Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 26, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1932
Page 4
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r& "i^fi livJtl in .(g»721 -* 3BE1 proved to be a Aflat ft* Ikflswared s^e : pronounced twten Ellen tt*«* tod ner In__? Sftak fiitlft aid fit* ittt»«*«d *»tfe-«lelfg3it '*' * i M'«W ^h-iA .i.t.AlftjWj.^ Wfca-tfrijjdt i'*tt assistant* Buyer Ittettftt I6« ft week, Tftrt than * salesgirl, la __ yott tttro it's ISO a ~ ~ Lorene <e> _ cryptfc arnife. IIP older Woman sighed a her own lost youth anil ftiitttfaaffi. Years ago |3(lr ex- ,*^ek wonld have changed. tha coarse of Lotene M* a raise meant only SB&eoold invest a littles more In toads. She roused front her of long ago and smiled at week will be sati» bMStettofcctoflfT Ob!" Ellen slam- *£]ine*ecL "That's not the word at all. r limply perfect. You can't know ' perfect it ia. Jnst wait till my " hears this!" and then only a sudden ••' doubt smote her. She flushed furiously. 1 */"Is j there something else yon want p'ffo asltf Lorene said. '"'l' ; '*<Wfiy, yes," Ellen conceded Jn a View, tone. She struggled a" moment "finally got ft out "Is that the salary tor assist* /;v "Its tie tegular salary," Lorene T promptly and untruthfully, fcweettrtng Steven Bartlay's Jn : • Lorene, not unnaturally, prepared to dislike ftut ,._nt of hla favor.' Ellen's innp* ?^«S»Wi embarrassed and proud little hid 1 : changed all'that, had „_, made, a- place, for her in >'* affe€tfOHS. ...pfintfreiy reassured. Ellen ran to ,4 i telephone her mother. Molly was in |>*|B*t seventh: heaven. Everything ut> itet tR« mirror sfie U» counter, Hmmfft •wwj' WMMW*J *•"* wv««*B»v** am «ta fWtftftitfttg «« Jetj&y, Mrt. Bendy aarf_ ill tt» other* bud »telrfflfefc»i ndHifc ihtt a flftt**Btt prat wi»~ — —-5— flWBt tl6I» It* „„„ tu»to «» litort* &* »h« not ttttaft of tint, Nothing miffed t» ipdfl Bar D.—,.— ._ th» other* saW coBM n«t ** w.tMfiV v H could, of course. But not tbe* * * * rrnmNlJJCJ tttfty from tt» countt*i J'her aims, full of her smalt &•* __ slon<K Ellen walked straight Someone, «1 beg- your ptrdott!" »lie *ntt ooUt tifklitstftntl," sbe pef* I haftfretttfetiTT. "I simply go «itft y%» tttdfcj. It's toy toy tt tb»Jol»-rm to be a ,...,,jNHfH» tttt Msittant buyer, I sfetmM Mf ** * « » ttfitt ftftt* t«« triumphantly. But x:K ft Wttr «ttite*t that befog « bttftr meant, nothing to Larry, fbfty h*A fe*6h'*a the elevator. Whan BtteB nmg tie bell he Bec«m« eonttfirtd of <ft«r earnestness, and, at tfi# same tftte; abroptly cfbss, "ttfa aren't telling me," he began fn ikitnoyttaeet "that after I've hung artmad 1ft thai;stuffy basement all imrfBteg WalUftt for you I caa't t»k* Jtttt tt» Itttfch betause of son* stupid •"Awitff ye* «**» g»ia* t* glf * »« a, glance?" Larry Harr&wgfttt e*> jror A awond »he w*» bewildered. Theater face- lighted and few heart -—• -*- 1 -*- '* ii ii i«iiMrMMi>^ "TV* been hanging around for 16 ffllntttts," fie- was sayfng excitedly. "I tBottght you'd never cone. Here —fomffienelpr ' Ha attempted to reHet» her of the jfambTed assortment In. her arm* Ctmsciou* of Jenny* op«t mouth and'extually open curiosity, Blleto fhtshed and sboolt her bead. '. ."You/ shouldn't have come here," she said qaletly, moving away. "Aren't yott glad to see me?" "Of course- 1 ant, silly-,"' ahe told him With a confused laugh. How bandsome he was! Sbe loved the way he kept in step with her. She loved his calm oblivious ness to the- stfr they were, causing on the floor. They dtd took a-triffe odd—the handsofflff; yontb In' flan, nets and the girt in workaday store costume with neat paper raffs and sensible shoes. Ellen knew that But she felt a delicious flutter as be eaplained that tie had learned from Salomon where she worked day times. That must mean something! It wotrtd certainly 'mean something if anyone other than Larry were concerned. Bnt for that harum-scarum, ^she • already knew, to hare an impulse was to* obey It. "Our old friend Salomon was con vinced* my intentions were dishonorable,." be remarked impudently, glancing sidewlse at her. "1 bad to tell him that I only meant to 'carry •o^; oft to lunch. By .the war, am ' -—' L -'- 1 - 2 - yquidff to-lunch? 1 *, >. ~* \.,., afraid" nof," Ellen extoWIne| :6uS and businesslike air 'I've a new lob and I mean to learn so. ranch that I won't have time today." f'Sonsense,'' be protested. "Surfl ly you aren't'saying you prefer A 13 ttltitt fMHAlfc b* Aid not tot & , "Just that/' she assured htm. "1 dettaiflly fate witb you, dont ?. I've a job too, you know, three offers- for pictures and f haven't diner & taik on any of them. But 1 wad glad.enough to take time off." "Maybe- yoVra better able to tako time off," she replied somberly. The elevator descended and the doors opened. Early shoppers atrag- jkd inside. Ellen said a stiff good- by. ; For a moment she thought be meant to say something further, then he bowed coldly and moved away. - - ' " : - •• Larry had destroyed her pleasure In the new Job. The afternoon seemed long and dull and profitless. Lortne's chatter and constant ret ereneea to Steven Barclay grew dl» proportionately irksome. Ellen guely realised that she wanted to lov& Steven and to hate Larry and that much of her discontent and dissatisfaction:with the world waa due to her double failure. The real- isation did not better matters. • That night at Dreamland she did not expect Larry, All the afternoon sue bad tried to make herself understand that it was entirely no* stble she might never see him again So the evening was stale and flat to her; the dancing boring and her Own popularity boring. She hatec dancing with the men, who fre quented Dreamland, bated the pink and gilt halt, the tinny, mecbanica: musfc. But it was her job—even 11 It was to last only a short time now—and she set herself resolutely at it. Toward 10 "o'clock she was danc ing with a blank-faced, blue-eyed chap and 1 attempting to ignore his 1 soiled collar and' dubious conversa tion, -when she happened to- glance toward the stairway to* see Larry entering. Her heart mined a beat beir feet missed & step. < Larry cau^ht ;J ber-eye>\ The W4 yonri. people"'sm'Ued "contentedly and t Ellen the'night burst into bloom She-.could hardly contain hersel until'the., dance was over and ah could rush to the table where Larry was impatiently awaiting her. Tiki • awfully sorry about thU W l l ift, fflttimlfcg," ...... "that's alt right," she toM «6Hnf bappy, m, if Isn't all right tfttftfi more to it than tHaf, rt ha «tf4 ftifr denly after they were Mb itt«lfl». I'm very much afrflid Ural y8«i atd had better watch our MeBv 1 * His espressloa wa* odd ftnd «i<M> strained. He. loaned over and tMftttt to play with a bangle she WOM An ber arm. She watched Wm tantly. •What do you mean?" *ft» ukxt. "Wb«t do you ffleanf" fef eoltoed 'oollshly. • * • » p^LLBN looked at him ihailplf^ ' she wondered for a moment It fc* bad been drinking. The UghU h*d been dimmed for a moonlight wtflt*. The Single shaft ot light from tb» artificial moon fed across the 1 ubl* but bis taco *aa in tbe shadow. "I just wanted to kttotr," shire- inied In a strained way, "whit you meant by saying that we'd have to w&tcft our step r "0», that!" Re- laughed. The lights came on i the musfc fltopped and-she* saw that his mysterious confusion bad eft him. Sho saw too that he had not been drinking. Be was Dimple and natural, at ease again. "Don't 'you know, Ellen7* >'/j5*f "No, 1 don't know." Her heart waa beginning - to pound.- • '' ••' "Well, I was jealous as the'very deuce this morning," be confessed smiling at ber. "Jealous ot your lob and you're being more interested In that than in having lunch witb me! Yon know what that means, I suppose?" "What?" He drew a long breath. "Don't you think it's possible .you and I might fall in lore?" be asked with an uncertain laugh. "What if we did?" she demanded carelessly, not quite liking;'the lightness-of his tone. "That'd be the devil all around, wouldn't it?" he said nervously. "I suppose H would." >/ "My mother—" "You mean your mother baft other plans for you," Ellen interrupted. "Well, so has mine for met" . - v^ryi ~ -7| i: #J 11 W „ j,' .**« / * >iXW- i!jw Tw&ltpitpft t •> -s -H Vj' jO M 3 | ; Vemoi» ' "OUftolt'*' Smith, ,. tfce ttnlveraity of I irteam, fia* Ukenf I up polo, tfte "CMIU1I" to »hown.| [here .whh.oue.of tbe.polo .nonteal [.used by the .Georgia team atf I Athens, fl»., in a. series of matches I with the Attgtratft team'; ot •-.= Columbus were , ' l?r. arid Mrs. H. H.. Damall visitoi* to Hope Wednesday. Ifr. Leet, the drug man of Dallas; was a record visitor here. „ Mfc> and Mrs. R. T. Briant of Hope were visitors here Wednesday. "1,, B, C* Stuart returned Tuesday from * Tfaiarl.ina where he has been • at- S tending Federal Court Vl; " Mias Ruth Clendenin has returned ' from a short visit with friends in. ' Ches Stuart has ~ returned form a visit to Little Rock. Jim Wilson, Jr., and Miss Jamie- were visitors to Hope 1 last > ifa. ». B. Jackson, Mrs, Joe Wilson afld Miss. Mildred Johnson were visi- Ij^Wto Hope Tuesday. ", David Wilson was a visitor to Min- Springs Tuesday. Tommy McCorkle and Fred Cald well were visitors to Nashvifle Mon- iy. 3. 3. Wilson and Fred Caldwell were visitors to Nashville Monday. S. & .Wilson, Sr., .went to Hot Springs Tuesday to spent several weeks taking the baths. C. E. Leverette of Blevins was a visitor here Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sipes spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor near Hope. Mrs, Fred Walker returned Wednesday from a visit with Mrs. Clyde Hill in Hope, Mrs. W. C. Thompson of Bright Star spent Thursday with Mrs. K. G. Dudney. ' .•'..." New Liberty Bright Crider and family are moving to this community. We are glad to have them move in. Mrs. G. F. Langston served chicken dinner to a host of relatives last Sunday. Mrs. Willie West of Nashville is vis- ting her parents and other relatives lere this week. Mrs, Lenard Langston and Miss Emma. Hamilton visited Mrs. Ada Hamilton Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Dock Hamilton and son, Carl, visited relatives at Hope last week end. Our fathful mailcarrier, Mr. Bruce Priee is still going in his ca^t. We are hoping he can soon go in his car again. There is being some much needed repair work done on the road. Pine poles being the material used and the labor is being donated. Saratoga Ed McJunkins is in bed with flu. Mr. and Mrs. Van Bullington have | - THIS CURIOUS WORLD_^ The oocioa Her tone matched bis for indifference but she was furious. "That's easy enough to see," he laughed. "Remember that time she put.me out of your apartment? "tine bates me, doesn't she?" • " >? "She doesn't think you work enough," said Ellen pointedly. ;• "Besides that you've probably a dozen other clamoring sweetheittSv" he said easily, seeming to lose in. terest. /"Only one," she assured cbofly. He leaned over and caugl hands, laughed and accused/ trying to make him jealous. Ad the girl laughed with him she wondered 'forlornly if anything, anything would ever make him serious; (To Be Continued) returned home from a visit with relatives in Kilgore, Tex. Miss -Martill Holland visited relatives in Kilgore last week. Miss Clara Dillard is visiting relatives in Forman this week. J. R. McJunkins of Texarkana visited his parents here this week. Wayne McJunkins of Fulton spent Tuesday with his parents here. The P. T. A. will have their regular meeting next Thursday at the Saratoga high school building, everyone is invited to come. Several of the P. T. A. ladies attended the county wide meet at Mineral Springs last week. Mr .and Mrs. Day Mobley visited in Mineral Springs Monday. Glen Spates was a business visitor in Texarkana Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Ben McLarry of Little Rock are visiting their parents here this week. Providence The Rocky Mound boys 'and : gr»ls basketball teams played .ball here Monday afternoon. -The local teams lost;both games. . Misses Fay and Josephine Jones visited Miss Mary Morrow Monday afternoon. ,Miss Fay Turner of.Green Laseter is visiting Miss Pauline Simmons. Mr. and Mrs. J. W- Ray visited Mr. and Mrs. Charlie .Roberts Sunday afternoon.' Mr. and Mrs. Victor Campbell.of near Blevins spent the week end with his parents here, Mr. and'Mrs. P^ A. Campbell. Mr. and. Mrs. Scudder Bateman and baby visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Watson Sunday. Misses Pauline Simmons, Gladys Campbell, Fay Turner and Mrs. C: C. Broyming spent. Tuesday with Mrs. Milton Simmons. Quite a number of young folks visitr ed Floyce arid Ross Roberts Sunday 'afternoon. , , tad taloti always fhid''«piiid*We.f5«di litdtir ildrt, hi window, you wttt flint SouAwrt frown fr vegrtablet, reeeivid lre»h dally. In our you find K. C. MeaU, featuring Araiour't com f«d Climax brand beef! PURELARD Armour's Star 8Lb. Pail 57c Mr.'» and Ms. Virgil Morris, spen Tuesday with Mr. arid Mrs: J. M. Wat Ml. ' Miss. Ruth Ray spent Snturdaj night and Sunday with her sister Mrs. Carl Thornton of near Piney Grove. Miss. Lenna Jones spent Saturday night with relatives in Hope. Coffee-Jewel 3 Lbi. 55c—Lb. 19c BANANAS Golden Ripe—Doz. 17c In. the'Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas St. Louis 'Joint Stock Land Bank of St. Louis, Missouri, A Corporation _. Plaintiff vs. \ Sarah S. Jobe, et al Defendants WARNING ORDER The defendant, Antoinette Delony Jobe Manlove, is warned to appear in this Court within thirty (30) days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff herein. Witness my hand and seal of said Court this 5th day of February, 1932, WILLIE HARRIS Clerk of Hempstead Chancery Court 'Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26 NINETY TWO MIUIQN MILES' O 1WW SV NCA KHVICC, INC. OTOLO AM ANIMAL 4PVFY ^* W' P .*IBI 40 YEARS 25 ounces BAKING WDER IT'J DOUBLE ACTING MILLIONS Qf POUNDS U^tD BY O U ft G O V E R N M £ N T SYSTE 5rSTORES J LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED DOLLAR STRETCHING VALUES Fancy gg LETTUCE—head.. vw Boston Brand | Cg Cocoa. Ib. can.... " wv California 15C Oranges, doz ' ** w Fresh and Fancy Tomatoes, Ib Laurel Pure Lard 4 Lb, Bucket 31c 8 Lb. Bucket 55c Flour 48 Ib. Golden Cru«t. 75c 48 |b. Shawnee's Best 95c Sunnybrook OQ C I Campbell's Pork C1 g COFFEE", Ib fal * v | & Beans, can .... w * *• Beechnut or Del Monte | Dunham's ^Ib pkg. 7V->( Chili Sauce -j gg Large bottle../ Coconut, Vi>lb. pkg. 15c Blanton'* Salad Dres«ing and Spread PINT JAR I5c Sr Tn ri_ N NT J AR 12'/2C r nut DU tterquARTMR ™* IN OUR SANITARY MARKET CHEESE-full cream Lb. 15c SLAB BACON Ib, SWIFT'S SLICED BACON-Poimd 24c VEAL STEW 4 Ibs. 25c Liver, Ib, 7e 1 Spare Ribs ^ 9c NECK BONES 4 Ibs. 35c SAUSAGE 3 Ibs. 25c Choice K.C. Steak 18C PRUNES 4 Pounds 25c OlEO May Flower-i-Lb, lOe CRACKERS Country Club 2 Lb. Box 19c RICE Extra Fancy—6 Lb§. 25c POTATOES Large White—15 Lbi. 25c MARTHA ANN HOMINY MARTHA ANN KRAUT MARTHA ANN RED BEANS Martha Ann Pork &. Beam—per can Pancake Flour Country Club—Pkg. lOc CHERRIES Red Pitted-r-2 Cans 25c ORANGES Florida—Dozen 18c GRAPE FRUIT Large Size—4 For 19 IN OUR SANITARY MARKET SPARE RIBS Pound 8V2C HAMS Halrf or Whole—Lb. 14V2C PORK ROAST Pound 12V2C STEW MEAT Pound 8V2C Pork Shoulder Halrf or Whole—Lb. lOc Sea Bass Steaks Pound 23 Pork Ham Steak Pound 17 Vic DRY SALT MEAT Lean and Streaked Pound 7Y2C Center Cuts HAM Pound 25c BEEF ROAST Pound 10c Creamery Butter Pound 23c Round and Loin STEAK Pound 17 c Full Cream CHEESE Pound 17V2C Sugar Cured BACON Pound 15

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