Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 17, 1932 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1932
Page 6
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IfcW. *rtete artK^ttrtwrtd ftfish PtcscoU, ttossCoU Btyfcaw and other ' tic 1983 iiow ^jf tt dty three ; &bbort loaves ansiis; and dotn- ^W miles from Quality NESS of Ihe ftwsaaftf baker, .ttfe hai succeed*! old pattflctshlp of Jones ft Smith, is to «mvlh« the housewife that any * la bakery c^n produce bfifid than 'the' h6me oVett does. t to the h<Htte*S*« I* ^df^toiry tt home* ly dufing the warn , Jones says that like mwi businesses thtbskety feel* the f a* changing seasons, business Increasing with the advent of warm wittier, wheft hotisSwive*, fretting ova 1 'an? oven, give It tip.s&d bUy fresh, crisp leaven direct from a sanitary bakery whose tremendous pro* dticfioti* 6ttabtea It to equal 6* beat production costs of the honwOvea. .Mfc Jones btiys flour by the carload K ts dttfiiied In a big bifi, f rdm which it is taken by an. elevator to a sifter This' filters .the flour into the mixer wfatt* all "the Ingredients are placed for making bread, dough. The dough is removed to a trough, and then to a "brake" ^which presses out all the dioxide gases and smoothes the dough out for cutting. It is removed to a bench, where the dough loaves, are divided, and -thei taken to a proofer, where low-»pres sure steam is applied Until the Hough is ready for the oven. There are three big ovens. The dough is placed in *em, and in from 2$ to 30 minutes f whole army o crisp brown loaves come popping out Running at Capacity, City Baker; employs 12 men at a monthly pay roll > 8,30 p. m.) ' time in New Orleans . . . . thousands\of joyous carnival voices echo igil quaint buildings around Jackson <^jw>.-. a 2io-year T old city;, basking in the B^ne down South, goes oh a holiday . . . Iwaiit-to make hotel reservations? Like to speak plena's who are there? _. jpfr tell Long Distance: "I want New Orleans, ^'^Alvez 7899." or "I'll speak to anyone who i at (name and address of friends)." county, state, nation, voices come to you as though they were telephoned from across the street. it's especially inexpensive when you use ^Vj- stt l<i on " to " stat * on 8crv i ce a ^ e * 8:30 p.m. "' Hope .Hope Hppe Memphis Kansas City Little Rock -El Dorado .65 1.00 .35 .35 COMPANY Instant and Constant SERVICE . mi*} I •*-. is sjeen on the horizon . . • a storm threatens brightness changes to shadowy grey . . . lights normally. weather change can increase electrical use many times in service U there when you snap the ' nus * roeet the ch angJng demand the year. Back of the button that instantly t*> y«*w every touch there is a far-flung organ- of its aU - doing service Hope Water £ Light Plant Beautiful Plant of City Bakery Cosmetics in Demand Even in Hard Times Of more than $1,000. The business has felt the pinch of hard timeg, along with most other enterprises, but Mr. Jones and. Mrs. Jones, who handles the front office for her husband, are optimistic of the future of the city which they picked out for their home nine years ago. '-•••-',,; There is an interesting story behind the founding of the City Bakery. Jones —Photo by Shipley. & Smith used to be a street-car team, More Road and Bridge n Little Rock, motorman and con- „. , . T ; p , Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! " • '. With -••.'-• •-••'••' HOPE WANT DS The more ^OU tell, , ( . The quicker .yo.u »eli ' ' "•• '' ' lm» . line, ; ,linfj; .. ,.... . I insertion, lOc per minimum 30c . 3 insertions, 7c per mininium 50c ' • 6 insertions, 6c wve , •V minimum ftM ; 26 insertions, .5c per : mininium $4.00 (Average 514 wordi to the line) N'O T l£r- Want advertisements /accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. ' Phone 76* , ductor.' They joined the army during the World war, learned bread-baking n the army canteen, and came home rom war to choose bread-baking as heir new career. And they made a go of it, erecting in Hope a model bak- jry. • • Mr. Jones is a director of the Arkansas Master Bakers' association, and is well known among bakery executives, throughout the state. • « » Nephew of Hudspeth Is Under Indictment MARSHALL, Ark".-(/P)-A. A. Hudspeth,' cashier of the defunct First State Bank here and nephew of A. T. Hudspeth, missing head of a chain of nine banks of which the local bank was an affiliated, was indicated by the grand jury-Monday on a charge-of embezzWment and forgery. Tweniy-onet other indictments were made but not-announced. ' Work in Texas Planned AUSTIN, Tex. — (fP) — 'Road and bridge construction projects estimated to cost $392,000 Monday were added to4he list of contracts to be awarded oy the Texas highway commission' February 29 and,March 1. Projects announced brought the estimated total to be placed under contract at the' meeting to $2,642,000. New projects announced included 12 bridges, 21 culverts, 31 miles of surface- improvements and three-tenths miles grading and drainage structures and'concrete paving. Laval arid His Cabinet Defeated; They Resign ' PARI&H/P)—Defeated by 23 votes in the senate 'Tuesday afternoon Premier Laval and all the members of his cabinet presented their resignations to President Doumer. ..,., i!8W. Collins fc Harrington. (13-30tc Survey of Hope Drug' Atdrei, Beauty Shops, Reveals Good Business That the business of purveying aids to feminine charm and attractiveness Is on the b66ffi in Mope, despite the drouth, depression and and .down* ward trend of almost the entire com- nferciat world, was indicated by a sur•fey made by The Star this week. Jeauty shops here are doing a land otfieef business; And drug stores are selling more cosmetics and other preservatives of the divine heritage of all womankind, than ever before. Whether this strange phenomena of present-day business is due to the fact that this is Leap Year could not be ascertained. Many of the fair damsels state fin no, Uncertain terms that there is no great increase in marriage licenses every fourth year. But dealers and beauty shop op- eratbrs advise that the healthy con dltion of their patronage is duo t< matrons as well as those who mlgh seek assistance from Dan Cupid short ly after Valentine day in this year o opportunity. Mrs. B. C. Lewis, who operates the Marinello Shop, reports a volume o patronage greater than thus for in 1931. In fact business Increased tha year oV>er 1936, just as 1930- did ove 1929, Indicating a growing trend t seek out the rouge pots, and'; those skilled- and trained in their operation And all this, says Mrs. Lewis, despite much lower prices for some classes o work, especially permanent waving She is giving many more waves no than ever before, she says. Mrs. Audra Young and Ben Southward, owners of the White Way Beauty Shop, tell how this branch-of the Division street business greatly exceeds the barber custom, from a dollar and cents viewpoint, John P. Cox, local druggist, advis- bealrty aids Is greater than «?«**• ore. ti is tha only department «l hi* rug store which has ndt suffered rom the slump, he says. Mis trade Is buying the best afld most rellabw )eauty goods the market offers, he avs Frank Ward says he Is selling more of the nationally 'advertised beajity preparations than ever before, but only in the popular priced lines. He reports a falling off ol the more ex pensive brands, but not In proper tlon to other departments In his drug store. John Gibson, pioneer Hope druggist, says, "You can't keep the women irom buying good toiletries." He reports sales in this department holding up unusually e-well. The »1 and »2 items are selling best he says. Mr. Gibson calls attention to the tremondous decrease In the sole of chill tonics, and quinine in the last two years. This, he attributes to the fact that people are heading off malaria, just as the iair sex are heading off the ravages of wind, weather and time. Simon Button, manager of the Crescent Drug Store, brings news of a gradual growth of his entire business, season after season, dite, he says to the fact that the store is only two years old, and is rapidly gaining a splendid patronage. He reports unusual gains in the lower-priced aids to beauty. A. C. Moreland's trade is close to normal in these lines. However, he calls attention to the fact that department stores are now carrying more complete toilet goods departments than ever before, He advises that since his business is strictly cash, his sales of these item's have hot quite .ept pace wlth-stome stores., Paul Briant's drug store reports a atisfactory business in supplying oilet goods. Moreover, he says each week's record of sales show an in- rease over last year, in'number of rticles, even though cash receipts are Giannln! Interests in Control at Board W1LM1MOTOM, Del - (JP) group* headed By'A. P. aian San Francisco, In the battle for \ trol of Trans-America corp"* 1 Monday Wok charge of the- meeting of the concern and nomlfl a set of directors favorable to the anninl Interests. The opposition faction was ha by Elisha Walker of New York, man of the board Who fought a of proxies against being ousted'j control of the big holding cone After the announcement tha Glannlnl interests had a majoril the proxies, that group nominaj| board of directors. . , es that his business in high grade Postmaster at Vilonia Is Victim of Assault CONWAY —(/P)— Attacked with" a club in his office, Dalton Matthews, postmaster at Vilonia, w,as beaten into unconsciousness' early 'Monday by an Unidentified man., Nothing was taken from the; office.V Matthews' injuries are not serious. He was a victim of a similar attack a year ago. WANTED 'AT ONCE— 15 salesmen and solicitors W work in,this city. experience not necessary; no investment. Easy to sell.. You can earn rom'HOO to *8.00 per day. Apply at Capital Hotel between 8 a. m. and 9 a. m. Wednesday, February 17. WANTED—15 salesmen and solicitors. Experience not necessary. Apply Wednesday, February 17 between .8 a, m.-and 9 a. m. Apply Mr. Graham, Capital Hotel. FOR RENT FOR RENT—One five room house in Coll<fe addition. Briant & Co. 16-3t. FOR RENT—Five room house, modern, convenient and close in. Reasonable. Robert Evans, Box 211, Ashdown, Arkansas. ll-6tp DO YOU WANT to carp from $4.00 to |8.00 per day Wednesday, Apply between 8 a. m. and 9 a, m. Wednesday, February 17. Apply Mr. Graham, Capital Hotel. FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, two or three rooms, connecting bath Private entrance. Mrs. R, M. Jones, 314 South Shover. 2913tp NOTICE EARN—$4.0 to ?8.00 per day. No investment, experience not necessary Apply Wednesday, February 17, between 8 a. m. and 9 a. m. Apply Mr Graham, Capital Hotel. .,.^^. : A LITTLE PEPSO-GINGER WILL end your indigestion or your druggist will refund your money. 5-30t WANTED—15 salesmen and solicitors. Experience not necessary. Apply Thursday, February 18th between 8 a. m. and 9 a. m. Apply Mr. Graham, Capital Hotel. j WANTED—Issues of February llth Truckland Courier. We v/ill pay 10 cents per copy. Hope Star. WANTED—Issues of February llth Truckland Courier. We will pay 10 cents per copy. Hopa Star. ;A WANTED—Issues of February llth Truckland Courier. We will p»y 10 cents per copy. Hope Star. FOR SALE FOR SALE—One 10 inch steel Kelly combination terrace and breaking plow. One sectiori harj-ow and one five point gee-whizj One ton of soy bean hay. Call 757. J- A. Embree. 16-3tp. GENERAL CONTRACTING ,- Free estimates on painting, paperhanging, all kinds of building, Phone 567J or BIRD HEX-TWIN SHINGLES Attractive Durable Economical Building Material* —all kinds- See us for estimates HOPE RETAIL LUMBER YARD in, Mgr. 178 BIG HUSKY BLOOD TESTED CHICKS GUARANTEED to live and lay more eggs. Customers repprl 100% alive at four weeks. We also do custom hatching. Satisfaction guaranteed. Braemar Hatchery 601 Dudley Ave., Texarkana, Ark. 2-17-tf. SPECIAL PRICES On all Permanent for the month of February REALISTIC WAVES $500 and $7.00 , FRENCH OIL WAVES . 2 for $5.00 Special Prices on Facials MARINELLO Beauty Shop Phone 314 HOPE TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. E. G. Coop, Mgr. WE EXCHANGE Meal or Flour for shelled milling corn. We'll grind your corn into meal. SOUTHERN GRAIN & Produce Co. Phone 248 HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN That your battery needs Attention? "Out of sight— out of mind" plays havoc with batteries. Thousands of car owners will experience a great deal of trouble the balance of this winter, unless they take the necessary precautions. We'll test your battery. Our inspection is absolutely free. Lester Rhodes in Charge, U S L Batteries Lowest Prices in LUCK'S SERVICE STATION Phone 485 $5.00 MEAL TICKET $4.00 Cash A discount of 20% Lunch 35c Less 20% on ticket 28c CHECKERED CAFE , much lower. This is on account of the eduction in prices, he says. But historians advise that the so- called weaker sex have always sought after methods of improving on nature, even though no improvement was necessary, since the dawn of civiliza- ion—or at least since any writtten record has been made,: in song or Story. For Every Type of Motor That Good Gulf Gasoline For More Power Gulf No-Nox—Ethyl Stops Knocks Gulf Supreme Motor Oil For a Smooth Running Motor Gulf Refining Company M, S. Bates, Agent Phone 24 or 934 More Bread For Your Money Blue Ribbon Bread, and other City Bakery products, give you more ounces of better quality bread for the same money. Ask for the home bread at your grocers, and you'll save money! CITY BAKERY Bakers of Blue Ribbon Bread PITTSBURG, Tex.—A large potato louse owned by Harris brothers, and containing'approximately 3800 bushels of potatoes', was destroyed by fire. The fire originated from'the'stoves. The loss was partially covered by insurance. • PHOTOS By Day or Night. Cloudy weather or Bunny days. We are equipped to take your portraits at any time. The Shipley Studio Phone 359 for Appointment Drive in For SERVH That Good Gulf Oas and 100% Gulf Products. Vou'll Like Our Talr Treatment. Bundy Service Station THIRD Sc HAZEL PHONE 264 Now Broadway of America _««^-«>«—«••• G A S S T O V E| REPAIRING We rebuild and repair all of gas stoves. Let us cover your kitchen with NICKEL ZINC Reasonable- Prices Radiator Repairing HALLIBURT Sheet Metal Worl Phone 611 REINFORCED BRICK WORK Is a proven fact. Railroad Bents and Trestles are now being built of reinforced brick work instead of concrete. Many houses in Hope are cracked because not properly reinforced. On new work we will absolutely guarantee your residence or business building not to crack if you reinforce it right. The added expense is quite small. Phone 230 HOPE BRICK WORKS DO NOT BE FOOLISH You are if you are feeding your cows cottonst. when you can trade 1000 pounds of cottons<| to us and receive 2100 pounds of cottons^ meal and hulls which is recognized by the *• authorities as a better feed. TEMPLE Cotton Oil Co, B, L. Kaufman, Manager U. S, Government Bonded Cotton Warehouse Standard and High Density Compress Automatic Sprinkler {System Cheapest Insurance Rafce in Arkansas Union Compress and Warehouse Company «. 0. Kyler, Manager P*^ 11

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