Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 18, 1932 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1932
Page 6
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- ,™J1wi[ftdN i, mivep*. i* , t _ t . . Mr% Itfflfee Stephens and Miss MM' tl« Stifitfls wl* to ttftpe Wednesday eft Mf dsi* bi fiorjtiam, ffex.. Is .visit artd waatives of this 4« i Bonds visited her moiner, Mrs. Hugn Nolen, Wednesday and Thursday, ^ , k 1 L» W. Culltes fflid Bill Tayl6r were in fdtentan Thursday on business. . m *nd Mfst Soy Lee Bonds had &9 guests, Mfij. Sends sister, Thalta *ffeten and' Herriph Brown, Sunday Mrs.' & A. Bonds arid Mr. Mrs, RusWtt. Spears spent the fceefc end In Shre^eport, La., visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wltttam Tenny, Sunday i^as our regular preaching but on account of weather, not y attended. Hoping next Sunday will be a beautiful day and everyone come to Sunday school at 2:30 pirn. Mrs;' Troy Irvin visited Mrs. SheHie Gallnls Monday afternoon. ews Events sa business visitor to Monday. bus- _.. . 6f Nashville is fttfves. herd this week. afc^Ctimtitins and little Okla;, arrived ,_.. te'.hw par- Mrs, Ed Mance. f qt fioy was a ' 'ednesday. son Eli, were Mufrtesboto, Friday. Cooley visited friends Saturday. ,. ,of -the' Ifokio people at- play given at Roy Satur• /* •\ t Veluln of Hope Was a busi- Wednesday. Wallaceburg Ncwsi We are sorry to hear of little Bryai Yates being on th«i sick lisVhe is ve* ill ' 'I Mrs. Id* Wood has been Very ill thi past wiiek. J Mrs. Claud 'Fryburgcfr called «t Mrs. Robert Taylor Thursday afte^ nodn.- .- . Mr. -and Mrs. Jess Wood ,and chi- dre4 Mt. and Mrs. John Yates all we s VisHfiji 'awhile Friday night with M. and Mrs. Fred "Yates.' , t ( ''Victor Campbell were dinn' jWitft Mrs. Lawrenl ' '" ' Stuart was a visitor to Nash'"Saturday. was shopping In Nash- ! xB 1 karris was a visitor to Nash- e^ 7 fiaturday. McLaughlJn of Nashville fStraday with homefolks here. "are-.few whiskered irien in ! movies, a, critic observes. Maybe *' use'all the whiskers on the pWts. . Ashcraft were Saturday night" and Sunday with Ms " Yates. , . , , ™'and Ms. Rqb4rt. Taylor call on Mrs. Pearl Ervin Sunday af term J who has been suffering with bone fellon. ; ' . ' . Miss Lillian Whittengtorf, Miss OH- ys Harris, and Mrs. Irma Gopdlet were dinner Quests Friday with Ehner Stewart Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Campbell, visiting at the bed side ot Mrs. Wood, Saturday night. Mr. Nat and grandfather, we visiting at .the bed side of 1 Bryon Yates, Saturday. . , , Mrs. Calvin Honea were diisr guests with Mrs. Buford StepfJ? Sunday. -^^^^Aa^,, HaFd Firm in -. During t)i« «tW«ek •' . ture)—fM cottdft matket during the period to Ifth was fairly active Win quolttttbrts February IHh (holiday in mart markets February 12th) ts« l tlcaliy.uriehan|fed compared with those February 5th. Domestic Midi foreign demand was said that In tftt absenet of frte offerings of low grade cottons thtft buyers ha iturtte* more to the better ftom white middling mostly, Inquired grades, tiu to strict n for wsrff-S iSoh up to and including n-ieweh. ?'-"',' < . Trade lintedats are now becoming more concerned with regard to the prospect for the 1932 crop. According to tHe jWeathSr Bureai), during' the past w«k the cessation of rains' in much of the southern area was lav- crable in permitting tht soil to dry out sufficiently to woik in many places iut at the same time It is still too soft and muddy for Sctlve opera* lions over a considerable belt center- Ing in Tennessee and extending front the Carolines westward] to eastern Oklahoma and northern Texas. Reported sales Of fertilizer tags in the eight most important Cotton pro-* ducing states excluding Oklahoma were only 41.8 per cent as large as in January 1931"and fOrthe twb months, Deeemtie* aiid JsWtiaryV sUis of tags in th«s*! states; Wete" 44.5 frer cent of those-during Uw, same-period, in. 193031. " , „ , i c> *-**. '^ytjj^-jf | , Average .price ,91, nViddlinK4-8 inch a's compiled, 'from tl)e thd ten designated mark llth 6.23 cents compared with 6.22 Bents PebVUary-'S inH^lt iSeritS 6n v ,the cOh-esffondftuj'.daf'•"I'-'yleW "ago. 1 ? Reported sales 6f spot<'fcbttori j by US* tin markets for the'past week were somewhat smaller .but-still above, those sf or the corresponding week, last season, ' '. g, Shwilt itaent he*6 TAMM, C«rl Puttie ftftd Hittol and Mlldfed Of P tit* week end with Mrs. ter, Mrs. Mourn MontftomreJy. , A party given at Mr. and A Mr> Eugene Ward's In honor of Ml* Willie Been Roe of Peseottf' Mr**, Wiffd's sister, was highly enjoyed b Jsy, the young people Saturday evening; Very sorry to report that Mrs,. J. J. Delaney who received a very gainful sprain last week isn't Improving very rapidly. She still suffers. . H. Q. Worthan and Miss Ruth Sewell also Samuel Sewell of Prestott.Were pleasant calles at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Sewell Sunday atfernb&n. Mrs. Hicks Lois and children'visited her mother Mr?. J. J. Delaney Saturday • 'A C&tl Brown and mother were trading in ftescott Saturday. Mrs. Bert Carmin and Miss Dora Huskey spent Thursday • afternoon with Mrs. Sylvester Carmin. Mrs. James Brooks of Marlbrook visited her daughter, Mrs. Arthor Sewell Monday. : •• Mrs. Mount Montgomery visited In the home of Mrs. Joe Bailey Thursday. Helton News Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hampton nad son,' Jimmle Dee and Mrs. Ttsh Barrow of McCaskill were the Sunday visitors of,Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Pickett and family, j , , • ; Mrs. Betty Harris is home again County Judge Loses ' Supreme Court .Fight LITTLE ROCK—(#)—The Arkansas Supreme Court denied the appeal of Cdunty Judge Oliver of Crittenden county, on Monday, for recognition of his right to change township boundaries to affect the membership of Mr. and Mrs. Claud Tryburger id the county Democratic committees. after' a visit with her mother Mrs. Butock»of Sutton. • Elton 11 Daniel 'and J. L. Eley/were business 1 visitors In 'Smackover last Week. Miss Mottle Leslie and three nieces Jessie Mae, Brooks and Evelyn Whit- mbre of DeQueen were the week end gue.st n Of tl ^r" parents,, Mr. and Mrs. S. ' 'fifo'mer'Harris is visiting his broth- er'O'reh'Harris of Hi Dorado this week. - • •; ' • ' •; .-.'.- . 'Arnrn Manning'.ahd John Cantrell Were business visitors in McCaskill Monday. , Miss Pearl Dbtson visited her sister Mrs; J. V. Hampton of McCaskill Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Eley and Mrs. Mittie Wardlow of McCaskill called on Mr. and Mrs. Elton Daniel Sunday afternoon. C. T. Dotson was a business Visitor in McCaskill Friday. Alfred Peters' and two sohs Calvin and Dale, 'were in McCasklll Wed- The decision leaves the' old Corn- children we«e shopping in Hope , • • f.' ". -VM • ^ -tr^V .a. ,!*> " t. ulations should spojl the i?t*ip- ' ilOli? KOSSITKtt. MTRA, u«ke*T- icr, MIKE. Th« tw» •»••<• •o»ey"»*Te* to pay Ttmt. Blle» «ceMe> to work * - at Dr*w«l««* »« - - - mm*t wear e»e- and EHen do«« aot aire; Hfl Mo neared refused s to Join darning and La Jjpnob. -** Mike had dlij- ra was there. urgent Invltaln on the score o,t sle do. SQ departed jioon. For a few. bbun at'leiast Larry belonged exclusively to her, She must get what fun sSe could Irom those bours. "You did tell me that you were KMV " ahA VAntlircUi. ' 7 Yourmsier's swell," Larry 1- .. BT, a'»d Bl- •mjlvrn, «ee« «ie iclrt «ry- a»d dI*eoTCT« Ike •ttnation. *•!••«• to aeeept It »• tm toTfetm ker w««Jtfcy .... k*» * »« • • wken •* '£•« uhf Meet* h»d«>iiie "•aim alMOVCT* ;l>»rrr U «••S TO.MABBTH BOWES, • Sit. Bk« i. fcw* .«*•.* >• served. "Yes, li't she? eagerly. .! . . • "She cojld see that we wan to be aioni," he went on. "I t my hat sheihad no darning to d( Ellen vas conscious of n wanting tc| forget a word of poor," she ventured. That's right A poor man with a rich man'a habits. Don't you feel sorry tor me?" ' •-' "Can't say that I do exactly." He laughed and called her hard-hearted.. Soon, the; were wrangling gaily, pleased with each other and with .themselves, pleased to be together, riding In a swooth; luxurious ear on such a ghrlous day.. .,.'.., 'That's a nice frock," Larry ON .WITH THE S99IH .CHAPTER .)' J, 4issatisfaction with the| ^ I affairs between them, bad 0 ver'a r shlEing blue roaeter. •polled t&« afternoon. But when -"vyhat a marvelous jr," JBllen »t 4s30, only 20 minutes late, he Breathed. ' appeared JeaplBB up the stairs yz. «,« «, - "What you can seef It Isn't I'm a mountain goat, » e he remarked,- addlng>arelessly, shouted whe» be caught sight of "Doesn't belong to raej I wish It "I'm good | did. But I've the u^ot It till at. to the doorway Mr 10 «lBhta yet," Ellen laughed. "You're a Just tbe same," she Jeered seven," "PW you Larry dug Into hisjckets for | change and came out j' ful fat nickels and did Clancy as you were coming up? She generally opens her door to nvestigate all SRllers." •'Tbat the party jwltn the red Mrs -'tbe world like a pit face and the PP*> C& P l flew paat e« tlie fecood floor?" be Inquired as be reaefte4 tbe landing and paused pantjng, ".Sure. She was no interested I thought she meant to Join me pa the last lap." You're she didn't." EI- rjHB ca slid over Brooklyn •^ brldgf'' Ellen,, glaclng -up, surprised an odd exprftsion. on Lirry's jce. H0 spok roW of Sunday traffic Helplessly but tbe drowned tbe girl shook bj head. LowetManhattan Empty pee building quieter, frowned down Ini empty canyoja tbat on yeek-da Several the time ng to hurl a fast on bis arm, whispering watch. Coins spran|froro bis hand and clattered tihe street in all directions, so4 rolling half a block once the roadster waibandoned by the shouting, shrlej sters who pounced af sive coins, begun by Larry, laughing stepped into the emptj drove off. "You'll never be throw away money like girl said after a while. "Ho! Ho! So you'rjanotber one ot those people W* to tell me things for good," he commented wise and delighted glanr^ "Certainly uot!" podge furniture and leveled iu biro with Indifference. rays as well on the shabby, worn. Nevertheless ber color caroei and faded wall P?per even a:< she entered her Ellen had thoroughly swept the hial si.e was wondering apartment and folded up the Sun- j others were. Certalnll day papers but she liaor chauaed Sbe felt an obscure <J* tbat Larry Harrow gate should *e« tb«m Now advis*4 him with 9 little gig "You'd fta.W bad to carry ben, I'm- sure." "That was a break." They 8too4 for a moment laughing at the door of the living room where afternoon sunl'sui mercilessly ,00 the bodge- were filled wtb scurry- |ig steKrapners and lerks and trokers and customrs* men. !otbin(open, not a estaurant, a Jrug-store, noj a news and, [A few pedestians Idled ong Wer Broadway, iled pog tbe deser evywhere was th dayi Ellen waited tent «pnce dlaturbe He bad warsd to say had efd some- ills per- tbe. girl, absurdly ngt'n. ter ber. somethlngjto me on •t bear." few cars 4 street, peace of or Larry Irresponsible mini tifcKled to \m told tM his ou ii gcocl Was lie C^ to Kliy.abelh Bowes, his tol" o yojealiy mean|hat?" erta|, ( mean I cj slowed: ezasper- right "Most people thought the other one was 'lovely," 1 Ellen put in faintly. f$ow sbe wished ,she bad not forced tbis issue! , "That's not quite what I was getting ;at." ' ;',«• • '• .»••• J UST tben he turned a sharp corner and Ellen, caught oft guard, was literally flung Into his arms. She gasped, extricated herself and moved back to her own corner with an uncertain laugh. Sbe hoped the man would laugh too; hoped his attention would have been diverted from the dress. It had not been. "You know what I was getting at, don't you?" he inquired idly. • "How should 1?" .She was*determlned not to help him, • "Very well then, I'll tell you/; ha began briskly and In a manner most matter' of fact "It's none of my business and I'm rushing in where angels fear to tread and iift that but )lds (an Slate Executtv«S««i Highway Department Order a* ROCK.—The pfen announced Saturday by the stats Highway Department to pfetmlt automobile ownfera to pay the automobile license fee in quarterly installments 'does, no violence" to the law requiring sheriffs to Issue license applications and collect the fees, Attorney General Mai L. Norwood held Monday in responsi to queries from several • sheriffs. In A letter to State Comptroller Howard Reed, Who sought an opinion after receiving a reddest ffom Sherff Blake Wijlfams of JtdsaKl county for information «(i the subject, the at" torney' gehertt sal* "The ruling might reasonably bfr said t6 be aid of the law. No sheriff is^ called upon to waive, anything by reason of the ruling. The whole matter goes in ho-sense to Waivlfig any rights or duties but Instead It goes to the manner of the payment for licenses by people who are unable to pay for the entire license at this time, owing to prevailing conditions. The arrangements for quarterly payments will no doubt greatly aid the Highway Department in taking care of its obligations, such as old road improvement district bonds. It is my opinion that this aqtlon of the commissioner (Dwight H. Blackwood) could'be and in fact is justified as an emergency measure." ' , Willlnm.1 Not Convinced Sheriff Williams said MdrMay night that he would not Issuenthe, permit stickers requested by the, state Highway Commission until the question of law had been -answered satisfactorily; He said that he, did not believe-'that the sheriffs would be acting with proper authority by complying with tho' request of an appointed ~ official irf direct conflict with the law. Two questloni were said, to have been asked Monday by the .committee of the Arkansas Sheriffs Association which called on the attorney general. They were: '"Can an appointed officer such as the highway rpmmissicner direct an elected officer like the sheriff to do anything contrary to a. law governing the question?" "If a deputy of the state Highway Departmsnt, such as a highway patrolman, collects a quarter of the automobile license, why can't he collect for a full year?" The committee reported that inquiries had be nertfceived from practically all members of the association Miss Lucille May Qrnce, above, ono of the* first women ever elected je a state office In Louisiana, will become register of the state'land office when the' 0. K. Allen admlnt- slratton goes In. Sho had tho largest majority of any candidate on the recent ticket, receiving 130,487 more .votes than her four op«, ptfhents combined. Iff's portion of the delinsuent fee could not be waived in counties where the sheriff is on a salary and all fees : above the salary of the office are turned into Ihe county as excess emoluments. : ' McCaskill News • Mr, and Mrs. Alvis Stokes und Miss Thelhla- Bruce spent the .past week end visiting with friends aad relatives ait flight. « Dr. and Mrs. Q. E. Gentrj were call- ed'to Houston, iTex., last wieek on nc- county of the illness of theit daughter, Mrs. Granville Darwin. Mrs. W. B. Coley of Foreman visited relatives and friends' here last •week. '*\:V\ J. E. Sevedgc and H. B. Elcy were business visitors to Nashville Saturday. Mrs. Chester McCaskill vas shopping in Hope one day lost week. S. G. Stone was a business visitor in Hope Monday morning. Hnmby Rhodes and son, Bruco, were Monday and that most of the sheriffs business visitors in Hope one day said they wosld not put the new rul- last week, ing into effect until its legality had been passed on. Sheriff Williamj said that as far as he was concerned the attorney general's ruling was riot sufficient authority for^issuanct of the quarterly permits. He said bat the opinion was' not in response to W questions of tho It sb)EJns"f u'nhy to me that— well — " he 1 continued .stubbornly after a bre^k" "—that was an expensive dress,. wasn't ie?" .''..',' ; "This Is an expensive car, isn't it?" j. • . "Ob, I see! Meaning that at just (bis point a yoiing man watches bis step?" '"Meaning precisely ttiat!" Ellen was Annoyed, as much with herself as with him. She wanted to be furiously angry. Larry bad no right to question her when she could not question him. Her affairs were as much her owu as were hit affairs, But she could not be reallj angry; she dared not risk severing the slender thread that hound them together. Still her pride meant something. She would not oxpla "I'm sorry. I've no right to so curious." he apologized unexpectedly and almost as If he were readlpg her secret thoughts. "1 don't know what got into me. Let's drop the subject and talk about tbe weather or what we're going to dc this afternoon." The apology also failed to satisfy. Ellen was conscious of a certain ills appointment, UifBing and displeasing. She would uot admit thai deep In her heart she bad hoped Larry would Insist be bad the rlgbi to know everything about her. There was a rather flat Interval Then Larry began driving at suck Sheriffs^ Comniittee\ '" ' " Question Ai To Fee In a letter to Sheriff J. W. Harmon of Union county, M-. Norwood said the sheriff's fee of 35 cents can br withheld from the first quarterly installment, or that a fortiori of it cai be withheld! from each payment. H< added that this does not appear to bt of great Importance, since it is a matter of bookkeeping which can bi worked, out-with the auditor for the Highway Department. He said h» understood. that' the Highway Department prefers tha tsheriffs 'withhold a prorata share of their fee frojn each quarterly installmenjt. 'llie attorney general held last week that sheriffs may waive that part oi tho delinquent penalty vhich goes tc the sheriff as additional compensation, but that the portion going to the county general fund caniot be waived The penalty is h3 for eadi 10 days after expiration of the authorized period for obtaining license tags, which was February 1 this year. A third of the penalty is retained by the sheriff, and two-thirds goes into the county general fund. Under that opinion, the sher- Parker Announces for State Auditor LITTLE ROCK -(O$- Chanles E. Parker, of Stephens, Thursday filed a corrupt practices.pledge a? a, candidate for"s.tate. aujdi'idr.' It Is' understood that J. bscar Huittphrey.'wlil seek re-election.' G, Ston« Merc§nHl« tablishm«rtt Razed The mercantile store of S. GJ Stone, one of the largest stares In McCasklll, was destroyed by fire ot unknown orl« gin one night last week. It is not known how much oi the stock wa« Insured or whether Mr. Stone had insurance on the building or not. The buildlng,was th6 property of Mr. Stone. '•"'.''•: •'-.'. Mr. Stone did ii large furnishing business and carried one among the largest stocks of general merchandise In McCasklll.' ; > ••"•'•:.•>:- v Mr. Stowed plans for rebuilding are hot known as he could not.be reached for a statement Wednesday. _ ^.«<fc. i •.' -I _ -: Rocky Mound The play "Mother Mine" which was given tit the high school building Fri* day evening was attended by a large crowd. Eddie Hart attended court at Tex- arkuna Wednesday and Thursday. Eld. Paul Reeves pf Mindcn, La., filled his appointment here Saturday night, but scrvces were rained out Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Dock Taylor of Nlchol school house were Friday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Taylor. Hestcrly Durtle an family of Bluff Springs lywc moved on Luther Steed's place . ' ,'•' .Mrs. Lester Hamilton .of Sutton spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ellis. Miss Birdie East of Bluff .Springs visited clatives here the past week. Mr. arid Mrs. Chas Stevens, was .the Tuesday night guest of Mr, and Mrs. B. M. Hazzard. ' ' ' . Death Penalty Asked in Trial of Kidnaper KANSAS CITY - (/P) - The death penalty wus asked by James R. Page, county prosecutor, in statement Tuesday • at his opening the trial of Paul Scheldt, charged with having a part in the recent kidnaping of Mrs. Nell Q. Donnelly, garment manufacturer. Scheldt is alleged to have furnished the cottage in Which Mrs. Donnelly was held prisoner for 30 hours. Mrs.'Donnolly told the jury the kidnapers threatened to blind her unless her husband, Paul F. Donnelly, paid $75,000 ransom. She was released unharmed, however, when the kidnapers decided it would be too dangerous to go though with plans for collecting the money McBride Fails in Try to Delay His Trial _ _ i WAXAHACHIE, Tex.— Air attempts to oelay bringing H. W. McBride to trial on charges of robbery with firearms in connection with the attempted asl Futieral Service* Cont ed by R«v. W, H. St leyofWaihington Qtllnten Curtm, aged 15, son efj and Mrs. Pulton Curtis, diftd a family home near McCnsktll last\ He is survived by his parents^ eral brothers and alstns and a ho friends. , Funeral services were eonducte Rev. W. H. gtlngley of Washlr With., burial in the Merrill near Beltotr. ' Personal Menti< T. J. Darrelt, traffic 'reprcsenU of the Missouri Paciflei was & visitor Tuesday. Todd Ellis of the Russellvllte ing company, Russellvlllc, Ark.' a visitor in Hope Thursday. ..,1 • I'M , -«H»4»«— -— Blaze Destroys Pulpit of Chur| Little Damage Reporter Other Parts of Blevit Baptist Building Fire of undetermined origin' stroycd the pitlpit of the Ba church at Blevlns last Tuesday nt| Little damage was done to any C cr part of the building as the flail were discovered and extinguished! a quickly organized bucket brigad burglary of the Farmers and Mcrchl Bank of Farris last November, fJ cd Tuesday and selection of a juryi try him is expected to comme Wednesday. Man Gets 10 Years by Jury in Sevier Coil DE QUEEN, Ark.—Asa Hilton assessed a term of 10 years impris merit on a charge of carnal abuse the Sevier county circuit court day. Prosecuting Attorney J. M. Jaclj asked the jury to give Hilton death penalty on a charge of as ing his nine-year-old niece. Bcrtia Draper, negro woman, pronounced not guilty of charge assault to kill and aggravated as on Etta Mac Gillican und Eva Bl| man. Late Tuesday, District Judge Ball overruled a defense motion fij continuance of the case. Earlier had overruled defense motions fcj change of venue r-nd for a sever of the charge so that Schuyler shall, Jr., former sheriff of county, jointly charged with McH and two others, would have to trial first. CHAPTER KIV , . /•'ONEY ISLAND was having a record Sunday. Under « cloudless sky of electric blue lay an ocean th« same shade filled with people who had fled the heat of the city for tbe heat of the' amusement resort. Tbe golden sand of the beacb was completely bidden by tbe sweltering multitude. People sprawled under* umbrellas, la tteamer chairs, or lay face down on the beach, sun-tanning. Policemen herded lost children while frantic mothers searched for tie Jimmy or Ike or Jane. Picnic rtles gorged on popcorn and hot dogs. Young husbands proudly paraded with their young wives. Pretty, pale-faced girls strolled In pairs, bright eyes alert for the chance of an escort. Lovers taugnt their sweethearts to «wlm. Lifeguards bobbed up and down In boats, listening for cries of help, it was a record Sunday, "I still do."^ ~ • The/ reached tlio bath hotiae. Larry moaned when ho perceived tbe long queue of sweltering' men and women lined up for suits. "My God," he said plalntlvel/- Then he demanded, "Can't wo Jo something about this? Buy sane- body's place or something? Tlwre's a man, near front too, looks as It he'd be glad enough to sell." "I suppose you've alreacy got your tan at Palm Beach am don't care how the rest of us minage," Ellen said with mild sarcasn. Tbe annoyance faded torn bis (ace. "Donl tease me, my child," he complained. "I was tblnclng of you, heaven knows I was. Ky heart fails at the thought of you lu one of those suits. Tbe trick leems to be, getting every customer Into a suit, that doesn't fit." He pointed to an extremely fat woman stuffed perilously into a black suit two sizes too snail. She was emerging from one ot the batb housef'.with a youngster'of 10, a slender, v/lsplsh little girl almost falling out of a suit two or three Sizes too large. Elleu giggled, * • * A PTER all she and Larry didn't go into tbe ocean. They rode on the wblp and in a gondola through a Venice that was moonlight blue and slightly too damp for comfort. They rode on tlia roller coaster. Ellen, like 1.00,030 other girls, shrieked as little red can shot down shining tracks am! dropped into what seemed miles cf "Honestly" Ellen In an terrific speed that the girl could think of nothing except keeping her hair up and ber frock down The pins showered from her hair. She pleaded with the speed maniac lu vain. "How's for some dancing?' 1 h« shouted, grinning. "Too hot for dancing," she shouted in answer. "Have you ever been to Coney? Why don't we rent suits and have tbat kind ot a rowdy afternoon';" Immediately he whirled the car In tbe direc'.ioo of Coney Island. »wed voice, "I've never seeu so many people before. Never!" "You mean so many that you wo«lda't like to know," Larry »ov thoughtfully. "Snob," she accused him. "Certainly." he 8gree<J. "So ar« /ou, Confess it— 4on't you tblnU we'rt the nicest peopl« »t Coney Island, this afternoon?" "Oertaluly W9 are( ., 8U9 ^.^ denprely. delightfully conscious of bis hand on her bare arnj, delightfully conscious of bi« nearness when tbe crowa pressed tbera (* gether. "Still want (0 swim ||w York for .» lighted emptiness. "Hey, this Idea was 100 per cerx to the good I" caroled Larry as bt iteadled ber in bis arms. "I musi lave been missing things all m,' Jfe." They ate hot dogs from the hq log wagon and cotton candy whici melted under tbe tongue Hie sweet ened air. They breathed minglel odors of sawdust and caivas anl popcorn. They went to the sldt- sbaws and peered with fisclnatel horror Into narrow booths. Them tbe fat lady quivered lifce moui- talnous. Jelly. The clgaret flen), tbio suuke, smoked endlessl). The sword swallower challenge) his digestion with knives and nail). 'That reminds me," remarkel Larry with the utmost seriousnesi, 'Tin hungry." "After all those hot dogs?" ma* veled Ellen, giggling at his foo^ labuess. "Only jhree or maybe foun You're hungry, too. You can' 1 deny It. Your tongue's hanging out at tbe thought of food." ' tiavaganco. 1^ f u:o lobster New turg and strawberry ice, with reck /ess disregard of their health, whil from far below they beard steam boat whistles and saw the tiny gold on circle, of tbe ferris wheel turn ing over and over. Then tbo stars came out. "Listen, what time Is it?" asked Ellen suddenly. "I've got to get to Dreamland and you promised to return the car to your friend." "That doesn't matter." Larry re piled carelessly as ho leaned across the table toward her. "The only thing that matters Is tbat you and I are here 'on this roof and that you havo the loveliest eyes. Did yot ever take a good look at your «y« —Ellen?" But Ellen was not to be diverted, "No wonder you're always late," she rebuked. "Don't you ever look at .your watch?" , , , f 'As a matter of fact," he laughed, "I haven't a watch. I'm afraid If 1 carried one I'd have to look at It" Ellen was taken back by tbe norelty of this viewpoint What an idiot he was! But she was a little troubled also. Larry bad dls- tlictly told ber his friend Intended tc use the car that evening. She had her job to remember. She could not be easy until she knew the time. She told him that • • • COMEWIIAT aggrieved he set off in search of a waiter. When be returned he was smiling broadly, good natured and cheerful again. "Everything's fine now," h« teased her. "It's too late for me to take the car back and It's too late for you to go to Dreamland, it's 15 minutes of 9." Ellen uttered a cry of horror, king, that'll fix Saleroom, tee." Ellen, reluctantly, unwllllngly.j found herself laughing with hlm.1 It was too difficult for her not to! respond to his easy, agreeable! charm. After all, she thought, cven.l If he couldn't seem to understand! the seriousness .of her job he waaf quick enough to mend tho situation he had created. "We'll go dancing In town." hel went on. "That'll bo more funl any way. This place was beginning! to get tiresome." Ellen could not understand him! at all. Just a moment before ha had been eager to stay. AS Larry had predicted, Salomon was willing enough to accept Ellen's confused excuses, willing enough to permit her an evening, away from the dance ball whon b« was able to profit as much by her absence as by her presence. Bu Ellen found herself uncomfortabl over the arrangement. She knev the other girls thought It odXs Anise, in particular, stared curioi?" ly and turned to Tony to makef what Ellen was sure was a spiteful remark. She forgot all that as she andj Larry danced tho night away on the roof of a small, smart She forgot everything oxen 11 thf *j she was dancing with &arry and ; that Larry— liked her. In a thousand ways girls und' fB t &nl1 s <> well he had told .her so drovW nome through the the stars had begun to She stofd up, "We'll have to leave this minute!" sle cried. \ "But no—you don't understand! It's toq late to leave. We'll stay here and dance. What a lucky break my not having a watch!" "It may not make any difference to you,'' Ellen said, determined to sober lira. "But my job Is important to me. I simply must get back." "But you can't," be exclaimed. "That's what I'm trying to tell you. We couldn't reach town before 10 any way—maybe later." Ellen was annoyed and hurt. When he saw suddenly tbat sbe was not amused and that a genuine mood of anger and disappointment was keeping ber silent, he changed hia tone. Sbe thought he seemed disinterested as be asked what sbe would do. '•I'll telephone that I'll be late. 1 suppose that's the only thing I can Uo." 'unched on the roof of they "I've got It!" Larry exclaimed Midnight Moou Hotel, despite El- "We'll stop at Dreamland and I'll feeble protests at such e*- buy all your dances-for the ev<* They night 'ade anJ the east was beginning to fgliten,, and that still, cool busii USt before dawn enveloped th» ity. When they arrived lu Brook. yn the aun was breaking over the house tops. They paused to look at the brightening east aud to breathe the delicious coolness before they crept Into tho quiet bouse and slowly up tbe stairs. Larry hesitated at the door a lon« time, as unwilling to go as Kllei» was to have him. It had been such, a perfect evening they told each, other again and again. In hushed, surreptitious voices they whispered of what they had seen and done-; whispered of future meetings. What fun they would have! Gradually Jhero crept Into tht air a tenseness that made tbelf very gayety Inappropriate. Larry's sentence trailed Intf brooding sileuce. He was holding Ellen's bands la his own. One of I them loosened aud then the other. With a feeling of pure ecstasy un< a painfully beatiug heart ^he felt his bands at her shpulder's. She was trembling and her eager liya were parted. Sbe was almost In his arms when he muttered huskily tbat it wu.$ time for little girls to be in bed and. without 9, backward look, rau ilowti the stairway. (To Continued)

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