The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1940
Page 3
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jmURSDAY, MARCH 21, 10<(0 JttLIBUf FLEE! I about. 35 from June-nil and Kelohi- • knn, Alnikn. ) Under cooperative plans of (lie i Jlshermeji themselves in (lie various ports, each fleet will put out «t I ITf Oril'l 1C Tll.Lr. .^ f I (ARK.)'COURIER ing* to be hold ul Ilie Tuonllelh Century club, Ttie 2Mb minimi meeting \vlll open following a board of "dlrec- rSsKK^iSS? 5 ^- 5 ^ 1 " 'TUP War Paired To Reduce Canadian Boats This Spring HY nonns (Inilfd Press Slatr Corresnomieiil VANCOUVRR, H. C., [rfarcli 25 <U!>1—Up and down Vancouver's waterfront, as in n dozen other Pacific const ports, mullets thump on caulking irons and paint brush- fs awlsli as the halibut fleet lire- pares to. put out to .sea, probably bus this month. Opening of thcnialibiit sonso'i jj,T (he British Columbia and Al- jwka coasts, b expected 10 be April I. Highly competitive, Pacific coast mlibiil fishing finds the ashing fleets of (wo mllou.s piiu-d nyatiist (•nch other In an effort to obiuin the- lion's share of the total catcli allowed. Governed, by a point Ciinadiiin- Amerlcfin commission, halibut fish'"K ill the northern waters of (he >cilic is restricted to guard .iHain.U possible extermination of (he fish ntid to guarantee a per- inn'neiit supply. Steady Supply Assured Experience has taugla thai uncontrolled exploitation on a large scale of such a resource inevitably means Its extinction, a fnle wliic-ii overtook the sea-otter in Alaskan "lid northern British Columbian waters. Because or this rigid control has been imposed upon halibut -miiE by the Canadian and Ain- .Jcan governments working in coiijunclion.' Veai-ly estimates are made, of the supply of fish, and a catch limit is xet each year. The quota for this year Is expected to approximate that of last year, 48.000,000 pounds Quotas are not set for the fishermen of the two nations Individually, but the catch is figured on the., total brought in by Canadian and- American boats together Under these regulations It's up to !tlie fishermen of each country 10 : get what they can before Ihe total is reached. This year Canadian fishermen may catch less than their usual shnre of the total allowed according- to British Columbia' government officials, owing lo wartime conditions (bat have forced many of : |hcir finest hnllbul. boats into nawil service. This will leave a greater percentage, of the total ditch open to American boats ••A number; i of- ;j BiItish. .Columbia # J "n> sea halibut boats are in the . yal Canadian navy, doing pat- roi;\rork up and down the coast," say G. J. Alexander, assistant commissioner of fisheries for British!; Columbia. "This means there will be fewer Canadian ships en- gaefed this season, -allowing Am- ectean fishermen to take a greater share of the total catch." V Price Kise Unlikely The war has provided an assured market for British Columbia fish- eniien, -according to 'Alexander owing to increased demands from c:n<nt Britain. Catches in the North •Sesi, Irave decreased, and frozen fish-from Canada are being shipped in increasing quantities to England.. Prices, however, are not expected to rise, although cost of fishing equipment has gone up i .•vfarc than 300 boats''are expect-' cd to put. to sea this season Fortj I five will sail from Vancouver, about 70 from Prince Rupert, 150 from "rttle, 30 from Petersburg, and ! Women's Club Names Del exiles For Convention ' ' _—__ I Mrs. K. p. j)lomi;y<M. president of f the Woman's club, mid Mrs. Cieorge i XI. Let- h-.n-e been named by the (local s-raiip to represent ilie club [at the biennt;il convention ol Hie , I'Virrcat City District of the / The second duy will bi- taken up with club reports, u luncheon honoring past presidents ol the Forrest City District, nmic club ie)x)rts olecilon and insiulhillou O f officer.'! with the convention srhrmilod In adjourn In tlip late aih'inooii Hoinr^e to club m)m ,.,> ,,)io' Iwiv devoted much ol theij iii m . tl) ..|| l( j activities will be paid in Hie ftirni of seleclion of ilie 'nucc' I'iotiecr Clubwomen. Other bu.sinm to be taken up Include rontr'si.s in ,..r,no s murclies, short storle.s. irfavN inTii crated clubs ol •>!) northeast Arkansas towns ts expected to attend If Mrs. niomeyer Ls unable to'.,i- imte ts Mrs. li. A. Ilug» 'flic Twentieth Century club and the I'acaha Clul. " " ' hostesses to president, will preside :i| U 1( ' '•»(!'• for ih;« .snow icmcnvi $380.000 lea- (han it igo, iitfordlii.. to city Episcopal Churches To Hold Joint Service Members of Culvui-y Eplsropnl chinch, Osceola, and St. Stephen's Episcopal church are lo \ mi . ., union soiree an oootl i-vidny Irom -':UO 10 a:00 o'olo-k, ,hc l(,v Mudhcw A. Curry announced to- <l:i.v. The invditiillonnl ||in,,|. v ,|ll be "The Cries l-'rom llic Cross " The lu-v. Mr. Curry suid m .'nfvk- l:'.H thi- uimomictMiH'nl. "We cmhi'r lo;:cthcr on ooo;l Friiluy us rhrls- >i«n ueopli'. onct> moio i 0 sit n \ m,. l"ol of the do™ i>l our .Saviour to w:iti-h and pi;,y. ID c.inlMnpl.itL' month. Mo.'iti-aiCs bill will be • • " v "-i\ v it (>| 1I1U-M woi-ds which came Irom His holy lips, id ILS try to ( . ; m-ii .;0'ji>. m-iv '"(.mill.; so unit the™ old bm <-vvr iu;w words may lend, „„ ],,, so , ]s still iiiilenrnpd." MKs Lilliun I'nUeriDii or'anM of Calvary church, will p),]y i),e music thmusiuhe first u, m , ••,.,•),.;,•' ur words. M, s . K. U , M:lsoll ,, ,„ play (he urgini for the n-jii-ilnd,.! »f Hit M'lvlw. "'".iimiM church for the who'lo ""'vi'." „'" icquestcd to leave wlu-n l,y m ,, s .„,. 'unit, so as to avoid di.siiiibiuia. | n lime of mixliintion, (hi- licv Mi Curry slatwl. ' ' ' In tin- steel hidusiry";" sieel Is, pickled" by immer.sion In will to remove Ihe sn ,| c which founsi durmu hoi rolllnij. ' Eastern Girl Wonders H Helium Plant Blooms loll,,' -. Wll'is'. tins MO...V „ VOI.IK womi.n 1,-om ,h,. l-iiM-win; iw<, <."'!' r.<- .UMIWK-- u-lin ,sli>|>|)i-<| I,, Amnrillu i or ,|,,, ,),..„. ,,„„!.' " "Wlmi I, in ri (> of INUWM (,, Amm,!,,,- ,„„ lliSh< ,, „„. ( ; u( l» pau „ (,!<• ,,„,,„ ,, Kruiiyr .•,!],. romiukcil. "1 K i, j,, bloom IJOK-?" J'<<' Mil,,,, phml. or course, is " " l "' ••"""">• "<"'-<'- ill'll .Stale:, 1 ,, „, , IUI COOK (XKIKS KNO\V THAT C/HlIX ..»,„.; MOIU , m;! ,. < 101 s- ,t,vi) MUCH i.Kiiirru WITH "(C CHIH1 y COOKINC PBiCES FOB FBIDAIf & SATURDAY ^^^^V^^^^^'^H Kluimcii ' flH ^^ (•^iip HAMS I 11/\ l&^^B^ff^' 18lo22Lb.Av. I \im m^i A :• %wfFM Half or Whole J. ^\J ^^w -""''•*'""•'•" J % > ' -'V*S** P t ^^^^ ^^^ .^^B^ tHlll'KUN l-'llll 37' PCI ROAST K. C. Hoof HENS PORK ROAST 12 Kimlk'Ks, U ,K. CHEESE Wisconsin No. 1 Lb. 19c COTTAGE CHEESE „, 15 BEEF STEAK 29 ( SALT MEAT " Vl! t" 5' PiCNIC HAMS SLICJACON"«V 17i CUBE STEAKS^^T^ PURE LARD T SPARE RIBS iMenlv ' 12^ Genuine Preminni Spring LAMB SHOULDERS Chops Lb. 29c gs Lb. 25c 18c Wards big cast iron cabinet sink has 2 Drsiiiiboards $•7065 New cast iron 6<Wn- acid-resisting sink is covered with gleaming white porcelain enamel! Cabinet is of heavy gauge steel, with baked-on enamel finish! Cabinet has over 20-cu. ft. of storage space. Complete with faucet and strainer. _SJ A MONTH Down Paymenf, Carrying Charge Never before, a paint like' (his! Noi only covers dirly old walls and woodwork with just one coat bin it spreads on EASILY! Not a thick, heavy paint or a v;alcr mixed paint, but (lie best oil type. theriggeoiT Lazy Bowels, and Also Pepsin-ize Stomach! iiguc sour taste and fad brail h. your stomach is probably loaded up withccr- t.-'iiiiinAgestcdfowlaiidyoiirbowelidoii't move, bo you need both Pepsin o he p yoSr^'i 11 '^^ 11 "^WW" f«xl in yourslomach, and I jxalivc Senna lo pull Hie. tnggcr on those lazy bowels So be •t'l Dr r'n lil i? a , S ° c °- n «ains P«£ £ ^ « G ! w < vc " s t-aralivc, bccai,scil<i ^Vrap p c , lsil , i, t . ]|s yml j „ t dcrfuhtoinachciimfort.vvl'ilcihcjA-nlire ^iinanmycs your bowels. Tests prove Hie K , i c|> " n l -° Mv**vc those 'liimps o^ ' n *e«l«xl prolri,, f«Kl which may linger nyp.rsioin.ich, tocausc belching K acidity and i to equal tiny paints muds, regardless of price Mnrplool Floor Voinnh. . 01.. I . I (> Scmi'Gloit Enamel Of.. .tt'Jt: D/y Fait 4-hi. Fnamof ., .ai.. .flUl; Certified Floor Enamel. . .01.. . UUf. Potatoes fdaho Russets 10, 29c Cauliflower Snow White .. Head 15c Swcef Potatoes Nancy Hall 10 !bs 25c Radishes & Green Onions 3 bchs. lOc Lemons. Sunkist 4 for lOc Broccoli Fresh :.. bch. 12k Mushrooms Hot House Ft. 12k Rhubarb Cherry Red Lb. 12k r. ^n i^3 America's Finest Modern Kitchen iaUiiior • 32 95 "~ / '•'"'''^'"^tffsf^."'"'' Cut Redecorating Cojd/ 40 as. B. Clark Glcncoc BlythcvlUe, Ark. Authorized Jtortgagc Ix>an Solicitors for the Metropoli- (au Life Insurance Co. LOW RATES PROMPT INSPECTION'S LOXG TERMS EPAYMENT PRIVILEGES Clark-Wilson ' Jas. B. Clark Evory convenience to lighten your housework ... at Wards savings! 25 ib. flour bin! Easy-sliding porcelain topi 4-pc. crystal glassware sett 44 A MONTH, Dov,n Pifnrnl, Carrying ttinst. Electric Water System 59 50 Brings city water convenience to uvral homes! Pumps enough water for targe fami Hcs, for both house and barn, automatically! Built for heavy duly! Efficient! Sf> MN1HLY. Dim PjjmtM. SI.83 Valuel Enough wallpaper to redecorate a IZxlG room, border includcdl Wards unusual selling plan cuts costs, gives you better wallpaper for far less. Florida Large Size Fuil-0-Juice Kroner's Large Ange! Food Jello Royal 3 Twinkle Gelatine 1 Free, 3 for He Knox Gelaline p kg. 17 C Grape Juice C Club Pt. 15c; Qt. 27c Snowdrift 3 Lbs. 47c; ;. 1 Lb. 17c Krogo Shortening 3 Lb. Can 43c Calumet Baking Powder Lb. Can 19c Campbell's Tomato Soup 2 Cans 15c Ovaltine Large Can 59c; Small 33c Log Cabin Syrup Small 17c; Lge. 33c Olives Hollywood Qt. 39c Luzianne Coffee 1 Lb. Can 22k l Vegetable an j fj or , fr Sued '00% W flv Crop! Get more growing plants per packet! Use vigorous Ward seeds . . . KC | ruination tested I Cltick Fresh 2 ],vc. Loaves '106 W. Main Phone tiV STANDARD No, 2 Can . Only 6c MARSHMAILOWS 1fl r Ci'lln Hag, M Oz. Bitch *WV ff\ ft ^' ax - House f\ m t Coffee i-irs,, 24 c I'el, Cariiafion, 3 Ig-G sm. 20c C. C. 3 Lgo. or G Sml. Iftc Hot Dated Coffee French, 1 IJ, 2()c C. Club, 1 !b. Can ....23c 1 II). Hag lot 3 Lb. Bag ,J3c I'altnollvc or Camay .SOAP, 3 bars lit IVORY SOAP, S f l^r, 3 for 2> IVORY SOAP, Mcd. liar, ..Eacb 5c OXV))OI,-RL\SO, Si».iU ....j f or Ktc OXYnOL-HLVSO, Regular, Each I0c SOAP, R & (J. or Ok. Larfie Bars, 1 for V5n MATCHES, Searchlight Box 3c MATCHES, I'incst 2 BOOTS' ic 1' I{ U N K S 5 Lb. Hag Iflc 25 Ll>. IJox ...8!)c TOILET TISSUK Clifton, 3 Rolls lOc Waldorf, roli <lc Scolt, 3 Rolls ..20c Arm & Hammer Soda, 2 Pkgs. 7c PLATE ran ONLY 10 otnurrcKt FROM CRYSTAL WHITE LAUNDRY SOAP 10 Bars TAKE WHHPrtPIS TO 35t

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