Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 1, 1952 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 1, 1952
Page 3
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RtdStnt to PrlvoU Clinic f»AW« <0P» — Allfntf DuiJIoi, No, ) French W«HI hl/i fight Mdiiy njfsln*! Iron* rer m>m (i prison <Tll l*> « prl» 1'tW ('linle for treatment, move f>udo» t>y foir*, Tfcr-y »nk! )ind dpfirkiii to "reii|w<ii th<» of lh> lirlnoncr -* tj»mpor»r« Till? Red lfmli>r jfflfd he wn* I of what might H«pp«» to Wrh ff h« ww token from the prf- ir»n, The flrfiV for Diiclo»' transfer wn* iMiwi' ln*l ni«ht o»»r three 1 f * r J t.AI, H0rt, ARKANSAS East Germany Phoittom Army to Perform By VltMA SCHUPPA a i» p o I n ( « d olicckml hl» Mhy»lcl«n'* report, The wn» «urfarfni( from Irmiblff. „„.„.. JlMrtl«y »f Knttitn* City U'-vlftliftif hi» mother, Mi% """>, and oihor rotativcn, tffM > rcl- toiftnroit, Mich, Mi 1 *, tatrttlHh Wntktrm, Mfl, Loo M0»«, Mi. flod rd, Mp - flru! M ' - »family nil of M« Reds Continue Accusations in Truce Meet By SAM ftUMMRRLIN MUWtAN. Korea UR — The Com- rnunliin today Armed the U, N. Command of "noeklns pretext* for creollnft new InoWonU" »« truce ncifoUntorK rolurnod to PonniurH JW> following a thrno-rTay Allied- *v^TT^^ i?ij f rf«ttd*ftiendii. Wr*Hfrl», Oalvin irefeT, «lven Mr*, Frank . nnyr June 88, Tbw Inoludad; Mm. DavJcl f' « nd Mrs, J«> Willie M H.-H. „„ , , t, 9 Itittlrtir WrT, ' Altoortn .Q fl . r,' nml qMwfrflRi,. inv- » . North Korean (ten. Nnm II lorn- xtftij (he U, N .for lnil«lin« thril (lie fiodn pinpoint the location nt tout prliion c«mp» In N.irth Koroa. JH» oharKo wn* Included In R Jottoi handotl to Alllod 1 in loon offlcorx a few mlnule* before noiiotlfltom l«v B»n miollicr fuillu nllempt in break t)i(i |on« nrml«tlc9 dnndlock, MnJ, Gen. William K, Harrison Jr, (old Iho HcfU "If DIB prlnoner Of wfii- l»gtie J» willed, «n nrml- Klleo will »?«Kult without delay." Jl«< nnlnfftd out lhnt the Allied I draft on rtrlnonor o'xehnnitv. road« tlidl "(ill prlnonpr* of war held In tha ciwlody of onch ultlo" \*ill be and an exchanRe ntndo to "II»U which hnvo b«cn by eiich nldo. cnplurcd Ked« who to «o home would not bo Included on the list lurnrnl ovwr to C'otfiniiinlalK for chocking. , (INS) ~A blKhty In- fnrmm iourci» *old tn«fny th/n K»»t CJommny* "phflntom iiinty" will ««o«f!.»lop into ronlliy oflur lh« CammcoUt f«irly cnntar- In Bfrlln July 12 lo 1(5. The rtoliiburo, In (urn, will pull altina* to trorixforrn the pro*. tin! :i7l,000.mim "iwoplM police ' Into »n Kn»l Clcrnian nrmy con- *l*ll»K of Uio present ptil|rr> fotce* find "Vfilunlcerm." i R«*««rvr)lr for (his army, nrcorrt- Inu t'i Ihi- InfoifrKiIlon hiirnnii, will lit; (he n,.10fl,000.(THsrtilipr F'DJ Com- youih movement, Of these 8,.VW.(iOO Hie front I/I to 25 olr!...(he ripe riije for mill. tfiry ttervlcf. Jndli;nilcm» ar« that at Icnot .100.. W(0 of these youth* lire fanatical Communist*, thorouKhly indoclrl- nnled with Mnrxlmn rind Slulirildrn, The "buri-nu" unnerlx that they their Wiitt Oermon fellow country- would not hcdlliitf! to shoot down men (f ordered to do *o by thei E«»l ( The ih« Dollco for CM. The Communfxt* ntretdy have bejfun a prc-mllHnry training pro- flrurn unpnrnllclwl evtn by the Nnxfu. Aftc-r workln« hour*, E««t Oer»n»n youths ix,y» and girl*, alike - learn arnnll • callbor »hfK>tln«. ar.tl - tnrtk combat, field-pack mur'-hfnK, trench Hln«, n,ap reading and Boy« and xlrlo marching with a rifle xliiiiK ovi-r th(»ir nhoulder* are! « common »l«hl In En.nt Ocrmsny! t<Klny, The tirrien of "peace rnl-' lie«" and "youth festival*" aref over, "Naked Pacifism" IK now a' Nothing New inNation's Steel Crisis pJTTsnurtf;n if. The cm uni-l lod Rteelworkr-rx phu^r-d ;,:vny to-i day at tho st'-cl iritluxiiy's srnftll- cimifmnicg white !(H> urixliicfrs <-<:n- tiiiiifd to Ignore thr> union'.? dp-! Eorly Action on Milk Marketing . Oeruuui army v/il! not I tdlti; more than ten month* to be! completed, the Informntion bureau «rtld. ll will IK- opi-n to forrner Nii/l H nd ex-VVelirmneht nujinber/i alike. pointed out (hut the for thl« nrmy have \,,-«i\ built up for (he lust four yon™. Al the beginnlfiu of this yftnr, the iiti-f allrd p»op|en police unltK hud n tijrt'nitth of 00,000 men. Slncti Inst Mny, when Knsl Oer- innn Pruoldent Wflhelm Picck an- noMttcod thoro would bn "national forctis," the "Ticoptes pollci;" huve been lncrt»iiji(<d by at least 00,000 of thn Communlot youth. inunlHlH IHIIOHH the FDJ youth inovuimmt will be 'forced to "volunteer" for the- now nrmy, Soviet xone fm.-torl(;a already biive (UsiniHded younjj workers between ID nnd 23 yeiirM of' UKO, telllnji them the fatherland now.!* them In The .Soviets have made advance*' to formr-t top member* of thei V/ehniKii'ht — Germany's World' | War II fi«l)iln« machine— exploit- j IDK the luidltlonol vlnwi of Cler-l ir.nn mfllinrlMii whu favored aj Oerwiin- HujiHliin alliance. Many comment on thin Iro.tlcnlly an thei "modernl/ed Stalin-Hitler pact," j The Cornrmmlut conference at Rerlin In noteworthy In that it may, make "Important decisions" on! 'pre«Hln« political <|iierilionfi." The Information biirenu mild the of a national army f.t Inj In ihi^ category. j party, hence, will recom- cn.'iitlon of a "peoples! to the politburo and this; topmost orttan will ur«e the So-! vlel /.one parliament to enact ai law for iho army's edtabllnhment. ! It is a foregone conclusion that! the parliament will approve mich n rt-coiriminidatlon if placed before II. WASfflNCTON t* - The applies- ti-m of Ft. Smith milk producers to fstat-llsh a roilk marketlnK area has been slated for early action l.y thf Agriculture Oppatment. The n.aikclins agreement branch. of the Agriculture Department's i Dairy Division already has rccom-' mended that a referendum be pro, -.., - vidi'd for the establlshmpnt of tho for M-ttlemt-nt of tho 30-dayi an-n. but th<.- Fayetteviile area was ...... Klrlke, I M)( j,,(..|,| Ut . r | So .far thr- union hns comr toi Kay<.-licvllle milk producers have torrrifi with :!l dtccl-prixiur-in;! firms I i'*ked to be included in the pro- allowing more than .lO.fiOO to r<?-|J (cl - Ths final decision rests with siinift wrrk. The bulk of thf union I Secretary of Agriculture Brannan meiTiberahln-aboiit UOO.dOO is .still 1 However. Brannan. in a secret wnltiiiK for a ri«.-w contract. confer«-nco with Arkansas Sena torn' iJi.d Hip. Trimble, said Faycttevillo j could f-siabllsh Its own marketing! jpica. and then it later could be i combinod administratively with Ft I Smith. j The c-ffect of a marketing area! M to establish n minimum price! which milk producers would re-' CL'ive from /iiilk handlers. cludi'd The mend army Delegate Late in Visit With Kerr Lirn.K nocK i/n - Dr. r,. it. McOunft'l of Tyron7.il, an oltvrnnto dclfiialf to the Democratic nulion.-il convention, wit* lute last nljjhl for a (llniKT for Son. Hubert 8. Kerr — | lull ho hud ii ijootl excuse. | Dr. Mi-Daniel flfllvort-d 2 babies' yesterday nfti-rnoon — iincl us a! ictiiilt had to delay his sturt to Little Hock Hcvunil hours. Budget Deficit Not as Great as Expecte d By CHARLES MOLONY WASHINGTON Ml - The bucket, deficit for fiscal i!)fi2 appears to! bi- Hhoul three billion dollars—or '•K per cent lesii thnn President Tinman predicted. Tills WHS indicated as Treasury bookkeepers worked to «ct lofjelhe'r today the final fiKiirfs for the period, which ended yesterday. The remnlnlng stnndln« tjov- c-rrinn;rit nrconnts to be tallied, prospects woi'o fur an outcome Clouds Likely to Cast Cool Shadows By The Aitoeiated Press Clouds were expected to cast their cool shadows on many overheated sections of the nation to- ciay with the heat wave of the past few days appearing on the wane. The U. S. Weather Bureau reported that the first day of July would be quite warm in the Kentucky-Tennessee areas, which have had little relief during j But fair and pleatAftt with the sJtiea parity tl ths forecast for section t.« Oreai Lakes, in the Mldwt regions west of the Hocfcli.. along the Gulf Coast. " »' H Sunny but pleasant wcattri expected for the Northeast,'<*K wss fanned through the night cool air from Canada, and for Pacific and Northwest area's. , As the heat wave persisted yt\ terdayi It brought these lOMegre plus temperatures: Maiden, M<1 107: Padticah, Ky., lOfl; HlBI Ctt; Kan.. J01; Akron Colo. 102. Some fossil forms of elephant) were only 3 feet tall. •, Revenue Agent Dies in Wreck l.fl — An HOLLY GROVE, Ark. Ark;insas revenue agent, Raymond Cwin of Loxa. Ark., was killed "" hcr ° y " ld: 'y in " truck-cur wa y 17 - Gwln was about like this, in round figures- spending, 67 billion dollars- income 02 billion; resulting deficit five billion, DR. WALTER L. SIMS, M. D. Announces the association of DR. NEIL E. CROW, M. D. in the practice of medicine and surgery 205 South Elm Street Hope, Arkansas r"', k'^ fi' A -picnic To Cook j* w r ST ° n ">y TO HELP YOU LIVE BETTER FOR LESS DURING THE LONG HOLIDAY WEEKEND AHEAD! «"••««* l 1949, Ihe Kiogm Co. :k" rij / ^4 >> A B*^*' }| sx i ( TK. T P ? S wb^ •",*• "'VX-'M *!*£••« M ~3 & V^ A GAS RANGE! /.. wu ft i V. t ^ ^ %ii i •* b v j */-/)-* v^v—*^^rr^-T'.' m : IV v !&-»• P* Vi* § ' •^"ifcv, x ^ ppmpiJ 1 ^, W*r*' ; ]i tlpeciaf/y in tfi« jummer^ li'» a pknlc lo cook on my Aulomolle Gai Rang.. U sooki to quickly il actually Uept my kltclitn cool I Aiw», of courtt, whin w«'r» In *^'"''«. * \ lll§ m **' 1 (W ° botk * yord l» Unit ' "'» »« ««» ^ P'»|»ort our fovoiit* dlilm automatically In my doubl* ovtni, Al) our family ogrutt thai our ntw Automalic Got Rang* ^'* ' 4 '* J » ™» w«»«mot|trn convtnlin«« In our horn*. *•* j •t^/ W * Of * ** M * booiltn when It comtr ~^^^ If COoHnfl with Nalurol'001. x \ ;; BEANS PORK Big tender beans vory pieces of porK >n taaiyricn tomato sauce. Buy several big cans and bake a spicy casserole for your holiday picnic. A marvelous value »t a thrifty price 1 - f?<«K* t' *4u^«.fcfc'' ** SWIFT'S Creamy-rich ice cream is available in many assorted flavors. ^ > ICE (REAM Makes delicious sundaes, shakes, and sodas. 1 Gal. Pkg. DRESSING Embassy Brand, smooth, rich salad dressing. kl«*S- K x •v ft i ARMOUR TRfETu A delicious economical pantfy shelf meal. *; ^1^,1 i>.P*^ |H r^ QUICK fw t Horn Plo.lol ' - \ MIRACLE WHIP The salad dressing millions prefer PEANUT BUTTER Kroger Brand, smooth, rich. 4£, 21 $1 HOT DOG BUNS Fresh baked by Kroger. 49c FRENCH'S MUSTARD For hot dogs or Hamburgers. . Quo»69c PARTY CAKE Kroger Baked Layer Rwl-ripe, guaranteed. FRCf IALLOON WITH EACH MELON EACH WATERMELONS FRYING CHICKEN HAMS Kr«f«r'i flit up tray iliii«lf.niW ; >uf> T, T452 H6M STAR, HOM, AH fe <" Is SOCIETY Prten. 74431 8ttw«en I A. M. antf 4 P. M, FCC Studi.s TV Applications DOROTHY DIX Calendar SWIFT PREMIUM Cwtei 1ft *A *A ik WH1MW Tuesday, July t " Circle Nt> 3 of the WSCS of the JFfrSt Baptist Church will meet Tuesday, July 1, at 4 p.m. at th» lodge of Mrs. Earl O'Neal at Omsy Lake with Mrs. John P as leader of the program Tuesday, July 1 ;The VFW Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night. July 1, at 7:30. Hostesses Will be Mrs. Fred Cook and Mrs. John Keck. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Broach and Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Bryant will be hosts and hostesses to "Game Night" at the Hope Country Club Tuesday night, July 1, at 8 o'clock. Wednesday, July 2 1 Circle No. 3 of the Christian Women's Fellowship of the First WASHINGTON i*t — Tho Fwter «1 Communications Commission I iFCCi todny began sorting out 311 applications for now television out-1 lets, with prospects sonic may receive grants before the end of the iron in. This was the first step toward a resumption of grants which FCC Aftermath of D/vor ce Dear Miss Dis: My parents were' ever realise that It Is actually an f <\ Coming and Going . * .JUT A XT t» t i" ••>••-••-• •>•!'»>«» *.•* f-,1 i> i i *o •• >• 1^11 a 1.-U t j-(-| | ( ill III IH V II lir 111VI CUI|J}>1»1 l\"\« n«" > i «iv u I Mil ,» 1'vt II » Mr. and Mrs. AN. Senlc an-l son suspended in October, 1948. in or- j Shu hn s always hated mv father, your own life!" Raymond, of Piainville. Kansas. | d er to create 70 new channels and ' divorced years ago while I was a small child. There was no question of infidelity involved; they simply couldn't make a «o of the marriage. There were five of us children, and my mother supported us impossibility Or nearly so! In order to live hoyond human interforonee. the realm of one must lu» to a desert island and live forever more in strict seclusion. That's a.« near as you'll ever get to "living are visiting their son and brother. Billy Ray Stale, and family. deal with interference problems Undi i the procedure announced wl.en the commission ended the and has taught us to do likewise. Wo huve seen him several times over the years, but he has never supported us. Mrs. H. M. Daniels of Chicago, i ;ii ,-yi-ar-..Id freeze in April, first; ' .„„ ,„' _,.„,.,„_. n ,,,-ln« tho linols. arrived in Trxarknna vin ,.,,;,;.i,i in i !.,„„ .1,.,..,, I Now for my pioblcm. Dm Imj tnd consideration will be given those aicas which have never had any Illinois, arrived in Texarkana via plane and will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hobbs and Mr. and; TV service and to those comimmf- Mrs. H. L. Hanetjan while in Hope. | ties which will pioneer the vise of ultra high frequency (UHK> chan- Mrs. H. R. Copeland left Monday morning for Arkadelphia for a visit with her son, James Thomas Copeland und family. A-lc Berlin Fuller of Sheppard Air Base, Wichita Falls, Texas, is visiting his mother, Mrs. B. E. Fuller. : nets. 1 The staff sorting job consists of j siftini, out those applicants without | competition for a given channel | and the grouping f>f others contest- i ing for the same facilities in a i single community. I Admittedly, the "no-contest" cases will get the first grants. Master William Robert Atkins of Texarkana is the guest this week Christian Church will meet at 7:30j of his_aunt and uncle, Mr. and •Wednesday night at Mrs. A, L. Park. the homo of Thursday, July 3 Hope Chapter No. 328 Order of the Easterns Star will meet Thursday night. July 3, at 8 o'clock for their regular meeting. All men!- .bers are urged lo be present. I""—Members of the 1951 graduating class of Hope High School are invited to attend a class reunion picnic at Fair Park Thursday night, 3, tit 6:30. Those planning to please notify either Wilma -Gorteman, Bobby Phippin, or Jim Edwards. Friday, July 4 There will be a potluck supper iftt'Country Club Friday, July 4, at 7 ojclock. Fireworks wil-1 be displayed after supper. Hosts and hos tosses will be Mr. and Mrs. E. P. O'Neal,'Mr. .and Mrs. H. O. Kyler Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Stoncquist. Mrs. K. V. Atkins. Births Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Copeland of' Arkadelphia announce the arrival of a son on June 30, 1952. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Copeland of this city are the paternal grandparents and Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. File of Arkadulphia are the maternal grandparents. Mrs. George Murphy Hostess to Circle 5 of WSCS Monday Circle 5 of the WSCS of the First Methodist Church met Monday Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1953 By King Features Syndicate. Any Negroes who have been fooled by the pretense which has been an important part of Eleanor Roosevelt's political front since 1933 will do themselves a service by reading her published thoughts on segregation in employment last year, I have been seeing a lot of my father. He hns been coming to our home and my husband und children and 1 have gone to visit him and his wife. They have been very good to us and. naturally we appveicate their kind ness. 1 can never love him as n daughter should, since I never received a father's care from him, but 1 do like him very much. My mother Is definitely against this friendship. She rarely come' to see me now and, while I love ! her and hate to hurt her, I do i feel I have the right to live my j own life. MRS. H. R. T. Answer: Hero we HO with that hackneyed phrase, "live my own life!" Don't-the people who use It as a justification for every form of selfishness, or self-indulgence, Kerr Believes Truman Will Take a Hand night, June 30, at the home of Mrs! which are contained in the first of Til- Monday, July 7 Circlo No. 1 of the WSCS of the Firsf Methodist Church will meet i William Butler. MduUay, July 7, at the home of .George Murphy wilh Mrs. Linaker as co-hostess. The president, Mrs. Claude lory, conducted the business sion. Mrs. James McLarty, Jr. led*the 3rd discussion in the sludy of Ihe Book of Acls. The hostesses served refreshments to twenty-three members and three guests, Mrs. Henry Murphy, Mrs. Paul Nolle, and Mrs. Bobby 1 ' her massive incoherencies, the "This is My Story". This work was published in the first Roosevelt ad- Mrs.? B.. J. W. Strickland with Mrs. Edwards as co-hostess. 1 1 STARTS TODAY • • ' JM^ 'i-a- •• - .;* ~<: AIR-CONDITIONED -I For Men'Against a ..,'. nation . . . the tough*' est gang in history! i Alan Curtis Lon Chaney Kent Taylor Noah Beery, Jr. Martha O'Driscoll in "The Daltons Ride Again" Comedy • Sports STARTS WEDNESDAY SAMlltl GOinWN I Wcmt YOU m Dana ANDREWS Duiothy MLGUIRE Farley GRANGER • Peggy DOW ^ LATE NIWS Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Wm J. Schooley Rt. 3, rtopo, Roy Coolcy, Ht. 1, Hope, Cheslcr Stevens, Blevins. Discharged: Mrs. Karl Weeks and son, Dean Day, Emmet, Mrs. Johnnie Elliott, Hope. Josephine Admitted: ell, Hope. Branch Admitted: Miss Vinie Mae Pow Mr. Sleyc Snell, of ministration and was the first major exploitation for personal profit of the tragic mistake of the American people in electing the head of Ihis aggregation of graceless profiteers in human misery and confusion and national calamity. As we all know now, La Boca grande has gone in for ostentatious association with Negroes, usually persons with notorious records in the official files of the committee oil un-American activities. Some of our Negro fellow citizens, bul by no means all, have been naive enough to accept this studied by play as proof thai she abhors racial discrimination. An avowed enemy is preferable to a false friend and I earnestly insist that a colored man or woman of character and dignity should have more respect lor Jimmy Byrnes, the gov Emmet, Discharged: Mr. L. F. Rogers, Rt. 4, Hope, Mrs. Bunard Tallant, and baby girl, Hope. Births LITTLE ROCK. Ark. l/tt — Sen. Robert S. Kerr ruled out the possibility of a "draft" ;\t the Democratic national convention later tl.is month. Said Kerr: "The Democrats aren't going to draft anybody. Whoever the- nominee is, it'll be someone who's after the job." The Oklahoma senator, himself a candidate for the nomination, said he is convinced President Truman would attempt to make his influence telt in the selection of the nominee. "1 think he should," Kerr said, "and 1 would be surprised if he didn't." Asked' if he thought the president would plunk his political hat for him, Kerr quipped: "Well, I'm willing. I may encourage him along that line. I may even go so far as to suggest it to him." But lie added quickly his remarks were not a prediction, "just an expression of hope." Kerr was at LHUe Rock to sook the support of the Arkansas delegation to the convention. He said You're Hurting Others The meaning of the phrase When actxuilly carried oxit, Is n complete disregard for other people'* foel- ings; in that respect you are doing j a most complete job of living as' you please. In order to curry favor with n father who Ignored you for years. never muck- an attempt lo support you, was so irresponsible that h» could let your mother carry thn entire burden of fivo children until they were grown, you would hurt tlu- feelings of the woman who sacrificed for you over Ihose years. While your father is undoubtedly a most pleasant und kind person, and it Is no mor» Hum natural for you to want lo see him, don't carry this belated devotion to the extent of shutting your mother from your Hfo and home. The causes of the separation are of no concern in this particular situation. The resultant facts lire simple, Your mother worked to .support you and care for you; your father willingly relegated his parental obligations to her. He has no right to claim them at this late date. A few gifts lo you and your chll dren cannot compare 'with the struggles your mother had to ral- so you. She is entitled to first place in your heart, your life, your home. Don't cheat her! If neci'iisary, see .your father at his homo, but leave yours opun to your mother. Complications such as this are difficult for young people lo cope with, but they are a natural after math of divorce and must be handled with as much grace us possible. Just be sure that first things come first — tho first thin is in this case being devotion and gratitude to mom. Has The Values hi Fine Foods Picnickers Wl WILL II CLOSED ALL DAY JULY 4th FRESH OKRA ib 35c CANTALOUPES Lb. m KENTUCKY WONDER GREEN BEANS 2u, s 25c FRESH' • CARROTS Bunch lOc GOLDEN BANTAM CORN Ears :i FRESH PLUMS Lb'. •* THOMPSON tSEELDESS GRAPES Lb 39c FRESH ^ APRICOTS crnor of South Carolina, who frank- he hoped the delegation would sup- ly holds with segregation and gives; port him if and when the nroup The following births were recor ded in Hempstt-ad County for the past month ending June 20: White Ernest and Daisy Cox, Patmos, girl, Nell Marie. Harold and Patricia Stephens, Blevins, boy, Howard Mark. Barney and Juanita Starkey, of AND CUMfuRUBLi RIALTQ • Last Day • Yvonne De Carlo Rod Cameron 'Frontier Gal j • STARTS WEDNESDAY • "7o**i ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN L»'M HUNTJBI his reasons, however flimsy they may seem, to a faker who whoops up FEPC with the criminal proviso, but lakes a personal excep- lion for herself. Mr. Byrnes is not an enemy of Negroes but he is a forthi ight opponent on this issue. In chapter 17, headed "Readjustment", the Empress is telling about her return from abroad just after World War I, to discov er thai the servants in their Wash- inglon household had bec-n at daggers drawn in their absence. Franklin, the slacker, all six-feet- Iwo of him, had ridden out the war as assistant secretary of the Navy and you gather that mama's boy, who was married and a father before it occurred to him lo Iry work, was living high on income from his mama. Mama gol il from Ihe estate left by her father, Ihe old opium smuggler of the China trade; from non-union coal mine's in Pennsylvania where the family maintained gunmen to keep union organizers out and company stores to prey upon the minors; and from miscellaneous sources, probably no less nefarious. Al any rate, mama's boy and his wife and those sterling characters, Jimmy, Elliott and Franklin, lived the lux abandons its favorite son backing of Sen.. J. William. Arkansas, to whom arc now pledged'. Fulbrlghl o/ its 22 votes Hawaii's Governor to Visit State ROGERS, Ark. (ffl — Gov. 0. K. Long is attending the Nalional his sister, Mrs. Will Culiey, who lives on a farm near Avoca, Ark., norlh of here, late t'.is week. Long is attending the ationa Governors Conference in Houston, Tex. that white and Negro employees .sometimes magnify Inlo serious is sues dilficullires which would be trivial without the racial faclor. A big corporalion, buying humai services for a given,pTice, does no cure whether Ihe work is done bj a while man w a Negro. The ob jections come from Ihe worker who, ironically, nevertheless, havi been voting time and again sine 1932 for politicians who would harness thejn together and mak them stay hitched, though many would let blood in rebellion unti urious life in a rented house with tj lty got used to it as they havi at least four and probably one or! .DIP YOU KNOW THAT: In this season when millions of youngsters take to the streets and highways on bicycles, safety experts of a large Life Insurance Company suggests these rules of the road for young syclists: '.: S 1. Don't weave in and out of traffic in competition with motor vehicles. You and your bike are almost sure to come off second best in a collision. 2. Be particularly careful ot intersections. 3. Never -— oh, never — hitch onto trucks or • aytomobiles! 4. Observe all traffic rules and signs. They apply to you ju$t as much as to the biggest crosscountry transport trucks. ARE YOU PROTECTED? SEE ROY ANDERSON & CO, INSURANCE two more Negroes to cook and do around for them. They had been so long away in Europe, at government expense, you may be sure, thai "drastic steps had to be taken." Two servants quit and returned to New in baseball. But Ihe Kreat and gracious dou ble-oualer, who runs wilh Mary McLeod Belhune, Charming Tobias and other colored habitual denizens ot index IX of the House committee report, could not take the Ironto endure the problems of ra- Dear Miss Oix: After a yonr ot happy marrk-d life. I have found a flaw in my husband. Tho other day 1 didn't loci well, und told ilm su. The t'ollowinu clay I had sore throat, and u temperature ot 102. This was my. first illness iinco we were miirrlud. 1 calU'd :ny< r )uisb(tnd at noon and oxpectee him' to conic ri«hl home, bul .hi lottl trie lo rest and ht-'cl be home at his regular time In the evening When lie did -come home, I U ll him how selfish 1 thought he was, to-:; leave me alone all day',: bu he said ho couldn't leave the bus iness. '•'•.• ' • K. S Answer: While il would' hav been real nice of your hu'sbaii' to (lash home and apply cold con: presses lo your head, a sore Ihroa and temperature really do no warrant a man rushing home 1'ron work. If il did, offices and, factoi ies would soon be depleled. Sure! a neighbor or rt-lalive could corn in lo jjive you iwhat ussistanc was needed. Man is Ihe bread winner of the family, and his jo can't be interrupted by every illness, fancied or real, thai the little woman develops. You have apparently been accustomed to considerable attention, but you're grown up now, and must learn to rely more on your own capabiltles. Dear Miss Dix: Three weeks a«o I broke off with a boy I had gone with for four months. He had begun to be very Inattentive and, when 1 suggested breaking off, he seemed to approve of the idea. How can I find a way to win him back? BHENDA Answer: Why waste time trying to gel back a boy who so obviously has losl Interest in you? Pride alone should send you on the trail of someone else. There are lots of nice boys available, Brunda,. and perhaps your lost love will come back of his own necqrd later however, If you forget' hirii and find someone else. • . Lb. 25c CALIFORNIA ORANGES Lb. 13c BING CHERRIES ^ 35c FRESH LIMES 15c CALIFORNIA LEMONS Lb. I9c Q o Q 00 o .o,, At? FAMOUS SUPER RIGHT SMOKED PICNICS u, SUPER-RIGHT MEATS frrirvTrriryvnnrrrffTirlh., ^ TALL KORN SLICED 39c BACON Lb. SUPER RIGHT WHOLE Q* HALF Lb. PREFFERED CELLO FRANKS Lb. 51 c SUPER RIGHT COOKED Whole or naif Lb. 63c SUPER RIGHT 'A- , BOLOGNA Sliced Lb. FROZEN OCEAN PERCH Lb-V .HomtmocU Slyt. Dill* PRESERV ANN PAGE APRICOT BLACK PiPPER ANNP HORMEL'S York and Eleanor decided "thut it C ial irritulion in her own house. would be simpler if I took colored servants who could be obtained in Washington which would obviate my having to go to New York to find white ones." Now this is precisely the crime that is condemned by Harry Tru- Instead, "In a day or two, I hudj a new cook, kitchen-maid, butler and housemaid," all Negroes. Now she falls into that patronizing mood which has driven Into furies some Negroes who nevertheless delight to grovel at her throne. man's weird board, secretly packed ( "Perhaps," she says, "it is my by Felix Frankfurter's \Vhite House early association with Auntie soulmate, David K. Niles, Truman, Grace, and hertales of the old would punish such discrimination! ar)( j much-loved colored people on Uie plantation" — the Aunt Je-| with prison terms and fines under federal law. This is discrimination because of race. It is, in fact, genocide. La Boca found, as thousands oi other employers have found', Hope, girl, Sandra Kay. Charles and Norvelle Carlton, Hooks, Texas, boy, Charles Ronuifl Hoilis and Myrtle Flowers. Hope twins, Deborah Dee and Dianne Marie. George and Mary DeVenney, o( Hope, boy, Frank Edward. Paul and Virginia Mosier, Fulton girl, Nancy Jo. Thomas and Martha PurvU, of Hope, girl, Anne Elizabeth. Clifton and Johnnie Evans, Hope girl, Balinda Faith. C. L. and Marjorie Fauj-ht, Hope girl Linda Gail, Willie and Mary McKamie. Hope boy Charles Eugene. John and Irma Cox, Hope, girl. Daisy Mae. Non - White Carson and Minnie Gveen, Hope, boy. LouU aad Cnarlene PbflUp% Hep*, boy. Jack and McFacUJan, HM#, i Saralj Pixea, Corinth, boy. erf grt, mima motive — "perhaps it is just the southern blood" —and there is a problem in biology for Howard | University to tackle — "the south- 1 crn blood of my ancestors, but, ever since I have been in Wash-; ington, I have enjoyed my contact | with such colored people as came to work for me. I have never re-; gretted the change which I made! when I completely staffed myj house with colored servants." ' { A friend had told her that "prop- 1 eily trained,' ' as perhaps one might train a pet or steed, "colored people were the most faithful! and efficient servants in the 1 world, and she admired a name-: less Negro whom she called a "mammy. * j Th« confessions of the Roose-j veils housekeeper during the longj presidency frankly allowed that Hi was too much trouble {or La Boca! to manage a mixed crew, thu? con- ! as of much rnoce recent HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club rd. TUES. vIVvvl * wwWIffVi Vienna Sausage ?; n 19c CORTEZ TUNA 6 Oz. Can 27c ANGLO ROAST BEEF 2 c 0 cn55c IONA FOR K& BEANS I iMft r fr CarJl CRESTVIEW TEA SA1AD DRESSING , date, the policy -wfefeb the FCPC would make fetaniou*. A true copy ot r)pftj wiM> t&f fli»i#«lrtM«dJ. vw *w pr^ " REGGIE WARD Well known Western and Hill Billy Disc Jockey can now be heard on KXAR "The Reggie Ward Show" WHITE HOUSE CONDENSED MILK NOz.Can 23c PAR 29c VEL Large PKg. 29c CASHMIRI IOUQUIT

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