Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 2, 1932 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1932
Page 5
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and Flats y** J^ 1 Playl Hb Owit PUttd Just paragraph: of The Star readers will notice that , nam* ei owe VI < veln.bf tKe;Ofe •'• l -"4,!&' ^ jrf.fi* f UUS r*» sale ** % <* «v » the holding* |expccte<i t to- pro- The deposits lent of, a,iott north" oC , had- o£> the: .^ jJ40,OW for it because &,;A standard width ; c'onitrvicted, for ¥68,[bridge operators, fail to '(plans for construction five miles sotith of _ i.were to fee made. £free bridge would be \Texas and Oklahoma. < Lfton Payne e»tifie» at Capital -(AS)— Chairman- of the American hotrae agriculture 'Tueso^y r that the presi,- ior • raisfatg community -. unemployed had left Withotrt any organized .tat organization was He ^ /.aiKi iJM T^diacfc^nfivnirsiedi 'that the young-bachelor'circulation managers r ^ 1 " ' "Kt ftrttt- jSrintJ -wanted ', fair,so rwrote mine to-be , . ttttfthe' liM afeo-forgaitin^ to change the ,last r pardgraph of the story. If,'ttfe,mystery was hung on some Ctlfer single ftwln, just step^thls way, Stf, 'and Wll print your'name, They Jell me' these are difficult times indeed. The darkies don't sing in .tMe 1 fields'any more. Eveto ther bcctteggers are hit by the depression. tfeetje.vised'to'be a country storekeeper* who came to town every Sat- urdaty 'and- pat i» -his ordefc W a Hope- whrfe|ale house-for fnih-ja*9,-sugar m th* wholesale of- ita had {» do was tetter back to the dte)M$ Oft th» WwtJInt.plfttffirm. "Mr. Blarttt's Ot^ler!" And the darkey cm to t hfe shwts—and But th*' leading platf»rlftj| fBe old storekeeper's trips be«dMi*;, vwy irregular, and after 1 a white h» died. ?But Burd times are^n** so-much a matter ,tf statistics 6fih6 temper of th* D««ptl. t am atflrtlhK this.stJrtt* my tenth year 4 in' Arkansas. M6st df those years Were good. But I have observed that good .«* bad, every January and Feb- rtWfy mSde most of the people feel thiti the country was going to perdition and neve* would recover. , Especially so this winter, with its recoid rains. But as 1 write this we hive Just completed ten days of beau- ttf ol weather—worth, a million dollars to our peofle and our state as we begin another planting season. This man who talked to me so gloomily two weeks ago, is today a different person*. Statistics don't make hard times. A statistician could ma'k'e a nation feel blue ,at the peak of .prosperity by pointing out that the people owed more than they ever would pay for. But a statistician is of no more real consequettce'than* ari historian. Neither of them makes events. It is the heiurt and courage of the people that makes history—the -historian only writes about <it. Thaf* Something to re-member, If yotf fe^l optimistic this spring-time—remember that you have Wfedditig Day ** and A«»ts..g8 regular wto v he f and spring-tlhie-rehlember that you » hfe oryer never" varied., tfiat all the the eternal right to bfe opttmistic. Honolulu Convict (Messes Attack tolenGoldLures Hunter, Devotes t j ^ , v* <*••,* " flrv*^ f~f , ^'WTk* i L__I_\*~* fit's plan for " raising f. funds applied only to over," Payne saicf. areas without any Jp, We felt that was very ; tat fh6 Red Cross, but we i representatives artd ort areas, been carrying- on such 1850 counties in every rabput half the country." Jigger Bobbies vLondon'i famous bob- iften—have always been; jwr they, must be bigger and Recent regulations height of po- inches to 10 feet 'age limit fs from 20 lUelf Additional Dftta on • Short Selling Asked "YOflK— (jP)-Coinc\dent with. the start of the senate finance com- mittea .hearings, on short selling, the New York stoek exchange Tuesday called on its members for additional data on that practice. In a special bulletin issued Tuesday morning, the exchange asks that all members forward to its committee of business conduct information' as' of February t>iv the following points: • "1. The total number o£ accounts in which there is a short position. "SijftThe number of such accountsjin each state of the United/States. "3. The name of the pwner of each such account in alphabetical order and the number of shares of each stock short in it.". The stock exchange instructs that such information be forwarded to it "as soon- as- possible but in any event not later than March 1." hear of a train -,W«n, an L. M 8. goods .' It broke in two Shap Fell, West- ef^th* steepest grades i engineer put on aheacf of the trailing ^-Thg^race was staged for more "^/'injles. thj6 i* represjenta«ves in rem Texas and both sen Calvin Disney HARROQATE, Tenn.-(NEA)-Life for Calvin Disney, 56-year-old Cumberland mountain man, is just a lot of dh-ty digs. He lives in a cave high in the hills near here, and for the past three years he hay done nothing but pick and shovel work with an $85,000 hidden treasure as his boal. Disney fc devoting his life to a hunt for a payroll hoard which he says was stolen by a robber band dur- Dope Antidote ITHACA, N. Y.—A quick antidote for the morphine dru? habit has been announced by Cornell University doctors here. The antidote consists of compound sodium rhodanate treatment. This treatment is said to was' the brain and nervous system clean of the drug habit and its effects in six days. It's.for the love ol smiling Karin Niss<jandt (left), daughter of a Stockholm industrialist,-that P>ince Lennart of Sweden will renotinee,his royal .title and become plain "Wfr. Bernado«tfe;" They are to be marrtett won.!; Here the .bride-to-be Is shown with her prospective mother-in-law, the former Grand Duchess Marie of Russia,, as theys posed for a new 1 picture taken in the- 'Swedish capital. . f,! ; Jtpantt* S«mnt Girl th« Latwl Victim of Crime , Epidemic {ft lilantU 00N(ttV&tf-4(ttr Speedy action by poJIrt,, posses «ml courts Tuesday fottovriltg . the UteSt' assault upon a woman on Oahti island, landed John Fernandez, 21 ^ear-old former con- vtct, in jail Under indictment for the offense eight hours after the attack. After Ferrftadd alfciMy ctjnfdBBSd the attack <Jft a Jatoand* servant girl neae the hoffW Of her tmplOyWfi Hat- old Castle, "the former: coifVlcl wifc taken before the Grand Juicy, Inalct- ed and held without bond. . the crime O^CWrVe'd tnfee day* attef ar. attack pri th* wife of a navy «n- listed man and 1 nine days before the scheduled trial of four Americans charged with the slaying of Joseph Kahahawfll, crw 6f the four accused of atfacklflg •th*;vflfe of Naval Ll«ut. Thomas, tt, Mttsie, September 12. All polled organizations on the Island and many cltliehS joined in sffftriiled search for the' attacker. I'ernWKH* a attested soon after the sear started. The woman had gSv»« p»Mfie . detailed rdescrlption of her assailant. '';'.' -4' ' Fernandez was taken to th«.emeif' genoy hospital for examinatftin by Sergt. D?wey Mookini; and 'Arthuf I'tcDuffle', private detective, -who in-' •formed Chief Weebw the captured man had confessed. iuerday's attack, begin in daylight differed ffom the assault Saturday on Mrs. Kathleen Hope, wife of.a navy machinist's mate. She was attacked in her home at night by a, masked man and police had few clues .to follow. Repeated attack cases in Honolulu were described today as an "epidemic by Wallace R. Farrington, former governor of Hawaii. • "Honolulu is facing the problem of this epidemic of assault cases., just as it faced in years gone by, epidemics Vote of Thanks PHILADELPHIA.—Scientists at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering of the Pniversity of Pennsylvania deserve a vote of thanks if their arrangement of weights"to prevent ships rolling and resulting seasickness is successful This system uses hifting weights instead of gyroscopic action te reduce rolls of ships Enough tobacco to make l.SHOOO,- 000 cigarettes was shipped,from Greenville, Tenn., this season.;-. . • ; ,-.*.- Measured andTesled •- SERVICE of Electric Service is as accurate as jour grocer's — marketman'a scales. Every meter is doubly inspect-"— Periodically it is tested to ensure that you pay use, ; iffWm* «l Electricity you make use of, its cost dwin- red to the convenience you enjoy through brings you owe at less test? Hope Water & Light Plant ing the Civil war. The robbers, he believes, took to the mountains and hid their gold in a cave because of the parlous times. The war eliminated the robbers from enjoyment of the money and now Disney, who says he has a may which will lead him to the payroll, is busy exploring the Cave. / He is confident that he ultimately will.turn up th« spot where the $85,000 in gold is cached, and when he does he plans to hang .up his pick and shovel and spend the rest of his life in mountain ease. Dog Keeps Vigil by Body of Master LUSK, Wyo.—(/P)—The vigil that, a small mongcel- doig kept for a week beside the body of his master has led to the discovery of the body, of Mauritz Aronstein, pioneer, Wyoming ^prospector: The body wasjfound Sunday near Arcnstein's; mine, in Muskrat can- onstein, 75 years old, had been subject to heart disease. Ranchers who passed on the road near the old prospector's camp since Monday had noticed the little dog standing on a knoll, barking, apparently in an erfOri to atract 'attention. . , The.; dog i stuck to his post and continued to bark whenever anyone pasaed' : on the; road and : -neighbors finally investigated. Oughta Be a Lawyer MIAMI, Fla.—A bandit held up W R. Williams, taxi driver, and took $1.55 from him> He handed Williams back ten cents' for street car fare and then got hi the taxi to drive' off in' it himself. Williams started arguing, told the-bandit a hanf luck'"story, and the argument finally ; woimd-Up in Wil* liams getting his taxi back. 3, • -'-"'• " ' m !~°~TTT^^^ " Body of Convict Taken Froni River in Texas WEST COLUMBIA, Tex.—(£>)-The body of an unidentified man, believed to have been a convict escaped from the Ramsey state prison farm, was recovered Tuesday from the Brazos river by four residents of the community. The body was discovered more than a week ago. It was lashed to a tree while a man went for officers. When they Returned, the river had risen to a point where the body could not be reached. Justice of the Peace J. L. Main said the clothing on the body was that of a prisoner and that stamped on one' shoe was the convict number "1432." He added officials of the Ramsey farm would be here Tuesday afternoon to identify the body. ' Cardinal Hayes trial, afcRfr March M, --;- wfll 1* MHtf&uhUl the «*gtt £1l««n** OafreW^ Chieagfe ftttW wh« Mild fuWjKy £ would M»4M» etgtf Msrtft lift* Honolulu to **«<*** pate In Ch* deferae. Momimwy Wiftn of the . d*ftfn» eeunserf said Jwi^Uutd file d riUMJaft tor ft eotitinUBiMNt tttttll April >. Mr* J, A. Stole? el 'ttow ?o*k, ststw of MM. Fortesdue, arrived Tuesday 1<J Btf with her sister during the 'rial. The University of Michigan is toted' among the "joiners" of educational littQtutiaifet holding HttmlHlrthip v m> 5* different fhws.are two v eutagonal houses In Indiana renttlnlnfc from a mild pojJu- Inrlty for that iype of housa ontly In th* nineteenth century. SPECIAL PRICES On Facials and Permanent* ''•*:•' : •i •' • Call 39 for appointment MARINELLO Beauty Shop Pets Get $5000 LOS ANGELES.—Polly and Rover can have crackers and dog biscuits galore now. Folly, pet parrot, and Rover, pet dog of the late Sarah C. Lincoln, share ?50CO in her will. The will disposed of ?25,COO, and Mrs. Mauci'e E. McKean is taking care of the $5COO willed to the two pets. Ribbed oranges, with outer skin shaped like that of cantaloupe, are now being grown in the Rio Grande valley of Texas. Flex-0-Glass A substitute for glass, to mature chicks and plants, one third sooner! Flex-O-Glass is guaranteed to do this. It's Waterproof Ruitproof Weatheproof Speeds up the maturity of pigs, chickens, and promotes their health- Jill plants grown under Flex-O- Glsss mature much quicker. It lets in the sun's valuable viole trays. Thai's wby it is so beneficial. The Home of BIRD ROOFING HOPE RETAIL 1 J, M. Harbin, Mgr, WE EXCHANGE Meal or Flour for shelled milling corn. We'll grind your corn into rneal. SOUTHERN GRAIN & Produce Co. Phone 248 Phone 314 HOPE TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. ^ E. G. Coop, Mgr. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN That your battery need* Attention? "Out of sight—out of mind" plays havoc with batteries. Thousands of car owners will experience a great deal of trouble the balance of this winter, unless they take the necessary precautions. We'll test your battery. Our inspection is absolutely free. Lester Rhodes in Charge, U S L Batteries Lowest Prlees In History LUCK'S SERVICE STATION f Phone 485 $5.00 MEAL TICKET |4.00 Ca»h A discount of 20% Lunch 35c Less 20% on ticket 28c CHECKERED CAFE For Every Type of Motor That Good Gulf Gasoline For More Power Gulf No^Nox— Ethyl Stops Knocks Gulf Supreme Motor Oil For a Smooth Boning Motor Gulf Refining Company •».•< * At > ^»fc i T*" ^ j^».__A ' • More Bread For Your Money Blue Ribbon Bread, and other City Bakery products, give you more ounces of better quality bread for the same money. Ask for the home bread at your grocers, and you'll save money! CITY BAKERY Bakers of Blue Ribbon Bread REINFORCED BRICK WORK b a proven fact. Railroad Bents and Trestles are now being built of reinforced brick work instead of concrete. Many houses in Hope are cracked because not properly reinforced. On new work we will absolutely guarantee your residence or business building not to crack if you reinforce it right. The added «*' psnse i$ quite small. Phone 830 HOPE BRICK WORKS In a characteristic pose as he faced the camera. Cardinal Patrick Hayes. Archbishop of New York, is shown here in a new photo of him taken upon his arrival at Coral Gables, Fla., for a brief Vacation. Drive HI For SERVICE That Good Gulf Gas and 100% Gulf Products, roti'll Mkc Otlr fair Treatment. plague," he Said. "Our people and officials are going after the criminal world without gloves and without limit as to effort or money. You cart bonk, on it that this town will be cleaned up by its own people and won't lose'any time doing it." 'the four Americana charged with the slaying of KahahoWrtCj** Ueuten- arrt Massle. Mr*.- Gfanvftfe F«rtesci(3, mother of Mrs. Massie, and £ 3. Lord and Albert O. Jones, rtaval enlisted PHOTOS "By Day or Night. Cloudy weather or sunny days, We are equipped to take your portraits at any time. The Shipley Studio Phone 359 for Appointment Bundy Service Station THIRD & HAZEL PHONE 264 Now Broadway of America Route GAS STOVE REPAIRING We''rebuild and repair all makes of gas stoves. Let cover, your kitfJien cabinet with ' Reasonable Prices Radiator Repairing HALLIBURTON Sheet Metal Works Phone 611 DO NOT BE FOOLISH You are if you are feeding your cows cottonseed when you can trade 1000 pounds of cottonseed to us and receive 2100 pounds of cottonseed meal and hulls which is recognized by the best authorities as a better feed. TEMPLE Cotton Oil Co. B, L. Kaufman, Manager U. S. Government Bonded Cotton Warehouse Standard and High Density Compress Automatic Sprinkler System Cheapest Insurance Rate in Arkansas Union Compress and Warehouse Company H, 0, Kyl*r« Manager Phone 179

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