Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 20, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1932
Page 2
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fVft, ^^W^B ^ff ^WWI^^r ^Ww •' - 1 ^L. '••^•nila'laiai'Bfr £**- if|tiiifilsfc,4$toiUi(;f grttttl Holme, and Cardozo •'£&*"V,. - . .. a \u&» Oliver Wendell Holihes. fiamtd College students, in , , f ^ jiirhfc'ftt imtellecttial dinbition s (course by a star which he Has for, s^fiJP which'he ~j^ somehow, takes on a new significance /ehangejn the supreme court of .the United d*Lf Jl?- 4. * ..•. stepping; down, is replaced by Justice ^a worthy successor in every way; and wo^rrten prove conclusively that it is tq follow this other-wordly, imprac- t.Justice ; Holmes gave the college men agen- titt win a high place in public life. we look on public office as something that t w*ith more,or less.base metal.. The man who t compromise with expediency, he musfc'give of always saying what he thinks, he must i 1-4. v.-_ ^- ht hand/kno¥f what hi» left hand utics, we are fond of saying, is a dirty game. ip^aria, right, in.a good many cases. But we l ^BtL Theae'two men, one leaving^a high-place, """", show us how completely our easy ' iy a star which, he has never seen—what * Au-i. JLI- B igaflgj, of men, must .trust to^a are not- always^ evident in the ready- to let hi& fellows redide hijn, unceasingly faithful in sticking- to the ft? -, man who would*rise in public office? •E,- «--•*---- mea , ever retired from the supreme leacclaim-that greeted Justice Holmes' retirement, & ~ evet ascended to it aa widely endorsed as is Jus- 'jfcnd'these- two, throughout their careers, have a >t motto unceasingly. Lhatibn.,i» always, ready to put men of that kind in '---- Uhe only trouble is that it can find so few of ' » i -iV' < .t i* » i± ; '' .,4. revived a,mas- th« Mrs. sage Satwi . her brolhw-WM:.**rl 0 0»ty HI at hi*: heme there. , ^m O Mrs. Simrnont>«||,t^. children of the Prov! days wll Mrs. Jol T Eugene ffSteen ottJaAtm is visiting his gp-andrrtothef Mrs. Sidle tysteen. Miss faullne -V»rbrt>u|h ot Hope, spent the tf«*k'elW 1 with Miss Jessie Mi*. B.,& ttmtoriakt visited Col' umbu* ThUrnasj)' iri the Interest of the Methodist parsonage work, thert will be a George IMnshlngton program given at the school Auditorium Monday hight February 21 Admission lOc and ISc tot which will help on the repair's of the M. E. parsonage. Everyone in invited. Aubrey O'Steen and sitter, Bessie, spent Saturday night and Sunday in DeAnn, A. F. Simmons is visiting his grand. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Card. Judging by box-office figures,' Jack Dempsey's comeback campaign proves one thing. He can take it! Once upon a time there was a disarmament conference delegate who wouldn't battle for his plan of peace. The Texas woman who "doesn't know the diference between a gin fizz and a highball," but who is a wef candidate for Congress, must have been afraid'she'S'never find out under the Volstead act Calvin, Coolidge is sued, for J100;000 for some remarks, he* made over the radio. 'Maybe that's why the Sphinx never talks at alL' ' An .Eastern capitalist says that/business is definitely' improving. ' Next thing- we know, they'll be telling us to use these good'times to prepare for And now,they say we forced* Haiti to borrow money from us. Well, they won't have that trouble- again. . The only opponents to the proposal to scrap all 1 - navies-'dre -the -notions which have .navies, . With all the speeches' out of the way, the*-only thine remaining.for*the disarmament conference, to do is to dis- Now that Wall Street has gotten re-•< Ifef. maybe there's a chance for the rest-ofijus.''• •'•• . '" ' Arkansas 'Frosh' Quintet Keeps Up Victory Habit FAYETTEVTLLE, Ark.—(fl>)—These freshmen at the .University of Arkansas believe in winning their games. After going through* the 1931 football season undefeated, the Razorback yearlings, under . Coach •( Glen Rose, took matters up and .exchanged the gridiron for-the basketball court. 'They have won 13 basketball games in a row this winter, six of them at ttie expense of college and junior college quintets. • • • • "Proxy Battle Begins," a headline says...Another sign of. the return, to normalcy. DeAnn The health In this community isn!t so good at this writing, Mrs. Ben - Wilson is improving slowly. Miss Fay e Samuel is spending thi week end with home folks. S. H. Boyett spent Friday night with his father, Mr. J. W. Boyett. Miss Lois Lloyd is real sick in the Julia Chester hospital. Hope she wil soon be well again, Mr. and Mrs. John Allen vsitied Mr and Mrs. Jack Allen-, Friday. The friends of Mrs, Frank Robertson are glad to know she is improving. J. W. Boyett spent Wednesday nigh with his son, B. M. Boyett* We are glad to;\have : Mr. Robert May back in our community. Guy Tate spent the week end wit! home folks at McCasklli. . Bro. T. L.'Epton filled his regula appointment Sunday at White Oal Baptist church. The crawd was verj small on account of bad weather 1 , anc roads, hope the weather .will be bette by next meeting day. . ,% OF HOPE (Democratic Primary Feb. v For CityClefk f FRED WEBB ••it • TO OERE TODAT BO9SITER. A Tribute to the Jobless |ot.the most striking features of the present depression \yftKK the relative absence of violence on the part of jarfld, workirigmen. Norman Thomas, Socialist leader, IbOn thjKporat in a speech at Willtamatown, Mass., the ff arid'remarked: ! degression lias produced less mass .demonstration, w^Ixaeause of the recoil and actual fear of violence the. workers and the fear that such demonstrations £ tie them up with the Communist theory of inevitable ''"torn"' ' •-: .' '.-. . •--., ^t».apparently, ia about the size of it; and there could "' like? tribute to the solidity and intelligence of the wage-earner. The American, worker has ndt the lesirefpr a revolution. He simply wants a job, and I to wait a long time for it he- can wait without break- Josephut Daniel* delegations of North Carolina citizens visited Jois Daniels recently and urged him to become a can* governor, he refused, stating that he preferred to }U£ in his present post as newspaper editor, and adding • could serve the people of his state more effectively in It capacity than he could in the gubernatorial chair. TKe Ideal conception of the newspaper editor's function privilege has seldom been set forth, to see to it that one's fellow citizens are given honest, iplete and unbiased accounts of the events of the day, to ^gsftsm h«J4ti* wickedness and corruption and to do what one ''""\te uphold the tputJv—is not that, after all, about as high inabitfcm a* a man ean entertain? And if a man ia in a where be c«n do those thipgs, why should he long for >*?> Small Bondt Needed r , of the most interesting suggestions made in conneC" tfen with the anti-hoarding campaign is the proposal that ~ B«wy|tjr«ietk« Finance Corporation offer a good block ||,6QQ,GQO,QQQ debentures in denominations small to attraet the generaj public, is foolish to assail the praoiiee of hoa»din gcash with" * " " it reflects a very widespread and deeply_ ;?i»t of many of the available mediums of The best way to pijll hoarded money back into fe to offer an investment about whose i « can be np possible argument ' " bonds issued by the Cfirporatioij would Df9» „ jeatwent; and it is $a»f to believe that, if 1 T ^,._ _ ailable, 9, perfeet lto«| of hoarded rnoney w flttt to take advaMa«e of (fee situation. DUhll£ |w*"*_ ffoxtiiae left by tfeclr tatker ••« •the •§»!» mtmt tb¥ family. Mollr fMllokly •*••«• < •OMcy wtvcd ta.»ar the tot. Ellen *e- tlftu ,to work al|kt» at Dre»»!••< ••• • hiMtera ' ••til the to made ••. Th« WCB> evcBlaa* dre«« •tu none. »TEVBM BAMCLAT.OT •nil her employer, "lend* 9 her 1 -• dre«>. Sht toigttm •!• klBOncn wh«a at Oreamland iihe meet*' tandinme I, ARRTf HARROW- GATE, an artfetv £ater Ellen «•- ,coVu> Larry I* ena^iired to l» married. Kren thoo*h. ak« thlaka hJm a philanderer she con tlnn» to »ee him. ' • • " .. • • • : Myra aad Molly opealy fa»or Barclay. XUIvn qnarrela with them, Thea B(n9, DONDT, a ptore qonif, apreada •eandalon* Btortea of: Barclay.'* utteatloma 1o Kllen and »h* determlacn to- ac* him, ao •or*. Molly telephone* that a ••eat la eoatlafc' te>- dlaaer. bat doea aot supply the nnmr of thin arneat. - Ellen «»PD«»e» It «o be BEBT ARMSTEAD, her •Uter'a Mnaa^^. . . . -' ' • .* « 1 grandfather bad /died antf remembered them In^his 'will. ; Perhaps the'dfeaWthat eorbied'lier onlld- '' ! ' ; trow GO oar WWH THH STORY CHAPTER XVI, rpBAT evening as Ellen entered the shabby Brooklyn apartment house she felt a great peace stealing over her. The lobby was uncarpeted. the tiled floor was by no means clean, the treads of the stairs bad been worn by^many feet. As ,uaua) Mrs.' Clancy popped open her door to age who bad come in. Surely there was nothing visible here to Induce happiness but the girl felt an odd lift of spirit. This was home. She bad left the store behind. FOP 12 bours she need not think of It She bad slipped out of the ugly . and complicated life she led there to return to a life of her own. '• She was tired and she wag coming She was glai} that she was not that night to see Larry Harrowgate. Tonight she wanted only Myra and her mother and baby Mike with loyal, stodgy Bert serving as a comfortable background. A leisurely supper, afterwards a batn and maybe a shampoo it B feU like it—a delightful way to spend an evening, thought Ellen. Sna readied the nfth floor, un locked tbe door and stepped into the Roasiter living room. She stopped at tbe threshold, gasped. .What bad happened to tbat beloved, familiar room? Since morning, it bad changed startl Ingly, miraculously; Everything about it had been changed. The worn carpet gone. The floor bad been polished aod was covered now with summer scatter rugs. The familiar contour of tbe furniture was lost benealU, smart slip covers in gray orange, and tft* Curtains ot the same grftf Wftterial fettere4 at New pewter _ froitt tlw roanw* cl«»re4 for owe of Mike's scbcpl A ft*w bridge l»»p ttw •»»; cbalr. ~ thief TN tbe dining room a colored maid' •*• polished heavy" silver' finger bowls., The' fable,; decked in new linen,, flaunted a centerpiece made ot Steven Barclay's roses, tall and splendid in a silver vase., New rugs and curtains' here, too. The maid glanced at- Ellen, expose*, white teeth. "What are you doing here?" the girl demanded in astonishment. . "I wuk here." Ellen, dashed into the kitcnen. The kitchen was not changed; Molly turned around from the store' and smiled at ber. , "Were- you surprised, honey?" she asked In a gale of merriment and high spirits. "What in the world baa happened anyhow?"'. ' '. - : . ' ».' ' \ : - • • \ , . "We're giving you your chance— that's what's happened." Molly crowed. "I'd never have known how to manage but Mrs, Clancy told me to borrow money on the insurance. I've had the mpat exhausting day. It took a long time to get the money and since then I've spun like a top." "Haye we-lwth gone crazy? What are you talking about?" "You'll see." Molly was convulsed with-mysterious laughter. From downstairs the doorbell rang Imperatively. Ellen' in a confused daze Answered its summons. "Go and see who it is," Molly commanded mysteriously. A3 Hlie ran back through the dining room Ellen noticed that tbe painting of her grandfather, which nod been stored since her- father's death, was iii place on the wall. She reached the outer door and jerked It open. Coming up tbe stairs was Steven Barclay. I'm afraid I'm early," were Barclay's first words. "Your mother sa,id seven," Ellen as she stood, shabby and beautiful, io, the doorway suddenly understood everything. 13? "her chance" Molly had meant Steven Barclay. It was not the tinie-r- thQUgb her mother, to. do her justice, could not have known tbat-<- to invite Steven Barclay as a guest. It w&4 indeed not tna place into which to introduce a millionaire. The makeshifts, so delightful to Molly, did not improve the duwu-at heel apartment; tbey succeeded only in emphasising the essential of its oecupftjta. But nos- •, deep rooted, ajd instinctive iliumpUe4 over tatter considera- in Ellen's njlnd^ Bllen stepped into the hall to greet her unwelcome, visitor 89 w«rmly that be should never menMon- his palpable weariness; enough nnderstanding to keep silent uVifl&M^maae'ir kailant' recovery; Vkftf b»fp»ned? As lUe ran. ifttp room Ellen thought con _ __...._-. 'It!s good of;yo'ui to. .come,".,she said at last, extending- her slorirler irown hands. Seeing him rally his forces for a raply, she bad a sudden flashing memory ot Larry leaping up the stairs' and shouting breathless and oolish nonsense. "I'm glad you think so," Barclay said; •' C<LLEN noticed then, hesitating ^ on the landing, a uniformed chauffeur laden with florist boxes, ;hree' of them. As he caught his employer's eye he came forward. "Oh, you shouldn't have," Ellen exclaimed helplessly. "We've so many ro«e» now—". i '<opped suddenly. I know r shouldn't have," be was not * vfPP? one. *»* leaning against tta bftluBtr»da by tae lqn« climb, face was go walte, that lu » mom»nt feare4 be »no uga 8]ti % pot to Barelay agreed.' "But you've no dea how I enjoyed myself. There's a'box for , each of you—for your slater and your mother and the pink roses are for yon." And then they entered the living room and Molly fluttered in from :ha kitchen and began exclaiming ovor the boxea and recklessly tearing them open until the room waa a carnival of color. There waa a smudge of flour on her pretty, tilted nose but she was tar too excited to ie conscious of ber appearance. I feel as though 1 don't need an .ntroduction to you Bt all," she bub- Died, shaking hands with the guest. Ellen baa told us ao much, about you." Molly's eyes and her daughter's Hashed Mother. Ellen did not know what to do; she felt complete- y helpless. What could she say? There was no denying that Barclay seemed pleased, "Well," he waa saying, "I hope, they were all nice things." . "Of course tbey were," Ellen replied a shade stiffly, "Qarling, could you get vases for •he flowers?," Molly interposed, tossing aside layers of silky tfaper and ailing uer arms with sweet, purple lilacs. ElJen concealed, ber reluctance at leaving ber mother and bar employer together and left tbe room. When she returned she found Molly, ber lap overflowing with, flowers, chattering like mad to Barclay. She was; talking about tbe English ROB- alters, "direct connections of ours, you know." Ellen understood now the reason for tbe portrait in the dining room. She was both annoyed and amused at her mother's childish vanity. Although Steven was interested, Ellen was exceedingly cross. S»e relieved Molly of the fragrant bur- <Jaft an4 arranged tbe lilacs, tbe creamy canjillias and tna pink rows to tha already crowded, IQOJJJ, What " Steven Barclay tbll* o* Purely he could a#s tbat ber trying to impress bll . could guest tae reason, too yoiw$ to kMW tb*t <tave& Was thlnklne nothing of tha sort. He waa indeed thinking tbat' he bad never been in.such-a charming, such a, friendly pfeoe. Molly's very wiles TT*re too,trmnapareat to * s*em vicious" or grasDtng. '.'You'll •Just have to make yourself at home," Molly urged, rising. "W» live so simply that I'a afraid I'U hava to taka my little girl away front you. She's tbe only good cooji n the- house." .-.•••.• A UDACIOOSLY Molly twined her arms about Ellen and drew Uw ;irl's rigid body close; Ellen knew tier mother expected her to say something pretty, something deprecatory and graceful. But'she said nothing at all, "Perhaps you'd like a magazine," Molly suggested hurriedly when Ellen's stubborn sllenca was beginning to be embarrassing. Then she cried out, relieved, "But tbqre'a a key! It must bo my older daughter, Myra, and bar Uonoe. They'll keep you entertained," Myra and Bert, dusty and hot, cam» through the dining room and into tbe living room. Both were plainly flabbergasted at Barclay's presence. There were more Intro* duetlons. There were more exclamations over the flowers. There was more of Molly's ecstatic foolishness. There wts more laughter. Ellen maintained control until sbe reached the kitchen but when tbe kitchen door swung to after ber and Molly she w- In a state ot towering rage, so angry she wan incoherent. Never in ber life bad Ellen been so angry. "I don't know what you're talking about," Molly said, in a tone which she boped would be bold but which was instead anxious and frightened, "Can't you see bow unfair you've been to me?" cried Elian, trying tp be patient. '"'"I've borrowed V on our Insurance which is tbe only thing tbat stands between us and complete ruin. You've put me in a false position with toe nan I work for. What sort of Impression do you think you*e given Mr. Barclay ot all of us?" "He likes us. I know be does! If only you badnt stood, tbere like a stick and left everything to me, Ellen RossJter, I'm annatned ot you! I thought my own daughters knew better what VPIB due a guest." Tbat was Molly's way. Ellen felt again lh..t mood of intense belpltt* ness, She saw Molly was convinced tbat -'though Bhe herself might bava been slightly at fault, Ellen's ty f- outweighed her own. Tears were gatbeg-ng in the black, thick-fringed eyes. Molly would forget that gha had. baen even slightly at fault. She would only sobbingly remembc that (he had given, hex whole life to her daugh* tera, cruel and unappreclative (Jaughtera who never r»s»»iabftre4 wha* ahe ha4 do«e for them. »4W r»gW. wother," the girl aal4 with a heavy sigh, "You. were right and I was wrong. Let's *et.Uu»y, '' ' -"* "A frame-up," is the reply of Mrs. Arnold H. Kegel, above, to an indictment charging her with poisoning 'her maid, Mrs. Mary Ryan, to prevent the maid from testifying in n divorce suit brought by Mrs. Kegel's husband, below, a former Chicago city health commissioner. The maid is recovering. The principal witness, Gerald Lee, now testifies he was forced to make charges against Mrs. Kegel by torture. HoDy Springs Grandmother Butler who has had In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas St. Louis Joint Stock Land Bank of St Louis, Missouri, A Corporation Plaintiff vs. Sarah S. Jobe, et al Defendants WARNING ORDER ' The defendant, Antoinette Delony Jobe Manlove, is warned to appear in this Court within thirty 038) days and answer the complaint of file plaintiff herein. Witness' my hand and seal of said Court this 5th d^y of February, 1932. WILLIE HAHRIS 21erk of Hempstead Chancery Court Feb. 5, 12, 19, 28 ' COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in pursuance of the authority and directions containejf in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, made and entered on the llth day of December, A. D. ffiSl in a certain cause (No. 2442) then pending therein between The Federal Land Bank of St. Louis, Misouri, n corporation, complainant, and W. A. Nash, ct al. defendants, the undersigned, ns Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public venduc to the highest bidder, 'at the front do'or or entrance of the Court House at Washington, Arkansas, in the County of Hempstead, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Thus- day, the 25th day of February, A. D. 1932, the following described real estate, to-wlt: The North Half (NMs) of the Southwest Quarter (SWy4>, and the Northwest Quarter (NWMi) of the Southeast Quarter (SEVO of Section Twenty (20), in Township Thirteen (13) South, Range Twenty-three (23) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, and: Also begin at quarter Section corner between Sections Nineteen (19) and Tewnty (20), in Township' Thirteen (13) South, Range Twenty-three (23) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, run thence South along the Section line between said Sections Nineteen (19) and Twenty (20), Three (3) chains and ten (10) links to the poinl of beginning, run thence South along said Section line Sixteen (16) chains and Ninety (90) links to the Southeast corner of the Northeast quarter (NEV«) of the Southeast Quarter E'A) of Section Nineteen (19), run thence due West one (1) chain and twenty-four (24) links to center of Hope, Shover Springs and Falcon Road, thence' North along tho center of said Public road eighteen (18) chains and seventy-nine (79) links, thence East along the Southern Boundary line of a parcel of land here- ;ofore sold to J. M. Reece, and parallel with the Northern boundary line of the- Northeast Quarter (NE'/i) of the Southeast Quarter (SEW of Section Nineteen (19) Eight (8) chains and Seventy-six (76) links to the point of leginning, being all that part of the Northeast quarter (NE>/4) of the Southeast Quarter (SEVi) of Section Nineteen (19) lying East of Hupc, Shover Springs and'Fa Icon Road, ex- ept four (4) acres on the North and leretofore conveyed to J. M. Reecc; and containing in the aggregate, 128'/2 acres, more or less, in -Hempstead County, Arkansas. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit o| hree months, the purchaser being equired to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said cause, with approved security, bearing interest at tie rate of-8 per cent per annum from ate of sale until paid, and a lien be- }g retained on the premises sold to Bcure the payment .of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 4th day of February, A. D. 1932, WILLIE HARRIS Commissioner in Chancery. . S, 12, 19. For City Attorney PAT CA$EY W. S. ATKINS For Alderman Want Owe L. C. (LEX) HELMS BENNIE BENTON ROY ANDERSON E. G. COOP Ward Two ROY STEPHENSON L. A. KEITH Ward Four CLYDE A. MONTS IRA HALLIBURTON A. M. M'KAMEY quite a severe spell with her head Is able to be up nt this writing. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Alford of Luann, lost an ainfant babe last Friday, February 12, and it was brought \hero and laid to rest in the Fairview cemetery Saturday evening. The little bne budded on earth to bloom in heaven, i We can only say to the parents to grieve not for soon you wlU be going to meet your darling where there is no more parting or sad good-byes. Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS . The more you tell, The quicker you sell. .. i: 1. insertion,. JOc per line. .1. minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per linct minimum 50c 6 insertions, 6e per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5Vj words to the line) NOT E—Want advertisements ac- ccptei] over tlic telephone may be j charged with the understanding] (hat the bill is payable on presen- j talion of statement, the day of first; publication. Phone 768 STRAYED—One black gUt, unmark 'ed. Foui- white feet and white spot face. Reward for information leadln to recovery. A. M. Hulsey, Washin ton, Ark., Route 1. 18-3tp. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Furnished apartmenf two or three rooms, connecting bat! Private entrance. Mrs. R. M. Jonei 314 South Shover. 29131] NOTICE GENERAL CONTRACTING - Fr estimates on painting, paperhangil all kinds of building. Phone 567J 518W. Collins * Harrington. (13-3 A LITTLE PEPSO-GINGER WI end 1 your indigestion or your drug will refund your money. 5- WANTED-Issues of Fibruary lit] Truckland'Courier. We'Will pay cents per copy. Ifope Star, WANTED-Issues of February lltl. Truckland Courier. We will pay 1Q cents per copy. Hope Star. WANTED-Issuea of February llth"I Truckland Courier. We will pay 101 cents per copy. Hope Star. FOR SALE FOB SALE—Five room house, modern garage. No paving tax. $200.001 cash and terms, near high school. Mrs. Carroll E. Brown. Phone 437. 19-3t FOR SALE-One 10 inch steel Kelly combination terrace and breaking plow. One section harrow and one five point fjee-whix. One toil of soy bean hay. Call 757. J. A. Embree. 16-3tp. BIG HUSKY BLOOD TESTEP CHICKS GUARANTEED to live and lay more eggs. Customers report 100% alive at four weeks. We also do custom hatching. Satisfaction' guaranteed. Braemar Hatchery 601 Dudley Ave., Texarkana, Ark. 2-17-tf, WANTED WANTED—Boarders, rates reason* able. Mrs. T. E. Urrey, 320 West Second street. 18-3tp, CHIROPODIST Your Chiropodist and Foot Specialist back at Patterson's Department Store.

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