The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Success; Story Legionn w mnaires And Troops Of Rq)ub!ic Are In Forefront WITH FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION IN SYRIA, , March 20 \UP) — Gen. Mnxlme Weygnrid's urmy of the oast, which tunneled ilirough Beirut lino Syria and l.e- tonoti since (fie war started, Ins completed (ralnlne and is ready to meet, any spring offensive. j Trawling fcy automobile through this French maiulnte this inoiuh. , 1 found Gen. Weygand had weld- Mi a fighting machine from units representing eveiy purl- of Uic French empire. Totaling between IGD.Mfl mid 200,000 men the urmy brings together Ink-black Mnl- gaches from Madagascar, pale An- namltes from Indo-Chlnn, tan Al- serians, mid even brown Taliitians There are also fnsl-rldlng Bpn- liis aiid native camel corps. .: The' backbone of the army, how ever, . 'Is formed of while soldleis froni' France's metropolllmi nnny atid the crack French Foreign Leg- Ion, which includes scores of Span- 1 iards. , Americans and dozens of I Germans who are loyal to the French Legion. ' • ~ Legion • Posts Strengthened The two Lrgionnnli'e posts pei manently In Syria and Lebanon have; been increased by roinforce- .rnems trained In Sidi-bcl Abes This legion which. Incidentally, in-' -eluded more Frenchmen lhau foreigners Is ready with French while troops to form the spearhead of any action. I was especially impressed by the way Weygand succeeded In taking, such mixed elements and in a,i umpoon cdUor Whitman Hobl* recently wrole „ column n, Mitch lie desi e .mt«I "Oomph Girl" Ann Sheridan ns one "least likely to succeed/' Ann's s(| ,,elch : "I mftke $ , 00 ,aOO a year. Harvard ,-rach «™,«c WOO , year-after K year.," But, as Misled , t co L p e p 10,0 above. Hobbs, Coring lhe colu s]mMn . » blight Ideas, carries m, calmly dim,,, tl,c tempest his column provoked The local units, Including Uic Lc- {dcnn Rose Hoivl tanoii camel corps, have increased , there . . ,.,„ Il4lll ----- — t <.~ ...*.*i.i.oi.\< i [nL-re me G7 <! rormlng. them into a single unlncd ',,' " umbm " lul arc rei "'>' to roses represented' — • ...".. po»cc the country so that the army ll -l»<-suiieci. revealed that different kinds of army. Virtually all colonial troops here have French officers and in- elude •contingents of French sol - (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Steele-Cooter Society—Personal Bridge Cluli .'?'}''• Mrs. Lewis Lester was hosier to the new bridge club' wlikli has been organized at Cooler last Tluirs- , Onesls were -Mrs. Reno, Mrs J W RoblUas, Mrs, Brooks, Mrs. Earls.' Mis Russen Prakes, Mrs. Gerald f.f » »"!• E l " Taylor ^ nd Mfs- Lew !)ol)p!!b?ck. 'Hie liosless .served jello salad open face .sandwiches, pickle,, olives' cake and coffee. Mr and Mrs. w. N. Holly entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and ";=""••"•" "" v -"" ltl '«i imirs- *"••"••» »<• numer annuay Mr ami dny night, when ,,ll memlx-rs were •««* »• Bc» Holly of CanUhers present, for l),e tint, mccll.xr. The vllle '"'I «•'- a:id Mrs. Hayes Sm Hi F-asler motif was mod Jr.. the <l wn . i of Stcele. Little Miss Hazel Smith " lUol - ----- —*« .., me decci-1 —_ ... 1 Mions. of stccle hnd been inelr Miss Dorrls Darnell received hMi lhc wceke "<l- score award, bath .powder; Mrs ! r ,, Ml '*- Unr!l Carlock ol Dongola, Tom Uw!s received second hhh I — has re ^r™d home after a an Easier basket, of fresh eggs ami slt llcrfi wlt " nor dnueWor, Mrs Mrs. E. W. McCaini held brklvo ' \J?' m < ler ancl Mr. Pcndcr. award and was presented an M-'K M| 5s<rS Eunice and Mnry Little sllcer. • IKB of Kansas City, Mo., spent last Tlic hostess served nolnio salmi ^'Tln, " Cre , WU " " lcl1 pickles, olives, blackberry vvnVH t i' "' e ' Bm! Iced drinks. The members are Mrs E \i McCft-jn, Mrs. Velmn Pulllahi '.Mr.s Robert Rushing:, Mrs.. Arthur'Tay-' or, Mrs, Tom Lewis, -- Nazi in U. S. to Aid Polish Relief WEDNESDAY, MABCIT 20, 15)4 Willis, Mrs. ixiwLs Lester niid \!i«s Dorris Burnett. .._, ' "' Mrs Rushing Is to be hosle.w to the club Thursday niglil, br'thw week. (, •f 4 >> Guest of Bridge club Mrs. IJowen Travis of Lux Martha liohbins, a' student of Underwood College, arrived Ihursday for several days visit T m o C 'i - , p( "' e ' Us ' D ''- "nd Mrs. •i • w. KpuDhis. Mr. siul Mrs. Lc wl s Lester spent fealurday in Tup«lo. Miss., on business. TJiey hm\ Bs n,eir guest .Sunday .MLss .MndaJonc Severn of •Steele. • Oracle Smilh. who has been * ck for .some time, was taken to Hie tuberculosis -sanitorluni at Mt Vernon, Mo., over the weekend by most impossible to distinguish be- 'tween divisions or even regiments Coming here from a tour oi c!1 " r " sh c'wwhcre If needed. Among Legion ollicei-.s with whom dlcrs, -with (lie result thnl il is al- T , tnlkc " vras Prlmt ' A1 >' K1 '"». the moxi. imnn«ihii* in ritctt.w...t..i. i.~ 1'^J-ycar-old son and heir of Agn lum - firslTand The Tucker ) Ma ^is CaSCS '•-"- T no-1 Have Been Continued Come Easter •*>"<£! ui ijuxora j —' *•*•". •j»'--i uju wucKeiui uy ,,:•' *"? n 8" c>s( of «ie 'I-nesday! l ' Ls ' so " """I wife. Mr. and Mrs Uridsc club when they we re enter-1 f^umom Smith, who returned tallied In the homo of Mrs. Ititrbcrt I oll!e ille " c - xt day. T. C. Bensle-y reUn ned last week trc'ii PI. Myers, Pla., where lie lins SPMI the winter. Mrs. Beasley and grandson, Joe Marlon Michle will not return until June Mr. and Mrs. Owfai Goodman of West Memphis, Ark., were here Insl week visiting- the Hitler's paienis Mr. and Mrs. Roy Marshall. • ,.p- s P el)I *r transBclcd business in West Memphis, Ark., Friday Mr. and Mrs. Claude Allen' of t/alifornin have arrived for a visit with the laitcr's parents. Mr. aiid Mrs. Charles Pollard and oilier relatives. Mrs. B. H. Lawsoti'was returned to hei home m Coot gcns. The nigh 5core „, went to Mrs. Conrad Fi-nmc ard .econd high to Mrs. Leyon Earls ' Tl,c hostess served pear sal'.ul. ciackeis, pecan pic and coffee. IVrty Honors Mrs. Frakes Mrs. Tonmife Fi-akcs was giiKl >f honor when Mrs. Mawhell Hamra en ertalned . her Yonng Matron Bridge club and several invited guests at bridge last. Wednesdav afl aflernoon at tn c home Marshall Cnineraii. of Mrs Mrs. Lee Yeager held high score ana Mrs. j. W . Reno second hi«!, Prizes in contests went, to Mrs. Indian* Defeat Whites In 10-Year Legal Tilt SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP)- fteltlior tomahawk nor musket prayed a part in a victory of Piutc , and ote .liidians over tlie white man-when n legal decision ended Trmii ar l3at "° <> l 'ei' possession of <,ym acres of grazing land in San Juan county, utnh Karl Edtiard, Duke of Saxe-Co- P, ur K ^ n(1 Gotha, and president of tlie fjortrmn Red Cross, pictured )n Vynslimgtor where he recently mnrorrcd with U. S. Red Cross head Nornjnn Davis on i"R lhe sulfnrinj; in Nazi-lorn Poland. land office, Washington, ordered i local land officer to allot parcels o aliotil liiO acres each to the Ind'' ans of the two tribes, ft •- Struggle for this land date: back to 1029, when it was pro. posed to add the land to the Nav- njo Indian reservation. The lane cominl.'isloiier's action was madt over the protest of Uic attoniej genera! of Utah and stockmen 01 the San Juan region. weekend from the Walls Hospital where sl)e underwent an operation Alter ten days she will return to the hospital for another operation. Don't Miss The CRAZY SALE Full Details On _ Pages'10. arid ADD ZEST your Eapter Wardrobe with a MEAD STETSON HAT Chalk up another victorious season for iMcatl- Slelson hitts! For we've gathered together the /incst collection of these world famous hats you've ever seen in lUytheville nt the valiie-ful price of only §5. So add zes t to y o n r Easter Sunday wardrobe by having- our hat specialists show you one of these four Stetsons illustrated. C ARiri'HpR< 3 "^i77p < t • TI, P ™?,f , • ', ?" ' """ 1 . ° ( . A ';>°'" vk - aml ° r especfnlly trained so they cnn fi"lit alongsirie English, ScolcJi, Aiislrn- lian, New Zealand, nml Indlnn Tnpl-cr w t'nu " "•'"""'" iroops also stntioned in the Middle trl • , R1[1 3 C . Ark-, and of East ft'Kituc Kineii niid Robert Afathis. Wardcll Lebanon. . Egypt, Pnlesline "and ,me ^ , » r n " "'- vt " e ~ 2EX "%„£«££ 1 ,lSi^??"-^!^ W " eaer ^r^S^SS' i ».'» • .^ .Hru^'S GO PLACES hi the Balkans "involving Turkey, or to ward'Oil any po.«iblc desert attack from Tripoli, should Italy Decome Involved. Weygand, who despite his 73 . years is one , of lhe most, active Allied generals, keeps In contact with nil the' Allied forces In the Middle -East, although nominally .he.heads only Hie French forces At; Beirut l found the harbor In readiness, for any eventuality .There, special devices aid In heavy loading connecled with the dispatching of troops. • Submarines at Beirut Heavy artillery protects the harbor while French battleships nnd submarines are constantly comiiiK to and going from Beirut, which • has of the most stra- teglc ports of the Medlterrnnerv Along the coastline which I trav liQiise In 1038. The MttlhU brothers are charged In comicclion with the death of Buren Long, also of .Warden who died In a Cape Ciirardeiui, Mo Hospital from injuries alleged to have been received in n fight at a Wardell poolroom where It was claime:! Long was strnci over lhe .leiul with n cue stick. Nine eases are scheduled for lienr- iiig Wednesday, nniont! them being the mansliuijluer charge aTOinst Cecil Tlnnin of Hayti, Mo. Timii.i Is charged will, belux the driver of a truck which collided tv ith the car or J. c. Johnson who Inter died of injuries said to have- been ruin tlie car wreck. ~ — •——v...* v «.i.i,n i iritv- ( .. eJed were machine gun emplnce- I ccllsl « by menis and heavy naval guns where William Ni , -,- ""..n gnii.-> MIIVTU neep. water would permit battleships to attempt to launch landing, parties. Evidence of a strong air force can be seen daily. The regular army has been here since the early days of the inan- QBte, but recently reinforced by Weygands expeditionary force it i is the Army oJ the East |i Hose Bowl Kiel, hi Variety P.ASADE.JA, cai.. tup>—,\ rose >y Park Superlutende.-.l Nicholas of the 20 OJ^ rose bushes surrounding tlie Hasn- Joyner Say : Von Give ai c Your Gas Husiness I'll Give You Hie "I'UIOK" —SAVE— • JOYNER Oil, Surely you're soing to drcs.s tip for hnsler! After nil. »-ilh the spring season iirriving this week (as far as the calendar is ton. t'erned, anywa.v) n new suit will put you ;„ the moot! to .ste|i out and j,r O nlaces. And you'll find here a selec- ion of suits that we guarantee will get you more (nan yont |j c r capita share of attention in the wslcr uaratle . . . and for many, many weeks fhcreaftcr. Included in these suits arc the famed in-between season weights that weigh just .18- oum-e.s and :lr e itleal for wear in Hlythcville from Kiisler imlil Oclober. They are the famous GULFWEIGHT SUITS Superbly tailored by The STETSON "Bantam" $ 5 The STETSON "Open Road" .*•** / ^ / / HART SCHAFFNER & MARX The STETS.O N "Playboy" GAS ECONOMY AOUNST TCI / SUOWtST . Because CMC. have ,o much more pullmc Power ,t n, ay bc hard to Mtc ?™£* h««»°. n J?r' 1 1"' B J Ut '"S 1 """' t«U «i« r\irl V" bc> '° n f 1 ^"'i""- Inv«,i- galc CMC btforc you buy another truck! "** "^''^y^f^YMC W,, Bermuda Tan GULFWEIGHT GABERDINES Gaberdine i s im annilA | f.,. voiilr «i||, young men wlio know thtlr way about, and you can wear the as an odd sport coat . . . trousers as oild sport slacks. SQ'TBO Banff Blue GULFWEIGHT WORSTEDS •Banff Blue Is the sprh, s celor that's been a|ipro\nil at Southern winter resorts.'' Here In all the smart p^i- terns and nipdcU hi vitf^ f or everyonr. S 37 $ 35 Chalk Stripe GULFWEIGHT FLANNELS If you're under S'-3" JOii'll look taller In chalk stnpe\. .4 nt j f or a luxurious chalk stripe suit we suggest a handsome Doeskin FlanncL '50 Spruce Green GULFWEIGHT TWEEDS Spring means tivcccis to almost every style minded man and thtsc lifhtwclghl tweeds arc lhe best we've seen . . . tbpccUUy In Ihc color tone —Sprurc Green. The STETSON 'Town one? Upper" '36 MOTOR SALES, CMC TRUCKS \ <-\ ^ t M E 315 •"i V Other Stetson Hats $7.30 to $10 ^s Usual The Best Is Always At MEAD'S

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