they blew sky high In the ninth. Bobblera Fatal Five of the New York errors figured In Pittsburgh's scoring. The Pirates scored twice in the fonrth without the aid of an error. They counted one run In the sixth and put over another In the seventh without a hit, Lloyd Waner racing home from first when Schumacher and Crltz let loose wild throws after Paul Waner had hit a roller down the first base line.

The ninth saw Grace, L. Waner and Vaughan hit singles, Paul Waner walk and Ver gez. MancuBo and Lelber contribute Trors. PnTBBrjROH-- AB PO A Waner. cf 4 1 1 3 0 0 I.lnd'lrom.

If 5 1 0 3 0 0 P. Wnner. rf 3 1 0 1 0 0 Vauirhan. as 8 1 1 1 4 Traynor. Sb 3 1 0 4 0 Buhr.

Ib 4 1 1 10 I 0 Thevenow. 3b 4 0 2 3 0 Padden. 4 1 0 1 Iloyt. 1 0 0 0 1 I 0 0 0 0 Melne. 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 Orlmes.

0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 Blrkofer, 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals for Holt In 4th. for Melno In 7th. for Grlmei In 9th. for Orace In Bth. NEW YORK-Moore.

If CHU. 2b Terry. Ib Ott. rf Jar.kson. SR Lqlber.

cf Manouso. Verjez. Sb Rehumncher. Hubbell. Totals .38 7 13 37 14 for Hubbell In Bth.

The score by Innlnis: Plttsburth XX "i New York 53 010 I0 7 Runs tatted In--Lelber. Mancuso. Crltz Oil 2. Pndrtrn 2. Terry J.

Waner. Llndslrom. Vauihan. Traynor. Two bast hlle-Ott.

Moore. Home nme-Mtncuso Orllr. Ott Btolen baaea--Moore. Bacrlflces-Jaekson, Lalber. Double Trarnor.

to Suhr: Suhr unttelated iefl on beae-Ne- Bases on betls-Off Schumacher 4, Melne 1 Blrkofer. Struck out-By Hoyt.4. Meto. 1 Bchummcher 3. Bite-Off Heyt In I.

MUM i TM. Oilmet 3 In I. Blrkoftr aeot In 1 Schumacher 9 In I 1-1, Hubbell Wild pilch--Schumacher, winnlnf Orlmee. Lo.lnt Urn- plrea-- Reardon. Slark and Bears.

Ttaet, CARDS CONQUER PHILS AND NARROW THE GAP Philadelphia. Sept. -The St. Louis Cardinals success continued their efforts to cntch up to the league-leading New York Giants, defeating the Phillies 4 to 1 today behind the five-hit pitching of Jerome "Dliiy" Dean. Tho older of the Teias brothers advanced his string of mound vie lories to 25 this season.

Ho fanned seven batters. Jack Rothrock, Cardinal outfield 1 cr, provided the batting punch with two singles and a double In four tlmos at bat. REDS HANG UP WIN AND THEN IT KAINS Brooklyn. Sept. JP)-- The Cincinnati Rods made another ef- ort to get out of the cellar In the National league today, defeating ho Brooklyn Dodgers 8 to 6 In a prolonged by a heavy shower.

mCINNATl-- AB It PO A Adams, 10 I 1 1 0 Bladt. 5 1 1 4 1 1 Koanlr, Ib 6 0 1 0 0 0 loltomler. Ib 0 1 0 0 Hefey. i a ool. If 4 1 1 1 0 ft Lombard), 4 1 1 6 0 0 Oomorosky, rf I 3 I 9 0 tout, i teltaa, 0 0 0 0 0 0 ohnaon.

1 1 1 0 Frej. 0 0 0 0 0 Totali S7 IBOOKLTK-- AB iorle. rf 'ray. 3 Koe-necke, cf 5 Ib 1 McCarthy, Ib 0 Taylor 1 ordan. 2b 3 ucclnello.

Jb-3b 1 0 Frederick. If 4 trlpp. 3b-lb 6 lerres. Munns. Clark, Tolale 8 I 97 17 3 for McCarthy In 8lh.

for Berrea In llh. for Munns In 8th. for Cucclnello In Bth. The eeore by Innlnte: Jlnclnnatl 040 300 Brooklyn ul 03 I01 Runs baited In- Comorosky, Btout, Adame. Koenlt.

Koenecke Taylor. Cucclnello. Frederick. Two hits--Pool, Comorosky. Stout.

Koenecke. Itolen baee--Koenecke. Sacrifice-- Btout. Double plai-Adam, to to Botlomley. Lefl on base--Cincinnati I.

Brooklyn II. Bases on balls-Off Bableh I. Stout 3. Fretas 9. Munns I.

Johnson 3. Struck out--By Bableh 1. Btout I. Munns 3. Johnson Clark 1.

Hlts-Off Bableh 8 In 3 1-3, Munns In 8 1-3, Clark 1 IB I. Stout In4 1-8. Freltaa none In 1-3. Johnson 4 In 4. B-Trw none In 1-1.

Hit by pitcher--By Btout (Fray). Wlnnlnt pitcher-- Stout, to' 1 Pitcher-- Bablel). Umpires--rflrmaa and Kltm. Time. AB PO A 5 2 3 3 0 1 3 4 3 3 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 i 1 1 0 4 0 0 0 0 a 8 Tolale 14 4 9 37 11 0 The acore by Innlnia: for Shea In for Klnry In aih.

Washllllton 010 OOJ SOO-- 7 100 MO 010-4 Runa bated In Slmmona 3. Bluest. Uhllr, 3, Bolton 4, Lyons. Two base lilts-- gewell. Klaerner.

mono, Meuldtn. Home runa-- Simmons, Bolton. Myer. Siilko. Double plays-- Bluett la Myer to Suiko; Mrer to Blueie to Suiko.

Left on biaes Ohicato Washington 13. Bane on balls --Off Klaerncr 7, Ruatell 4. Klniy 1. Struck out-- By Klaemer t. Tletle 1.

Hits-- Off Xleerner 9 In Klniy I In 1: Tlletle 0 In 1. Wlnnlnt pitcher-- nillMll. Ixislni pitcher-- KlaernBr. Umpires-- Dlneen and Kolla. Time: 1:91.

LOUIS-Merlin. Sb-lf Roihrock. rf Trlsrh. 3b Fullls. If Whltehead.

3b J. Collins. Ib DeLancty. Orsattl. of Durocher, as J.

Dean, MEBT Chlcnuo, Snpt. (AP)-- The cluli of Kcnnsha. with Bill Pncnlck pitching two-hit ball, the Crimson Coach Tobaccos of Toledo 2 to 0 today before 10,000 Hpeotaton to win the national noftball championship. The Hart of Chicago wen the women's title by 6 to 1 victory over Gem City of Dayton, Ohio. AB 4 4 1 0 4 4 4 It PO A Totals 4 for Fullll In Bth.

PHILADELPHIA-- AD navij. cf 4 Bartell. as I Ohiozra. 2b 4 Moore, rf 4 Allen. If I Camllll.

Ib 4 Walters. Sb 4 WUon. P. Collins, I HUh 1 IT PO a i 0 1 i i i C. Davis, 0 Totals II I JT It for P.

OWIIne In Ith. The score by innlntt: 81. Loula Phlledelnhla loft-Runa batted In--Martin. RaUirack, ford. J.

Deem. Wallers. tttt hlte-- Welters. O. Prleoh.

Bartell. Double to Ohloiia. Utt on beee--sit. Lmit rM1t delphl. Basea on balla-otf OrilUu Dean 1.

Struck tut--IT J. 1, Collins 1. Kite-Off P. OolllM In I. Dtvli none In 1.

Loalnt Oefllne. Umplreit--Btrr, MHtflurm OulfliT Time. 1:11. 11 JT PO Buchrr 1 1 9 4 1 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 3 2 0 0 6 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 TIM Home Teeterflay Tlnrs. 2.

Bolton, Benatori. Simmons. White) Sol. Ott. Olants.

Crltr. Me-ncueo. Olanti. The leaders Gehrtjr. Yankees, 46.

Foxx Athletics, 41. Ott. OlanU. It. Colllnii, Cardinals, 32.

Bersjer, Bravet, 82. Trotky. Indians. 32. League Totals American.

National. Total, 1,248. ASIKRICAN ASSOCIATION Milwaukee 14: St. Paul 2. Kansas City-Minneapolis post poned wet grounds.

Toledo Louisville 8. Columbus Indianapolis 8. (Tie--Called last of 9th, rain). MUST DIE FOR RAPE Tyler, Texas, Sept. B.

Willis, Loulainnn ex-convict, tonight was convicted of crim InnI asu.iiilt on Mrs. Maxwell Her ring, young bride and former Unl varsity of Texas student, and assessed tho death penalty by a that deliberated 45 minutes. Possibilities of a game here between East Heleua and the Colored Giants of Butte, seemed near reality yesterday when Manager Kes Klg- lor of East Helena, wrote to the Butte champions offering them a game here, probably Thursday. The Colored Giants are one of the most colorful (no teams ever assembled In this state. The fact Is that most of them hall from Ark- adelphla, Arkansas, and are anxious to get far and wide of Bntte where the thermometer is reputed to do things to black boys and toes.

So they want a game here to help pay their traveling expenses to the Arkansas hinterland. a However, the game has considerable possibilities of being what the fans are looking for. The Butte colored stars are champions of the Inter-city league, having deefated the Laurel Leafs of Anaconda, winner of one-half of the pennant. East Helena Is one of the finalists in the State leaguo championship series and a game between them would be Interesting. The benefit game Sunday produced considerable revenue as well as giving the fans here a gnat little exhibition that proved to be anybody's ball game right down to the final blow.

There was a fine crowd out for the contest and they apparently had plenty of fun. Now that the baseball seasoa Is Just about over, we will become a bit braver and attempt to do something In the way of picking an all- star aggregation. This Is a plenty risky business and calls for more courage than brains. It Is more or less just one fan's opinion against the mob but the selections are based on all-round performance and In many cases the selection can be justly challenged. But throwing the well-known caution to the winds, here goes for our opinion of just about the best ball team that could be put together out of league.

At first base we nominate "Mud dy" Hudoklln of East Helena. He It a better hitter than either Mitchell or Jack Brlscoe and fields well enough to offset their ability in that department. At second baae, Eddie Smith, hustling young East Helena Infleld- er who can also work very nicely at short, gets tho nod. Smith Is dangerous hitter ss well as a sensational fielder. Out at shortstop our selection SHIELDS HID! BHF1I NET STIR By EDWARD i.

Elb Forest Hills, N. Sept. blonde from darkest Africa, eft-handed Vernon O. Klrby, ruined what little decorum the rain has left the men's national singles tennis hamplonshlps today, by calmly opplng over America's top ranked tar, big Frank Shields In an otherwise uneventful quarter-final day. It was scarcely a contest as the (rlton, a recognized Internatlonal- st as a doubles player but still rnt- only number three even In Afrl- shuttled Fire Ball Frankle about he premises like a long legged animated checker and won with some- hlng to spare, 4-6, 6-4, 6-4, 8-3.

Fours That was excitement enough for he day although thunder showers lurst on the scene again and the rowd of 8.000 at the West Side lub, delaying things for an hour, mt rain has come to be an estab- Ished part of tournament routine. Rain has forced the tournament Into be second week when original ar- angements called for the finals ast Saturday. Klrby, whose chief excuse for being here Is that Fred Perry, the defending champion, likes him as a raveling companion, will see more ban enough of his friend tomorrow for they meet In the upper half of the bracket semi-final. Can You Beat Itt Perry Joined Klrby In the serai finals In fashion, tearing through Cliff Sutter, New Orlsans, nationally ranked number four, 6-3, 6-0, 6-2. after which he trotted off the courts and remarked as he passed through the press box: "I can't play better than that, can IT" ON THE WAY BACK SHORT SlfcP OF CARDS IN 1952, IS RXXJNO MEDtCOS WHO SAID HE NEVER M3AIN WOULD BAM.

AFffcR VttUS HE'S WORtONOOr W1H SffiMHRS AMP HOPES tb Ml IN ttARMfttt BOBCITS GO OUT FDD FIRST HLNKIKE Boieman, Sept. ew colorful uniform) and new uddle to add to the team's showmanship, Coach Dyche'i grid war- lors went through their first drills oday with a new spirit of optimism revalent In the camp. Dyche Is the new play-calling scheme retty well under cover. There were 23 men ready for the all campaign and It was evident ome ot the lettermen will have to Ight for their places. On his first Ineup Dyche called five veterans nd six sophomores.

ICE OIK IS TO DISK CROWN TOUT Pittsburgh. Sept. 10. (If) -Battle-scarred Vince Dundee, risks his middleweight crown tomorrow night against a rising, rugged young challenger, Teddy Yaroaz, pride of fie smoky little steel town ot Monaca. Pa.

The champion has been guaranteed S26.000, win, lose or draw and the challenger will get 15 per cent of the gate receipts. would be trie ene and only John Screnar of East Helena. This appears to be more or less of an East Helena Infield but you have to show us. Big John Is the lead Ing hitter and natural cleanup man well as having the fastest arm In the league. Little Skee Weesner tiaa shown the most Improvement of any of the Inflelders this season but Skee lei weak with the wood To compute the East Helena Infield, Turelch le about aa good a man for the hot corner aa we can nominate.

"Turk" can, and frequently does hit, to give him added preference for the) job. He has a real rival In young Johnny Gage of the Highlander Beers but tha youngster haa some years to go before being In the claas of a matured player. Rudlo of Hlgglna Cigars would be a logical left field selection. Th Rollicking One covers plenty around and has robbed the boye of some real hltt. Purceli of the Beers lej a great little gardener and perhaps a better ball-hawk but la one of the weakest hitters In the circuit.

Waddy Culver of the Cap ItsU Motors has played fine ball In the far garden. But Rudlo seems the logical choice. The center field position should ge to Joe Lansrenfus of East Hel ena who has hit more home runs and spoiled more for the oppoM tlen than any other man In tlie league. Langenfua 1ft fleet of foot a real ball-hawk and a real heav sticker. The right garden Is a spot to; controversy.

We believe Blng Mad den of the Highlander Beera Is the logical choice although Stone It his nearest and Rose hla deares rival. Madden has been the hitting power of the champions this sen son. He Is a better fielder than Stone while Rose hits pretty wel and fields the same. It's a hard choice, any way you look at It Albert "Obble" Berg Is our so lection for backstop. Berg Is a rea catcher and has Improved his work greatly this season.

lie la smart has a fairly good whip, uses good judgement on his batters and li himself one of the league's lead ing hitters. But when It comes to pitchers we believe that Bobby Kelley and Le "Dutch" Schneider have the call It has been their work for the most part that carried the High landsr Beermen through to a pen nant. They had little support ai a general rule from the batting dpeartment although the fielding often helped them over rough spot but mere often put them Into ho water. Both won a majority of tho games. a It wouldn't be fair not to men tlen Mack Culver and Snick Lock wood among the pitchers.

Both were great moundsmen with Cul ver being over-worked for the bes resaltt. ASSOCIATION Birmingham Atlanta Knoivllle 0. Memphis I. Chattanooga t. Little Rock I.

Jfew Orleans 1, Nashville 7. GOLF OPENING IN BROOKLINE Brookllne, Sept. --A new Bobby Jones flashed across the American amateur golf today 18-year-old Robert Carpenter Jones, Detroit-o whip the renowned Francis Ouimet at the veteran's own game and urnlsh the sensation ot the first round of the 38th national cham plonshlp. With Atlanta's Bobby Jones among an excited gallery of spectators, almost unnoticed in the rush to watch this brilliant young new comer to golfing fame, the Detroit boy withstood heavy pressure from start to finish and by virtue of his spectacular putting eliminated Out- met by the slender margin of one up In 18 holes. Toung Jones not only failed to crack at any stage of their thrilling close match but outplayed Oulmet with one of the day's finest performances, a 72 for Brookllne's classic course that was only one over par and two shots better than the veteran's medal score.

First for Him It was the Detroit star's first national championship, his first bid for recognition outside the junloi ranks, whereas Oulmet has missed few big: tournaments In more than 20 years and possessed the additional advantage of playing over the course where he made golf history in 1913 by beating Ted Ray and Harry Vardon for the American open crown. Against a veteran famous for his putting exploits, the Detroit bo; displayed something akin to an In spired touch on the greens. After losing the first, but winning the third to square the match, where Oulmet was in trouble all the way Jones halved nine consecutive holes with the aid of his brilliant putting On two occasions, with a sldebll 12-foot putt on the short seventh and a 26-footer on the 10th, Bobby saved holes that Oulmet seemed to have clinched. Having thus stood off Oulmefs gallant attempts to regain the lead Jones capitalized hla opportunity to win the 405-yard 13th and thereby gain what proved the decisive mar' gin. Hero Oulmet was bunkered and unable to recover as Jones chipped within five feet of the cup and sank his putt for a winning par four.

Old Guard On Job Despite Oulmefs downfall and the upset of Max Marston, Phlla delphla, a former champion and 1983 runner-up to George T. Dun lap, the old guard of American golf emerged from the opening sklr mlsh with flying colors. Marston, playing raggedly after gaining a two-hole lead, lost to Knox Young. Pittsburgh, one up. Chick Evans, Chicago.

Chandler Egan of California, Jess Oullford Boston, and Davldsop Herron. Pitts burgh, all former holders of the crown, were triumphant. Evans, with flashes of his old skill, defeated Crawford Rainwater Atlanta, 3 and 2, with only one the 16 holes halved. Egan disposed of Wolcott Brown, former New Jer sey state champion, 3 and 1. Gull ford battered down Gordon Taylor Montreal, 5 and 4, and Horron ellm inated Hal Chase, Des Moines, and 1.

All told, seven ex-champions re malnod In the title, hunt In the firs all-match play tournament conduct ed In SI years. Ross (Sandy) Bom ervllle, the Canadian who won the In 1932, came through against Ed Klrouae, former Massa cbusetts state champion, winning by 2 and 1, after he sank a crltlca 18-foot putt for a birdie on the 16th. Today Dnnlap. the defending king, and Jess Sweetssr, New York, anothe ex-tltlo holder, swing Into action tomorrow. Bob Gardner.

Chicago who won the tournament twice, wai forced to default at tha last mlnuti and leave for home because ot the Illness of his mother. Completed In a heavy thunder storm this afternoon, 66 matche paved the way for the second round also at 18 holds, tomorrow with tlv field reduced to 128 players. Besides Dunlap, such other favor lies as William Lawson Little. Jr San Francisco, the holder ot th British amateur title, and Johnn Goodman, Omaha, start their cam palgns in the second round, havln benefited from first round "byes. Approximately one-fourth of man's life If spent developing in tranllng alt mind.

mi CHID TEAM TO BE LOT MID FIST By MVNRO KEZER Lincoln, Sept. mlnui experience plus spirit quals the 1934 University of Ne- raska foothill team. At that's the way Coach D. Bible sizes up the Cornhusker leven as be faces a nine-game chedule and a quest for a fourth onsecutlve Big Six conference hamplonshlp with perhaps the reatest team In Nebraska gridiron Franklin Meier, all-Big Six center act year, IB the only regular of the 933 team back. There are only Ix other major lettermen on the quad.

They Include Henry "Chief" Saner, 160-pound quarterback and passer. He teamed through high, chool and two years at Nebraska with George Sauer, Nebraska's all- Amerlcan fullback last year. Bauer lias not been on the squad the lut wo seasons. From four minor lettermen, 10 andldatos from laet year's team, nd one of the flashiest sophomore rops In years will come other ma- erial for the team. and Fast Like the 1933 champs, the Corn- buskers will be light and fast.

Bible thinks they'll outspeed tho reterans of last year and plenty of open work Is In store for Corn- lusker opponents. This Is assured by the speed of Jerry LaNoue, a midget back who skirted end for a touchdown the first time he carried the ball In a varsity game, the deadly passing ot Bauer and the pass-snatching ability of a pair of iophomores, Lester McDonald and Joyd Cardwell. Defensively, the 1934 Nebraskans cannot hope to be as strong as last year's Comhuiken whose goal line was crossed only three times, but spirited battle for places on the llrst team li forecast between last year's reset-res and the crop of new men. DowlinX GAMES TONIGHT Independent League 1 f. M.

Anderson Clothing vs. Taylor Taxi; Rlalto Commokers vs. Globe Clothing: Swift Co. vs. 9 P.

M. Langan-Davia vs. Pay 'n Taklt; Kesslers vs. Broadwater; Sheehans vs. First National Bank.

GAMES NIGHT Commercial Leagne High team--Allen Electric. 2.488. High series--MorfltMHotbrau), 687. High singles Gummow (Fed. 232.

The scores: AMERICAN SHOE-Bauman H. Juhl D. Juhl Jack Jralney 1 153 158 EOS 150 188-- 47S 188 111 ITT-- 318 197 144 110-- 421 M. Juhl 148 187-Totals 749 783 877--1411 ANDERSON MOTORS-- 1 1 3 E. Fritz 177 190 114--831' Morris 107 111 148--379 Jake Fritz Ill 149 147--427 H.

Ettlnter 181 114 111--488 A. Simon 113 114 141--407 "TSO "739--3119 LIONS OLT7B-- Berans A. Anderson Ztny Iry Wilson Totals HOFBRAU-- Johntta Bryan Morfltt C.Johnson 1 I 118 141 14t-- 431 181 134 118--433 71 tO 1IT-- 378 18S 171 810 17 1M rn in sot- a 111 141-- Stt ISO 140 177--477 131 127--427 1M 111-- 5BT 170 Totmlj 7ST 77S SM-- ALLEN ELECTRIC-R. Allen D. Allen R.

Allen, Jr Hor J. Doerr Totals ARTS DELTVTRY-- Lenhart Reward Uenenthaler BradTUs Kockler Tottlt CKEQUAinOOH-- Rlnevark Ohrlstlnton Williams R. R. Johnioa Bensren Totals FEDERAL RESERVE-- Bamaon Raymond Heath Oulbertaoa Oumraow Totals SUPPLY- Farry Dicker Coutu Ffelffer J. Inyotr ToUli DAOLEO-- schrader Mltchke Dummy Totala TEXACO FIRE OH Nlklas Pweell RoKrls a 141-- 19S-- 413 110--410 111-- 831 i 151-- 411 194-- 480 140-- 430 9 133 1S3 184 193 in in 111 Ml 1 3 141 113 114 147 I4S 140 140 193 193 "l79 740 1 Ill IM-- 4TS Ill 141-- 110 140 140 140-- 420 184-- 48S 140 140 140-- 410 1 1 I 140 140 140-- 410 II 111 100-- 430 131 131 410 183 188 188-- 471 141 232 171-- MT 1 I I 187 133 144-- 44.1 111 113-- 411 114 II 101-- 311 181 117 IN-- 489 3ii in sen "TIT--M73 1 1 3 Ill 137 II 114-- Its 148 180--411 1M IIS 191--413 140 IW tlft-441 140 140 140-410 "llo H- I 141 IN lit-- 484 14 131 177-410 117 HI ITS- 110 IH-M7 Tttal.

"I If MS-MTU iii Sta TUsls.

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