Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 22, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1932
Page 2
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widely which J&f tW CdHfTttUtfOff ftf (I , to Situation tHe. ins aii[d>uts of Me military situ- ajf is a bit .difficult'for-Americans t6 China has^eeM a dish of chop,. _-,—-nerican restaumit. ' *e&ier Jo get thitogs straight if we transpose the ^ " tJnited Stales, ;hai is New YorldCity, .and that some „ „. .md, say, jufc;t for the sake of the illus- the position, of Japan, while America plays of New York's waterfront lie hun- -dollars' wprth of British'gopds which — 0 , meanwhile, has-been seized by a |< mayors and-governors'have been put into t the British,>powj3r. is "a foreign ccmcessjon, ruled jointly lisjb,|ftalian and Russian consuls, each backed itaty force. The English cannot well operate , (1TOTi ,:can seize Brooklyn and Jersey <Jitjr and thus mw\tjhc£tMeMr "^ork &rea. So they shell these two |ya»jlinarines and sapors to "mop up" in Brooklyn. ^*y/jrtrpng NeW York.hationaL guard detachments, . happens, a flotilla of British destrpyters .n JM1 d shells^-Albany; and England pro,power unite to seize Providence, Phila- ;?pftKHnor«; Norfolk and Charleston and demilitarize pic^ur t e complete, imagine that most of the and many of the mayora of the larger cities y independent, each maintaining hfs own army Wngs with little control from Washington, pifcture jn your wind, and you have a fair idea IsMppening in China. Hindenburg's New Fight t • p in •!. lr -VON .HINDENBURG, running for re-election as -^dfnit "of Germaiiy' at ,an ag^e \vhen most men have !\in retirement, is undoubtedly the sentimental fav- „ %tye racewpon this side of the Atlantic, at any rate, ut m order to understand the kind r pf race the'grand old '"•rhfts entered, "it j'tf necessary tc; realize that.this Ger- ictlon is Bitterly unlike the ordinary American presi- ,«lection. Dark, ejouds hang over all horizons, and nder rumbles ominously. The road ahead has three and-two V the, three lead to revolution and turmoil " * le ' Communists—fourth strongest party in the last iJWlrf strongest of all in Berlins-hope to lead the na- tnejr road. The Nazis—German naYne for the [ by the flighty Hitler, have another rood :jnclenburg is all for the third one. ', the Beds and the Nazis had things very own way» The; Nazis have cloaked, 'beneath a iffif Jrre»ponsible nationalism, the aims of a reaction- Uldneas clique, which hopes to use the party to crush unions ana the Social Democratic party and to give a Dictatorship of wealth, Caught between two extreme forces^ the ordinary citizen §t,4i!t begun to organize into group known as "The * r This group draws its recruits from the leading organization, thp JReichbanner, from the Labor :* ttlWRS and the Catholic Center party; and like its opponents v'flstlfilWf Wganfeed into a semi-military outfit which already - ' QWW » flgft pf jutos, motorcycles and airplanes and which is ||pajied fy match blow for blow with either Beds or Nazis if . mef to fighting, The peculiar character of the approaching German elec- tbus becomes apparent. A victory for either Reds or would probably mean civil war— which, in its turn, mean, any kind of catastrophe you eare to imagine for * Europe. Only if this "Iron Front" group, behind , triumphs eajj the rest of the world breathe It is probably the old soldier's laat fight. But it is one rest of the world will wishhim well. Buese* and Railroad* wjiich tt<e auto can cut fnto railroad passenger »ever so strikingly illustrajjea as in a petition »|f an,d Lake Erie railroad recently filed with asking permittjon to discontioue all its in, f service io Ohio. waryiae, said the petttwr* has dropped far be* »t which trains can operate profitably. Jn 1930, and Lj& Erie carried 1J309.213 passengers in . BHiroa4s, (rf^urse, have not suffered that severe- Q& iUii^ration shows what e&n happen in a thiefcly J slat* wJuBjre there is a network of good .._.., SIM Memdrfal 'assured ^fe»t «ingw, K*« 1 CkrtWl M*» , Xt Sunday morn* niW"a miMttt^WK* a coffirmiftWiy wfll* this chulrclrm JWI ling at 1 o'clock., - ^tterly from this «(ty> thfdUghout A»KBH« --' singer! Houte \ Purthsr Hoover'* Plan WAfiHlNGfo¥-(fl>)--Houso republicans Friday took steps to carry out President' Hoover"* request for authority to.reorganize Ihb government In'the'Interest, ote'cOnomy, Representative Hoiaday of Illinois Introduced a party-sponsored resolution to empower life chief executive to abolish, combine Of transfer any commission,.bureau or otherviovern- ment divisions by executive ofder. The house expenditures committee Hftfi nttftnt »i ililPSTiAD COUJ -0 MWtER HOW DftAGREEABtB iU AW, A B60T0UCK TAKE A SHlde ttJ THIRTY YEARS AGO Carpenter's "Quo Vadls" played to a good business here last Tuesday night, and .presented that great religi- ous drama' In a 'manner highly satisfactory to all who attended. Misses Avis Reaves and JatuVHer- vey, who are attending ' school at Ouachita College spent Sunday and Monday at home. Mrs. Laurence Boyd, wh ohas been visiting her parents, ; Mr.' and Mrs. M. H. Barlow, returned to her home in New Orleans'last Saturday. TEN YEARS AGO Ordinance j«WMd <by city council^ creating district for paving streets of Hope. Prompt action taken when matter is brought before council by cltlJten's committee—district embraces business section of city—project for paving Ndrih , Hervey also under way." Headline from The Star of Hope, Feb. 22, 19322. Lloyd Spencer, cashier of the:Hope Savings Bank & Trust Co., narrowly escaped .death this morning when the Marmon automobile owned and driven by Je««e K. Riley, cashier of the Hope National Bank, skidded into the railing of the bridge across -Sandy Bois d*Arc creek, on the Bankhead highway, • sevta miles west, of Hope. • will vote Saturday on the democratic bill to consolidate the war and navy departments into- a national defense department, which is opposed by the administration. __.^. . Pbstoffice Observes Washington Birthday Observing Washington's birthday, Hope postoffice will make but one city delivery Monday, and thfre will be no delivery on the mall, Postmaster J. A. Davis announced Saturday. Hope banks and other' business houses will be open as usual, > Picture Permit FARIS.— Airplanes .flying over France or any of the nation's colonial possessions must have a special permit to take pictures, according to a recent French regulation. This license can be revoked any time at the request of military or naval authorities. CITYOFHO&l (Democratic Primary Feb. IS) For .City Clerk FRED WEBB For City Attorney PATCAaSY W. S, ATKINS For Alderman Watd One L. C. (LEX) HELMS BENNIE BENTON ROY ANDERSON •E.G. COOP Ward Two ROY STEPHENSON L. A. KEITH Ward Four CLYDE A. MONTS IRA HALLIBURTON A. M. M'KAMEY 1, The feminine star of "Murdar? In] Rue JMorgue" is SIDNEY FOX. tak the es me wor "Guess I'm like most Americans who trave! a lot, I take many of my hobbies with me. Chesterfields, fo'r instance. I've smoked 'em for years. "They're not only made good* but they're made to keep good, and that's why they hold old customers like me. "Take the tobaccos. That.fragrant Turkish tobacco—your taste gets that, all right. And the whole blend—say, there's nothing like it for milder, better taste. "But my point is, Chesterfields are just the same wherever I buy them—Argentina, India, New Zealand. The package is O. K.—moisture- tight, clean-looking— keeps the aroma in. "Even the paper comes into it. As far off as Shanghai I've noticed how pure and white and fresh it is. "I've never yet found a town where Chesterfields couldn't be had! And no matter where I've bought 'em, they've always been just exactly right!" Wrapped in Py PONT Nymber 300 Mp!st«re« Proof Celloph«ne.-tlw h*st and most expensive mtde. MILDER PURE TAS TE B EJTfR

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