Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 2, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1932
Page 2
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/of ,th*f rood tMh. tjwtav to farmer organizations, fttftnfafr ««rt co-op*r<rtto« tffort *» the etiiMtry n tt i* In, towi. ,..._., ._ 0»,<$« state tax reform, and a more «#u*rtt government throtipH «Ji» -' Increase in State g$>*:* 'The Japanese Abny "Ai>>s *• ? ! • . lie ahny'in China a&ipfe.tb^^e very much like army, offhand? jts t^ganizaiidn is" about the are. the same, anS'itetf&Ucws'the ga»*e.kind of that Eroapeaiv and American armies r - •> itt'a while a little news dispatch will reveal the -aoidier as a creature of a. different species; a hold- fr*tiri*i^ fj. oni a warlikeag^^wliicJi seema'to survive .Dearth* • .-. .T .day* ago djapatcKesTfifom. Shanghai said that the eommander there founa himself-'without sufficient Do You-, < ( makef his offensive.succeed.' And European or Igtetieral'in that position would have cabled'at once '.men, and would have''kept on cabling until he got \- Japanese commander never let out a peep. Why ? y old code of the- Samurai forbade -him to. His !,, given, him this assignment, and he would be un- A aving begun it, he appealed, for help, Pfor so «fter that bit ^ of news, came a, cable to the, s Times'telling how^thcee Japanese infantrymen '"'"'VtheinaeK'e&'to - jaa *—""•' *— u ~ J ~- it —* v.v.*—t*- Rev;* A.' H. McAJJEhi went to Wash-, ington Monday. I ' Qapt. Dave Goodlett, of Ozan, was ta) the} city Thursday. 'Migs Janie He^v'ey, who,has been attending'OuachitaJ College,' has been, at ho/ne this-week, i i 'Ashby,Burton,^wjho,haSjbeen spend- ( ing the p>$t>montV'al>tiorne, returned •to GrandjHapfds,, Jjtichr, yesterday. *. . r •*-* r *— ~ * f and 1 daughter, •t. , strapped about their'chests and waists huge'qan- high explosives, and then ?aa forward bpldly and "themselves in the barbed wire. The Chinese in-i i'6t them, the bullets touched off the explosives, and jjfe ^ntanglenients yeere blown to bits—as, of course, three Japanese infantrymen. ^ volunteered for that job. ia-hardto imagine either of these incidents happening it-day European or American army, ^e on this Pacific simply don't think that way any longer, tittide'that makes such quixotic bits of old-time chrvx ible stems from the middle ages. We have gone Jilt Japan is still half medieval. The old warrior caste u*»f tyojfg on jjf e as ft (jjd t eix centuries ago, The present .jed, may prove its last fight; but while it lasts a code !• rest of us lost long ago is still operating. The, Twentieth Amendment was in the city, this- morning/'' , Miss Flossie Norman, of Tampa, Fla , ha* arrtveii to spend the Spring months with her sister, Mrs! JewelT Moore. The Ox Stops to Drhik riGER| FIRST^SAC^R^SAYs"HERE'S HOW" SPRING TRAINING CAMP , amendment is about to be added to the ion of the United States, and if you aren't familiar jjjir'ita provisions it would pay you to find out something commonly called the "lAme duck" amendment. It away with governmental machinery that was dean age of stage-coaches and rorse-drawn canal and it would bring things at Washington up to date.. ,'st of all, it would move the presidential inauguration from March 4 to early in January. More important, it similarly move ahead the date on which a newly- Congress takes officer-thereby doing away with the _<ws "lame duck" sessions* fn^which congressmen whose tuenta have turned them down still have power to make 'a, ft would end the possibility of filibusters in Congress ,and it would make the government vastly more respon- te the will of the electorate, ; TWrty*six state legislatures must ratify it if it is to car" " " valid jreason caoi be advanced against it; many put forward in its favor. It ought to without delay. • ' ; , Buying Public Favor Gene *F«nney, former world champion, wrote his. T of His climb to success, he happened; to mention bow 'forced to giveup a percentage of his receipts to .spoyt before he could get into the "big money*" There is, no can achieve fame and fortune, regardless of his ., the ring, who isn't taken, up by a group of spoit an, dwho demand their toll if they make a fighter get the public Into the notion of paying heavy \ him in action. ?J4 stoyy of prqpag&.nda. Fume must be bought, must be hired. The name o| the famous must he- an4 wide, and over and over again, fold How the sport writers drew a percentage of enti. It was generally known for years that <fo|ham custom- Nobody before had put it nt aver his signature, ftftant as a single instance, because it only \t& ligbt racket, and it doesn't make so much happens as between fighting racketeers and the people an insight to the power Q! and hints of what takes place in Buying pubJip acclaim. itannuaJiJy. in Pi it is From'the way the; wets talk, you'd tlynk prosperity w.a$"just around the corner saloon- ••'-'• •The' ; League'of Nations has learned that a war exists aWShanghai. Pretty soon. Japan and China will hear about it, and then the fun will begin. .A minister accuses England of sell-' : ing munitions to both Japan and China. Our manufacturers caught asleep agajnj The winter .Olympics wound up with a deficit, What's the name of thtat lake—FlqcicJ? ; Landing thousands'of: new troops at Shanghai, Japan says she hopes the Chinese will retire from Chapei so these men : will not be forced to defend themselves, Deuced decent of you, old Chapei, ;«A'. ^FiyjaNG: •; title fw •**•' •ilito' 'pteturp might Beauty and "the Ox." . . _. •• mineral spring from which- Dale Alexander, firit. baseman, • is to "Up _orie," nt Springs.. Calif;, Is'famous for' im- hcalth, strength anO. beauty to the drinker,. Anyw»y, big Alex hna his '•health, arid 'strength He'll Stay Fat LONG BEACH,. Cal.^-Although-Ben McLenden - isn't what you'd call' fat, he doesn't 'care :to'reduce;any;even if he gets to weigh a.lot of pounds, T reason is that Ben was' held up when he got home. He had a J2500 ring on his finger. The thief demanded he turn it over. Ben tried'but couldh't remove the ring from.his finger. He still has the ring and his fat fingers, The United States won the bobsled championship in a waik. This race consists principally of coasting, down?, hilt fast, - ^ THIS CURIOUS WORLD - Antioch ;'',R«|V. J- W. York filled'^lis regular appointment at this place .last Sunday •'.-.-Mrs. Joe . Fergerson from Fresco) visited.her parents, Mr. and Mrs.'.W W. Mahon of this community las week end. Several frorn this place attended the play giveaby the Epworth League las Tuesday night. ..Jijr..and Mrs. .O^len Crank visitec his parents Tuesday. M,r. and. Mrs. W. Meador spent la^ week end with Mrs. Meadors parents Mr. and'Mrs. Ed Jenkins. Mrs, Luther Pougan is on the sick ^t-this week. Mrs, Jim 1 ;Hill.and Mrs. Will McFarland attended the Washington program rendered at the school las Monday. Quite a few frqm this community attended the singing at Emmet las' Friday njght. • Arthur • Doygan spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, Lea Cook and family- * Connie Pougan is sick-this week. Guernsey MV. ajad Mrs. Miles Lawrence and daughter, Helen, of near E( Dorado re guests of Mrs. Lawrence's rnoth- »v Mrs. Schwab, over the'^week end The play given by the Senior class at the school. Thursday evening was well attended. Mrs. Mollie Walker and son, Chesley of Hppe, moved here Friday. We are •glad to have them in our community. ftrnice Hopson was a business caller in Hope Saturday ofternoon. J. P. Mclver attended .the address d,9liyfred by. Cteve Carrigan, honoring (Jie- 300th-anniversary of the birth of George Washjrugtcn at 11 o'clock at the Methodist church in Hope, Sun- 4»V- Mr. Reddiclj was a Tuesday buisness visitor i* Hope. Mi. and Mrs. M. Patrick have as house guests Mr. Patrick's sister, M*ud, ol Texas. Qjfj'ord Byers of Shover Springs waf a visitor here Monday night. #/. Q. Ellis and son, delivered a of sweet potatoes to Hope Sat- M/. and Mrs. W. A FranJw -•--•-•*— Ltrg«r Number Reflect int«r«i» Shown by Fur mertdl •,"' — .Trie number of all livestock on At kansas farms, except horses and mule was increased at the beginning of thf year ovef a yewftib, W?ordUn I the Hv«$ttjek report rtterttly raleMet by the United StaUB Department o Aattcultdrd. Thf Increase in humbe cf hogS On" ftrfns In the state waft 45 pet' ^isrit oy% las^ year, there was 1C p*r cint increase in all cattle b f0m» antl the sanl* Increase of cow and heifers, & y«Ws old and. ,over kept wrmilk, ano'mortf than. 5 p*ii cent increase In heifers from one 1 two year* old being kept for -mil COWL. An Increase of 5 per cent < the number of sheep and lambs o Arkansas'farms was reported, Th number of horses and mules on farm In the; state,: .decreased about 2 pe cent. The increase in cattle, hdgs, an sheep reflects the Interest that farrr erf now have in livestock and the el t'orts being made to enlarge the here BE_a.means, of using the abundant, fes crcpi prodUced-Iast'ycar, .states T. Ro Reid, •assistant director,- University o Arkansas. College • of' A gribulture EX tension Service. It emphasizes th netessity. fcfr a still, further increase i acreage, of'.feed'crops on farms'in Ar kahsas -this year-in. otder.'to.suppl the; needs of .still further • Increase number due >to, the•• growth 1 of <hes herds during the year. •• • '.The number Of livestock.on farms i not sufficient to meet-the needs fo animals on-the farm ns a part of permanent and, profitable farming sys tern, but there is a .tendency to sti iurther increase the numbers, now points out Mr. Reid. -———1» » » .. • Washington We are' very thankful for the? pretty spring like days we are .hav ing and some gardeners have 'bee: busy planting their garden seed. •Mr. and Mrs: Baxter Beck, forme residents of Washington were visitin here over the week end. Thurman Rhodes and' wife visite Mri 1 ." Rhodes' sister, Mrs. "Levins Sat urday. Chas Holt, the coffee man was call ing on his friends here Friday. We .are sorry, to report that th little son ot Mr. and Mrs. C. Cough has pneumonia. We wish him a speedy recovery. Uncle "Stoge" Wilson;had as gues Sunday some, of his -grandchildre Shreveport, La.-. J. S. Mpnroo spent Monday in Hope Mrs.: El B. Black and son, Alfred and Mr Anderson, our probate'clerk visited •' Charley Locke of Ozan, Sun day afternoon. /-.i<M«•• •'.,.'."•'•.' '•'•• O, A. v ^ Knight and. wife , of Cros Road 'spent Sunday evening -wit George Holt and mother on Route 1. Dutch Waktins and Boss ' Eubanks are-preparing to plant a large, acreag in watermelons on Bouldin farm sout! of town, A". J. Arrington _ was on 'business t Ozan Monday. Miss Fannie Jane Elmore enter tained some of her friends with a.party at the home of her parents Saturda; night. Various games were playec after which, assisted by her mother refreshments were served. • and Mrs. John Card.i Mr. an Mrs. Je.sse Beai-den, Mrs. Tom Beard en,. T. N. Catts and daughter, Miss Mary attended, the singing in • Hope Sunday evening Mrs. Pilkinton from Texarkana spen last week with her son I. L. Pilkintor anct family. Mrs. Kate iBetts of Hope, Mrs. Pil kinton's mother, also spent last wee. in the Pilkinton home. Mrs. Paul Rowe was hostess Tuesday evening March 1st to the Baptis Missionary society. A Bible study o the book-of Daniel led by Mrs. John Card was enjoyed. During the socia hour an ice course was served by the hostes. ' Mi', and Mrs. Pruitt spent last Wednesday in Arkadelphia. But Cameraman "Shot" First-! Wtxo said, "9M400 we tot poiBUo*!" Mrs. Cora Lott; Meyer,' above; one of .the. first. .Chicago;.Women to .win a $1,000,000 alimony settlement, now seeks a divorce from her 1 second husband, Berthel J. Meyer, charging cruelty. She-received the $1,000,000 when/she divorced Charles H, Lptt, hotel owner, In 1925 and married Berthel soon after.- She says the fortune is nearly gone, charging her husband gotla lot^oUt,- •". .;' , Mrs Earl Cooper'and Mrs. Card were In, Hope Thursday 'on business. Mi. and Mrs. Lee Holt and Miss Katherehe Holt spent the week end In El Dorado. . ' .frank May, now of Little Rock, called on Paul Rowe and-family a little while Wednesday night . Garland and John Mitchell and George Gillette of WillisvlUc were visoiting the O'Stcen family Monday night. C. C. Stuart and family motored to Homer, La., and spent Sunday. J. R. McAteer and wife spent Sunday in Hope. Holly Grove We are certainly glad to have this pretty spring weather. Mr. Lively and daughter, Ruby have returned to their home. In Oklahoma after an entended stay here with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gorham. . • Misi. Mae Bell Samuels of DeAnn spent Tuesday night with. Miss Elis-e Poole. Mi. and Mrs. J. C. Atkins and children spent Sunday with A. P. Clark and family ' Mrs. Ollie Evans visited Mrs. R. T. Hembree Thursday afternoon-. Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Lumphkins of, near Washington spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and'Mrs. R. L. Elliott. ; . /.',," .."..' .."„' '.,.,..,, ; ,-. Rtv. 'White' preached at, Jfaka,Jones Sunday morning and nlg|>t v '"':' Pauline Hembree spent Sunday night with Miss Curlie Lee Murphy. fhi Ste{ to *««««*«« t* . ih* followfn* «Hdidat*« lubjeti l«^f •ctJfln tt( (lie Democratic ftlmtf t\<K» tlon Aumil 6,1932t , cotrirY Fdf Sheriff STMONM. Lee Oorhani W.BS a visitor .to Mope Monday. , Mrs. Carl EVans spent Saturday with her aunt, Mrs. Maude Elliott. Mrs. Will Bain and children visite< Mrs. A. P. Clark Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Murphy am baby W, D. spent Sunday with hi: parents, Mr, and Mrs. John Murphj of New-Hope. H. L. Sutton and Will Bain wer< Sunday visitors with Mr. Lee Elliott! Mi'.-and Mrs. John Robertson spen| Sunday with her parents, Mr. and! Mrs. A. P. Clark. 1 Everyone is invited to attend the regular preaching service here Sunday afternoon. i I Green Laseter Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Collier and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ivy Mitchel spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs Earl Ross and family Mrs. J. T. Butler Jr., and children visited with Mrs. E. M. Stuart Sun day Misses Pauline Simmons, Ellen Byers and Bernice Baker were the dinner guests of Miss Faye Turner Sunday Misses Clara and Denvil Ellis spent the week end with their sister, Mr Earl Fincher and Mr. Fincher Bernice Cumbie and Louise Robertj son visited with Mrs. J. H. Woodu Saturday. Miss Pauline Simmons of Providenc ic spending the week with. Miss Fay« Turner. The party, given by Mr. and. Mrs Earl Fincher was well attended. Mrs. Ellen Woodul spent last week with her granddaughter, Mrs. Elle^ Cumbie. Sickness among..school, children < tsttrriated::by4'Dri • fl;" H. Entrpr directi of-the New'Mexico bureau of publl health, to cost the state's taxpayers ap proximately $800,000 a year. In $30,000 "Baby Hoax" Probe A strange story of an alleged 'baby hoax" was re'vealed when Mr Chauncey Smith, right, Kenrnore,,, N. Y., widow, was. arrested at Cleveland Ohio, on a technical charge of kidnaping Baby Terry : 'Tower,''left, a foundli Mrs. Smith claims the baby is her own, but police charge she is childless an seeks tp. share in a 530,000 legacy which her father-in-law provided' would *• settled on the family of his son, Chauncey,-if there were any children. SAVE It took that reliable, straight-thinking philoso-. pher, Will Rogers, to explode the myth that indiscriminate spending would bring back prosperity. Real prosperity is built on the twin solid rocks of normal spending and normal savings. B normally, but remember to save normally, too, Start Tomorrow With Citizens National Bank Capital and Surplus—$300,000.00 OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS R. M. LaGRONE, L. p. REED, Vice R. M. BWANT, Vies Pie«ds«t. C. 6, J. Q. GEO. W. O. A. GRAVES J. A. \Wm.

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