The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1940 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1940
Page 11
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JBT/YTIIRVnjJ?JARK-.)"COURIER NEWS Kxplocimg ilomd Takes Its Own Picture Special Army Service Un-. likely Despite Many Demands LONpON, March '20. cUPl — Informed quarters believe that no further division of iiritlsh air forces is in prospect at present, despite the continued demand from certain army elements for a sena- ' rile army' service apart from lh" ROjal Air Force. The creation' recently of a Royal.' Air Force Command in France' is ^considered a compromise with the more' extreme demands .•iloin- this line '•••:• ° The new command, headed by Air Marshal A,-S. liarralt. controlling all R.A.F. activities in Is "responsible, in consul- (ailon Hlth the army commanders- in-£htef concerned, for ensuring Ihe'moil effective support by the British air forces for the British Expeditionary Force and the French armies on the Western front and for "coordinating the operations of the R.A.P. In France with those of the Fiencli air forces." Two Command.'; Previously Previously there were two separate air commands in France. The -majority of the R.A.F. forces, ,i c ncc dlvlsit wliish opei-aled in close conjunc- "'""hi?avv .lion'with the French, were under) armtlm> ' AJr \>ice Mnrslwl p. H. L. Playfair. whose direct senior was Air Chief Marshal Sir Edgnr Liidlo\v-lfe\vllt i of the bomber command. -, wit)) Micadquaiters in Britain. There •were also the so-called army co* operation squadrons, commanded b\ Ati vice • Marshal C. H. n. , Bloiml urnler (he operational control cf Viscount Gort. camnmndcr- m-chlef of the British Expcdl- t tionary Force. ; ^ The creation of the new .single command did away with a division i m tlie air forces' in France which ( main considered undesirable. •Apparently (he war ciblnel • carefully examined the various -factors Ix-hlntl (lie demand for n separate army air service before reaching the declsio-.i to appoint Ban-alt chief of, all R.A.F. activities m France, where he could work in close cooperation with the army command. Further Arguments Nettled Tims those who advocate the creation of a separate army flying service, corresponding to the Fleet Air Ann apparently are not to )me their hopes realized unless future experience provides them with further arguments. When the World War began the n-nj -ind army had-their own services The Royal Flying Corps began as a balloon section of the army for spotting artillery 'fire. The Rosa! Naval Air Service was a rival. In 1918 these two services were merged under the air ministry au'd thi Rojil Air Force took on its present identity as a tliirrt military arm separate from the army and nau ' In Juh 1937. after yours ol ablation, the fleet air arm was handed bMk to the navy. Previously the mvy had operated the inrcraft carriers and the R.A.P. Ilia phncs on boird Navy aviators nssumi-d naval ranks instead of those peculiar to the air service. The navy MIS Assigned half a dozen airdromes ashore for training pur- Poses The airdromes were named like stilus and It was one of thes- shore stations, the k.MS Kestrel which the German radio reuoiicd as h-mng been sunk, much to'the amusement of the British navy '• ' R.A.P. in 'Navy All shore tased aircraft employed in cooperation with the navy remained with th- RAP including planes and flying boats of the coastal command which patrol Meanwhile the R.A.F. assi-ned! army-, cooperation units to " the army, 1 under army command, but there was no separate army air force. " Exponents of an army air service believe the arrangement arrived at In France falls short of belli? satisfactory. Brig. - C ,en E L Spears. M.P., recently wrote for the.-News Chronicle: .-"The arrangement'seems to be ' nebulous ... a cannot but be regretted that a makeshift arrange-' mtnl of this kind should be re{«*« lo j n % midst of & war thai.has been under way for nearly five months." y Not all groups In the navy are satisfied with the limits of the I also c-nterlalncd a.s her yieat Friday, Mrs. Velma !,ong of Brag- ' MXcr Two bombs, dropped from a Russian plane rnium'g nov picture and the miraculous esc; of the bombs exploded within esca,,, from :,« - *" l. * llv l.VJlt,U3SIUII It 1 era, S o the blasl literally "tool: Us own picture." Uaicralt'.s „<.„,,,<..,,, lo from injury other than u bnd S hal;in B up. Well wiililn the. arc'- of the . ' soar over his head mul 1:111' Finnish soldiers' far DP: Service photon apltei released the shultei of his car- with (he InirsliiiK ilxjnib sa\e<i mm sw than fleet air uriii. Some liclleve the R.A.P. conslnl command should 'no turned over to the nuvy.' Kxperts who try to be impm-ll'il point out that in the employment of airernft there me no sharply defined lines of distinction between the functions of the three services and •certain fields they overlap. Hence division of the diilies intist Hayii Society—Personal W. M. U. Circles jllccl The regular circle meetings of the W. M. U. circles were held Wednesday afternoon as follows: The Shumate circle met with Mrs, Viola Glllam with nine members and two visitors In Ml A Hie Finnish army. His most •'mill uil plc-luic w-u, -xccinlicd b, undent —when HuMm neihl liuiiilj burst near enough . to snap his camera. auce, The opening hymn was "I'll Go Where Von .Want Me To Go" follpwetl with prayer bv Mrs. S. K Nefhery, 'riie offlcers' gave their reports after wlileli tho following program was proscnlcd oii "Enrichment Through Worship", with Mrs. Qlllam giving ihe devotional "Why Do We'Worship?" was given by Mrs. Ernest Letler. "How Should We Worship?" by Mrs. Wotford A (tors: 'Where Can We fiest Worship? 11 by Mrs. Fred Holes; and '-'Hoiv Make Our Worship Fruitful?" Mrs. E. p. roster. Mrs. Brok- sie I'rewUt dismissed with prayer. Tlie hostess served dclluhtful 're- Ircshmenls. Mrs. H. E..Ilaynic was hostess to eleven members of Ihe Kersey circle with two new members. There were two new, members. During the business session the various reports were given. Mrs. Cecil Ward was In clmi-Bc of tlie program on "Faith." Mrs. j. S. Compere gave the devotional following the open ing hymn and Prye Mines. M, Pijt Balnea nsslslcil with and LeHoy'tci Tho'Dealer'circle met vlth Mis Leeds -Butler with semi membeis and one visitor, Mrs. nobcuBiooks Mrs. E. a. vnzicil piesidcd our the business session ul which time Mis Cecil Smith was elected us licraofiai sci vice chnirmnn and Mrs. Gladys Moore as co-chairman.- Mrs 'Ben Hrudou was in charge of. the pro ' Ijvnm. with Mr?. Bradcn in charge of the devotional and. Mrs. Bra'dcn offering prayer. • . Mrs. E. R. Vancel offered prayer' Mines. Jettle, Phclan and .Gladys Mines. Jeiiir Plic-ton assisted •with the program. The Hastes* served delightful refreshments, ' Seven members of the Lucllyn circle with Mrs. C. .McCluney. Tlie meeting opened with Lords prayer repeated In unison. Mrs. L. B. Jer- : nljjan presided over a short misi-' new session and Mrs. E. H.'Hnrrel of John. Al : the. conclusion of presented polled plntil plnle lunch he hostess sined n ^T1J!!L^L!!11^^ roiiiiecn meinbeis \\eie picsent. at Hie Owen circle n'Ulhe home of Mrs. A, Q. Shirley. Mrs.. 1. H, Brasher was.o. visitor/. .Following "'the opening hymn, "If Jesus Goes With Me I'll do". Mrs. R. L.'-Gilbert of- fi'i-eii prayer. During Hie business session Mrs. R. N. Brasher resigned as secretary. - Mrs. Brasher had cliarec. of the program' with Mrs Clliuoi) Winters'giving Die devotional. Mines Sallie McClanahan and Dorothy Sullivan were also on (lie program. Mrs. McClanalmn closed the meeting with prayer and Hie hostess, served delightful refreshments.. :'' • '.*'.'• 'i" Mrs. Gertrude McCalg of Iiika, Miss., who has been in Indianapolis hid., visiting her '(laughter, spent tlie weekend here, as the guest of Mrs. C'nrl McDaniels of Claiktou was here Friday and Saturday visiting Mr. and Mrs,. Wolf Khourle and family. Saturday evening Mrssr.s. Curl McDahlclx and Cleo Turner of cinrktou were here visiting tho Khourfo family ;1 nd' they were accompanied home that, evening by Mrs. McDanicLs. Mr. and Mrs. 1. }i. Brasher of Kultawa, - Ky., arc . here . visiting their son aiid grandson and, wives respectively. Mr. and Mrs liodncy Brasher Sr., /uicl Jr. Hcv/ and Mrs. J. w. Cunning: ham of Steelq wore here Friday visaing friends, .Mrs. Aston Wright of Steole canw here Monday to spend the week with her niece, Mrs. Opie Shepherd. ... ' n. W. Allen of Braggadocio was here Monday visiting friends. Mrs. Edna Fitzgerald and' Mrs. Ada Dickey of CMuthcrsville visited fntuiis. In Slkrston Sunday evening. Mr. and yifs. BHOII inman of coring: .were, here Friday evening altc-ndlng (lie Dramatic meet. Thplj- ^on, Pi-ank inman. was an actor in the Dcoring play. Mr.v Nellie Reeves of Wanlell w;is here Fi'lclay vislKni; her sister. Mrs. Bteie Slnbbs. i Mr. and MIS. Vcrnon Brown I visited the former's father at Kun-' lielt Sunday. .. Mrs. Bill skelly of Caruthersville was here Monday visiting her sister,'Mrs. M. E. Nolfirass Weiutall. Hull of St. Louis sprat the. weekend here vlxlUng his par- ciita, Mr. and Mrs. Bert, riall Ed Pike was taken to Cape Gir- aixlcau Saturday by his parents. Mr. and Mrs. M. I,. Pike, where he entered a for - medical treatment for mastoid. Mr. a;id Mrs. John Owens of Black Island vicinity • were here .Saturday visiting friends. Ed Garner lias moved to Claik- lon. , Mr. and Mrs. Opie Shepherd and Mr. and Mrs. Cilen Fcrree drove lo Siinday and visited Mr ; ShCDherd'.s daiighler, Mrs. Mor- loeth Cox and Mr. Cox. m the on J' 100 ! 1 / 1105 ' "" <llove lo A ^«"^ '".' " sight seeing trip Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kouri and ' C Situ A, Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Kouri, m Jlrli kmnn, okla., and 'Mr. and Mis. George Fardeccy of Ifollls. "HI,.., 7 ere '"re Fridiiy vi.siti;ig fnii'ill M ' S ' W ° !f Khm "' ie :iljl1 Mis. Cora Davis of-Rodi. Mo., r ,, 'J e ' v . lsl "ng her (hijighler Mrs l'-d I cuinngs ;iu<i Mr. jcnniii B s. Mr- nn<l M, s , p re{ , announce lh c arrival of a seeo •.v a JO K C ; P '! E^ar.-born March life' and then ordered flildgp, 1 :; $7,500 share of (lie estate lumod over to him. •son Edward Court Dedree Restores Life TV-Dead' Heir In their 1937 operations, fishermen of the Canadian province of Minlioba used Itiii power boats and TO skiffs and canoes. WAKrupToiii LIVER BILE- Wllhont Ctkracl-Ani) Vou'il ] ame flul of Bed In Iho Morning Kuln' to Co The liter ihou!<l pour o'ut'twa t>lnt« i~,t IhuM'Wle (nip j-our 1 • ' ' •" ' ' . c onn- pitcd. You let] tour, tunk and llw world looka punk, It Uikts those good. &M Carter's Mttl« I.OTr Pills to S CI On EC l,VO „[„(. of bill Hoi ji« /trdyio mike you fM'Mii tnd up. 1 ' Ainnzing In uiaklnt- bile lloiy f/sijy , a » : '<•!• «'.' l"'» Ultle I.lw, MIL, l,y ,U' ' Try One of Our Delicious PIG . SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Across From School „ „ ,.-',. Nl J ' 't" 1 "—Ebpn 11. - B (lied'. last November II' 1 was "restored lo Me - in chance! v court four months later " i Bridge C4 of New York Citv. was drrljnv.,1 , cgfflUy deM , nftpi . •.; . , .. ......11_ 11 til I III II LU part of n $50.000" eslatc His share was divided among the other heirs. An invcstiKnting agency took up he search and nnnlly located him living m New York. H e went lo chancery court and'established liis uienlity by n birth certificate Vice Chancellor John o Bigelow issued a decree restoring him to LOANS .Ins. B. Clark Blyllirvlllf, Ark. .lullioriued Mortuage Loan Solicitors for (lie iMetrn|inll- tnii Life Iiis'iiruiuc Co. LOW KATES i'KOMPT INSPECTIONS LONG TERMS n EVA YMEN'T PH I VI I.KGKS Clark-Wilson Agenry, Insur. Jas, B. Clarit DANGERS OF HEMORRHOIDS rrome J ,l! a • "In a .' K ' canno1 ' comct theaueives. Relie, i on omtmenlr, , s Illusive and tciiii»rnvv Ne»lcct result in nc7 Si'Ts ,, Seri0 " S T? «•»"«"« •Staa" i" Ihcw "rtovMn fi in' c ' OTtltlSl "'romboiic piles, etc. From develop the following reflexes: nervousness sleculessiiess cons .pation, .despondency, headache, back » cl le- tt ch «c 0 sUf *!• <ltscas , cs are taie " care " f '" °" « f « « ospitalization. All accepted cases guaranteed ait Main st. DRS. NIES & NIES flint, sis BOSS/YOU SHO" CAN COVER GROUND IN TH|S| NEW FORD V8s Washer Heed Tuning Up? JUST GIVE US A CALL FOR EXPERT WASHING ^ MACHINE SERVICE , T —All Makes— PHONE 233 We have secured the services of Mr Phillip Frle, a factory train- fa Maytag Service Man HAROAWAY '."7 V APPLIANCE CO. .Smic* On All-Makes Phone 233 •, W. M»ln •4 Come In Today!! For Free Demonstration of the New Ford V-8 PHILLIP Phone 810 OTORCO. Blyihevttle, Ark.

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