Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 24, 1932 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1932
Page 6
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*•* .*' "1 - K n Y +4*, Can 4 *f Tfeto, -.&% jjeftfOBg Ruby ,..jst;& _*^*r fruits and accttofiiilftt- mc. .. of fltwtryation r, and now, 1 " .imeeo- - food fa many .ways. tith ot time,nee- j,. ftoiton &ked •-•prepared and canned, .„. ^^ J, upon the pork), and 1 SmaH _, the beans, cover with cold' and soak overnight. In ' the •add a quart of fresh for 45 minutes, or Weans;, begin to soften. » onion and 1 cut the lYsllces. Put half of t _*';<«ioti Jn th* bot- bean jpot or a crock. Pour ; hi, mix the molasses, tnust- fjatt with enough hot water ind pour this mix- C Fill the pot with the beans, put the v _<on toft cover the pot if or three hours.nl a slow ""• " V*.>. Add a, little to time to replace' "cooks' away and that ab- Ifter 3 hours qUart Jars to of t^e - top ! and pro- T at' 15" pounds pies- '.Recall Sough* . Citizens of Borger .,' '.V ' ' , S £ tJ~tiP)— A petition & election for the 1 recall of :'Miller and 1 the city ^ flled k 'here Monday *bore; •m-aignatures. Thirty °-* f ^ie voters in the last; city titiori to obtain auch Times Were Realy Hard 100 Years Ago Says Georgia Woman ... , *»*.. - . - .............. ».*.... ..~?1--O.-J^.LJ^^.JJ^U. . . -1- Boom For Game Gathers Strength Speaker'* Friend* Afouie Much Support for Veteran of the Houie DEXTER, Ga.—Take it'frorti a small, straight, brown-eyed woman who has 105 living descendants— In other words, take it from Mrs. Mary A. Shepard of Dexter— These co-called 'hard' times really are pretty soft! Hushing in where' economists anil financiers fear to tread, Mrs. Shepard opines from the wisdom of her 84 years and the depths of the hickory chair which her husband made a half- century* ago, that the only depressing thing about the depression* is the way her grandchildren and great-grand- .children "complain" about' such little things' as salary cuts. ' "Law me alive!" said Mrs. Shepard. "Folks these days don't know a thing about hard times. I recollect the days sight after, the«. war between ' the ' States,,! when T reared my 'family f right hefp in the Piney Woods o: [South Georgia. " i To My Friends |%'s|ncferely appreciate the splendid vote you gave *$k~' ** ' • '' • ''-'' Jjme in Tuesday's Primary. !$* > 1 1 'Vt. S. ATK|NS. ii';-/ .v "I married when I was 18, and my, husband had not long been back from the war and we farmed. Many a time, he has driven'an ox-team 20 miles to the nearest town to bring home fertilizer, and the mud axle deep all the way. I never knew what it-was ot buy a pair of stockings nor a pair of socks, I knitted them all. "We raised cotton and 1 sheep and I spun and wove the cloth to make all the clothes for my husband and the children. 1 dyed them with walnut hulls, beat up in a sack and boiled and strained to make a brown dye. Or, I went to the creek and pulled branches from the gall berry bushes and made a black dye of them. "There was plenty of indigo, grow- ing'an the woods, wild, in those.days and I' used it for .bliie dye.There were;rip : sewing machines in'myrpart |rf the country, and ITinade jevery .Stitch of the. clothes with iny 'fingers. 'Law me, alive! My' ; grandchildren in Paradise and don't llalcal campaign has four months to run before the convention* but the Democratic scramble already has be- Presldent Hoover apparently hai the Republican situation well In hand. Former Senator Joseph 1. France of Maryland is his only avowed contestant, and Western mdepednents Who have cast about for a candidate More to their llklrig have failed to bring out Senator Hiram Johnson of California or any other candidate. The president has behind him a precedent of long-standing that renomt- nates the incumbent for a second term. Three Democratic candidates already are In the field openly. Others stand along the line ready to join the parade ta any time the occasion seems propitious. And the woods are filled with favorite sons hoping for a convention dcadlick that will throw the necessary two-thirds majority their way. GoV. Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York is far ahead, with Alaskan and Washington delegates, numbering 22, already pledged to him and a powerful national organization formed! over a period of years fighting his battles. But even the probability developed last week that Tammany Hall,, controlling scores of convention delegates, is not anxious to break with him, does not entirely clear the shadows from his path. , The sudden-rlshig boom of Speaker Jack Garner of Tftxas recently has started Democratic leaders with its speed. .Unfostered by him, as he stacks to his insistence that he must run the House of Representatives without personal aspirations interesting, his boom already has swept Texas out of the Roosevelt column, and in,the last few days gained support from Senator Sheppard of Texas, coauth'or of the Eighteenth amendment, and William Gibbs McAdoo, an old Al Smith foe The drive for Smith-instructed delegates is going ahead through New England, with a possibility of taking New Hampshire, Massachusetts, anc other state delegations, or part oi them, upon 'Which __ Roosevelt had counted. Governor Ritchie of Maryland, with the certain .backing of that state, i campaigning now in the : Middle Wes in support of his announced candi dacy, stressing his state's rights and House to Abandon Probe of Dirigible An exception to the general rule, onions are so scarce tyat prices? are ^preaching tW level? of three'year* B8 U Is not generally known that only- small onion sets should be used in the garden when the objective is ma* lure dry onions. In general, early planting,,other things b*lhg equal, gives better results than later plant- irigs. When mature dry onions are the end In view, the onion sets should not be planted very deep, Just deep enough so that the onion set Is covered, j ' For the production of green onlo<to for bunching or table use larger sets are better than the very small ones. Onion sets from three-quarter Inch to an Inch In diameter or slightly, larger, grow faster, because there has been stored up in the bulb plantfood which ! Is quickly made available for the growing plant, and green onions grown rom larger sets are likely to bo mor« risp and tender than when the Same like o! green onion Is produced from •mailer sets: For green onions It Is advisable to plant onion' sets abou two Inches below the surface. So tha there will be a succession, many, home Gardners plant onion sets at < Inter vals of a week to ten days. Whit onion sets are the most popular fo the production of green onions, but Matinee Thursday Will Begin Early Buster Brown Show at the Saenger to Follow at / 3:45 O'Clock V ANNOUNCING tocal Transfer Service V- Effective today we extend our service to include local transfer and hauling. Efficiency Our Specialty Stringer Webb : Phone 5pl or 917 are living <now it." Three generations make up the 105 living descendants of Mrs. Shepard. There are six children, 46 grandchildren and 53 great-grandchildren, and with the exception of 12, they all live within the limits of the county where they were born. 'I have six children living," . she said. "My oldest son, who is dead, is survived by ten children and 36 grandchildren, which makes enough offspring for almost any family, but that is only a starter Mary, the oldest daughter, has ten children, and. ten grandchildren." Twelve scions of the Shepard family are scattered about the United States, but the other 93 reside' near ''Granny" where they may se % e her 'often. :She, too, "visits around" among her children. For she stopped keeping house three years ago when she was weak ened'by an attack of pleurisy, hor only illness in her 84 years. Inquiry Chairman F««w Accident May Have Damaged Akron queen of the flfel**" th« hljj.AWita, nwy hav« to her reUfn wearing a tarnished i Sho subject of a lengthy sional Investigation, she .Wan about vs have • chane* to ontv« her ilf- worthiness against all criticisms Moti;day wheft she broke loose frorn • :moorlr.g and struck the ground, dam 'aging a rear fin. Tuesday Representative McCllntle, I"' Iril' efMif M th* .w¥ld"wV» UnWfc7"sa~id:' . "t dttA't s«« A6W ntW w« can wMt« Mylng sn< 1« all Hght, ixp>ess«d th« frtf lh« AkMrt ( .... haV« tete ltt«p^l*W»dam»Mfd , th« *tt»lns to wnich.uhe Ws »ub* ed by the mishap *hlch bMtofWd < il« the ship wu belnt pt*P*f**l U 1 - "'fttle and'flihei 1 eonimHtee »ird. Likewise, ho *ld hfc dMi not "Inland to like a tide In, eatoe to th* de|*hpe of their ship. Secretary Adams sad A he would "Ilk* Very much to ride In the 'Akron,'' after repairs have been rtiade.. , ' Bear Admiral William A. Moljett,; #hle< of the Navy's Aeronautics Bureau, instated tin Inspecton had'shown the damage was ."not serious and merely local." Tho Snenger matinee on Thursday only will be from 12:30 p. m. to 3:30 p. m. to allow the children of Hope to attend the Buster Brown Show which will begin at 3:45 p. m. on that day. Special attention Is called to the fact that this change in matinee time will be effective for Thursday only. Feature picture f6r that day is "Murders. in the Rue Morgue." On Friday night there will again be a stage dance at the Saengcr at the end of the last feature picture., Everyone is invited, both young and. old. Pertetti »nc ui«uut;«i»i» w» .»•*.*.«. .W...WM», —-- ,_---~—» VrVt t. i~_-_ -/ yellows are frequently used, and If Democrat, Oklahoma, chrifman oi one doea not object to the color, red onion sets may be also used for this purpose. \ In planting onion sets one docs not have to Walt until all .the frost Is out of the ground, or until all danger from frosts la past. rrofn fifteen to thirty pounds of large onions can be produced from one quart of onion sets which do not run more'than three-quarter Inch In diameter. At prevailing retail values of both onions and onion sets, from a dollar's' v worth of onion sets from twelve to twenty-five dollars' worth of onions can be produced. Oak Grove Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Collier spent Sunday with his son, D. M. Collier. H. W Ross has been sick the last week, but is some better now ' Clarence Sparks and family spent Sunday with Lule Flontz and family. Miss Lois Pcrtcll, Aslcen Wilson, Hattie Jackson, Aethe May spent Sunday, with Mrs. Frank Mullens and 'children. 1 Mi-, and Mrs. Margin May spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. G. M. anti-prohibition views, while Cover nor Murray of Oklahoma has defi nitely announced his candidacy. He is to contest the New York gov- .ernor for delegates in North Dakota and probably in Georgia. i Harry F. Byrd, fromer governor .!of '• Virginia, is likely to take the Old Dominion delegation to the convention behind him, and possibly 'that 'of Korth Carolina. O. Max Gardner, Horth Carolina's chief executive arid, political leader has been praising Byrd widely recently. Ohio Is backing two favorite sons, Governor White and Newton D. Baker. Salesman Killed in Fa 11 From Building Man Fall? or Jumps From Tenth Floor of Office in Little Rock LITTLE KOCK.-(/P)—H. C. Mc- Ginnts, a salesman of cemetery lots Fell or jumped to his death from the tenth floor of a downtown office Duilding Wednesday morning. He fell on a one-story structure in the rear of the office building and was killed instantly. :> MOVING Ever Onward to Your Service of the button you press so confidently to put Electricity to there U teeming activity. Men are on the move constantly to (hjs boundless energy flowing into your home with seldom a #ntary pause and never a protracted absence! fpaj} a switch and a motor whirrs to work for you, at a cost ft tS9l (WBnies an hour! And what work! Cleaning, washing, sew- what household task remains that a little Electric motor And do U quicker, better, cheaper! Back of tvery motor *cr efficiently in your sewice, there is a dependable sup- to put it to work the instant VQU require it-through owned & Light Plant M» Stores a* * J*w Cost Father Local Man Dies at Smackover J. W. Benton, Former Nevada Co. Citizen, Succumbs at Age of 76 J. W.'Benton, aged 70, father of Ben- nic Benton of this city, died Wednesday morning at 2:35 at Smackover. He had been critically ill for several days. Funeral services and burial were held Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at Bluff City, Nevada county, former home of the Benton family. He is survived by six daughters and two sons, who are: Mrs. H. M. Robinson, Mrs. C. J. Rasch, Mrs. W. W. Ledbetter of Longview, Texas; Mrs. Harry Lawrence of Smackover; Mrs. T. W. King of Monroe, La.; Mrs Clarence Harris of Arkadelphia; Cecil Benton of Smackover, and Bennie Benton of Hope. SPECIAL PRICES On * 4 Facials and Permanent. Call 39 for appointment MARINELLO Beauty Shop Phone 31 4 HOPE TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. E. G. Coop, Mgr. FLEX'0*GLASSS A substitute for glass. Guaranteed to manure chicks one third sooner! Waterproof, Rustproof Weatherproof Grows plants quicker. Speeds up maturity of pigs. Promotes health- BIRD ROOFING HOPE RETAIL LUMBER YARD J, M. Harbin, Phone 178 WE EXCHANGE Meal or Flour for shelled milling corn, We'll grind your corn into meal, SOUTHERN GRAIN & Produce Co. Phone 248 HAVE YbU FORGOTTEN That your battery needs Attention? "Out of sight—out of mind" plays havoc with batteries. Thousands of car owners will experience a great deal of trouble the balance of this winter, unless they take the necessary precautions. We'll test your battery, Our Inspection is absolutely free. i Lester Rhodes in Charge, U S L Batteries Lowest Prices In History LUCK'S SERVICE STATION Phone 485 $5.00 MEAL TICKET $4.00 Cash 4, discount of 20% Lunch 35c Less 20% on ticket 28c CHECKERED CAFE ere t Mrs. Mary Putman of Green Us- etcr spent a few days visiting her daughter, Mrs. Raymond Ros». . Mr. -and Mrs. Jim. Skinner spent Friday night and SafUrday.'Wlm Mrs. Frank Mullens and children. : ^rnest Ross and family spent Sunday with Mollis Mullens and family. Mrs. B. Shurmon spent Monday alter noori with Mrs. Clarence Sparks. Mr. and Mrs. Bcnnle Jones called on her father, H. M. Ross, Sunday afternoon. . . . ..... . Roy Collier and family and Mr. and Mrs. Buck Foster called' on: -Ernest Ross and family Sunday afternoon Mrs. Lule Flontz spent Saturday with her mother, Mrs. Dora Jackson. ^j^E35S3SS23355!S5S5SSS5SiES5S5S35S522SSSS!5— Inexpensive Prescription Guaranteed to End Rheumatism Thousands JoyCuUy Astonished •» Swift « Hour Relief Progressive pharmacists will tell you' that the popular big selling prescription for rheumatism right now is Allcnru— for 85 cents you can get a generous bottle from Brlant's Drug Store or any up to date- druggist. You can get It with an absolute guarantee that if it doesn't stop the,pain— the agony— and reduce the swelling In 48 hours— your money; bciclc ' URIC ACID STARTS TO LEAVE C BODY IN 24 HOURS Out of your joints and muscles go, the uric acid deposits that cause al) your suffering— it's a safe, sensible;' scientific formula— free from harmful; or pain deadening drugs. • - ' The same absolute guarantee holds- good for sciatica, neuritis and lUm- bago— quick, joyful relief— no more idle days— it removisrlhc -' Drive in For SERVICE Tftat Good Gulf. QM end !»*% Gulf Product*, you'll Like Our r Treatment. For Every Type of Motor That Goad GuM,Gasoline For More Power Gulf No^Nojc—Ethyl Stops Knocks Gulf Supreme Motor Oil For a Smooth Running Motor Gulf Refining Company M. S. Bates, Agent . Phone 84 or 934 More Bread For Your Money Blue Ribbon Bread, and other City Bakery products, give you more ounces of better quality bread for the same money. Ask for the home bread at your grocers, and you'll nave moneyl OTY BAKERY Bakers of Blue Ribbon Bread PHOTOS By Day or Night. Cloudy weather, or sunny days* We are equipped , to ,take, your portraits at any, time. The Shipley Studio Phone 359 for Appointment Bundy Service Station ' THIRD it HAZEL PHONE 264 Now Broadway of America Route GAS STOVE REPAIRING We rebuild and repair all makes of gas stoves. Let us cover your kitchen cabinet with NICKEL ZINC Reasonable Price* Radiator Repairing HALLIBURTON Sheet Metal Works Phone 611 REINFORCED BRICK WORK Is a proveri fad- Railroad Bents and Trestles arc now being built of reinforced brick work instead of concrete. Manv houses in Hope are cracked because not properly reinforced, On ne'w work we will absolutely guarantee your residence or business building not to crack if you reinforce it right. The added expense is quite small- Phone 830 HOPE BRICK WORKS 1)0 NOT HE FOOLISH You are if you are feeding your cows cottonseed when you'can trade iOOO pounds of cottonseed to us and receive 21.00 peunds of cottonseed meal and hulls which is recognized by the best authorities as a better feed. TEMPLE Cotton Oil Co. B. L. Kaufman, Manager U. S. Government Bonded Cotton Warehouse Standard and High Density Compress Automatic Sprinkler System Cheapest Insurance > Bate in Arkansas Union Compress And W»r«houic Company H. 0. Kyler, Manager Phone 179 \

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