The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORT11EA8T Ai»v»wa.o .*.r, „„ ' *-•—« T f Js_/ VOLUME XXXVII—NO. 'i. Blyilievllle Dully News Blj-thcvll.'e Courier Mississippi valley Leader Ulj'tlicvllle Herald OMINANT MBWSPAlgH OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOOTWAOT MISSOURI — — -----Paul Reynaud Forms New French Cabinet Including Daladier 21 ' ( UI> >- 1 formed a new ca . n '- v Ollt his policy of active ami uncompromising war agnimt Nazism. Tlie hard hitting new premier and his ministers—in- ig former premier Hdoimrd Uahulier as minister ol' (leleiisc—-wore I'ormnlly presented to President Di-uii and prepared to* — seek n vote of confidence in Parliament, Tlie neiv government was drawn largely from center and lea po lltlcal factions. Reynaud, who also took Die jjost of foreign minister, was expected to create n seven-man "inner war cabinet 1 ' for a mobile and aggressive leadership In the war. Tills group probably will include BJIATH1.;\'1LM.:,^ARKANSAS. THURSDAY, MARCH 21, I'MO Gwan! YcvGan'i Scare Us! Big Ships To Brave Di Fraught :f NEW YORK, Mnr. 21. IUP(— , . . — The 81, 000-ton British liner Queen Mary, second largest ship In the world, sailed from New York httr- bor today in the wake of her smaller sister ship, the 35,000-ton Maiiretanla, presumably embarked on a new career n.s nit allied troop transport. The armed Maiirolanln which the Germans have promised to sink on sight as an auxiliary naval vessel was the first to slip away. She was eased into the Hudson river and headed south toward the narrows and the danger fraught Atlantic during a thunder storm Daladier, Navy Minister Cesar Cnmplnehi; Air Minister Laurent Eynac; Minister of Blockade Georges Monnet; Minister of Colonies Georges Mandel; Minister of Agriculture Henri Quellle and Minister of Interior Henri Roy, France looked to the new government for more active prosecution of the war 'against Nazism. Tlie cabinet list, drawn up by Heynaud, was designed to satisfy demands in both France and Great iiritatn that the allied powers seize tlie initiative from Adolf Hitler. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was believed likely 10 ft l eignt o'clock, last night. I gating NhRB lobbying in violation undertake nn early cabinet reor-j . was reported Hint both ships, of previous congressional enact- ganizatloii in London for the same ' le "' last-minute sailing prepara- ments. purpose. , tlons ailli instructions shrouded in Declared nn increase Reyntuid's mandate lo form a sp ™ v <- v '""' '•"" ' ' '- House Appropr i a I i o n s Group Is Critical Of La- I boi' Board WASHINGTON. Mar. 21. (UP)-. The house tippvopriiulons commit-' tee today cracked down on the. I Nnllo:ial Lnlior Relations ijonrd! nnd the \yjige-liom- division, cutting .' funds for the ngem-le.s and erltl- ; dicing their activities. The committee cut NLJU1 funds by $337.000 to S^KW.OOO for the 1041 fiscal yenr and trimmed wage liotir fumls $1,330,167 to $5,105,000. The Mellon would affect the board's operations regardless of outcome of the current fight Cor amendment of the Wagner act. The appropriations committee action: Advised the NLUH to eliminate Its division of economic research headed by David J. Saposs. Saposs and the division have been under! fire of the Dies commilicc and the special house NLRB inquiry Wrote into the bill a spcciiic ban j on use of NLRB funds to Influence ' legislation at request of the house NLRB committee. Attorney General IJobert n. Jackson Is now in vcstl- ministry was a sensation. He Is a lral «l>ort troops between Australia redoubtable .fighter In politics, and, Bn ? , tllc Ncnr Slts> " where Great he won the hatred of all parlies ' Brllnil1 n "d Prance are massing a which accepted the Munich pact. 1 8l ' clU nrm >'- already estimated at They accused him of war monger- one mlll 'on men. hig. He had never disguised Ills I belief that German expansionism' was a deadly threat to Prance and [ must be slopped at all costs. In I | his finance ministry he kept, hung from o wall, a large map showing 1 the progressive stages of German expansion. Motor Boat Slops Trolley PHILADELPHIA (UP) — A local street .car motorman blinked ht<; eyes In astonishment and then hastily -applied the brakes. On the - tracks, which a(e just about three mlles_Irqm cither: the Delaware - or v .the ScTuiylkiil i-lvcr, was a" inqtor- boat. Traffic piled up, but within a short while the bolt's owner returned and moved it into a show- New York Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Prev. Open High Low Close Close 1064- 10G5 1059 1059 1062 1043 1037 1037 992 987 990 977 073 977 972 970 970 962 95C 959 1043 990 97G 971 960 1041 987 972 954 New Orleans Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Open High Low Close Close R. A. Lynch Of Dexter, Mo Addresses Meeting Attended By 75 •j \ r~ Approximately '(5 persons, attending a^Kiwanis Club dinner meei- In? at' the Hotel Noble lost nighl, heard li. A. Lynch, superintendent' of schools at Dexter, Mo., discuss the vocational guidance program now being undertaken in many high schools, -including Blytheville high school. Mr. Lynch stressed Ihe necessity i of making every effort to fit stu-1 dents in a practical way for later life.. He. pointed .out that only a snial) percentage of high school students ever attend college a«d contended that the public school system,-supported as it is by taxation, should primarily be designed to help thc vast majority of slu- j dents who can not go to college Prev. equip themselves for the time when hour be amended by congress and wage-hour I procedure Ls- simplified and clarified. Tlie appropriations committee said that despite the present ban on I use ol NLRB funds to influence legislation it Ls "not entirely satisfied" that it is being observed as such in all its applications. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT* Warns Inn-case May Not Bo As Good As II Looks WASHINGTON, Mm. 21 (Ul>>— .Secretary of Treasury Henry Mor- Kriilliini Jr. nnuodiu-i'd lodny Una liK'Ojni? lux collections In 20 days of March were 31.2 |x>i- cent n)ieild of lust your hut, waniei) Dim , 1W . lines would not covet- u s tia $4G«,UM,UOO enu-rneney imUoiuil'de- fense rcxsls. hi the period March I-M Inclusive, MoriffiithAn recoiled that In- rome lux cullr-cltons totaled $021 . 000,01)0 compared will) $•!?;!,00»,000 In the same period last yen)'. Iterolpts, he added, we're running "comforlably ahead" of Ircasuiv estimates. Asked whether Ihe hu-rcnsfd receipts would provide the additional funds needed lo flnunce tho emer- goncy nntlonnl defense expenditures proposed in thc president's budget lie said "there wns not a chance In the world of lids," lie said tax collections so far thLs month "mny look belter Ihnn they really nre," lie pointed out that nt \? ns i 01 , c Who cares' (from this safe distance) il Clnrgnnl: In wage Is clear frnm ihe above photo, iwcntly la million stule and local employes rnsotn, l-'la.v uut renlli'.lng- paid federal taxes for Ihc first limn and Hint a large number may have paid their full taxes March If. with- Germans Report Nine Warships Destroyed; British Deny Claim " lty~i[nii,,i ,, r(> ~ + 'RWRMN, Mavoh 21. (UP) ^ (iornwiiy .slnick Iwek n t—Oornmn nirplnncs, in an Grcnl liriliiin (oil»y Mn<-k on ii British convoy iit'riiil mid.s on Klii'ppinjr- in Pt'Olcctctl by cnii.ser.s, dc- obviniis reprfonl for (lie. dcv- Kll ' () yew, airplanes nnd ail nsfnliujr jiijis.s nir raid hy nnn < ? d Jiierclinritiiinn, sank Hriti.sli pliineK. 'I'ttcndiiy oil ))illc wHi'.<i]i!|w and merchnnl- tlio Nttxi iiiiwil lin<w oil (lio- mni1 lol «'i'H? nbont <)0,Q«) isliiixl of Sylt. j I OJIN and seriously damaged Bhorily Hfiei- iha iii (! ii commnnd ! l »vo iiioi'dmntniPii totaling 'I,, i 1 ' 11 ! ft "" l "",' ml Uint N«*i 1 nliinil. 11,000 tons, thc iifcli MSLM^^^ gorllln will soon leiTlfy thousands of drum I"' 1 ' 1 '» four Installments. tlioy could hnve when thc big top lakes to the rond. That heavy-tread tin his favorite toy. Easter Sunrise Service to Be Held 'At S tad in in The Sum-is* Easter Service of Hit Churches of Blylhevlllc conducted .....iislt-rial year at the high school stadium at six o'clock Sunday morning The Rev. E. B. Williams, pastor or the First-Methodist church, will deliver the sermon. He "All Under Contract Now'' Physician Informs Newspapermen -lir.,,,. , , , , : ', : ;jW AIVI r. Miu-oh 21 (UP)_-.Mrsl ' ' 22 - » brldc'of eight ' annually under the auspices of thc ?™°7 !l1 """ will be held this mt>lltn ^ lvll ° saltl <" win uciicw mis! hcr she wm)1( , glve WlU , |0 ^^ tli)>lets In June or enrller. : IVH.I In told a hospital today receiving pre-natal treatment. her first lyoust fey Lnunch Inquiry into Speech Made By Minis- ler To Canada . "I am keeping my fingers crossed until April a," Morgcntlmn said reieri-lnii to the date when Die full effect oi Ihc March returns can be analyzed. "Urn, there Isn't any Indication that revenues not only Jrom Income taxes Iml from all sources will In- crenj» sufficiently beyond budnct estimates to make up the $.|(iaoOU- 000," he. added. ' 1'arlty Approval Certain WASHINGTON, Mar. 21. (Ul>)- Thc senate wipes out mast of the previous saving in 10-u budget estimates today ivhen It approves a $02:1,000,000 department appropriation bill cnrrylno $212 000 non in .WASHINGTON, Mn,-.,.2l (UP)- parity, payment .for -far,,,"'," an Representative George II.'Tlnk'fmm al'loast '$86.000,000 for 'continuance iRep., MRSi.) suggested lodny (hat I of the surplus commodities pro- "serlonsly,,' consider thu gram. 'Die major fnrm bin Issue—p.irity payments—was sellled late yester- Impenchnicnl of Jnmcs H. H. Cromwell, u. S. Minister lo Can- iiounccd us his subject, "The Hto lof the Resi has an- j Bewildered by the, reporters, pho- 107-1 •1051 . 993 . 978 . 970 . 961 1074 )D53 995 079 970 501 1M9 104B 990 97C OG9 957 1089 1048 993 979 9C9 961 1073 1050 990 077 967 959 Stock Prices .. 171 3-4 .. 89 .. 28 3-8 .. 75 .. 85 1-4 .. 41-2 .. 120 1-4 .. 3B 5-8 .. 54 .. 50 Montgomery Ward 53 5-8 N Y Central 15 1-2 North Am Aviation 24 1-8 Packard : 4 Phillips 383-4 A T & T Am Tobacco .' Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric .. General Motors .. Iiit Harvester they must earn their way. He said it. wns for this purpose that the vocational guidance endeavor ivas patterned. The Blythevillc school band rendered several numbers us one ol the features of the program. Mrs. Charles G. Morehead presented a reading and Joe Evrard, accordionist, played two selections. William Beswick led in group singing accompanied by Miss Nannie Clarke 'mllh. C. M. Buck was cflllcr for an old-fashioned square dance, the linal event on the program, which by .The call (o worship will be made by the Rev. James A. Overholser, pastor of the First Presbyterian chinch and president of (lie Alliance. This 'will be followed with che congregation Arose!" singing "Christ tographers. lawyers .and publicity agents Invading the one room in a cottnge where she and her 32- year-old husband lived, she agreed remctnntly last night to confine- mciil. The hospital gave 'no information on her condition. A 'physician who ,, " , ' Thc scripture will be read by the Rev. Matthew A. Curry, rector of 31. Stephen's Episcopal church, af- :er which George W. Patterson inlnf.sfer of ' the First Chri church, will 1 offer prayer •Hymn. "Christ The Lord Is • (mcs i fo]1 Risen Today" will precede and "All was In charge of her to discuss It, HC was quoted •fljs of Mrs. Callahnn "clear- multiple With." that showed four definitely j formed cranial structures and another about which there was some Hall the Power of Jesus' Name The physician requested the press f n . -------- . ..... . -..w JJ..JUIVMH* j tif iiuon-ii me ijiCvi follow the sermon. The Rev. Harold not to use his name. He said he Thompson, pastor of th(- Ekron entered Ihe case only yesle dnv Nazareiic church, will offer the j that he had not seen the x-rnvs b£ " <?(licllQ "- «nd that "all r'know about the ' ..... -------- l cnsc ls «'imt the woman told me" k "' lb ' lmtlcrcon - Seismographs show that each rise of the tide bends the coastline downward for several miles inland,, Tlie potato- is the principal Bloodhounds product In the district around Ault, , , , ' e '" <L f bou '" 1 "" , """' "' C •- v-.. ,- ~ rf ......> v ••<.,( ->t.n,it4( 1*1 tc i t'Jilvt * ada . r he Ls not, recalled at once, day when the farm Wot- deserted llnkhnm made public n loiter lo i the economy drive lo add the mi Secretary of Slate Cordell Hull budgeted $212,000,000 to Ihe bill bv asserting that any disciplinary ac- a vole of (13 to 10 lion short of Cromwell's immediate recall "will be Insufficient io meet' the present situation. He charged that Cromwell's re- . cent speech in Canada In which '• he pictured Ihc allies an fighting to save democracy was in "flnyrnnt The violation" of President Roosevelt's neutrality proclamation a Drop Prosecution Of Memphis Man B. Vaccaro ol speech In Chlcnuo last Oetoucr co should bo followed immedlntely by a request for his recall bv Oreni, Britain. ' Tinkham sent his letter to Hull while the latter still was awaiting nn official copy of the spcccli Cromwell made Tuesday. Hull said today this had been mailed from lie Otlawa legation last night, and i should be here tonight or tomor- |rovr. Pending study of the text W. T. Horton's Mother Dies At Paragould Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Iiorton were called lo Pm-ngould because of the critical Illness of Mr. Horton's mother who died yesterday Socony Vac Btudebaker 11 3-8 10 7-8 Standard Oil N J 43 3-8 Texas Corp 45 U S Sleel 55 5-8 63 . 8 ! Jol >» Dcen, club presldenl, pre- Republic Sleel ' 20 slded wUh J - Graham Sudbury, vice president, introducing the principal speaker. E. M. Terry was chairman of the program committee. Dr. H. A. Chappell T 0 Be Townsend Speaker Dr. H. A. Chappell. national representative for the Townsend Na. tlonal Recovery Plan, will present I Visual Education pictures at tlie j courl house Friday night at 7-30 I o'clock at a meeliiig of Townsend ' :Iub, No. One. Tlie program will was followed by more modern I Colo., so it is reiirothuwf on bank ' ancin =- ! checks in that city. Lee Trammcll of Dexter, lieutenant governor of the twelfth dis- tricl of Khvtmls Internslional. was a guest of Hie club, other guests included Kiwanians and their ladies 'rom Paragould, Dycrsburg and Helena and several local gnesU. Chicatto Wheat N. O. COTTON— open high low close May 105 3-* 1061-2 1051-4 1053-8 July 1033-4 1041-2 1031-8 1033-8 Chicago Com ' Africa has snowfalls seven miles of the equator. noivlinnlnic-n In a raUl on u largo "nvoy London reported Hint Gcr- nii iilrcritft. had ntlnckrd Drlttsh Hislitl .shipping today, kllllni; four >i>rsons nbonrd n Hrlllsli stormier llrlllsh source.') denied (he Clcr- naii clfilin tiiaf nine wai-ships ivoro link, One ship, they said, was sunk uid two steamers wen- diimngcd. I'w'o oilier ships went down as rc- ult of (oriiedoe.s or mines—bul not s re.sbl:- of nil-plane bombardment irlllsh suin-ct's elalincil. The high commnnd said llu? at»ck on (he convoy, coming •>.! wiirs nfter llu> in : lilsh raid on i.vlt Islinul, occurred oil Scapn Plow. Ihe British Meet base In the Orkney Islands above Scotland One German plnnrj. the hl^h com- uand admltled, failed lo rcUmi One Krllish plune was shot, down when tin escorting niuhl tried lo drive olf the millers according to Hrrlln ill.spalclrcs. Menntlmo the hlfli command said It had been established || m i three Hrlllsli planes were brought down In the ri.ld on Sylt, Island Persons on Endland's channel coast reported explosions off shore In connection with today's raids which followed Intci^lllcndaii of the aerial warfare. Three . ships were sunk nnd two were ilnm- :i(jcd yesterday In the North Sea. The ah- ministry in London announced that 11 aorinun plane wns over the Shclland islands north of Scotland tills iifleinoon and tlml a Ifi-uiiiiute ah- rniil alarm ivns sounded there. U. S. Circuit Court Of Appeals Grants Temporary Slay C!a., Mnich 21. (UP) -The "Little New Deal" administration of Oov. u. rx Rivers toilny The iillock. 2-1 hours after the Hrillsli raid on' Sylt, Island, took plac oil , "toward - evening" yesteidny scnpn Plows neel bnsc- m the Orkney Islands above Scotland, Ihe high command asserted.' One of the attacking German plant's Is missing, it was said, ant! one Hrlllsli plnne'.w«s downed H WHS notv.p.sliibllslicd the high command said, that llnec British planes were destroyed in the Sjlt raid. t News of (he swift -Nazi retalla- h fon for the British attack on the SylL Island nlrplnnc base fthicli had been hi retaliation foi the Scapa Plow mid came as political quarters watchccd the Ficnch cabinet situation ami- : said that the selection of Paul Itcynaud or any other man to lead It would not al- r Iht.- win- picture fundamcnlally, flcynmid, lioivcver, »ns reminded as one of Germany's bitterest enemies among French leadeis Ihe newspaper Nntlonnl Zultung. of Essen, organ of Field Mnishall Hermann Gocring, called him France's counterpart of Winston Churchill, first Loard.of the British Admiralty who Is regarded as the archenemy ,of Nazism. "There Is not the slightest doubt that Rcynnml Is- the most anglo- phlle .statesman hi Pails politics," tlie Nnllonni Zeltmig said. " Hi! Is not only the most unsciitpul- ous but also tho most prominent I'cpi-cscnUUlvc of the Biitlsh \\ai party In nance . , FOI German policy and German' people It Is completely a' •secondary mallei whether lidouarci Daladlcr, Ro,y- unuii or Plort-B ,Li»v(\l oi another stands al. France's head For morcMlrah-ev'cr atlhl-i moment of war they are willing figures of those plutocratic agitators who have declared wm- io thc'ricftlli against the Nnlloutt! Socialist (Nazi) state which Is now going to TOeep theh system out of Us way ' Decide Magazine Sales Solicitation Not Banned A now city ordinance will probably lie drafted in an altempt to curb or control activities -'of • transient mngflxlnc sales soliciting crouv, Denver of the Middle- Georgia dls- nl n g housc-lo-house operations of lrl "- "peddlers nnd liawfccis" did not me court a I New Orleans ycstcr- iipply to such solicitors day ruled that because the Issue of AS a result of the conference of Rivers ousting W. L. Miller, state the judge, city attorney and de- niBhway board chairman, Is about tense counsel a charge of violation lo be decided by the Gcdrglr pronto court, the question of federal in sti- of tlie nuisance ordinance against jurlstllciloii lengcd." was ' "seriously clial- llivcrs said he was "Indeed gratified." Attorney General Ellis Arnall Uill Leigh was continued Indefinitely. Seven other solicitors, Involved In the sumo manner, were released. Ei;jhl young women, also mem- dcscrllied the circuit court decision ! ivr.s"of (he mugnzlne' sales' crew, us "most hearlenlny to tho^r of us who believe that the interim! political affairs of Georgia are not subject to regulation and control by Ihe federal Judiciary." Fiinenil rites were lo "be held ™' «ff«lrs of Georgia are not sub- thls nftcmooi). 'Hie eldir Mrs. Horlon Is nlso survived by a daughlcr nnd aiioth- Thus, thc governor was saved, lor er son. To Hold National Cotton Picking Contest Here Next, Fall May July open high 503-4 5S1-8 573-4 573-4 low 56 5V 3-8 close 565-8 571-2 Livestock Hogs 10,500—9.500 on sale Top. 530. 170-230 Ibs. 525. Bulk sows, -110-165. Cattle .TOO. Steers, 635-940. Slaughter steers, 675-1150. Mixed yearlings & heifers, 750- 3b. Slaughter heifers. 650-1050. Beef COWS, 525-625. Cutters & low cullers 400-500. Plans for holding a 52.000 national colton picking contest In Bly- Iheviflc next fall took definite form today with the filing of articles of incorporation by tlie National Cotton picking Association, an organization of local men with thc backing ol various civic, agricultural ar.d patriolic groups here. Headed by Roscoe Crafton ns president, thc association will attempt to make the annual picking contest an event of national inlsr- tst with thc first contest tentatively scheduled to be held ia Blytheville Oct. 1. at which time some cotton picker will win recognition as national champion and will receive screen pictures accompanied by dec- . i ,-.-... «i'U It >'l 1 S-ttl »t *,M . or ! sl ' C(W ln cnsh n ^ first prize money. trical transcription ta|fc s Ov Dr " j Other officials of the non-profit Francis E. Townsend. founder of I associ!llio »' wllic1 ' will have an the movement, and Louis c Sylva nulhorlxccl c! >P'tal stock of $10.000, of Hawaii, songs by Mad.ani Stark nle t ' )O ' 1 ' Edwar ' Is - vicc president; of California and "a lalk bv nr Jiimcs Tcn '>'' treasurer; and J. Mell Chappell. lalk by Dr ' B r «°Ks. secretary. Tlie new Tow.\sc.nd bill H R Cotton pickers from every scclloii 926-1. known ns the General Welfare of thc co «ntry will be invited lo i tlllc Sl.OOO cash i can pick the period allowed under contest rules In Act, will be reviewed and futlv ex- col "P c!c for the nationa plained, officers stated as ' th«y wllich wrrie.s with it a $1,0 issued an Invitation lo the public nwali! r ° r lll e person who c and urged members to attend thc most cottou • of Insects. as follows: $250 to the second place, winner, $100 to Die third place winner, five prizes of »50 each and IB prizes of $25 each While most of the plans for the contest arc still In th e clemcr.lary stage, officials of the association nope to bring Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace here ns a guest ol honor (or the occasion and possibly other nationally known figures. They will extend invitations through Governor Carl B. Bailey of Arkansas to governors of the nation's 17 cotton producing states to also attend. Mr. Crafton explained that the purpose of the contest will be to help stimulate a nation-wide interest In cotton and cotton products. He pointed out that Mississippi County affords an Ideal location for holding such a contest since it Is centrally located In the heart of the cotton bell, and Is sitiuttxl on a national highway which makes .i easily-accessible. "iSesldes, Mississippi County Ls the world's largest cotton producing ccuiily with an all-lime record of 255,688 bales made In 1937. We consistently raise more than 200.000 biles annual!)', or approximately one-seventh yield," Mr. of Arkansas' Crafton said. total "This amounts to more than one percent of the yield of the entire nation. Blytheville Is also one of the llrst six Inland cotton markcla of Ilia South, u is therefore appropriate "'(it we take the Initiative in any move Dial will serve to stimulate more Interest over Hie country In Cotton and Its products." "We arc confident that annual cotton picking contests such as those we plan to hold will play nn Important part In making America cotton-conscious. They will cer- tninly provide a worth-while spectacle, especially to those visitors from other sections:" lie added. Emphasizing that the contest will not be merely n se:liotial affair, Mr. Cratton said entries will be sought from cverv portion of the cotlon bell In order tint the cotton Picking championship will be a representative title. There will be no restrictions ns to race or age. The competition mil be open to •inyone. Tho will be held on a specially prepared 100-acre tract which will be planed in a special '-rlcly of cotton sust Milted lo Hie type of soil found here. An attempt will be made lo grow tlie cotton under thc most favorable -Ircumstances with the hope of Possibly setting a new world's production record on the plot. Not a boll will be picked inrtll thc contestants go into the field lo com- Me tot the prizes. However, those In charge,of the contest will not depend on the one tracl because of Ihc possibility of some mishap such ns n severe hailstorm or other accident befalling 11 Several other suitable fields will be selected ns alternate locations. The newly formed association has the sponsorship of various local groups Including the Blytheville Chamber ot Commerce. Dud Cason Post of the American Legion, Rotary, Lions and Klwant-s clubs, the Mississippi County Farm Bureau and Mississippi County Fair Association, in addition to its officers were questioned but were hot arrested. I'ollcc Chief E. A. Rice said that Ihc men had been taken Into custody nfter a number of complaints bad been received from Blylheville citizens and In thc belief that the milsnncc ordinance fm-blddlng tres- jail cell because of Ills refusal to passing had been violated. remove state troops from their i it is understood that the .men the lime being, from the possibility of having lo run Ihc slate from a lilghway. building posts where they have prevented Miller from relum- ing lo office despite Injunctions granted by the Alnpnhn circuit superior courts. These shte writs arc now before the slate supreme court and n decision Is expected In April. nivcrs was arrested last Friday on orders of Deaver In Macon, but released an hour later on his personal bond ami promise lo return a week later lo show c.iusc why he should not be sentenced for contempt. The hearing held because of superscdeas. not be circuit court Meantime. Miller, the wiry little South Georgian dragged bodily from the executive committee Includes- tllc hl S l » v a>' chairman's ofiice on C. W. Affllck, W. J. Pollard. John'j lwo occasions by gubernatorial aides. Dcen, Clarence II. Wilson, Charles I '°' (l a statewide radio audience Rose nnd Jesse Taylor. ; that his unpopularity with the ad- Hcads of the various committees ! '"'"'stratlon b««n when he in- appointed to handle different ' TC(1 tnc disfavor of Hiram W. phases of the contest are: W. Al. j Evnns> former emulsified asphalt 6cruggs, finance; Harry W. Haines 1 dcalci nnd ov.c-timo national head publicity; c. w. Affllck acreage of thc Ku Klux K' 11 "and planting; Charles Rose, rules Mlllc r said Evans' ire was aroused and regulations; n. A, Lynch., in- ' w l llc ""educed the maximum vltatlons and honorary guests' R 'P ricc P a| d by liic highway dcpart- B. Stout, police and traffic; E, A mc " 1 for "" ns l )lui| l sind mixture' Jesse Taylor, sales; Max B. Reid concessions; Tom Little, bus nnd KANSAS CITV, Kas, (UP)—Miss casting. d-! Ing rural schools • of during 1S39. world-ln serv- the- • county and women were soliciting orders for various magazines In "clubs' with a cash down payment accepted und the 'periodicals to be forwarded later. Blaylock Interviews Census Job Applicants The 160 applicants for the 60 Jobs of taking tlie residential census of Mississippi County were in-' (orvieived here this morning by R. Blaylock of Jonesboro, district supervisor. ' Date of the School, of Instruction, to be held sometime next week for two days, will be. announced Monday or Tuesday he E.-iid, after successful applicants .•.,vc been nclified. The worst earthquake ever recorded occurred In Chlra during 1550. Tlie cteath roll was placed at 800.000 by accounts made at the time. WEATHER Ark a lisas— Mostly cloudy, probably occasional rain tonight and Friday, slightly warmer In. south portion tonight, cooler in north and central portions Friday. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight, lowest temperature about 45, Friday ctoudy and colder with light rain; continued cold Saturday. .... • .

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