Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 24, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1932
Page 4
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;] I *L"J IthsrishVh'ad , of she •*. «fcJ la: ^ftpreferred that they ther v -;nd mdfce, .suggestion was:1mpos- to him of .the gossip » iaferencft »Oflld , itos^c-salp wpuld he f"57J^ u'-* I IB til ?|l«f *«,f** : .JAM d*hi of *th*t rt- wuldn M« fteipeetedly \i /eel that you lot* ^aietir.'-you did ^ on, which . -r^WWW 's;»urprtM mis- told wtft YOU on—1 "-- v?-^ *V« to an yon tttarrV, -not nleaWd.f&f'taatiy, _ it?.ybfifd.decided" ( for •-i-he'*roilld be so good •%rli*6i&' ,"*btfldMiate-beeT>'so Much lifdUy sighed. l 8«iii3n. she herlelf thrftfc'her Bother a subtle trap. into ,the bed* of berselt iT _ . Myr,a *as' in'bed wIU, a book on her knees. .She looked up and .amlled, a welcome but she had d»- terained to let JBilen aloue and not aslt itteattott. • Jfllen, howerer, wanted a con- Adatiite. She came over io the bed, removed the -took from Myra's hands and tet down. .' ISieren JBarcI^y aafced me to jnarry , Aup," she said abruptly. "' "So 'soon/Ellen! " Too soon," 'Ellen answecad , She addexl, "1- shouldn't have •s*ld : that I really think he ntahed ; matfers because Jie thought we all desperately needed a lift. Mtafc JM'*ta wonderful, 1 fjiili But 1'don't want'to 'marry Mm" f * "Yoa won't be seeing'him any Oh, 1'irjle seeing him.' * v»H^ ymr comic osltion froni de-; dismay.' '*Y "* *ile»ceinthe,dlm ojily sbloned b|il grave-eyed girl agalnn Otheir at A«i Jto.you think It would be very to :marry a man you liked because you'-because you •JK MSMt 1 Want nil ft* *«*," he said in « fetid fbifce. , ', ."Come.lta and stop shottttfltr* he anaw.efed shortly. "Hate the kindness » wait until 1 dreg*." "Hf hftye the kindness & to ft* barked. *'Y!tfr pttt me off with 80s," EU«n brokfe In wUh*TiMlfttl - ' "Just tKe same^lt'i sist'ed Ityra." ' ' ""D'ydii know/* ...^—~ whether•! was, goinf'tb.?|y . orjno' ufftlt I dld/V Ellen sal staring out at the 1 winking,elee sign'across the street' • •know what; yon- w«r4 going to say, wouldn't ,yo«, it it had been tarry HarrbWgat*?" Ellen's .f4ce, turned- aearlet. "He hasn't asked *««," she . >ered,. tier cheeks continuing.t« flame. "Z haven't 1 a j:«*son in <th* world to'.imagine be wilt whe» he's engaged to another girl "Has, he—ever said' anything that might suggest M meant to tell you'abottt that?" "No, he hasn't/' J!lW admitted in a-low, strained yolpe. "ThaWp what makes me—well it doesn't make -me bate -him b«t it makes me think I Bhpuld, Ok, why.can'i men be more lair?" There was'no answer to that question. Both girls .knew it. Presently Ellen murmured a good night, and slippld off to {her own bed. Myra dropped her .book to the floor and snapped off the light Ellen WAS awakened *y' I pounding on the door from the living room. Earlier in the flight her sleep had been light and. troubled but toward morning she bad fallen into heavy slumber. Nevertheless, the terrific noise brought her wlde-a.wake at once. Sure that the building must be, on flre, she •roused' Myra, told her to wake a?* Mike, grabbed 4«jr i,Afad ran through th« living rqpus 'to 'the door. It was barely 6 'o'clock. ' • • S HE jerked open the door and stood in foolish surprise, ab ruptly conscious of her disheveled attire. Facing her was John Farnttm. owner of the building. „ hour?" she g«ped ttdtftf 'tifttt to tiwi Be* ttf buy o, flared trftutt and k tot of fancy grub, it •«• got money to entertain .who have liniouslnea ydu'te tot enough to pay your rent." "?6tt shall hftv* your mono* - ittudiately," Ellen announced, . Wondering,as she Spoke it there Were' enottgh itt the apartment, to satisfy hi« claim. left "him standing by the d«tif. Myra in the bedroom had succeeded in rousing Molly" ** •ndMike. "There's no .Are," Ellen saidi It's just Mr. Farnum suddenly troubled at 3 in the morning about hit«rent. We'll hate to pay hiftt tnAedlately." '"He'll wait," declared MoUy, , relieved, and promptly sleepy •gain. "1> talked to, him day be* lore yesterday—on Saturday, I explained how hard-up we are, |jet me see' him. Where's .that • Whiona?" I'jn afraid it will be useless to tee,him now," Ellen stopped her. •He's beard about oar party .list night, f'Ve no -doubt 'he knows every, Hem on the menu/' "That's the trouble with living : In a place like this," Myra observed fretfully, pounding .her pillow in£o plumpness, ""Efverybody talks-so.'> '.'We.won't be living here long if we' can't get the .rent together. Mr. Farnum looks in a mood to • «arry our furniture -down, to the etreet personally. Just how much money have we any way?" "I .borrpwed ?2pfl on the insurance. There should be lots left. My pogketbook's on the bureau." .Molly went to sleep again. When the pocketbobk, was opened it appeared that she had been unduly optimistic. She had managed ihe day before to do away with, over ¥160. Ellen could not hide her consternation. .How were she and Myra to bring the vitally necessary insurance to date again? But the present problem was the rent. ; Bjr emptying her pocketbobk and Myra's they succeeded In iing together the $60. It left •n^m.exactly »3L2 for the week's lood and carfare. ^' t .Ellen saw that it was out ot the question for her to resign her position. It would take at least a week to find another. Even the possible $25 from Dreamland Sat- vrday would not be sufficient to tide them over. (To Bo Continued) MM* it l*0y H Reported, ti» be .held by kidnapers for $1000 ransom, Harry H. Blagdan, real estate; owner and sportsman of Upper Saranac Lake, N. Y., was made the dbject of a widespread search in the Adirondack." mountains. ife » *«* . ejtteatfed toft- &; AM«t«ln, Extension tfiilv&sity of ArkanMS Cft}{) ftf M& «ent attrtte die. states horflciiKur College of _ The greatest increase, 41 per cent, occiirs In the Aeohd early group t>t statw IR wWfK 4J,4|o acJts.awte" ported. Thls'Is We group % which Arkansas is classed. Other states competing in this gfoup are North and South Carolina, Tsnneiaee, Virginia, «&d Georgia. Arkansas reports .the gTjbaiett percentage of increase, ftmoutiUng to about 60 per cent How* ever, the total acreage to be harvest* ed.ln ArkanSM In 1932 is about nqual to that picked in4930, but.Is 6,000 seres lets than was available In 1928 v and 1M9. • Therehas been some acreage increase in th« tarly states which are usually finishing shipments as the Arkansas crop hitves. and in the intermediate states 1 where their early crop moves In competition With northwestern Ark* ansas berries. «pcrti itow that 81«« burn. MfnttHjiM , lit ttfes a km of the other ctiuntleg, Only ofii-h«lf of one »w cem 6f the 't»W! «m «**>•> <feuffted, wn'ch k Hulwri a W* record. A «ew» story.says Shanghai li«» in about the sanw IsUiudt «ft Mobile, Ala., but itt climate" IB mew Hke that of Washington, 1>. ti. if rl hW,Goift* lot air, it probably wwild^lM Buster Brown and Famdus) Dbg Tige and f Master, to .Appear at Saenger Thursday Buster Brown, and* his dog- Tige, central characters in a Sunday'color- ed comic section of the newspapers a generation ago, and- now the trademark of a brand of children's shoes, are to appear in the flesh, in Hope Thursday afternoon, at the Saenger theater. Free tickets to see these -famous characters are being distributed by Hitt's Brownbilt Shoe Store, according to Henry Hitt, who has brought them to* Hope for this occasion. Buster Brown, a grown but diminutive man, stands about 40 inches tall. In dress and appearance he resembles the famous trade-mark. He is accompanied on all his travels, in the interest of Brownbilt shoes, with his equally famous dog, Tige, a real live dog. Crop* DeUyed in Texas tie Dallas News that one-half of ! ;to four weeks late ,in ion and planting of W32 > of nearly three months :'»in<«Jl and an excess inches above normal January .and December. Pleasant Way IEFAT like to safely and \ Tw» 15 pound* of fat in J» * : th# flame time inc£££M i your health? lose your toe , <j»n4 at the same '.will compel admiration? p,"tt>s state today and see how w««b-tben get a bottle &&* that cost« next to which will last you one half teagpoonful in F e( hot -witter in the «R Pflitry and fatty meats potatoes, butter cream " **e» you have finish- this first bottle want to walk »w to your friwMis, "One ' o Saitt i« worth en* of asy fat person's — safcgitwd IfiK *«t SAFELV PetiUon in Bankruptcy CUmped on Police Gazette NEW YORK-H/PHAn involuntary petition in bankruptcy was clamped Tuesday .about the Police Gazette, pink hued journal of the mauve de cade. The first waver in its aging mortal step came February 13 when' for the .lint year in 85 years it omitted its cuurtomary weekly issue. Started in IMS, the Gazette reached it* h*y<tey under the ownership «f Richard ?«*, which began in Itfg. Its circulation was WO.OOO then. -—<••• /' Sharps and Fl^ts A Department In Which The Editor of The Star Play* HU Own Piano I had a telephone quarrel Tuesday with A. W. Parke, of Parke-Harper Printing company, Little Rock, ' Mr. Parke got mad and called me up on long-distance rfnjply because I hadn't made mention of thi» new secret society called -1'Why" that is running around Arkansas asking mysterious questions about the state government. I told Mr. Parke that an ^nonympus communication had no standJW in a newspaper office regardless what information it attempted to convoy. And I was particularly exasperated when Mr, Parke told roe that he sponsored the thing himself. "Why" comas-out to hick editors in the shape of a long list of questions about state govenunent, seeking to stir up a foment of curiosity in hick communities regarding this new and strange society. Well, I'm no hick editor, this is no hick community, and none pf The Star's readers are hicks. My old home town is larger than Memphis; and pn the other hand, there are plenty of Arkansas boys who are on top of the heap in New York. Where does a Little Rock hick get off at, condescending' to address anonymous, .communications to the hinterland not' so fortunate as to be a suburb of hli precious city? : I hate these people who confuse trolley-cars with civilization and keyhole anonymity with the high office of running a newspaper. I'll back Hope aganst Little Rock^ any old day. And I'll back my judgment against the judgment of a man who chooses to stir up the people with the blind, barbed shafts of an anonymous and irresponsible publication* Whatever my newspaper is, or hopes to be, depends on the confidence the people have in its editor. Mr. Parke asked Arkansas "Why?" But I asked Mr. fcirke "Who?" ;And right then Mr. Parke had to down with "Me." HANK YOU! I wish to thank eaeh and every one who raein tbe honor yw have bestowed by again naming jae lor alderman, to r«a b aain fulfilling the TfODft'WITT. Exiled Prince Brings Future Wife to Condon ^ONPQN.-C^h-Bw'^ from Ws family an4 his home in Sweden, for his love of a commoner, his royal b«gfaneas Prince Lennart of Sweden Tuesday night brought his timid blond* fiancee to Ixmdon to make ber his wife. * I ^ppkipj much like a Texas college I boy and his co-e4 best girl, the happy but abashed pair stepped faun a luxurious continental train at Victoria station into the strange neither had ev<?r seen before to find no one to meet them— except two hotel employees. Dftllfti Student Killed ' »» Twp Practice Dr»w 3, YES, there will be a dance on the Saenger Stage FRIDAY NIGHT. A survey conducted by a Chicago department store reveals-that 39 per cent F of the husbands help their wives with the dishes., The other 61, per cent must.-h$v«i been prefvaMcators, ' ' :. •-'^..JK. "!. i- :. .i. ' •; -.-:.}.. SORE THROAT Instant Relief Or Money Back! Try this marvelous rubbing oil just once ar>d you'll never again risk hours of torture and illness from a sore throat. At the first painful swallow you will seize your bottle of Emerald Oil and rub out the soreness AT ONCE. You wouldn't believe the penetrat ing, soothing warmth of Emerald OH could possibly act so quickly. But the first .time you rub your neck with it, you'are convinced for all time—when you experience for yourself the astonishingly prompt relief you can always depend upon. Emerald Oil isn't greasy, doesn't stain, and above all doesn't burn nor smart the skin. Use all you want and be SURE OF RELIEF. You will get it INSTANTLY. Ward & Son guarantees, or money back. —Adv. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM Rcmoiii Dandruff-Scopi Hale Filling 'Impart* Color and Beauty to C»ajr and Fad«4*Wr , toe. and Ji.oo ttOrlgtlltl. •* HucoiChcra. Wk«.P>Kbofue.N.'X YOU SAVE IN BUYING C BAKING POWDER 19 sot 9- C, Fortune, alw, Methodirf Univer«) : y were "practicing the Fortune's IIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIimUlllllMIIIIIIIIIIIIII After Weakening Sickness IF you are run-down, or suffer from a weakened condition, — take Cardui, a medi« cine used by women for over fifty years. As your health improves, you will share the enthusiasm ot thousands of others who have praised Oardui for the benefits they have felt after taking it. "I had a spell ol sickness which left me very run-down weak," writes Mrs. p. L, of UlUston, Va. "I was not able to do my houoe* war*, i ached aU ove? my body. My back and nUtfif gave me a lot of trouble. A friend of mine told me to try Cardui. j took it {or several months and J got f fcroag and well." „«., fold at all good drug stores. CARDUI Helps wVomen Petition Form ArkanMs Urge. Tariff Upon Oil WASHlNOTON.-(^Ph-Support for a tariff on oil was asked Tuesday in a petition from Arkansas submitted by Senator -Robinson, the democratic leader, for printing In the Congressional .'Record. To the Good Democrats of Hope I take this method of expressing nvy gratitude to you for the excellent vote given me -in the t Primary Election Tuesday. IRA HALLIBURTON. BIG VALUES In Men's Needs We've just returned from St. Louis, where we've bought new Spring clothes for the man, too. And at the greatest bargains in our history! You'll have here on the elothes you need. MEN'S AND BOYS' Shirts-Shorts All Size*—Bargains at I9c Brilliantly colored shorts, a'hd white shirts of soft knit. In all sizes. Work Shirts ( pl MADE OF BLUE CHAMBRAY *&' Lowest Prices in Yean! A 29c Cut full, of excellent material for the money. In all sizes. Spring Hats SMART NEW SHAPES All Colors—Prices 98.0*1.98 Here's your new hat for Spring, Men! Priced at the lowest you've been able to buy such quality in years. Hat DRESS SOX 5c Here's a r real find! fancy assorted colored sox. Buy a supply at this price. Dress Shirts 39c Men's' broadcloth dress shfrts, in all sizes. Fast colors. And what savings ! Boys Caps 39c A smart collection of new patterns in boys' caps, All sizes. Big bargains. Men's Overalls More of the famous overall which we have been selling for a year and a half. A good grade garment, cut full, and built for sewee. Jumpers or overalls, only Boy's Overalls Now for a surprise. Boys' overalls —made just like pad'e, at a price that is unheard-of. -The garment only 20C Geo. W. Robison <&• Co. Hope J31PAETMENT STORE" , Preseott Naahvlile

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