Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 4, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1932
Page 3
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..w Hdr * Mttt Rfce ft ,,„,„ der, and Innocent, and mild, J could «w~th* world tfcmigft a i joyotw ffufldp fttte *Bd tyre, find swell, end fctfirf, i .Were then no sorrow and $»* wi t B| 6ft wild, M one had a newt ttke,« twle child. F<»try, love and truth wetild feign, Afia the years be /res of regret and ipein, Laughter ahd mlrtfi, peace and light, Artd the sunshine d*y, and th* Iran' qull nignt; Better than fame and vroalth up-piled, ft .to hay* a heart like a little «hild, •**Ri Lii Ifiy attd Mrs. K K Newton and IJt- t« daughter, Alice, who hav* b«*H «U«t« of Mr, and Mrt. W, W, Ducketl fi» the past few days left Friday to* •**- tome in Llftl* Hock, • Thursday evening at 7:30 on the day evening at 1-30 o'clock on the jrjrtHttarttoe floor of the Saenger Theatre, the organization of the Hope Little Theatre was perfected, as follows: Mrs J. R. Henderson, president; Miss Miriam Carlton, vice president; Miss Elsie Reed, secretary and treasurer; Billy Bob Hemdort, publicity chairman, At a meeting to be held on Friday further plans will be discussed for the success of this popu~ lar community project. Circle No, 3 of the Woman's Missionary Society of the First Methodist church will hold their March meeting oh Monday afternoon -at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Charles Briant o South Main street, with Mrs. Eat White and Mrs. G. M. Green as asso elate hostesses. Miss Thelma'Joe Cobb was hostess on Thursday evening to the members of Just a Mere Bridge, Club at he home on West Fifth street. A quantltj of beautiful spring flowers brighten ed the rooms, which were attractively arranged for three tables. In the score count, Mrs. Frank Hicks won high score. At the conclusion of the game the hostess served a delicious salnc plate with tea. Circle No. 2 of the First Methodist Missionary S6ciety, will meet on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. John Arnold on North Hervey street, with Mrs. Horace Jewell and Mrs. Edwin Ward as associate hostesses. The Woman's Auxiliary of St. Marks Episcopal church will meet on Monday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. John Barlow on North Pine street. L. W. Young, R. R. Forster and Kline Snyder motored to Shreyeport on Friday to attend a, banquet of the Arkansas Natural Gas Company to be held in that city; on Friday evening. i Among the members^ the Senior* ' High school faculty attending the meeting of the Arkansas Education Association convening in Little Rock this week are Miss Beryl Henry, city superintendent; Miss Martha Virginia Stuart, Miss Elise Reed. LOCAL Transfer Service Stringer & Webb PHONE 501 or 917 Phone 380 The Electric Number BACON ELECTRIC COMPANY Band Box Star fft," S'2, Y > RUTH ROYAL, star of the BAND BOX REVUE, which closes Its engagement at the Saenger (today) Friday. Dorsey McRae, Jr., made a business trip to .Nashville on Friday. Miss Nadine Conley entertained her Sunday school class of the First Chrls- ian Sunday school, Mrs. J. A. Davis, eacher on Thursday evening at her lome on West Sixth street. The home was bright and gay with a quantity f beautiful spring flowers, and games nd contests Were enjoyed throughout the evening. Delightful' refresh ments were served to about 25 of the ounger set. J. T. Conley made a business trip to little Rock on Friday. Thursday March 3rd marked the 36th nniversary of the organization 6f the 'at Cleburn Chapter\,ynited Daiujjif ers of the 'Confederacy"; .This chapter das the distinction'Of being the first hapter organized in the state and the second chapter organized west of the Mississippi river. The Pat Cleburn Chapter was organized in March 1898 y the late Mrs. C. A. Forney at the Id Cumberland Presbyterian church, with only the requisite number, seven. On Thursday afternoon at the home f Mrs. S. L. Bracy on Division street rith Mrs. Ida Boyett, Mrs. J. D. Tern- I leton, Mrs. J F Gorin and Mrs ' •eorge Spragins as associate hostesses Jie chapter celebrated the 36th anni- ersary of the organization with the ollowing interesting program present- d by Miss Maggie Bell: Reading of 4ie minutes of the first chapter meet- ng by Miss Bell, followed by a memorial reading ,by Mrs. George Sprag- ng of the Pat Cleburne Chapter or- anizatlon paying tribute to Mrs. orney-Smith, the organizer and the rst president, and on outstanding gure in the U. D. C. work. As a lemorial to those gone before, Mrs. '. W. Duclcett read Albert Pike's ... p|iWi«e<Rly in an'effoft to hit (WyiBIUm of why the fttetjf . made* oM the books of his eomptij' risRt fhentns after the money 1 %« paid him, ttdgan testified* he placed the $57,* C09 td his Credit with th» bfokefHgfc firm of Fehner and Beatte, and *peC' ulated in Mocks. He dented he ever paid eofflmiftlons ta any persowi connected with the highway department, of to dealers from whom he purchased: materials. . Hogah said the entry of the charge against him on the Hogan books was not made until last month, as It 'Was Withdrawn on the agreement, of' his partners to speculate, and that it represented IncomeMagt year he must Include (A his federal Income jtax re* port nexi month. • Hogan testified the contract he had 1 With the highway department recited that the- state was to pay him $500 a day rental on' equipment from the day It was placed on the ground ready for work. He said he moved it to Arkad'elphla in December, 1930, but that It was not used until the latter part of April. He explained this) by saying the highway department widened the road and made other changes Which prevented him from starting Work. The total claim for the rental Item alone, Hogan testified, was $115,000, representing 230 calendar days the equipment Wa son the job. Of this, $f 1,500 was rental o nthe machinery .while It was Idle, and before Construction work started. Two Members Disagree Both Parks and Matthews .were questioned |ati\eru):h us to [ifieir knowledge of the-"cost plus" contracts, by which the contractors billed the' highway department for all material and labor costs, plus 15 per cent as profit. Both commissioners denied knowledge of the existence of such • contracts, and stated they felt the $500. a day rental charges "out of all rea* son." Matthews said he recalled resolutions passed at commission meetings authorizing Blackwood to 'go ahead with force work jobs where we felt the work was in the nature of an f m .Jjl*' ?• »/< i »»m~». *• 5 ,i II IPltA MQKiM H&S Sm ANO OFF: to eo Saturday Last Day Miss Freeland, beauty expert representing Barb'ara Gould beauty aids, will be at Cox's Toilet Goods .counter all-day Saturday giving advice on the care of the skin. She will not give uny free facials on this day. Friday is the lust day-for this service. Jno, P. Cox Drug Co. 84 We Give"Eagle Stamps poem, "Every Year" Auld Lang Syne was sung by the chapter as a memorial to the last Captain C. A. Bridewell and B. P. Haynes who assisted in the organization of t)\e chapter. As a memorial to one of the chapter members, Mrs. Mary T. Bell, her' greant grandson, George Ruffin Marshall played a violin selection, accompanied by. Miss Maurine Dodson. The program closed with the singing of "God Be With You Till We Meet Again." For the occas- sion the Bracy home was aglow with a quantity of lovely spring flowers. Following a short business period conducted by the president, Mrs. Edgar Briant, the hostess served delicious refreshments. Out of town guests present were Mrs, J. J. Battle, .Mrs. Monroe Cox and Mrs. Otis Parks of Fulton. TIMES FRIDAY-^ One of the Snappiest stage Shows Ever to Play Hope RUTH ROYAL BAND BOX REVUE | A PSOPL£_MOSTfcY GIRLS 4 g F«»twre Piciuret-BARBARA STANWYCK i» 'FORBIDDEN' —SATURDAY ONLV- DOU8LE FEATURE PROGRAM RICHARD DIX —In— "SECRET SERVICE" BUZZ BARTON -In"THE CYCLONE K I D' Call 670 Whei f e Price, Quality & Service All Meet Home Cooked Ham. ROBISON°GRO, CO. Fourth & Washington Jn tht dough, Th«n in Iht oy«n. You c«n bt lurt ef ptrftft baking* in M»in|~ BAKING POWDER SAME PRICE FOR OVfcK4Q VfAHS 25 for 25c Ml t LION S Of POUI4OS UbtD B V O U H C U V t W H K1 k „ 1 1© 1932 BV NW Srffifc xk-':;; "He probably won't come into his .money for 20 yews, so it would be just like marrying an old / >han. experiment," He said all the resolutions related to retread orV and that' the commission decided to experiment after it found it had insufficient money to put higher type surfaces on the roads. ' ' The "cost "plus" contracts, of which Hogan said he had several with. the highway department, were not advertised, he testified, but were made in the form of letters addressed to Blackwood, detailing the equipment to. be used and other stipulations, which were accepted by Blackwood as evidenced by his endorsement. • Hogan said he held a voucher'from the highway department of about $43,000, against Which a warrant had ; not been issued, "for .the state has no money with which to^tfay it" He saldf. he still claims $10,000 or $12,000 more on the Arkadelphia-Hot Springs project Although his testimony shows he already has been paid more than $100,000. Mattehws said it was his idea that &tt»fty«A tjr toe ... jrfice.as a when he atteWpteTto' dutlan It Wirt with a pelt 6f pUtm Her was a niewfce* of a crew worMng on the Btts*t lighting system At 9t»* teerfth dntfVitte streets, ,. **•" Wj H. C*flf r foreman, said, the vHre wan, believed "dead," and ihat Haft was attifnptfHg to cut the w$rfc while standing. 6h the damp ground wfth'an uninflilaled pair of pliers, ft Bl' * ttiated thit 110 volts of electricity ed through his body. He wait ^™ when; n«» Cached Baptist State Hos- ABotti«f*ihember of the u =^,^>.= KoldlhS'lHe .wire, which Was ln«ulated, Artd )tnm it away from Mart's hand when he^aW that the wire has charged. ./, The body was held Wednesday night at the Owens it do. ch*el r but protf- ably wl(I be rembved to the family residence Bt 1415'W^t Ninth street today. Mr. rtart is survived by his Wife; one aon, C, L. Hart, Detroit, Mich.; four daughters, ' Mrs. JR.- £. Biendott and Miss Ina Hart of Worth Little ftbck, 'an'd Mrs, John Greenhaw and Mrs. Fred Deudek of Little Rock; by oft* sister, Mrs< f, if Andrews of Jacksonville, ahd by two grandchildren. Mr, Hart Was.a,deacon of ing Cross Baptist church. .gar- the type of surfacing used on kadelphla-Hot Springs project ahould not cost more than $4000 a mile, or S60.000 for- the 15 miles included in Hogan's share of the 32 mile stret „ S. A. Casey, Harry J, Lemley, Jui „_ W. J. Waggoner and Judge S. H. Mahn sought by questioning to show that the contract was illegally awarded to Hogan, because it involved more .than J1000. In all cases, Judge .Waggoner said, as he read! a section of act 65 of 1S29 on the subject! where the amount of the contract involves $1000 or more, the law requires that the bids be requested.' ''.?••'.• '• . . • . . ..••' ' ' ". Be Sure arid Consult Our /Windows For Special Values On SUGAR—EGGS—BUTT ER—FLOUR and SHORTENING ,'..'• . '•:'!'...'. . , , V v In fact all of your table needs before making your purchases. 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Jar 23c Assarted Fluff Cakes—Uneeda Bakers Ib. 15c Flake Butter Crackers pound box 14c RED Potatoes 10 Lbs 18c TEXAS Grape Fruit 4 ^ lOc FANCY Winesap Apples 2 Doz 25c LETTUCE-large firm heads each 6c BANANAS-firm yellow fruit 2 Ibs. 9c Economy Oats—3'/z Ib. pkg 12c CANDY BARS—3 for .10c IONA COCOA—2 Ib. can 25c Chum Salmon—tall >can lOc Lux Soap Flakes—large ?. 25c Lux Soap Flakes—small... lOc Lux Toilet Soap—3 cakes 25c Ralston's Cereal—package 2lc Guest Ivory Soap—6 cakes. 25c Knox Gelatine—package 20c Coco Malt— 1 /2 Ib can 25c Nectar Tea— ! /4 Ib. package 15c Donham's Cocoanut—14 Ib lie lona String Beans—No. 2 can 9c Sultana Jelly—3 jar« .....25c Wesson Oil—pint 25c Calumet Baking Powder—Lb 25c Cupon Cigarettes—package RAISIN BREAD-Saturday Special Loaf 8c A&P Coffee 8 O'Clock, Ib 19c Red Circle, Ib. 25c Bokar, Ib. 29c GRANDMOTHER'S BREAD 16 oz L$af White 01-Whole Wheat... 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