The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1940
Page 7
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'THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 10.10 IS, EM LILIES OF NEW M American .Variety Is Called Generally Superior To Japanese BEl/l'SVIUJG, .Mil., March 21 (UP) — scientists ot the government* huge iilanl research • center hare hnvc developed n new anil improved Eister lily. I-ong rows of (lie delicate white Dower so prized m faster time bloom in profusion under the llUiss_or the large greenhouses as proof of man's power ever nlnril life. 11 took more ihfin five years of patient work hy a seore of scientists, to develop the new lily from American-grown bulbs. The result thrills even the casual flower-lover wllli amnxenient and admiration, Every year florists near large cities in tliis country import about $:),000,000 worth of' lily bulb.*.' for forcing in greenhouses. Virtually all of these have come from Japan. Domestic bulbs were believed inferior to those Imported. In one of the greenhouses here Easter lilies grown from domestic bulbs have been blooming since last October. The number of fall nnd winter blooms is about double the number usually obtained from imported bulbs. Since dealers sell plants on the basis of the number of blooms, tills is an important point in favor of bulbs grown in the United States, 11 Is pointed out. Also, domestic bulbs can be kept, free from disease, which makes the plants more vigorous. American scientists have demon- ] co-operatively, strated that Hie American-grown SERVICES MARKETED bulbs tire of better quality for ON COLLE Men Over 40 Winning Fighi On Prejudices Against TheM Qirulhersville Society—Personal Men over 40 are working out their o«7i solutions. •oriel)' KOI- fii|i|ilcd Children The I'diii.srot County Society for | Crippled Children met In (lie home , of Mrs. l.eroy Whltucr at linyli ! j Friday. Kcpro.scnlnilvcK from I he I-Vdciiiled Women's Clubs of lln> counly niadi- reports on children Ihe .society had uided slnro the last meelliiK. Kuster Ciiuplcd ciilldreii Seals will be distributed for snle in each community by ihcfe clubs and ;ilso ihroiigh ciicli (•xU'iisltm club. Tlio s:\te of llipsn .seals Is one ivjiy by which funds to aid crippled children are raised. New nlliwrs elected nt (he nieel- ng were as follows; Mrs. W. },. Cimtrell of Cmulhor.svllle, chairman; MIS. j. \v. Hay of, IJnyll, vice-chairman; Mrs. Cilenn. PetoV- £on of Wiudell, secretary; Mrs. L. K. cooper of cooler. Uoasuier 'inl I'Vdeiiilicm of Womnu'i, mid \vn.s hero lo boi'ln the drive for cancer control, nt. Hnire M«nl» of (ho Barnes Hospital In '•I. l.oiils was: also a f.uest »(, Hie lioth on l ill <ln> elnircli in the nfler- , Mis. Monell Dollelun Inlrwiueed brlofly on I'Vdcralrd nnd i-rew. The Luncheon was Td by mnnbcr.s of the Woman's Auxiliary of (I,,. I'rcsbvtcrlun '' 'I'H-y MalroiK ,Mec| NI||S . K. C, Hirce oilortahu'cl lumbers of llu> Merry Matrons >»li u one n'clock luncheon ul her "'mo Tuesday nftonuion. Cliiosls •''•"' -Mrs, Lowell Hosier, Mis. Kd •ma"; and Mrs. John Sawyer. Jr. "iiiidioon was served «(. Individual ciich decomled \vlili yellow won by Mrs, Slim-on I'aio. In i-ontnu't wns , a pair of rases. Mrs. James won hnudkerdilefs ns and Mrs. Hawyer brlilgoed and By \VII.I.IS THORNTON' NBA Service SUIT Corrtspuiuiciit CHICAGO, March 20.—Men over are winning t)i e no| lt airalnsi prejudices barring employment of older men in Industry. That is Hie repon from Chica- Ijo's Men Over Forty club, which has passed the experimental phase In a year's operation. With a present membership or 35 to 40 the club has a record of 115 mine-' bers "graduated" into paid jobs "We've broken down, in a measure,, the insidiuoi- propaganda against hiring the man over 40" declares W. E. Rennolds, president of the Chicago group. ' " ' His club is one of 24 operating independently in 24 cities. The clubs are composed of unemployed men over 40 who have bnudcd together to "market" tlieiv services forcing, and that by proper management, can be made to bloom during the winter anil early spring when the demand is greatest. .The early blooms are available for the cut flower trade, while some of .the later-ones can be sold as potted plants for Easter. For those purposes, the scientists said, the newly developed bulb is superior to the Japanese. much In the past forcing bulbs for fall blooms has been a highly speculative business. Many greeiThouse men have given it tip. To obtain blooms for Easter it was" necessary lo buy the imported bulbs and store them for nearly a year. This ft'as costly and uncertain, A series... of experiments' was begun, here in-1035 lo determine the .best-time tor digging,, propec- stor- .•> age rne'tlibds and cultural practices in general.-At. the same time breeding Investigations were started. The work here indicates that it is practical commercially to grow bulbs In Louisiana, dig them early in July, store them for five weeks' and then plant them at intervals during the fall and winter to produce blooms at any time desired,, So far most of the lilies grown in the government- greenhouses are the" Creole typo, which has been grown In Louisiana for munv years. This variety and others from Bermuda, Oregon and Japan have been crossed to .produce" the best possible combination. This combination is beSno.ln- ON COLLECTIVE 1!.\SIS • The clubs are not • closely federated, nor Is there any central national clearinghouse. But clubs arc informally hi touch with one another in these cities: Salem, Brockton, Worcester and Springfield, Atoss.; Buffalo, Elmira nnd .Syracuse, N. Y.; Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, las Angeles, Detroit, .Milwaukee, Kansas city, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Philadelphia; Manchester, N'. H.; Portland, Me.; Hartford, Conn •' Tuisa, Okia.; Greenville, N. C.; Savannah, Ga., and Indianapolis, creased as rapidly as possible by removing the scales from the bulbs and planting them In greenhouse >7lats. • Within' one ii\onUi ;/nom oiie to'six .small btilblcts arc fprinert j at the bnsfof'each scule. Tlleytarc then potted nnd grow to maturity in the greenhouse/ - " ••• Officials said the new breeding method assures the establishment, of a new bulb industry* in the United 1 States to supply the demand for lilies-during the winter and early spring, when prices are highest. SPECIAL! 1/3'More for' the same money Johnson's Wax ami Gin-Coat SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. rhone 35 ; EXACTLY AS SHOWN JN ITS FAMED ATLANTA PREMIERE GONE WITH THE WIND STAK TING TUESDAY MORNING, MAR. 2G (ONE WEEK) While this engagement is limited this production will not be shown anywhere except at advanced least until 1941. THE WEEKDAY MATINEES WILL BE usual continuous performances with no reserved scats. You may come anytime from 10:00 a. in. up to 2:15 p. m. and sec a complete performance. For night shows mid Simdny matinee AM, SEATS ARE RESERVED. RESERVED SEATS NOW! Seals On Sale At Box Office For Night Stows (8 p.m.) All Scats Ecs. »J.12 Incl. lax San. Mat. (2 p.m.) All Scats Res. SI.12 Incl. tax WecWay Mats. Continuous Not Res. 75c Incl. lax RITZ DAVID 0. SELZNICK'S fnbain •/ MARGARET MITCHELCS "GONE WITH THE WIND" » TECHMCOLOR Mrrinf CLARK GABLE 4, ma, BuUr LltLIC OLIVU HOWARD • De HAVILLAND VIVIEN LEIGH us,*im<rH»* \ A SEUNICK INTERNATIONAL PICTURE Dimlti I, VICTOR FUMING A Mtiro4rtli»;n.M»ftt Rtltm IlHl. Men who liave r-arnod S-IOOO year or more may join ine cln'o. E:ich iigroes to ilt-vote his tlm to dtib work, '('he fieui of p 0 . ; . employers Is laid out. Then ih men go ciilliiiB. nepresentin^ th club, they oflen gci licnd-mu conlacls which they could not ob tain individually. The employer, needs arc. surveyed. Often ne jobs tuc suji^ested. EciJoit I made back to the club BVEIIV MKMDEU GETS WliACK AT JOIW Thos-e with proper qualificaUor apply, under a code number. So llcitors can't tlienuelves directl lake jobs they dig up~.|he O ppor tunlty must be reported buck l< the club so that all have T wharl nt it. More than GOOD Chicago firm, have been canvassed by the Chi cage club. Merrill Humphries, the rounder lias long since gone back to privatf industry. The club personnel 1' constr.r.tly rotating. •• None is. paid, hence there is no incentive-to create, a permanent machinery. The president Is democratically elecled. Applicants must fill out elaborate expeHenco charts, nnd be voted on for membership, -j,,,., safeguards general reliability o! members nnd also keeps the membership in balance as to kimls of ability represented. . • A street in London is named "Bread and Holls." Sign the New Register at the Ritz I^ST^|ME|i TODAY A BCAUTIFOl THAT Will 'STIR YOUR EMOTIONS . . . AND OPEN YOUR EYES! •i«nim GERALD1NE F5T2GERALD IS GEO«GE-JlfF«Ey 1YNN-OAIE rAOE 1'nn.lXnrf.JlTU.r^Ui^.AWAISIl UOI.r^f«. '/ >7 »UPI »,». • I...4 M , /(„ . r * vl KiB.^.L ^, w , Also News JL- Come:!v FRIDAY, MAR. 22 250 Good Uc.-iscms Why Vim Should Attend HH ROflCK ?,„„;; HOW, lh» YIA" 5 MOSI IMPOBTANr P ofMICi ty JOHN STEINBECK , MIVKESS KUBKlll -BEIIT iltll .lOJ tmnirA Also Selected Shorts Cnmiotr Tucsflay, Blarch 2(ith For a Week's Utin "GONE WITH THE WIND" ROXY LAST TIMES TODAY I'AL NIGHT Pal Night 2 admitted for the: price of i Kdtnuml [.owe and Kosc llobarl "Wolf of New York" Also Selected Slinrts TIM. & SAT. MAIS, 22-2;} ! , ' ' ' p 1 '- 1 --- nwardod a potted plant." I. N. 'I'. Club ,M«.( S I ... j Miss Ilidiy jmie i.mnsdcn was husiivis to Ihe members of tlio T. N. T. C)ul> 'nn>Mlny I invn'ncc livnl !u-ir es of ICwinell lo work vvltli Sn \ Uodfiers Tlicatcr. . illed lh ,1. I'lvnl here Munilny lo work illi '', "• s - K'lliliU'i'i's. he Aileen Mulllkln, Misse-i p.S'lli. ivily and Cilibcit I'dtl Over Mrs. !,u» fi CO ini'inUt-rs or civic clubs from Warden I'oplar HlnfV. Kennett. Sleelc, Clitirleslon find Holland atunided a luncheon Tuesday at Uio IVesbylerlmi Church given ijy the ScMo mid Womiiii's Clubs of Cimithursvlllu in honor or M,- s . Davis S.' I,oni; of Ifarrisoiivilh-. Mo, M,-S. Loim & Hie viallfd friends her <l;w evening. '1'lie Hcv. Wiiync CH'ay i\nd Dr. t lilllp Aqiilnn drove (o O^x:t'oln. Ark, nnd nticiided the noon lunch- con oS the »o(nry Club of Hint city Tuwjilfty, nt ivliicli the Rev. Orny, district notary gorci-nor, "Hide (lie prlndiHil iiddrcss of the ineelinu. Mrs. Hoy Poster and Frnnklc Leo of Fort Arthur Te nr- Mr,' mill Mrs, Kennel!. Ar3wr moved this week lo Iho Iliiijh Half? rosldciu'e on Knst Klflli sti<-et, visit. Mrs. Cosier lell tlio follow»ill ilny. nccompaiilcd by her mother, Mrs. Cieoriila lloopor, who will visit wllh her before si,,. |. ws to Itilnkloy, Ark., whetv .she will iniil.v her Inline- wild another diuitililcr, Mrs. Evn Uoiinclt. . . . i; l,w Dennett, remained here. lo visit wllli his u>'«'i()p;irenis Mr' and Mrs. l.ei> Dennett. John Van Ausdiill nrrlvcd hero Wednesday from Vnmlnblli University in, Nashville, Temi.. where hi' Is ntlomUiiij school, ll<> will spend the ouster holidays with innvnts, Mr. mid Mis J H Vim Atisdnil, ' ' Miss Min-y Limrn TlstntU will ie turn homo f rom si. .'.ouls Is enjploye.l lo spend the Busier holidays. Misses Deity Crysler nnd Mnr- lorle Jo Hninlol])h nnd Cnpi- cinl- lun will iinive Aridity nifiht to Cnrutlimvl ||,e i. : ,,. Htw e .,. Hw lillday.s with friencls mid relatives ' Miss c'ry.iler phens <:o)]i>i;<> uul the Inner n stiuleiii nt Ste in culumliln, Mo iivo iii'u nttendliii.' ' the University of Missouri tlien>. 1'HIUOKM'HIA (ill' I — Itownvil Evrrrlt, 29, was iimtitcd for nuik- n(! roimlerfi'll. JiO-mit pieces Itc "Id police Hint he leitniMl to wiiku (hem while In the county Jnil. "t uverheurd some prisoners explulntiii; how coins wore wi«li>, so I paid close iilU'iitlim," Kvevi'tt suld. Tlic prisoner mlinllli';! passing the coins In dice names. Fleet Joyner Say: Vim (live. Me Your Cits nusltioss I'll Cilve Von (lie •THICK" —SAVE— JOYNEU OIL CO. Demonstration Club News Notes I'll Club Steels Nineteen meinhm liicIudliiB two new memlicrs of the ncll Homo Di'inoiistutlloji elnb and three aunts ntiendwl n meeting In the home of Mrs. o. P. Armstrong Frl- ilny iiftcrnoon. Mis. 1,. M. Moody gnvn iliti devotional. The history of the sonif, 'Oh Susanna", wns given by Mrs! H. A. Cli-emwny nfter which the loni! was RUIIH by the group. Mrs Armsli-oiiK wns the pianist. The. proRram, "I'liiinilnB Our Wiirdrolje" wns in chnrBo or Mrs A Oi'ceiuvay with Mrs. K 0 ss, nils. W. U, Howard nud Mrs, R M Woodmil nsslstlng her. KXf'BRT WA, . . MACHINE SKR%. ivy —All iMnkes-^i^i. PHONE 233 _ We linvc seemed the servfee-s S Mr. 1'Jillllp 7?rfo, a factory trained Maying Sertke Man HARDAWAY, Al'PLIANCK CO. Kcrvloe On All Makes Radios—Refrliteralor* 20(1 W, Main Phont 2M The Easier Parade Sta at - "JOE ISAACS,*" We Have Your Suit for Easier CURLEE GUARANTEED SUITS, l'iir Inie cninfort ami smjrl upi^anince Ret inlii a GUI Ice 'Glchnven Ouliardliie in tin- new Teal Him- or (jrccti . . also and |:or.ular imlterits liu' fworslccls. T|]ftT 1 .s--iiu-lini'r Suit" made,'', dollar fur dollar, Ilinii Oiirlce. Srr thein tociny.. $14 95 SUITS ^f ^^:. r .... .i.n.._ .. .'. liatttrns and, slylrs In tlicsc'two iiopular price Brnups. All SJMS. "Mix Your Own" SUITS The hesl dressed younjj men arc mixing their own suils. Sec inn- showing of S por I j Coals and Slacks. Sport Coats SLACKS Ijargc [ilfildsp Ncrrmg-lMinr.v A complete ass'orlincnt of nnd Mixturc.s }» the most young men's slacks for wrur populnr spring colors, Slylcs wllh Spnrl Coats, AH sl/r«, I hut arc j)ujmhir everywhere, colors and styles. * I m , UHm milFusiLt2~: ~UK Also Comedy & Serial Kit Carson No. 13 LISTEN TO KLCN 11 i00 a.m. — n:K p.m. —4:3 p.m. Phone Rlti «U Phone Rosy 383 PREP SUITS Newest Spring Styles SiriiiK inln Easier Sunday \vifh one of these attractive Crop Suits. Sizes lo fit (he "hard In fit" hi^i, school boy. A liccmlf- fu) showing of nciv patlrrns anil colors $50 Jg Get Into a New HAT Easter Sunday You need something on your head so why not a ha I? Here are (he correct styles and colons at popular prices. $95 to $3 Frtiil of (he Loom SHIRTS "Fruit ot (he Loom" is your guarantee cf Quality. Kvcry shirt Sanforized shrunk. A (treat array of colorful patterns. $150 i -and of course YOU'LL need SHOES Tivo-fone sporl styles or Macks and tan* In approved styles for wear now and laler. $2,98 S3.49 $3.95 Tlw Easter Parade. Starts at JOE ISAACS, Inc. If You're a Stickler for Style and Value, !o , Iswitcs' for nil -your clothesl Choose your Spi-fiit'-ihi'u-Siimmcr wnnlrohe hefc today. . . nt our (iiniotis low prices. Classy Jean Frocks $16.95 up Justine Frocks $3.95 to $14.95 Oilier Dresses $2.98 to $29.75 "Justine. SPORTEES QuJlc (lie "n If Ilex" for loun^itiff or outdoor uctlvl- lirs . . . ,3j>orlx hlousir ivllh" plcutctt ilqcks lit 1 , a" ultlt- ratine of color.s. $3.95 $5.95 $7.95 Litile HATS for a Rijy Easter 198 JLiin Woixicrriilly smart iiy\v Inils . . . styles for everyone In Slr;i\vs, Fabrics ami Tells. iHirpp, incd hi m un (1 snuill shapes. Children's Taffeta Frocks Smart Httlc froch.s,for "smart liillc girls" rib , . . .vs.snr(cd colors. Sizes G (o 12. LADIES' SHOES nine rumps or a Black Patent Tump wllh Cabnrdlno trim arc two Spring favorites. Aftuvy other .'(.vies, loo! $2.98 S3.95 Saddle Oxfords $1.98 Paris Hose 79c-$t • §1.25 New Hand Baas ; $1

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