Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 23, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1932
Page 4
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aita *•**, ft* flnt at sftent Mttfte, men . . . KBpl tfepnnii fiaswaW «* too* .<, r- «* 4ft* attoywf sft* taw* wtmc ft. ate <*B*si8«* wad t* tew* rr«» ffl» ear tfts-ntsnt, aa Of BUM paette, foatesd itfg*ihi***v"./ fin* of ttte ac rstn* maawtf BSte tt* "£ tttwtipe smtnra gnraaraT wttat E maro to «*r," Barcfttr tagsra, *fes$«r*tery tntwue fit* dMteuet tfte ft«Wi« is nUUatod on the frin». of tattle Una I«>^ WB»- a6ou|i 75^ pupiilr eranilW, whila ltevaBHc flf BRnb. national Demactatto: from: "WSjT a&raut t ate .tlifiiif ftt. » ttemnUtis: TOtea, m watt,r ft* rfliciala hnet net de- Monette nniu> CD- noarfftM* Sana- erectwl tfiirin* *• ptwent yew tor Hiieyr tattg" or tftat- stato for rtdhntlBTi nonrt H»a»jrtSB«t, eatflffiiaa! \iNHafrpfegflig flterit ,wfltt», motnats s« t Stoning: a»t! &«t ma iffva yon tB» torely BCfc mr dtoE. Eet ms to Destroyed In Earfy It occurra! to ttinr, OTWE as tia . that sBa>nrigfit mls- So he aaitt Wnnt- Hear^iH* BomttTW tried' to sjjealc But «nfentt^d£SJlred; afionjldi "ffim't anowur. £ do&'C want your answer until jou tu«r many "E MK ftoptoer «e% na»* a: atornu "" wem tarn (few* oC Bear tanrily.. Hi *a» enough? t». atnfer BBC* 00009; watt cnsfttens andr tw ifefirtiP HE IB* mgic _ar»jt .1. d*WM OE tne? wrenlng. Hottmft.ielBr* **«a»mE » tWags yam rtaold: hew. - am- flrst see the dwwlJacte and' they •OJB»- araffiany. For one thing Fm. years a»sfi» stare* an£ ,..„,-,- tfcnr yea, Tve- done all the thjngv yotr. have never done and. long* to do, £Hid, Eve tlnsMnneand lijimii ItltWliJE \Hr f**^**»* f^m.-*j*nr•****• —-—-*— Borlngi Foranotner—tttere'rthat anfarinnata divorce a£ nrine—" .<«•_». __ jjjj 01698%**" Stiei "ISm.'t _^ mean tfiettt Sr no on? Ton mean, that there ia i^eone. alaeT" && attemptsd to malia tOs tons Sot anguish, grinned; Mm tamed, away. He-amitnot nntir tftgn now sh»* cwnui TnoMw^ Mm. saCaf,- n~ ssajagr gjri- oC Ha 1 bad; been SEDALIA, f- thing "Bm" doesnrt dor ae gtt tn>SJ*ool. "Jim" ur a. dogr-a ftjfear-olilt; Bne- Ush setter-ownett hy 3. HI Van Ars- date., and for almost all of in* life he has performed, feats which onlookers have been unable to fethora. His forte is, locating: any obiiBctnanr- ecL speller written, by his master. He points out any one in. a. oBOwdispeci- jSeA by Vm AMdal&-<he fettest man. x person wearing: glasses, or- a young woman in a blue coat, He places a paw* on- any make: of motorcar on the street mentioned- by His- master: Or take him to a. finest; and- B» wol, fin* whatever- kfauT of a who watch the? dttft. exert luejmdi fimffi Eh& wf nfibv, tteffitf^ 1C will; ewe rain: Be, w lo*ei!r and! stfltJ Be traa.**" "Thp?ar rataar a ftartf pnfloaop- "Yaw *t* »IteB gtn" MbllrasSff Uwr wor, tooliat, at- wa»' oncsrtain entftaftr at srsdr 1C a< ff hff^Hgh r 2Ot£ tfbs, eoacni.a»a?£st»B* toto annina- net tun irnrTnr finfrrn fio^rnreawfltnoujnf-sha-lie^- Bund' to : fcratr clearfy wtiat aha WO^PfK JU*v »F^ y«'|^jj^>»^>a»" *•* * ^B*P '" '• T 1 •• • seS* had; Been, to Imsgtne^tfiat hw " ' .* w<rald be It onQr ** one: wonK' Btor mntftar and: amt Myra-r— what things ahe could ** CJ^ taenr ar 3Trt aterea. Ba»- her:. He wa» Stawsitt Harclayt " •». • *' . m • fSfftf neTgjtbexaood- o£ Uttfe B&TW TSy gftl'*i,cfteelra were nnnrfng; onljr tbat agB Irntf tangfrt nlis- to * recent aessums of ESr- twenty year* speechless restore wheeteaTaronwtmr due lawn of ahos- . * Bee had stung ^^ to GnEd Bearty from a deep w*ii he wa* moo itnt » shown ah<w* iiiu>itillll'» ** fti»inpi» »» battte Q«d in an auto. First Mwin* Motor "*"""* *'£iT^oT^n*-; **^ *»«« * « *f Cbe U. S. Mann* CoW» ; *• ruJMUn * "* ' tauit »y tiSt&S^LT^; •*?.±" i ..f!!» js? 3^ ^ awl pJMwant, 4 cock, m MONBTHi. — "Efte Mbnette pnWlc building, an eight-room: brick strticturc. was destroyed by fire ahorttsr after-2 au mi Sunday. The building was erected, about: 12 years ago at a <a»e of 5«,080. There was f :• insurance' on- u^e building: and _™ on the fixtures. The origin o£ the blaze had not been determined Sunday ngutt. The fire tooke- out in 1 a second story room, it was oeHeved. The building was a complete: wreck. jOf. records of the institution which Han!' been, preserved" since' the-BTonette public school was established; were destroyed: Because- of a. depleted j treasury, the school had been operat- ( thg: on 3. subscription basis. Tfiere [ „ T«*a»-T*» Ptttsburg Chamber of Cammarce recently ap- pulntttd. a: fflnfff t t 1l ?tt lff * t . ^mm||*i^P*t OL W. on by City Detective* at Port Suutw Clyde ffiul and I. W. Maddcot to coL- iclts^ subscriptians Bor the ftrat ail weU ta be brought in as a producer in Gamp, county. The oommittee is meeting- with «u"""" a» evidenced by the fact that over' $4000 have been subscribed, and it is expected that enough addUional will be raised toreacn S500D. The money is to be given the members of the drilling crew who being: in the first oil well: anywhere in Camp, county. new sodtay has been formed to irft prize fighting. Some ot our new champions should be ®ven honorary membeR*ipa. •A man whir name as Wilted Schram. 25. was shot and wounded: Sunday morning by city who had' pursued him; through Smith streets about two mile*. The officers- D. M. Willis aid; Latti ; Higgtns, sfaot into the Una OB. the- 4 ) before Scram wa* cornered. The d later was found to have been, stall tram John P. Bye, RusseUville dty torney. The wounded man is in St. Edwnr* Mercy bpopital in a critical tion. When brought to bay. Sztos was in possession af a 12 gauge *h* gun loaded with buckshot t _.... f iTany, Van Arsdale employs tt is agfewt h» uses, no inflection* of the voice; but some contend he occasionally stands in certain positions or sometimes looks in the direction o£ the person dk be pointed^ out These theories; however, are almost invariably sattered of. eaofa' perform^ ance. Van-%sdal* givesuhe dog noly simple orders and: Ximsridom fails his master.. Th* mosc papular theory is that the dog actually follows, the thoughts of his masters mind, although there hardly is a-way to; prove it Psychiatrists who haws sough tto establish this contention have given up. ifan Arsdaie himself declares there is it- otrick ta it. "I don't know how \ Ji mdoes it;" he says, "t don't con^j centrale on the? person or object in j question when- E give the order. I-j iust think of it as you do the subject' of your speech. There must be some sort of mental convelance from me to Jim.'' The dog's general behavior is in j keening with his eagactty. He never nTt ~nat«g with other dogs, will not perform ordinary dog: tricks, and is indifferent to attention or orders of all but his master. , Those who have seen Jim accept, (him as a fact but those who have not i remain skeptical, ft is difficult to j convince them of his prowess. Even! the screen failed in this. i i A film cornewion took UJflfl feet of| film depicting Jim's performance. Aft. er careful souly it wac decided to j ' shelve it because "You. can't screen, i an intelligent dog like you can a stunt' dog,'' . : Old West Paint Grid Ace Head*Army Portia Dixie POST McPHEBSei*, <&-—&<— The 1 oldest living captain at a Wesr Point football team, Major-General Edward : L. King, is the n*w eommaaeer of the ! Fourth Carps area with hgadquanem ,hwe. General King was eaplam of tfaff j Army fo«>kfl] team twice, in U8fc and lias. Pouibail orougju torn back to Wesi Point in 1903 as head coach, but i the San ?raneuGO earthquake intar- ipito. ^nd he was sent to th* west iai.t -o be in charg* of a rescue i camp. 25-Cent Balanced Lunch o help aw- dents keep .vithin their toooi budget alUtwai»ces uut *ill *t necessary foed eiemenu. '-lie meat cafeteria at the Unisnewty of -The CTSJn* that ( baiajlced , flew ihe first PJ*n* war • o -Jut service' | Proi. Sveiyn Smith, in ooodiuon ' "Jenartmtnt. has foun* tfaw iW and Wowi What A Surprise Look Who's Coming BUSTER BRpWN And His Dog Tige BUSTER, Himself, a real live person TIGE, HimseH-, a real live dog Come on and m&et both of them. Now don't forget, this affair is YOUR paity. It'a especially for boys and girls. You'll have the tim& of your life. Bueter is a clever character, ami you never aaw aueh a smart dog as Tige. And there might be a comedy, who knowa? And* beat of all, ever*y boy and girl who comes will get a souvenir. Won't coat you a penny, just come and see the show. Place Thursday, Feb. 25, Sawger Theatre 3:45 p. COUKBBSY OF MITTS

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