Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 20, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1932
Page 3
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* rmd grata ft* fflih W fralrtnt gfttttn cloW. 16 f»t oWlk ft , ,-ftittirii love tntrtignt df trJ6 • 4, ,-ir ove M pw , • SOT a he*rt with', path and woe, op- that lovely- <iho\lgM ^ strength and rety And • ws» healed, that vety hour. ^ ' Martha Citttlhy arid HttUie Ante Pelld spent Friday Iti TexarKann. Silly., Bob H&rhJon visited In Ar« koderpnia Friday. Miss Carolyn Bird, and Willie Au brey, Ouachlta.eolltsge student* wire guetts of Selrtn LAe BarUett Friday night and attended the Ounehlte col leg* band concert at the city hall, Mr. and'Mrs. Leslie Daniel* of Tex- orkana were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Max Cox Friday. Ben Hoynes had as guest, at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Out Waynes, Friday night, Julian,' Wood, Harty Mardage, Gltty Brayell and Lester Lee, Ouactyla college students, Miss Florence RIsdon of Houston t Tex., will arrive today to atknd the funeral of S, B. Henry. • Hottie Ann Feild has as week end guest, Nell Button of Prescott. Comer Routon of Ouochlta college is spending the week end With-his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Routon. • Mr.^ and Mrs. Pat 'Rising and little daughter of Texarkana are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lon McClardy. Mrs. Rorsey MoRae, Miss' Beryl .Henry, Mrs. 0. A,, Graves, and Mrs. JC. D; Lester attended a Founder's day i meeting Friday at Highland, arid also ''visited Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Brown and children much to (he regret of their many friends are leaving to • make their home in Texas. Mrs. L. W. Young was hostess to the members of the Friday- Bridge club and the following invited guests: Mrs. A. K. Holloway, Mrs.' TS.. P. Stewart, Mrs. George Ware, Mrs. W. G. Allison, Mrs A J Neighbors and Mrs Johnson of Fulton. Mrs. Holloway won thp guest prize and Mrs. Ri V. Herndon the club prize. A variety of spring flowers were used in the decorations and'the George Washington motif was in evidence in- the tallies and the dainty refreshments served. The Red Knight club of the "Hope high school sponsored 1 by Paul Hinant entertained Friday evening at the home of Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Alexander honoring Carroll' Brown, sec-, retary of the club who is soon Jeav- to make his'home in -Texas. About < thirty-five boys" nnd girls .attended, games and contest were enjoyed until a late hour} when a shower of many useful and beautiful gifts -were presented the hohoroe after this delicious refreshments were served. ;la m BffeWnte of fftftitteg and ft foUoWng y -«jupl«8 left fir'a tri,-. after wh)eB Mr. r *- aiid M«T Bruce Ljuth Otady street. M fc . . _________ W. R, An4«r*on, D. f>,, Minister. 6:41 a. m. Our Sundayg School meets h departttienta under the direction: of Ji« Superintendent J. C, Hall. Classes for all ages are 'taught by well prepared t*aohers. We Invite you to join with ui . It I* Cathedral at Carlisle, Ehglnnd-ovtr clghi ™, <«* . , Morning worship and ser< , mdtt. Subject, "Much frofh Little. 1 ft**, ,"What i< that In thine hand?"— By request, Mrs. Dabney will sing a " solo*. 7:30 m., Evening sermon, Subject, • Between forth' and fifty .members and guests of the Every Man's Bible class of the First Christian church met Friday evening in n memorial service for the late A. C. Whitehurst an elder and valuable member of the church, W, C. Weltman president of the class presided and the following members and visitors made talks, with Dr. R. O. Brunk of Texarkana a former pastor, making the main address. Dr. Richards, C. S. Lowthorp, W. P. Agee, Dorsey McRae and Mr Schneiker. After the memorial services a plate lunch was served, . Benford McRae entertained the members of his class of the Junior high school at the home of his parents Mr. aVid Mrs. Dorsey McRae Friday evening, Leffell Gentry, sponsor assisted with tne games. At a late 'Saying Faith." + :te |j. m. Meeting of the Young People'* Society. Mrs.' W. M^ Cantley Will present the Foreign Mission tudy, , .'..-> 7:30 p, i; hl., Prayer Meeting. ' METHOmsYcHURCH J. L. Cannon, Pastor Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Preaching at 11 a, m. and at 7:30 i. m. League meets at 6:45 pf m. Prayer meeting at 7:30 p. m. Wed- lesday. The subject of the address at the 1 o'clock hour will be "The Philip-, Ine .Islands, A World Problew." At the night service the pastor will discuss— "The Originality Of Jesus." THE CHURCH OF CHRIST John G. Reese, Minister Bible study Lord's day morning at 10 o'clock. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning sermon, "The Good 1 Shepherd." Evening sermon, "Preparation for Death." Mid-week Bible study Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Ladies Bible class Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. , A cordial weclome is extended to everyone to attend all these services. Hope Girl Honored by Belhaven College Miss Edna Earl Hall, of Hope,, has been chosen one of the 12 freshman commissioners of the Y. W. C. A. at Belhaven college, Jackson, Miss., according to a college announcement-to The Star. Two others out of the 12 also were Arkansas girls: Miss Margaret Hill; of Ca'mden; and Miss Louis Mairmon of Montlcello. (By tfEA,' Service), ; The 1 names ot Henry VIII,'Queen Elizabeth, and Charles 1 might echo through the ancient structure of the cathedral at. Carlisle, England, This old church was built hundreds of years before they were born, figured, in their lives, and still-stands today as.an Interesting event In their tempestuous careers; Precisely when It was Started perhaps is' not definitely known. But the house of Augustihian canons was founded In 1102, and Henry I dreated the bishopric of Carlisle in 1133. Once it .was the church of the Augustlnian monastery; Now * it is unique as being the only ancient Augustinlan church in* England, prior to the Reformation, which was also the seat of a blfhop.' Queen Elizabeth Issued the first charter, of incorporation of the~town of Carlisle in 1566, for the cathedral— though one of the smallest in all England—had already gained great; importance by that'tlme. Henry VIII endowed a grammar school, influenced by the cathedral, years before this. And In 1638 Charles I issued another charter unde which Carlisle continued to be governed until 1835. Tradition I says that the Saofo 3e-, sttoyed thd five wifet bays oF.the, cathedral In 1645. Tht surVlVin*|tM bays of the, nave are plain and what humble ** ...... T . Jlitrlct AnorrHy ..-, ________ H6 statement ftitr_-_ 6V6r f tH*.*«j«ktlo$l 'cfftton* MM** nays who denied- that t)te «o»: was.obtalfted TnVottfflfBrtly irteans ol promises By trfftcfefA munity of pfoteeutloft far Mc Moferfde. a Mar man,' Is n tried dn charges ot rSbbsry.wlth fife* arms in connection with the frustrated bank robber^ arid thfr abducting 6! flpb Cunningham, Ferris night watchman. The statement named as .his gc» compiles Schuylet Marshal! 1 , 3t., terih» er Dbllas 7 county "sheriff, Herbert Scales, frallas sportsman; And J< fibber* Kettst, of D«llas. All Havef been Indicted' fe the erf Me while Mar* 1 shall wtui icqaitted last, Week on ofl* of the ' , and sister Mlis *tiirff ed Mdroney/and Lw ufl, **fe rs. Jesslg .; Butlw and Mls» Citxieni Go Into Action . at thfc. faiftufy.of'i officers to, halt the umble Norman work of. the operation* bf a big lUiUi* still, citl- dentury. % _ MM O f s jfural community near h«e fhc Norman nave was built by Asthdlwoldj whd was the first and blshob. * , Experts who discovered the foundation of th(s original apse to,be of flidft mfrsonry say that this indieatftS-nsUvIs not Norman workmanship. •* If The choir is ornate and beautiful f east Window, fine tracery, is said to be one oltK« finest in existence, The trabe'ry lighje have glass' representing -part of ' the Last Judgment. __ - ' ' 'f-' Below the window is a monument to Archdeacon Paley. This archdeacon from 1743 to 1805 and was the author of'"Evidences of Christianity'; a, highly prized work. He is buried in the; north 'aisle. Interesting legendary scenes from the 'lives of St: .Arifliohy'ahd'St: CUth* bert and St. AugUstine are-painted on the backs.of the stalls. President Wilson, during his European trip, 'visited" Carlisle,' which was.his mother's grlhobd home. hour delightful served. refreshments were Mac Anderson of Little Rock spent Friday in this city visiting friends and relatives. Lee McDonald of Washington was a business visitor to Hope Saturday. The double wedding of Miss Adell Purtle and Doyle Bruct and Miss Eslelle Purtle and. Berlin Taylor was Mystery That Makes Your Spin* Tingle SAENGER—Thur.d«y Rookie's Faith in Seer Lands Nashville Berth NASHVILLE, Term.—(/P)—F rank Severa, of Troop, Pa., has faith in for. Lune tellers. • and so does James A. Hamilton, vice-preisdent of the Nashville club of the Sourthern association. , Hamilton received the folloing letter: "I am a young catcher and a good one. Having been playing on local semi-pro-teams for the past two years, I want to go into professional ball "While in New York last month I consulted a fortune teller. She told me I was going to play in the Southern league this season and in the big leagues next year. I'm giving Nashville the first chance at me. How about a contract?" After requesting and receiving photographs and records, Hamilton decided to take a chance on the fortune teller. He mailed Severa a contract. Homesteaders Increase on Michigan Farm Land LANSING', Mich.— (/P)— Hohiestead- ers., in Michigan increased from an average of-20 to 89 last year. Although the state has 1,250,000 acres classified as homestead land and 2,000 applicants for farms last 'year, only 89 were granted! because mos( of'the land is unfit for 'farming. Only abandoned farms, with improvements, were turned over to homesteaders. Closing of factories caused many to seek homesteaders, on which families are able to raise enough to cat and go tax free for five. years*. Bu't the government expects most of the farms back on its hands as soon as factory whistles begin to blow for most-of the land is poor. Woman Game Hunter Goes After Tropical Fish PALM BEACH—(/P)^A woman bear hunter and her husband 1 , both of whom have set enviable records as big game nimrods of the northwest, have launched an expedition which has as its goal capture of the largest possible assortment of tropical fish. They are Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Peterson, of Nashua, N. H., who, after taking an eight-foot sailfish in the Gulf Stream near here, pushed on to more southern Florida waters. Mrs. F'eterson on her regular fall Canadian, hunting trip last year bagged a black bear, a large bull moose and two large buck deer within three days. She killed the moose with a single rifle shot at more than 400 yards. 40D to of English Vocabulary ANN ARBOR, Mich.—(^P)—Writing the pedigree of every one of the 100,000 )yords in the English language at the 'time of the "golden age" of English literature is the task to which Frof. Charles C, Fries of the University of Michigan has set himself! He will have 400 yolunteer readers, mostly college professors. As they read 16th and 17th century boks they will copy on slips of paper passages which illustrate meanings assigned to words in use at that time. Between 3,000,000 and 4,000,000 slips will be checked and classified, it is estimated. The dictionary. is. one of a series of ''period" dictionaries intended to show development of the language. Petrolle Hopes Dempsey Avoids Leading Heavies KANSAS CITY-(/P)-Billy Petrolle, the Fargo Express, thinks so much of Jack Dempsey he hopes the former heavyweight champion doesn't tackle cither Jack Sharks ' or Max Suhmel- ing in his ring comeback. Washington State Fixed for Tall Cage Centers ; P.ULLMAN, Wash.— (^-Washington State college is well fixed for sky' scraping basketball centers' next few for the Huhtly Gordon, all-Northwest tip-? off man' and co-holdfer of the northern division Pacific Coast conference'scor- ing'record.'has another- year of pom- petition. . • . : ' ,,;, He is 6 feet 5 inched tall, but is compelled to look up to the Cougar's new freshman center, Robert Houston of Tacpma, Wash. Houston measures. 6 feet 7. inches. and is promising varsity timber. Clean Stream Campaign Speeded by Unenaployed DETROIT, Mich^f/PJ^-P^og^aitis for, unemployment are speeding construe, tion of sewage disposal plants and the campaign for clean fishing streams in Michigan. Communities have made much progress in. such work in the past year. * Grand Rapids spent $400.000, Flint $600,000, Dearborn is constructing a plant to cost J500.000, Traverse City is building a $245,000 plant, Muskegon Heights has placed a new pJant in " in, Escanaba is building a plant, and Lake Odessa, Hast. ings. Harbor Springs and Wea.ueton sing are getting ready to open new plants ' Brothers Team to Meet All Texas League Clubs WICHITA FALLS, Tex.— (if)— The Coombs brothers baseball team, composed of 11 brothers all living in or near Wichita Falls, has scheduled exhibition games with all eight Texas league clubs. The brotherly aggregation is rated with the best semi-professional outfits in this section, Alabama Society in Havana SUNDAY AND MONDAY .1 He's a two-fisted sailorman! She's a dance-hall scamp! In different worlds they live. When they meet, it's to HATE! Until an orphaned waif unites them, in LOVE! "HIS WOMAN" -With— GARY COOPER Claudette Colbert •SATURDAY ONLY BIG POUBLE PROGRAM BILL CODY "The Montana Kid" —Also— JAMES CAGNEY -In"T A X I" with Loretta Youiig m ftf* still Thursday and .dumped it on the '<$ftrt house' plaza. for the ts of the 'sick and tired" ffif* the still operations and seiz- ed'it after officers failed to find'it, although! he said they had been ad- v!se3 t>£ ite>16catltm. . 1 "JVB. Carter, chief of courity police •said he had heard nothing of the still until it wad dumped on the pla*a. "We certainly would have found it if we had been nbtlfted," he added. Washington Mrs. Simmons and two children,'of Shover Springs, were visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Card a few'days last week, Mr. and Mrs. Finis. Johnson and son Weldon, and Miss Mary Catts, attended tli'c violin and piano recital given by the pupils, of Mrs.. Robert Camp r bell at the Hope high school last Tuesday evening.' Weldon; Johnson is a pupil of Mrs. Campbell and,participated in the program. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Qrton and,Miss Jane Orton, of Fulton, were in Wash' ington a few hours: last Saturday. Mrs. Paul Bailey spent Sunday in Hope, with her daughter, Mrs. S. E McPherson. . Mrs. W. I. Stroud and Mrs. Jim Webb were shopping in Hope Wednesday.' W. I. Stroud and Mrs. Andrew Stroud attended, the funeral of Mrs Strodd's brother,; R. L. Frescdtt, at Holly Grove, last Sautrday. Mn and Mrs. Thurman Rhodes anc children of Hope, were visitors in the home of Mrs. Rhodes' parents, Mri and Mrs. Bob Levins, Tuesday night. Mr. Rhodes is a prospective citizen of town and Washington will be very glad to welcome him. Mrs. William Hul^ey and. Mrs, Frank YarbrOugh spent a few hours in Hope Wednesday shopping. •'••:' "Mr. arid, Mrk.Cllfton.Billingsley, of Hope, were guests' of Mrs. Albert Hiil- sey a few days last week., , Dr. T. J. Robinson came in Tiiesr day for a visit with his family. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Velvin, of Ashdown, are visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Parsons this week. Dalton Hulsey is the proud father of a seven pound girl, born Febru- ,ary ,11. The condition of Clarence McBrew- er, who underwent an operation last week in Julias Chester hospital, is reported as much improved. Miss Letha Frazier will entertain with a forty-two party on, Thursday evening. The Baptist Missionary Society met with Mrs. C. C. Gough Tuesday afternoon. A missionary t program was 'rendered and refreshments were served by the hostess. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Joe Jackson. A prayer meeting and choir practice was held at the Baptist church oh Trimble 1 Hdfcs. _-,_,-,- ChaS. fS. Holt Was ^Tuesday alterHoorf Vls« shaking hands With frends In Washington-on Mon« day. '"^ ' Centerville Now is the time for all good job hunters to come to the aid of their party. , •Health la fairly food at this writing. Moat every one is up thai has hadf the flu. .*, . » ; Mis* Princess Wa'teon of Hope vis* ited the- family,; of ' her aunt, Mrs. T. S.Gleghorri,'thi/t vteek-end. , -.Mr; and'Mft. Earl.ttrwin spent the night With Mr. Owen Jones and family Friday, night. Mr. John Buie and 1 son, Paul, are Visiting Mr, and Mrs, Fred Buie a few dlays.' '' Mrs. f: L. Gleghorn and daughter, Mrs. Fred Buie visited their mother, grandmother and family last Friday nigh . tana*. Saturday. George Waddle has moved his saw mill backi in our community, : The party at Mrs. Aulton's Saturday night was well attended and all reported a good time. Mr.-J. T. Wright, of Rocky ^MOund was. in our community Saturday. Mr. Buie and son/ Fred, were Visitors in Blevins Sunday.; • Quite a bit of, moving has taken place, in our community. Mrs. Owen Jones called on Mrs. T. L. Gleghorn Friday. , Providence The boys, and girls basketball teams of this place played Rocky,* Mound Wednesday afternoon. Our girls won, the score being 12 'to>,8, and the boys lost, their score being 17 to 8. Several from Piney ' Grove school visited school' here Friday afternoon. The party given by Mr. and Mrs. Milton Simmons Saturday night was Very much enjoyed* by those who attended. ' Quite a number of young, folks from this community attended the play, "Mother Mine," at Rocky, Mound Friday night > Mrs. A. F. Simmons, and, baby spent .the ; week-end with, her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Card at Washington. ' • Mr.t-and Mrs. Carl Tbronton^jmd children' of Kney GJ-ove-'spent- Friday : night; with her parents,'. Me and Mrs. J. "Mr. Ray and family and spent Saturday' 'with her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ray. ' • ' Mrs. W. D. Morrow, Mrs. O. 1 B. Thompson and Miss- Mary 'Morrow, visited Mrs. A. R, Campbell Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Browning spent Sunday ( with their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Simmons. Mr. J. F. Tonnemaker of this place the week end with relatives in Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Walker of Little Rock were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Zan Bateman. Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Whitten spent the week end with relatives at Bodcaw.. • ':-• ; ' V - •"''. '..-. • "'' Mrs. C. C. Browning visited her. sis- ;er, Mrs. P. A. Campbell Friday afternoon. '' - •''... Miss Josephine Jones spent Sunday night with Ms. and Mrs. J. W. Ray md family. , ' Mrs. Bob Clark visited Mrs. Charlie Roberts^Thursday afternoon. Don't forget Sunday school each Sunday at 2 o'clock, Mr. tmd-m IGHlbwt family spent Sunday' with Mr, Mrs. v Mitchell spent with. her' sisWr, Mrs. Edgar BodpawNo, i. - f ,' Frank frlmble of Hope. was here on Business Thurso*ay> ' .. in Texarkana 'the guest/ of Dr. and Mrs. Ruel tthhitis' - i . i Mrs. Ruel ns ^ ; \ 4 t Mrs. T. -8.1 Jacques, Jiasf' rettirneU from a visit to Nashville.' '. «v , Miss Lillian Robms,and Mrs, John- nle Carrigan wfoe shoppitt^ in Hope. FrldayS?F '" t ' Misses Mary Jones and Anne Chamless ot Hope spent the past wi&k with Mts.',E. H. Amonette. < ' Rev. Leonard, filled, his appointments here at the Methodist church. Mrs. G. W' Gist entertained the) League members of the Methodist church Friday night, , , Mrs. J. L. Stringer of' Hope was a visitor here Thursday. * Dr. and, Mrs, .Roland Robins 'of Blevins were recent visitors here to Ann ot " com ^ |?J &P8*t; MONT^ Majestic Building Phone 4644 Geo. A. Meadows, B;/ Meadows-Draughpn Gradual! Get'the Best Positions % * ' A Superior School Catering (o the Better* Class Standard'Courses in Bookkeeping, Bmnkirig, Higher hand; Stenotypy, Typewriting, (Mix Tn8tftt£*?' staff, including CeruOed Pnbllc Accountant. Fr partment that'keeps in constant touch with Je cerns, NOW is the beat time to enroll. Calk SPECIAL information. ,',* , ,« „ M E A D, O W S-D R A UfG : koiN '-*-.,* > , ±* VJV *- A-J-W^fj- • SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Budget > Annual School Election, Tuesday, March 1J 4 The following, is an estimate of the expens^*'*,^ lie schools of Hempstead County for the school lyear. 193 as submitted by the school directors in compliance wit'' J tion 97H of the.school law of Arkansas; , Attending the winter races ia Havana are Mrs. William Stveit Sr of pirmliigliamr Porter Riiif of New York, aud Mv«, Mary streit Hoytou of Binuingliam, shown from left to right above. This photo v»u6ljt,tMj»l.|»>.°n* tUe interested Monday, February 22nd George Washington's 200th Anniversary Citizens National Bank Capital and Surplui—$300,000,00 OFFICERS AND DUtfCTQBS R, M. LaGROI«i President. L. P. RBEP, Vice President. R. M. BRIANT, Vice President. C. C. SFRAGINS, Cashier. J. C. HALL, Assistant Cashier. G&C-. W. ROBISON O. A. QB4VBS j. A. KAYNES Wm. A- L. 3 Per C«mt Interest on Savings I u 1 18 20 29 33 37 44 49 50 51 55 56 57 61 62 67 70 71 77 78 81 82 4 7 14 17 Name of District Common Districts , Clan ^ Oak Grove Nolan Summbn's Island Liberty Hill Stephenson Holly Grove ' Evening Shade Walnut Grove Shiloah Oakland Harmony Oak Grove Academy Centerville Chestnut Hill Walker Nazarene Wesley Grove Temple Bradley Rural Special District Rocky Mound DeAnn Providence Piney Grove 18| Bed Land 20 1 Guernsey 22 1 Iron Springs Special District 1| Blevins 2 3 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 Columbus Fulton Hope j Nashville Ozan Patmos Spring KUi Saratoga Waahinijrton i! 86 21E 126 300 300 1000 150 75 25 80 788 125 150 75 70 100 s 1000 750 700 450 75 5000 430 3188 3200 2500 31,500 5850 500 5000 6300 16,548 5200 i! > 40 ' 2C 16 25 40 45 ^ 30 15 20 25 50 10 20 25 25 15 15 65 60 60 25 120 45 300 90 300 1500 1400 60 60 75 443 160 1 i 76 45 38 45 84 85 450 450 600 200 1700 610 360 '1500 450 ' ~ijgf 55C 400 100 165 . 275 1500 1000 1700 2200 700 6000 500 12000 5000 4850 30,000 15,000 2240 6000 6000 10,410 6500 i-H , 1C 2C 2C 3C 3C 50 30 25 • so 20 50 20 25 75 25 go 25 25 10 ll 25 50 60 .45 60 40 OOQ 15 600 245 340 000 500 T6 75 300 69fi m ~~T~ j* 1 5 "'1 1 2 * 7 1 1 2 ' 1 1 40 5( 2? ie 45 25, 15 . 25 1 10 25 25 50 40 45 60 1000 200 50 50 200 m 50 50 75 100 155 l" -'-TiT jagS! ii.fc i ' ^:I ' !•** 4 t s " <" i' ^ „ ' »n» ,, 000 300 »gQ JOO 1000. ' JOO m '^X^^S^CT^H i m *4,sJlflt|S '* ' 1 ^'^S > **• 'V '• «W ''>***•$& ? 1 i s m ' ^ '&t *m i \ :*jm f « } - fm ' "H - ^m * •'&$$* "^•S •\ ^'fM * -fe'l f ' r £m *;'.4^ gf rtify that the foregoing & a true tlre wtimatet budgets for 1$3^'88. oe by tiw i§ij^)J directors of Beropstead COMW&'. Date ?«fc 5,1^2. Slgoud; B. I, AUSTIN. Feb. ^,13.80 eo f ,u •• *-w'-: x-'-a

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