Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 23, 1932 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1932
Page 6
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,_„. ,_ reorganization of his stftfi When this picture was token in Waah- f treasury clerk, is shown swearing in former Secretary of the. Treasury An- CWlrl ot St. JameS, Ogden Mills as secretary of the treasury and Arthur Ballantine as undersecretary. Left to right, are Birgfeld, r, Mi.. Mar^n, Speak *rk>n. IX *JwW* „! 11 1 ' Attendance of Ttatarkana's neW !»vis being,made .,. -rsj.; UUlan Jones I.MargiretBrannon. ", ^ . W f .. r .club leaders* iutBa,> expectation of Delegation for the f the n*ew station's tfxf ' <4 V , *t *«• ' : f 'jfr'- ^ -f. , 1 ivfo. ^v» ^ * * ibbft? ' and local, irabbii, i (i- 1.1. r ' Sande to Marry htabbit „ — „ ikyiintf the, bunny. '**_; >, " ,*•- /,i Widow of a famous jockey,"Mrs. Marian Gascoyne Kummer (above) |H>W i» to become the bride of another. >She will marry Earl Sande, who has to .victory in several Kentucky , and whose closest friend'was r ..husband, Clarente Kumhier, jock? e^'of'Man qT War 1 . 1 They have obtain-" ed a marriage lilojae in Neyr'York. ' Boy Scouts Aid Officers in Search Finding of Wortian'* Dr*»» Arouse* Sucfcricioh, of Crime at Hot Spring! HOT SPRINGS.—An emergency mobilization call early Sunday night brought 150 Boy Scouts^ to .headquarters, in less than 15 minutes, accompanied by Day Captain of Pollce.Arch Cooper and other officers, they made a search of Hot Springs and West Mountains for the body of a woman officers thought might bo found, but the search was fruitless.' The search followed the ; discovery of a woman's evening gown df white and blue chiffon. An expensive beaded purse and a pair of glasses, which were picked up by Sidney M. Frink. in charge of the tower on the top of Hot Springs mountain. He saw the dress and other articles in the road in Happy Hollow and turned them werMCaptain Cooper. A check df ;the *6tell and rooming houses failed to find dby Woman missing. Hospitals Also reported they had not treated any emergency case Saturday night or Sunday morning^ T^he dress was'., badjy ;torn. Thfc purse'- and 'Docket book" were found about-a»:fcet from the <J r e8s-' ' . -V ___ ConioHiUtiprt «l 3 Shaft Rotdi With Rock 1.. LlWLB of the three sh»t line subsldl«li* 6! the Chicago, Rock Island and Pwifle Railroad tomparty irt Arkansas with the parent company will be comptetw at a meeting ot ffoek Wand stockhfildV efs in May, company > officials Mid. •"* the nwrgef, th«y explained, Wtt permit a large reflftflnting program fot the organization In 19S4. The short line companies are the Seek Island, Stuttgart and Souths**}, with about Z$ mll«a W track; the ROCK Island,' Arkansas and Louisiana, with about 300 mites, and the Rock Island and Dardanelle company, with only a few 'miles. Meetings of the stockholders of the three companies to approve the merger have been called for April 28, 29 and 30 in Dardanelle, Stuttgart aha Little Rock. After approvalyby the short line stockholders of the sale, application will, be made to the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Arkansas Railroad Commission to complete the transaction. Formal sale of the smaller companies is a legal necessity In the dissolution of subsidiary corporations and to effect a merger with the parent company. The move will not increase the advertised mileage of the Rock Island tracks in Arkansas, as this already includes, that of the three short lines. Accident Victim Dies at Search J. O. Irwin of Russell Injured Fatally While Crossing Highway SEARCY.-J. O. Irwlni aged 72. of Russell,.died in a hospital here Monday as the, result of injuries sustained Saturday afternoon at Russell when he was struck by a car said to have been driven by Harold Coggin, assistant manager of the Arkmo Lumber Company at Newport. Coggins was arrested and made bond for his appearance in a justice court Saturday. 1 ' Mr. Irwing was crossing the highway. Part of. his head was crushed and he sustained internal injuries. He was brought here by M. H. Irwin of Russell, his son.': . He is survived by four sons and" two daughters: M. Hi Irwin, Russell; Grant Irwin, U. S, -navy; Henry and Jennings, Depew, Okla.; Mrs. Judith Rock,;Roch'estet, Minn.; Mrs. Nora Irwin, Depew, Okla., and a brpther, G. C. Irwln, Meeker? Okla-.. The body < -was shipped to Bristow, Okla. If ?.: ra| am*.. .MrffCT IM Remember America's patriotic rtlebralions during the World War days? Well, the same'fervor now grips Japan as the result of the dortfllct with China. Here is part of; a large crowd gathered at a Japanese airport for an impressive christening of two new army planes purchased through donations of the. people. At the left is a huge ri-rtotorcd fighting craft, Patriotic No. 1. The other is a hospital plane, Patriotic No. 2. CONECTIONS PHONE NUMBER 768 The Want^Ad column of the Hope Star is the "central exchange" wherein the seller is given a direct connection with practically all possible buyers, throughout SquthwestArkansas—where employer "gets a line" pn needed employees—where owners learn of suitable tenants ,., this "central exchange" is operated by a courteous, efficient Wanted Taker trained to offer every assistance in the preparation of resultful classified advertisements. Star WANT-ADS LOTrA HOKUM UJE'RE SlMPUJB**-' U)E'p EMBKJ UVE i IN A PENTHOUSE! Blytheville Cafe No Reason Found for Act of Mrs. Myrtle COM, Aged 35 BLYTHEVILLE.—Mrs. Myrtle Goss, aged 35, committed suicide Monday by drinking poison.: She was In the living quarters in the rear of a small restaurant and her groans attracted the attention of the owner, who found the empty poison bottle. Mrs. Goss died about 45 minutes after being taken to a hospital. No reason could be found for,her act. About two years ago she refused to marry George ("Jiggs") Perry, brakeman, who later was convicted of murdering his wife, in Wisconsin after being caught in, California. Perry, known,as the ; Wisconsin "bluebeard," was said to have; several wives and was well known; here. ' February, March Best . Time for Child's Sleep MINNEAPOLIS-OP)—Children go ,to sleep more readily in -February and March 'than in any other months in the year, the University of Minnesota child welfare Institute has ascertained in a study of the sleep .patterns of children' covering 100 nights "each. They go to sleep with the greatest difficulty in. April, .May and June, rather quickly in July, August and September, more slowly .in October and November, and still more slowly in December and January. Boys sleep' more uietly than girls, it was found. . .jtft LtmylU *flld\thit __._ .... \*,w# fluid tdi« m& in the eounty ft*** ywr, us contiftiM tfiithy ba<* io th* laM tat A \t County Atfrtit W. t>. fittll tthat hi* tiffJcu tad ned asvifal el from families anxious to get back flta th« farm, but need tt» be furnished, a* all of thtlr saving have bwh ox» hausted, , ', *'**' \ ' 2. DC. Mtrakle'* hldlous oxpcrlmfint Is attempting to fuw the blood of »n ape into that oil A human. '', (-gi^.jj-^jfr .._ t ... -..- lr Good News For Hope Williams' Laboratories have arranged to.*have a Man In your town who will fell you about WILLIAMS TOR- MULAE, the New Formulae that those who have been fortunate to get a battle are so enthusiastic about. • This Formulae'Is available in Utll community for the first time* Get your bottle now arid see for yourself what wonderful results It produces. Satisfaction guaranteed or Vour money rfeUnded. GET BACK VOUIt PEP \ YOU KNOW THAT "WONDEB- fULnsELiNa" '• , Recommended for ' stomach, liver and > kidney disorders covering dys- pepiltt,"' biliousness, gassy ' stomach, distress, chronic constipation, • sick headache, neuritis, neuralgia, rheumatism, lame back and, general weakness. Keep your stomach, liver and kidneys healthy and nature will do the rest Get a bottle today from WARD & SON, Druggists Adv. Chemically-Cooled MADISON. — An airplane engine manufacturing company here has developed and delivered to the If. S. Navy Department an engine which incorporates a chemical cooling system. It is said to have the advantages of both direct air cooling and liquid cooling without the disadvantages Of either. • 1. The mysterious Dr. character in "Murders in\ Morgue." Mlrakle is a Rub the 666 LIQUID^TABLBTS—SALVE" SfiS Liquid or Tablets used Internally and MS Salve externally, make a complete arid effective treatment for Colds. MOST SPEEDY REMEDIES KNOWN. '<*/ ' I Copr.. 1)39, Th« Aaerlcu Tobicco Co. II Now I use LUCKIES only" "I have had to smoke various brands of cigarettes in pic* tures, but it was not until I smoked LUCKIES that I discovered the only cigarettes that did not irritate my throat, Now I use LUCKIES only* The added convenience of your improved Cellophane wrapper that opens so easily POOR UTTIE RICH GI8L Sua Carol'i wealth wo» q hindrance rather that) a h*lp. Holly* wood thought the wa« ritzy, bvt Sue soon proved she wot a "rtgv- lor guy"... she made 14 picture? her very first year... her latest li UNIVERSAL'S "GRAFT/' Sbt hat reached for a LUCKY for *W4 years. Not a. farthing waf po'4 for rhoso kind words. Tfcvt'f white of you, Sue Carol. . "It f s toasted Your Throat Prottction •qqqinat lrrltfltlon»«flolnit couah TUNE IN ON IWJfY jSTRIK?-*^ modern roinuw vitk the world's fin&t dance orchestras «n4 Walter Winchell, v/hojg ««M>|« of today ktemm t&« Sf»i«/ towrrw, fgpry fwukv, Thursday #n4 Swwr^sx «*«!>*» wfr W. »• C. van/orb.

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