Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 11, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1896
Page 8
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im^^m^^f^^^:-^: TflEfiREAKINGUP That with each season's change of weaker is very, various' departments in our store reivine their new full assortments. Goods were never SljTLan this season; Prices were never so low for new* goods; j • v u , - Mj;New Dress Goods Are Derfectly charming, Such varieties in elegant £es both in black goods and colored effects have never be, fore been Thown in any store at such popular prices, j Double width plaids and cheviotra't £ and 15 cents per yard. >• cheap and very desirable for school dresses. . "jkofoair bouche uoveltles and Vigorous Figures at 30 cents-a.yard. Beautiful color combinations 38 and 40'lncLies widest 43 and 75 cents. New brocaded novelties, Crepous, French and English Serges, Crepe and Vrllll novelties, heavy' Sicilians, etc., worth much more. Black dress silks aud colored -fancy !. colored silks are very pretty ! in design , and coloring, and this season cah.be bought very cheap. ;: Drop in and take a look for yourself and see these and nrany > more that are not mentioned. THE GOLDEN RULE. Wait THE GLOBE. ' ' i, ,he monov saving institution-of I;ogn,*port/ It lightens .he or 1 vl^by 10,'soi.ing the cost ot necessities. . Now Ml Goods mns * voltev^y and beauty received bought direct from the manuacUir- crsTid or nil discounts saved, and. to be sold at price that credit house, c^trnvfcl. The store JnmmcJ full of ek-n-u. sparkling new good* wlm*h will please everyone 'who sees them. Wt'await your verdict. HEWS SUITS 100 Men's plain and fancy cheviots wprtli $0.00, out- price * 3.HO 75 Men's black, blue finished worsted" worth ?S.OO, our price ..: .*™ 100 Men's plain nnd fancy casslrncrc worth ?10.00, our. price. • ; • '•"" 100 Men's black and blue .imported da y worsted worth ?15.00, our price 10.00 BOY'S SUITS. ,¥5.00, our 100 Boy'* suits all colors, good^lttcrsfrom 14 Io 19 worth ^ ^ TOlS''s%tack,'wuV/and'fanci-'cbcviot 8 , well trimmed, and innde; ^ •worth $7.00, our price...... 1 ••, : 1SD Boy's black, blue, and fa-ncy imported worsted work, worth ?10.00, our-'price equal- to custom T.CO SCHOOL SUITS. 100 Tweed suits, good litters, well made at si if 1.50 worth $2.00 and _? 2.50 Boy's 'Scotoh T*veod S ,,iewcst fall-patterns $2,50, ?3.00 and-?o.50,woith ^ !?4.00, ?5.00, and .......... .'•'•' ............ -.• : ....... ........... ' ' •Knee pants, ages 4 to 13, 'special lot ...... ................ • All wool -Scotch cheviots worth ,50c, o ur price ..... ..... : ....... -Corduroy, all colors, worth 75c, our pr ice .......... • ......... • • • ...... Remember oar S took 5a all' 'new aud we have all up-to-date novelties all our Roods are marked io^laln figures, strictly one pnoe. Is o Misrepre- «nta«S. come, see (or yojfrself and be convinced what we Bay are fact,, StrictlyfiOne Price Clothiers. CORNER EOJJjmi'AND MARKET STREETS. Republican Meetings. Republican spe:ik'.ngswiir bo'liHd at- the following places in Cass county:. Saturday evening. Sept. W. V.-j-uter- {Ti-con school house.'Adams township, Mayor George P. McKee, George Gam- ^ Saturday evening. Sept. 12, Calloway school house, 0- A. luy'i-s. Monday ovcuing/ Sept, -U. Mctca. Geo. W. Steele, W. TV Wilson. J. G. Meek. Tuesday evening, Sept. -1-3,' -Young America. Geo. W. Stoele, Wi T.' Wilson, ,1. B. Smith. Wednesday evening, Sept. lt:.<'-Gal- veston, Geo. W: Steele. D. C:'Justice, E. B. McCounell, : Tliursday evening, Sept. 11- Walton. j0 o.'W. Steele, D. B. McCounell..Olaud ;isho'p. | l-'ridfiy evening. Sept, -IS, '-'Center chool house, Washington.-.township, 'co. W. Steele, D. C. Justice, .Geo. Valters. Saturday evening, Sept 10, Twelve file, Ceo. W. Steele, Geo. Funk, Mayor IcKee. Monday evening. Sept 21, Waverly, lob. W. Steele, S. T. McConnell, Mayor IcKec. • ' • Tuesday evening, Sept. 22, Oly.mers, Jeo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice', .W:'T. Vilson. Wednesday evening, Sept.-23?: West !and Ridge school house, Noblo-town- ,hip, Geo. W. Stoele, Col. . Cromcr, 'rank Swigart. Thursday evening, Sept. 24, .Lucerne, Jeo. W. Stoele, Q. A. Myers, Gno. Friday ..evening, Sept-.25, • Galloway school house, Jefferson, township,.Geo. W. Steele,. S. T. McConnell, Frank Swigart. ' •Saturday evening, Sept. 26, Royal Center, Geo. W. Steele. Q.' A. Myers, D. B, McConnell. ;, ' . O0 , Wili.'Buy a Good Winter -OF- W 426 Broadway, Second lilac.: b.'is.f at Kin-ncy's. _ Hnvu you.seen any-fancy peaches. If not, 1'V.ey can show them O yon. VoSoy will show you the only 'fancy peaches tliat have been on 'tliq'.rj.arkct r 'tlilfj sacaoji. • Natural tfns 1)111" for the month of Seplembcr are now duo and'payable at ilit;-Company's office on Pearl street. Wanted—Good men to work Insur- nnce.. Ca:.l Iu the forenoon ami evenings.—Prudential Insurance Company, •320& Ji.':u-ket street. ..'' . Lafayo'tc Ctli: Another skeleton was iiaea.rthcd ycsterdny in the.gravel pit on Mrs. Newton's farm, on.the Wild. •Cnt. "it wn.s foiihd two and a half feel I5elow the siiri'ncr. It is undoubtedly that of nn'Indlnr. ' .' .' '. Tuesday Is_children's, dny at the •Slate fair, .nnd tho schools-of Indinn.a- s and the surrounding, country ,for v miles nrc svspondcd for Uie day from'7:00 n!,iu., until.dark-drives flam home.; the grounds), will be a . moving mass o£,..happy cliil- n.-all-t lie guests of the-'State board. There Is no liappicr dny'fof the o'rdiu- nry child tti'ah the day.at tiie. State ' : tair. . ' '' ' '. : '.Jv'••'•• : •• . JOHN L. GRIFFITH. Friday Night Before HcKinley club-Favorite Speaker. The favorite orator, Hon. John L. Griffith,-of-Indianapolis, will.be the speaker at the rink- Friday 'night, September llth, before . the Logansport McKlnlcy club. This will be one of the best sound money speeches' of the campaign In Logansport. • The well known ability and eloquence of the speaker should iasurc for .him a turn-out that wll' .cram the 'rink to the 'walls. Every member of the club should bt sure to attend, with ladies, and al should make It a point'to tell friends and neigu-bors aud urge them to be pi'3soi't to hoar Mr..Griffith, one of tne best campaigners of Indiana, Cljcre will be.good music and a gen crnl goo'd 'time. WANTS HIS MONEY IN GOLD A Populist Who is Not Looking for the Worst of It. Kokomo Tribune: A genUemau-resid ing near Galveston was in the city Tuesday wanting to' borrow $100 t pay off a mortgage . owing to Isaa Smith, a well-known Populist U.vln in his neighborhood.. • 'i>. • ' . It came to the ears of l-lie mortgage that Mr.'Smttli would demand 'his caa when-the mortgage became due, or renewal tliat expressly stipulated tha the debt should b'o"pa'ld in. gold.. ',-• Tho mortgagor went to .Galvesto ami,- tried ,-to borrow, the ?100 of lodge. In, that'place. He-is determine to pay off the mortgago'\and.be'b'u't o that man's grasp. . .. '.. .;'.- surprise to see tho..'peach es at-Fioley's. In the Democratic State Central Committee. ; Chairman Holt and flagee's Resignations Accepted. Taggart Chosen to Succeed Holt but He Will Not Serve. .••Niuo-'of-the: thirteen members of the Democratic State 'Central committee met at Indianapolis yesterday to act on. the resignation of Chairman Holt. Mr. .Holt read his resignation,' which wa.s iu writing, Juid concluded with tills statement: ' '•'Personally, during my whole polili- <:.-il career I have been opposed to the tloetrl'ne involved in the free coinage of .silver; yet I did not see in this fact a sufficient reason for quitljug the reg- uhir •organization of the party, aud I have ^o stated; nevertheless, i:i. view of the condition o£ aft':urs I have-above indicated, I feel that I owe k to myself 1'iVa mutt, iiiul to you as.a committ™ to step down and out." Then he read to*ho.com.inittco a letter from Kufus M-.igee, nrembe.r of the committee from the Eleventh district, resigning from 'the' committee. Mr. M-agoe .simply stated that he could uot H-ing himself 1o the support of the principles cnuncialed by the Chicngo platform, and for -that reason deemed it pnidi-nt Mia!: he'should retire from the commlitteo. Mr.-HolL then retired from the'committee-room. Ilis resignation, together with that of Commit- teeinan Ma gee, was immediately accepted, • After their acceptance there was a wait of .'several minutes' in cx- 'pccta-tion that the otiucr members of- the committee would announce their determination to. retire, but 110 ' one spok«i and the committee proceeded to an -informal consideration of the situation, ' :' Mr. Hoit.utlked freely of his resignation .'ifti'Vwa.rils. He stated that when he visited Chairman Jones at Chicago Uint I'l-ida'y, lie was informed by .Tones nnd John O. Shaukliu, the member of the Ni'ljonal committee from Indiana, tha-t lie must remove from liis committee of seventeen James L. Murdock, William H. O'Brien', Crawford Fairbank's,-Henry Stockfletli, HariT B. Smitli'h Thomas I*. Study and John E.: Tjjunb, -Sv-ho were suspected of uot be- ing'true to the cause. I-J« refused to remove the i.ueu, and said to the committee that they were all-Democrats of standing in the State, aad that men capable could not be found to 'lill their places. And the retiring chairman told illose who made inquiry;'too. For Announcement of Grand Opening. ALL NEW GOODS. Berwangcr Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK 'To Be Sure. RAILROADMEN'S RALLY. : Big Demonstration September 16 at Opera House. The 'Hallway Men's Sound.Money club will hold its next public meeting at Dolan's opera house 1 'Wednesday, Sept. 10th, at S p. m.; on. .wtilcB;'occa- sion Mr. X 3C. Brooke .second, vice president of the Pennsylvania; lines west of Plttsburg, will address..the people on the Issue of:the campaign. By order of the President. ' . . A. F. HOCKENBEAMER, ;•. Secretary. Eugene Debs; who in'vairi sought the Populist nomination 'for President at St. Louis, has called on the A.-.H-..U. to support Bryan. All of the A. K.- I/. that supported Demand, lost tiielr.Jobs by It will no doubt- be pleased';to-fol- lo\v .his advice. Mr. Debs Is.' aa eathii- sou'led and' oa.nest ! but of his futile' effort to raise money \vitir which- to conduct a campaign. He declared that the-nubld'free silver men, who were constantly charging treachery against every man who could uot appearnvith a written pedigree on tho silver q'uesliioji,. had not' ' contributed one dollar toward carrying on the cam : paign. • He stated tha t only two weeks. ,'ago lie offered to be one of fifty.men who would give .«500 each or oven ifi, : 000 each, and-that not a single subscription had conic-Jn. .Tho .ijuaii-cl with the Governor over the appoint- •ment of J. E. McCullough, he said, pre T cipitated his resignation. Tor an hour before tbc committee went 'into session everybody said Tug- gar't. would be elected chairman. The stiver people said they were w'.l'.lr:;;- to trust -him; the gold-Bryoaites declared that ii the -silver fellows were satisfied, t'uoy supposed they ought to be. Tags' Igart was in the Bobby-all the time, Ca- privately that it seenwd hardly worth while ito attempt to reorganize for a nght. They foresee • diniculties that would confront the new chairman, whomever -he might be. There is still 'alive-the demand from .the National committee tliat'tlfe IJes't known mep on the executive be dropped and original silver men substituted. It was pointed out that thc.nev chairman could uot carry ou.t-.the orders of tnc National chairman without 'making any amount of trouble. Not to obey the orders meant Hint the State committee would'not. get the hearty support of the, National organization. And then it was pointed out, too, that that the new chairrnsin would- have to settle .the election commissioner quarrel with' the Governor, 3'o make a new appointment would insult many Democrats, who regard Mr. McCullough as one of the most -trustworthy Demo erats'in the State, and .to stand by the appointment • made ' by "' Holt meant trouble with' the Governor. Some one laughingly '.remarked in the lobby of the liotel at-noon that the committee had better pass a resolution indorsing Palmer and Buckncr and go k° me At-the afternoon session of the committee, the chairmanship was offered to Tagga-rt. ami he declined to accept -it. The committee undertook to con : viuce him that lie ought to take charge o$the campaign, and it was announced at 3 o'clock that the cud "was not iu 'sight. At Unlit hour Taggart left the committee rooms amd drove to the court house.' He gave as his excuse for. going, away that lw-liad to be iu co.uct- "They; arc trying'to convince was all h'e' would sny. He m^aus\-oU and^wlll wo:1: earnestly [ daring to every one who totted to him '' ' "" on the subject that he would not. uudev for'the good of labor as hewers.-it. .hut his judgment is .not. good: I h -wlyrca f- ing free silver just bocause-ihe-m'l-.::)!td companies do .not want-It lic,.adv!scs employes to vote to cut their .wages in two. He does not mean to do'this, but this would be the result of free silver, as every railroad man knows." ^. 'There is not one-shadow, of truth in the statement of the Pharos itliat Pan- handle-employes have-been assessed for campaign purposes. -The-Finance committee appointed to raise,-funds for -tho -meeting next Wednesday Eas been making a canvass asking-business men' -and railroa'd men for cbn'trrbutTons. >'o •nmn Is called 1 upon who' cannot afford •to donate and rio one is compeUea to coDtribnfe. It is entirely voluntary, and' 1C any .one.asked.for. a-'don'ation . -.'fools tli'at he cannot afford IE, tBat is tJje end of'it. '.•". '••'.••' ' ' . . Later the committee elected Taggart in spite of hJs positive refusal to servo aud adjourned. 'Should he refuse to act ths Pdyoer-atio.-. campaign in the State is probably at an cud. •Mr. any circumstances, accept the place. "Sut It is proposed to elect you anyhow," • was •suggested to him. '•They can elect'me, but they cauuot force me to serve," saild he. ' "The impression scorns' to^be tliat you are the only man who can cem.eut the ^vo.wings of the- party; get harmonious work out of. tlic.gold Brysin- itcs and the .silver Bryanites." •' "I am afraid wo are out of .cement," said Jie.... ..'..- • •-•The tnlk : among the represcmtatives '/of tlie. : pai-t.y brought here by the'meet- viug. wa& to the 'effect that the party- or- gauiy.ation'had'received a'blow that it caiiVh 1 ai-dly recover ,iYom'-.-bcfore ,etac- .tlou.- Well-informed Democrats said TIIE ' BurkuarcU and Mr. Morrison o-ak to One Hundred a-nd Fifty At the Court House. • "There, were -cue. linndrad and fifty licople Jn'-tUe tud!cace. at ths court house last night to Iwar Populist Bur! hardt and "Silver-Si)cecb" Mon-isor talk. Mr. Burkhardt tallied througl one hour and fifteen mir.utes. and the: answered questions for fifteen "mln utcs. Then Mr. Morrison tool; hold o thurn and exercised his motto of .sil vcred speech for'auothtr hour. Th meotln-g was held In the ne^7 cour room and it was filled to 11: c dcovs. ani that Is not, say ing that many pcopl •were there. The seating capacity I 'u.Ht. over a hundred, .and there wer; probably fifty people s BADLY CRUSHED. Teamster Suffers a Broken Arm and Other Hurts. Yesterday afternoon about 3 o'clock • George Idle, a teamster ia the em- ploy.of the Central Union Telephone company, 'mpt with a painful accident while hauling three thirty-foot ' tele- ihoue poles. He was near .the railroad i-cstle on Wabash avenue, when 'the coupling pole broke. He succeeded In fixing it. Ho then, went to-the rear of :ho wagon *o arrange the poles in their proper places, mid had lifted two of :hem into position, and was standing icar the rear bolster between the second aud third poles, when something alarmed the horses, causing them to make a sudden Jurige forward: A small chain that held the poles a! the rear end of -Jie wagor^j&d suddenly and the poles fell o.ff. !^§Si, Idle was between tbe logs he was forced to the ground with the falling poles, sustaining a severe scalp wound, on the right • side of the'head, and breaking his left arm near the shoulder. Blood flowed freely, from tiie scalp wound and a lairge pool was found in the dust wlicn he was picked up in an unconscious condition ami carried to a neighboring yard. Drs. Siiultz & Hetlierington were called,-and-dressed his wounds, after which' he was removed to St. Joseph's Hospital/ A telephone message from tliere last evening stated tliat he was resting much: easier and although his wounds arok>f"a.dangerous character, it is thought .that be will recover, unless omcthmg unexpected sets in. Tic is unmarried and about 20 years [>ige.. ,Hc ciimc-lierc about ten days ., -o frow Ms home at Vcraon, Ind., and secured work with the telephone company. : .-,.'-. ••'••••' •VT THE UNIVERSITY. The prospects-at Michael's univcrsi- ty are very bright. The roll of students now. is twice as-large as it was Uic same'time last year, with, the prospects "of a great increase. Prof. Michael has beem unceasing in his work io make 'the school a, success and is being well rewarded for his work. H-rvey Gulp is sick,'and it Is feared he may have an attack of typho'.d fe- CAN'T BE BEAT. Wlieu Quality nml Perfect Shaped Shoes Are Considered. rir<-0ur now dark brown genuine vlcl kid. iwtc:it calf, trimmed lace, h.iiid v.-clt "•' ' Secoud-Our new No. 13 Savoy toe, he-ivy sole. Uld, lace and button, school shoes, equal to mauy $3.00 shoes, for ••••'• $2 ' 50 Third—Our new coin toe. oalf vamp, kid top. button or lace, a nice dressy THE LADIES. ' the' 'plcosaut' effect and perfect safety ..with, which ladits may use Syrup of FJgs, under all .conditions, .make it.their favorite remedy. To get lae truf and genuine article 1 , look for tho name of tho"California Fig Syrup Cf'-.ipau'y.,. printed' iWr the lK>ttom of V.'-rhokai:i>. For'sale by ill rcspon- shoe for wliool.- only Follr il,_Our iio.w style welt shoes, excellent vnhie. warranted, ouly.?2.23 Flfth-Our genulue. vici kid button, new style, patent, calf, trimmed, only ....... '• "" ' Sixtli—Our women's rubber sandals, xvhlcli we will sell, for We Seventh—Our, w.omcn's storm rub- b3i'« we will seU'at ., : -•-.-. ^ c - Ei"hb—Men's rubbers-'we will sell ^ ^ •..'..-.. ' 29c Piil'ing's shoe house, : .'12 Broadway, Logausport, Iiid. ,

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