Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 19, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1932
Page 3
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QCIETY VK -'»; -'tf^^ 1 . • /^^'^SSp ' ' -'~ : -- STAfjUMT 1 ^ t'^ 1 ',>.*• flPr* r $" /'^-' ; ^k>™ 1. ,i»f> itta.^!..^ .j L&j^KlL« ! . i' 1,1 • ' f '*fij* V* T 1' '?> ' JV v >.* ,.^'af v<.' •; , >,\1' 1 ' 1 - i 11 '. «»'• ,js \ c b! Ik (Jod for the might of It — •"•rfeif, the Urge, the delight of it, ... that springs fro mthe heart's desire. Setting the brain and soul oh fire, On, what is so good as the heat of it, Atid what is so glad as the beat of it? And what is so kind as the stern com* ,,Biand, Ciiallenglng brain, and heart and hand? the Titan, work, the Friend, r ~g the earth to » glorious end, jnlng the swamps and blasting the hills, Doing whatever the Spirit wills-Rending a continent apart To answer the dream ot the master heart. Thank God for a world where none may shirk; Thank God for the splendor of work! Joe Boswcll of Prescott was a business visitor in the city on Thursday. Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Buddin of Texarkana spent a few hours visiting with friends in the city on Thursday. The members of the John Cain chapter of the Daughters of the Amer- iddn Revolution entertained very informally at the home of Mr. and Mrs. CHarles Hayncs with a luncheon at nbjtm Thursday. The living, dining and music rooms were elaborately decorated}'in spring flowers, Japonicas predominating. Mrs.-J. R. Henry and AMt Joe Houston Served coffee and t^oflfrom the beauty table to the 15 gtiests present, the luncheon being sfryed in buffett style. Miss Mary Citts of Washington, Mrs. Charles Locke of Ozan and Mrs. Sam Pankey o£ fimmet were out of town members prefent, the invited guest from De- iQueen and 'Monticello were unable to attend^on account of illness. Mrs. Edgar Biant was a new member welcomed into the chapter. Following the luncheon a discussion of the state convention to be held in Hope the first week in April took the place of program Mr, and Mrs. Roy Anderson entertained the members of the Emanon club at their home on South Main street, Thursday evening. Bridge was played from three tables, at the conclusion of the game light refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs.' C. C. Spraglns returned Thursday evening from Monticellc where they had been to visit Mr. anc Mrs. Benjamin Hyatt. Mr. Hyatt who has been quite ill is reported much improved. Mrs. T. S. McDavitt was hostess to the members of the Thursday bridge club and the following invited guests Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp, Mrs. J. F. Gorin and Mrs. Finley Ward. The gues prize was \won by Mrs C. S,. Lowthorp ^The rooms were, attractively detpratet with spring flowers and dainty re frcshments were served. i Mrs. Dale Jones was hostess to th members of the Thursday Nigh Brid.ee Club with Misses Charleer Landers and Lois Ferguson as' specia guests, at the home of her parents Mr and Mrs. Sid Cole in Prescott las evening. The rooms were lavishly decorated with jonquils and narcissus stressing the pleasing color note of yellow and green. Three tables were arranged for the players. Miss Miriam Carlton scored high for the club and Miss Lois Ferguson received the guest prize. At the close of the game Mrs. Jones assisted by her mother served a tempting salad plate with hot tea further the chosen color A Gould ngaged She figures in the news of highest society, for Miss Eleanor Gould, above great-granddaughter of the late Jay jould, is engaged to William N. Haskell 3d, son of Maj. Gen. William N Haskell, of New York. close of the game the hostess assiste( by her mother served a delicious salad plate with hot punch. Misses Whitefield and Josephin Cannon will strive Friday night fron Ouachita college Arkadclphia to visi their parents, Mr, and Mrs. G. E. Can . non here. They will be accompanied | by Miss Wilma Kincannon of Boonc- ville and Miss Bernice McCarroll of Walnut Ridge, college classmates who will visit them. r College Girls "Mind Their Knittlng"-for Jobless Stale Complete! T«Hi* mony in Bank Robbery • at DEQUMN ~(flV State testimony was completed late Thursday in the second tHftt Within a week of Pulton Offttn, charged with the robbery of ttte Bank of Horatio at Horatio last * , All wltfte&fcs not required for re« btital testimony were discharged as an economy .measure In preference to a night session. _ Constable Johft Burnett, a new, state witness, described the guft battle between the outlaws and officers while their ears were travelling SO or 60 miles an hour, ' ' The stafe sought td prove that Green could not have been at the home of former. Sheriff . Roy Hooper at the time other witness** said he Was there. fn the previous trial,' defense witnesses told of seeing Green at Hoop- ei!s home, about riobn, while the bank robbery was placed at 11:15 a. m. QVERSTREET TELLS (Continued* From Page One) carrying scheme. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Brumficld had as guests Wednesday and Thursday, Mr. Brumficld's sister, Mrs. W. L. Graves ancl daughter, Mac, of Para- goulcl and Toncy Carter of Memphis, The many friends of Ernest Ridgdill will he pleased to learn that his condition is such, that he has been removed to his home from the Josephine hospital where he has been a patient for the past three weeks. Mr. and Mrs. George S. Smith of Ozan were visitors to Hope Thursday. Members of the Just a Mere Bridge Club were delightfully entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Arnold, 808 East Second street, Thursday evening with Miss Hazel Arnold as hostess. The card rooms were pret- jjly decorated with spring flowers carrying the color scheme of pink and green. Contract was played from three tables until a late hour. Miss Cornelia Whitchurst scored high and was presented with a lovely gift. At the LARGE ATTENDANCE AT W. C. .- • Ti <U. MEETING THURSDAY An unusually large atcndancc featured the meeting of the Hope Women's Christian Temperance Union at the home of Mrs. Jennie Hanegan, South Pine street, on Thursday afternoon, with Mrs. W. R. Chandler, associate hostess. The singing of "America, the Beautiful," was led by Mrs. Ward Dabncy, and Mrs. DCBUtllUl u<_ • u>-»--—-t marks on Phillipians 4:4-9. Mrs. H. H. Stuat, president, presided over the business session during which she urged the immediate payment of poll taxes and it was announced that the Union had participated in memorializing Congress against any modification of the Eghteenth amendment and has placed material in the hands of local religious and civic organizations for the same purpose, . Mrs. L. F. Hggason announced that a medal contest would be given in April. Mrs. R. W. Muldrow stated communities. Blevins Hornets Win Championship Eight Players Participate in Events at Hope Friday and Saturday By School Reporter O. M. S. The Blevins Hornets proved their ability to sting by defeating every opponent they met in the Hempstead d i County Basketball Tournament in the : " Hope High School gymnasium Friday and Saturday nights. The Hornets got a late start in basketball, h.aving ;p^yed:. only four gamcSYJprior W'thewournfijielpt were rated as baying'brie of; the poorest teams in the county: l Due to the excellent leadership of Supt. J. Glenn Cokcr, himself possessor of an envia- . . . . that the Union's quota of the slate budget had been paid in full. Those who have not paid their dues were requested to do so at once. Mrs. Stuart reud a beautiful tribute to Miss Frances E. Willard and was followed by Mrs. Dorsey McRao who read "The Flower of Temperance Chivalry." Mrs. Ward Dabney, who l The wieridst of all mysteries SAENGER—Thursday ble college career in basketball and other athletics, and to the players courage, sportsmanship, and the ability to fight to the end, the Hornets were able to overcome these disadvantages and fight their way to the top. Practicing only on dry days dur- ng an elxrcmely rainy season because of the lack of a gymnasium the Hornets were able to show only the mini- num of the skill which they really possess. Even this served to send the Columbus Timers down to their first championship defeat in years, and to win the handsome trophy to decorate the new Blevins High School building. The eight Blevins players participating in the tournament were Captain Guy Loo, Harold Husky, Willie Stone, Gerald Sheffield, Hubert Hile, Chester Dqlson. Chester Stephens and Carnei Wardlow. Loe was elected center on the all-county team and Sheffield polled several votes, The Hornets played their first game Friday and easily defeated Guernsey by a'score of 26 to 10. There were Saenger's Dance On Stage Friday Hilburn Graves' Orchestra to Play at Theater Party What promises to be one of the most entertaining featues at the Saenger for some time is the stage.dance that will be given Friday night. Immed- iatly after the close of the last performance of Ann Harding in 'her feature, "Prestige" the dance will begin. , • ' Music is to be furnished by Hilburn G,rayes and hsi Mery Makers The Alpha Omega, local: fraternity which is sponsoring"this 'dance-has"! 'lively program worked out, assure superb' entertainment-for the''dancer* as well as those who do not care to dance. All refreshments will be served free, and .if present indications are correct the person who fails to attend this dance will certainly wiss out on a real big time. Dancing privileges are free with every main floor admission ticket. • • • • Sevier County Plans Better Homes School DE QUEEN — The Better Homes school for Sevier county will be held Thursday, February 25, at the First Baptist church in DcQueen. The principal talks will be as follows: "Value of the Better Homes Program to the County," Mrs. Elise Lake, state- Better , Homes chairman and president of the state federation Pu-yi Chosen as New Manchurian 'State Committee Select*. Youth as Leader , TOKYO— (#*)— A corespondent , of the newspaper Asahi at Mukden said Friday that the executive committee of 1 the New Manchurian state had unanimously chosen Henry Pu-Yi, formter boy Emperor of China as chief executive of the new state launched by proclamation Thursday. ,.He will have the title of Genshu, which when translated means sovern or chief executive. '• States' senate this month. The first was a reconstruction- bill to grant 2 billion dollars' relief to capital.' It passed. ' , • , . '."The,second was a bill to grant relief to the unemployed and starving pf America. It did not pass. "Certainly if it id' right to relieve Capital then t is right to relieve suffering humanity—and that's a point of view.tthat we as Americans need to get back to.". . • Mr,' Overstreet was introduced by E. F. McFaddin, and presented on a program sponsored-by Pat Duffie. -Other guests were: • ; Jinv.Q'Neal/of Hope; Joe R. Floyd, heWly-elected secretary of Hope Chamber of Commerce; and x Ralph ,Berkson,.of New York. City, son-in- law of Ed McCorkle, < '•'< '' ' \ • •'•*'**•. —T . ' : Garment Workers Stage \ Strike' in Gotham Area NEW YORK—(/PV-A strike order affecting 35,000 workers in the. ladies' garment' trade went into effect Tuesday wbrning. ; '. • •• : The strike was voted on Monday night to demand "decent" wages and Standards of living. ' "fWteen ehild>eis, and all djbing „. Sow, who recently brought this litter of owned by William Meairs, Jr., of tawtef raising champion of Kansas. H6W .many ansas can beat this record? Several Sentenced in Columbia Circuit Court MAGNOLIA, Ark.-Garfield Turner and Jtarrison Curry were SeflteiMied td two years for burglary and J..IX Wilson and Joshua Wilson, three years for burglary in circuit court hBre* Zeb Taylor, 23, was fined |10 and «lv- en 10 days in jail on, acharge of petit larceny. Alma Allen pleaded! guilty to burglary and grand Marceny alild was sentenced, to two years. B. K Atkinson was given two y"ears for burglary'and grand larceny. Will Birchfield, charged with selling liquor was acquitted, ttainmond Blake, negro, pleaded guilty and -Was given one year on, charges of selling liquor, the cahrges of transporting and possessing being nole pressed. George Pugh, negro, was sentenced to dhe, year for assault with intent to kill. Mistrial h Ord 7 DonnallyKi. car* Dbnneljy, .wealth* turer, expreteed vlct Paul Srheidt, in she Was held captive ri napers. * -V i •That any refuse to offer i* en of their 'OWrt . r . beyond belief," sh* The jury,, which (juittal, Was. dlschar When H. reported »'• lockT, The prosecutU Scheldt Will be tried- National Guardsmen to Play Lewisvillie Friday A large crowd of basketball fans are expected at the aNtional Guard armory Friday night, when the national guard team will have as their opponents, the Lewisville all-stars. This game will begin at 8 o'clock Phone 3 BACON » .J COMPANY possesses a lovely voice, sang two negro spirituals, "Were You There When They Crucified My Lyd"? and "Deep River," with Miss Harriet Grace Story at the piano. Mrs. T. R. King and Mrs. L. F. Higgason gave "Pen Points" from the writings of Frances E. Willard. Miss Geneva Higguson reud an Italian dialect poem "Rosey." A collection was taken for the Fauces E. Willard Memorial and the program was concluded with Thomas Curtis Clark's tribute to Miss Willard, which was read by Miss Mamie Twitchcll. Mrs. George Meehan, Mrs. Dabncy, Miss Story and Miss Hijjgason were guests of the occasion. The hostesses served a delicious salad plate during the social hour. CARD OF THANKS I want to thank my friends for their many kindnesses shown me while in the Josephine hospital, especially do ] thank the nurses and doctors of the Josephine hospital. ERNEST RIDGDILL. LAST TIMES FRIDAY ANN HARDING in "PRESTIGE" With ADOLPH MENJOU A Drame of Life and Love in the Heart of Africa TONIGHT Is The Big Pep DANCE ON THE STAGE Dancing privileges FREE with each Main Floor Ticket Music by Hilburn Graves' Orchestra Refreshments FREE Double F e ature mu- CODY "Montana Kid" Saturday Only JAMES CAGNEY In a Thrilling Gangster Story no individual stars in this game or in any of the others. All of the players saw action ancl at no time did any player demonstrate the selfish desire io be an individual star but displayed excellent teamwork throughout the contest. Husky and Stone won high score honors with Loe in close pursuit. Saturday morning Blevins met its hardest opposition as the hands of the strong Putmos team, runner-up in the tournament. After thirty-two minutes of hard fighting Blevins came out with the heavy end of the 1C to 15 score. Throughout the game Blevins clcl a baru lead, several times duly one point nd never more thn six. Hile ncl Stonu won igh score honors. Hile tccounU-d for 6 points and Stone 5. Lou and Husky usually hold scoring honors but the excellent Patinas de- ient-e held them to low scores even though they pluyed well. Sheffield's performance at guard was unsurpass- during the entire tournament. Duke wus the- outstanding player for Patmos i" hnth defense and offense. The final and decisive battle was fought Satorday night between Blevins an dColumbus. Winning the county, championship Ju>s been habitual with Columbus for years and they presented a strong team this year. Blevins came through triumphant with a 17 to 13 score. Husky and Hile divided high score honors . With 6, points each. Stone followed closely with 5 points. Loe played an excellent game at ctnter but was unable to score. This was the first scoreless game in his high school career. Although Sheffield did not score he gavt; the funs olle of l ' le k est exibilions at guard that they had ever witnessed. I Gilbert was the high scorer for Columbus but was ably assisted by Abbot anil others. Ce-lu.iibu:: gained an early lead but it was quickly overcome by the'fight- ing Hi'i'iiels. The game was fust and exciting with Columbus threaening of women's clubs; "Storage Space" Mrs, Ida Fenton, extension economist, home management, college of agriculture, University of Arkansas; "Housing," Mrs. Fenton; "Landscapting Our School Grounds," Miss Margaret Hart assistant, school plant division, state department of education; "Setting Up of the Better Homes Demonstrations for Better Homes Week"; Mrs Ella Poscy, district home demonstration agent, extension service, College of Agriculture, Univesity of Arkansas. —•••••• . Kentucky Solons Hear Talk of Harry F. Byrd WASHINGTON —(/P)— The house ways and means committee is considering radical changes in the revenut laws involving repeal of the capita gains ancl loss provisions of the income tax law. It also is studying suggestions to repeal the law permitting tax reductions on foreign investments and a proposition to do away with consolidated income tax returns with a view to forming a policy on all three matters. Secretary Mills was requested to appear before the committee Friday to give his views on these proposed administrative changes, •»*•» Murray Ouster Suit Is Thrown Out of Court WAURIKA, Okla—Asserting that no evidence had been submitted to bring the action under his jurisdiction, Judge Eugene Rice late Thursday, F. W^bf^Queen * to Have; Fish Supper 'DEQUEEN—A' fish' supper"'wlff'be" liven by the Eli Godwin Post; Noi;.2352 of-the Veterans Of Foreign Wars, on friday- night, at-the aMsonic- haH- in JeQueen. . - ;. ' iTwehty-five membership < appJiica-. tibns are on file ,of new mepberS to 1 Kf taken into the organization; .An in-' vltation is extended by Fred JPoole, commander of the local post, to all service'men of foreign 'waifs- to .'attend the fish supper and th* regular. meeting of the post, and to., get, better acquainted with the organization, According to Mr. Poole, the Ve'ter- ans of Foreign Wars is, exclusively a 'gold stripe" organization. It-.is; the only national organization all of whose members have seen foreign service.', It is organized for 'the purpose, of. fost-: ering a spirit of comradeship -through the common bond,of foreign service, , The local V. F. W. .post was organized December 19, 1931. ... <'.'•. , Masons of DeQueen to Confer Degrees DEQUEEN—A special meeting of Sweet Home Lodge No.46l of. Masons will be held in DeQueen, Monday night, for the purpose of conferring master degrees. This will be a homecoming program, and special attention will be given to the George Washington Bicentennial celebration. A large number of invitations has been extended to out of town Masons, Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! ' . With HOPE STAR WANTAD5 • " l The more you-tell, ' ' The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, 10c per lln» . • . minimum 30c I.insertions, 7c per line, minimum 50c • 'insertions, 6c per line, : minimum $1.00 ' 26 insertions, 5c per line, ". minimum J4.00 , (Average 5Vi words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements accepted overJthe telephone may be charged with the understanding that the blir is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. ! ': Phone 768 0 STRAYED—One black'gilt, unmarked- Four white feet and white spot in face.' Reward for information leading .to recovery. A. M. Hulsey, Washington,'Ark.. Route 1. 18-3tp. FOR RENT Bogalusa Admitted to Cotton States League VICKSBURG, Miss.— (#>)— The admission of Bogalusa, La., to member ship in the Cotton States league,, and threw out of district court the ouster suit brought by Governor William H. Murray against the Lone Star Gas company and its subsidiaries. Decide to Marry After Walking for 375 Hours KANSAS CITY, Mo.-After 375 hours of trudging, arm in arm, around a Kansas City ballroom in an effort to win the $1000 prize offered the couple winning the walkathon contest here, Miss Rarlena Moore. 22, and Clarence Whipple, 21, have decided to marry. _^ v „ . _, The ceremony has been arranged for several limes to overcome the Blevins ' next Monday night—and the couple is lead. It was a clean game and very ' ' ' few fouls were calle don either team- All iho teams played in the.tourna- mem should be grateful for the able and impartial refereeiiig of all the garnet by Coach Wio&M and Jo»es. so determined not to lose out on the prize thet they have refused to stop walking for the ceremony. A local minister will'mwry them as other couples shuffle past l» the '""" contest, the setting of , May FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, two or thre« rooms, connecting bath. Private entrance, Mrs. R. M. Jones, 314 South Shover. 2913tp NOTICE GENERAL CONTRACTING — Free estimates on painting, paperhanging, all kinds of building. Phone 567J or 518W. Collins * Harrington. U3-30tc A LITTLE PEPSO-GINGER WILL end your indigestion or your druggist will refund your money, 5-30t WANTED—Issues of February llth Truokland Courier, We will pay 10 lllc Icllailvt. ambuis ui *MeaH a ^i ****** *!UUlV4ai«u wuuitci. TT v rr« 3 for the opening date, with a playing i cents per copy, Hope Star, schedule calling for 120 games were high spots in the meeting of the league directors here Thursday with President Frank A. Scottl Bogalusa takes the place of Jackson, Miss., which withdrew to enter the Southeastern league. ounces cents ',r ,*i» f 1" •li Port Arthur, Tex., filed an application for a franchise in the Cotton States, but no action was taken on the request, due to the distance of Port Arthur from other cities in the loop. El Dorado, Ark., a member last year, was not represented, but President Scott received a telegram from R. E. Meinert, president of the club, in which he said local interests had already started to work in, an effort to retain their franchise. ——- — •«» t •> Disarmament Plea Made By Germany at Geneva GENEVA-(*)— A set of drastic proposals, calling for disarmament by other nations on the same scale as Germany has had to disarm under the Versailles treaty, was proposed to the world disarmament conference Thursday by Count Rudolf NadoLny, German spokesman. "Germany is already • disarmed," • Ambassador Nadolny §a*d. "and Ger- WANTED—Issues of February llth Truckland Courier. We will pay 10 cents per copy, Hope Star. - of February llth Truckland Courier. We will pay 10 . cents per copy. Hope Star. FOR SALE FOR SALE—Five room house, modern garage. No paving tax.' $200.00 cash and terms, near high school. Mrs. Carroll E. Brown. Phone 437. 19-3t FOR SALE-One 10 inch steel Kelly combination terrace and breaking plow. One section harrow and one five point gee-whiz. One ton of soy bean hay. Oall 757. J. A. Embree. 16-3tp. BIG HUSKY BLOOD TESTED CHICKS GUARANTEED to live and lay more eggs. Customers report 100% alive at four weeks. We also do custom , hatching. Satisfaction guaranteed. Braamar Hatchery 601 Dudley Ave.. Tewkana. Ark. 2-17-tf. WANTED wandisarmaiuent must incUcajtive of the dir ihamejjt of ail other leugus *%u*t follow." considered the disar- of WANTEDP-loard.ers, rates reasonable. Mrs. ?• ?• Urrey. 320 West Second street ' W-3tp. T*"TT and Foot Special- Department DARWIN STQi BIG BARGAINS FOR SATURDAY* ;i^ Lettuce Fancy Iceberg Head Cabbage New Green Heads Pound 3%. Eggs Fresh Country Two Dozen 2lc Tomatoes No. 2 Can—Three For I9c Peas Black Eyed No, IVi Can 5c Fresh Strawberries—Green Beans—Celery K.C. Baking Pwd....l9c Ketchup 14 QS 19c Crackers, 2 Ibs. Grape Nuts CarroUs— Mustard Soap—10 bars....,, , M Mustard, quart ........ Prunes, 2 Ibs, :.. Corn— No. 2 can Spinach— Squnh Meat Market Savings Picnic Hams Swift's Purcle "S"—Each 550 Swift's Premium Bacon S}iced-Lb. 246 PORK ROAST Rouudless Shoulder—Lb. lite SPARE RIBS pound BEEF STEW

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