Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1954
Page 11
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HO STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS Thursday, Better 16, 19S4 AM-** hk * "^ •*• * • f&r"*;** &TfT\S K PRESCOH NEWS Mitt tfen Mr. SufcflaHafl t brings* up to I0*i Sr under 1 the Old Age With SpNSn house at their for the home oil Sa pleasure ot fiuchahah wSdkettd guests Of Mr. and fcfrS. Floyd Hubbard Mts, B.*C. Stivers and Jack Stis Miss versspeftt the weekend in guest, MISS . ^ * ^ p tif^ Silver Sp- decorated wet-e ffdi the,, Covered ^Ith a Chrilihi« "cldtii aTid 'centered with a Chrlst- as' decoration. duests, were old friends of Miss fiuchanan, dorncstlc srchi- _, i&r's,:£a'<;eoutitaht* and etbf a ' o jt a c6mpul- «tat«'»iid'aeal govern- Jo$ t e8 4 and"cl^gymen on Mr. and Mr*. John Hubbard Have Nrnlly Dinner Mf. and Mrs. John Hubbard were at a Christmas dinner at home on Saturday evening. A candle Christmas tree centered the table overlaid with a white Hhen cloth where covers were laid for Mr. and Mrs. Guss McCaskill Mr. and Mfs. Walter Hirst. Lt and Mrs. Bob Robertson of Fort Smith, Ed Hubbard of Star City, Irl Hubbird' ot Jena, La.,' and the hosts. T4xas with Mr, and Mfs. Price fia- msey afcd family. * «.» . d U . and Urs Gene Lee ha3 as their Christmas dinner guests George Cunirriihgs and daughter, Maf* tha of Qifl^ewater, Texas, . WSlJiafft Cummtngs. &f Mobbs, NeW Mf. "ahd Mrs. Coy CUfnrnirt QUeen, Mf. and Mrs. w. mifies of JSlevins, Shlppard Wins " ^continued from Page One fe Attorney William J. Cori-i* ,„ argued his original pleas far Sew tfial'before Common Pleas dgc- fcdward BIythin that the l)cc. 21 verdict be "set aside, va* cated, and held for naught" be^ c&Use of 41 alleged judicial errors during t'fle- 31-year-old osteopath's iO-'.yeck trial; Apparently shticipat- irtg a refusal from Judge Biythin. Corfignn. also filed a ftiotion for a rieHv trial,- with the cci-rt of ap- pdais before the decision was Ittede. McCarthy Just Has to Have Final Word MARKETS fey JAMes MARLOW WASHINGTON (/P) — Sen. «^- hl an( , ..„. ,, n Clarthy (R-Wisi, having dominated £ an ",. ,„ ,- St. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATONAL STOCKAR11S, til. (*! Hogs 6,500; mostly steady; bulk choice 1150-220 lb 18.50-19.00; IE tier mostly for uniform 160-200 20-34C lb 18.00- Dr. and Mijs. O. G. Hirst, Mr. and 1 Mrs.; Waller Hirst were'the Sunday' dinner guests of Mr ahd Mrs. Glint 'Adams in Camden. Mn alid 'Mrs. Duncan Mitchell ahd child«£tt haVe returhed b/their home inf Kansas City after a:vi§it w,ith her "-parents, > Mr. and'Mrs. Atkinsf - • Mr. and Mrs. RalpB Haynie, B«r tch and Joe of Smackpver, Mr. tttld Mrs. Bafney Haynie, Mrs. Jftuby" Stewart ot £l Dorado and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Haynie were the guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Brozle Haynie. Mr. and Mrs. Clint White of Little Rock have been'the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Vuel Chamberlain, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. McKenzie had for .their holiday guests Mr. and Mrs., Sammy Beard Jr., ahd Jan of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Frank MfCorrrfack of Stuttgart. Government of Continued frorri Page One French parliamentary procedure, immediately switched his tactics ah.d .-demanded another vote this tltne.on a vote.of,confidence which meant that his government w.ould rise .of fall: on the issue. 'Debate .had been- scheduled to last four. days.-Instead, it dragged on for 11. ihe news Tor much of 1954, wouldn't let the old year pass without n few more words and a promise of lenty to come in 1955. After his attack on President Ei- erbwer Dec. 7, it seemed for a of he might sign ; off for the test o fthe' year. At least he had riothf r.g elss to say for almost three veeks. This week he made up-: for ost time. • The general line he took in sev- Ot. and^My. T.-W. McDanjel Jr., of For,t ^orffr have been the guests 'jot Mrs. v T -W. McBanifil. tux on (,200 "a-Vear." Their jeturns re- Mt.'attd'Mts. Horace Cottingharn „; Little Rock were weekend guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs EJmer Tlppett and'Mr, and Mrs. Watson'CotrinEham. Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Bird and Steve have' returned to Ft. Cobb, Okla., after a visit with Mrs. J. R. Cox and other relatives. ' Mri and Mrs. H. E'. Dorris were ihe Christmas guests of Mrs. Am- T anda Cox in Longview, Texas. > _——•* i» * Mr. 'and Mrs. Wade Bell and £u- san of 'Little Rock have returned home- after- a visit 'With Mr, and Mrs. Wells Hamby. ' -i i \ r . "Mr. and Mrs, Ira Davis had .as their'holiday guests Mr. and Mrs. Cliester Davis of Houston and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Leverett and Amelia of Hop_e._ . „__ ' Mr, - and, Mrs. E, fc Glenn and Ada, Claire ..oft got Springs'.Were Mr. and' Mrs Scolt "Smith, and Mrs.' Alice -Smith of Little.'Rock Were holiday guests of Mrs. Robbie Wilson "and Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis. eral statements wasn't exactly new; he wants this country to cut 6ff aid to countries which :trade . 340 .,, 70 lb 17 . 0 0• 370,310 lb t6.25-17.25: sows ' - re . n0; Losses were not extensive and extended up to atounct 4 points in •ide. Gains usually were small but some instances . Minus signs today were r.prmkled motors, rail- I 15iy 4 . Soybeans: Wo 2 yellow i liberally in the sloes 169. Oats: No. 1 heavy white',roads, coppers, airlines, ana chcm 36; No .1 white 84; Nc. 1 extrn icrls. neaVy white 88 Seybea noil meal 88.50-69.00. 12%-. Soybean Barley nominal: malting choice 1.30-52; feed 1.10-19. COLD AND DARK BIG PENEY, Wyo. _ The 400 lb dn'vn 1.2-7, few heavier sows 13.50-15.00; most boars 10.50-13.00. Cattle 1,000 calves 300; general ly steady: jutility and commercial i'ows lO.nO-lo.'OO, a few. 13.oO: cmv iiers and' cutter's .8.00-10:SO.; bull? _.... Unchanged; .utility a.Vd ccmi.iercial changed to 35 cents a bale higher ^50-14.00;' ''catmc.rs ' arid cutters lihan Ihe previous Close. Mai'ch P'OO-lS.Op;"'vcalers again. 1..QC higl -'24.76 May 35.05 ahd. July 35.19. NEW YORK COTtON NEW YORK I* C ot tcrt futures moved through a Wuiat pfe-hpllday session today -on-mixed dealirijff!« Letc afternoon prices wero/ttn- 200 residents of Big Piney. one of the coldest spots in the nation, (were left shivering without gas or : lights last night when fire razed a power plant. The temperature was 20 below zero. cr; exti'em-ly small supply'forcing i •market;,' iridfvidi'.hl head '24.00; ' good' ct'.d choice with R«d China. He sad said the Jif 00 .'23 n^'^HA <fVi!<trr Virtfrtt-o fttnr-ri Hncitl n 32.00; comniei-cir.r arid prim 24.00- gocd Mr.'and Mrs. R. P. Hamby, Mrs. J. J. Bat^e arid Miss tyattie Royston of Fulton spent Christmas day with Dr and Mrs. G. D. Roystoh in Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Max Bryant spent Christmas in Texarkana .with relatives. -Mr. and Mrs. Bob Todd have returned to 'Fort Worth after a, weekend visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. "Langley. Mr. and Mrs.', C. H. Tompkins, . «*«__ ___ 1 **__ T!» Tl ^*HH C. T. Tompkins und Mrs. p. P..Cort Wing spent' phristmas' day in Hot Springs. / ^ ' lit. .arfdfjlrs. 'Bobby 'Hayriie • oj Chanute Air B. ase ape t-he guests of relatives.^ . ' . - Special privileges. -If their 1 tbtaKin- e.omc>Teceipts~ ¥ for the- year is-^be- 16w $1,800,' fhfiy,don',t.ha,ve to^fig- ijrfi 'their net' income, or, actual jbrofitDKearnings. The'y pan "at'bi- trarily' report half their ^gi- coirife .SsUheiV net. ' Several More Conllnttfea ,from Page One Burma Edwal-ds and Mrs. Helon Slaughter J.old newsmen they s.nw WflUngtiam at. Hotel Jeff Davis •about 1 'p. m. - ( Bf E.'Gentry and F. Evens sai-1 the yautK'wa* at a taxi station on the 18th, 'Taxi driver Randolph Russell-said Willingbtm rode in his cab. * • J. C, Gray, a Tupelo cafe owner, said Willingham stayed hi the cofe :}bout a half-hour and quoted the youth as saying he was hitchhiking from Brinkley to Alabama. A waitress, Mrs. June Wagner also' paid she saw Willingham. A service station .attendant, Jim Tucker, anS a waitress at another cafe, Mrs. J. C. Stone taid they both saw Willingham Dec. 13th. In esking for state aid in the cese, Mayor Cox said the reques was made with the knowledge and consent of ^Brinkley Police Chip;' Frank Henderson and Monroi County; Sheriff H. K. McKon/io Henderson who has been oharget With "bungling" the cajc by a group, of Brirjkley residents, ant McKef>zJe have taken a prominen yart in the jnvertigatinn. *•« • J ll —1.1. nfjtfinfC* same thins bcfore_ more than a year r.go. But, judgin.ij from v/hat he said. he msy also have bocn giving a preview of the course he'll take in 1955. He may be shifting from fighting communism at home to fipht it abroad, Although he could combine both. There had been speculation after the Senate condemned' him for some of his conduct on Dec. 2, what he would do next year. He h&d been working the light against Cbmmunirts at home steadily for four years. -There was -.always th-3 chance e might- become, a bore if he tuck to the same line another 6ur years, which is amount of ime he has .left in the. Senate he- ore he has to face the voters again n 1958. Besides in these next two years, ilh the Democrats running Con- Mrs. 'C)eo Hines spent tHe, weekend in Camden with Mr. j and Mrs Be'n'Hines. i < can |rigu'cfi the)r nc-t if they choose' tq Mr.' and Mrs. T! E., Logan had i as weekend gu>°ts, Mi. -and -Mi's. -Tom arid Judy of Memphis and ' Mr. and JUrs^ Clyde' Hprton of For rest Cify'.,, " ' ' Sheep 5QO; 'no early sains POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO UP Live. poultry: staady; receipts 269 coops yesterday 8&7 coops, 135,772 lb: f.o.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 1849.5; light hens 13.5-14.5: fryer sard broilers 21-25; caponct- tes 25-36. i Butter steadier; receipts 983,39; wholesale buyine pr-ices uncharged t o'/ 4 hicher; 93 score AA 59.25; 92 A 59.35; 90 B 58.2; C9 C 6.; cars 90 *B 9; 89 C 57. Eggs tops 'weak, balance steady; receipts 12,060; wholesale buying prices 1 to I 1 /-, lower: U. S. large whites 31; mixed 31; -mediums' 30; Ltondards 29; current receipts 37; irties 25; checks 25. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK Wl The Stcck Market turned lower in the early afternoon today . after a .favorable TO BE RELEASED .' MEXICO CITY (/P) —Officials say Jacques Mornard, convicted of assassinating the Russian revo'5rj- tional -Leon Trotsky in 1940, wHl be released from prison next month. Mornard, sentenced to 20 years, was eligible for parole after serving two thirds of his term. NOTICE We wish to announce that we will be '• Cox said both officers agreed Ulth him' that'"the time has com v$en, highly techpical personiie ?nd< the latest in crime detectio eaujpmenj; is needed." 'am was being held in larendon, Ark., pending grsnd 1 jury action. ^Gibson said he would not make eny r/fflcidl use of his information until after the first of the year. Officers' have given no indication O rcss and the Investigations subcommittee of which hd has been hairman the past two years, bis chance for making headlines- will >e rather. diminished. If he could find a. new course, not necessarily divorced from communism, which he has made his special province, he might be able :o win new public attention. He has new said he will make a lot of speeches around the ccun try in 1955, demanding a toughei policy toward the Chinese Com munists. He could concentfrate on that while at the same time taking swipes at communism at'home. If anyone, inside or outside .th-= Eiserhower wing of the Republi can party had the nation Me Carthy might retire into the back ground after his condemnation b the Senate and his attack on th President, he must have. othe ideas by now. In a ; nationally .broadcast reply to : former • President Truman, who had criticized .him obliquely, McCarthy, in the fall of 1953, At*- manded the Eiserhov/dr admin- i-.tration shut off aid to any allies GRAIN AND CHCAGO PROVISIONS Wheat held firm but other grains declined in mod- rately active dealings on the Board of Trade today. j ;Buying in wheat was based argely on the prospec tof good ex- )brt business in January. 'Corn was under pressure and oats -.vent down with the yello cereal. Soybeans shocd only minor chance changes. Wheat closed Ito 1 higher, March $2.3 2c-. corn unchanged 5 l /2- 3 /f, oats March 178, rye »/ 4 lower to J / 4 higher, March Jl.19'/4,. and soybeans 1V 4 -1. iow- •, January $2.84i/2- 1 / 4 . Wheat: No; 3 yellow hard 3.39'/ 2 Corn: No. 2 yellow 1.56-57V4; No _ o lower, March Sl. 1 cent • lower, JAh4UARY 1st For; your shopping convenience. Remember that Saturday is New Years and there will be FREE PARKING all day Saturday. L B. DELANEY GROCERY & FEED 202 E. 2nd SV. Phone 7-3701 Miss •Hft^el Matlock ha.d 'as her guests Sunday Mr arjd Mrs. C. C. Lewis, Mrs. '$, V." Herndpn, Sr, and Miss Opal'DaflieJ of Hope Miss Dorothy Bradford, Mr, p'nd Mps. W. .E 1 .* Bradford 'of Blevins were, w.eekend^guests o| Mr- and Mr?..Len HarrelMfi Hampton , , '" ' ,M,r.,a>4 A)lan Johnston of ,,., Shrevepor,t and Hyner Sparks pf New York were holiday guests of Mrs. C- -F.^PHtman. that they have' changed their opinions in the case, State Police Employe Killed .NEWPORT W A State Police employ? was killed by an auto- mpbilc -yesterday as he finished in- ve^tiga^ing a traffic accident. Sberrff Jake WJnmngham said C. AlljTson Dukes, 39, of Swifton, stepped jnto the path of an automobile driven by Doyle L Harrington of Cortland,-N. Y. Harlington Browne!! Asks WASHINGTQN (UP) J Attor- rey General Herbert Bf^wnell, J-, today a.sked the Subversive Activities Control Bqgrd to order the Washington Pension Union,- of se attle, Wj»sb., to register with. Justice Department ^s a njst-front organis;stion. Brpwnell said the union WPS. not held. 'The 'accident occurred only a the s**» < ^_ ] m _ his chppferp~"thrpugh.Qut the plate of Washington. He ,said it ''Js in turn directed dominated and controlled by the Communist pgrty and has been operated primarily tot the purpose of giving aid gnd .support to the Communist party." The Justice Department said the Washington Pension Union was vet up >n }937 ostensibly to promote old age pensions and to improve the welfare or elderly persons, Brownell's petition to the Subversive Control Board charged that the pprty's a.jms and objectives." soon after Ihe organization's formation in 137 "the Communist par- ihort- distance ftpm State Police District- Headquarters. where Xj'ukJes "^as employed as assistant rabUo-engtneers. , •Winningham said Dykes , and Trooper" Do'n Wilcox were returning to thfe'heafouartefs when they LEW # rninor 'traffic accment at the junction of Highways 18 and 67. They investigated'the crash and directed traffic until the highway was cleared.' DuKes the sheriff said, stepped from behind a parked truck in front of Harrington's automobile. Dukes had been wilh the State Police 12 years.' Survivors include his widow and his parents. Mr. >nd Mrs., C A. Dukes of Swifton Sheriff Named in $45,000 Suit SEAJICY W A former Searoy police chief hap been named one of the defendants in a $45,000 damage suit filed here by a Searcy trading vith Red China. This government has an embargo on all trade with' Red China, But* a number of friendly nations allow limited trade. McCarthy didn't purse that idea very often during 1954. Most of his time was taken up with the McCarthy-Army hearings and the Senate hearings and debate en censuring him. On Dec. 7 five days after the Senate had condemned him, McCarthy accused Eisenhower of a "shrinking show of weakness" toward world communism. He made this attack shortly after Eis en howcr had congratulated Sen. Watkins mutah), who had fought for McCarthy.'s censure. The President praised Watkins for his fairness. . ; Then McCarthy, nursing an m- elbow, disappeared on a va- We couldn't help but remember,to'wish all of "'our friends .and 'patrons a Happy New Year! To each of you, we say thanks for your patronage, and we.hope we may continue serving you; as in .the past. , . '• • WE WILL BE OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY Iratipn. He had nothing .to say publicly until Dec. 26, when he announced a "lot of piiblic speaking" in 1955 to force a tougher policy toward Red China. He alsc said he planned no further hearings on communism Ibis year. He followed this up in an cxelu- sive interview with the Chicago Tribune on Dec. 27. attacking Eisenhower's advisers' as the "palace guard" and saying some of the words Eisenhower spoke about him were thought up by those 5,rf-und him. On Dec. 28 he reversed what he had said Oec. 26 by announcing he V>puld bold all-day hearings Monday seeking Communists in defense plants. On Dec. 29 he returned to the theme of wanting to fight for a tougher policy toward the Chinese Reds. COUNTRY STYLE SAUSAGE Lbs. FRESH EGGS Doz... FRESH or CURED HAMS HALF or WHOLE man. Former Police Chief J. C, fDick) ty took control Under the lav/, it to advance a Communist Jront organization must register with the Justice Department the names of its and give a statement of }ts receipts end ex- Hart, Sheriff Sam Y, Turnsge and ihe United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co. were named defendants in a suit 'brought by Sam Haller, 62. and his wife. Haller's suit asks damages for injuries he says he suffered when Hart arrested him last summer on charges o i speeding and drunken pharged that Hart beat «»« s » b »c 9U 89, the to 101 troj of Soviet Rpssla. Its decisionie to was upheld l?y the V,S, Courj •t e ;i»st week, Blood of s petitipn said that shjce C-u ^, i «*_ _£ -437 the Gornmunist Perty hw SdYff UW «T maintained contrpl pf tt>« pension TOKYO UK An American union" by peeing party members dier's donation of BH factor bipod In k w p-jBition in the ytioa and failed to save the life of » Jap Ijts phppterg." Unese baby, Japanese Red Crpss department sai4 that the hospital authorities said to?l§y, has continu«4 to receive «• They 5?i4 tjve 5-pound. 4-ounce other support from tha daughter p| Wr«-. YohiHp TetttK Pirty, l\ said }t b*i died o< a ppn|fnital heart maUcr t , lost H previuu? fttt»irth bjsciuse pf SHOPPING FOR BABY ' Time was when the baby was qared for by grandma with a little barley water and q lot pf intuition. Today the doctor directs the care of the baby. Food, vitamins, powders, and, of course, medicine are specified by the doctor. Our drug store carries all these products for your baby. Questions about any of these products can be answered by. our registered Pharmicists. Ward & Son DRUGGIST Lb. CURED PORK SHQULDER STEAK Lb.... FRESH DRESSED HENS FROZEN Lb... * * .' f 36,19S4 MOH STAR, MOPE, ARKANSA Calendar Thursday December 30 The holiday dance for the senior high school members of the Hope Country Club, and their guests, will be held at 8 p. m. Thursday, December 30. Hosts are Mr. and Mrs. George Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Helms, Jr., and Dr. and Mrs. Sm Strong. The '47 Friendship Club will meet iThursclay at 2:30 p. m. at the home lot Miss Wilma CoJeman, with Mrs. lY. C. Coleman as co-hostess. Friday December 31 The Hope Country Club will have la New Year's Eve dance Friday, jDecember 31, at 9 p. m. Hosts will be the entertainment committee. Ittis dance will be invitational. Monday January 10 Circle 3 of the First Methodist Church will meet with Mrs. Jolly Byers, leader, on January 10 in- ptead of January 3, as originally planned. This meeting will be held ipllowirig the regular W. S. C. S. * leeting to be held at the church. Coming and Going Mrs. E. O. Wingfield is at home after spending the past week in Albuquerque, N. Mex., where she was the guest of her niece, Mrs. George Elleson, and Mr. Elleson. Mrs. Wingfield, who went via plane was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. William Stannus of Little Rock. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Baby Jimmy Lee Lafayette, Fulton, Mrs. James Hester, McNab. Discharged: Mr. George Raschke. Rt. 1. Hope. Mr. and Mrs. James Hester of McNab. announce the arrival of a baby boy on December 28, 1954. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Carrigan Cornelius, . Hope, Lanie C. Jackson, Hope Discharged: Mrs. D. M. Collier, Elbert Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Carrigan Cornelius announce the arrival of a baby girl born at 6 a. m. Dec. 28, 1954. Boyle Miss Fincher's .Engagement Told A' 1 Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Fincher of Washington, Arkansas, announce [the engagement and approaching larrlage of their daughter, Betty Tean, of Hope, to Dewey Edward lay of Odessa, Texas. Mr. Ray's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Sv'ert Ray of Hope Route One. The 1 wedding will be solemnized iMarch 23, 1955. 'BEST-KNOWN HOME REMEDY for Suffering of John Wayne !s Top Boxoffice Attraction HOLLYWOOD (UP) Actor Continued from Page One Somebody mentions McCarthy, nd you think first of Charlie and then of Joe. You begin to put foot powder into your shoes each morning, and carry couch drops in your pocket regularly. The wife finally decides you're old enough to have a night out each week to play poker with the boys and all you want to do is play poker with the boys. Other people's children seem as pretty and smart as your wort and certainly better-mannered. You go to the beach for a swim, but merely lie on the sand in the sun end never go near the water. Your wife starts campaigning for a new fur coat." (Nothing irritates a man more than the realization that one for coat won't last a woman a lifetime). And the daily mail holds no more surprises. You can look at every envelope and guess who sent it. A Scout abandons an old lady in mid-street to rush over and help you reach the sidwalk safely. You'd rather brag about what you used to do than v/hat you're going to be. You read the diets on the woman's page, then the obituary no ticcs. before turning to the sports pages. It no longer seems odd to you that undertakers print ads giving funeral prices, and you muse over which is really the biggest bargain. You carry your paycheck home without even thinking of opening it jourself to see what's inside. Instead of being awakened al night by "growing up" psins, yoti John Wayne was listed as the top boxoffice attraction today in tho annual money making stars poll by the Motion Picture LAST DAY • FEATURE TIMES • 2:30 - 4:43 - 6:56 • 9:09 GARY COOPER SUSAN HAYWARD RICHARD W1DMARX jfgi^T2&iettS.A.'.'ts?&J I K$&&^^ 1 GARDEN 1; Donald Duck Cartoon 2. News of the Day conducted Herald. The Herald, a Hollywood magazine which will officially announce the money-making stars in its its Jan. 1 edition said Wayne was the first star in the history of the poll to recapture the top spot. He had won in 1950 and 1951. Next behind Wayne in the top 10 were Dean 'Martin and Jerry Lewis, Gary Cooper, James Stewart, Marilyn Monroe, Alan Ladd, AVilliam Holden, Bing Crosby, Jane Wyman and. Marlon Brando. Others were June Allyson, Humphrey Bogart Burl Lancaster, Susan Haywafd, Percy Killbride, Marjorie Main Jeff Chandler, Rock Huo'son, Doris' Day, Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Gregory Peck, Randolph Scott, Tony Curtis Audrey Hepburn and Esther Wiliaims. find you no longer can doze at your woik by day because oi "growing down" pains. A hatcheck girl smi.'es engagingly at you. and you don't toSimufcas NEW fairly ptfefalcst^'ti" 2 the -early Vies oft S« broadcast oa TV W& t& same To make the most of her good features and to look beautiful each ' day, this young woman is being taught how to give herself professional beauty care at home. She's learning (left) how to apply mascara properly. 'Many women don't need this cosmetic, but this woman must wear it daily because her lashes arc very light in color. Because her natural eyebrows scarcely show, she's being taught (center) how to put on eyebrow, pencil with short light strokes to simulate real eyebrows. This will not look like the unbecoming penciled lines many women apply. With her hands and clothes well-protected, (right) she is combing a new color through her hair. This color was selected after a detailed analysis of her skin by the beauty expert who runs the school. by EDMUNDS CLAUSSEN 1954, W. Edmundstlaujscn. Prior cSpyright, Stamford Pubticotien^jnt/_ LEAN PORK CHOPS FRESH PORK AST Lb,. .-.* DRY SALT JOWLS Processing Co. Inc Message to Congress Set for Jan. 11 By WILMOT HERCHER AUGUSTA, Ga., (ff>) — President Eisenhower will send a special message to Congress Jan. 11 recommending pay increases for federal civil service workers and pos- tel employes. Another special message will be sent to Capitol Hill Jan. 13, the ittle White House announced, out lining a program of increased pay and benefits for members of the armed services. The second message will also deal with the new.reserve program outlined recently by Secretary of Defense Wilson. James C. Hagerty, White House press secretary, told reporters the proposals for civil service pay increases and adjustment of Job classifications would add about 202 million dollars a year to present payroll costs. * ' This figure is about 5 per cent of the present payroll for classi fied civil service workers, he said. Hagerty did not provide any fig ures on the increases being con sidered for employes of the Post Office Department and members of FRIDAY-11 P.M. We Can't Tell You the Title, but it's a MAJOR STUDIO PREVIEW IN CINEMASCOPE TECHNICOLOR ALL SEATS SOc >mile back. You merely frown ind wondor what's so funny. You can read a piece like this n a newspaper and think, " the juy's got a point nil right, though laturally most of what he says rare don't apply to rneyet." EMBARRASSING PASADENA, Calif. (UP) Mrs. Smma Kincaid, 45, won a divorce rom her husband Vcrnon_ 50, after elling the judge: "He broke my nose, broke m; collarbone, yave me 50 black eyes, jroke my glasses 150 times, kickei a hole in my leg and knocked out 3ns of my teeth." "Did these acts make you nervous and upset?'' asked Judge Kurtz Kauffman. • "Well," Mrs. Kincaid replied, "they certainly embarrassed me." V V 1 1 XXII Ben Goss said excitedly, "It's Lilly puttin' on her show. That will keep them out of our hair a while." Crotch rolled over on the floor, remembering the sharp glass that had cut his back. After a few moments searching he held a broken bottle awk ardly within h i sw grasp and was sawing away at his bonds, It was difficult in his strained nosition and once the glass tlashed his rist, making .a ragged cut. In the end the rawhide parted,' letting his thongs 'fall free. To free GOPS was a simple matter. They paused at the entrance to the front barroom while circulation returned to their cramped limbs. Now they could make out Duey with his face pressed to the DOROTHY DIX Asking For Trouble Dear Miss Dix: I am a married woman with four children and have been separated from my husband for one year. I never intend to live with him again, because he was cruel and drank a lot. Since I left him I have met a man whom I love. He's five years younger than I. He also drinks, but not as much as my husband. He's much easier to get along with, doesn't fuss or light. I see him once "or twice a. week. He also is married but has been separated seven months. He says he doesn't love me and that he will go with other girls if he feels like it. How can I win his love and make him true to me? We have lots of fun together as we both enjoy dancing and he apparently has a feeling of strong friendship; if I need something he's ready to help me, and when he runs short on money, I help him. My children are with my parents, and I have a good position. Do you think it's worth waiting to see if I can win his love? D. C. .A Waste Of Time some constructive force that wil avert the destruction into which you are surely headed. Working with a counselor, you might see if something can 'be salvaged -from your marriage. The year's separ- ition may have taught your husband more than it's taught you. It's worth a try, anyway. If disance makes it impossible foi rou to be with your youngsters dur- ng the week, you could, at leas spend week ends with them insteac of going dancing. If moving closei to your parents and children meanb a less lucrative job, it's bettei ;han continuing on your presen ;horney path. Certainly you're ok enough to appreciate the legal and moral aspects of your relationship Your friend is actually taking ad vantage of the respective marita obligations. Preying on your lone liness, he is enjoying the comfort able position of having a pleasan companion, good dancing partner as well as a convenient source o petty cash. He can even afford to trcet window. Crotch's fingers ightened a gainst Goss's arm 'Don't try anything until the next time the crowd cheers," he vhispered. They didn't have long to wait As the crowd outside roared it. aoproval, Crotch leaped across tht 'mpty saloon. His hand whippet Duey's gun free before the; mar mew they were on > him. He ba] snced it' in his hand While the law •nan was still turning jaw sag ging. Them in sudden ' infuriatin, i-nger, Crotch rammed the muzzi rito Duey's mouth. ' "Go ahead, let him have it. Goss begged. "Pull the tri'gger! But D'uey had little pig-eyes i which fear suddenly shone "lik twin lanterns, a fear that' mad Crotch con temtuous. ,"We can do it tha{* way. Tskc him back an lie him up." He brought the barrel down o Dugy' t s:njf?ad, , The General Heath had heav hogging sables extending fore an aft over tall posts. These kept he bow and stern ends from saggin. Long ago, around forgotten cam] fires, the first woman had dance for the entertainment of her men folk, and . this expression of it dance had 'branched out in man forms and facest since then. B.' there never had been anythin along the Colorado to come up to woman performing the dance the circus from the cables of river packet. Deck lanterns belo were liphting her against the i tense blackness of night. Her f (her stood on the texas roof, hoi ing an empty bottle near his lip Into its neck he was blowing h strange music. As Crotch pushed deeper in the crowd his eyes skimmed tl landing searching for Jamison. He found him at the rear rail the Amador, his hands gripping tl railing ironwork, his face dar Steam began shrilling from Am dor's gauge cocks and Crotch thre his look swiftly around for Gos "They got way too much 'pre Farm Group Forms Short Foundation LITTLE ROCK (/P) The Arkansas Asiatic Nations to Meet in April BOGOR Indonesia, (UP) The It was a tdrrt^r* eidn't rhakt** 1 that If TV w sound pbrtion good radio. ,, ttovever, aa Herb ,. plains inth e case of the If of his Two for thfe Stofti basically an aural e&ittff v'ewet doesn't gain much< ing able to see my t pussV'| Comics who Eppeal.bad the ear, musical progra discusfion panels are the pj types of shows that good simulcasts. Surviving newtork slmuleii Voice of Piretone. Walte chell and Breakfast Club.' j Arlhm Godfrey's Talent, his Mcnd-iy-through- Tjll!, lime shows, plus Two" Money on CBS, end Ymit to Know on NBCv • " v The sponsor andt ihe simulcast cheaper as duplicate fees and for separate perforr debatable how effect the listener and The radio SudlerteW Talent Scouts flf t«i 4 ?.led by gales of"laj Farm Bureau, has .set up H, c ; premiers of five Asiatic nations j.havc agreed to invite both Red j China and Japan to an Rome'Short Memorial Foundation to'provide agriculture and homej--pegce conference" in Indonesia economic scholarships, and kicked off a drive to raise The Farm Bureau $100,000. already has contributed $5,000 and the Pope County Farm Bureau $100 in the drive. The scholarships would be awarded to students at the University of Arkansas. The Foundation Board of Trustees are Leon Garot of DeWitt, J. C. Jones ,of Pottsville and S. C. Mack of Newport. ...-.!•• The trust fund honors the late Romeo E. Short of Brinkicy who died last May. Short headed the Arkansas Farm Bureau and was a director of /the American:.' Farm Bureau Federation for many years. lext April, reliable sources said odny. . The derision was reported as ^remicrs All Sastroamidjojo, of -Indonesia, Jawaharlal Nehru of India, Mohammed Ali of Pakistan, ir Jchn Kctelawola of Ceylon and J. Nu o£ Bcrrna met here to wind up a two-day conference on Asi- ntic problems. An official communique will bo issued vhcn the conference ad- THEY HAVE ' :LEICESTER, England, (UP) Crockery Salesman. Percy Kel shaw's sample-loaded station wagon. overturned twice after a col lision today, scattering a quarter ton of. cups and saucers and Kel : thaw's' 'book. , . . ' ' ' The boolc was entitled "The 'Fly ing Saucers Have Landed." of in- in flame. Already men of the landing were rushing with buckets, forming brig ades. The fighting 'had subsided the scaded men from the ashore. A blast were being helped ashore. A lift in the steam showed Jamison waving an arm frantically. Fire licked up from the engine room The firemen rushed it from the blured shadows. Then the Genera Heath was loose, making way slow ly with her sluggish paddle. But beside Crotch Lily was sob bing. He laid his hand against hei shoulder, brought her around. "Die you see the bicycles?" she mur mured pathetically. "They let them drop in the river. And all my dres scs!" , . "But you're safe. Lilly' he reminded her. "You can get nov clothes. Lavinsky will do prone by you!' . . , (To Be Continued) ^^ - ,... . You aw almost literally flaunt his true feelin e for v °" ^ 8Ture> " P° SS rs - aid sobe , rly v ? hey XOU BIB ailllUbl JHUldliy *u_,,i t _» , : , ., Mnuiantinn fii-nmnn hnnwinff- FOR QUALITY and Let u* fill those Vital Prescriptions for speedy delivery from 7 a. m, to 7 p. m. Registered Druggist on duty at all times, Qall PR 7.3424 DEPENDABILITY Crescent Drug 325 s. MAIN ' Answer: taking your heart out, handing it d°Jr°o U ; iPot would's^o^hat «£" him with an uplltttoi Pa, .*„ t i • * ef ? nr * lo , sm , B *** *™ 1 '- •» * • devotlon : go ond a woman who has suffered through one marital mistake would be cautious about making a second; yours is one case where the reverse is true. You seem anxious to run into more trouble than you ran away from. Even friendship, to be mutually successful, must be based on something a bit firmer than love of dancing. Instead of wasting futile hopes on winning the love of a man already time. ear Miss ix: I'm a 15-year-old girl and date only occasionally. I very nice boy for quite Recently he has seemed . and has told friends have broken up, did not mention it to me. 1 called him up (something I seldom do) and asked him for an explanation. He said there was nothing to the gossip and that we were married, you would do much bet- IH %;T ^ B v t P K it - , , t 0 , *„ *, „„ »ho,,»htc ;„ th» ^f. stl11 fnends. Yet he hasn't called ter to turn your thoughts in the ot her direction. Fill your life with FOR SALE and many CUQTHIS UINI POLES 5Q GAUON TRASH BURNERS CATTLE GUARPS FiiPIR TRpyQHS er welded pipe item? fpr farm anrf DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. the armed forces. He did say, however, that the administration still feels that any increases for postal workers should come from increased postal rates, and that any legislation would in elude provision for such hikes. Jiagerty declined to say whether Eisenhowe r would recommend a one-cent increase in the rate for first class mail, bringing the sealed letter rate to four cents. Congress balked at this last year. Eisenhower vetoed a pay hiki» bill for civil service and postal workers last August because it did not contain provision for postal rale increases. Hagerty said the civil service and postal recommendations this year would not be linked in ona bill. As now drafted, the recommendations provide for a minimum increase of $125 a year for civil service workers in the grade of GS l and a maximum of $88 a ye^r m the top grades. In addiUoa to, pay rises, Hage.rjjy me, or made any attempt to sec me. Should I call him agayi, or was I wrong in calling before. Navigation firemen heaving wood beneath the boilers. ''If ev'ery- lourns later today. At the opening session yesterday, Ihe premiers authorized Indonesia, to invite various African and Asian nations to a conferenqe in the country during the last Week in April. Indonesia leaders hope the April talks will "bring lasting peace to Asia by reconciling ths conflicting viewpoints of East and West." • The question o£ exactly which nations" to invite to the coming' conference was put off until today Communist China and Japan were obvious possibilities, but the idea of inviting either one me t s o m o opposition. Dirty snow melts faster than clean snow n sunshiny weather'be- cause the white snow reflects the sun's rays while the darker dirt diffuses the lays into Jjie surrounding snow. Nose Sufferers AVOID LIFE OF MISERY DUE TO NASAL CONGESTION Find Curb! -Itelicve •. Sinus-like Torture — Users Kcjmcu. Supply Ituihed Here. lU'licf ut lust lion) torture of nasal misery, clogged nose, painful nronsute, messy drip, drainage, liLad cold, huy fever ond^ other emua-like bymptoms of distrcBH due to naanl conceslkm la aeon in reports of success with a formula which has tho power to reduce nasal congestion. Men and women with ago- jii'/.intr, sinus-like tnlseiy, headaches, Inflamed pntial pasbouiis, sure nostril", hawk- ins, sncu/iiiK due to nnaal congestion toll of blessed relief after usinot tt. KLOBONOL (caution — uso as directed) costs 83, but ctmaidennK results, is not expensive, KI.O- KONOL sold with money-back guarantee, by J. P. Cox Drug — Ho[» — Mall Orders Filled by something seen." but which doesn't) microphone. Godfrej gets his biggest w r«| raised eyebrow,*' f> "More [questionable tromlj listener's biewpolnt* Isjjigr the canned sound frotn'i gram. A number "~~ grams are delayed^ recordings of the-'-soun^ TV shows. Thlif-W-* 11 " feat of the *$•""""• plants that can n pig but the»squei»: even TV's rfqueal Ihe radio ,20 piece Dry. LTfe ' Koleitral 3 J *^ Steam Treal *-*. " " '« % -H i_ ' '-iw »»».*w>«nW| Restores lstfoC For>Gij I—v t, „.-;}»„**#-<«j'»' DistiDai 305 said, the special jn.e,$sa#e to the armed forces will recommend increased medical aid for dependents, improved syrvivors' benefits facilities, and expended R. A. Answer: Your first call was justified. As the boy was scarcely play- ng .fair with you, you were entil- ed ,to an explanation. However, don't call again. He just doesn't enow what he wants to do, and cor- ;ainly is ignorant of the best way to nandle a delicate situation. Apparently he doesn't want to date you any more, and lacks the courtesy to tell you so, • . , s<;e several 6i'the miners had found her machines' and were trying to reach the rail with them.« Mrs. W. Answer: At least the difference in middle initials will help to avoid confusion. After all a name is anyone's property. Snce your husr band and his brother b&th had a preference for the name Charles, " think you shc-ujjd, "freest ter wMh gapd grace. There's no making a family fus? over some thing that is done. The age difference also wiU le,$?en possiWe CQflv Dear Miss Dix: I am very much upsef over an. incident that may]forth seem minor, but it is very impor-' tant to me. Our 8-year-old son is named Charles Henry, and my husband's brother has named his newborn son Charles Arthur. We do not believe this was fair to our son. thing else fails for them they mean to ram the Heath!" And then came Lilly's voice .from j-.loft on the cable. "You want more?" she called in her crystal-clear tones. "Then get our bicycles from Captain Jamir son's steamboat so father and I tan give you a real show." "Where'll we fin'd them?" someone in the crowd called. She gave the men a smile that would set th<?m fighting for her favor, spread her hands gracefully before her. "Ask your friend Jami- ton that question. Ask him, too, vhy ho threw my father into the river and what lies doing to Captain Crotch!" The crowd took hold some of the men turned toward Airjador'.s white railing. Jamison's craw met swips Jamison was racing forward, yelling .hU orders at the same time, for th"s engineer to start their engines. But firemen end crew h?d deseitt'd their posts in order to.qucjl the onrushing townsmen. By the time Crotch gtiixed ,hi^, deck, Lilly had descended from the hogging cables. S,hc. thrust a poii>tini? ,arm. '"Ouji bicyj she ciicd. Crotch turned, to them head-on, fighting to Stack• the .surjje. On dock, At that moment there was a terrifying explosion aboard Amador. The lerger packet lifted pert way cut of the -river, her timbers cracked and groaned. Amador had blown cne of her- :< boilers. In a few minutes everything would be afire, Crotch leaped ^nto action. ''Cut the mooring!" he roared. Jim Me- tjctt commenced his engine, but wheel, beat the water feebly, be dependent mainly garry tnem ^ they wpon RECIPE FOR A HAPPY NEW Take twelve fine, full grown months. See that these thoroughly free- from all old memories of bitterness, hate, and jealousy, cleanse them completely from every ^ ( i spite; pick off all specks of pettiness and littleness. Iff sH have them as fresh and clean as when they first.cprne from qreat storehouse of time. >. • / * ft ' Cut these, months into thirty or thirty-one equal This batch will keep for just one year. Do not attempt to up the whole batch at one time (so many persons' entire lot this way), but prepare one day at a time, as Into each day out twelve parts of faith, eleven '. patience, ten of courage, nine of work (some people Q\ ingredient and., so spoil the flavor of the rest), eight'jq . ..seven of.fjdfeljty/ si* of liberality,.five of kindne% f° u t,,9f, (leaving tbts out is like leaving the oil out of tfie saw T C dd Jt), three 1 of- prayer, two of meditation', and ope welh.|§tfe|i, " resb'lutiori. Ifyou have no conscientious scruples, put-ir^'apo) • g'tefl'spoqnfi^), of good spirits, a dash, of fun, a pwh^IJSy ,q.§pr,inkling of,(play, and a heaping cup of good humo|. ^ J - ".!-',, 'Pour' 'into,'the* whole/ love and mix with a .thbrQugWyHrr c« fervent heat; garnish with a few snr|{j||,; sprig !6f f joy; then', serve with quietness, UOgflfi -"-'--Cheerfulness; and a happy New Year is a Certainty, OUR BEST WISHES FOR HAPPY NEW ROY ANDERSON INSURANGfe Roy Anderson Mrs. "Puddy" |yar\5

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