Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 21, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1934
Page 3
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Thursday, June 21, 1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THRU! . MBS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 321 Brooks Hamilton of Russellville was [the Wednesday ni"H guest of his par- j rnis, Mr .and Mrs. E. P. Hamilton | cnroiito to Tcxnrkana on business. I 0 te >Miss Charlean Hudson left Wednes- f;|fl;iy morning for a month's visit with >'| relatives and friends in Houston and ;•'! Gulveston, Texas. if. Misses Clyla Verne Agec and Lu- SeilW Hudson left Thursday morning fijlto attend « B. Y. P. U. conference in IfTexafkanu. i''k * P Thn Kditli Thompson class of the || First IVk'tliotlisf, church will entertain ai nt'n picnic nt 7:liO Friday evening at Fair Park. June Leaders For Men SHIRTS 79c A truly ,sni;irl dross shirt. Fast colors in Fancies and Solids; Also plenty of Whites. • Sizes 14 to 17. MEN'S SOCKS 15c A big selection of cool summer nocks. Plenty of fancy patterns. ISPORT SHOES S-A-L-E 'E|iccial sale of our regular $5 Brown and White and Black ami White Sport Shoes, UNION SUITS 39c MPII'K athletic Union Suits in ti/ey from ,'l(i to 44. SHIRTS-SHORTS ga^.ivu'ii I %JC. Nrw Summer patterns in Men's Shirts ami Shorts. Fill your hot weather needs now. The Leading Department Store Geo.W. Robison Co. We Give Eagle Stamps Hope Prcscott Nashville The Lnnd of Content I set out for the land of content, By the gay crowded pleasure highway, With laughter nnd jesting I went With the mirth-loving throng for a day; Then I knew I had wandered astray, For I met returned pilgrims, belated, Who said, "We are weary and sated, But we found not the Land of Content." I turned to the steep path of fame, I said, "It is over yon hcightr— This land with the beautiful name— Ambition will lend me its light." But I paused in my journed ere night, For the way grew so lonely and troubled; I said—my anxiety doubled— "This is not thd road to Content." Then weary in body and brain, An overgrown path I detected, And I said, "I will hide with my pain. In this by-way, unused and neglected." Lo! It led to the realm God selected To crown with his best gifts of beauty, And through the dark pathway of duty I came to the land of Content. E.W.W. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Beal of Norfolf, Va., and Mrs. Whcatley Grainey of ElDorado are house guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Dossctt. Hope chapter, 328, O. E. S. will hold their regular meeting at 8 o'clock on Thursday evening at the Masonic hall. Mrs. A. C. Whitchurst announces the marriage of her daughter, Agnes Cornelia to R. L. Broach, son of Mrs. R. L. Broach of this city on Wednesday afternoon, Juno 26, at the homo of the officiatnig minister, Dr. E. C. Rule, pastor of the First Presbyterian church. The bride wore a modish gown of navy triple crepe, with blue arid white accessories, her flowers were rosebud and gardenias. She is a graduate of Hope high school and of Henderson State Teachers college and for the past three years has been a popular member of the faculty of the Hope high school. The bridegroom is also a graduate of Hope high school and of the Little Rock School of Pharmacy, and is n member of John P. Cox Drug company. Mr. and Mrs. Broach left by motor for a wedding trip to New Orleans and other points south after which they will be at home at 520 S. Hcrvcy street. One of the attractive parties of the week was that given by Mrs. Kline Franks on Wednesday afternoon at her home on W 5th street. Beautiful summer flowers including sweet peas, lilies and gladoili adorned the rooms where four tables weer arranged for bridge. In the score count the favor wenc to Mrs. Harry Hawthorne and Mrs. Mac Duffic. At the conclusion of the game the hostess served a delightful ice course with sweet peas as plate favors. o The young people of the First Presbyterian church will entertain at a swimming party Thursday evening at 'The Pines" with Dr. and Mrs. Thos. Brewster and Mrs. Dorsey McRac as chaperones. Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Lewis announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Louise to Kenneth Mattison of Kilgore, Texas the wedding to be solemnized Sun- "Second Coming" Is Revival Topic Rev. Mr. Estes Reviews the Speculation on This Theme Evangelist Chester Estcs, who is holding a series of meetings at tho Churcli of Christ, West Fifth and Grady streets, spoke Wednesday night to a large audience on the "Second Coming of Christ." He stated that the subject had not been dealt with in the Bible just for curosity's sake but by way of exor- tation and warning. In discussing the subject four questions were answered, viz: Is He coming? When is He coming? How is He coming? and, What will take place at His coming? "Is it a fact that He is coining? This question is answered in three classes of witnesses; Christ Jno. 14:1-2, the angels Acts, 1:11, the inspired apostle Heb. 9:27. The first coming was to tho sinner but the second to the saints —coming to gather his jewels." "When is He coming? Here there has been much speculation. William Miler set his first date in 1844, then changed to 1845, but Christ did not come. Pastor Russell showed his coming in 1914 but later revised his books and set the day and hour 1918. The day and hour came but Christ did not come. Rutherford no wteaches that 'Millions now living will never die.' Jesus said, 'No man knows the day or the hour. Not even the angels.' If God would not let the angels know, why has he revealed it to a bunch of fanatics? If these men do not know what the Bible teaches, they arc ignorant; if they do not care, they are dishonest; if they do not believe the Bible, they are infidels." "How will He come? In the clouds Acts 1:11, visible to nil Rev. 1:7, with the shout of the archangel 1 Thoss. 4:16. in flaming fire 2 Thcss. 1:7, in the glory of the Father Ml. 16:27, in hi own glory Mt. 25:, and unexpected 1 Thcss. 5:7-8." "What will take place when He comes? Men talk about a Millennium If you will note the things that the Bible says will take place when Jesus comes again you will se that there will be no room for a thousand year's reign on earth. As far as the Bible is concerned Jesus will never place foot upon the earth again. We will meet hi min tho air. He will come at the last trump 1 Cor. 15:51-52; we will be caught up into the air 1 Thess. 4:14; the elements will melt and the earth and the works therein will be burned up 2 Pet. 3:10-12; all the dead will be raised Jno. 5:28; the judgmcnl will take place Mt. 25:30; Christ will i cease to reign and deliver the king- ! dom backi to the Father 1 Cor. 15:24-29." Mr. Estcs will speak Thursday night on the folowing question: "Docs it matter what one believes?" On account of a misunderstanding, the church wishes to say that'they are not meeting in the tent on the old school campus but in the building of the Church of Christ, West Fifth and Grady streets. Beta Delta Gives Chapter to Hope Sigma Chapter Installed by Miss Olivet, National President A chapter of Beta Delta sorority was installed in Hope Wednesday by Miss Daisy Olivet, national president, the ritual being given at the home of Miss Frances Snyder. The national president was assisted by Misses Dimples Black, Stairley Black and Elizabeth Clark, all of Texarkana. The name of the local organization will be Sigma chapter of Beta Delta. The charter members are: Misses Mary Sue Anderson, president; Frances Snyder, vice-president; Geneva Higgason, secretary and treasurer; Marilyn Ward, Marjorie Higgason, Carolyn Toland, Ruby Owens, Julia Borening, Jane Orton and Mary Jett Orton. Plans are being made for an installation dance to be given here soon. The national convention of Beta Delta sorority will be given In Texarkana July 1 to 4. PRESIDENT DEFENDS (Continued from Page One) Ident Roosevelt arriver hehe Thursday aboard the yacht Sequoya to attend the Harvard-Yale boat race Friday in 'which Franklin Jr. is rowing at position No. 6 for the Harvard freshman crew. "NEW DEAL" SHOWS (Continued from Page Otie) J UST the thins to wear to that dance you've been looking forward to is this beautifully designed model in printed voile or net. Tlie designs come for sizes 14 to 20 and 32 to 42. Size 18 requires 4 yards of 39 Inch fabric plus 11-4 yards for the belt of ribbon. To secure n PATXKUN and STEIVBY-STEP SEWING INSTRUCTIONS, fill out the coupon below, being sure to MENTION THE NAMK OP THIS NEWSPAPER. JULIA BOYD, 103 PARK AVENUE. NEW YORK Enclosed Is 15 cents in coin for Pattern No Size Name Address City State Name of 'his newspaper HORSFALL LIKELY (Continued from Page One) Keep cool at the washed-air— f MURDER RTTHE UNITIES MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS IN THE WORLD ana Cqrl JRISSON Vicfor McLAGLEN Jaclc 0 A K I E \ Kitty CARLISLE Duke , ELLINGTON I and hit Ortheilra Added Mickey Mouse In "Giant Land" Paramount News last Monday indicated he would replace W. C. Perdue of ElDorado as a member of the Board of Trustees, but that, after Dr. W. T. Thompson of Warren had expresed a willingness to serve if apointed, the governor said he would not make the change. Deniel by trustees that, since the conclusion of the open hearing held several weeks ago at the request of the governor, they had been approached in behalf of Mr. Hbrsfall. Announcement by student leaders that if the board does retain Mr. Horsfall they have "just begun to fight." Markets Hope Cotton Exchange TRUCE REPORTED (Continued from page one) for a conference. The chancellor plans to leave for Neudcck, the president's summer home in East Prussia Thursday. Officially the program for the conference is foreign policy—a report on the historic days of Venice and after. But important as was the Hitler-Mussolini meeting, von Papon's speech signalling a sally of the moderate elements in Germany is an almost equally important factor in Germany's foreign policy. Wilhelm.sni.sse knows that the result of the domestic struggle will go far toward determining the attitude of the world toward Geimany. A slight reference to it may therefore become unavoidable ;tt Neudeck and that reference may go far toward determining the outcome of the struggle. President von Hindcnberg is keenly alive to the issues involved. He may be even more so after a talk with von Papon, who is reported to have left for Neudeck Wednesday night. New York Cotton Open High Low Close July . 11.99 12.04 11.94 11.98-12 Oct 12.27 12.31 12.19 12.21-23 July up 1 point. New Orleans Cotton July 11.98 12.04 11.92 11.95 Oct 12.23 12.28 12.15 12.17-18 July down 5 points Chicago Grain Wheat - July 92'A 92% 89% 89'/4 Corn - July 57% 58% 55'/- 55% Oats — July 42% 42% 41 41V 8 Wheat dow 3 c; corn down 2 cents; oats down 1 cent. Closing Stock Quotations Amer Can 97 Amer Smelter 41% Amer Tel and Tel 114% Anaconda 15Vs Chrysler 40% General Motors 31% Socony Vacuum 16 Standard Oil of N. J 44 7 /s U. S. Stel 40% Warner Bros 5% Hope Vegetable Stringless snap beans bu 40c U. S. No. 1 Irish pota., 100 Ibs 60c Cucumbers per bu 40c Little Rock Produce Hens, heavy breeds per Ib ....8 to 9c Hens, Leghorn breeds per Ib ....6 to 7c Broilers per Ib 13 to 18c. Roosters per Ib 3 to 4c Eggs per doz 10 to 12c day, June 24th in Kilgore. Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Linaker have cturncd to Hope from Springfield, | Mo., to make their home. Mrs. Frank Schweizerhoff .and lit- 1 tie daughter Frances, of Arp, Texas, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dan Green and family. Rexall Health and Beauty Sale Now on at John S. Gibson Drug Co. Real savings during the month of June! ?2 box Cara Nome Powder and §1 jar Cara Nome Cream, both for Shan Powder and Lipstick, both for $1.29. Choose 2 of the following items and get both for 69c—Puretest Rubbing Alcohol, Rexall Milk Magnesia, Mi 31 Antiseptic Solution, or 100 Pure- test Aspirin Tables. 75c pound Rexall Theatrical Cold Cream, 59c. Lavender Mentholated Shaving Cream and Lavender Talc, both for 35c. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rexall Store Antioch Quite a few from here attended the sinping at Laneburg Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McFarland of Edinburg, Texas visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McFarland last week. Miss Lowana Pace of Antlers, Okla., is spending the week with Misses Irene and Fern Cook. Miss Bessie Hamilton left Thursday night for Washington, D. C. where she will be married to Roy Clevenger Saturday night a 8 o'clock. Mrs. Jim Hill is spending this week with her sister, Mrs. Joe Ferguson ol Prcscott. Mrs. John Mahon and Miss Audry Mahon were visitoFs in Prescott on Thursday afternoon. Thursday Longest Day of the Year Calendar Ushers Mr. Sum- .:mer in—Though Guest Already Is Here LITTLE ROCK—Summer officially began at 3:12 p. m. Thursday, but such a formality, as you may have noticed, is by way of being a dreadful anticlimax. Summer has definitely been with us for some time, calender or no calender. The thing that happened at 3:12 p. M. is the sumer solstice. That—as Harvey S. Cole, weatherman here, explained patiently to your reporter for an hour or so—means simply that the sun has perambulated as far northward as it's going, and will head beack again southward immediately. You won't be able to detect this return journey with the naked eye, and even Mr. Cole admits there's precious little difference in the position of the sun, on its northward swing, today, yesterday or tomorrow, It swings in a wide, arc, and it's pretty difficult to pick out the highest point of such a circle. Somehow, this summer solstice business makes Thursday the longest day—counting from can to can't, that is—in the year. The sun rises at 4:55 a. m., a downright indescent hour, and sets at 7:25. That gives you approximately 14 1-2 hours in which to complain about the heat. Somebody ougt to speak to the NRA about the sun keeping such hours. It's no use complaining to Mr. Cole. Little he cares that we have to put up with 14 1-2 hours of sunshine right on the first day of summer. Your reporter asked Mr. Cole a lot of questions which seemer pertinent and logical, but which set the weather man to dithering and looking longingly at a blunt instrument in the corner of the room. President's Speech NEW HAVEN, Ct.- (ff>) -President Roosevelt struck back .Wednesday both at critics of Congress and'of the "Brain Trust" and told his newly adopted alumni of Yale University that the use of "Brain Trust" in government will be continued. "After all," he said, "we live in a democracy. I like it. We are going to continue as a democracy." The graduates of Yale who had heard some light references to con- gresa during the commencement exercises at Which Mr. Roosevelt was given an honorary degree of doctor of law applauded. He said that congress represents a "better cross section of opinion" than the viewpoint of any single group, educational or otherwise. "While we have heard a certain amount of ribald laughter about the use of-brains in government," he remarked, "it seems to be a good prac- tice. It will be continued. We are going to call on trained people "Ability rather than politics enters into most choices made in our government. I can't tell today the party affiliation of most of the responnsible people in our government and it is. a mighty good thing that I can't." Free Arch with each shampoo and finger wave this week. ?6.50 Permancnls $4.00 Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 287 Cannon Apartments Monthly Pains Relieved Women who take CARDUI have found, that severe monthly pains have been relieved and that by continued use of it for a reasonable length of time their strength has been renewed and their general health improved. "I am glad to speak a few words for Cardnl, 'the medicine I bare taken (or a weak, run-down condition, (or bad palm in mi »lde and back and (or JiregoUr periods," writes Mrs. Roy Chandler, of Cniseta, Ala. "Cardnl utralfhtened mo out and I felt 100 per cent better. It certainly helped me." Thousands of women testify Cardul. benefited them. If It does not benefit YOU, consult a physician. chusetst, New Hampshire and Vermont. Sixth Tabulation State Yes No Alabama 6,960 1,523 Arizona 1,361 681 Arkansas 4,431 1,444 California 60,630 25,469 Colorado 7,851 6,421 Connecticut 11,636 8,700 Delaware , 1,429 1,045 District of Columbia .... 2,916 2,143 Florida 6,223 2,121 Georgia 8,947 1,645 Idaho 1,943 1,464 Illinois 51,422 44,348 Indiana 19,899 17,652 Iowa 12,626 11,443 Kansas 11,504 10,883 Kentucky 10,227 4,782 Louisiana 4,881 1,461 Maine .... 6,680 5,536 Maryland 8,991 5,386 Massachusetts 29,046 24,957 Michigan 23,859 15,047 Minnesota 19,344 11,182 Mississippi 4,170 749 Missouri 27,859 15,596 Montana 2,421 1,343 Nebraska 8,855 7,323 Nevada 633 285 New Hampshire 3,156 2,833 New Jersey .'. 28,290 20,601 New Mexico 966 530 New York 92,479 60,833 North Carolina 8,877 2,547 North Dakota 2,441 1,534 Ohio 45,734 29,100 i Oklahoma 9,562 4,294 Oregon 9,329 3,677 Pennsylvania 59,248 33,755 Rhode Island 4,106 2,8311 South Carolina 3,905 675 South Dakota ..:. 3,205^ 3,015 | Tennessee 10,454 3,890 Texas 26,047 6,765 • Utah 3,523 1,339 Vermont 1,997 2,196 Virginia 9,339 4,448 Washington 14,328 7,549 West Virginia 6,571 3,573 Wisconsin 18,554 10,299 Wyoming 1,251 856 State Unknown 7,594 4,386 Totals 727,700 442,127 Such as: Why is it, if the sun coming northing makes it summer, that the middle of summer doesn't occur when the sun is farthest north? Instead of it being just the first day of summer, etc. Well, Mr. Cole launched into a conscientious—and probably very lucid- explanation of heat radiation and absorption and things like that We refrain from going into the details for the same reason that Mr. Cole suddenly stopped hi sexplanation. "You aren't listening!" he said sharply, edging toward the blunt instrument. All Wool Swimming Suits Sizes 30 to 34 Priced $1.00 to $1.95 Your choice of any of these for 50c Briant's Drug Store FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: RED. U S. PAT. OFF. People don't, have to come from the soil to picU up a Httla dirt. I Sale 100 C-O-O-L Specia Wash Frocks 99 C Friday and Saturday Only Ladies Specialty Shop "Exclusive But Not Expensive" Breath-taking Value Event 25 Dozen Beautiful HOUSE FROCKS Novelty Printed Sheers ! 5Q Organdy Trimmings Stylish Collars Beautifully cut, .beautifully made . . . with crisp, summery trimmings that will make you both LOOK and FEEL cool! Every frock will wash perfectly. Sizes 16 to 46. Save on Lingerie "Bird's-Eye" MESH UNDIES I9c Cool, Comfortable ! Just the thing for hot summer weather. Panties or stepins. Genuine Toulaine TAFFETA SLIPS 69c A comfortable fit, without adjustments! Flesh, Tcarbse, -White in sizes. 34 to 44. Full Fashioned PURE SILK CHIFFON HOSIERY "First Quality" C Pr. What A Bargain! A real "First Quality" silk hose that will give you the maximum service.

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