Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 26, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1932
Page 3
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1 life must climb From the dods ot time unto h««vens sublime. Canst thou prophesy, thou little tree What the glory of thy boughs shall bet He who plants a tree,— He plants youth; vigor wbn for centuries In soothi Llie of time, that hints eternltyl Boughs their strength uprear; New shouta, every year, On old growths appear; Thou shall teach the ages, sturdy tree, Woulh of soul Is immortality. —Selected. Mi. and Mrs. Hugh McGaughey and baby left Friday morning fdr Little Rock, where Mr. McQaughcy will at- I tend a/i engineers convention. Among the many social acltvitles, planned for the ladies will be a bridge tea and a banquet at Hotel Marion. Mv. and Mrs. Lelo Becker and little son, have returned from a three week's visit with friends and relatives m St. Louis, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Bennio Benton had as Thursday guests, Mr. and Mrs. C, J. Basch and Mrs H. N. Robinson of Lcngvicw, Tex, and C. C. Benton of Ed Dorado, en route to their homes Irom attending the funeral of the late J W. Benton in Bluff City on Wednesday, Little Miss Mary Elizabeth Reed of Mindcn, Ln., arrived this week for a visit of several days with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dodson. Misc Nell Bennett was hostess at a most delightful bridge party on Thurs day evening at her home dn Wes Division street, entertaining the mem- bcrc of Just a Mere Bridge Club, with Mrs. B. L. Rettig and Miss Genie Chamberlain as special guests. Quantities of lovely spring flowers brightened the rooms and bridge was played tro mthrcc tables, with Mrs. Frank Hicks winning the high score. Following the, game, a delightful ice course was served with angel food cake. ' V. A, Pale of Texarkana was a business visitor in the city on Thursday. Mrs. S. G. Norton, Mrs. A. C Whitehurst and Miss Loratne Whitehurst ypcnt Thursday visiting with friends and relatives in Texarkana Missed 'Em?— Here Are Anne andLi ndy Again Tho Senior-Junior high study .group held a most nteresting and helpful meeting on Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Washington Berry on South Main street with Miss Whitten as teacher, on Friday afternoon, the final meeting will bo held at the home of Mrs. Don Smith on South Elm street. Among the out of town friends and relatives attending'the funeral of the late R. N. Berry, which was conducted from the First Methodist church in tin city on Thursday afternoon were Mr. nnd Mrs. P. O. Burt of Harrisburg, Pcnn.; R. W. Berry of Tulsa, Okla.; tow. C. T. Baker of Minden, La.; Mrs. J. L. McCall, Mrs. W S Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest-Barham, Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Weaver and W. H. Turner of Texarkana; Mis;; Jessie Bearden of Washington and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Franks, Fred Bright and Mrs. George Wrenn of Prescott. Mrs. Ralph Routon was hostess on Thursday afternoon to the members o' the Thursday Bridge club at her home on North Pine street. The rooms wer! attractive and fragrant with a profusion of spring flowers and arranged for three tables. The guest favor went to Mrs. Finley Ward. At the conclusion of the game, the hostess served a most delicious salad plate. Mr. ,iuicl Mrs. J. B. Yarbrough, of South Main street,' have as their guests, Mrs. E. K. Gill of New York City and Mrs. Paul Russell of Lcwis- villc. /CI>aw!fd * d , Roa leatherin -Cornel Jus The above group Is composed -*6f principal:; in the play, "Just Call-ft— Love." which Harlequin Little Theatre of Arkansas College, will present in Hope Wednesday, March 2, sponsored by the Hope.P..T. A .' . ! Miss Doris Magness, 'who heads the cast as Ann Marvin, is well Known to Little Theatre" audid'nces, . having been affiliated.with Hariegum ,Little Theatre for the -plst four years. Miss- Magness is -a- post' graduate of- the Department of-Speech and \viil receive her A. B. degree from.Arkansas.Col-r lego in June. She plays a difficult arid subtle role in "Just Call It—Love.'.'v j Miss Marjorie Glenn, • charming daughter pf._ Mr, and Mrs-. ST. 'H. Glenn, of Batesville, whpjecently .did tuch an excellent characterization • fn "Skidding,"• is delightfully ''cast as - v • • s , i Florence Bertrand, playing opposite Therrcl Heasley. -. ... Miss Rosa K. Milwec, of Brinkley, is L cast as Dolly','' the comedienne,: whose idea of the way 'to retain a r husband£ „*' " u j ng ?peech - stu - den ^ ^ parlfiripales m--three phases 'of 'the subject, interpretation, dramatics arid' debate,' " ' Miss' Ella 'Myrl -. Dbbson, popular president of. the, Harlequin' Little Theatre, will be seen in th* difficult role ofvMiss Alvarez,-a lady-of Spanish extraction who starts allthe fireworks m tha.play, • •-,-;.....• ; , .; CJi^er Crawford is. exceptionally: well cast as Tice Collins, - • ' -- The, play.is directed by Mrs. Corne-' ,Uuu.._Ball, who has a,national rating . a . s :S L .'jtle ..Theatre. Director., The cameraman made the most of n's opportunity when Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh, rarely pho- ographed in recent months, appeared !as shown here) at a New York jroadcasting studio the other day. Urs. Lindbergh, pictured above, was making her radio debut with a nationwide appedl -for relief fbr the Chinese lood sufferers. Col. Lindbergh, whose Jrisk stride failed to carry him out of angc of the camera's eye, accom- lanied her. A liehted airway is to be built between Albany, N. Y., and Boston by way of Springfield, Mass. Overalls and gingham have been established as the official graduating attire for seniors at Marin, Tenn., high school . BIG ELKS DANCE Hope, Arkansas Friday Night, March 4th Rain or Shine Benefit Elks Building Fund Oentlcnr-n $1.25 Ladies Free Everybody Invited Washington Was A Religious Man Pastor Reviews Religious Influences on Father of His Country DR. WILLIAMS, Washington, Ark The Religious Life of Wu.sliinglun George Washington was blessed with religious parents and had a godly environment, as the majority of our leading citizens have had. There were several ministers among his ancestors, and his father conducted daily family worship. When six weeks of age he was carried to church and dedicated to God in baptism and all though hin life he- was :\ regular attendant at church services. While 1 living in the country tliu family would ride six to ten mile'.s to curch and then the Sunday afternoons WITO spent in reading sermons and jjoiwl wholesome books. Though one.' ol' the mo.sl sue-j cessful and busiest nu>n in Aim-rum he j always found limn to atloini to his > religious duties and mtvcr iii-yle'ctcd! the house of God on (lie pica of grout j Business pressure. He had only a limited r;lik-,Uu n Inn improved by reading and n!xsi.>i'vatUin ind became well versed in ilu; literature of the day. Oati of hi-; icaehe-r:; was an ex-convict and made a bad impression; but he' was afterwards sent to Prof. May re, a Huguenot min- ister, and from him re'dcivad much of the learning and ideas that he-possessed. The majority;.; of .the leaders in America have been educated by ministers or at "Christian schools and have had the -bent in r the-,right 'dlrd<> tion. He ever held the; ministry ;in the ighcst estimation and' when Inj corny mand of the American artnics directed that all the regiments, "be" supplied with chaplins and insisted that the soldiers attend divine services which he himself attended. He said that an army with chaplains and religious influence was stronger a'rfd"'more reliable than^those without. He was a member of the Episcopal church, in which he was born arid roared, but believed in attending services conducted by other denominations and often partook of the communion when visiting with them. When there were no services in his own church he would go to another denomimtion and worship there. He was not a Puritan or Scotch-Irish but came from the Cavaliers and so some of his ideas were not in keeping with the former class but he kept within Christian bounds and was respectful to the views of others. He believed in a special, superintending providence and often times when delivered from great danger would ascribe his deliverance to the watchful care of God. At Braddock's defeat he had two horses shot from under him and four bullets pierced his clothing and in writing to one of his relatives said 'that . he escaped death by the "miraculous intervention of Providence" and in the dark days at Valley Forge .he attended special prayers conducted by the chaplins and then would, retire to some lonely spot and engage in prayer privately and when deliverance came he gave all the praise to the God of battles who had favored and delivered them, A number of his written prayers are pcrsorvcd and how an unfaltering faith in God and in his belief that he was under His spceial care. ' O'f'gs mufflers ih;Mehiphis,, Tenn., in 1931,''' 33 ,we're; 'due to' immorality ac- .cordihg _to Police Commissioner CJif- .ford .Davis )pe on Monday Miff Sarah Frecland at John P, Co* Drug Co. AH Week Hope women will have an » veJl .„„. Ity of meeting Misa Sarah Freeland, personal e6nsultant of Miss Barbara GoUld, Internationally known beauty :ounsellbr, for she has accepted an nvitatlori to make personal appearances at the 'Toilet Goods counter of John P. Cox Drug company during the tntlre week starting Monday, February 29, .... Miss Barbara Gould Is known both n America and'abroad as th e origi- lator of a remarkably simple and of* ective method of home complexion care, basecj on, what she calls the Four Ages of Beauty; '. ; Her' system meets the progressive needs of the normal skin from (ho eens through the twenties, thirties, ortles and beyond. In the lewis* according to Miss lould, thorough, gentle cleaning is all the skin needs to be radiantly lovely; n the twenties, with the sophistica- on of make-up, the skin must have rotectiqn; in the thirties, when na- ure begins to let down, the skin must ave extra nourishment and in the ortles the skin must be invigorated y stimulating the laggard circulation. y To Dance Friday On Saenger Stage Blue Moon Negro Orchestra Entertains Crowd This Week What promies to be a bigger and better stage dance will be held at the Saenger Theatre Friday night. The dance last Friday was an outstanding success and the theatre management is looking forward to an even larger crowd. . Music is to be furnished by the Blue Mon Negro Orchestra. Punch will be served, novelty entertainments have been planned and' a good time promised to those who are dancing and those watching the dancers. Dancing privileges are Free with'each main 'loor admission. The feature'' picture is "Murders in the Rue Morgue." Dancing will begin at the end of the ast feature. &> Aisa Abby Jo Simpson, above, of (ft. Bora, Fla., has .been elected (resident of the freshman class dl S o s t o n University's Sargent '".hool of Physical Education at Boston. Mass. Time Favorable For Sheep in State Purebred Sheep in Demand at This Time According to Experts Because pf the large number of sheep in the United States, the price of purebi-ed sheep is the lowest in a number of years. With the future of he sheep industry, in Arkansa being on a steady increase by reason of a well established lamb program, there s certain to exist later a demand for purebred rams, states M. W. Muldrow, extension animal husbandman, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. The supply of rams next fall will lave to be purchased outside the fate. This means that there is an I opportunity ,at the present time for i the building of a number of purebred The average cost of enlisting each 'ocruit into the marine corps during he 1931' fiscal year was $59.54. flocks throughout the various counties where early lambs, are being produced. With the low price of present high class breeding stock and the evident future demand for breeding Chapei a City of Flames and Death Three Japanese battle plane* hoveWd bVir Sobchbw, or shown above, jumped Into his U. S.made biplane o! the Cnh ?£ ?"« took ot * tor ah aerial & && Half aft'hour late* Mal with bullets, eaune down to crash hear the SectfhdaW detefisfr provincial city as shown in sketch, tie died In a hostfta bbrn in Steilacoom, Wash., trained as flyer during thV not commissioned. He obtained his transport license After flying 2439 hours over American airways he left for* where he became adviser for Bureau of Aeronautics of meni, . " . . - . • ' ' *•-« &'<& The:?26,OW airplane in which Short was shot down is anu. flight in .the United States before it was sold to the Chinese stock in the state,, makes, it now an opportune time for the establishing purebred flocks. , . : , The breeding of purebreds requires business ability,, practical experience in care, of sheep, and a knowledge of individuals and tthe breed in question which will give ability in mating arid selection. - " :....• "The;man who is to be successful as a breeder must not only have sheep which are purebreds but have the same,type and breeding, with that uniformity, in desirable, characters as a group which comes only with the constructive work of an experienced Breeder. Therefore, it is advisable for :he beginner to first make a study pf ;he breed he has selected: and .then purchas foundation material from some one breeder. At this time it will not' pay to stint in cost.; A desirable strain may. be worth .four -or five times as much in their stamp'irig of certain fixed qualities iij .the flock^to be established. Quality rather than numbers is mpre important &' the 'oundation stock. • ."After increase begins, practical ex- l J£ nC t Wl11 , ^ elp in Dipping the lode. Knowledge: of type desired will Be necessary to pick >'buf>Ji lambs to b eretained'in^thl'jfli t oselect rams for crossing! ;i ••• 4 "'The opportunity in,the challenges the ability,- S telligence of some one ing for sheep," Mr. LIQUID-TAI 666 Liquid or Tablets "ifee»,. and 666 Salve externally, ri»l plete and effective treatment/ MOST SPEEDY: Pfioiie The Electric NtiL»vH BACON ELECtRk COMPANY^ TONIGHT (Friday) Dancing Privileges FREE With Wain DANCE On the Stage After Lust Feature We'll Have a Bigger and Be Her Floor Ticket LAST TIMES FRIDAY EDGAR ALLEN POE'S "MURDERS J n The RUE MORGUE" —With- BELA L U O O S I (Dracula Himself) Saturday Only Double Feature KEN MAVNAKU ~In~ "THE I'OCATILLO K1O" And "HEAVEN ON EAKTH" With LEW AYUES SUNDAY-MONpAY-The Stars of "BAD OIKL" JAMES DUNN mid SALLY EILERS in "DANCE TEAM' Some have attempted to cloud the character of Washington and say that I he was irreligious and a drunkard but I it is too late after the lapse of 200 years to bring up such charges and even the inconoclastic Rupert Hughes who would debunk the established reputation of Washington for piety tt;briety, after full investigation of the modern charges that he swore ai iliL- Battle of Monmouth when Gen. CliuL 1 . Lee made a rash retreat, says Unit Washington did not use profane , language against Lee, and so he stands ! acquitted by one who rather sneered ill his leaning upon the arm of God. n, recent issue of the New York Times an incident is related in an old letter by an officer of the Revolutionary wi.i- in which it is stated that Wash- netou had invited about 20 officers to dinner and while the meal was being served one officer veryunthought- cdiy used very profane and blasphemous language and that the General rose and said that, 'I thought I had invited only gentlemen here but see tliut 1 um mistaken" and abruptly left the table and never afterwards was there any profanity in hii presence. The- entire life of this great American, from the cradle to the grave was exemplify and with complete devotion to the God of nations and his example is worthy of imitation. He was surrounded by scoffers and in- iidc-li but adhered to the faith of his gjdly ancestry and stood as jmmovea- b!e us the Rock of Gibralter for the ItneU of Christinaity. Chinese Dead Abandoned in Flaming Chapei th by il :_:i! M^oc? fflS& J|5£2 fresK ^^^^^^^ o^he^ ^.T'^ «^^- ^' he University ol Vaaessee exncr-I tional Settlement in «,K;,,U iU™,,..,,^ «* A™..:- u „ , .. . ^r 111 ":-* 6 " l y at the edge of the Interim- .. _... , — —,„.. w «»** *»fc** t.\jm., ^*i,vwwt* a Kviiciai vifw ui me aeviistMt aut-ssee expcr-1 Uonal Settlement in which thousands of Americans are sliBltered Note 1 ground, killed during the fierce attacks of the Japanese Marinas;. Miss Sarah; Freeland T> '' ' ''" Beaut y..consultant from Barbara Gou"" internationally knov h «, K beaut y-.councellor.^ ' •! 1 • » J *=*ifi will give , ,£$ ™ Free Treatment!!?!^ all next week, qd%,™ mencing Monday,-, I February 29th. . :*• Phone for j^' 1 ^ Appointment * "; Jno. P. Cox Drug Co. ? We Give Eagle Stamps 84 Saturday Bargains Extra Values for One Day Only—We Deliver, All Are Middlebrooks' Extra Quality 1 Eggs Frtsh Country Three Dozen 25c Werners Packing House "They Arc Better" Pound I5c Buttei Best Country Puund 3OC Pecan Shelled—Pound 34c Ham: Best Grade Builed—Pound 35c Middlebrooks GROCERY COMPANY As near as your phon3 606 QJ- $07

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