Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 19, 1932 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1932
Page 5
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The dttW itrl eontlflnid ttaktng nif "'iBflli MlB. Since Jenny did noi lp*aVKll«n d « old6d thftt sh» hldttoilmrttlMqtiasUott. Sb«re- »»ftt«d fb Jenay ralMd a fluihed *B6lBt nothlm rauph," she an- iw«Wd coolly, / *1 h«ten ( t done anything to of- irav* It" Bllen asked In BOWBft , M debutant*. l* »« •« uw )•••*••*•• we K T 0 fl *k« Nile*** hi* t« IM * .. (ere* *h« cvMUnriea (• Mt him. Kll*« qnnrrtl* with Mr mother, rtftuln* la brenk an eMMtciuelt with Limy «« •««•»! ••* ttttm tlHtelnr. She BCIM to Court !*• IMMI *t<h taffy »«• AM* h*M«lt MOM **d Mar* !• !•** With klii. MOW CO, ON WITH TUB STOHf CHAPTER XV 14/rONDAY was Dale day at Bar clay's. Monday was tbe day the basement Invariably reached Us peak for tbe whole week, The girls dreaded Mondays. Moat of them on Sunday critically examined the •tor* advertisements to -determine which counters were to ba Iriun dated. .That • particular • Monday Ellen and Jenny Elklns.-hor coun ter mate, were the victims. Their counter drew a large and voclfer ous proportion ot tbe crowd. Nineteen-cent cretonne, hundreds o bolts, apparently were passionately desired by every woman In New YbrU. Ellen as she mechanically cu lengths ot gay• colored material and tossed them to the wrapper, as she tried rainly to keep some order among, the' bolts oh the counter, as she again and again assured cross and weary shoppers that any one ot the patterns was precisely what was wanted for summer draperies, bad not a minute to think ot herself or ot Larry. She had dreamed of him the night before. No dream had a chance ot survival at Barclay's on Monday morning. Toward 11 Ellen began to notice that Jenny Elklns, a little chatterbox ot 19, was strangely silent. Or- dinarlly nothing could stop Jenny's active tongue. She/ was always talking and giggling betw««u aalea or .duringjtbemV calmly oblivious of the fury of her customers, Ellen missed her cheerful chatter and her breathless confidences of what "the boy friend" had said or done the night before. During a temporary lull, she ven tured to move to Jenny's end ot the •'Qt ocuMe not," Jenny responded airily. ' ' She tore eft the sales slip, bonded the carbon to her customer and affably «rged th<| perspiring woman to cdme agalh to Barclay's. She wai to affable that the customer looked a bit startled as she hurried away. She Was less slanted than Elltem Ellfln knew how Jenny felt about customers. Unfortunately at that moment h6r attention was diverted by a renewed ' cretonnes. She was com- peliwl , to dash back to her own place. Eventually she decided to ask Jenny to lunch with her. She really preferred to .lunch alone, but 'she had; no Intention .of .permitting her cpunter-mate to sulk over an Imaginary injury. At the stroke of 12 and . before Ellen ?>ad a chance to speak, Jenny disappeared. -That was , odd, too generally" there was, some casual discussion of luncheon plans. Ellen ran toward the employee's stairway and caught up With Jenny who was making her way to the rest room. "I'll set you up to lunch If you don't go over 60 cents," she offered guilefully, knowing how broke Jenny invariably was. ."Sorry." answered Jenny. ;.'.•'. . "Look here," Ellen began suddenly and with spirit. "If you're annoyed with mo over something I insist that you tell me what it Is.". The stairs were full of hurrying girls. All at once Ellen was possessed of the notion that Jenny did not wish to' bo seen with her7. talnly sno waa galloping stairs in an unusual manner.' "Toll me." she urged again.>?» " "It's nothing," Jenny responded sulkily. "It Is too, or you wouldn't act this way," Ellen persisted. "You're not in such a hurry as, all this. Let's atop mimoment." ( .She walked through tbe door at the second floor and Into the practically deserted furniture department. After a longing glance al the stairs and a fearful, fascinated glance at'Ellen's back, Jenny fol lowed. .' "Now, out with it," Ellen said. Jenny was plainly embarrassed B uv looklQ tt Jfllen -,.„„—».-,-. started fo itrtftfc but ttitett 168k*- jet lift in 'stubborn «ll4ncj t Al lira regained l»f cbrapogura.BllSB ttW with ffowlftg nefvxSUinisi HUM Jeflay hid assumed a loot fit ttflrt ourloilty aft though thW», tejf S6m«thlag n«w and ftatttfb(« about Ellen which she had nav«f men before i . f» alway* liked ,—, — sain at iaat **tMy, "bat «<i to think oil Her MpSitatlonV' "What IB ,tb» WGrld \'d* ,„ mean?' 1 Bllen demanded.aatrtly, 'It's «your fault," Jeany ood- tinned, gathering c6nfii5«it:». "You've always pretended to b«—• oh, well, tort of different, fr6m th« rest of us. 1 wouldn't hive »ald * word it you hadntt lri«»st«d. Hut the whole store'* talklng«" ( , Ellen remetribefed abruptly that when she bad gone to the locker's that morning a small, tfonp of w t la- perl ng girls had h«en gathered around the mirror. Sh8 knew of them, but as she had aPttrA they melted, aw^y tofor* fht^ ha* had any opportunity to tWit'tHtai . "What are' th«y s taHdn* about* Jenny?" she askfd. "I guess you know' well -tefrogh,'; Jenny repiled/.alry.agaln.' ,"It f a you and Mr. Barclay. -HI* swwtary got the b}ll this morning from the florist shop. I. saw if myself. ' "Why, Jenny, how can' you bo so silly as to think..that bis sending flowers—" Ellen begat., "There's more to If than ttial! Jenny interrupted. "Mrs. Bcradj •knows somoorie 'who saw yon com ing out of his. apaffyrtent at' 3 o'clock on Sunday niornlng. Ellen Rosslter, I'd never'havo believed It ot yoU!" Elien.was.appalled... Mrs, Bondy was a notorious gossip, who held orth from the llnei»8 on; th«-fourth floor. A sharp-eyed, aging woman lUe saw everything,: heard' every- 3. told cvecytnlngi.. tinie .and again she had been proved wrong n her facts but her stories s were BO circumstantial, so loa'ded, with tltll- atlng detail, that- seldom was her veracity, questlone,d. •. BjHen taw that It had not been questioned In .his case. Shaken and horrified, she real- ized'the futility ot protest ,8be knew the store too well lor that If at that'moment she had sworn to Jenny that «he had at 8/o'clock «n Sunday mornfng been mi|a» from Barclay's apartment she would have told the truth, But Jenny wonU ot^Kl'rl'pSSn'to .nfcy'ber storing np^h» i^eWlew to her frlends^and acqual "So you see how It la," Jennj concluded. "A slrl has to tb'inlt ot herself." She shrugged ever r «o allghtl; and moved away. ' ,. t Ellen remained'standing near, tbi elevator until Jenny bad slipped iDt of, tight and tfct Aofr til it ift*r bar, PfeWfiWy «B* W«n«4 «M started ttitflf dowft tlfi« alalrt, mi would! not to iftto th» ooflifhdfi <Mt room wbart ttthilri would.fcasl hflf contention ka.ibt Stared, jhe would fiot rl«k their itaringi IWoUs, Inferential Hancrt. 'Not ytot* wii d«l» dtt« tbfflt to.doj a Inftfih hour spent wrflklfig _ _ /• up a«d HoWfi tfltth avenue filled daeld*0 lOB that course. She 1 wdiild ««• Steven Barolay\no more.< Slie woyld live htw anY teouae^ex- dipt fie real one. 'She ciuld not. gits h«M tt»«,. 'tet Wm think; that she was ungenerous, that sue d^ «Uls«d hlm.'lhit she was.a false fMefld/' Let l »?m«tblnl»' WWt he wttild. He would never,, ahe thought, hit upon tbe truth. Surely no on* Would be hold enough' to carry tale* ty him. 'lite wotHd'biy.nothing, offer no eiplthaUoWito the curious. She Vftuld' hrtve to stare them down, fiiett was .nothing els6 to do. Throughout- the afternoon ahe tlrekted-Jeiidy'Blkins with the same coiOl tflsretard-that Jenny herself had aho'ttt tn r «he moaning. ,She Buccedde'd to the ettent ot giving' thit, young woman'a puzzling,and" ufioomfortabla'tftternoon. lit'was nearly'4 add Ellen had, begun to feel the lack;of her luncb when Molly RouSiter telephoned, with her usual disregard'of the fact tttat,"Ellen,was supposed to receive only .business calls during business hours/ Jenny answered the tele- phm)o'and,very formally told Ellen' that she was t wanted. , At'that moment Ellen knew she could,have brought Jenny back to her, chiefly because it 'was agony or that little magpie to be silent or any long'period. Instead Ellen, with'just as much formality, ac» copied the telephone. • For oiice Molly was not In trouble. For ,once. Elltn : waa; glad she iad broken the store rules. Her mother's voice : was very dear to her nst then. ? M non't you suppose, honey, you could get'away from Dreamland tonight ?' ! :MolIy began. "We're having' guests." 1 "I'can easily. I was going to anyhow,?' Ellen replied,- conscious that Jennj lingered in earshot She added curiously. TtfhoT" In a voice so low that Jenny missed it "'IW '' id. Id Ot her ,»..,. Hyra'a «ance . For years Bert bad run in and out of the apartment much as If he lived there. But Ellen was too troubled and worried by her OWn problem to, ponder long about «o amall a mystery. ., • (To B« Oontl»ued) : -' ; m-f^i^if^^f^^^^=SSSSSSLS^^^^a^U^llltt^tamf»m»*lff^^t ettlng alohg nicely V'.,;sBusinlsis,'c6naittoittjare 'imi$rovliig t . . . tM^.dwisofoT concenn: 1 1« . It,Was with.these, oBtitnisfic-words that .lonii iJ Rockefeller, apparently recovered'from the * cola * which kept him into« fo7?wtf w«ks, greeted newspa^me^artd p6*d for-'thfe picture at OmondlBcach; Fla., the other day. Three in Race for \ Arkadelphia Mayor ARKADELPHIA—Three have an- nqunced for mayor of, Arkadelphia, including the incumbent G. E. Bailey, and-R.• R. Huie, and W. V.; Rogers; three for city marshal, including the incumbent, Ed 'Blotimfieldj' arid Frank Drake and CJabe". Mgonttuv, and one each for treasurer xtoA te<»rder,'nam- ly Hugh L.'Petty and.Dwlght Craw- tord, -bothyncvimbeftts. * No 'aldermah- Ic'candidates haVe-yet.made-.their 1 announcements.' »,, Woman I« Cleared in Murder of Her Mate PURVIS. Mlss.-W-Mrs. Nollis E. Dear-man Tuesday was acquitted by a jury in circuit court on a charge of murdering her husband, John Dearman, .in Midway community near here last December 26. The jury received the case Monday night and was admonished by Judge J, Q. Langston to retire and begin its deliberations Tuesday morning. The state in the trial was not able to offer any direct evidence linking the woman with the murder of her husband for which W. R. (Boss) Weatherford was convicted and sentenced to hang. Weatherford is a ' former.farm hand of Dearman. Dearman was shot and killed by a shotgun charge that flew into his home at night through an open window. Watches Are Stolen at Broken Bow Store BROKEN BOW, Okla.—A thief took watches valued at a total of $100 from the window of the Tucker Jewelry store here early Tuesday morning. Entrance w.as gained by cutting a hole in the plate glass window. The burglarly was pronounced the work of an expert by police, who were seeking a tramp seen lurking near the jewelry establishment shortly before the theft. Liquor Runner. Are Captured in Carolina Lumberton, N. C.-(/P)-Police peeked Into a truck parked here Tuesday, saw 4796 quarts of whisky, and arrested its operators, who were at breakfast in a nearby cafe. Seaplane Pa..enger. Are Rescued-in Ocean ROME— (ff)— Seven • passengers »nd two pilots were rescued from a twin- motored Italian seaplane 50 miles off Malta Tuesday by ^the British destroyer Brilliant . Both the plane and its occupants were taken to Malta by the destroyer, which had been called by wireless to proceed to the craft.. It was explained the seaplane had come down in the oceon; to repair a motor. This was done with' little difficulty but the ship was unable to take off becauseV the heavy sea. A wireless, message brought; the Brilliant out from Malta to the reacue. A Homespun Candidate for President Yarning Issued to Insurance Buyers n.urance C o mmis.ioner Say. Many Companies • Doing Business in State LITTLE ROCK—(/P)—Commissioner of Insurance A. D. Dufcaney has ssued a-wasning ;U> residents to avoid juying insurance from companies unauthorized to do business in Arkansas. Mr. DuLaney said his department recently has received many complaints from persons unable to collect premiums from "wildcat" insurance companies, and he cautioned prospective insurance buyers to make sure, if theri is a doubt, as to whether the company which seeks to issue the policies is licensed to do business in Arkansas. Collar Bananas Kellogg's Corn Flakes, 2 pkgs. White Eagle Soap— 6 bars Salmon, chum Tall can Table SALT 24 oz. pkg. Fancy Triumph (Limit 20 Pounds) 10 Pounds' RAN;GES Floridatv—DozCn No. 2 Standard—2 Can. me. : . ; v v . BAKING POWDER Banner or Economy Brand Potted Meat 4 cans 4 A I Waferette 1 flr IOC Crackers, 2 Ib IOU See Us for Seed Potatoes, Onion and Cabbage Plants, Onion Sets,'etc. Golden Crust Fl our (Good and Guaranteed) 48 Pound Sack 75c "Cooklite" Lard (Real Quality 8 Pound Bucket 55c Oodles of Other In MARKET SPECIALS A big, red truck shrieks by iind wails into the <iis&nee, Another fire- It's 1 a v^ry satisfying feeling to snuggle between the covers again with the thought that if ever it is your home the loss is ours, not yours. Roy Anderson & Co. V^V ** « rfV Swift's Circle $ Picnics, each 55c SPARE RIBS pound 9c FRANKS 2 Ibs. 25c H "Alfalfa BJU" Msww, ip.vtitayhj.o^d fawtfj Channel Cat Fish Sliced-)b. 28c BrookfieldSausage-lib.links 22c PORK CHOPS pound HAMS-MomllsPride-lb, BACON SUced Sugar Cured 2 Ibs, 25c WEINERS I Ibs, 25c 1211 GRAPEFRUIT Full of Juice—Florida. 4 For 19c CRACKERS 2 Pound Box , 19c CAB'Btf r V "5 • New Green 5 Lb.. IN OUR SANITARY MARKKJE SALT MEAT Pound 7c 100 Per Cent Pure Pork Sausage Limit 5 Lbs.—Lh. 6c Round Steak Pound 17%o Pork Chops Pound lOc Beef Roast Cut From Shoulder, L,b. Sugar Cured BACON In Piece—Lb. 5c 50 Ib. Swift's Silver Compoun * K $ ^ *p $3,98 STEAK Pound Pork Shoulder Sliced Rindlew BACON vi»aijvia»iafe

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