The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on November 2, 1966 · Page 22
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 22

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1966
Page 22
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P .1 C f t::k i; inn T i ! i1;; i: aJrarr.nj'a uiri L 'Mi;' - 1 ' " ;". . .. f. or : ' r , '-. rr . V- ygJ lit; u.-. : i c Attack. Missi! e The Boeing Co. Tuesday released this artist's concept of the new Air Force short-ranee attack missile shortly after being launched from its carrier aircraft in the background. The Boeing firm has been awarded the contract to design and develop SRAM for the Aeronautical Systems Division of the Air Force Systems Command AP Wirephoto i : To place, cancel cr correct an ad, phone 42 1-6300. a .'Urcct line to Want Aci headquarters. AOs may be : charged. Billings will be :made at expiration of ads. CORRECTIONS j Deadlines 'or corrections are the same i s oeadhnes for each Ivpe ot ad. Once Disced, an ad cannot be chanoed until after the first appearance m the paper. ; CANCELLATIONS DAilY-5 P. M. for next day's Enquirer. . SUNDAI-Noon Saturday for runmnq ad. No cancellations accepted Saturday for ad epoearmq for the first time on ; Sunday. sMIWnAY' deadline for all ads i 4:30 P. M. FRIDAY 1 DAILY1 Dpadl,r for 8,1 Bds for thc 3:30 P. M. CLASSIFICATIONS Announcements Class A-K Real Estate For Sale Class 1-12 Real Estate For Rent Class 13-30 Emoloyment Class 31-41 Services Class 42-43 Finance and Business .... Class 44-47 Merchandise . Class 48-62 Automobiles. Boats, Trucks, Trailers. Campinq Equipment Class 63-72 For information on hx Number mail call 721-2700. line 255. i Adjustment of Errors It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to chck the correctness of each insertion of an advertisement. The Enquirer Sisumes no responsibility for the reoeti-t on of errors in advertisement ordered ifor more than one insertion unless notified the same day. Upon noting an error tn advertiser should call the Classified L'epa'tment. 421-6300 or Classified llustomer Service. 721-2700. Adiust-iments are made on the deqree to which :tne error reduced tne value of the ad. Jhe right is reserved bv The Cincinnati enquirer to revise or reiect arbitrarily iat its option any advertising dseweo I Detrimental to public interest or tns (policy of the newspaper. Please ask for cancellation rumber as your cancellation receipt. V For more ccmn'.ete information ar.rt acklicss of the KELLY funeral director, refer to death notice lH'Hiw: ALIEN, Jenny BLACK, Emra B0ERGER, August BROWN. Nancy Ann BULTHAUPT, Clara CARLIN, Earl COMBERS. Mary Agatha CURTIS, louie " DANZIGt.Ma DeLANEY. Gerald 0IS0UE. Charles- R. DORSETAddii EELS. Jeannett FISCHER. Carl FITZ. Patrick FRY. MHIard GIBSON. Maude GIIUGAN. Kattierine HAFFNER.Gusta. HAMILTON. Mayme HUGHES Ester K JOHNS. Wilbur JONESPaarl JUNK.Mar K'ASSEL.Jgl. KEELING. Anna KELLER. William KELLY. Jrank " KENDIG. Catherine KENNIS0N, George KILLEEN. Matilda" McGEE. Helen MEYER. Barbara NORTON. Harry PFIESTER. Ella RABE, Joseph RAKE. Bernadine ROSS.Mary RUHL. Frank 10 00 1 00 9 30 A. M P. M A M. No. 3 ' Nov! 4 Nov 3 Vitt S S'-rtrer Hodflpp (Carthaqr) Vorhs Wain A. Bolton Wrassmann Radei Vielhauer Thompson Weil if 'Respectable Showing Goo GOP Enters Enemy Area BY JESSE SHAFFER Enquirer Bureau Chief COLUMBUS There was a time and not too many years ago when it was downright unpopular to admit you were a Republican or planned to vote for one in either Cuyahoga cr Mahoning Counties. - First o Two Parts Republicans seeking election to state office went into these northeastern Ohio industrial areas with the idea not of winning them or even breaking even, but of holding their Democratic opponents' margin down to a "respectable" size. The magic number In Cuyahoga, used to be about 125.000. If Republicans held the Democratic margin to less than 125,000 in the Cleveland area, they had a decent chance of winning the state. All that has changed for at least one Republican, Gov. James A. Rhodes. MR. RHODES laid siege to the Democratic strongholds of Cuyahoga and Mahoning in his campaign four years ago and came out of that contest carrying the state's most populous county and losing Mahoning by only a scant 106 votes. After talking to political leaders, both Democratic and Republican, and with a half hundred voters in the two counties, it appears now that Mahoning may also be in Mr. Rhodes corner when the votes are counted next Tuesday night. The race in Mahoning, however, could be a tight one. Not so in Cuyahoga. A Democratic party worker in Cleveland who has had his hand in a number of political campaigns, told The Enquirer last week: "Reams (Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fra-zifr Reams Jr.) will sot a rt'eord. He'll lose the county hy a larger margin than any Democratic candidate f4r governor in history." Others in a position to know didn't go that far, but they did agree that Mr. Rhodes will carry Cuyahoga County by a sizable margin. The governor had a 48,-000 vote plurality there in 1962 when he defeated incumbent Gov. Michael V. DiSalle. ONE DEMOCRAT, who said he voted against Mr. DiSalle but will vote for Mr. Reams this time, said the county will go to Mr. Rhodes "because, for the first time in many years, he has made the people up here feel that they're a part of Ohio." The governor has listened to. and answered, pleas for help in various areas from Cuyahoga County, i nrt has spent a great deal of his time there during the last four years, the Democrat noted. . One of his first acts after assuming office four years ago was to set up a "branch" governor's office in Cleveland where local officials and residents were invited to take their problems. .'Another major step in his attempt to win over the heavily Democratic area was Mr. Rhodes' personal campaign to establish a state university In Cleveland. Interviews not a scientific poll by any means, but more of a random sampling of voter opinion with people on both sides of the political fence indicated that the chief executive has won many friends in the state's most populous county during his first term. We found one Republican attorney who said he plans to vote against Mr. Rhodes because of his failure to "recognize those who helped him when he needed it," but we also found a number of people who classified themselves as Democrats who said they'll stick with the governor for another round. One schoolteacher on Cleveland's east side said he voted Republican for the first time in 1962 "because I didn't like DiSalle." ALTHOUGH he expressed concern over educational support, the teacher said, "I guess he (Mr. Rhodesi had done as much as he could, considering everything. I'll go along with him again." The picture is much the same in Mahoning County. Anti-D i S a 1 1 e Democrats who voted for Mr. Rhodes in 1962 in protest of the then incumbent administration appear to be generally satisfied, with Mr. Rhodes. Ve found only two or three people there who said they plan to switch back to the Democratic column in the governor's race this year. There were also a few who said they voted for Mr. DiSalle last time hut will vote for Governor Rhodes November 8. A Youngstown resident, active in politics and in local civic affairs, said the key to Mr. Rhodes' popularity there is his ability to convince the people that he is a "non-partisan governor." Local Democratic officials "have just as much luck, maybe more, getting things done "by a call or visit to the governor's office as do Republicans, he pointed out. "Because of this tremendous effort by him to make himself appear to be governor of all the people, regardless of politics, he's captured a lot of support," the man added. Boosting the governor's chances in Mahoning is the support he's getting from James Griffin, district director of the United Steel Workers in Youngstown. The two were friend ly before, but administra- j tion support of Mr. Griffin's ! effort to get a community college established in the county earlier this year certainly cemented the relationship. ; Mr. Griffin was one of i three labor leaders who i argues against endorsement of Mr. Reams by the AFL-CIO in August. The big question in the minds of republican leaders in these two counties is whether the popularity of the governor will transfer to others on the GOP ticket. It doesn't appear that it will. Although the entire slate is expected to make a good showing in this enemy territory. In Mahoning County, for example, where it is being predicted that the governor will carry the county by perhaps 1000 to 1500 votes, Democrats Thomas Ferguson, running for state auditor, and Robert Sweeney, running for attorney general are being given a better than even chance of winning over their Republican opponents Roger Cloud and William B. Saxbe. Messrs. Ferguson and Sweeney are also favored in Cuyahoga County. 4 2 1 3 0 0 TODA'V New York Times Service T Seoul President Johnson wound up his 17-day tour of seven Pacific nations in South Korea, where he reasserted the United States' interest in Asia. The main American interest, he said, was the defeat of aggression which otherwise would sweep across the seas as it had from Asia twice before in this century. Mr. Johnson made his remarks to American soldiers and later during a speech to the South Korean national assembly. Seoul The President's Korean stopover was highlighted by a train, helicopter and jeep trip outside the city of Seoul to see something of the South Korean countryside and its people. At one of the villages he visited, Mr. Johnson presented a television set to a bearded village elder, and then, in an Impromptu departure from his schedule, he invited the old man along for a 10 minute helicopter trip over the village and nearby valley. South Vietnam A squadron of U. S. Navy patrol boats Intercepted a Viet Cong battalion trying to cross the Mekong River in sampans and junks. During a two-hour shelling operation, the American vessels sank 35 of the Communist boats, and Navy helicopters sank another 15. York would be signed at the State Department Friday. The air service is expected to begin operation in the spring. I 11onz Kon The purge of internal opponents to the Communist Chinese regime appears to be continuing. Propaganda vehicles of the ruling leadership indicated that efforts thus far have failed to dislodge the hard core of opponents said to be in positions of power. Washington A collection of 65 X rays, color slides and black and white negatives taken at the autopsy of President Kennedy were turned over to the national archives by the Kennedy family. The material, which had been withheld by the family for reasons of taste, had not been seen by the Warren Commission during its investigation of the circumstances surrounding the death of the President. Federal law enforcement officials will now be able to investigate the films, but access to scholars and other unofficial investigators for the next five years will be granted only with the specific approval of the Kennedy family. Moscow During a long speech in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, Leonid I. Brezhnev defended the Soviet Union's interest in finding ways to co-operate with Western governments. In what was viewed as a broad survey of Kremlin policy, the Communist party leader thus defied Communist Chinese criticism that attempts to establish better relations with the West amounted to "collusion" with enemies of communism. Washington The spread of boycotts by housewives against supermarkets in communities across the nation is beginning to cause .some concern to Republican candidates who have been using the inflation issue as part of their campaigns. The reason for their concern apparently lies in the fact that the boycotts are directing complaints for high prices against businessmen, whereas the Republican position is that high prices are a direct result of high government spending. Washington. i E V Administration officials said that a Soviet-American agreement establishing direct air service between Moscow and New In another area of Federal spending, the Labor Department is asking for, and probably will receive, control of three new programs in the 1966 antipoverty law. The II flIi i II o loll programs total a relatively small $100 mil-rr unuiiinrn Um part Q the enUre expenditures, but appear to illustrate the declining scope and authority of the Office of Economic Opportunity. ALLEN i Jermy (nee Moore), beloved wife of ! Will, am Allen, dear mother of Mrs Kenneth iDorothvi Vauqhn of Bel-! Iinonam, Wash.! William and Georoe Allen; survived bv nine nrAnnrh.l. dren; Monday. October 31. 1966: ane 68 years: residence. 3417 Wnojnme Ave Friends may call at tne Vitt 4 Sterner Western Hills Funeral Home. 3425 Harrison Ave., Cheviot. Wednesday, from 4 to 9 P. V. Services Thursday, Novemoer I 3. at 10 A. M. BLACK Emra. beloved husband of the late Helen Aooe Black, brother of Mrs. I Laura New. Mrs. Sadie Boian. Wal-j ter. Lester and Cordus Black Mon-! day. October 31. 1966: in his 62nd I year; residence. 6619 leoanon Ave. (formerly of Section Avenue, Norwood:. Friends may call af the ! Hodaoo Funeral Home. 7401 Vine St., Crfhaoe. Thursday. November 3. from 4 to 9 P. M. Funeral services Friday at 1 P. M. j BOERGER August H.. beloved husband of Gar I net Bauer Boeroer. devoted father of Mrs. Joyce Volz and Terry R j Boeroer. brother of Mrs. Marie Suhre ot ft. Thomas. Ky.. Jeannette and Bernard Boeroer. also survived by five arandchildren; suddenly. Mon. day. October 31. 1966: residence, 8126 Lancewood Ct.. Kenwood. Friends may call at the Vorhis Funeral Home. 5501 Montoomerv Rd Norwood, Wednesday. 4 to 9 P. v.. Reouiem Hioh Mass at St. Vincent Ferrer Church. Kenwood. Thursday, November 3. at 9:30 A. M. Holy Nnrne Society meet at funtral honw. Wednesday. 8:15 P. M. BROWN' Nancy Ann (nee Cochran), beloved wife of David Lee Brown, devoted mother of Todd Allen Brown, dauoh-. ter of Mrs. Ma Cochran, sister of Mary Jane Cochran: Monday. October 31. 1966: residence, 2930 Scioto St.; aoe 24 years. Visitation Wednesday from 4 to 9 P. M. at the Wain A. Bolton Funeral Home, 3042 Harrison Ave., Westwood. Services at the convenience of the family. Memorials, if so desired, may be given to the Heart Fund. BILTHALPT Clara E., dear sister of Luella Bull hauDt and the late John H. Bull hauDt: suddenly, Tuesday, November! 1. 1966. Friends may call at tha Wrassmann Funeral Home. 2625 Gil bert Ave. north of Taft Rd., Thuri-day. 4 to 9 P. M, Friday.1 November 4, at 2 P. M. CARLIN j Earl Thomas, beloved husband of Ruth Carlm (nee Willis), devoted father of Ronald. Robert and Daid Carlin, also survived bv one arand-child. devoted son of Mrs. Estella' Carlin. brother of Nick Carlin and louella B'ers: Sunday. October 30.! 1966: residence. 1100 W. 33rd St., Covnoton. Services Wedntd;v at 2 P. M. at the John J. Radel Co. Funera Horn. 1005 Madion kit.. Coinnton. Visitation Tuesday, 4 to 9 P. M. COMBES ! Mary Aaatha Curl, beloved wife of the Ijte Earl H. Combes, devoted mother of Mrs. Justine Frank and William Comrjes. sister of Mrs. Juanita Newland, Mrs. Helen Elliott and Miles Curl, also survived bv four Grandchildren: Monday. October 31, 1966: residence. 3637 Brent-, wood. Services at the Vielhauer Funeral Home. 2961 Madison Rd.. Oakley Sauare. Thursday. November 3. at 11 A. M. Friends may call Wednesday after 4 P. M. CURTIS Louie D.. beloved husband of Mrs. Cora Curtis fnee Buckneri. devoted father of Louis 5. and Clifford C. Curtis, dear brother of Mrs. Mattie Smith of Paris. Ky. ; Mrs. Georaial Hamilton, Mrs. Eva Ector and Clay Curtis of Davton, Ohio- Mrs. Bessi'i Burrel of Fremont. Ohio- also sur-j vived bv three arandchildren indi other relatives: Mondav, Octooer; 31. 1966: residence. 3250 Rammels-; burn Ave. Friends may call at the Thomoson Funeral Home. 820 Lincoln Ave.. Thursday. November 3. from 6 to 10 P. M. Funeral services 1 P. M. Friday at the funeral home. Rv. Wallace Peooles officiating1 Interment, Union Baotist Cemetery. DANZIGER Max, of 1621 Asmann Ave.i beloved husband of Ann F. Dan:ioer, devoted father of Mrs, Clarence J. Podore and brother of Michael Wein-sier of New York City. Services. Weil Funeral Home. 3901 Readinn Rd., Thursday, November 3, at 12:30 will be at the home of Dr. and' Mrs. Clarence J. Podore, 2725: Section Rd. I DEMNEY j Gerald T.. beloved husband of thej late Clara Delanev (nee Graf', de voted father of Mr', Eileen Saltier and John (Jack) Delanev. brother of John (Jack1 Mullov Delanev: Monday. October 31. 1966: at his home. 907 Hirthland Ave.. Covinaton, Ky.; aae 70 vears. Funeral Thursday, November 3, from the John N. Midden-dorf Sons Funeral Home. 917 Main St.. Covinaton, 9:30 A. M. Reouiem Hnjh Mass, St. Auoustine Churrh it 10 A. M. Interment. St. John Cemetery. Visitation Wednesday, 3 to 9 P. M. Covinaton Elks t:314 services Wednesday. 7:30 P. M. nisoiF 1 Charles R. Sr.. beloved husband of Anna Moran Diaue. father of Charles i 'r.. John E.. Georoe H.. James F.. I Paul V. and William L. Oisnue. also I survived hv 2? rjranHhildren; Sun-; Jav. October 30. 1966. at his resi-H'n"- in Gr'hrn. Ohio. Funeral frcm : tii r-.l'.an Funeral Horn. Wnndr-u-n e l.n-nln. Thursday. November 3.1 I -v m H;-ih Mass St Matthew j rn-ir-h jt 9-30 A M Friends may ! rail We-fnesdav after 4 P. M. 2 00 P. M. No4 1 00 P. M. Nov. 2 ll:00 A. M. Nov. 3 1:00 P. M. Nov. 4 12:30 P. M. Nov. 3 10:00ji7M. Nov. 3 MidrJendorf . 9:30 A. M. Nov. 3 Gillnan i !0:30ALMJ Nov. 3 Treowiy j 10:30 A. M. Nov. 3 Anderson 1 9:30 A M. Nov. 3 Hodapp 9:30 A.M. Nov5 Vorhis ' 2:00 P.M. Nov73 White 1 1 :00 A. M. Nov. 2 Rerfro ; 10:00 A. M. No. 4 Gilliqan 1 2:00 P. M. Nov. 2 Baiter ( Sahnd 2:00 P.M. No. 4 Connlev Bros. . 10:00 A. M. No. 5 Thompson j C. 11:00 A.M. Nov. 3 Allison & Rose i 2:00 P. M. No. 3 Chambers & Crubbs 9 00 A. M. No3 Muefilenkama ' ! 10:00'. M. Nov. 3 Weil 1 9:00 A. M. No. 4 Vorhis 1 2:00 P. M. No. 2 Hawthorne 9 30 A U Mn 4 Gillim I 9 00 A. M. No. 4 Middendorf 11:00 A. M. Nov. 3 Busse & Borgmann j 9:00 A. M. NoVTa Witt7Good ft Kelsch I 2:00 P. M. Nov. 3 W-il 9:30 A. M. Nov. 3 Rjdrl 9 00 A. M. Nov. 4 Beti ! 12:00 Noon Nov. 2 W. Mack Johnson 9:00 A. M. Nov. 3 Dhonau-Rosenacker 9:00 A. M. Nov. 2 Resold 2:00 P.M. Nov. 2 Tufts " " ' 9:00 A. M. NovTs NeidhaYd (MtTHealthy) i RUPPERT. John 10:30 A. M. HoV. 3 Hodapp SCARDINA. VincVnt 9:00 A. M. NovTj W. MacMo'hnson SCHEIDER, Nellie J:30 A. M. Nov."3 Chas. Miller IWEBB, Hubert Riedlinqer-Lemen WEBER. Martin 1:00 P M, NovT 4 Tufts WINKLER Ro b e rt 2 30 P. M. Nov. 2 Weil 1 PTFmS w I ' i ,3fft' CARLIN Earl T. f MILLER Adolnh t,l BJ COOK Richard C. SWOPE Maria 'v ! OOWNS-Clarence g WINSTON Will, am B. il : Iff KOON Calvin S. Sr. MEYER Barbara E. Fra.-I . 'VlfW bn lowed frien-i of Lr.jiif S- :Vl -d uncln of LpUnd A' a 7rvirr B-O.'k and Harry and ,.fm.1 I. '966. at his residence 7.!29 Y?CA Rd , Newtown. Funeral from the C-iii'Oan Funeral Home, v.. nniburn at Lincoln. Friday. No. vpm. pr 4 Due notice will be Qiven. Fr rn may rail Thursday after 4 P. M. KENDIG Catherine, dnir ssler of Clara. Marcella and Ray Deters: Monday, Octooer 31. 1966; residence. 6 Geisen Ave.. Lakeside Park, Kv. ' Funeral Friday. Noember 4, from the John N. Viiddndorf Sons Funeral Home. 917 Mam St.. at 8:30 A. Vi. Reauiem Hioh Mass from the Church of the Blessed Sacrament at 9 A. M. Interment, St. Mary Ceme tery. Visi'ation Thursday from 3 to 9 P. M. XENNISON Georse. beloved husband of Clare Kenmson ,nee Kido,, and beloved father of Mildred Cravens and Katn-erine S'Zemore. Dcioved brother of Jess Kenmson, St. Louis. Mo.: Robert Kennison, Sorinadeld, III.: end Mrs. Aiice Gobev of Sorinafield, III.; Monday. Octouer 31. 1966; residence. 2145 Harrison Ave. Friends may call at the Busse & Boromann Co. Parkway Funeral Home. Central Pky and Clifton Hills Ave.. Wednesday from 4 to 9 P. M. Services Thursday. November 3. at II A- M. KILI.EEX Matilda J. Doherty. beloved wife of the late Martin Killeen, devoted mother of Mary C.. Rav and Stanley Killeen. orandmother of terryll Ann, sister of Mrs. John Sullivan and KArt Thftm, Puin nf CimA. T,. I ddv, November 1. 1966: residence. 4211 Aller.dorf Dr. Reouiem Hmh Mass. St. Cecilia Church. Thursday at 9 A. M. Visitation, Witt-Good 4 Kolsch Funeral Home. 3026 Madison Rd.. Hyde Park at Oakiev Sauare. Wednesday. 5 to 9 P. M. McGEE Helen Marcus, of 1974 Sutter En-oush Woods: beloved wife or the I late Clifford W. McGee. devoted mother of Mrs. Stella Flanaqan and sister of Mrs. Stella McGee, Henry Marcus of Batavla. and Sidney Marcus of Detroit. Services. Weil Funeral Home, 3901 Readina Rd . Thursday, November 3, at 2 P. M, Friends may call at the funeral home Wednesday from 7 to 9 P. M. The eSolni A. ESadol Co. IIF.MIY l. It.MiKI.. I'rp. Radel's evory service is conducted with the full appreciation that it is a sacred tribute to someone's memory. 2562 North Bend Rd., 541-4200 652 STATE AVE., 921-0365 822 York, Newport, CO 1-8560 4112 Glenway, WA 1-4512 1005 Madison, Covington, HE 1-4185 GUMP-HOLT FUNERAL HOME 3440 Glennore at Herhert Cheiot MO 1-0690 NURRE BROS. FUNERAL DIRECTORS CHerrv 1-6925 SULLIVAN Funeral Home. 1336 E. VcVi lao Brad'ord J. Sullivan, Dire. ter W. Hack Johnson Funeral Home WALNUT HILLS 1309 E. McMillan St. WO 1-0474 MADISONVILLE 6111 Madison Rd. BR 1-0203 cliaej-er-Isustjij FORMERLY WITH WILTSEE, Inc. 24 W. 9th St. 241-0932 MEYER Barbara E.. beloved wifi of (dilate Bernard H. Meyer, devoted mother of Mrs. Norma Davis and Elmer G. Mfvcr. dear orandmother of Barbara Bobbin, sister of Mrs. Kate Martin, also two areat-arand-sons: Tuesday, November 1. 1966; residence. 210 McAlDin Ave.. Er-Mnrjer. Ky.: aoe 81 years. Piavers will be said Thursday. Novemoer 3 at the John J. Rdel Co. fu ier,:l Home. IOCS Madison Ave., 'ovmr ton. at 8:45 A. M. Reouiem Hmh Mass. St. Henrv (hurrh. trlanoer Ky.. at 9:30 A, M. hternicnl. Mother of God Cemetery, Visitation Wednesday a 'ter i P. M. NORTON Harry J., be oved husband of Tillie Norton i nee Neither', devoted father of Jack K. Norton, dear brother of Mrs, Chester .Mavme'i Held. Mrs. Hsrry iMaroaret, Sunderhaus and William Norton, dear arandfather of John R. and Jo Ann Norton; Tuesday, November I, 1966: residence. 203 Lmden Ave., Newport, Ky. Friends may call at the Btti Funeral Home. 23 E. Sixth St., Thursday. 4 to 9 P. M. Reouiem H'an Vi)ss, St. Steoben Church, fri. dav, November 4, at 9 A. M. Interment, St Joseon Cemetery. Pedretti Rodd. Vemonais may be made to vour favorite chanty. PFIESTER Ella Farnn. wife of the la'e Henry J. Pfiester. ister of Mrs. Paul Rirh-arason of Evanstor. Ill ; a. so sur-vivtc ov seven meces and neohews: rsi()ence. 1220 Rookwcod Dr., Mon-oav Octooer 3'. 1966 Graveside s,rire Wednesday. Novemoer 2. 12 noon, Sormo Grove Cemetery. THOMAS 0 rabe ,r iihi u i iTnii'i mi mirm mnur? 1 CWBMATION j' e'utM & .iimivm t to an i fe; I V-i-i ).. kH If 1 it I P' M buni't f U'"l If ' rMi (! H.mutt e( T' BAMBER- Robert Bamber and Jonn R. timber FUNERAL DIRECTORS 3011JrV00DBURN 961-1440 A C. GOBBLING & SON FUNF1AI HOMES MADISONVILLE and KENWOOD I Tredway Funeral Home! Established 1E92 NORWOOD. OHIO 2131 Cameron Ave. ME 103' 1 i Vonderhaar & Stetter Third & Overton St. 1 Newoort. Ky. 261-'i795l iiwnrg'a End FT. THOMAS 441-1730 BELLEVUE 261-8041 ERSCHELL FT. THOMAS 441-1982 NEWPORT 26I-9C33 FELS Jeannette. beloved aunt of Mrs John Sandes. Mrs. Will'am B'ven Mrs. Edward Buckley. Mrs. Helen West and John Fels: Monday. October 31. 1966: residence. 6426 Pac Ave. Friends may call at the Anderson Funeral Home, 415 ludiow Ave . Clifton. Wednesday from 4 to 9 P. M. Funeral services Thursday at 10:30 A. M. HAMILTON Mayme lrite Barrl, dtar w.le of the: late James Hamilton, dtar mufner or Mrs. Marqutrne Martin, Lucy Aooos and James namuion. jr.; Monoay, Octouer 31. 1V06. Miami Sonnets, F.a.: resiutnce, j2 Park Ave., Erianqer. Ky.,- aqe eu ytars. Services Friday. November 4. at tne conniey Bros, funtrai nome, II E. Soutnern Ave., La'ama. w .i at 2 P. :yi. interment, forest Loii (.emetery. Fnenos ma call Inur'.-i aav trom 4 to V P. V. HL(iHES Lsrner K. ,r. B dLiil , tie oven V.t;t of LOL-ti K. nijj..., o-ir jitf ot Lijjte b.d :o .. .. fj. -edn Kojf n, Cfxsfits, ucuijc a j .i.i m'p b Oi.KVe.i. ouO iUt.tO i-t Qi.e tutu:, tfiiet neDntiVj ri' g oi. fi.r remiiwes; .V.onaa, uuQr j , , yoo. residence, j4 thana Cr. frienji md Cdti it tne (nompio.i funeral heme. eiO Lincoln rnaav, No vember 4, trum 6 to i0 P. ,V, boiaen Lmk Lnaoter r 9i ot tne uti, rnA services if d P. V. Fu ntrral iervices. iU A. ,V. Sdturadv af trie bemei Baottit i.nurcn. Us,. Alrm Pi.. Rev. Marrv Brown, ooitor ir. ferment, iurmq Uro.e Unicter ltv L. Rahe,- oflswd jwtw Monday October 31, 1966; formerly of 37iO Ludiow Avf. Vitiation Mfednesdiv. 4 to 9 P. V.. st thf Dhonau-Rosen. a:Vpr Monfort Heights Funeral Home 5527 Cheviot Rd , near North Bend Rd Reauim H'Qh Mass. St. Boni-tVe Churt.h. Thursday, at 9 A, M fall 541-051 1 for courtesy car rv i c e . RAKE Bernadine 'B.rdiet (nee Huelsman), beloved wife of Garry H. Rake, dear mother of Mrs. Norman (Jennie Dooieyi Fuss, orandmother of Norman. OouQias and Greoorv Fussi I Sii'Hiay. October 30, 1966; residence. 3014 Montclair Aye. Visitation. Peboid Funeral Home, 3700 (..ipnmore Ave at Mozart. Cheviot after 3 P. M. Tuesday. Funeral Wednedav. Reouiem Hmh Mass It St. Vartm Church at 9 A. M. ROSS Wary May fnee lono.'. Wife of the late Clyde Ross, devoted motner of Charles Wilson Ross, dear sister of Jr"nes lono.- Sunday. October 30 1966: residence, Co:a-)daie, Oh.o Friends may call at Tufts Funeral Home. Loe m Ohio. Tuesday 6 o ' p M Services Co;addale Metnodisf Cnur.-h Coraddale Onin Wednesoav. oember 2. at 2 P. M. It I II L f-ir 'aVhitev'. beloved husband of t"e late Aoa Reilscnneider Ruhl. war father n Frank Ruhl Jr. brother of Kathtnne Maley and Louise Fe'dman. also survived by four rjrjnd and 10 oreat-orandchil-orer-.- Tuesday. November 1. 1966: residence. 3 Flanders Ln . Greenhiln I Ohio: ane H8 years. Friends may call at the Neidtiard Funeral Home 7401 Hamilton Ave . Mt. Healthy, Fr.dav from 5 to 9 P. M. Reouiem Hi Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary Cnurcn, Saturday, November 5 at 9 A V. ' FISCHER I JOHNS Carl N., beloved husband of Ruth, Weioel Fischer, son-in-law of Mar'.n and Delia Weioel, also survived bv three brothers and one sister; sud denly. Monday. October 31. 1966: residence. 6408 Wiehe Rd., Go t Manor. Friends may call at tha HodaDD Funeral Home. 7401 Vin.. St.. Carthaoe. Wednesday, from 4 to 9 P. M. Reouiem Hioh Mass a' Mother of Sorrows Church. Rose lawn, Thursday at 9:30 A. M. i nOREY Artd'S B.. beloved husband tf Harriet ! Avev Dorsev. father of Vrs. Mary ; P'ckrino and Mrs. Btty Ma I Pnrter, brother of Vrs. Linda Scharf. Vrs, Marv Thomlev and Jack Dor ! sev. alro seven nrandrhildren: Monday, October 31. 1966: residence. Seminole, Fla. (formerly of Hudson Avenue. Norwood!. Friends may call at the Tredway Funeral Home. 2131 Cameron Ave., Norwood, Wednesday 4 to 9 P. M. Funeral Thursday at 10:30 A. ' RENT or HIRE ENQUIRER in i si i rtr WAN I AU3 I FITZPATRICK Pat. beloved son of Mrs. Harold J. FitiPatrick and the late Harold J. FitrPatrick, beloved brother of Mrs. Bette McGuirk of Dallas, Tex.; Mane Theresa FitzPatrick and Mai. William F. FitzPatrick. Washinoton, D. C; Monday. October 31, 1966: residence, 3123 Bellewood Ave., Pleasant Ridqe. Friends may call et the Vorhis Funeral Home, 5501 Montoomerv Rd., Norwood. Friday. 4 to 9 P. M. Reauiem Hioh Mass, Church of the Nativity, Pleasant Ridoe. Saturday, November 5. 1966, at 9:30 A. M. FRY Millard F., beloved husband of Ida Fry (nee Halli, devoted father of Mrs. Gail Gillesoie. arandfather of John Millard Gillesoie. dear son of John and Emma Frv. brother of Mrs. Geneva Heatley. Mrs. Emma Baird and Mrs. Lula Mae Saner and the late J. Samuel Frv: Sunday. Ocfob-r 30. 1966: residence. 6245 Bonneville St. Services at T. P. White 4 Sons Funeral Home, 2050 Beechmo'H Ave., Mt. Washinoton, Thursday, No-vember 3. at 2 P. M. Friends may call Wednesday. 4 to 9 P. M, Memorials mav be sent to the Cancjr Fund or Heart Fund. GIBSON Mrs. Maude, beloved mother of Jesse, Matt, Johnson, Will. am, Nei son. Mrs. Clar Brown and Mrs, Goldie Edwards or Flint, Mich., and the late Mrs. Margaret Hill, erand-mother of 19. areat-arandmothpr of 21 and oreat-Qreat-qrandmother of two. dpar $ntrr of Mr. Gano Hen-fl'rson of Honkinsvil!". Ky.: and Mr. Go'a Hendwson of Gary. I nd, : Sat-urdfv, October 29. '966; r,iripnr 330? Burnet Ave. Fnerd may caM at thp Rpnf ro Funeral Srvire, M7 Forest Ave.. Avorne. T'lesday, No vpmher 1. (rom 5 P V. unt I P V, Remains wl! lip in Mt at U"'0n Baptist Chiir:h. 601 R'-hmr-l St.. yVedn";dav. from 9 A Y urt.l services at 11 A, M. at hp church Interment Union Baotijt Cemetery GILLIOAN Katherine (nee Mallonl, beloved wife of the late John T. Gillioan, beloved mother of Aanes I Gilliaan and katherine Smith, orandmother of Patricia Radford and James Smith, also survived bv two oreat-orand-children; Tuesday, November 1, 1964, at her residence, 3916 Snenrer Ave.. Norwood. Funeral from the Gi Milan Funeral Home, Woodburn at Lincoln. Friday. Novemher 4 Re- ouiem Hioh Mass at SS. Peter and P-tuI Churrh at 10 A. M. Friends may call Thursday after 4 P. M. H.1FFNF.R Gus'av J , hpfnved hu'hnd n' Flr.ij Rotha'lrer Haffnnr. father of Or.! frrleri.-k D Haffiwr nrndf,nhnr nf kather'np Anne Hnffnr, hrolhrr nf Mrs. Pauline H Brr-haun- Wnn-1 dav, Or'oher 31. 1066- resilnn I 3R60 Middletnn Ave Servirrs at! Snrinn Grnve Cemetnrv Chanp'.j Wednesday. November 2. at 2 P. M. i No visitation. In lieu of other re-l mpmbrances, memorials mav be made to the American Cancer Society nr the charity of vour rhnice Baiter & Sahnd Funeral Home in charae. Wtiuur G., beioved husoand of Wdrian hardir.q jonns. fdiner 01 otorcte E. jonns ana brotnr oi r rs. ittna Sower, .yrs. uo.iy Hoo-kins. toara S. ai.j I jonns; at his resiutnce. Jtih SI.. CovinqTon. r.i.. I, ioo; a: 5 otrvata ot tne A.iisO'1 6 ntfdi nome. IriL . ROjfm rV.dUisOii .e., LOvinqtun. Oa ; Novcmutr 3, at i i A. ,i rr(i.nt. rinjinand unitery nidv coil from 4 to 9 Weanesaay. Vi., v:rs. K0e ru- jt. oi'd . ihjis-. i itet- r ric 1 Ji1 P. M. RIPPERT John w.. beloved husband of Emma Hp-wiq Runoert, dear father of Mrs. Florence Toennis and Norman Ruo-: pert, orandfather of June and Ray- mono loennis and Craio Ruooert, also einht areat-qrandchildren; Monday. Ononer 31. 1966. in his 89lh vear; residence. 5650 Pamlico Ln., Ind an Hili. Friends mav call at the Hndaoo Funeral Home. 7401 Vine St.. Carthane. Wednesdav. November 2. from 4 to 9 P M. Funeral services Thursday at 10:30 A. M Mem-ber of FOE Elmwood Aeria it 1694. JONES Pearl Smole, beloved wfe of the la te Samuel Jones, oear mother of Mabel Webster. Mrs. tiizaoetn Washburn and Mrs. Lillian Scheritt; Monday, October 31, 166; Wailon ky.j aoe 82. Funeral services Thursday, 2 P. M., Chambers & Gruooi funeral Home, Wailon. Ky. Interment, Forest Lawn Ceme tery. Visitation Wednesday. 3 to 9 P. M.. a' funeral home. JUNK Mary G. (nee Glaserl, beloved wife of the late Edward J. junk, dear sister of Jonn olaser: Suiiaay, October 30. lvo6. at residtiiLe of ner niece. Miss Mane Junk ol 17 ivih St., Newoort, Ky..- auo survived Oy many omer nieces ana neontws. Prayers at MuehlenkaniD tuieral Honte. 835 York St.. Newourt, Inurs-oay at 8:30 A. M. Reouiem Mass. St. Vincent de Paul Churcn. at 9 A. M. Visitation 4 to 9 P. M. Wednesday. KASSEL Jule. of 1162 Towne Ave.t beloved husband of Beatrice C. Kassel. devoted father of Mrs. Stanley Goodman and Jack M. Kassel. brother ot Mrs. Mildred Kahn, forton kassel of New York. Melvm Kassel. and the late William Kassel. also survived by three aranochildren. Services. Weil funeral Home. 3901 Reining Rd . Thursday. November 3. at 10 A, M. Fo. lowing services fni family will bp at the home of Mr. ai d Vr. S'anlpy Gooanun. 22j Meancwnrook Dr. KEELING Anna Mae. wile of the late Carl E Keehnq. sister of Mrs. Ade..iide Dauqnertv. aunt of Rainh F. Dauoh-erry Jr., qreat-aunt ot Patricia Ann and Michael Joseph Dauohertv: Monday. October 31, 1966; residence. 5409 Hunter Ave., Norwood. Friends may call at the Vorhis Funeral Home, 5501 Montoomerv Rd., Norwood, Thursday, 4 to 9 P. M. Requiem Hioh Mass. SS. Peter and Paul Church, Norwood, Friday, November 4, at 9 A. M. Ancient Order of Hibernian meet at the funeral home Thursday at 8 P. M. KELLER William H.. husband of Hilda Schumacher Keller, father of Mrs. Jerry (Wilmat Wind. Lexinaton, Ky.: Mrs. Lawrence (Bettv) Ruler and Sandra Keller, brother of Elmer '.cller und arandfather of Barrv and Bennett Ruter, Jeffrey and Jennifer Wind; Sunday, October 30, 1966: residence, 6928 Gilbert Ave., Njrth (oi leqe Hill; aqe 56 vears. Friends may call at the Hawthorne Funeral Home. 7830 Hamilton Ave.. Mt Hi-aithy. Tuesday alter 4 P. M, Funeral services Wednesday, Novrmner 2. at Trinity Lutheran Church at 2 P. M Mr. Keller will lie in stale from 1 P. M. until time of services. Interment, Arlington Memorial Gardens. If friends prefer, memorials mav n? made to thp Trinity Luthpran l'hr,-h Memorial Fund. Memorial cards art available, at funeral home. : SCARDINA ! Vincent Anthony, beloved husband in nuse vicarm jcardina, devoted father nf Virqil R Scardina and Mrs Anoela Mitchell, dear brother m Frank, Anthonv, Jdsenh and Carl Srardma. Mrs. Hannah Melillo and the late Salvatore Scardina. Ruth Staqeman and Joseohine Deooerman, also survived by nine arendcniloren; residence. 1340 Flermna St. i Saturday, October 29, 1966. Friends may call at the W. Mack Johnson Funeral Home, 1309 E. McMillan St., Walnut Hills. Tuesday, 4 to 9 P. M, Requiem Hiah Vass, St. Francis de Sales Church, Wednesday, Novemher 2. at 9 A. M. If desired contributions mav be made to the American Cancer Society. SCHNEIDER Nellie, widow of Harrv Schneider: Monday. October 31, 1966. at residence, 4181 Hamilton Ave. Friends may call at the Chas, A. Miller Sons Funeral Home, Hamilton Ave at Knowlton St., Northside. Wednesday, from 4 fo 9 P. M. Reauiem Hiah Mass at St. Patrick Church Thursday at 9:30 A. M. MVEBB Hubert, beloved brother of Mrs. Ray G. Tio'on, Arthur, lurman and Leslie Webb: oassed away Tuesdav. November I. 1966: residence. 112 Liberty St.: aqe 66 years. Interment Irvine. Kv. Riedlmaer-Lemen Funeral Home in charae of arrangements. WEBER Martin beloved husband of the late Edith Everhardl Weber, father of Robert Weber Jean Constable and E;a!ne Henorosa, brother of Daniel Weber Sr . also survived bv II orandchildren.- formerly of love-land, Ohio: residence. Cherry Point, S C. Services. Tufts Funeral Home. Lnveland. Ohio. Friday. Novamb.r 4. at I P. M. WINKLER Robert, of 975 Avondaie Avi.s beloved husband of Elizabeth G. Winkler, devoted father of Mrs. Laurence Bera of Chaoaaue. N. Y.; dear son of Mrs. Selma Winkler of New York City, and brother of the lata Gertrude W. Kaufman. Services, Weil Funeral Home, 3901 Readinq Rd., Wednesday. November 2. at 2:30 P. M. Memorial contributions to the Robert Winkler Fund of 1he Jewish HosDital would be aDDreciatid, World War I Veteran a World War II Veteran 24 E. 4th St. 621-3662

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