Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 4, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1932
Page 2
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.«****>, V, ,-' j^B&'JI^ iifcik^ ifthrfi mf MtA at 1 .^mVtt-j U&fc^A ;*«• 'fSf&yl j*«* nHHWCIW* POVVT PNHIf TO rtteww, toipF *TT m.A&jaf '*.-. Ai^^fr. rlt. . itaS. ,tj m^.^^^. .',J iJjJlAJlU* r»; ,. . frtfcww wvtf&w'frr M* eofurt«ctk»ft of f un-teeother todd tach 1/iSr, W ffrtttUAfty ««tu« * ttfori STATE o» Ae ittfe Wfth . rt^JWrt, told d more ^Went dOtttrmtMni throuflh ' Lindbergh's Little Son the wdnd'rous skein of life that binds iiia the poor, the high and the lowly, as PS..,i.A..u;jJJ9. i 1>J i» who, looking across the , „.«,.„, —d:, '/You ttiink of it as a tj each different But you are wrqng. r is Idnespme and afraid/' of the smairson of Colonel and om their country home in New :•,-*£-—=•<- -„ million American, families as i^ltrlrt^ happened on eadh one's* doorstep. m^ijHr&uftes, kidnaping is the most despicable. s*r—Kp«pof every so many children stolen away jAeitoe-iire- never returned. &W«a Beater v crime'than murder, or a truly un- 'Mpm," it id the dooming of, an innocent child to an ^existence: That some have suffered this fate, &* "Whether done deliberately by revengful kid- yfailed,of ransom, or by accident, the record never 1* <'?* ,« x *' ^ * i ^^W-kidnaping story, strikes terj-or into men's ± * i -j^ptf J*^ **& ffi ^ ^ * if _,-_ .,— child. 1 Thfe'pi0hce«wlH never giye x peoplfe t of America .with one voice offer their - ^ympathy to Colonel and Mrs. Lindbergh who in tt are only another father and mother. On Writing a Book pf man who sets out'towrite a book usually fails "to realize "that he is entering one of the most 1 competitive fields there is. , it seems as if the/man with a yarn in his Ought not to have much^trbuble getting it printed. kpfKooJks get published every year, and some of them are, ^it .mildly, middling poor. It should be fairly simple to ie over if irs apy good'at all. plf the, reality is more discouraging, "-'ypical example is the case of E. P. Button and Co., fentative publishing house. , -spring Button is publishing 42 books, These were 'from more than 10,000 manuscripts that were sub»'Of the 10,000, approximately 1500 were held worthy n$j» consideration, not only by the editorial department sales, advertising, publicity and trade promotion is generally estimated," says John Macrae, Jr., vice lent of'the firm, "that most large publishing houses "g about |0 times as many manuscripts as they can give fr-consideration to. The others are obviously so poor i— *- - y e to be refused without this careful considera- • not to clog up the editorial offices and because £«xpense involved—the actual reading of a manuscript about $10." Nor is that-the worst of it. Of the 42 books this firm is Jjshing this spring, only 10 are first books by new auth- other 32 are all by writers who are well known to public and to the publishing trade. f What, then, is the aspiring young author up against T he blithely wraps up that distillation of dreams and dei which constitutes his manuscript and consigns it to the • He has just about one chance in a thousand. PQ you hope to become a writer? Think twice about it— * more than twice, in face, and accept the fact that the all against you, and consider the added fact that ; gets published your book probably won't make you p-jponey. Then, if you still feel you must write^go to it, 1 luck. The Naval Construction Bill ...., Naval Committee has approved the $980,000,* construction bill brought in by Chairman Frederic }f*u'n*, and early passage by the Senate has been j$F j¥»J#jeal leaders in Washington, _ remembering., however, that this is not an GSR biU. Passing it does not mean that Uneifl _HwMatelycommitted to the expenditure of all that In faei^rjudging by the comment* some senators fSftsdn* the bill in order to strengthen the hands ~*""Hi iwwsglltton ft* QenevftT^one might wonder 1 were $et a bluff. and appropriate money for that will mean that we have lost all « plans, Spending just under 8 ;ing ships is not exactly a paeifip •* sssrea ttUcsrtatoiy « , tecs*, tretnbllflg Blrl. H« had lttl«Wn Blfen for yeSJ-S. I "tdy daaf child, a prltAta Mom l«tt»t nscSBSttry," lie sold, ft know you well efloagh to Jell you you cah't afford It. Mike might b* a little mofe comfbrteble ,1* things were otherwise, but ha'a getting the best of care. You understand, HI* leu, private nnrses, private rooms— thdse things have to be paid for in advance." He had nut it all as gently M possible but the girt burned with agonizing shame. She wanted to cry out to him that it wasn't necessities she wanted tor Mike but all the luxuries, all the comforts that only money would buy. Instead she turned abruptly away. "Come on, mother," she said duietly, "We must go," When they reached home Molly fras stilt crying bitterly, softly, hopelessly. Steven's car stood in front of the apartment house. Lorene must have told him what had happened. Ellen saw him before tho others did and thought that never had she been so glad to see anyone. She ran from the cab to meet -him. As she felt the clasp of his hands and looked into his anxious, troubled eyes she thought she could break into team of thanksgiving. From then on everything went as she had known it would. There was no need for her to ask any-. itar to w« thef «fcl " ft tK^W^f t««;t_,,._..., wight ittyMBtrt? w*8 WftWou* but Uf«d 'aad, to^iifck fftite eth«f «nd exbau iftiAils ftl : thos»,Mo laved' H« otiljr turned m tumbled, .boy. m ,nead'«iiS look** at-them. Vile glflt left Ui8u but tyfo yed on. ^ , . . ' ''tojwiy Wjssy.taW flays fo., Motty iWht day;«frc! bight aUtte a( th« hospital. Tfa« two girti »»Bl oft working but with Molly- «a<) Mlke^away everything at hotae seemed Ulffereat. • • • > sisters spent so »u6h at the hospital that theft, no time to irtep (ha Wing smoelhfyi Still fused Steven's offer to maid,, refused also w tilee a .. tlon from the store. With debu ing up so rapidly she da . Sad knew Steven did not COffsidef the money,,he had spent for Irflke as ft debt but She was determined the slim should be repaid. •,-" * One thlfig Mike's illness had accomplished. Tho Immediate, «*l> gencles had thrust into (he background of Ellen's mind all thought of Larry' Harrowgate. When she remembered him it was with pain t>ht pain was routine now. Larry had gone with a'part of her own youth. The gayety and laughter represented*, were gone forever for her but there was no time to grieve about it. Mike's improved health, doing ier Work from day to day—these were the important things. Other people helped. Salomon s kind, indulgent of her frequent absences, Lorene was kind, too. Bllen felt she hardly deserved so much thoughtfulneas. What had she done for Lorene or for Salomon that they should take such pains< to make things easy for her? Above all, what had she done for Steven that bis business, his other interests, his other friends should give way before her Immediate need of him? Ellen did need him. She. had hours of weakness and despair. Mike did not rally from the opera* tlon as they had hoped he would. _ ,by HJitti « ._.. notfifng Jaterested of « • • CffiVfifyaatiM fttwuva be counted z&aiSft** 1 *-** bwMiiejfi'tend tnd <J0flM*nte of Id o« thetfl. hla cart Was coftsttfitly at f t6 o*W th«|«f there at«p they wished to ge, th remembered (9 lietp floWSfs B| the hOBpltal, rewotttbeted i diltf »u^ prili for Mlk«, Mj-fft ftftd Molly a<JttlMd;J(laS, losked up t8:,Wnt, ftdflfld m. Even Cert one Blflfn- ing shyly 'cofifessed to Ellen that her befiff Ma ttfAdliiftll? perWtt. tier beau? Elton flushed and then M field's atatcmeht go un- (iorreetid. Jief beau? WAI Steven She milled that she *ag think- Ing more abd iMore ot him. So often fife had Mid to Mm/ "How would - *-e have managed it it hadn't been for Steven?" She knew the nelghbothood was wondering about the car that was Always at the do6r. Her beau? Where" could one find tt beau more kind, mofe considerate? - ' Late doe August afternoon Steven came to the apartment a little in advance of Bert They had fallen into the habit, the four of them, of having an early fcupper together and then driving to the hospital, it was a comfortable, Informal arrangement that Wa3 always subject to unannounced revision. Bllen and Myra were in tho kitchen when Steven arrived. He wought with him.his usual offer. ing, a large box of flowers. They were old-fashioned garden flowers .his time. After being assured :hat there was nothing he could do :o aid the supper preparations 3teven ignored orders to wait In the living room and seated himself on one of the kitchen chairs. For some time he watched the sisters it their housewifely tasks and then IB spoke suddenly: 'Are you two satisfied with Mike's; progress?" "Satisfied?" Ellen echoed, a faint frown on her forehead. had been pulling threads of from golden ears of corn but she stopped now and turned to UUUMMVM AWV "I'm alt to & low, there'* thefef' netit It «re? trata ftttd tiBtttlUfifc "But ifti tftUfcM -rtfriir £,*«frfc.iit iBl i^YV /Wll I10II07 ^W *«*k 1 eableU Vienna and ( IdtiSfe *j ^Wfc'J a*% MM»» thS 6 TeB Bf, wnft ipinutd before you say Wiythtng, 1 didn't do this ott a hunch of wilhw&t &dtlce. 1 did ff beatuN DC. ffiitti wsufed tt», M did the other doctors at tft* ho* pltal, that it was the thing to do. I had your mother'* permission, I couldn't Ask (of yours." MyrA was sltent, but filleff WV* a vexed cry, "You nhoulda't have./ Toti shouldn't have." "Why aott" ha asked her levely, She found herself confused and trembling before the question. What he had done was BO sensible, so logical, s6 altogether wise. "It's only," Biien said thickly as her argument* seemed to melt away. "It's only that it'll be years , and years before Myra and I can hope to pay you back." She glancett at Myra and saw that her sister was in silent agree* tnent. Strangely she could find no pleasure in that knowledge. All at once she knew that she had been silly and school girlish to let so small a thing as pride stand in the way of Mike's welfare. Myra too was being silly. •Ellen," Steven asked In tho si* lonce. "are you being fair to want to shut me out now? Who would I help if I couldn't help you?" "No, Steven." she said slowly, I wasn't being fair." Throughout the dinner she was oddly subdued. Afterward when Myra and Bert mentioned the dishes she insisted that tho washing up be left for her and Steven. Myra hesitated, then saw something In Ellen's face that made her hurry Bert into the living room. Ellen closed the door that shut her and Steven into tho little world of the kitchen. She turned to his puzzled expectant eyes. "If you would sUll like to marry me, Steven," she_ said softly, "I Would like to marry you." (To Be Continued); ^ v"? Four Sta ivention .OttLAHOMAG . „._, nimur m^nlk •< 'dtutiHnF ttnft ' fcrtfrayat fttLA zrom four pnttim Will Bi*on» ^uw Drtml eottvefttttto of the tegtmtai —. trltl bf the United States Junior chain, her of e&mffletce here Mtfth 1149. ..Approximately 100, vllltort are,ex• . ' , A >j!3. «2.* *' • .„-!. -i .. Sedan Hunted on Pennsylvania Road Gasoline Station Worker Says Car Passed There With N. J. Plates POTTSVDLLE, Pa.—Pennsylvania state police searched the Reading pike between Pottsville and Pottstown, Pa, Wednesday night for a "large sedan with a New Jersey license plate" reported by a gasoline station attendant here to have contained "two men, a woman and a baby" State police at the Tamaqua barracks sent a teletype broadcast following receipt of a report from an attendant at the Liberty gas station tiere that the driver of the automobile told him that they" had come from New Jersey by way of Easton, bound for Pottstown and! had been 'misdirected to Fottsville They also asked the way to Wilmington, Del., .the at- he automobile license number nor describe the occupants. > Meantime a detail of state troopers from Tamaqua returned to the barracks without finding any trace of an automobile, reportedly correpsondmg in description, seen in the Blue Mountain region Wednesday afternoon. The police said a dirt road led from the mountain section to Pottsville where the gasoline station attendant reported an automobile of like description five jours later.. THERE TOO LATE NOW) to take out fire insurance? Have you checked up tP see if your prop* erty is fully covered by de» insurance? Prop in at the ofiice gn4 ^t u« go over the mat« ter with you, Roy Anderson & Co. Phone 810 Hope, Arkansas Political Announcements Thi Stturtei rttt&rlMd to jmnouiM (he following candidates subject to the action of the Deraocnftic primary election August 9," 1932: Splitting Atoms Mass.-^Sclentists of the Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology will gather here some time tihs spring to conuct experiments in Splitting an atom. The experiments are being financed by Col. E. H. R. Green, and the work will be done on Jila es-, 'tale here. ...... ; ..\ HEMPSTEAD COUNTY For Sheriff SIMON M. ** SUTTON Druggist Hope PARAGOULD— (ff)— A compromise judgement for $250 was reached: Wednesday in the $7,500 damage suit against Elmer Coif for injuries Artice- Lampkin, aged 10, received when struck by Cola's automobile. The child ran from behind a wagon and was knocked down. One of her legs was broken. If Costive, Men TRY and womert whose work; keeps them Indoors, without sufficient exercise, often find It difficult to keep the bowels regular. Thedford's Black-Draught, (purely vegetable), taken at bedtime or a pinch after meals, has helped jjftousands, "I have found Bedford's, Black-Draught of great benefit to my health," writes Mr. D. V H. Reed, of Princeton, W, Va. "For several years, my occupation has not given the exercise my body re* quired. I have suffered consequently from constipation, headache and biliousness. I have found that Black' Draught helps to keep my system well regulated. I have frequently recommended it because I feel tne medicine has really done me good." Black-Of aught ^ 4?oiyfi DARWIN STORE EXTRA SPECIAL VALUES FOR SATURDAY 5C Lettuce Eggs . Fancy Iceberg—Head Fresh Gauntry • 3 Dozen 2lc Macaroni Orf Spaghetti 3 Packages lie Bananas Dozen I7c Buttei Best Country—Pound 27C COFFEE-Canova,lb.can 32c SORGHUM Gallon 29c KRAUT, 2 cans.... 15c SALMON, Chum, can 10c HOMINY, 2 cans 15c RAISINS, 15 oz. pkg.'. 8c BEANS, String, No. 2 can 10c Meat Market Savings Rath's Black Hawk HAMS -Whole or Half-Lb. 15c SWIFT'S BACON —Sliced Rindless—Pound I5c BEEF ROAST Any Cut Fore Quarter—Pound 11C SAUSAGE Swift's Brookfield—1 Lb Carton 22c SPARE RIBS lb. 9c Pork Shoulder Roast lb 10c Slab Bacon Independent English Style— 121c GENUNINE SPRING LAMB CHANNEL CAT FISH DRESSED HENS t ABLE'TS-SALVt T*W(!M owd I GIGGLY ••••^•••••••••••^•^•i^""«BM"«"i^"""l«l""««™«""«"«i^"«^™ We Are itill leading in price* and quality, with a house full of real'values Your money has a great- erfniying power at Piggly Wiggly. We give you low prices plus quality foods, for which there is no extra charge. Featuring Jewell Coffee and Armour's branded beef. Jumbc — Each lc PancakeFlour 20 oz. pkg.—2 for 15c FLOUR Country Club—48 Lb 79c LMD-Pure Armour's Star—8 Lbs. 69c MARTHA ANN KRAUT MARTHA ANN HOMINY MARTHA ANN RED BEANS MARTHA ANN Pork & Beans—Each Whole Grain—6 Lbs. Navy Beans 5 Pounds MILK Pet or Carnation 3 Tall Cans 20c COCOANUT ]/4 lb. pkgs.—4 for 25c COFFE&Jewel 3 lb, pkg. 50c—Lb. CRACKERS 2 Pound Box 19c GINGER ALE—2 quarts LEMON LIME—2 quarts 25c IN OUR SANITARY MARKET Pure Hog Lard Bring Your Bucket Pound 7Y2G PORK CHOPS and ROAST—Lb. lOc 100% PURE PORK SAUSAGE Pound Swift's Sliced Rindless BACON Pound 15c LOIN and ROUND STEAK Pound 17V2C BEEF STEW Pound Sugar Cured BACON In Piece—Lb. 12V2C SALT MEAT Best Grade—Lb. 7*/2C SPARE RIBS Pound 7V2C BEEF ROAST Pound 10c lOc SIZE MACKEREL 2 for 15c size... lOc VEAL CHOPS Pound 12 l /2 ,

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