Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 18, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1932
Page 3
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*ifi>* H S ^-'Mw'51' _ Telephone 321 eticText e Agreed On out UHffc U18 World is weak and oreary. fthftad to times ttifire cheery— •"Mlf feet and buck the wind) - r » horttes when it's mowing * bitter gale is blowing. l* Philosophy's worth kmwWntf! your ground and buck the wind -.£;'" "* ° avs *' ncB * ne y have eaten 'Wiftter hasn't got them beaten. Soon, they know, the grass wll «weeten/r , loon the sun will dnlle again. 1 roubles come, there's no denying, Wi they don't dissolve with crying, " i your teeth and keep on trying- ice your feet and -buck the wind! --Selecwd. ' I Mr. and MM. Ralph Berkson of New Tork City arrived on Thursday for a Visit with Mrs. Uerkson's parents, Mr Wid Mrs. Kd McCorkle. ' Mrs. W. 0. Allison has returned from fa visit with Mr. and Mrs. John Lee Morgan in Mlnden, La. Mrs. Terrell Cornelius, Mrs. R. V Herndon nnd Mrs. McOaughoy were ^Wrdncsday visitors in T.-xarkana. I ,One of the most intera>-ling/pro- 'gdms of tho year's study was t'iven on jW^Jnesdny alfernoon by the Bay View CluhHt the home of Miss Maggie Bell bn South Main street with Mrs. R. M. Xrf»Gro\je as leader. In line with the jblcentciinial celebrations, the study subject for the afternoon was the Dis- ftrlct of Columbia, and a patriotic note was observed throughout the program .Which openVd with the Club singing f'America," With Mrs. Stith Davenport leading >Vith Mrs. Mae Wilson at *)thc piano, anck George Ruff In Mar;Shall accompanying on the violin. Mrs. ;LaGrohe gave \Nery Interesting historical data, folldwed by the club " Inging "Stnr Spangled Banner." Miss Tamie Twitchell gavba splendid pa- on Washington, D. C. The pro., n closed with-; a sketch of the WiuihinRton^ttken^Jlbi^AIrs. W F. .* m ^£iBBBi ' d WBS con - & c ^mimmim M™. G US Yoii PR - Beci GLO and shiny by pel with life pores. [ Cox:' parti uni LO-C IRE! 1ER il MWELLO- OH longer . N 1 ^ more so \much. ihade blonds [giving more inch process look youngt ( Tinkles and John P. Roblson De- Adv. M Have You, Doctor's Corifii lence 'CT\-l y r» f Doctor Knows,] 'when you ""s prescription^ here, that ' and every elve trustwoi ting Is, Right k*re. used stance you sy medicine. . the right id' they are l.h . . . the tho careful «t-' ^.,. Bckagcd ;ed to It the- ingredient work is fure absolute : is ncat- ti-Uctions on }ten for ccp :ked for cbr- ;#^« Son r "We've Motor Cycle: ,PHONI!| Pretty Boy A Every mother probably thinte her Junior is just as cute as smiling little Edouard Magulnay of Brussels. But a group of judges In tho Belgian cdpi- al, gazing with unprejudiced ejes, decided Edouard was the besUlooking youngster in Europe, at least. The Wednesday Contract Brjdge 2lub held their regular meeting with Wrs. C. S. Lowthorp as hostess at her home on South Elm street. The rooms vere decorated with sprin flowers and bridge was played from two tables, with Mrs. J-inley Ward scoring high. Mrs. B. B. Brown, a former member if the club was a guest. The Four Parent Teachers nssocia- lon of the city, celebrated Founders' 3ay on Tuesday afternoon at the Pais- cy school with a most interesting program and a large and appreciative udience. The minutes of tho Thirty-Sixth An- nuaf convention of thu Arkansas Di- isio.i of the United Daughters of the Confederacy have been issued in mosl -"• ictive form, and is of special in- lo the ii.emliocs of the Pni fin-, itc. as it contains the inin- « r jUrst convention of the Ar- WMjfa."United Daughlw P- — • ••••»»w»WB» T WIC9 **V Motion to Retain Prei ent Books One Year. LITTLE ftOCK-The Arkansas Teat* book Commission yesterday reacted by a vote of Seven-to-two a proposal to re-adbpl for one year the pr«sent arithmetic text, and adopted by a vote of six-to-three a new three-booi se» ries published by the John C. WItston Company, with a provision Ithat schools deslririg to do so may'con- tinue to use the present book arfather year. , f The retail prices for the new Wks will be S4 cents for'the first bok to bo used In the third and .'fcurtji grades, the same price for thd fifth and 1 sixth grade book and 58 cejjts for the sevent hand eight grade bool. The book now In use, a twf book series published by Silver, Btrdette & Co., retails at SB and 75 cenfe. The A reduction b -*—mVn i(« -i JL«*^1 It Arms Parl --, _ -^-,, .„ „ v uu UKU f */ 1.C11D, i JllJ company offered them for re-a<foptlon at 46 cents and 69 cents, and aiso offered B new three-book series; which wbuld be retailed at 46. cents lor the Hist, two books and 47 cents .'or the third book. ^bout 16 companies submitted pro- petals, two or three of which carried prces slightly lower than thosi of the Whston Company. Practicallj all the bi*s were based on three-boot series, orbno book for each two grad-s from th<j third to the eighth. Severil com- paiies submitted proposals orj a Sep- arae book for each grade. . Resolutions Read ' Receding the adoption, C. K. Hirst, slat commissioner tof educatbn and sccetary of the Commission, itad sev- ora lelegrams,ond resplutSons urging' thecommission to postixine th^ adop- tioi until -economic conditions lm-' : priro, or to insert in the contract, in tn< event a new book wa* adopted, a' pryision that its use w»uld be op-' tiflal with individual school districts' "fil the fall of 1933^ U'ter voting down a mrtion to ex- tifid the present adoption a ye,ir,- the ctnmission decided to provide that in- t»cluction of nay nt-w bo<ik be o.Hion- adurmR the next schwi year OrdJ- nrily iu,e of the new b.«>k-, A ,,uld be innrlnloo in all rf ,adt schoola of the ^[te at tlif; opening of i .hotJs next ill. Under lh.- opuonil pli.n, their so will not bn mandnt >-y , m til Sep. . * ->v<uuw wnicn uo in the ehange until next yeaf, Ifc the devate over tii* que^idn of extending the preseht sdbptlaft a yea?, br< 0. L. W illamson of MaNanna, «tfd th Resent book lit obsolete and -tftet many schools In the state are using 'made up" arithmetics and work books Ifl preference to the regular text. . ,. Used r«* 17 Years - Th« book has been Jft use In Ark-, flhsas 17 years and those fatforlrtf Its use anothef yeaf admitted that it was unsatisfactory, but said they desired to spare the patrons tRe expense a!-a change until condition* improve, ifdffl A. Day of Port Smith- made the tnfr tlon to Alain the bid book another year and It was seconded by W.,M. Brown of Warren. All other members of the commission voted against the! motion. They contended that adoptioft of a modem book, with the one-yearl optional use clause, would permit the schools desiring a-change to make it next fall, and at the same time <?>' Wltf^i ^ 1 * An eighth grade t Calhoun, White.&i lished by the Jft. Company,, .was ado'ji present book pu *" Book Compaiy. retail for;_64 cents! The conimSsioii- tion requirirg bids in the futu ther represaitativ next mcethg is:' H,,ny Boyd i ^mei ,y o f this city, ow of Hup Okla, visited with friends n, t| ;a city on Wednesday. !• S Tl.omaS, of the Ladies Shop, is expected to return Thursday night, -where .additional spring ap- and chil- gland spent ber, whery bids, ' ' , texts in radlh'g 'a UNDYINi Forced Rer to J,iwurleljf Civllli iurkest Africa,. rorsake' the atr.on and live Savages in A ESTIGT | 5y<r- t I1BNJOU URGET 0 NITE Tb?re*U §« 9 (t W.t:d Hot" Pep— DANCE ON TUB STAGE Mcisic By HHbui n Grave* And Hi a Merry Makers Dancing l'i.-/vlleges FREE with Every Rialu Floor Ticket Refreshments Ch - --- - ™-.j ~»*u HV vaiv; oaiiic vi the effect of continuing the present book foi the schools which desire to postpone the change a year. . Resolutions from the Arkansas Fed- eratlort of Labor, the Farm Labbf, Unlort Of America, the Mot Sprit** 1 Chamber of Commerce and the Little Rock Council of the Parent-Tedder Association were read, requesting ih?i commission to postpone adoption oi to provide for optional Use of new bodks/ Most of the bids Included proposals' to provide tecahers 1 manuals 'wltW>ut cost. ,The teachers' book offerect'iby the "Winston company .is 'Dlagho«lc and Remedial Teaching In ArMmefie," by Dr. L. J. Bnieckher of the Uhter- sity of Wisconsin, One of the>atttfors of the newly adopted texts. / Adopted lh Othee, States • The Winston bopks have bien'adipt- ed recently r i^, Alabama, Gebr|f a, Hor^ 4da and Delaware, representatiVJs of that company, t said. • The arithjietius have been uSSd In the practice spools of Ark»hsas Teachers ' College atCon- way ; and.of Henderson Stafe, Teichers College at ArkadelpHia arid weo said to have been endorsed by, those insti. tutions and by many city and ounty superintcmdents and teachers <i various parts' of the : 'State. /.,- ; 'J'lie commissioiv, adopte^ for ise iti the second guide, wJiere ; M» ; iu'it.lmeuci is used in that '' 'Fun With How, Peterson _ retail price will be w worlo; JIleet!n * of war '•%\T •' ' 7T '^ ; - r •»"**•*•»«* ^Date at Oklahoma .:NBW ORLEAN&-Senator JlUey Long Tuesday cancelled a speakl: <?nt in Oklahoma City dn because a brbther, ^,- -- at daWri orf « street corners, both ^ft**i>& once from 12 gauge - discharge Struck' *, /rCQtorY --„ announced hlmse ior ^ration , commlssiorie^fof <i<ltla- iinrei'i * '.;" I * Bym P aui y *« « ™aj 1, Wvfcdetsidea td make no ssech ,-Saturday Feb. 20 Will Be;Pouitry Day in Hdp Wcj-are in the marketeer all'kinds of poultry a will pay the highest market prices for same also pay the market price for eggs, , ' * Since Saturday is pur op'eniVday, We shall glad to have you bring uS your poultry Z tiiat da W. HOMER P1GG & COMPANY uit'ke Uppojsite Post Office ! t'-V.I ( I on Gortywfflw^ Arka nsi. DO YOU You can now buy A P I A N 0 for about Pjices ""•' M ancLpay for it with i SURPLUS FARM .', PRODUCES .:and on easy.i^rms! We Allot You $1.50 a Uushel We ALFRED WALLACg insisting of Snuff, ^obacco, Sugarf )uinine, Pills, Salts,] Turpentine, " 'onic,Cough aMCfttor Oft ar thuig in, the hi^fe .ppilrugs arid f gr mbout ,t $1.00 a Bushel 50c a Bushel for ten Have your bring their su^lus jnd obtain a pianofor ^ school or churh. New $35(00 PIANtS for $195 Used PIAIOS and uj! •••is*'; m vi.&m •m |-*^a* mif** •DRUGS -own prace^. T mjl •-" '»n1' ' "r#'*P' -» • • ^- — »w»^« VW4<4 wait. JPhe en.^ stock is for sale priced, / , ' ' •*•*•*. 1 ;, - •' v „•••' i .'. *»., m Bensberg lu Compay 207 South jni Phone 4J) Expert Radio Ipwing 1*.f ym • «f^|**-?*f * V -'j ,^*. -^ m vw, BfeoOMS, Hed handles .1 BAKING POWDER L C. Brand, 25c si$ SARKETT-SNUFF iottle t (VASHINQ POWDJR |jQa Foam brand: pbkaffe 3ANE SUGAR s J5 pounds for ] ? OFPE i E ; i VM» ?p A ° u p n J i I pound bucket . ' r^'4«Wq IARD j r MH < pound bucket [ j wUC Everything W rked to ^ell Cheap Eiu-ryl Hurry! Thes prices effective Saturday, t ebmary 20th^tartin) at 8 :OOPclock a. m. Walljer Sails Co. First loor Vfest of Pelt Office ">* Cupr..l9.w. The inicrlcai Tobacco Co. /I I prefect ny/oce witr L 4, THE lOWf-DOWNI Noivo? Why Edmund low»'» a dartwvll anca great guy... he was one of thfiril to wear a HIGH HAT TO A PRI2EF(HTI He an got ow«y with it, faecauje he got the punch an<j six feet of bravynHe's a cotege grcduata. Eddie might ova been o big I ague ball plqyer lilhe inoviejhqdn't notched him. He'tashfwd business man and hat made a fonn«. We don't knor how much FOX oalefcim for"THE CISC) KID,"Jb«f It w os won it. For »!x year; 1 1 ha» }mok«d (.(JCKIE! He get* paid pie y for OUH) thiqg», ^utyai paid nothing'or hii iigaejj ifgteient. We're deepf 9rotofvl,,Edmund Low- TUNE IN after a that; JSved Wffr mSteadf QwfW^iWtoM on ™» !«f royea YWophie wrapper, I cajbperi it," m to LUCKY STRWE-eo the tpws o tytO} i w-orW's finest (knee . ^ TV***, tfe»r«Jay »tui $Qt» rt l* if v4 fr

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