Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 18, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1932
Page 2
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Rayt, Miller Elected by 7,703^ Majority Over Republican Opponent Political CLEVELAND, dfficial count 6t bal WaVorallty election lefi Democrat, a ma in Tuesday's Ray t. MiU 6f ( T,?03 votes the Sfftf Is attlhorfeed <tt «,....—..-the following t«Hrtktatet wrtjjwt *»ft* MilMfll %tt«iB«a«ile primitf *!«*• J»o»i AutHJt 8, Mi -'- "•"•"- HEMPSTEAB COUNTY For x Sherif ' , ( ev«r foritter City Swnfigelf' CWhiel E. Motgan, Republican. Wto Vote-Mil- le'r 102.632, Morgan H&29. 'A 17-year RepublliMih'ftile in Cuyahoga county was 4hattere"d with the, election of Miller, 30'ydftr-old county prosecutor, as Cleveland's first mayor in eight years. It wris the first election since Cleveland discarded 1 the city manager plan of; government. Miller's victory was conceded less than two hoUi^ after the polls closed In one of the most, bitter municipal elections on record her* and one that brought out tile greatest v&te other than for a presidential election. Miller, a brothe* of Don Miller of Notfe Dame 'Four Horsemen" fwne, and himself a former Notfe Dame football player, campaigned vlgoroui!- ly for an "unshackled police force." Miller aligned himself against dilatory police tactics, in dealing with Cleveland's gangdom and charged the Republican administration had "slack- led" the police. The polls Closed at 6:30 p. m. amid loodshed, fist 'fights, lumdreils of minor conflicts and widespread »ccu- ations of terrorism by 'imporect loOd- ums. Police said. they were unable to ind »ny serious disorders. < • " 1 91MON M, Moby Dick AgaJii , * L... -- j-J-J--..—^ ' 4- , » ii'of, we books paid $1675 the other day in _ b? i j. * . <_ ^ • i fV. • •» ttmt 'i.T a Vopjf of ah'olfl book entitled "The Nar- nipy^rfecK'<5f ? the'Whale-ship fessex, 0f NaJi- [etmfejfesting thing about'it is" the, fact that, -*•"*•*-" *— Herman Melville and seems to have upon which' 'Melville's great c. about a century ago, was J?v ** * uoff the " ~* ifjfr C**- •****&?•? 1 w £**"«•» Jfc " »•»••w • ••*.—— • --». <> — — —-T—,— cteWntnade its way to shore, 1000 miles Dic^'-Tand if you haven't ..'retaieniber that v something nby t e r l£ wh'eri Moby, Dick;* *BWS»it$? t< ,„.., and- Mrs. R, M. Briant left Thursfay for a visit to Mexico City and irtermedlate points. " " ' • A. 1 ^'Hilsworth, 'the Prescott real I estatep4an,'was here yesterday. * TEN YEARS A<iO \ Mis s-,Ruth and : ' !.»•*** I ' *- rfcd-from a telvin, of Splash—Splash' BOSTON.—Michael Merino appeared at the Lynn police headquarters to lodge a complaint against a woman who hit him over the head with an umbrella. He explainfedt he was drW- ing a car past the woman. The car ran through a puddle of water and splashed it all over her. When Michael went back to pacify the irate woman, she cracked him over the skull several times with an x umbrella. Woman Hater LOS ANGELES.—tfs'a safe bet t E. G. Alcoron doesn't think as r the fair sex ;) as£Ke once» ,-^qpB of ti iritf uov/ii one 0* •*••»• »••* TT~—~" — ' •car, fie offered VgoodAookin glrt- After«he was in the cgr, «r' a guri a»d Ijreverypne except E-American lit- yarji. exciting Memorial for Miner Is Prevented by Troopers BARBOURVtLLE, Ky.- (ff) — Prevented by state troops>dnd special po- licenien from conducting a memorial meeting here in honor of Hacry Simms Hersh, national miners union organizer Who was slain, by a mine guard, the union has announced the memorial meeting will, be held in lijew York Wednesday night at the Bronx coliseum. : Arlln Miller, mine guard who fatally shot Hersh, was acquitted of a murder charge at examining trial on Monday night The prosecution contended Hersh Was shot down withou reason, but County Judge Frank, Baker ruled the'eyldence showed Miller fired ni the deifenie'of himself or p another mine guard, Robert Ravis .ati whbm Hersh, was 'alleged-)to have Vointea a pistol. 1 — SV«*»«^ r "*»^ ^v»^**- -.-Piri^ advepturings , Conrad wrote "Nostromo" - rief a ntvers lunii jut twice, the ^his f plotmay^ l|rdo^^ afternoon wi«f Tamatt;Hembree. j . and Mrs. Jphli Jtpt^teon sroent" f with Mr,.«an4 CA- f t -.,**, - rtie Lee.Murphy last Mondi Wan Giycn $S(XM) iii i Railway Damage Suit CAMDEN, Ark.—A jury. In s cond division Ouachlta circuit court avard- ed L. C. Lane of McGehee ?5000ldam- ages from the Missouri Pacific Railroad company in the $45,000,, ddnage suit'tried here, for several day be- ! ore Judge W. A. Speer. \ Lane was seeking $45,000 danages for alleged injurieg sustained atMc- Gehee on February 1, 1931, whi the employ of the railroad as sta »»».».. .. rr —-..-—,- -ry^fr ji ' In Philndelphia Crash » • i' s "('l tV *r f .%"' •'- - >•"•••> PHILADELPHIA^^)— Four mer were killed Tuesday and tw,9 seriously injured when a truck carrying them to work at the Ford automobile plan in Chester was" struck by.; a R ea 4jtt J railroad freiglH train neikrf* theJOu Bell road station. TheifeTiames >»er not immediately determined/ CITY OP HOPE (Democi'atic Rrbnary Feb. 23) For City Clerk FRED 'WEBB ' For, City .Attorney PAT CASEY: W. S. ATKINS ary fireman. In his complaint he alleged in on- Rent It! Find ft! Buy Ui Sell II! * f - • Wnrd One ' L. C. (LEX) HELMS f BENNIE BENTON. ' ROY 1 ANDERSON ! E. a:cpiop ; ; Wnrd Two ROY STEHtENSON L. A. KEITH Ward J'our CLYDE A-/MONTS • IRA HALLIBURTON -A. M. M'KAMEY : STRAYED—One black gilt, unmar ed. Four white fedt and wliite sp°* , face. Reward for information loadit to retovery. ,A. M. Hujsey, ^Washing ton, Ark., Route 1. ' 18-3tp. while attempting to open a cap ol an oil tank car;' he lost his footing on|the top of the cnr made slippery Former-'Governor .'-.Tom ;J. represented ,_ Lane._ :hat oil. •all McCurtain Getting Pure Bred^ Cattle HDABEL, — County Agem public Friday indictments against 104 persons, which he claimed exposed an international rum syndicate, that, operated a fleet of-schooners and nn intricate distribution system,; in which oli-planes and* wireless stations played a part. Talbot said .^members of, the Capone gang in Chicago are involved. . <• • • i • 'V ' ! The Minnesota man who, chased a sneak thief a mile to. recover a dime certalnlj had a run foy his money ••' •' - i '••• •• •••'•• The more you tell, The quicker you ieii. 1 insertion, lOc per Hn* mfnimum 30c . 3 insertions, 7c per line, tnlnimum 50c 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 36 insertions, Sc per line, minimum $4.00 tAverage 5% words to the line) v NOTE— Want advertisement* accepted oVer the telephone may be| charged with the understanding 1 that the bill is payable on pr<Men- tation-of statement, the day of flrrtj publication. / Phone 768 / FORRfeNT FOR RENT—Qn4 five room house . College addition/ Briant & Co. 16-3 FOR RENT-^Five room horise, ma ern, convenient and close in. Res enable. Rqbert Evans, Box 211, down, Arkansas. 1 FOR RUNT—Furnished apartme two or three rooms, connecting ba Private entrance. Mrs. R. M. Jon 314 South' ShoVer. 2913 NOTICE , Shawtiee ' -'Brown • is distributing a truckload of thoroughbred registered Hereford bulls from Phil Lowery's ranch near;, Loco, Okk., inlMdCurtain county this week. "The stockmen late- ing, them are: W.,R. Hewitt, Redland Eo5: Moore, fdabel; Henry Latimei: Mabel; jielburh Phillips, Hoochatowri; Charles Werner, ,Blll Collier and Mr. GENERAL CONTRACTING - Fij estimates on painting, poperhangit ill kinds.'of building. Phone 567J| 18W. Collins •V Harrington. . (13-3 Eagletown. is*VMiWotwWVVK*'Rrf.j«T««i*_^j-««y*- *j-»^- J . 104 Are Indicted, in , i *Big Liquor Ring "NEWS ORLEANS.—Federal District ,,AttoriieX ? .,Edm6net E. Talbot made S 'olm* Murphy of New- SL*^ ^ hy; *'«. V Guaranteed. ; Washable. -for . "Mary Ann n Prints * /*£.,. t IhL . ^ >,**! . uar|>nteed fast color. !,<* v < • We are-eiaft,io,!W°>v \nw mother montK of schoo^-»tr, T Gover Op,O salaries of ?6v : Mo ^ re of the judiciary, ' would save , a year, He ;more by 6 to Jersey pre* 6 Mile» 'Tp Keep in aid and must be 19, J, A, Ewiepy, representing the National „ units was H3,50Q,OOQ,000 .... rhich $WJ§0,000,000 wa« raised by ro ^ «tpwed, representing deferred taxes, tie oJthe tax bajse and advocated that Govern.- r anannwH m wpnecessary expenditures, adjust compel «W IS»Government service, and eliminate unnecessary th$ New ¥9$ Times, in a long lead *$-. lavish measHres proposed and baekeg and demagftgic appeal were allowed " ' OIIF public finance, and bring 4epression has Ie4 > n thejjf minds thai to relieve is becoming o»r foremost national issue. >t«»&ttjto ^V* WIJT* S tftl, B?#grea» of ft.re his STARR, S r C.-(^>>-Gus Dejn, J year-ol4 civil war veteran, sajp b»t- tb <l»ys <* ld v* 0 ** to » m P rc>ve ^M 811 te impair hw health. i , ]f o prov? his point Dean pick^i 2,- 4a of cotton last fall and Jhir npuiin^ of a six-n)jl« rike. Dpan »s /Vnderspn county's oldest m8O( Hes a farmer and says he intends to go *right on farming. It's staying |>ut m fee open that keeps ffie in good aealtn tod make? for long life." He'often w^lks six miles "jfist.to keep in trim" and when he rounded out his 92nd year the other dfy, he walked just a little further ar ( d did 3 little ejrtra farming to celebrate the occasion. Qenviine patterns and oqlorlngs for spring. Sae Horse Theft Charged to Man Held at Mena MENA, Ark.— The rarely used charge of horse stealing was made 9gain# Crow, prisoner in the Polk , county jail, and he was moved Sunday tp Wilburton, Okla.; to answer to tjae i& w - Crow is said to have committed t£# theft while put on parole faom the Arkansas home for boy? at Bluff Sheriff John E. JopWn - --•- ^ Solid colors, best and newest shades. We carry a luji «*•- plete line of thread, needles, button^, Clastic, fastener* Wid other notions. For Hope Willla s' Lsooratories have arranged to h ve a man in youf toivfii- wh^ wiU tellyou about Wtt.UAMS.'-FOR WANTED—Issues of February 1| Truckland Courier. We will pay,| cents per copy. Hope Star. V^narMSS TTCH1C4, t*J*l» ^w»**j.* «..« ;. ^yj u i, K i|juu d«w»*v w.. Herman, Broken Bow;-Roy Brummett.i^y^^Vi^^ew p 0 rtnuia e thatthoso '"--'-*—•" "•"""'we been fortunate to get ! a bot- so enthusiastic about. . s Formulae is available In this tunlty for the first timev Get »- bottle now and see for yourself ut'wonderful results^ produces, iatlsfaction guaranteed or your wl CK YOUR PEP YOU KNOW THAT "WONDERFUL FEELING" Recommended for stomach, liver and kidney disorders covering dyspepsia, biliousness, gassy stomach (stress, chronic constipation, sick Headache, neuritis, neuralgia, rheuma- ism, lame back and general weakness Keep your stomach, liver and kidneys healthy and nature will do th- rest. Get a bottle today from WARD & SON, Druggists —Adv A LITTLE PEPSO-GINGER WI end your indigestion or your drugi will refund your money. 5- WANTED—Iss\ies of February Ij Truckland Courier. We will payf cents per copy. Hope Star. WANTED—Issues of, February Truckland Courier. We \v!U' : paji cents per copy, Hope Star. FOR SALE FOR SALE—One 10 inch 'steel combination terrace and break plow. One section harrow oncl five point cee-whiz. One ton bean hay. Call 757. J. A. Embree.1 16-3tp.l BIG HUSKY BLOOD TES1 CHICKS GUARANTEED to live lay more eggs. Customers r 100% nlive at four weeks. We, do custom hntchihg. Satisfac guaranteed. Braemar Hatchery Dudley Ave.. Texarkana, Ark. 2-1, WANTED WANTED—Boarders, rates re| able. Mrs. T. E. Urrey, 320 West| ond street. I5c Bich H«avy Quality Flat Crepe &Co. CHOWS Ingredient X! since vitamins. — fetter The greatest feeding discovej It gives added life and growth f eathering— e x t r a strength frames and added ounces. It is found only in i Checkerboard bag— In Purina Startena and Purina Growena. Our local poultrymen are reporting much bett results on Purina this season than they have evi had on a starting feed in the past, this with o new low pi-ices leaves no reason for not feedi Purina. South ern Grain AND PRODUCE CO. Phpne 248 co lower your t»o Soijii^ilon

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