Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 22, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1932
Page 3
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m, the early troublous days he ,¥hVmftn t>t ehMietur and worth sub« the meat illuitrlous o! marvel whoTto we. proudly etalW ' 09 OUTS, JUMe an abutment stand* he, hUffc and From which the span of liberty shoxild Republic's lofty arches great iWftitf -.„ deaflny of eountlejfc hosts to be»r. O, Washington, across tfte sfilnlng years I Made glorious by thy regal manhood's might, We humbly- hall ihe father of our land. First hi the great succession of our peers, , Our sovereign of thine own unquestioned right, Primal American, serene and grand. J. 0.6. Misa Maggie Boll left Sunday for a shotvlslt with friends'und relatives In Texarkana. • Mr. and Mrs. Mac Anderson have returned to their home in Little Rock after a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson and Mr. and Mrs, J. L. Jamison. • Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Newton and little daughters, Analee arid Alice and mother of Little Rock arrived Saturday night for a few days visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Duckett. Mrs. M. M. McCloughan and little son, Merle, Jr., left Saturday for a visit with Mr and Mrs. E. L. Butler in Texarkana. Miss Maggie Bell and Ike T. Bell, Sr. had as week end guests, Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Bell, Jr., and Fred Marshall of Texarkana. Mrs. Fred Walker, of Columbus, Kan., sister of the late Clyde Hill, Is spending a few days in the city visiting with Mrs. Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Stonewall Beauchamp Jr., were Sunday guests of Mrs. J. T. Hicks and Mr. and Mrs. K. G Mcfloe Jr., en route to their home in Little Rock from a visit in Dallas, Texas, where Mr. Beauchamp was selected first vice president of . the Texas Southwest Warehouse Transfer Association, which convened in Dallas last week. out of town frie« and rtdlriu the funeral of Mt*. ibson ware Or, ftnd Mm fljHewn, For- Worth; br. Finley F, CMMfe. Louisvi:' , K y ,; MM. A. S. Gibson, Miss Daisy 3ruee arid George Brueft, of Conwa; ; -Arthur OlbSOH, LIHlff Rock; Or a»d Mrs. Ai J. Wad*, Allan Wlahftrft and Mrs. Whltehead . ea of Tekarkufaa: Mrs, Ola Allen, Roy and Cameron AUen of Camderu Ml-, and Mrs, Qua McClMiahan and Mr, and Mrs. W. P. Mt$rtt«r of Nashville! Mrs. Frank .Beam*, Greenville, Tex.; Mrs. Herman *l4«ter and Jim Velvln of Lewlsvllle. Mrt. Lillian Jones Porter, president of the Texarkana Women's Club and Miss Margaret Brannon, chairman of the Civic Department of the, club were visitors to Hope Monday arranging local groups to attend the complimentary banuet at the Hotel Grim for the opening of KCMC on Friday evening February 26th. Personal Mention 3. Bela CULA" Lugosi played in "DRA- Mrs. W. I. Parkins, Misses Mary and Nannie PurkinS and Little Miss Marie Antoinette Williams spent the week end visiting wth trends and relatives in Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Fincher and little son left Sunday for their new home in Greenville, Tex. Mr. Fincher was manager of the Montgomery Ward , store which has recently closed in this city. Wade O'Neal, assistant manager of the local L. C. Burr & Co., store for the past 18-months, has gone to Durant Okla., where he will be connected with the L. C. Burr company in that city. Carey Carlton of the Northwestern University, Chicago, spent the week end visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Carlton. Mr. and Mrs. Basil Newton spent Sunday 'visiting with Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Dudney in Texarkana. Farrin Green of Ouachlta college, spent the week end visiting with his parents, Mr and Mrs. Joe Green, Tolbot Feild. Jr., of Sewanee, Tenn., spent the week end visiting with home folks. Miss Hattie Anne Feild had as week end guest, Miss Nell Sutton of Prescott. Sam Powell of Little Rock was the week end guest of Talbot Feild, Jr. Dr. Finley R. Gibson wil} leave Thursday for his home in Lousiville, Ky Miss Martha Stroud left Saturday for a week's vacation to Kansas City and Chillficothe, Mo. WARNING! If you have a weak he^rt don't attend the Saenger Thursday or Friday. Charles H. Newell, publisher of the Texarkana Press, was a visitor to Hope Sunday. Roy Allen arid his brother, Cameron Allen, both of the Camden Printing & Stationery Co., Camden, were Hope visitors Sunday, Roy Allen for 20 years was associated with Ed McCorkle and the old Star of Hope. He entered business for himself at Camden two years ago. County Health Nurse Examines 200 Pupils Mrs. Ira Hammonds, county heauth nurse, conducted a health inspection at the Paisley school Thursday, Over 20Q children were examined during the day. Mrs. Hammond was assisted in the examinations by the following doctors of the city: -Dr. Don Smith, Dr. W. G. Allison, Dr. A. C. Kolb and Dr. Frank W. Plckell. Burr Store Man Goes to Durant, Oklahoma Wade O'N.eal, assistant manager of the Hope store of L. C. Burr & Co. .ever since its location here a year and a half ago, left Saturday for Durant,, Okla., where -he will also be conected with the Burr company, it was announced Monojay. Despondent Over Illness, Ends Life Body of Joe Moser of Pine Bluff Discovered by Daughters PINE BLUFF—Joe Moser, aged 82, cabinet maker at the Cotton Belt shops shot and killed himself at his home here Friday night. His body was found slumped over in n chair in his bedroom by his daughter, Miss Lena Moser, about 9 Saturday morning, when she went to call him to breakfast A shot from a .38 caliber pistol that had been fired into his right temple, apparently caused instant death. The revolver was on the floor by the chair. Moser sad been despondent for several weeks because of illnss. Coroner D. C. Root returned a verdict of suicide. Moser lived with two of his daughters, who said that shortly after their father had retired to his room last night, they heard a muffled explosion, but believed it was an automobile backfire. Mr, Moser was a native of Germany and had lived in Pine Bluff 28 years. He is survived by one son, O. F. Moser, Colorado Springs, Col,; eight daughters, Miss Lena Moser, Mrs. Jennie Gqolsby, Mrs. E. A. Schrader, Mrs. George Merrill, Mrs, John A. Ross, Pine Bluff, Mrs. Nettie. Hyde, Mrs. A. E. Rheinnsecker, Mrs. "Will Holly, St. Louis. Model Transport Line DETROIT,—In connection with the 1932 National Aircraft Show to be held here April 2-10, officials have planned the operation of a model air transport line. The route will cover about 60 miles, beginning and ending at the Detroit City Airport. Stops will be made at four airports in the vicinity of Detroit. Passengers will be carried on the 60-mile trip for a fare of ?5. IN MEMORY Of America'* Graatent Hero GEORGE WASHINGTON We Are Proud to Present MBS. JAMES MARTINDALE And Her Pupils TONIGHT ONLY At »:W P. M. In A Novelty State Attraction, Entitled 6EOR6! WASHINGTON'S IIITHOAY Person in Audience Holding Lucky Ticket Will Win Geo. Washington Birthday Cake. Pome, You May Be Lucky. Showing Last Monday "His Woman" I GABY COOPEB CLAUDETTE COLBEET kitchen (a ptqeiftA dinner Hn« BBRT. A.RM8V,— flnnet, «Mier(nln Ilatcfl?. NOW GO ON WITH THE i CHAPTER fcVlI R,osslter loe-boi was Muffed almost to the bursting point Certainly Molly had stinted on nothing. There was pate, there was lobster, there Were two plump, yel low ducks—and duck at^l.TG a pound. There were artichokes and avacbdos. There were all the tilings that should never hare been included in a simple home dinner. But Ellen squared her Jato and flew about the beated kitchen, growing hotter and Grosser each minute. Perched at the kitchen table daintily shelling peas, Molly looked cool ana comfortable and maddeningly satisfied with herself. From time to time she w uld hum a little tune. Th6n, glimpsing her daughter's black face, she would halt and virtuously continue sholllpg tbe peas. Molly was convinced everything would work out for the best. JSxcett for decorative purposes the colored maid was entirely useless. She did set the table with a great flourish. She considered that wltji serving and .washing the dishes she would have more than earned hdr $5 and .said so. When Ellen, 'Ignoring' this disinclination toward real labor, suggested that she baste {the ducks, the maid looked aggrieved andt "allowed" ehe did only plain cooking. ' ' • "This Is plain enough," said Hllen in exasperation, "Youyi simply have to do it while my mother and I dress. Just open the oven every 10 minutes and ladle the drippings up'with n.spoon." ' ; ' "All right, Miss, I'll, do It. 'But yoU'can't bfame me if"t£ejtt ducks don't taste jest right," ;!., ', I ' "We won't,;'janapped ; Ellen. > tfiftt 4 . .__ the litia* tije bedroom autf a , clean, fresh; blue Id bfiwhed her ottrflitf h*r flushed f<we an4,foiled .__ siting of ifeber wadd that wfefct so wen With fier rtifi, Sbe looked>H The *14eTel§»* flcess, ilender ywth. "Ellen, honey," laid Her asther, eftteriflft ''win you it Ay or are you still, mad at faeT Ellon'i heart failed bet. What was the use of anger, of tftretti, of After * talk, whiflb took place u BHefi'» fltfiets busied themselves with th« snips Molly promised, as she had prom ised to often before, thai inere would be no more surprises. 'But she looked -unusually sobered.' By telling he?of tbe goisip at tbe store Ellen had succeeded in frlghWdlng the harum-flcarum, little Irish man, "They're Just jealous," »b>' de« dared. "If I ware you I'd JiM tell that Mrs. Bondy that be was'here for dinner tonight. Tbat'd stop their mouths. I've half a notion to go down there and tell—" "The tfest thing I can do," Ellen interrupted warningly, "is what I am doing—say nothing." "Well-rxnaybe you're rlgtot, but I'd like to give two'or three of those girls a good shaking Jua't tbe samel" TiOGBTHER they went into tbe •*• living room, Bert was engaged n a long and technical discussion of the comparative merits of the Yankees and the Giants, If Barclay were, bored, his courteous, interested air concenled.the fact. Htf stood up quickly as Ellon and Molly Appeared. "Well, dinner is almost ready* at last," Molly announced. "I hope you're not all starved. Where >ln he world do you suppose Mike 1st" "I'll* go flnd biin," offered-¥ The room was breathlessly hot and every one WAS politely dissembling interest in the sharp, delicibua odor of roasting duck. , : "Yoq haven't met the pride of thtf amily," Ellen remarked amiliffgly o Barclay. "Oh yes I have. I met him in he hall," Barclay affirmed. Ellen did not 1 know what made ler think that be looked guilty 'i a small-boy Way, but she did think bat Could Mike baye said some- hjng to him? Myra had started or the door when Ellen suddenly the street Bhe'ssw- that all the yoongtuefs in ( hood—and they weft Sd fiefore thS almost WocWue Ifc^A f*W Pftle ana cfe i fft means eertalf of his i vwteWtwjr, dttned B his hot-llttleha widdling witi dials, coered tSe'wh'olo unworthy Of a man's attention, Re .with wistful black llffi6U8laQ T fr'otfl alertly rigid chttuffeur But the «ajpHty, vociferous, Wefe lamp-lighted str6< "Have afiy 6t y6u seen Mike sltef?" she iuauiwd, woudt . just what new game they werV61ay> Ibg;. ' ' ' * "Sure,' 1 ' bait a down, . yw . chorused shrilly. She plcks'd out' from the resultant confusion the Id- formation that Mike was &Y\rtg Peter. Rafferty a ride on his new bicycle, Just then she saw Mike, strutting a!6ng proudly beside shining wheel, calling out caution and advice to the tow-beaded young' ( ster who was pedaling. Ellen knew all at < once why Barclay had looked so guilty. This was impossible! ' "Mike Rosslter, come here this minute!" she called. E youngsters, made way him. Peter Raffetty Mid from the seat and^Scuttled down the street like a small, ^active crab. Mike, unconscious of the calamity about to fall, carefully wheeled bis new possession over the euro ftnd up on the sidewalk, Ellen had never seen such glory 'as was on bis transfigured face. "Mr. Barcldy ..gave it to me," he explained in a bushed voice, caressing with bjs grubby, band the shining mud-guards. "But, darling, we can't let you keep it," Ellen said faintly. The blow .urned red; struck, Mike'* face his blue eyes looked surprised, • 'bewildered; confused, lurt and angry, in rapid succession. For a moment he gaeed at her in ippalled sileuce; then burst, into ioud and' frantic wails. So ;overwhelming was his grief and- rage that Ellen was afraid it would re- suit in bis usual upset stomach. She. gathered in his shaking body, conscious that the entire juvenile' population of the block was watching. "I can't do anything," Mike BObbed. "I can't have anything. I proposed all the other boy» a ride. Mother'd let me have it. I'll be so ;ood Ellen; I'll do everything you ell me." ,^c^l*fc**** % ^*»sfr< "But Mike—:' could 1 niver.'undeFstand wh'at be termed thos*' "Roisiter" moods of Myr4 and nei* sister. ' ***«*» «*> The' jMOSt^uttcotrifor j|i uij& jr^ottt Steven had __,„_ _.,._, _ speak but,when she did not he said .anxiouslyt - ''Have -I-been thoughtless?" Ellen, wit»out--comaeftt;-'w, in the .corner and sh.u£ tb« dooir with a rat|ep j^harp bang;. £ ,, T She did "not know waat to , How could ai^e '{elf Barclay tyujf it was one thing to, present m Ikpy to the child of a millionaire ajid quite another tp present ibat eaine toy to the <!ulld whose parents could, not afford to give 1^'to him? ,^[o« could she tell him of the fjerce.an^ necessary. pride of the peorf „ ' ~ '• * "Yo)i've been extrjemely thoughtful," Molly ww " " _ , games 1 in Hope Saturday .Mrs; J. B/ Taylor aftd], Evans of Shreveport we're Thursday rilghi of M^r#. 3V.' Barney Sterfton lfaai\fl. D. of/9aratoga; Were vis Mrs. Ji'5, podsotf, Jimnjfiand thy*' Gray Dodson-of Jexariana, visitors here ^Saturday. . • 4. The Hope Star's n6w home b-at 212 South WamUt Street.- New Discovery Reaohe$ Cause of .Stomach timid glance at My With'V "t^ot one man in a thousand would know exactly What a boy ol 19 wanted. Mike's been dying, slinplyidylng, Mr a bicycle." ^ «^ ('«**- "^ Mike shyly raised bis head. "I'm ' " " manded I'd be good. 1 "Wwmy.&f 'SfttfJSS?^ Dr.' Carl found that poisons -in the UPPER bowel cause stomach gas. "His simple 'remedy Adlerika' washes out the upper bowel, bringing out all gas, John S. Gibson Drug Co. —Adv, to keep jt then?"*l»e de- eagerly. "Ellen said*so if ood." "- •-»**•* blessed tion wW<* JW1.*B .felt to be almost worth tue |5 she wa» to', receive. She clumped into <$e' roota to nounce dinner was "rffifl X T p Be On Saenger Stage Geo. Washington's Birthday Party to Be Presented Monday Night Mrs. James Martindale and her pupils will present a novelty stage attraction at the Saenger Theatre Monday nigh tat 9 o'clock, entitled!'"Geo. Washington's Birthday •'•Party," This little sketch is dedicated to'the memory of the 200th anniversary of the father of our country. • Among other features there' will be singing, dancing, readings and a program of entertainment that measures up to the high standard Mrs. Mprtin- dale has set heretofore, r . Each person attending the performance is requested to hold their ticket stubs, as George Washington's Birthday cake will be given away during the stage performance to the person in the audience holding the lucky number. Aviation Stronger NEW YORK.—After weathering two hectic years, 1930 and 1932, aviation enters the present year considerably stronger, Charles L. Lawrence, president of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce, reports. Readjustmentsof the past two years and.the wedding out of weak lines in aviation's chain of manufacturers and air lines oper- atorsators, has brought thi sabout, Lawrence was re-elected ot the presidency of the aircraft industry's trade association at a meeting of the Board of Governors here. Bankers to Hold Meet at Texarkana" A. P. Beasley, Stamps Banker Is President of Group No. Six TEXARKANA—(^-Southwest Ar-' kansas bankers will meet here Feb- ijuary 23 for the Annual convention of. Group Six of the Arkansas Bankers Association. Addresses will be made by J. A. Pondrum, 'president pf the Texarkana National "Bank, and Leo D. Kelly, vice president .pf the Mercantile Commerce Bank and!Trust company of St. Louis. A. P. Beasley, cashier of the Bodcaw Bank,, at Stamps, is president of the group." Plane-Like Sled NEW YORK—Although the present winter hasn't been any too good for sled-riding, a manufacturer has placed on the market a plane-cled, The sled js built on a central runner and has we wing, At ,each end of the wing is a small Gunner similar to pontoons on the wings of a seaplane. The rider sits oi' lies on a flat board fixed on top of the main runner. Steering is done by tilting on to the small runners on either side of the wing. Races Open to Women .- r , • .. f^3$*}* •"• f-f" »..fe r p f ^ I I I L . , ^v CLBVBLAND,—This year's National Air t Races will see.for the first time closed course races open to woin/rfi. Clifford W. Henderson, race managing director, has announced that women will -be free to compete in closed course races which have heretofore been barred to them. This is a move toward recognition of the ability of iwomen pilots. 5. The news service that is used, by the Star is "Associated Press." RosstonRt. 2 We are sorry to report Grannie Douglas and Grandpa Eblin on the sick list. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cole of Long- vie, Texas xisited Mr. and Mrs. James Martin Friday night. : Little Miss Lucille Butler spent Sunday night and 1 Monday with Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Butler. WCr. and Mrs, P. B. Butler spent Saturday night land Sunday with Mr." and Mrs. Frank Lewis. J. M. Butlei^ C. H, Butler and Joe Martin have finished two bouses and one barn for C. W, Butler this winter. Mrs. C. H. Butler spent Saturday night with her sister, Mrs. Lee Waters and attended the old fiddlers contest at Rosston. J. E. Butler was a business visitor at Hope Saturday. SAME PRICE —TUESPAY^- N O O N E M, A N" Carol Blcairdo Corifi And We Cm Pntvle it. You'll he surprised, too. at thp exceptionally reasonable prises we pharge for silk dresses—knit dresses-rand all kinds of di'esseg at the Ladies Specialty Shop. Smart new styles jn CO ats, millioery and shoes, you will find in ou»- shop, at new low prices too. 1.0011^ UMl)* 10 HtM MUIINLUY • » ^ sr»«ur ro Kt iH WL 1UU1H tin i f HOVt HUH Our school bus driver, Mr. Irl Her-*• * u — lj onltheoobHibis week. •Or 1 *»*•*• > 5 TA *i^ __-,..,._,--_,__ nis;»DUte r It any one does," Pine' poles arid iron ore rocks are preety .goo droad building material for-county roads at this time. The farmers of this section are watching the columns of Hope {Star for information in making applications for government loans when the "set up" is made. Mr. Herman Butler attended-Federal court at Texarkana Wednesday and Thursday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Dean Mattison moved to Stephens, Ark., Tuesday where Phone 380 TJhe Electric Number BACOK ELECTRIC COMPANY Crazy Grystajf; -, * i. ,« c '-" We are ^oyv* ^xQjusiye 'agents Crystals jh flppe, " ' ... * >* > lf> r ."* «" ! f ,> .^ treatment whicli you 'hear' ,a4/< the radio. \ It is sold on a money back guarantee/- $fI $1,50 Package Jno. P. Cox Drug Phone 84 . We Give, Eagle Stelli Yoit Can Win a FREE Ticket to See // Edgar Allen Foe Murder Starring BEL A UJGOSI (Dracul SAENGER »°w^ m This Ad will appear in the HOPB STAR for three d«ys. Each day we will present a set of five .questions, the answers to which are scattered somewhere among the cages of this Tiie first twenty persons sending the corcect answers to the complete set of fifteen gut «•»' u » given a Free Ticket. Names of WUwwrs will be published in Thursday's STAR. will -HEBE ABE VOUB ftUESTJONS FOB TODAV- 1. What is th« name of the femuynje «kf of "Murder of Rue Morgue?" 2. In what city is the t»ckgrputtd ef this efevy Igid? 3. Wh^t either mystery pictures dip; $|fe Lufgsi play in? i- Wbsje is One uew h.ome of the MOE» Sfer iocated? §. Wh»t Ifews Sjervice assures toe 6T48 a(E "«U ihe news while U is ne\y»?" Intbe f¥«nt of a tie, Nea

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