Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 20, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1934
Page 3
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June 20,1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ! RS. SID HENRY ociet^y NRY 1111111 TELEPHONE 321 their The Disappointed There riro songs enough for the licro Who dwells on the heights of fame; We sing of the disappointed— For those who have missed aim. For the hearts that break in silence. With a sorrow all unknown, For those who need comforting, Yet walk their ways alone. We sins for the breathless runner, The eager, anxious soul, Who falls' with his strength exhausted, ! Almost in sight of the goal. 'And wo know the Solar system sMust somewhere keep in space A prize for that, spent, runner Who barely lost the race. For the plan would bo imperfect Unless It hel dsome sphere Thai paid for the toil and talent ;And love that are wasted here. —Selected. The Woman's Christian Temperance lUnion will ovserve their annual r'Flower Mission Program" Thursday I afternoon nt 3 o'clock at the home of I Mis;; Mabel Ethridge nnd Mrs. W. Y. Foster Jr. N. Main street. A full attendance 1st urged and all are asked to bring flowers for distribution a- L the sick and shut-ins. and Mrs. T. F. Exell of Dallas have been guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Austin the past few days. | The Woman's Missionary Society fheld their regular Missionary' prog- irnm on Monday morning at 8:80 at the First Baptist church, with Mrs. Ecl- iwin Dossett presiding. A spelcndid program on "Royal Service" was prcs- jented by Circle 5 with Mrs. A. B. Spraggins loading. Mrs. Spraggins was assisted by Mrs. Hugh Smith, Mrs. BLACK-DRAUGHT For " CONSTIPATION "I am 71 years old and have used (Thedford's Black-Draught about I forty years," writes Mr. W. J. Van} over, of Rome, Ky. "We are never } without it. I take it as a purga- ! tive when I am bilious, dizzy and have swimming in my head. Black- Draught relieves this, and helps me in many ways." . . . Keep a package of this old, reliable, purely vegetable laxative in your home, and take it for prompt relief at the first sign of constipation. Featuring the newest thing in per- manenls. The new Eugene Cro- quignolc for only $4. Limited at this price. N Lewis Reauty Salon Experience Counts Phone 39 Relax in comfort at the cool— A Po»omown! Piclvf* wilh CUt IOMBARDO 1KD HIS ROfAt CANADIANS GEORGE BURNS ..d GRACIE ALIEN THUR. & FRI. Matinee Thur. Girls, music, songs, comedy ancl a murder mystery! Enmity in City of Jews, Topic Hatred Between Jews and Samaritans Discussed by Evangelist Vcrnon Gunn, Mrs. Horace Jewel) nnd Mrs. Wallace H. Rogers. Special music l>y Miss Frances Snyder. The prog- rain closed with » prayer by Mrs. A. The meeting continues with interest T. Jewell. nt the Church of Christ, with Evange- o j list Bates, of Winfield, Alnbama, do- Mrs. Charles Briant hns returned' ing the preaching and Mr. C. L. Brad- froni a few clay:; visit with Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Sniilh in Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Hanna and lil- tle daughter of Shreveport arrived Wednesday afternoon for a few days visit with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ward and Miss Lucy Hanna. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Jones and family formerly of Hope, now of Lubbock, Texas, are spending a few days visiting friends in the city". Mrs. Ralph Berkson of New York City will arrive Wednesday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed McCorkle. She will be accompanied by Mrs. Russell Johnson of Spartanburg, S. C. who will bo remembered as Miss Alice Crutchfield. Mrs. Johnson is en route to Blossom and Clarks- villu. Texas for a visit with relatives. Miss Verna Lee Dildy of New York City was the Wednesday guest of I'riends in the city enroute to her home in Sujpbus Springs, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. McCloughan had as Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Simmons and children. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yocum and children and Mrs. Dicic Yocum and Miss Mary Butler all of Texar- kanu. A picnic lunch was enjoyed at Dykes Springs. Frame-Up Ring in New York Broken Gangsters Collected Plenty on Drama of Missing Corpse NEW YORK— (/P)— Ouly the "corpse" was missing Sunday night as the police trapped two women ancl six members of one of the most: extraordinary extorsion rings ever uncovered in Greater New York. The ring used the women to lure male victims into compromising situations and then completed the collection of more than S50,000 i police say, from a score of persons by a series of elaborately staged fake murders. The chief actor escaped a police drag net around a cafetcria'es back room just south of Greenwich Village, which back room was the scene of the ring's bogus slayings. He is the man, who with consummate histronic skill, pretended to be shot dead, breaking as he fell, a bay of red ink to stain his shirt front on each occasion. Two of the gang who played the role of detectives and burst into the "murder scene" just as the revolver loaded with blanks was slipped into the victim's pocket, were held Sunday in ii Manhaltn hotel. The two women and four other men bad been captured earlier in the day by detectives, acting on information supplied by the grandson of an 86- year-old victim. The fake detectives. Jack Rosen. berg, 27, Brooklyn and Joseph Bon- Kiano, lifl of Staten Island, were identified by the two women members of the gang in the hotel. This, according to Lieut. James ley of Morrilton directing the song service. Tuesday night Mr. Estes spoke on the subject: "Let's Go to Jerusalem." He showed the enmity that erisled be- twenn the Jews ancl the Samaritans, nnd that the people of Samaria (Luke 9:51-57) would not receive him for no other reason than because His face was set to go to Jerusalem. He stated that everything in the Old and New Testaments pointed to Jerusalem to the Lamb of God slain for the redemption of Man. It, was developed that Jerusalem. was the beginning of beginnings. "Jerusalem was the beginning of tho use of the keys of the Kingdom Mt. 1fi:20, the beginning of the complete gospel 1 Cor. 15:1-4, the beginning of the Great Commission Mt. 28: 18 19! Mk. lC:15,lfi; Lk. 24:46,47, the beginning of hte work of the Holy Spirifc| in conversion Jno. 16:7,8, the beginning of the New Covenant, Heb. 9:15-17. He pictured the religious stream beginning in Jerusalem and flowing for nineteen hundred years until contaminated by the doctrines and commandments of men, ancl advised all to return to the fountain source for the unadulterated teachings of Christianity. "There are two great religious movements in history, one tho Reformation ancl tlie other the Restoration. One 1-lea is to restore primitive Christianity. For one hundred years there has been much prejudice against tho Restoration movement. Why? Because it faced toward Jerusalem! Wednesday night Mr. Ester has chosen for his subject, "The Second Coming of Christ." Four questions will be considered for this subject, viz. Is He coming? When is He coming? How is He coining? What will take place at His coming? ) DeAnn The farmers of this community were glncl to so the nice rain that Ml Sunday afternoon. We are sorry to learn that Mrs. Monroe Samuel is in the Cora Donnel hospital at Prescott. We hope that she will soon be able to return home. Mrs. James Queen from DeQueen is visiting friends and relatives in this community . Bro. Rogers filled his regular appointment at the J\'-Mhoclisl church Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Samuels called on Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hartsfield Sunday morning. Leo Hartsfield called on Elston Samuel Sunday. Mrs. Tommey is spending a few weks with her son J. W. Tommey and Mrs. Tommey. Miss Obie Roberts called on Misses Enloe and AtUbaugh Breeding Sun- ter the potato ancl develop when the skin is free from cuts and bruises, says Mr. Heckman. day. We are sorry to report that Mr. Jasper Arnold is on the sick list this week. Friends of Mrs. T. J. Hnrtsifeld will bn gjnd to know that she is able io sit up some now. Mr. and Mrs. Alton Honeycutt ancl Mrs. and Mrs. L. L. Honeycutt and family were visitors in DeAnn Sunday. Mr. Curry Allen called on Mr. E. M. Boyett Sunday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Aclell Clark from the Experiment far mspent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Clark. Mr. Steve Lloyd called on Miss Udelle Samuel Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. John Lloyd spent the day Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Greeninghall. Cecil and Claud McCorkle and David McKeo were in this community Sunday night. T. O. Bright and children called on Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Boyd and family last Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Critchlow spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Eroding. Vanitfes Murder at the Saenger Earl Carroll's Production on Screen Thursday and Friday A highly satisfactory mixture of the screen's two most popular themes of the play—music and mystery, comes to the Saenger Thursday and Friday in Paramount's production of Earl Carroll's "Murder at the Vanities." A troupe of popular screen stars three talented newcomers, a bevy ot Earl Carroll's beautiful girls, and Free Arch with each shampoo and finger wave this week. $0.50 Permanents ?4.00 Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 287 Cannon Apartments Duke Ellington and his famous orchestra provide the screen entertain* ment in a lavish manner. The story deals with the opening night of a New. York production of the "Vanities." There ar« two murders, one of an unknown woman, and the other one of the principals in the stage cast. Both of these mysteries eventually are solved during the progress of the show. Jack Oakie as the theater press agent, Carl Brisson, Gertrude Michael All Wool Swimming Suite Sizes 80 to 34 Priced $1.00 to $1.95 Your choice of any of these for 50c Briant's Drug Store and Kilty Carlisle as stage stars, arid Dorothy 1 Stlckney as a rriald, tUrti fii outstanding performances, The Carrbll beauties are even more beautiful {haft they ai». reported to be. . A cartoon comedy and the latest news complete the program. DanttubltOnRtlicfWlM CONSTIPATED In spite of the fact that Feen-a-mi&ii* the gentlest, mildest and nicest-to-tAJt* laxative,, it has real action—action thai gently but thoroughly sweeps poisons frort your system—cleanses ihe walls til ttw intestines and purges out putrid wa«M matter that is flooding the system With poisons. You can't get the laxative ia» gradients out of Feen-a-mint without chewing—imd this chewing distributes tb» laxative unifonnlyjthroughout tie intestines and supplies them with saliva juic* to dissolve dry waste matter. Fern-annual contains a; laxative ingredient that Ui« world's 'greatest physicians approve, Don t suffer "laxative dread." "Delay" it dangerous. Chew a delicious Feen-a-«i!nt) the chewing gum laxative for constipation and go on about your business. Iflcand t5c at druggist* everywhere. Storks to Play a Double-Header Will Meet Transporters Here Thursday—First Game at 3:30 The Storks will meet Southwestern Transporters here Thursday afternoon in a double-header baseball exhibition, the first game scheduled to start at 3:30 o'clock. Both contests will be seven-inning affairs. "Blackie" Elliott has been assigned to hurl one of the games. Manager Lloyd Coop was undecided Wednesday as to who would face the Texai'kuna club in the second encounter. Grico will probably be called upo nif he is available. All women will be admitted free to witness the twin bill. If the Storks are successful in winning the two games, their percentage margin will be shoved up to within a half game of the pace-setting Atlanta Rabbits. After dropping a couple of games to the Storks last week, the Atlanta club Tuesday afternoon walloped the Transporters, 23 to 6, in 'State Line Park at Texarkana to gain a half game over the- idle Storks. Smith and Declectivcs George Mitchell ancl Max SprnRtic, i.s how the gang operated: Mrs. Lucy Longo, 23-year-olcl wife of James Longo, one of the men of the mob. visited a shop, or picked up a "likely looking" victim, usually in the Elmhurst, Queens section. A small, | pretty little woman, weighing only! 93 pounds, Lucy pretended to be a Hope WlllS Emancipation high school girl looking for adven- — ~ . .. ~ turc. When the victim invited her to dinner or to his apartment, Mrs. Elvira i Bovc, 45, would stage a dramatic raid' The Hope Giants, negro baseball ancl accuse him of mistreating her | team, overwhelmed the C a m d e n daughter. She would ask for from Braves 21! to 7 in the Emancipation Negro Giants Beat Camden, 23 to 7 Day Baseball Game 'Here Tuesday $2.000 to 55,000 to be paid in installments ancl arrange to meet him in the Lower East Sido cafe. The victim arrived only to find himself in the middle of the mob. all pre- clay game here Tuesday. Douglas and 'Swink were batting stars, Douglas getting six safties in six times at bat, and Swink knocking a home run over the left field fence tending to be angry over the split in' f,,r an estimated distance of 420 feet. (ho money. Sometimes one of the members would also pretend he wanted to kill the "de-spoiler of my Lucy." Invariably a shot was fired, a man clutched at his heart and fc-11 to the floor with a growing red stain showing on his shirt front. At this point the fake detectives clashed into the room, flushed golclj shields ancl demanded "fix money." ! The victim invariably paid within a ' few days at the most. The scheme was even carried to the point of holding a funeral for the corpse on one occasion, police said. The victim, wha had refused to pay up until shown the corpse, was convinced and turned over $2,000. Sunday tho Giants will play again at Verger high school park. The ancients consulted the birds for the purpose of foretelling t(je outcome of all important undertakings. June Specials Get acquainted with our new Eugene Permanent Wave Machine. The only one of its kind in Hope. Regular $5.00 Oil Permanent $3.50 Regular $7.50 Permanents $5.00 Regular $4.00 Permanents $2.50 Croquignole Ringlet $2.00 FREE eye brow dye given with each arch. Eugene Beauty Shop Four Doors South of Josephine Hospital Phone 40 Potatoes Require Careful Handling Market Expert Warns Against Loss Through Damage and Decay Careful ancl quick handling in harvesting Irish potatoes is fundamental for the prevention of damage and decay, .says J. H. Heckman, Extension ocoiiimst in marketing, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. Largo losses frequently result from injurious practices at the time of digging. After the expenses of production have; iieun incurred, any practice decreasing losses and adding to quality increases profits to that extent. One of the greatest losses is from fimscald. or sunburn. Many growers] i allow their potatoes to lie on. the I ground exposed to the hot sun after! : digging, and scald develops. Damage j from this may not be evident at the j time of loading, but soft rot may de'. velop during transit. Potatoes will' 1 scald in a few minutes if left exposed j to the sun during the heat of the day, j and should not be dug more rapidly I than they can be picked up and plac- c>cl in thi_> shade. If possible, it is bct- ! ter to dig only during the cooler parts ] of the day, or to dig one row and pick the potatoes up before another row is I dug. Whether dug with hoes, plows, or machines!, care should be taken to reduce the number of cuts and bruises. Tliis is important as many fungous diseases which cause decay cannot en- These LAST 4 Days of PATTERSON'S REMOVAL SALE Take Your Choice Any $IO Suit ».!iff Right at the beginning of hot weather, we're offering summer clothing at nearly One-Third Off. Plenty of models and sizes for everyone. SHIRTS Manhattan $2.50 Value $1.98 Dress Shirts Our regular 79c perfect fit and full cut broadcloth. Tans, Blues, White and^Green. /iQf* Removal Sale price *tww Quality Shirts Our regular $1.25 dress shirt in fancy and solid colors. OOf% Removal Sale price Ow*0 Straws Every straw hat in the house reduced. Includes sailors and Panamas in all shapes and sb.es. Others Values to .$3.00 $1.79 A Wash Pants $3.50 Values $1.98 Values We bought too heavily on summer wash pants—so they're .yours ;il the.se sacrifice' prices. Stock up and economize. Field Hats Values to 35c 19c Others Values to 75c 39c Work Shirts 49c Two pocket coat style with triple stitched reinforcement. You should stock up at Ihis low price. Shirts—Shorts Rib knit shirts and the three hiillun front short. Regular 2w values sacrificed in this 4 °7<* removal sale at onlv .. I I W We list below merchandise that we are determined not to move to our new store. We move next week—just four days left in which to unload this merchandise. Prices have been slashed to a point that insures a "sell-out." Come early. _, A Clear-Away for Us/ A Clean-Up for You! SUMMER DRESSES Selection Includes Every Summer Dress in Stock! i V Group 1 Smart Silks $1.98 Values to ?3.50 *^~ -^ Group 2 Cool Linens Also Eyelet Embroidery $4.98 Values to SC.95 Full Fashioned Hosiery 49c Ladies House Shoes 49c One group of women's house shoes with satin covered heels. Also a group of Satin ules with Marabou Trim. Both ?1.50 values Wash Frocks 98c Valuu 69c Toiletries 1 2 OFF We're closing out our entire line of Plough's and Black & White toilet articles. Your choice of either ut 50';;.- off. \ $1.00 Panamas 1 2 PRICE Women's Shoes $1.95 This group consists of Black Kid 3 eyelet ties and pumps. White Kid lace oxfards and ties. Blond pumps and sandals. Values up to §5 MEN'S Dress Oxfords $2.29 One large group of Black and While, all White and all Black oxfords. The very latest styles. Values up to $4. Piece Goods Organdy, Voile, Pique Dotted Swiss Yard Values to 45c 221 c Crepe Solids, plaids, prints and stripes. Regular 75c values. Removal Sale price— 42c Broadcloths & Voiles All colors, shades and patterns. Regular 24c value. Special 16c Sea Island Domestic Yard wide extra quality material 5 Yards 39c Devonshire & Heavy Shirting Blues, greys, stripes and solids. Values to 17c. Special 12ic ERSON'S

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