Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 26, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1932
Page 2
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tht ftft fi«W» riseike by mtem «id industry, win b* w«d« ft* --- MUhftnwffeb, convening the departed ttMMMtt te »* iwws tolumns to jaoiet aseawrfafR ffee star disclaim* *cutr» ttt toy uBsolkited Tk« Star's Platform CITt the «t*iw»« of tta ^ftt^l ^hiMJ*¥ ajl*«»^MJ« «*4 ftffwU: f«W» 4DCHW TnOliTCC* u/ TfOfW* HJHittt'eiiF AHMHUttt fit IMA o»i iflvnweit water* condWoiu, tn po««r ffottfr to r UWUnrt «f *Jf-««atft*ir road taek year, to far former oroajikoHon*, 6eU«rf»i<r that co-op«ratftfr tfforf Oar Own House I* on Fire Set for > with a total lack of enthusiasm an editorial in the Democrat advocating a boycott of Japanese A Mere 131 Miles an Hour to boycott things Japanese," says the Democrat necessary to wait for official government action .never will betaken because of the 'interests.' But every idual who disapproves unprovoked invasion of one irjf" by another; every individual who disapproves the unanship of the attack on a country laid prostrate by or any individual who disapproves injustice amd flaunting- of agreements in the face of those with whom •agreements are held, can boycott Japan individually. If illion Americans boycotted all things made in Japan or ig any Mad of Japanese stamp or trademark, and indf- & of .every other nation followed the example, a boycott Japan would be in effect without official action and '• Ibid soon be halted in her mad career that violates te of honor and decency." I many if's and and's reminds me of the gag about the who said if he had some ham he would have some ham 'iijggs —if he had some eggs. *Sl invite you to read the above paragraph from the Foy- ''"**"- Democrat aft over again and find one solitary reason iincan citizens declaring a boycott against Japan. pEherera sentiment a-plenty—but a boycott smells of war; """'"'3 afdevifislr kind of sentiment that rushes us off to a miles away. ,: misunderstand my sympathies. I'm for the Chi- They are fighting on their own ground, with their 5 the wail. I get a big kick out of every war dispatch. „ where the Japs have tripped over another Chinese ine-gun nest. But after all,, it's a Chinaman's war—and weren't for the cables and news-pictures that we news- jajper folk give you> you wouldn't know whether they were shooting fire-crackers or women and children over yonder in the Land of the Dragon. ' And now that we know what is going on, our knowledge r >is dangerous. "*\.," The growth of communication lines has increased human |\Jp»owledge, but if anything, has lessened the capacity for 'good government. An example appears in the above editorial jfflrQitt Fayetteville, rashly advising American citizens to take • jUJ '-»--(H in a war so far removed from us as to be.ludicrous. Ten years among the telegraph machines of newspapers fias impressed upon me one potent danger—the danger of setting up in the minds of the people artificial issues which have no real connection with our nation and our people. The telegraphing of 30,000 words a day from China and Japan to the United States does not mean that the people of the United States understand anything fundamental about the people of China and Japan or they about us. Nor do any Of the three of us want to, or need to. Sufficient unto 'one people is the country thereof. < '' But the raising up of false moral issues based on tele- u graphed news from the other side of the world, continues a-pace. A flood in China is supposed to be second only to a flood on the Mississippi, in the hearts of Americans. , ' Th* boundaries of China are presumed to be pertinent to the welfare of the United States. The absurd heap of "international agreements" sur~ rounding China, is supposed, we are told, to keep Japan in check regardless of her overpopulated tiny string of islands and her desperate need of granaries and peal and iron. The telegraph machine got us into this controversy. But it will be up to us as hard-boiled, sound-thinking Americana to .see that we don't have to use guns to get ourselves out. Boycott Japan? Bless you, industrial America has truobles enough of her own. Japan's buying the only expor cotton of consequence leaving America this season. We buy ail 08? silk from her in exchange. And now somebody rattles riter with the bright idea of destroying the last inter I trade channel. It is a tradition that Americans don't like Japanese, an sympathize with the Chinese in a war. I grant you thai at heart we don't care any more about Chinese than w apg, We aim to be civil to both, and earry on trade wit' H, AlMi anything more than that, short of meeting :* threatened attack upon the continental United States, find American people totally disinterested. Time for Action ffJfATOB NQjRRIS, according to dispatches from .. k * v * " will try to get the present session of Congress to w .t of action on his anti-injunction bill. The bJJl „„ before the Senate Judiciary Committee for five years '^ ~^jf Norfia believes that there ig little excuse for J " t*iut*»»f*'¥«o n 8 n y longer. J^ TWitfe tMt belief it is almost impossible not to eoncor lregardui& of Qne's opinion as to the merits of the measur BE . bit «l legislation introduced in either house of ti# f«»a*lMty of a record vote. To pigeo it way W the back shelves and trust to iPd 4»e of negUscWis unwort Senator Norm' bill baa ha4 tft Wfi Hope Girl Honored at Magnolia A. M. Miss Louise Turner Listed in College "Who's One-hundred and thirty-one miles, an hour— but it was /a mere snail's >ace for the car that holds the world's record. Here's Sir Malcolm Camp swift Bluebird pictured during a test run over the sands of Daytona Florida. President Is Praised In Statement of Borah CONCORD, N. H. - (£>) - United States Senator Gcor«t M. Moses, republican, Wednesday issued a state- neni in which he visualized President Hoover's prospects of re-election as 'infinitely stronger" because of his economic program. "The president has faced a, congress one branch, of which was and is organized by his political opponents, the democratic party;" said Moses. "In the other branch, he has faced a membership which has been personally hostile to im. Yet in te face of tese difficulties the president's program o£ domestic legislation has been a reflec- Alleged Slayer of Widow Dies Later From Shock DALLAS, Tex.-(/!P)~Less than an hour after Mrs. A. L. Bowman, 45, was found stabbed to death in her home here Thursday, S. P. Knox. Dallas real estate" man, died of an acute illness physicians ascribed to shock. Detectives said they were convinced Knox was the slayer. •»!<•• North Little Rock Girl Is Fined in Texarkana TEXARKANA.-<Johhnie Wyane, 17- year-old North Little Rock girl was fined $10 and costs and sentenced to a day in jail when she pleaded guilty in Municipal Court Thursday to the theft of a dress from a downtown department store. She was returned to jail when she told offices she had no money to pay her fine. She told Judge Louis Josephs that she was visiting friends in Texarkana and: had intended returning to North Little Rock soon. Tfl«tttdlctea in Holdup to Face Columbia Court Next Monday MAONOL!A-The ewe of J. B. Ray, fid and Oscar Chandler, ittdietad by Columbia county grand Jury in the Emerson bank robbery, will go on trial Mtnday, Febtuaty ». A number of witoftwes are oft hand tor this trial. Th* Pyla btoihew, Alfred, twin brother of Albert Pyie, who was sent' ottced in Columt-la circuit court Ttt«* day to ID y«»w in the pen for the murder -of fflck Povtor, El Dorado >outh, Hozelk iVe will nppear fw trial Wednesday. March 4. Dale and Countney Wme and Huoy Howard alt will apivitr for the tnxiHer charge March 2. Judge Brilt was Biali; pri siding ova.' the court Wednesday when »he hearing was glvort. Tab Eads vns sentenced to one year on liquor char«e, Cecil llurr.ton and J. T. Hanson, dismissed on liquor charge, given Judgment of J40 for w »- ing fox hound. ttll Bttt tt 1ft «etl«fe «(ttte tofiMttrfitie prlmat^ (Ion AiiitiM 9, I'M: HEMPOTEAD COUN1 For Sheriff SIMON M, Ifop« Wh Miss Louise Turner, daughter of Hr. and Mrs. George Turner of Hope, las been listed among "Who's Who" n the current edition of the Bray, student publication of Magnolia A. Sc M. college, according to an announcement reaching this city. Mr. Turner is local agent for the Frisco. Louise holds a prominent position in he student body of the college depart. merit, taking part in many extra curricular activities, besides her scholas- ics which are above the average. She is, scertary of the sophomore class, a member of the Young Women!s Christian Association and the International. Relations Club, and an officer of the Methodist League in Magnolia. Louise, a member of the college department for the pas ttwo years, will be graduated in the spring with her class. Cincinnati has completed a W,500,000 viaduct of two levels for traffic and street cars Thursday, Oeorg- Price, Crisp and J. E. Andrew.-., veisus Ritchie Grocery company for petsonal m- oury when a ear in Which the three were riding was Wfecke.1 by truck and all seriously injured, is slated for trial. Four negroe? Were bound over to the grand jury in a ho* stealing case in Justice Matthew's coUrt Wednesday afternoon. _ - «»»•• - — Arkansan Convicted of Liquor Charge in Mo. CAPE O1RARDEAU, Mo.~ (/P) — Harry Bailey of Blytheville .Ark., and William Heminger and Luther Ellison of Steele, Mo., were convicted by a federal court jury here Thursday night on three counts of an indictment charging they engaged in a conspiracy to sell and possess liquor and to operate establishments for Melt sales. They will be sentenced Friday. Sheriff W. P. Robertson, four deputy sheriffs serving under him and four other defendants in the case pleaded guilty Tuesday. Argument* Continued in 6u»ter Suit* in Texa AUSTIN—(/P)—Arguments contlni ed Thursday in district court on plei in abatement and misjoindcr filed c defendant companies to tho anti-tru ouster suit brought by Attorney Get erat James V. Allred against 15 rtiaj< oil companies and two petroleum nsst cintlons. Slate counsel contested the claim ( defendants that the suit was impropei ly brought and that separate su!' should be maintained against each d« fendant. Allred alleged the defendants cor spired to violate the anti-trust law and that the cause of action was com mon. ~ Too Late to Classify FOR SALE—Baby chicks; Austra! crps. Buff Orphingtons. Reds ar Rocks. Prices reasonable. Ho. Hatchery. 116 West Ave. D. Fri. Tues. Fri-p BRAEMAR QUALITY, Blood tested Single Comb White Leghorn chicks, J8.00 per hundred. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Bramar Hatchery. 601 Dud ey Ave.. Texarkana, Ark. -M-U. tion of public opinion throughout the country. "People know that the president has stucjied out difficulties. They know that he has formulattd a program for lifting the nation out of the economic depression. They want it tried. While there are a lot of folks who are not satisfied with the whole situation, the fact remains that many people feel that no matter how much they may personally dislike Mr. Hoover they are much more afraid of any .democrat." Small blimps at Akron, O., were flown 298,000 miles and carried 32;000 passengers in 1931 without an accident. i ~^^^r ^f^ ^^ ^^^^' ^^^ ^i^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ — ^^ ^^ , ! Announcing our Formal Opening SATORDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1932 A new and modern Service Station, with complete service for the motorist, and courteous treatment. A complete line of GOODRICH TIRES AND TUBES BATTERIES—BATTERY SERVICE WASHING AND GREASING SINCLAIR OIL PROPUCTS FREE! FREE!! SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1932 Two quarts of our famous SINCLAIR OPALINE MOTOR OIL with each 5 gallons of gasoline purchased on this date GOAD BROS Service HOPE'S FINEST SERVICE STATION Third & Walnut Hops, Be Sure and Consult Our Window* For Special Values On SUGAR—EGGS—BUTTER FLOUR and SHORTENING In fact all your table needs before making your purchases. Plan to come to your A&P store first and you will save time as well as money. Pillsbury's Verigood A&P COFFEE'S 8 O'clock, Ib 19c Red Circle, Ib 25c Bokar, Ib 29c A Coffee To Suit Your TusJe GRANDMOTHER'S Quality Bread 16 ounce Loaf White or Whole Wheat Loaf Sultana Brand f , PEANUT BUTTER \ 4 oz. Jar 16 oz. Jar 8c 13c Saturday Special RAISIN BREAD Loaf 8c VAN CAMP'S HOMINY Largest can 8c RAJAH I fea if8 " Jar 10c Pint Jar Quart Jar 29c National Biscuit Co. SPECIALS Asst. Chocolate 1 Of* Cakes, Ib ' ou Shredded Wheat Package PACIFIC Toilet Tissue 3 Rolls 13c NUTLEY Oleomargerine Lb LETTUCE-Firm crisp heads for 9c IONA PEAS—No. 2 can 10c IONA CORN—No. 2 can 10c IONA STRING BEANS—No. 2 can 9c TOMATOES—good quality, 2 No. 2 cans 15c WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR—6 Ib. bag 20c EXCELL Soda Crackers Box Tuna Fish Light Meat s Can I5c s Can 10c FIG BARS—2 pounds 25c GRAPE NUT FLAKES—package 10c PUFFED WHEAT—package 13c WHEATENA—package 22c QUART MUSTARD—Jar 15c White House MILK-3 tall or 6 small cans 19c U. S. No, 1 Red Potatoes 10 19c JELLO—All flavors, 2 pkgs 15c LUNA SOAP—10 bars 25c MARKET SPECIALS DRY SALT JOWLS FRESH Neck Bones 4 Lbs 17c SLICED Breakfast Bacon 13c BEEF Seven Roast 10c Pig Liver Pound 5c BULK Peanut Butter Lb 10c Pork Chops Pound 10c FRESH Spare Ribs Lb 86 BEEF Seven Steak Lb 10e

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