Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 19, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1932
Page 2
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ISr *' Tf >,<r? *• ' /; :;t s a *MrffcBwW,tf£i« *'' t .. #*iJ*4* W-l^.'.«Jirt v»r Are Fill 1 """TSMiitawi'i tf 4 ''JpM&«'' •, *,-/-' S" I < &'£•$ R-MtCofmlck. ; - the Stat', Platform _ JWIftlr PIMlt tD MtonQ^ M4 ****** * , m l nore tffaitnt govtrnmeitt 3 l ^,*,!«ii .'., «l ^ „— Independence (fife^ -tX-fTT^ •-•"' •' < • *s%g .&e question of'giving independence to the ?2?MH^^ nti *l',tha 1 t we put ourselves'straight "KJbefOre we statrt arguing. \ this.kriottyjittle problem often seem ob- rfojgetjCbnfused about them. AJittle ex-, scpr&of histofcy w,ould make many of the * more valuable; ' , War Jttirley, ^appearing before a Senate vnr-ijef My. inade the following remark about eriefrjgsuej Arv ^ • ; , , ' fiew^^c^^ittMbaitjes assumed by the United ma!. SthmrVfTnof T-Vi^ irt*hlAWAyt*l.*hv*^«tt' AJV^lkA y*kB.?l£«.**.£~. A M BARE erves a on de that BQSs>ssions iifithe , anyhdw— to free Cuba, tne Spainiard, 9ut ns free is • ' ,_ / THIRTY YEARS AGO Cobb Wilson, of Columbus, was in town Monday. 'A. P. Dyke returned Wednesday from a trip to St. Louis. John Reaves, who is attending Ouachlta College, Arkadelphia, spent the past week,at home. Lake Greene was at .home Last Sunday. Hoe-is now passenger brakeman; running from Little Rock to 'El Dorada. ^ 'o want us at the J !fi ar ^ em ' once % we y order'to possJBsaCtheislands^we.Mdtoiight a))te.f lo£ harder than we h>d to fight the }af^e& gaining possession, we promised give.them their independence. "• r _J'in Congress the other day which sif t-iniW 11 ^^* 14 **^ «lttair transport lin.es to provide para|§Ut ( e1i flMTieye/y passenger, much as steamship lines are re- «M!«^-«V,«WVJJI«J lifeiprjeservers; and, as might be expected, vup a good deal of argument on both sides, , T -gr, 'perhaps, the idea is, a good one. Any transport .„.,.., -ceminly is under a moral obligation to do every- ug it can to ensure the safety of its'patrons. But, as of* :<of the transport companies have been pointing out, ^- £*e Plenty of obstacles in the way of thi sineasure. ' ^gi most airplane crashes there would not be time for all s passengers to jump to safety even if they did have para**—. Novices might operate their chutes correctly, if they nageto jump in time, and they might not. Besides, the "**»- •* T- • w f ™» ——wTT'^y T-y»**» ^••••^ .^**»9***> #»*r*f i 4>««*hr4%<ft\rf*?y v* + *r .^, w providing parachutes for everybody would put air transport companies out of business. ,Note That Exception proof that the counties in Arkansas which are ..., T are probably victims of mismanagement, comes sjery frora,l*ee county which we are glad to note, We knew ' our own county of Garland was an exception to bank- 1 county government, and we later learned that little L$»wrty was all right financially. B$ now comes a kee county citizen who tells that years ago tha.t that county selected a young man for * J«». when script was 40 cents on the dollar, and that time the eounjy has built and paid for county if SW that H a l#® county warrant is equal to a bank Peyhaps there are other counties in Arkansas that are hard pressed financially. Or may be hard pressed, but en a efrsh,, basis, and eounty warrants equal tq a bank ThJs'cjixmparispn is interesting because there are coun^ ^ **.. .^..^ _ ^ gp^ properly function In court mat? , is no money to pay the expense of courts. situstion, of which suggesta also that what can be done with =-— L ean be done with state government. Jt The state ia so hiaviiy involved that it years to work things out, but the start could be »jif* gi*d to aekaowledfe the situation in Ue county r Bfesentad by one of her citizens. It must be m gratify* l#$ aowity property owners gg to property owners in Hid and in CMeoi countie*. Warrants worth dollar for f, ara no waste or lost motion in county purchases be" ffirifl*.*-lffl* %W« StuiiwlrGteord. ins. • • X A t A •$ »*.\ yyf f j Miss Opal-;Hay h^sreturned home from a visit with friends at Homer; • Harry Shiver, who is attending ^chooUat ,the ,XJ. S. .Naval Academy; Annapolis, Md., is at home for a visit; ^o friends and relatives. • Chas. Haffke, of Grandview plantation, was in'town ..this afternoon. • i • Surrender of Ed Mays at Harrison Revealed i HARRISON, Ark.-(vP)—Ed Mays, president of the Graiid National *Bank, St Louis, surrendered to Sheriff Sibly Johnson here Oils week, on an indictment chafing him with being accessory to embazzjement and furnished $750 bond pending trial, it became known Thursday, • .•- • • «» Ruling in Texas Ouster Suits Slated Tuesday AUSTIN, Tex.—(>P)—District Judge J. O. Moore will decide Tuesday if three major foreign oil corporations were within their, legal rights in refusing to answer the suit brought by Attorney General James V. Allred, charging them with violating Texas' anti-trust laws, , Argument on this question was «rtv eluded Thursday and Judge Moore :re. cessed the case until Tuesday to Insider the pleadings of attorneys before announcing his decision. No Joke, He Wed Mother-in-Law COSTIVENESS ' •> - r -"*- ? i « •»*• Si^ifsj-'^HJ^^fe ' J&i«d^h.fe*5®*a»i 'Jj& f «* ?S^^^^^^ J '--^^i^?Silmffi«n J W j Confining Indoor work — skillful work with the hands that does not include plenty of exercise for the body, often results In the bad feeling and nn- pleasant signs of faulty bowel movement. W. S. Conant, a saddler and harness living in Somerset, Ky,, says: "j had to take something for eostivenesfl, as I would just get so tired, or have a dull feeling. Alter I beard of Biacfcr Draught and began teWnfrt I avoided thfc /trouble, I take it in small doses and it & BWfft flfltWactory." HW BL.ACK- U fi A. UCHT J aul Young and His Mother Face Charges SPRINOFtELD, Mo. — Officers Thursday night announced that warrants charging' Paul Young and his mother, Mrs.'Willie Young, with auto theft, have been sent to Houston, Tex., and Houston officers asked to-arrest the pair, •<. ' Paul and his mother allegedly were members of .the auto theft ring operated by Harry and .Jennings Young; brothers who murdered-six .Springfield officers and' 1 shot each other to death in Houston rather than to submit to arrest. It'.was said that Mrs.-Young, free on bond pending trial here on 1 motor theft; charges, had .been" advised by her attorney to. surrender and- return here. * Charles Collings of San Francisco doesn't believe in mother-in-law jokes. He married Mrs. Mary E. Wit- was the foster mother of the late Mrs. Collings. That makes Collings' sister-in-law his steprdaughter. liams, shown with him above, who Ann o,u n c i rig Baby Chicks On February 23rd we start' handling BABY CHICKS for Roe's Hatchery from accredited flocks including E. G. Steed's reds. A complete stock of high grade well known Poultry Supplies and Remedies—-Free poultry information at our store. Let us help you make your flock a success. MQNTS SEED STORE Let Us Scrub Your CARPETS-RUGS We have just purchased a Hamilton-Beach Rug and Carpet washer. This is »the most scientific method of thoroughly cleaning your carpets and rugs. It kills all disease germs and moths, making your floor cov* ering absolutely sanitary. Come in and see this new. Method of Rug Cleaning. Hamilton-Beach Method Scrubs and washes your woven floor coverings, with hot water and soap, It is absolutely harm-, less to the fabric; and in fact, will restore the original life and color to the knap. We'll clean your rugs either on your fto or > or in our plant. Phone for prices, J. L GREEN • ' ' . 'nmMpiM iii iiiiiiii 11 i M VI J It-was.a fervent prayer for an end.to all wars .that the 1 Archbishop of Canterbury was, itiajting when this remarkable picture was taken at dfeneva, Switterland. : His stirring plea struck the keynote-of the iwolrdrdlBarmnnient conference. . ' . ..":•'•'/ ± ft ntftMnrfml w iti« ftitaHfft «fi«W«*s subject . rt Mw tfemocMtfe prtmity i (Mi Attfmt », HBMPSTEAD COW For Sheriff SIMON /' Hop* Indian Potentate's Son Is Killed Accidentally BIKANER, lnd!a.-(^)-The young Maharaj Kumar of Bikaner, eldest son of the ^present mnharaj, was fatally wounded Thursday while.he was examining a new automatic pistol. ( The maharaj, his father, represented India at the recent imperial conference and at the round table conferences on Indian affairs. The: maharaj, who was 29 and heir apparent to the throne, served as page to King George at the Delhi coronation Dubar in 1911. A decade ago he was a member of the staff of the Prince of Wales when f thie prince toured India. Details of the accident were not made public. New Hope Mrs. Sarah-Allen.has been ill for the past few days but she is some better at the present time. Miss Wilma Ruth Roberts and brother, Sherman, visited Miss Jettie Watkins last Thursday night. We are glad'to report .that Mrs. John Murphy, who Has been ill for the past two months, is Improving considerably. Miss Roxie and Hazel Watkins, who are teaching at Spring Hill, spent the week end with nome folks. They reported that their school was pogress- ing nicely. Sunday is our egular preaching Sunday, every one has a special invitation to come and hear Bro. Thom- nsson. CITY OF HOPE (Detnoerntlo Primary Feb. 23) For City Clerk FRED WEBB 'For City Attorney PAT CASEY W. S. ATKINS For Alderman Ward One L. C. (LEX) HELMS BEMNIE BENTON ROY ANDERSON E. G. COOP Ward Two HOY STEPHENSON L, A. KEITH Ward Four CLYDE A. MONTS IRA HALLIBURTON A. M. M'KAMEY 666 LIQUID—TABLETS—SALVE 6W Liquid or Tablets used hit and CM Salve externally, make a < plete and effective treatment for I MOST SPEEDY REMEDIES KNO1 CONTINUING OUR FOUNDER'S WEEK SALE WITH GREAT VALUES SHOP NOW! While Your" Favorite Foods Are On Sale. IT WILL PAY YOU To Buy Liberally This Week-End at A&P Pillsbury's Verigood Flo ur Every Bag Guaranteed 48 •*** 75c LETTUCE Nice Crisp Heads 2 Fbr 9c White Laundry SOAP 10 Bas 25c Golden Yellow BANANAS 6 Lbs 25c 8 O'clock Coffee Largest Selling Coffee in the World 3 Lbs. SOc BROOMS-good quality, each 23c NUTLEY OLEO Ib. lOc White House Milk 3 Tall or 6 Small cans Sweetened, 2 cans....25c POWDER K. C. Baking 25 oz. can.. 19c 5 Lb. can 60c 10 Lb. can $1.19 ECONOMY OATS-3'/ 2 Ib. pkg. 12c Del Monte Sliced PINEAPPLE-NO. 2 y 2 can i ?c Excell Crackers—2*lb box 19c Asst. Chocolate Cakes—Ib. 19c GRANDMOTHER'S BREAD 16 oz. Loaf White or Whole Wheat The Popular Brands Carton $1,79 Raisin Bread Chock Full of Raisins, loaf ANN PAGE PRESERVES 16 oz Jar 4 QM MELLO WHEAT A Delicious Cereal 2 pkgs 25c POTATO BREAD—24 oz lof 9c STRING MOPS—Each 2 9c PINTO BEANS—5 poundi 20c GRANDPA TAR SOAP^Z ban ."."."."""""'£ SLICED Breakfast Bacon Lb 13c IN OUR MARKET 100 Per Cent Pure Pork Sausage 2 Lbs 15c WEINERS Frankfurts & Bologna 12c u. FANCY BEEF Round Steak ^ Lb t?C PORK CHOPS 186 FANCY Cream Cheese Lb 17c IRMMMMM^MHH^HHiHMH^^^^^HMHH Seven Steak PR ROAST fie Pork Shoulder ROAST Fir«t Cut«-Shank lie Lb, QQ SHANKiESS Picnic Hams

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