The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1940
Page 5
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JTHUKSDAY, MARCH 21, 1940 U.S. 10 MILLIONS BLITHE VILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS How Paris Spots, Trails And Traps Air Raiders PAGE -SB But Much Of Work Will Await Further Experiences In Europe WASHINGTON', Mnrch 21. «JP> —Aerial war/ore development.? in Europe will force Die army lo spend at least S3.000.00D on more firmor nn dprotecllve devices for Us newest airplanes, official Barters said totlny. That estimate was prepared after army experts headed by Maj Gen. Henry H, Arnold, chief of the air corps, surveyed Intcst Improvements ou French, British nnd German planes lo determine what, should lie done with new American fighting craft to make them a match for the world's best. Initial changes Include additional armor f n vulnerable spots and Installation of self-sealing gasoline tanks which use au oozy rubber substance automatically closing small bullet holes. . Iniwniucii an similar improvements In European plnnes still are in an experimental stage, II was said that (hey would not be np- plled on all of the 3,500 plnnes ordered us part of the nir corps' $300,000,000 expansion program. The army plnns further experiments of its own and will watch lor new foreign developments that may prove superior. Because these Improvements require additional weight, some experts fear they might, affect their military value by reducing armament-carrying potentialities, speed and maneuverability. Tlie projected changes, authoritative quarters said, mean that, the United States Is "(H least up with the laUst developments." Decision to make the changes To Resume Old Car Races Here March 31 Old car derby races which were sponsored last summer by the uspices, It , U ' r lhc s " mc mllch iiimoimccd follow' Trance's eastern border Is ringed- ivllh liosls c()iii|>i>cd with modianlciil "cm*, Ciroup Command gets word, "linemy trosws border." Course of [ilanr Is calculated ami jilollod on I'Oiu'CHlrlc I'lnloi of limp rcj;n-M>ii(in r iky. IMS n meeting Tuestltiy nljlit o( the Duel CHSOII post ill the Hut. Walker Park race track Hie scene of the races which will continue Ihrotiiiliom tin- sum- mfr. Throe visitors from llio M-.meUi> posl, I.CTI Walton, rice dtslri-t commander. George Cunningham nml w. H, Willis intended the inis- IDCKS reeling of HIP post. Klf(y lour members were present. In rcspoiM' to nn nppcal imidc by Huuler llnll on behalf of the htuh school, the group volerl to give the school a regiment!)) flag. Joo A. Whltley, chairman of the committee in charge of tlio orgiml. wUlmi ol a Sons of the -.-. acid washed Into H by mlns which pick up Ihe city's soot, botanical experts nl Shaw's Garden l\nvc determined. Tests inado by Horticulturist. Onvlrt C. Miilrburn show that. plnnlB in' si, Louis would grow twice as fust If they received pure water or Jivtl. water from the kll- •licn faucet. Group Command officers follow approach of enemy plane on "listening' corrector," notify batteries. western bought a France, the which large number -of fast lie bomber spotted, aiitl-aircrart linlUry officers set tlicir guns "by huge nuipc Under. German raiders bent on bombing Purls will have to elude, (he sharp Command's task Is to locale the ears and noinline miners of a milllitude of modern scientific "send- appear over the city Itself. ,.,„!, ,,~.,N~I !»„ a ^ ^^ K ft~ Mti/ilp IhrLEllnj; Kkyn'nrd, Dm 1 iff "Arr-lilt!" Is n>aily In lire. followed disclosure Ihul Gcimanyi . „ ., .•—-.—= —-=--- - -• is using fast, heavily armed and " els lllat - protect tlle Frencl1 ™P«al. How lliesc armored fighting planes on front. jind exceptionally maneuverable Curtlss 9-30 pursuit ships here, thereafter placed armor on them, increasing the load as much as COO pounds each, expert. 1 ; said. Vulnerability of gasoline tanks to machine gun fire led to .development of several types of so-call- , ed self -sealing and armored tanks.] Experiments conducted by the air] corps indicated that, self-sealing and other devices are effective in temporarily plugging holes caused by small .30 {calibre machine gun bullets, but not by those of .50 calibre bullets. The army and some foreign powers also are experimenting with methods of reducing explosion ana "llstcnlne corrector," malhemat-leal calculations cimblc orjlerrs irTnlot its course on com-utrl circles of char IrcnreseiUInu the skv Hi.llci"' Ei'tiiips and pursuit squadrons nearest the tliiniscr spot arc liolltleii Having, with searchlights and other menus, spotletl the enemy, with their mechanical "ears." They detect planes'crossing "border! Then uiey'btasl''!^ '° sct ltalr K ' mR warning Is phoned to Group Command posts further back. Group strategically located'batteries'.^ ' K ' cil<mi 1>l "'" : '" " fuss-fire imm In the exclusive photos above. With Paris as a center, concentric circles of defense lines ripprs , out, right up to the eastern frontier. Here are the HsUming posts. "" ' ' Tire hazards— the menace Sentence For Oldest 'Lifer'—103 Years Old—Is Now Almost Over By K£A ScivJco JACKSON. Mich./ March 21. — William Thompson, murderer, has almost served liis life sentence at the Michigan state prison. Oldest, "lifer" in the country, it is believed, Thompson observed his 103rd birthday early this luc; l!ci4*aiLL3'—i.iu Qict.Lix.l' lutiiuot- . '"j ivi.ivi L,itt[iun.> <;ui.} nils to aerial fighting. Borne of thes2[ month. Now his health is failing experiments, it was understood, in elude the use of "dry ice" to sur round gasoline tanks. The "dry Ic,e" cools the bullet sufficiently while penetrating to'avert an explosion. Another Involves compression of gasoline in storage and decompressing it as It, enters the engine. Experts agree, however, that all these developments, as well as the use of Diesel engines, have Jar to go before becoming practical. All involve too bulky additional equipment no"'. Cost nnd necessity d changes In new plants planned by the army, and steps taken to keep abreast ol aerial developments will be major issues of the forthcoming investigation by the house military affairs committee into the fair, of American planes abroad. and he is confined In the prison hospital. "Tommy is awaiting a 'back (ioor parole—death," prison officials say. The : regularity ol prison lite is given some credit for lengthening Thompson's life. He was brought in as a "youngster" of 81 in 19)3 after his housekeeper died of poisoning on his farm hear che- boygan. For years he worked on (lie prison farm and later served as doorkeeper. His only relative, a son 15 years old. substantiates Thompson's claim lo more than a century of life. Library Now Joined , : ' With Living Room There is not often room In the modem small house pf today for an old-fa.shloned il'lBiilllcd library us a separate room. The combined study-sitting room or bookish living room has replaced Ihe old-time separate library. In a study-sitting room, hook-"- rases have n decorative as well as a practical value, and the, artistic effects possible. In such n room nro many. Bookshelves In a living room, HAPPYRELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE flnccd In proper relation to n Jlre- plnce. give nn Impression of height and dignity to the whole room. Built-in bookcases and book- fJielves thai will add charm and CJ(1 , 1 ; 1 ' '" R , ''°° m !"" J ' 1)c '""tnlled ', L^'"!' 5 ..f?, 1 ™ 1 from " rlv "' c lending InsllltilloiiK approved by the Federal Housing Administration under Its Modernisation CrwIK I'lnn. William Thompson: 103-year- old "lifer." Diary Kept IS Years LONDON <UP)—Britnln's champion diarist. J. J. Jackson Barsto.v, Deputy Lieutenant ot .Somerset, who faithfully kept- a djily record for 78 years, is dead at the age of 116 at his home at Wcstun-su;>er- Mare. The first entry in his dinry, on Jan. I. 1862. tells how he fell through the ice. In the Mormon Tabernacle. Sajt j I.ikc City, a pin dropped at one end of the auditorium can be heard at (lie opposite end, 250 feet away. Hotel Facilities I'lirlolncil CAI'E GIRARDEAU. Mo. (UP)— A hotel here had nn 7ininvtted and lion-paying guest, He climbed through a window by placing a plank from an adjoining roof. He | bathed, slept and left the way he had entered, bill he didn't Menl a towel. If niaii could live oi\ bread alone, the wheat crop of I he world would suslain about 300,000,000 persons. y chapter In Oils city, unnoimrcd thai n cluirter with 13) slBnUuros hurt been sent to National Irond- qunrlm. U|ion the return of the charter, a mooting will bo called for pui'imc of orsanlwillon and nomtnnllon ot otltrere. The post Rinnletl j. M C ]| Brooks' request that the hut | )( . Umiocl over to Hubert Uluylock of joncv boro, district supcrvism- of the census bureau, Mur. 29 :iud 30 for the purpose of training applicant tor loettl Jobs. BuilUJn Items Growing Popular Uio lust few years bulll- in window seats, uookcnscs, closets, uiri storage cabinet* nnd even bum-in beds, desks, and tables have become widely accepted. In plnniilng a home to be built under the Insured Mortgage Bys- li'in ol the Federal Housing Administration, llio prospective homo owner* nrciillcct must know how many built-in features «ro to bo Included in tlic original structure, nnd he must iilto iny pj BIUI r flr Ulo Ohioan, 90, Hunts Job, Refuses Aged Pension MANSFIELD, o. (UM-wllliatn A. Pninlcr Is goins Job Imnllnc at Hie age of 00. A city budget reduction has ended his employment a.'i a pump- Ing .station custoilliui, 1ml I'alnUr refuses to accept an old HBO pension. lie began working for the city when lie was 73 years old. Two InnxiiHgfK. Saxon mul Nor- imui Krciicli, were i.-poken In England for many yonrs nficr din Norninii The Enyllsli 1'arllnmnil. prohlb- llc.l the bullrllnj; of railways for some time, loui-lnu lhi\l l|. would Interfere with fox-lumtlni!. Ueiui Cuiriui' News AMU ails liXI'JiKT HEAUTY WOIIK Fur • AppoltilnifUt CALL 106 ''"' Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP REDUCIJ SivciHsh itln.sjiif Uln. Itiilh Vnji. Jl.illis Soot in Rain Stunts City-Grown Plant* ST. LOUIS (UP) - one rcaaon plants don't • grow well In a largo nddlUon of Mure bulit-i/i Item?',' \ The insinuation or built-in fe'i- lures In an existing home is also possible. Funds may be obtained for this purpose from q'uallflid lending institutions under the Mo£ cvntaallon Credit Plan of the FHA. Son Mijsing 1 Years Found in the Legion NORFOLK, Eng. '(UPl-Sw- cn years ago cicorge Cljth, then only 17, dlsappeaicd from hlshome in I.os!nga road, King's Lynn. Now his mother, Mrs O M. Blytli, hns received a Idler from him. to Bay that he Is serving in Morocco with the French Foreign Legion. lie joined up foi five years, and Is now In his fourth' year. BUY STANDARD TIRES • OT11EK SIZES i -- • -- ,. ^ROPOKTJQNATEIY LOV." At Today's LOW PRICES! As l-oiv As I'*' Week On Our BUDGET PLAN PLIILLiPS MOTOR CO. 51b Walnut Phono 810 DANGERS OF HEMORRHOIDS ; Hemorrhoids do not and cannot correct themselves. • Relict ivoin ointments is Illusive nnd temporary. Neglect results in further nnd more serious and dangerous conditions such a" cancer, fistula, fissure. crj'pUtls, thrombotlc piles, etc. . Fiom'' tliese develop Ihe followlnu rellexes: nervousness, slceplessiK'bS constlpnllon, desiiondency, headache, back nnd leg ache, etc. Ml types at reclul diseases arc taken caro of In our office wlllioiil liospltnll/iillon. All nc'ccplcd cases (jiiamntccd. ' DRS. NIES& NIBS'-".. .\lanv 1,1 Ilioj ,„,„ m r, m it c »ov. i I lie- Virlncyi. arc XaluicV rljicf nay r.f iMnt r«CfS arul, anil poiM>ncui» W.TSIC om .,1 i|,e a UTv * U " a ' l>C °" It '" k ' 1! "' !Ml1 •' l"'" la rf ki.1nr.y lubes on.l ftllcis I 1 '™"""' ""sic ti.Mlrrfi.iyi. ; PiVWW ^W-WBI^ PIE PLATE . .IT™- grtdne «[> iiiilir llir . ,,, r n;.f« lir 1>n ii,.. fe, „[ pc| , , > nielit;. iwclline. imtlin atdu. 10 CRYSTAL WHITE I'illr. Used tll,TrS!.fljll l - I, tor ovtr 111 <as!c Inn yinir lilowl. <1cl 1 )„:«".« \"|'£." Read Ccurler News v.:mi. :id:, New Um/er-arm Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration ITS EXCLUSIVE HEAT-QUICK BOTTOM HELPS YOU BAKE CRISPER, MORE DELICIOUS PIES .' YOU CAN BE SURE OF ITS HIGH L QUALITY BECAUSE ITS TESTED AND APPROVED BY THE k GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTE I Illnslralo'J Super Value 6-40 Price Only 1. Dou nol roi dresses, docs not irritate skin. 2. Nowaiijngtodrj'.Canbeuscd right after shaving. 3. Instanil)' stops perspiration 'or i 10 } days. Re-moves odor from perspiration. 4» A pure, in- less vanishing cream. 5. Arm) lias been axv^ftlal (lie Approval ScjlofilicAmciic.i n Institute of Laundering for taitig liatmlcss to fabrics. 25 MILLION jai» of Anid havebserisold.Tiyajartodayl ARRID fur fi m. fl.gcnninn FKIGIDAIRE WlfVBeVBRflFPEBED Wig 6 Cn, Fi. built lo hij:ljc.«l i|iialily (iinnilnrih • Sec this bund new 19'10 bargain beauty! ' Double - iissy Quickube Trays throughout, Double-Width Dessert Trjy ami genuine Stainless Cliromiuni Shelve.? -a feiiure you couldn'c buy a; car ago in any refrigeratot BC any price! See all oilier deluxe featutis oITercd at tin's bargain price including: Famous Meter-Wiser Mechanism • Uni-Matic Cold Control witli Automatic Reset Defroster • Big Colil Storage Tr.iy • All /I (»)'•: liave Automatic 'I'ny Release .iu<l Instant Cube Release. 1-l'icccAII- stccf (,'abincc • Automobile Type Door 1 tinges . . . and many more! ITS MADE OF REAL HEAT-RESISTING GLASSWARE FOR LONG SERVICE .' FULL9^-INCH SIZE..,SO HANDSOME, TOO,' GRAND FOR SERVING PIES RIGHT ON THE TABLE / HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. J. \V. ADAMS, M«r. W. fllain f'liono 2 Special offer made to introduce you to Crystal White .. .the big, economical bar soap that cots time and work on every cleaning job! What a thrill you'll j-ct when you sec dishes and all household clciininci ilm CiUsluke 1'ic I'lmc that's yours FHFi; for 10 wrappers from Crystal While! /\«J \vli3t n tlirilf, ItMi, when yoti first lliii liardAvorMnx, ircamy-wliilc soaji! lor f*r).M;i! \Vhifc is made with the s.itiic and)' tropical oil u\e<l in fme collet «).<tn. Ben ill (he HAKDfcsr water jmi gel (hmcl'.lnnnis '•HII.UO\-UUBBLI:"S(jl)S . .that tu.ikc light work of \vaAninjj clothes, Here's oil you d 0 lo take odvanloflB of Ihis offer:, Juii .vavc 10 ivr.ippcrs from Crystal \V!n'tc iMiiutry S;.ap anj jour Qaslukc Pic 1' will lie given }o«Ii;!.t! See hclow "here yiM! c:in jjcr your free [lie pljic. line ACf .VOW.' Get Crystal White (oil-.iy!Ofl:crgo<ulorilyiuuilMa)'30,L!MO. FOR YOUR FREE GLASBAKE P IE PLATE-TAKE WRAPPERS TO: \V:ttle Fiiniiduc Company, 112 Wcsl iMain, Ul.vlhcville, Ark. • ;

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