Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 25, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1932
Page 4
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^ "ft ieefltt CUV fair since you're dis- . 66»«(»^cl«t*red'ff6m her handi dartdf fiot 8to6p, the others Sl» floudy saw pow*f BltpplflS. She Made «n e^ toff to regain it. "suppose you tell us. dearie," tf femtfted'. "We'd' all' tava to know What it's like being afi Old k'marrlkge^Bfnt In'* '-Ways be unconseldualr tocher what -was la his „. tere times, thdse huf- |iirr!fd* days when she for- 1,K*fil8enHf, delicious, tHrtll- " ' made- of the stuff of hdse were the boors she 'Harry. In vala Molly sted, had wept, had be- Etten persisted la tation to see him when Sfcfc^ Otfft, Monday evening "rel between- her and Molly IB '''t'o.,'-; an ugly climax. ,_Jtf JirHVed at the apart- y$&liuu>unced, .and Molly dm to leave. After- ire had" been' a spirited and daa'gh- . an/TatS visible campaign 3 , What was in her •• Ellen stared is.in the center. Is Chaple „,„,„„„: at Mrs. Alvis Irwin's U attended and- everyone had a "tiwe. Two quilts were dryTflilWf h«nd« be- girl antil sh* m« apon ' one or sp-oSe. Jenny'* tfl tf nitfnjent tMB issue the balance. Then one girl others ciregBt h'er tip, A wttVe of high, crtet beat at fil U^' ' W MW*B MW*»O**"*** •»»•• w •—- —--_ ««'«.. em* fttid drove the blaalng color- ftofc-her firift Sba saw titat Ker 1 causfe «Wte ISstt Art almost overpowering impulse to announce tHat sUtf, *S8 (jflgWd to Steves Her. „ fiST* way tostopttiat laughter and'wipe the complacent smile frdte lira. Bondy'a face. ftlleU Bedtated, ffladrf tier decision tad* gaVe die giggling group d pWJud, scrfHrful glMtKfe as she moVed off without another word. Herv thoughts-Were spinning round and round. Her heart reethed and httffliHatloa. » * • S HE took the elevator to Steven's office. Stie waited until the thumping 1 : of her heart subsided before she kriocKed. Steven himself opened the doof. His look of surprise faded into delighted welcome. Then he saw that she was unstrung and Wretched and he came close to her, drawing her inside: "What, is it?" he asked, concerned and peremptory.. Ellen 1 begin' to trembler Exhausted from the force ot anger and humiliation, close to tears as she heard* tbVaiiiiety Itt hi«r voice .she, felt a subtle,. almost over- powering'weakness. Unconscious- n,inouier aua qau 6 ur jy sne tightened' fief grip Oil his 'iif * victory of sorts jj an d 3 and as she leaned forward ' «»''•"»* "X"*™* her troubled face- came close to MIS. Th6< gesture .had Its. immediate • m «+~i«- w«£m effect. Barclay's (heart; beat high -.SrtKf£*^" ; WlUi ^dm.JHbglbai^pe. Quite sfdnd. 9h« _^ dbne and lUWBicfl ^.^.w.^..^ •--- tt tray to ttftB'd Ifii^llifll ltd ntra inflicted. But. tlrt*| t«i *» ifld the vffry iflml^f mi"whl to* heighten Hsf WSlttSfy «Bd Bit mettery Of tfilt I6H fttftttnt. Please don't tbtflfc coming to you with fwnb1e r " she Wink at last abruptly. You know, I'd nifw that," tie Interrupted gSfltly, "Sit down, my d"eaM' t doWft All BBf careful failed Km 8B« thought' she would die befort his looK. ''Cte en," Ife s*id UJOfe uf«eHt« ly. His bfown eyes ^efe upon 8B» fttC*. sotnethfnf — • tblng a little unpleasant has hap- pefledi" she faltefed desperately, "1 would like to know if I may b* * ttm ctetonflea ftf fft* __ dep"as?it«ettf. "J've Beeii thlnhiag.ot that jclt" he, said at <Jflc«< tlffUl far into the background his OWfl thoughts, his own hbpes. Ellen law with relief that h» wa* bttti* ness-like once metre, competed and competent. "You'rt lost tttefe," he went on. I've been thinking of another job lor you." "WHat sort Of'a Jobf* "i had already prepared ft memorandum far you. YouW 80 prieicty with pfide tttat i want yeru* to KtibW I MaVett'f cf8«tea,-tlJ» On the spur of the rtloment.'* '•*••. H B drew three typed sheet*, at paper clipped'togetber fro** drawer and slid tBem-across th« desk. Ellen rtad theffl, wontter- ing. The first was from, Ldfene" Eicott, the bUyei" of ffllssW dfe«s- es. She needed an assistant Buyer and asked for a Suggestion, THff second, from Steven to her, cited Ellen's qualifications asked for the buyer's approval. Across the bottom of thfr shetil Lorene had scrawled "Oi K.-^lel me see her." the third ebtitalrieid a brief request that Ellen call in Stetett'g office. "These buyers are emperori and empresses in their own 1 fields/ Steven explained as Ellen looked up at him. "Miss Eicott telephoned me about 15 minutes ago asking you to come see her some time this morning." Ellen glanced again at the slips in her hand. A faint color rose in her face. It was the" d?eam 6 every salesgirl to become' a* bflyir a dream few realized. Buyers moved in a world apart from Ordl nary employees. They cam* am went almost, at will. The girl fel '•' : -' *-"' threat UrttldeafO 6u bat« twgte tad tH«t ou. As for the felt f did —„— ou bscanwIHWyott-4itbon«ll hat'i » pale way of pitting M' Ml»« fluitted fflrfoutfy, "1ftJU ? ri to afldefstfcfld tfi«SWI itt ittfi to ill* jab>" fe* rt» . sttddealy, fiasittHV tit fttitt*. r fiu{ you dfir uBderstana tfcsti ictt't yotif" .^ j&m '^ *• r •*•:• •'"••- "*•>• ** _ kinged to tell »«Mte W«ni«dl ttef to kflOW, thit »ne held « plactf in his Hf* ftfan from car other httfflaa being 1 . He watiwd her to kflo* that H was not « ifosaic, workaday Job that he d«. *ired" to lay in her lap but every* Ming beautiful and lovely in ttt«> wbrld. Jewels she should have—' ewels and ftlfS tttid clothes, to wlf«fl her Itt th* !'.' : he repeated un- For a* moment'Ellen did not re- ^M^^-",**.^****-*** «.*«*•»•_ j|f»*»M V^f* J*Cfl* Uf. .-^thought of leai>fng;;over tb iheads.of her fellows aiid'.dwiapin Ihe.reach of their cruel;tonsues. . "Don't think I'm impertinent* iheVsaid, with youtti""' -- i " 1 — > "but did you* this job because you • IttyW of «frt(6 « mpendtd witn a mefoU COTI* ogh. "Ill 1 W t» f tttlftfc it mi * . ffieflt of hid iovtf *fld lay tHe woffif at her feet. Bat he lacked the words to' S»y tttose things. Ellen suspected dimly what It must hate cdSt'filMi (6 day 66 little. Hbw easy and simple he had made her path and with what Infinite gracreusaeft fie Had dftiM SO! ttt her gratitude* and relief she was near saying just then th» Words that he looted to hefcf. "1 *nowyon wduida't He st to anything you offered," she said at Wat tremulously, feeling f6r the second time a subtle, treacherous Weakness running through He* body; "f could never think that. you'rd the kindest man I've ever met." The kindest man she had ever Met! Steven would have 'preferred something else, perhaps. But she had said that. His dark eyes lighted. He leaned across the desk that separated them. "Then you Won't be afraid ot me any more, Ellen 1" "NO;" "You won't suspect rty motives again?" "No," she murmured. tfbw grateful she was Just theni How much she admired and respected him! Victory was in Steven's hands'. As he reached out to grasp it the telephone on the desk rang shatteringly. The mo* merit Was gone and the spell that had entrapped the girl Was Broken. Though he removed the re* ceiVef and 'did not answer Barclay saw ttiat filleri was relieved, saw that t&e' teWBtiotte trad robbed TT?rafoffi. ~^ •• "'tim flAMrit wt night £8 Naftes Wtt Rlo t vttltft (b Nosfivllle , 0. 0. Wftdwrt-WB*#butln«!s» vlsltof to MurffjHabbt'ei yrtdftesaay. AftM> InHm^ ^JflSffLS* 9 ItlflWP vfiBfwF' WTV iToWy^ * uWWl^Ty ^ CmM* IWWW^tWN^ »bW« tuT*; da#. mm, ttoAMtm IteiM *t»» Jw hai tttwv wertHrtg foi- sm* time tfty^.eitaflaii» of » in*s* ^*ftl«»r to 1»W6 WtXtitA MiWiW iW er ef WUl««elB6«j ««f» vliltoti* t» TotMft fjr so* 1 flttrtfr JKlpfft* !»«&' Wftdly deep syfftj»&l«* tter Ghlldrtrt, End PHes Qui Itof . . Mlw Maude ftmford visited rel- atlw* at fllBgBfi lint week, MeMh Cdttley aftd cHildreW bf fit«« gort visited relative^ Here Sunday. flarney ftutson visited His fsther Pierce Hutson at fteltbn Sunday, Mhl; Kfettl* Wl«dft« spent Sunday nirfit with- Her slstef Mw, John Trant at Olen fhewwos not any^ school at Bunion School Hotiwflftst week on account of the teacher, Miss fiilfcabcth Parks be- inglll, AS numbef of young people enjoyed n radio prbgram at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Walter Jones Friday night. cfeaa tidh a dity, ttiat f pilb dgorty, One bill that Congress should approve is the bill of fare that Mrs. John N. Garner, wife of the Speaker of the House, prepares for her husband. Here you see her cooking a "representative" meal—chile con cafhe—at their office In the Capitol. Maybe It's a recipe for success. Atiyhow. the political pot was boiling, too, when this picture was taken, and the fromal announcement of Garner's candidacy for the presidential nomination had just given the nation food for thought. . . as too ure * rtdo ot his triumph. y |(e, ; to atteritpttttt rec*i ! that hadVpiswdl, L, »««,» ? v ; , , iT . A "You'd better, See^Miss Eicott. ( immediately," he safd'in a matter/" of fact way. .;•."I'll do that. And thank you again." , As the girl slipped out of the ofitc* ahff—wondered. (To Ba Gonttaued) „ diiring the day and a de' luncheon- was- served.- After guilts songs .were sung, Cdra-White. mj scTiool was Well attended _y, these were 107 present Cdme ^Sunday t.-hool folks.-Two of our •* " " " absent bat Htfpmg they'lTBe Ifeclc next Sunday. We were glad to. have little A^ f. Cullins lead a song for us. ;' '.-"•" Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Honea were visiting- in. McCaskill Tuesday, and Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Hiley Cullins left Thursday few Detrqitf Mich 1 ;, after Visiting relatives here^ Rev. Horace Honea and wife visited iri McCaskjll over the week end. • Wednesday night prayer meeting was well attended. Having 83 present. Francis I*win lead services. The young people rendered'/a fine program Sunday night and had a large crowd to prayer meeting. We wish more young people would attend our services. Mr. and Mrs. Sam aYtes are now making their home on J. A. Wade's place. Mr. and Mrs. Malvern White were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Melton White Wednesday night. Horace Smith of Tusno, Ariz., has returned to this community. Mrs. Minnie Hendrix is now oc- cupying her new home in this community. ' Mrs. Gladys Brown was' visiting her mother and father Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thomas over the week end. ISHING UP SPORTS ••••^•^•MB«MIMM^MBBa>B«WBiMHM*«l ByLaufer t* fi 1U'*-^ l f * /% •<s?& r' RECORD OF <. ***• 245733 IWrt« ^TIH MS * IN 1931 . ; *'\ AND e^H tefep OP THAT" SPEED R3f_ ,.n «5g,\)EgW, Hoi)|2S.iit <fr<20UU> FW Fdow MEUJVORK | / ^?fe PARIS ' I MAJOR MALCOLM CAMPBfU Tut DEER p f 41 Shover Springs Church services were rained out at this place Saturday night. Bryon Ruggles returned to his home Saturday also Welmon Ruggles and some others of Kansas, after attending the funeral of their mother, Mrs. Ida Rilgglea, whose bodie was laid to rest in Shover Springs cemetery last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Pearl Gilbert Is visiting her sister in Louisiana this week. Mrs. Robert Byers of near Guernsey visited her son, Gilbert of this place the past week. Albert Smith, last Monday motored tover to what is known as the Templeton place. The road men spent most of last Monday fixing some of the most muddy hfiles around here. Miss Elnora McWilliams was the dinner guest of Miss Lerita England, Sunday. Lenard England was the dinner guest of Neal Walker, Sunday. W. A. Walker and Grandpa England were afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Reece Sunday, Jots Around Shover With reverance to the great and good Washington, we greet the 200th birthday of the father of our country with all respect in memory to his name. Onis Farrel and Orval Mitchell, Madie Huckabee and Milton Berniel and Beatrice Otwell enjoyed victoria music Friday evening with J. M. McWilliams and grandson, Roy, McWilliams at their home. Harley Vines spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Thurman Landes on the Lewisville road near Crank schoo' house. Orval, Edgel and Onis Mitchell and Madie Huckabee visited during the week end with sister Mrs. Rogers in Nevada county. P. P. Otwell, son Newton and daughters, Berniel and Beatrice spen Sunday afternoon at Darl Arnolds. Bernie Otwell spent Wednesday night with her school girl friend Farrel! Mitchell. Mrs. Otwell and four children spen Supd»y afternoon at H. B. Sanfords. F. {f. Onuthitt, Harmony schoo teacher was the Tuesday .night gues • Mitchell home. Refers delivered ti» mail from ^,j on. horseback OB Route two Vlday and Saturday. Mjg. Hollie Crews ajjd daughters, p4 Helen and $4»p Farmer and Milton Otwell were Sunday callers at the Cliff Rogers home. Harold Sanford was a Sunday night visitor at Andrew Camps at Hinton. Mrs. Emma Eblin and children were Saturday night-visitors at the George McMlllen home. Mrs. Adell Sanford and two little boys, Harold and Chancellor were Sunday night visitors at H. B. San- I'ords. Howard started to school again Monday after a month's absence on .account of sickness. /' Jas. Johdon Sr., of near Patmos was SB Sunday caller at Harold Sanfords. '"Milton Otwell and Onis Mitchell were Friday evening visitors at school. Bessie McMillar spent Sunday night at Joe Dorthys. Joe Dorethy and family spent Sunday at Geo. McMillians. Mrs. Dee O Gray was quite sick the last week, but is much improved ow. , Henry pearden, .wife and little son, )' Wer'ft^Wednesday visitors at ™/a^5^i(5enineVMltclieH spent iturday- night with relatives in Nevada 1 'county. .' f: P. Otwell and son Milton were pn Hope Saturday. i Hartold Sanford delivered chickens !to Hope patrons Friday. Penny Otwell, passes his 51st mile stone of life Tuesday the 23rd, his 'friends wish foriHim many moro to come. Weldon Ruggles of Pittsburg, Kan. and an aunt, came last week in answer to the sad message'ot the death of his mother, Mrs. Ida C. Ruggles, who passed away at her home here Tuesday evening February 16, after a severe illness , an'd an attack of paralysis. Funeral services were held at Shover Springs church Thursday at 1 p. m. conducted by Bro. Buddin of Texarkana, of the Methodist church. All of the children, Oden, Lelman and Forrest of Hope; Bryan of El Dorado; Weldon of Pittsburg, Kan.; and Lovena Semback of Pittsburgh, Penn.; were present. Interment at Shover Springs cemetery. Belton News The Sunday school and B. Y. P. U. are progressing fine. Homer Harris has returned home from visiting his brother Oren of El dorado. ,Mr. and Mrs. Bell Gibson left Saturday for Texas. -Mr.' and Mrs. Glen Eley of McSas- kill were visiting relatives at this place Saturday night. Rev. W. E. Davis spent the night Thursday with S. . F. Leslie of this place. . Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gibson and son was -visiting relatives of this place Saturday night and Sunday. , Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Eley and daughter spent -Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Elton/ Daniels. Several attended the Intertainment at Albert 'Ray's Saturday night. Miss ' Let'a Daniels spent Sunday with 'Mr. and Mrs. Buel Daniels. Sanders Moses was visiting his sister. Mrs. C. T. Dotsort Sunday night. Mr. and'. Mrs. Victor -Hamptort and son, Jessie .Wayne, spent; the, night ijnbiUi You Wilt Be More Attractive PREVENTS LAttCE PORfiS- STAYS ON LONGER Por a youthful complexion, use new wonderful MELLO-GLO Face Powder Hides tiny lines, wrinkles and pores New French process makes it spread more smoothly and say on longer. No more shiny noses. Purest face powder known. Prevents large pores. Ask today for new, wonderful face powder MELLO-GLO, that suits every complexion. John P. Cox Drug Co., and Geo. W. Robison & Co. —Adv CuHInf No Your itchlhtt bte*dinK piles will «r whtti yea d, move the cause-bud Wood circUWt n the wuafe, ttabtty t«rt» ite betotev Sfllves or to thl»-an IrtwnWl retittdy lied/ HEM-R01D, prescription ot Bft . 3. Leonahrdt, succeeds becauttslj tlmulateK the dreulntlen, dri M» 0«t parts, right J Son t*y o*», * mtttf «W« Mete. -«AdV<- January Guarantee M\rtual«liife Co., • ' Omaha. NeWaskai. ' Qetttlcmen: '"',<»" j This will acknowledge fuU-,flna complete settlement In connection With policy No, 723545 for $5000.00 held by irty late huibandi Qrt»« Leslie. ' Although the insUHWM* waft made to His estate which requirft* the cxecutlort and approval- of administration papers, your check was Issued exactly ten dtfys fi-Wii the death which occurred January 12th. I appreciate your courtesy *lw promptness in making settlement, Very truly yours, Gussie J. Leslie. t er' Mr; and Mre. C. T.jDotsoh nesday* night. '• . Mt. Nebo Church and Sunday school were raned out at this place Sunday, but < everybody is invited to come to Sunday school, at 10 o'clock every Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Clark of Spring Hill called on Mrs. H. G. Haltom Sunday. Mrs. Roy Williams was the guest of Walter Jones Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Berlin Simmons and children of Hinton were the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Burns Sunday. Dale Landes spent Saturday night and Sunday with Emery Jones. Clifford Cox, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lon Cox of Lewisville was buried in Mt. Nebo cemetery Wednesday afternoon of last week. Mrs. Lady Halto mand Mrs. Lora Haltom spent last Monday with Mrs. Rudy, Bride Are Crooning "Well Be Together Again" Farmers-Attention Trade That Sin-plus Farm Produce for Musical Instruments and Records We trade you anything Musical for the following Peanuts. .$150 Sorghum,40c Corn.;50c Peas..: And accept most anything at Market Prices or Better. Radio Service Expert Repairing on All Makes Bensberg Music Co. 207 South Main Phone 450 Next Door to A&P Store Hope, Arkansas Maybe Fay Webb, Rudy Vallee's beauteous bride, crooned "Lover Come Back to Me" during those 300Q-mile telephone calls. Maybe not. Anyway Rj*dy U returning to CaJ#orn»8 soon for 9 vacation with Mrs. Vallee. t now show* fay in two informs! poses at the home of her parents in Santa Monica, CaWoria. She prefers pajamas for morning wear. The roses, she says, we Hudy's daily gift, on telegraph order from New York. "I listen to him broaa- night and then he telephones me," she explain^. 'Ive been so AddNeu» Charra to Your Home] RAYON DAMASK Yard • Stunning Jacquard Patterns • Fine Quality Rayon-warp • Satin Finish or Pebble weave • Desirable 50>inch width enne Co. BBFA»TMKNT » • T • II V J

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