The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on October 31, 1969 · Page 10
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 10

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1969
Page 10
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r 10 THE CINCINNATI ENQUKER Friday, Octobfr 31, : Meet ; BY H. P. MUSS Enquirer Contributor Inscrutable Chinese, my foot! American-born, Hong Kong-raised Bruce Lee was in town yesterday, promoting his latest film, "Marlowe," which stars James Garner as Raymond Chandler's famous private eye Phillip Marlowe (due November 5 on multiple booking all over town). The 29-year-old actor turned out to be a fun-loving extrovert, a complete contradiction of any preconceived typecasting of the Oriental psyche. Bruce plays Winston VMMTOTF' tjEKiininajhf' w mm m i .manual L. Wol! praianti AN A Frank Parry-Allid .ST EUElSlLil BiKwsa-jassBi, HELD OYER! EIP EXCLUSIVE SHOWINGS V?.?".'.'. ..i : rj . r ? 1 I first Run Showing! tXirTm. first SUSANNAH VORK "LOCK UP YOUR Jane FONDA Rr "THE GAME Peler MtfNl Jfan Pierrt Aumont Elrnnora-RflMi Draqo "LOVE AT First Run Doai lha see... "THE INCAR ILfCTRIC HEATERS Plul . . . " INCAR . ELECTRIC HEATERS "THE SAVAGE SEVEN" Ill tht Deadly lint in Ona! 1aU. Anthony f itlay Thotdit 8'onrlt "THE WITCHMAKER" (M) "DESTROY ALL MONSTERS" (G) cm, For F.otura Timai Coll SSI 2222 or 4! I 0995 All Mor Coil OFF 3000 OUEEN CITY ar 3000 OlINWAV Tripla Honor Shock Shawl 1 at tht Graatatt Shoe km ef all Final Vincent Prica II (IIT IUH TUt DCIinill IIM" IM 7.0511 31 lain Karr rl I HUM MIL rLIIUUkuni mi mJE "TALES OF TERROR" (M) . Prill CttMimii MIMWmn - - "FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN" (M) fm Pus ll li i' I ' 1,11 Cll,e '" mo ll I"! !' J CorolWU. Pnul BurV J Ftancout Ptvoit A famiti Robtrhon Jushcn Tripla Herrar Shack Shawl 3 al the Prica II BIT Akin TUC DCIinill IIM" IU 7:03t1l: John Krrr Vincent Prica laul R.lhhon. "TALES OF Frtit CUSHINS ShmHNIIK "FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN" Pr.a Pin ta ladiai Who Don't Fainll Tauqhait Suip.nia Grabbar Sinci Raiamaryl K.rpi yeu Bitirtaj vaur Naili and Sw.atlna! "DADDY'S GONE A-HUNTING" (M) In Color with Paul turk. Carat Whit. INCAR tlECTRIC HEATERS Plul ' CATHERINEMNEUVE In INCAR ELECTRIC HEATERS "In tha Villaqa ol Montqomary Opn 6 )0 - Sto'ti 7 00 "Incredible Machine" is. .i(so,i Cirl Wkile Pad taktr Cain 1 21 II 41 iMi "DADDY'S GONE A-HUNTING" Rated (M) "TWISTED NERVE" (M) c.i.r Hoylay M ,11, Hywell Bennett 0 ;Bo.OHicOp.ni6 10 Sptcill J:?:;:;; "thomas crown affair" (M) Robart Mitchum utiii? aArtfi Alive B,d Ccmdn. int uuuu uuio incDHUuuii imi 2 fes,r.t "TONY ROME" (M) "THE DEADLY BEES" (M) I 5 m im ni-otot Carol Whital - Sha Want la Friica A Tha Nihtmara lraal T.rrarl inAnnvc: nnur A.MllNTlNR" (M) Z INCAR ELECTRIC HEATERS aMwa. V UVIlb w iivimihw ' ' Calar t 7 03 and 10 33 Sammy 0AVIS JR Patar LAWF0RD "SALT & Suip.nia Grabbar Sine. Raimiiryt J Katpi yoa lilma vavr Naili and al "DADDY'S GONE A-HUNTING" (M) .J.m,l GARNER HUftW CVATFT IT 15" R. "HOW SWEET IT IS" Oabbia REYNOLDS II IIS PHISIIInill! Al lien HiT Suip.nia Grabbrr Siaca Raiamary! Kerpi van litina your Naili and Swaadn' ! "DADDY'S GONE A , 41 . GREGORY PECK ia tarrilic "THE ' uuraoar jusatnia, . . Master Of Wong, a small-time hoodlum and Karate expert who demolishes Garner's office in "Marlowe," one of the funny highlights of a very solid piece of entertainment. To most Americans, he Is remembered as Kato, the loyal companion of the Green Hornet on the TV series of yesteryear. Lee is neither type In real life. "I'm not an actor who dabbles in karate; It's really the other way 'round," he said. "Actually my bag is not even karate. I'm the creator of Jeet Kune Do, a classically refined form of self-d e f e n s e combining Gung Fu, Karate and all .aLllji: m mi mi i iw ALLIED ARTISTS FILM Production USTMAN COLOR 2X1 Run Showing! CHRISTOPHER PIUMMER DAUGHTERS" (R) 700 IS OVER" (R) ' 00 10 90 TWENTY" (R) ' IH-Htt' D: X-WAY 10 1-171 IIXIT , IT. NOT Showlngl All Color) uiparnatural Grab You? WITCHIMAKER" (M) (M) IM AND tmtS lANf INTIICHAMGI Colli 441-1170 1301 KRGUSON ROAI Calar 10 13 Calar ITS. AND 42, MILIt SOUTH COVINGTON ill ml - ui "DADDY'S GONE A-HUNTING" (M) cm "SPIRITS OF THE DEAD" (R) c v For Ftiture Times CHI 3H UOOliOl Q9JS Utt 1-71 1011 MMPM Jheckerl ( all limal TERROR" (M) I Hi I 20 Cllai 1013 (alar (M) FrH Caffaa I Donutt i.ry.a' al I. it Shawl a) Jll-Jirr 1370 COMPTON Z): "APRIL FOOLS" (M) Ml. ran 7 SO MONTGOMERY ROAD 171-4400 SOI) MAOISON I04B Hum Sko ltiM ml logrn tup mn inwfkfi aa n A Mf-OtO ' mx it a. i. mwpom PEPPER" u Calar :I0 IT 125 PHONf 73J-44JS 10 MIN I CHERRY GROVE J? Calar "CHARRO" (G) 771-1414 PIINOPIIID Pill AT IVPAII - HUNTING " (M) STALKING MOON" (G) ..a Ject Kune Do kinds of assault tactics and make my primary living giving private lessons in Los Angeles, Oakland and Seattle." His instruction price is $150 an hour or $500 for 10 hours, and actors Steve McQueen and James Cobum, "Tarzan" producer Si Wein-traub and screenwriter Sterling Silliphant are among his best customers. It was Silliphant who wrote him into "Marlowe," in a part that need not have been played by an Oriental. "I'm essentially a martial art expert," Bruce said. "I came back to the U. S. in 3959, determined to be the highest paid martial art specialist In the world. In 1964, tlv late Jay Sebring saw me give an exhibition Delirious Hues 6rt Tints Gotham's Autumn NEW YORK The splashiest, most colorful New York autumn is here . . . the town looks like a mad water - color painter has been let loose In It. Gina Lollobridga was In orange - colored mink at Trader Vic's and Vera Vera's River House pad the other night with escort George Kaufman who's In real estate . . . don't you love the idea of those two orange-colored minks that were the mommy and daddy of her orange - colored mink? But nothing surprises us about mink colors since lovely Pat Farand arrived at a party a month ago in mink dyed red, white and blue . . . Then there are men's ties nowadays which are in all colors . . . plus the fact that I saw a gentleman ankling down 8th Ave. In white gloves and an all-white stole. LIZ TAYLOR'S friends, trying to figure out what the 69.2 carat diamond cost her, say that if Cartier's got SO SCAHY-wt PARI YOU TO SIT FUTURE ylO THE DEAD RETURN? DoYoU BELIEVE IN GHOSTI TIN i a wvs rrtrriSWa T Ill fi, . ifnwe Saturday and Sunday Matnees Ony PRINCETON CINEMA Opp. Tri-County Center LUDLOW CINEMA 322 Elm, Ludlow, Ky. f mmmm Liiiu'waiiM'JiikvtJiiJiiiiiirafiir.T aMPWI-lkJtrA&aJ vawav L. a, 1 I TJ kM aallaVi.aV V This picture has got to crab vou. fills the screen with more adult than you dare to expect! WVAAA AAA "KISS ME MATE" PLUS THIS it n mi. a a SCARED''; OULvlB T7TV T - GOOD OL' TIME BURLESK! 2 HR. GREAT SHOW! FIRST TIME IN CINCY! TORNADO OF TEASESTARS! DYNAMIC WINDY STORM jVjON SCREEN A FIRST RUN SENSATIONAL HIT! JUI LIKE UL ar.r.v EXTRA SPECIAL MIDNIGHT SHOW TOHITt! in Long Beach. Calif., and told producer William Do zier about me. Dozier signed me to play Kato, my very first acting job." Acting may yet become his main occupation, however, as client Coburn has cast him as second lead in his next picture and writer Silliphant and Lee have gone into partnership, to make a series of features with Bruce playing a blind Jeet Kune Do expert who creams everybody in sight Laughingly, Bruce confided that "I might well be the next red hot sex symbol, the deadly, sexy Chinaman. How does that grab you, baby?" Deadly destructive, he is; sexy, who knows? But inscrutable, ha! a 15 commission on $1,050,000, then Cartier's would have got $157,500, bringing the sale price to Richard Burton to $1,207,-000. But that figure's generally thought "to high" and Atty. Aaron Prosch who swung the sale for Liz, his client, isn't talking. A friend who dined with Liz when she wore all or nearly all her jewelry recently said, "She doesn't need it-it distracts from her and she distracts from it. You go for dinner and you never look at the food." JACK L. WARNER'S going to make a fight to keep "Jimmy" going at the Winter Garden (already rumored to have cost $900,-000) . . . Front-runners for the Oscar for next spring are Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, Anthony Quinn, John Wayne and Peter O'Toole . . . Milton Goldman, the agent, asks, "When was the last time you heard somebody say 'Boy, do you need a haircut!' " THRU IT Alt' - if YOU DO - MOVIE 1 " i i t -iTrtaifc YOtMUST&EETOmiim W 7 YUaT Only! All Seats 75c 1:00 and 3:00 P. M. 20TH CENTURY 3023 Madison, Oakley WESTWOOD 3118 Harrison Ave. - Mav aalaal mm w mn X. imil I I - It shock' 1-4 M. iS - - Z 3 bTTVj IIKti f nts COMICS S ONE I ; week! I K . ' r - ' V : ,. .- " i :- " .. 1 J&JL LmJm28i inference i "" Glynnis Johns confers with Jim Dale starring as "Lusty" in "Lock Up Your Daughters" now playing at drive-ins around Cincinnati. Colors Unusual party at Charley O's: For cast "Mundy's Scheme," starting rehearsals, to meet first time: Edmund O'Brien, Jack Cas-sidy, Horace McMahon, and Patrick Bedford plus Dorothy Stickney, who said, "God help me I'm English!" Woody Allen came forth-rightly into the John Springers' party at Gallagher's 33 for the Henry Fondas (Henry's rehearsing for "Our Town") and said: "I came here to eat Where's the food?" He soon found plenty. Woody was the only one there in tennis sneakers. David Jans-sen was with Rosemary Forsythe . . . Mrs. Fonda, looking fine to me but a couple of pounds heavier to her, said she isn't expecting . . . Barbra Streisand congratulated Phyllis Newman on her Streisand Impersonation at the Plaza. "They mostly make me look cross-eyed," Barbra said . . . The book "Toots," a wondrous biography of Toots Shor by Bob Consi-dine, is mentioned as a possible TV series to be called "Toots' Tavern." Cyril Ritchard quit as director of the off B'way play "Rondelay," opening November 5; the producer had requested more nudity in the show. ("Fortune and Men's Eyes," which has male nudes, is doing so well it may boost its top price, now $10) . . . Mia Farrow and Andre Previn attended the Lincoln Center dedication . . . Tony New- Leigh To Slake Screen Bow TELEVISION comedienne Leigh French has been signed to make her film debut in Paramount Pictures' "A Hall of Mirrors." The motion picture, a Rosenberg- Newman - Foreman Production stars Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Miss French, who played Goldie, a flower child character on the Smothers Brothers Com&dy Hour, is cast as Girl, anemotional member of a rock group in "A Hall of Mirrors." She began her professional career in the original cast of "The Committee" in San Francisco. "A Hall of Mirrors," whi'ch co-stars Anthony Perkins and Laurence Harvey, is being directed by Stuart Rosenberg and produced by John Foreman from a screenplay by Robert Stone, based on his prize-winning novel. The film, set in present-day New Orleans, focuses on the love affair of two ransients who become involved in a reactionary political plot and assassination. To Film 'Sons' HOLLYWOOD (UPI) ' MGM assigned controversial screen writer Dalton Trumbe to write the screenplay for Evan Hunter's "Sons." Butch Paul Newman sparkles as "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" a North and South American western now playing in town. t if i ui j 51 U aVV- M W V Ml ley's talking to producer Mike Frankovich about a film, "There's a Girl in My Soup" . . . Angela Lans-bury, her hair cut short, was at Ginger Man with her son Antony, his hair very long ... Liz Ashley turned down a B'way musical. Pretty Renata Boeck, once romanced by Eddie. Fisher, married broker David Gutman . . . Producer Hillard Elkins is in Las Vegas (with his bride Claire Bloom) preparing the fourth "Oh! Calcutta!" company ... A dozen guards brought Liz Burton's new 69.2 carat rock to the Ed Sullivan show, waited till it was shown on TV, then whisked it out again all in just 20 minutes. mmmmkmmmmmkwmkm SINGLE? DIVORCED? WIDOWED? Get Acquainted With Cincinnati NEW ADULT SOCIAL CLUB 621-5210 PROUDLY PRESENTS KELLY STEVENS AND THE IEST OF EVERYTHING OCT. 27 THRU NOV. 8 ALSO THE SALOONATICS EilKiilmitt 7 Diys l Wert HALLOWEEN PARTY Friday, Ocfober 31 "We witches at the Proud Bull are preparing a Party lust for you."- Mimic by Frank German It Raumary Meert Lunch Served Costume Awards Games Dancing & Sinq-a' lonq THE PROUD BULL Rett I Cocktail Lounrt 6l11MopitrrrM. 791-2022 MAGICIANS OF BASKETBALL In Person! SUNDAY NOV. 2 7:00 P.M. PRICE S4 00 - 53.50 $3.00 -$2.00 CINCINNATI GARDENS 1 OUPTOM 1 o V mf gumm NOW APPEARING NO COVER CHARGE OPENING WED., THURS., FR1.. SAT. NOV. 19, 20, 21, 22 COUNT DASIE HALLOWEEN PARTY at JERRY'S PLACE 7759 Reading Road featuring Plirir.tttirHttiSatira'aj For RtsemtrtK CaD 12MI73 Frail far last Cairantt All eves 8:30 (Sun. at TICKETS NOW IT Xavier University Players Present Eft loot $r GUY BOLTON, P. G. WODEHOUSE, HOWARD LINDSAY o RUSSEL CROUSE rUuiic ana lyr ia ey COLE PORTER NO BIG MESSAGE-JUST A DARN GOOD TIME! OCT. 31, NOV. I, 2, 7, 8, fl TICKETS NOW ON SALE! CALL 863-3551 v I 4 Jim Tarbell Presents in Cincinnati Oct 31 Nov. 1-2 Halloween Special Elvin Bishop (Formerly of "Paul Butterfield") From England Humble Pie (Formerly Small Faces) From San Francisco Devil's Kitchen From Detroit Catfish Special Guest Star Vince Sawma Electric Oud Player Schehera (Eastern Belly Dancer) Plus Congo Drums Lights by Flavorscope Prizes for Best Costumes Tickets: 2.00 All Three Nights 4.00 Ludlow Garage 346 Ludlow Ave. Cincinnati Phone 221-2542 Ajred Camera HOLLYWOOD A 40-year-cld lens and the oldest camera at Warner Bros, studio were used by Director Bud Yorkin to achieve an antique effect in filming a . scene for "Two Times Two," laid in the French Revolu- tion era and starring Gene Wilder. "I wanted a Renoir ' quality," said Yorkin, "a softness and patina, like stepping out of a frame." IS mm nr. T,M HUM VrM M CARROUSEL INN HALLOWE'EN PARTY MEXICAN STYLE FRIDAY, OCT. 31- 5 p.m. -7 p.m. ALL DRINKS ONE LOW PRICE PRIZES FOR COSTUMES Entertainment Nightly by ILDA JIMENEZ y LOS BOHEMIOS 821-5110 I I' K vHTI DEE FELICE TRIO fa 6 DAYS BEG. , TUES., NOV. 4th THRU SUN., NOV. 9 7). Mats Sat. & Sun. at 3 P.M. BOX - OFFICE 10 A.M.-6 P.M. PRICES: Men. thru Than, t Sail. Evtt., Oreh. $5.50; Man. $4.75; laic. $4.00, $3.50, $2.00; Frl. A Sat. Evei. Oreh. $6.50; Man. $6.00; laic. $4.50, S3.S0, $2.00. Mati.-Sat. ft Sun. $5.50; Men. $4.75; laic. $4.00, $3.50, $2.00. .1

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