Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 19, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1934
Page 3
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^,...' ''Tueste. June. 10,1934 • _. > icons, TELEPHONE 321 Musings When the work of day is over, And you homeward wend your wuy, To he solved some other day And when you have reached your dwelling, And the door you step within, For the little gnni( that's waiting Do your best to have a grin! Selected. The American Legion Auxilary will hold their regular meeting Wednesday afternoon at It o'clock at tho home of Mrs. H. O. Kyler on South Hamilton street. The June meeting for the pro-school study group will be held at 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, with Mrs. Oliver Erringer at the homo of Mrs. Aline Johnson E 3rd street. All members are urged to be present. Mrs. R. T. White left Tuesday morn- Ing for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stewart in Vicksburg and Mr. and Mrs. Ess While in Jnekson, Miss. The annual flower mission program will be given by the Womens Christian Temperance Union Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mg^JWabel Ethridgo and Mrs. W. Y. fitter Jr., N. Main street. If there has ever been a time when the spirit of the flower mission • was needed, that time is now. Friendliness is opportunity, and deeds of kindness may win friends to the cause. Why worry—it's cool at the— NOW — lu;rc thcy alx ' ! Tllose i 2 famous Nit-wits of the Net-works! — IKE SCREEN . . . in their tint to length stoning picture TOGETHER Storl of Radio') Popular O»l Cigiii" Hour... GUY LOMBARDO HIS ROYAL CANADIANS GEORGE BURNS GRACIE ALLEN "MAN/ HAPPy RETURNS" A P«f *mou nl Pieiur. —and 3 good short units. Coming—THUR-FRI Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dabbs were Monday gnqsts of friends in the city onroulc to their home in Little Rock 1'rc'm'a visit with relatives in Dallas, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ilayncs left Tuesday morning for Marion, Ala- 'bama, where they will outer their son Charles in the Military Institute. o M.ips Marie Black left Tuesday morning for n visit with friends in Wcslauo, Texas. After a visit with Jier mother, Mrs. Fred Webb, Mrs. Lewis Nicholson has returned to her home in Shrove- port. Dr. and Mrs-. W. G. Allison had us week end guests, Mrs. E. E. Allison and son Dr. Peel Allison of Conway. , Miss Lillian Moore of Sikesville, Md.. is spending the summer vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Moore. Alley Wood, G. V. Keith. Giles Gibson and Polishing Floyd left Sunday for a weeks camping trip at Bullock Springs. Mrs. Burlon Parker of Nashville is the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Floyd. Miss Angle Lee Smith was hostess on Saturday evening to the members of her class. 22 in number, at her home on S. Main street. Tlie young hostess entertained the guests on her lawn, which was brilliantly lighted and made very »t,truetive with growing flowers. A delightful sandwich course WOP served with punch and Dixie cups. Misses Edith Harper, Mary Louise Dodd, Pauline Jones, Josephine Morris and Winnie Lee Floyd left Sunday to attend summer conference of the Christian Endeavor societies on Mt. Petit Jean near Morrillton. o—— Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith left Tuesday afternoon for Bate.sville, to ;it- tend the funeral of Mrs. Smith's uncle R. M. Crow. who passed away on Sunday at his home, in Sulphur Rock. The funeral services will be held ;il 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon from the home which he occupied for 77 years. Miss Mary Aline Turner, who hos been the guest of her uncle, Jimmie Embrce and Mrs. Embree for the past two weeks will leave Wednesday for a five weeks stay ut Camp Joy/.elle near Monte Ne, Ark, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Tunslall announce the arrival of a little son, June 19, ut the Josephine hohpital . Friends will be glad to know that Mrs. Ulmer H. Jester, who underwent a major operation at the Josephine hospital Monday night, is reported as doing nicely. CONGRESS FINALLY (Continued from page out) and the independents voting together. After a brief discussion of the measure by Dill and others Hastings ;ig;iin Free Arch with eacli shampoo and finger wave this week. ?0.50 Permiuicnts $-1.0(1 Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 287 Cannon Apartments Evangelist Speaks on the Holy Word Rev. Pistes Says World Today Is Organized "Against the Gospel" Evangelist Chester Esles spoke Mon- diiy night iit Ihe Church of Christ on "The Power of God's Word." He showed how people had tried, in all agps, to discredit the Word of G,od; Hint there never WHS » time when Ihe world wns. so organised as now, ;iy;iin,'jt Die gospel. He further showed by the exomple of Naamon (2 Kings 5:> (he rich nini) in hell (Luke Ifii, thill people are inclined to wnnt srmc'lhim! .supernalural inateucl of the plnin Word of God. lie jiuvi 1 tome demonstrations of the power of the Word, by noting that it is the .seed of the kingdom, that it healed the leper, the blind received sight, the storm was .stilled, the dead v/us raised and that, all things are held in plate by the power that is chm-.'ii'lerislic of the Word of God; that it is "quick and powerful, and sharpc.T than any twoedgcd sword, piercing oven to the dividing asunder of the .soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thuughts and the intents of the heart." He .stated that the greatest charge Hint the church has ever received is to pi-each the word. 2 Tim. 3:14-17; •1:1-8; that men are preaching but what arc they preaching? Every thins! under the sun except the Word of Gild. "What does it mean to preach the Word? To preach' Christ, the Word. Jesus and the gospel means the same tiling. There is nothing that the .'•iiim-i- ncuds in conversion which the Weird of God doe:! not furnish. By it one is begotten 1 Cor. 4:15; Jas. 1:18, born again 1 Pet. 1:23 verse 25, quickened l-sa 11!!:50. receives faith Heb. 11:6; Kotn. 10:13-17; Acts, 15:7, has his heart purified Mt. 5:8; Acts 15:9, purifies his .soul 1 Pet. 1:22, is converted Psa. 19:7. is made clean Jno. 15:3, is saved Jas. 1:21-25. After he becomes a Christian, the Word of God furnishes him with food for spiritual strength 1 Pet. 2:1, light by which to walk Psa. HSI.-lOf) and comfort and consolation in the huiir of death Mt. 19:14; Rev. 14-13." Since there is such an interest in the religious realm concering the ques- lion of the return to Jerusalem, Mr. Esles has chosen as his subject for Tuesday evening: "Lei's Go to Jerusalem." Mr. C. L. Bradley of Morrilton, Arkansas, who is directing the singing for the meeting, is giving a 15 minute song drill before beginning the regular service. Ice Cream Supper at Blevins on Saturday An ice cream supper will be given Saturday night in the "Blevins High School building, sponsored b,y BJevins Home Demonstration club. Proceeds will go to a community benefit fund to erect a canning kitchen. A full evening of entertainment is premised, which will be featured by a beauly contest. A cake will be awarded to the winner. Music will be furnished by the John Riclgdill string band. County candidates will be given the opportunity to make announcements. took the floor to resume his filibuster, reading reports, pamphlets and transcripts of committee hearings. The party leadership had patched up ils row with the insurgents and announced it was waiting only for an opportunity to break the filibuster. Realizing the impossibility of his lone task, Hastings loo, capitulated and the jam broke. WHITE! Stripes! New Prints! ES Every type and style of dress you want! Stunning flowery prints—exquisite pttstel)} —"play-stripes," the sports favorite—and lota of WHITE! Many with jacket», or swagger length coats! You won't stop at one of these! Misses'! Women's! They iaik Value! Rayon Vests'with picot trim, arm stretch straps! Elastic- waist-and-kne« bloomers! Panties in band-bottom, step-in, short or brief styles! Light-weight plain- knit rayon, not stretched or loaded! Vests 84-42: others small, medium and large! C. PENNEY : Festival Revival for Hope Dropped Young Business Men's Association Finds Support Inadequate Due to lack of financial backing among Hope business houses, the young Business Men's association in its meeting Monday night decided against an attempt to revive the ftim- ed Hope Watermelon festival. Reports were submitted by committees after a 'canvass of the downtown section, which indicated lock of support and co-operation among the city's business and professional men. It is not likely that any other civic organization or community group will attempt to revive the festivfil which ended four years ago. ... mi * m Air Corps Chief WfflBe fasted House Investigators Recommend That Foulois Be Removed WASHINGTON. — (ff>) — Unanimous nnd forme} recommendation for the immediate removal of Maj. Gen. Benjamin D. Foulois as chief of the army Air Corps was made Sunday to the Secretary of War by a house investigation committee. The report, also to be presented to President Roosevelt .accuses Foulois of "dishonesty," "gross misconduct," "inefficiency," inaccuracy,' "unreliability," "incompetency" and "mismanagement," 'Praising the "young men! whp flew army planes under Foulois' direction, the report concludes: "We find it necessary to report that we are most firmly convinced from the evidence and records submitted, that before any substantial progress in the upbuilding of the morale and material of the army Air Corps can be attained, Maj. Gen. Benjamin D. Foulois must, be relieved from his position as chief of the Air Corps. "We unanimously recommend that the secreary of wa rtake such action without delay." Committee Members The report, submitted to the house by a military affairs sub-committee, which has been studying army purchases for four months ,was signed by Chairman Rogers, Democrat, New Hampshire, and Representatives Hill, Demo.cr.at, Alabama, Montet, Democrat, Louisiana; Harter, Democrat. Ohio; James, Republican, Michigan; Goss, Republican, Connecticut; Plumley, Republican, Vermont; and Kvale. Farmer-Labor, Minnesota. They expressed the hope.that conditions disclosed- in the report "will bo remedied before the convening of tho next congress'' so tho committee then may proceed with other plans for improving the air corps. Their vulminous report referred to "certain voaltions and evasions of law and army regulations by, also the gross misconduct and inefficiency of," Gen- .era! Foulois "and other executive officers under liis command." Particular exception wns taken to the fact that army airplanes had been bought by negotiation insead of after competitive bidding. Wilful Violations Charged "Despite the provisions of the Air Corps act of 1926 and the interpretations thereof by the judge advocate general of the army the evidence discloses deliberate, wilful and intentional violations of the law by the chief of the air corps, aided and abetted by his assistants in charge of procurement," the committee asserted. Because the intention of the 1926 low to assure competition for quantity airplane purchases was "evaded," the committee said: "There has developed a pernicious unlawful system detrimental to the progress of the Air Corps and to the adequacy of our national air defense. Tliis system has resulted in favoritism and discrimination." "The negotiation" system was held to have been developed by "the simple means of flouting the law repeatedly with impunity." Situation Serious "The details of national defense being confidential,' 'the report continued, "we deem it inadvisable to present a detailed discussion of the present inr efficient stains of Ihc air corps as to equipment, management and personnel. However, we feel that the situation is such as to merit the concern of .those most vitally interested and charged with the prime d.uty of national defense." Home Clubs Helton The Belton club met June 12 at the home of Mrs. J. L. Eley with nine regular members and one new member Mrs. Alfred Peters, and five visitors. •Tlie demonstration were on jelly and .cheese making. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. J. W. Siddp.n, on July 10, the demonstrations being on' fruit and vegetable canning. Two of our present U. S. senators are blind. . . 10 Killed as Cuba Patriots Parade Machine-Guns Spray Death Into Ranks of ABC Marchers HAVANA, Cuba—(XP)— Machine gun bullets sprayed death into the ranks ,of 30,OOOABC paraders Sunday as the climax of two days ot guerilla ppH- lical warfare, which killed three wojm- en and at least 10 men and wounded more than 50. Dead and wounded sprawled on the fashionable Prado boulevard, mowed down by bullets of radical gunmen sworn to break up the ABC society fiesta, a two-day gala political affair, while thousands of panic-stricken onlookers lined the streets of the capital. Persistent rumors said the ABC's had succeeded in seizing an automobile from which their attackers had operatde a machine gun, and burning four of its occupants to death. Police claim to have no knowledge of such an incident and the Emergency hosiptal said only one man was killed in the automobile, while two others were wounded. The newspaper, Information, published a story saying it was learned the four occupants of the machine, all Polish, had been burned to death, and their bodies never reached the hospitals or morgues. The machine gun assault had. apparently been pre-arranged and timed to create a maximum of terror. The ABC marchers were moving southward along the Prsdo. As they neared Lovely skins and hair require professional treatment through the summer months. Let us advice you. Lewis Beauty Salon Experience Counts Phone 39 All Wool Swimming Suits Sizes 30 to 34 Priced,$1.00 to. $1.95' Your choice of any of these for 50 c Briant's Drug Store the intersection of Neptuno street a burst of rife uounred into their ranks froiii the side streets. The marchers werp prepared. They surrounded a flag: bearing leader, dropped to their knees in a circle facing outward, and returned the fire with pistols. The flag-bearer staged a remarkable display of courage, onlookers remarked, as he held his' banner aloft while victims fell all around, him, His cohorts returned the fire util the attack- ens broke and fled. Then the marchers continued, singing and shouting to Fraternity park, four blocks distant. Utah territory was created in Washington in 1850, but the news did not reach Salt Lake City until four months later. It w.gs sent by steamer aqound Cape Horn to San Francisco and thence by pack mule to Salt Lake City. With weather conditions pigeons fly more than a iriife a in! ute. «» «.«» Crime hag increased in England about 25 per cent since the War. New Powder 61 Girlish MELLO.-CrJIrCs the new face will keep your skin from exposure and preserve its youth.- The French process by which it is makes it stay on longer, smoother, and will not c.Ibg Jh Its special tint is youthful. _ iL . ness or irritation with .MELlXJ* 1 Try this new wonderful face 50c and $1. . Cool Summer Frocks ....for Children 'TOLLY PRIM" 98c A timely showing of three smart groups of children's dresses.- The Polly Prim comes in Voile, Organdy and Pique. Sizes C-14. "MARY NEWTON" $1.69 $1.98 Two. price' groups feature the Mary ton. ,Organdies at ?1.69. Piques at Also Organdy and Pique combinations. "SARI DE SAIX" $1.98 $2.98 IJbcse dresses are the peak of quality. Voiles, Organdy and Swiss in a full range of sizes. THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Geo. W. Robison £K Co HOPE WE.GIVE EAGfcE STAMPS PltESCOTT NASttVHJkE Th e c 1 fli • •Mm. •». <Mf «P» off »f~ 1 ff' *T) •4/Z.m- i tk&t/ Jam petteSil / "HESEARETHE * •*, X MILDEStttAYE&r THIY COST MORE Wherever the finest tobaccos grow—in oiir own Southland, in Turkey, in Greece—all" over the world, we gather the very Cr,eam,of the tobacco Crops for Lucky Strike. A#d that means only (he clean center leaves. The center leaves are the mildest leaves—they cost more-—they taste better. These clean center leaver are the only ones used in making "It's toasted" / Luckies are afwas kjnti' to your throat Luckies. Then "It's toasted"—fox throat protection. And every Lucky isfully packed with these choice tobaccos—made round and firm, free. Jfro,m loose ends-^that's why Luckies "keep in condition"—why you'll find that Luckies do not dry outran iwpofr. tcmtpoint to ewty smoker. Naturally, Luckies are always in ajl-ways kind, to your tlxroat. W >\ Only the Center Leaves-time are the Mildest Leaves itvl-l. IKK. '"'• Afiurlwi Tvtwccu Cu

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