The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1940 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1940
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 1940 Russian Oil Lines Open To Attack By Allies Through Turkey ny BRUCE CATTON NKA Service Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. March 20.-\Var in the southeast moved claser with elimination of the Northern Front by HIP peace of Finland, in (he opinion of many world military authorities. In the cento of the stage- In the new potential theater of war is the ». Wg oil pipe line from Baku to ~ Batum, across the Russian province of Georgia, which carries IJ.nich of the oil on which Knssia depends and from which Germany hopes lo increase her supplies. ; Observers in the capllnl believe dial, If Turkey, France mid England should unite in a war against. Russia, tills pipe-line would be the chief military objective. An allied army, It i s assumed, would strive 10 cut it; Russia's chief objective would be to prolect it, since It carries the output ot the rich Baku 011 fields, and its capture or ctit- 'llng would seriously cripple the Soviet Union. MOUNTAIN RANGE WOULD BE FRONTIER Formidable mountain ranges lie along the Turkish-Russian border, and .it. is assumed Hint the Hussion • defense line would be drawn [here. These mountains are not Impassa- . ble, however— Russian troops got te well beyond them at one time dtir- '^ ing the World War; furthermore, it might, be passible to send an allied army around lo Ihe region of Bntntn by sea. Sea pewer would be important in such n war. If the war did take place, a German-Russian drive on Rumania might accompany it—in which case Britain and Prance would need Turkish permission to transport a rescue force to the mouth of the Danube by sea. Hpiv- ever, Germany is reported to have pledged Russia to leave Rumania alone. Good figures on existing naval strengths . in the Black Sea are .not at hand here, but the consensus is that Ihe Turkish forces are stronger than the Russian- with French and British additions, they certainly would be. Transport of an army to Rumania would thus be- possible;- so would a blow at. Odessa, . Russia's principal naval base, arid- conseijiieiit-'cultlng of (he « ,sea Irine by which ol] goes from Batuin to Odessa. Turkey has a' capable army with . a peace strength of half a million men. No one knows how many troops Russia now has in the Georgian area, but their number is believed to be large. . The general opinion in Wash- ingloli is .that the number of Prei^h troops hi Syria has been a good deal exaggerated recently; this. It is held, was done by the French government intentionally as a means, of. pulling pressure" on Russia. Even so, It Is admitted that '• France has strong forces in Syria, available for use In a drive against tlie. .pipe-line II necessary; in nd- j ditlon. England has heavy troop concentrations hi the Sue?" nel«h- borhood. . It is generally assumed that, if this war did develop, Russia would BLYTITEVILLE (ARK.y_COURiER NEWS Here Is Third Potential European Balllcf'roiu ^ * i IF WAR ON weereBN FRONT REMUS fir s] , STALEMATE, flCriON ijMflY SHIFT TO eflST,. PP.08A0LB PUS9W DEFENSE HUE |p fiN /iv"-' SOVIET ftou-re PlOTO PUMflNlfl IP ALLIED SEA POWBP couuo STRIKE AT on. SUPPLY LANE, HMO MIGHT PR00A8LE DIRECTION WIVE ON RUSSIRN OIU SUPPLY,.. With the Northern Front closed by (lie iwnce of Finland mid the Western Front dug in behind Ihe linos, Hie Bnlkniis and Near iSnsi days, should you leave n tip for present n third i»lcntlnl batdrfront for (he Europe. Hero's how it looks. lni; nnlinns of lake tlie defensive—at first, anyway—to prolect lier oil line. Strategically, ni!.v offensive by Soviet troops would logically strike smith and west from Georgia, toward Syrin and the Suez. Little stock Is Inken here in the stories about a Russian drive toward India; distances would be too great and supply lines altogether loo sketchy, it is bejleved, to mnke such nn offensive practicable. Should there be an allied effort to invade Russia itself,, the line would probably go via Rumania and Odessa; the Caucasus mountains offer Russia n formidable defense line, bnyon'd which an invader's supply difficulties would be immense. There, is a good deal of feeling in Washington that much of the Near East war talk lias been started by the British and. French to remind Stalin of the vulnerability ol his all-Important oil line—and hence to restrain him from takbi» a more active part in Europe., Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge ot cori'ecL social usage by answering tlie following questions, then checking against, the authoritative answers lieloK- : 1. May a woman who is staying in a hole] receive a jnan gitest in her room? 2. Where might she properly receive him? 3. Is It nil right to take station-' ery nwny fiom a hotel? ••I- If you stay in a hotel several (he clitiinbermiiid? 5. U you «re calling on n friend who live.s- In n hotel, should you telephone from Ihe lobby? What would you do if— When yon are slaying In a hotel i'ou wish to have food sent to your room— (a) Ask for "Room Service?" tb) Qii'e your order lo the -telephone operator? (e) Give i-uur order lo the desk clerk? Answers 1. No. Not unless she has a sitting room as well as n bedroom 2. In the lobby. 3. No. 4. Yes. 5. Yes. Best "What Would You Do" SoK utlon—(n>. a series or stumps (lodlctitod to Washington will be placed on sale by Postmaster General James A. t'Mrlcy at the iiostoffkc of TiiskeKcc Institute, founded by Washington: Farley will deliver a VoiinUcr's Day address. The school's famous choir will sing. Paul .Uobeson and Holnnd iinye.s and utlier celebrities will Inni) Die former slave who became a leader and Intelleclinl lib- erafor~for his people. Chief Justice Charles Evans Tuskegee Pays Honor April 7 To Its Founder TUSKEGEE, Alu. (UP) - A nationwide tribute will be paid to Booker ,T. Washington, pioneer Negro, educator, Ijere April..l. honoi.irv chnlrinnii of u iialrnm coimnlitrc plniinlnt; the celcbra- Unti In WashlnsloD's mcmor.v. Dr. Wlllhm Jny Schictfelln of New York is the nallmml chairman. „ . viiiuicii uy the 11 Hughes of Iho Supreme Court is oliiinses In gauge. ) <tiivinilb Hpmts Trains i CANHBHRA, Allsllillla (Ul>) — Hallway connections linve been completed lhat makes 11 possible In cVoss Auslralla by rail from Sydney lo I'crili in sif, days. Thi! ilistancc I? 2.100 miles but speed Is handl- by the necessity ol three Ootlo n fIJec,! S TONE V ILL E 2 B Experiment SUllnji lists jl'tovt li To Eo Host Money Value Cation 1'or ;M 1111 i s i n n i Comity We have a limited supply of these seed wind, ate llrjl year trom l>«itl- Sreeil Stoncwilc L' B bought direct Irom ttie breeder, It veil 8 rown on local tatius anil llj imniy | S j, 15 ,, re rt !>>• s|>ccb! «<>iu>rvl>l<m mid strictest BCitarltloii In planting plckln E and (liming. »in«o« Oet rrcsher ami purer seed uow—w e '.Mill lie glad lo tnilc lor your steil or you nay obtain these .IcHntcil sec il for SZ.t.0 pet tmmlred. fllDne -J7:{ RED TOP GIN Blsllievillc, Ark. SPECIAL! 1/3 More for the same money .lohnson's Wax and Glo-Coat SHOUSB-HENRY HARDWARE - CO. Phone 33 HAD TO WAIT YEARS TO GIVE YOU THIS NowClcnmore Silver Label has reached the bonding age (ml slill 90 proof for mildness. PINTS $1.00 QUARTS .95 •' PAGE NINB Homage Will Bo Paid Jano Addams On May 21 tilllCAClO (III 1 )--Him lion:*' wlebmli's H.s fiOtli nnnh'1'r.Miry 11 ic middle ot May In ceremonies r,.- pleUi with hoin'ijji' 10 Us (oimiU'r .huir Adilams. Althoiiijli Mi;.s AiUliiim din) May 21. una, the 1'union'i Inli'miulimul * v . ! fllk'iii(>nt .stmids loduy u moiiii- iiioiil lo her, mid in,, jjift j or | m . nuili-iiiidi'i'slundhiu h flllve In the licr.siin flf Oliiiilolti! Cjur. her i;iiis i-i.^oj a.s illri'ctur of Hull llouw. Uie InMiltillmi . I'Cinndcd 50 yours nun last September, but Ihe uimlvi'i'Mtry ci'h'bra- (Inu was set buck to colncldi' with HID nmilwiMiry of Miss Addiiiiw 1 ifellll. I'HiiPlpul events of Mn> j-om- iiifinurHlli'K iiroiiriim will tic u nu- lioiinl coiirwi'iH'o on M.'ltletueut work In ollclt the bcnrfll.s ninl derive from sui'h Insllluiliiiis as IIul House. 'I'lierp has bci'ii wldi'sprt'iul ret- OKJiltlon of Ihc "cuasi'" thnt. moll- voles all activity within Hie settle. inent',1 rnnibllng walls, xot down In (lie midst of Ihe liumiin nilscry ol Clilfdgo's tciicnifiil district. But Miss CHIT emphasizes (hut, lull Homo brings mure lo the le.s's for- Inimle lliuu inrri!. rood, «nd hnp-, cnlerliihiment jind cdutn- llon. Creel Is Onllhicd "It thrives nn the spirit ol Jane Addams." she explains. "It Is a spirit Incomparable in Us love of people for their own sake, In Us loh'riiiicc, (.elf - forijeinilness and in.'ilnictlon In Kciinliit' liimian con- ccpls." Tndny It Is lli« sfilrlt of Miss Carr. loo. >jm< U slmrliix the Uws of the downlroilden n.s MLs.', M- dinns did lii'foi'd her, anil with mi i umlcrslaiidhi!! hiillt on afi yrars ol MK'lul welliiri' work. Slu- wn.s ijrud- uulcd from Vussar in l<j]:i nmi 4l(U-(! ilicn lius devoted iin- cner- Klf.s lo \vHliiif iu'llvlty, lirst in Nl'W Vltlk |V|n>|'|; ,.;||p , 0;i< . ( 0 ( j|. ri't'ioi.shlp ui Ihc clty'H ctncruejii'v relief bin-can, commiiiidlnu u .stuff of 18,0011 iH'rsons, iiiul hili'r nt Hull House, '.Wit! wa.s an orliilnal .spunsoi of I'hllcl - lalxu- Icjiisltitliin tuid the liivsenl. liuvs wore I'liwlfd on Ihe bnsls "I hi'r 10 y<.nrs i(-;.i>^n-li Into Ilii- puiblonis «[ rhlldivn In Indus- Ivy. Now .she .'ilninv; the tiraljli'mn ol chlldivn who nrc h.iiKllnipped by miihulJuslmi.nU In Ibi'lr homes n- their llvivs. who luck coiupanlon- ihip mid opportunity. Miss Can- rxpeeLs the celcluallon In Mny lo be an mni'li a dcdirn- :lon lo the next GO years us un i/irnlxil of Ihe so yeiirs ill lull The null iionw e(|iilp- .n-iil Is vnluril ui ni'urly $^.000,01)0 and the attendance at settlement activities year, was 400,000 liersohs. "There' Is «. Iremenoous job for us to do," MUb Carr says without complaint. The mmlvcrmry win nr i ng \ 0 . eeltuif.intmy i>ho have .spent, llrac in. the Imy courtyard, tool and <H)!el, a atosis'.. throw from erlmy, bustling llalstecl street. StandHis; side by side, conceivably, will be an tlallin hnck.ster, a Greek laborer and Walter s. alfford, president of American Telephone and Telegraph Company, or Jolm Dewey, noted philosopher—nil alumni. , OUier purls of Ihc week-long pioaram vvll! be nil address •'by Kccrelury of Labor FMU'CC'S" Perkins, hortelf n former scUloment member;, mi Issue by the, 1'ostofllcc Department of a. comiiK'nioratlvc June Addnnis ulamp, and begin- ulng of production of a mollon plc- lnre. "J.'ine A<l<inms and Hull House." . • Rnnil Courier News «nnt adj. : KEYSTONE ALFALFA SEEDS AI..J, KINDS FIELD SEEDS HA BY CHICKS L, K. Ashcraft Co. Thirst asks nothing more than ice-cold Coca-Cola. But Coca-Cola gives you that refreshed feeling too, —a happy after-sense of complete refreshment. That's why everybody says: get a Coca-Cola, and get the feel of refreshment, THE PAUSE THAT REFR& BOTTLED U.VnrR AUTHORITY OP THE COCA-COLA CO. BY Phone 366 COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY nlythcvllle, Ark. SAVING MONEY IS FUN WITH STUDEBAKER CHAMPION Q "My huiband and I hove many o lough whin our <rlend»i»« our now ear and think V/C'VQ luddenly (jo( rlthl" •'. i l'^ ' @ "Wo'ro not putting on oln . our frlendi juif don't Know h- . little our beautiful now StudtbaW Champlan faall^ coitit" Q "Our Champ|«n dotifl't laok Ilko o loweir prlttd tar . ,'. h'» » imarl ... but !l'» rttilly |ir|«ydright. ' ,J down with th»iaw«tl", ;,'•':. ("And folk oboul iavin u ...wo uie about 25^0 lui gat »o run our Champion and ipand next lo nothing '<"• rspalnl" Q "Why weV« actually mon>y enough ahead right now an our Champion lo treat ounelves to a nice vacation trill lummtrt 11 T HIS stunningly siylccl Sdidc bukcr Chainjiian ishnilt with i)ic$;imo long- lulling soundness as the StiulL'hakcr Commander inul Pre.siilcnt As d prnuil Stiidehakcr Champion owner, yon save I0"£ Io25%onga'>o line—and oil, tires, nmi mccli-inicil ^upkeep also C'OSI JOIl l(.iS Come in acid drive this roomy, reiifiil riding, dis- pion. Low down payment —cnsy C.I.T. terms. f PRICES BEGIN AT '660 lor a Champion C»Uf» d»Uv»r«d at tha factory Announcing -appointment of 12.1 W. Ash, -i'hnnc 1121 ..-.-:• BlMhcville, Ark. as authorized dealer for STUDEBAKER COMMANDER AND PRESIDENT AND THE NEW LOWEST PRICE •' S ; -.'' : _. Studebaker Champion Studcbakcr ownors, new and old, arc assured-of the utmost in courtesy anti attentive consideration of their requirements as a result of ( this ne\v Studebaker sales and service rcprosentatio'i! in this cltv. -, ' . •..'• : ^ '.i 1 ' "^-XTv ' li? ' . • . . -V:-\ •"•••"• •' "-' V 5 ' \»

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