Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 29, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 29, 1954
Page 14
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V - ) <"!. *«• -SfV-,^ HOPt SfAfc, MOM./ ARKANSAS ; Deeeftibef Into CLASSIFIED ^Uf Must fie tfl 6ffiee Day Betofe Publication With ThS'- d«»V tti« ac'cdutit Is payable teMcted. Six One Days Month 1.50 450 200 600 2 50 7 SO 3 00 9.00 350 10.50 4.00 12 00 4.SO 13.50 5.00 15.00 rB.r U!. 'fffv it'"- • I'^EfJJj'lp'*JJ£ CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ) tim .. ......... . ............ ?5c Per l"ch 3 limes ........................ 60e per Inch 6 tlmS . .................. SOe per inch Rttfts iju6ted above ore for con- »6ai»iW ifti«rfions. Irregular of skip- data atti will take the dne-day rate. ' All daily classified advertising copy t Will, be dieepted until 5 p. m. for pubFlttfttfi the following day. TrWpubllihers reserve the right to revise of edit all advertisements of- > fered {of publication and to reioct any objectionable advertising submitted"-" "" " Initials of, one or more letters, OrdOfti ot 'figures such as house or telfepRpng nwrnbt>a count as one word. flh/yope Star will not be responsible 1 foiC efrfirs In Wont Ads unless 'Wrors" ''ore called t6 'our attention ottet'flBSt. Insertion of "ad and then , fo" ONLY the ONE Incorrect insertion. PWONJ: 'PROSPECT 7-3431 St. Luke, at Sheppard had a Unon Sunday School December 26. 'hree. churches taking part were St. Luke of Powers, Mt. Siniai, and t. Luke, Sheppaid Mr. Alford act- d as the ' Superintendent. The csson was interesting and a good ontesfheld among the classes. A urplus of . Christmas fruit left ver from the tree was given to inyone who desired some. The pas- Or and his wife received several nice gifts, aside from canned fruit. Dinner was held at the home of Mr. nd Mrs. ©zel Burton. oral Directors OAKCEKSfe- FUNERAL HOME ' mSimANCE . . . AMBULANCE .'. . EHONB 7-2123 AD-1 Mo. 'TF CORNELIUS Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for. our >S?V4 '.-> • a |ents A23-1 Mo. Offered MATTRESS ^enoyatlon" and inner- •prlng wo^k- Cobb Mattress Co 310 .South Washington. Phone f-262J. Mar. ttf , ^ H v Montgomery Ma/ke.t, Cus =: torn'Slaughtering., Phone 7-3361 -i -« y. »*r „•»•*- ^ 10-1 Mo f tWeU" service,' any siz SpttiJ '• see *or write p. T i9-a ;, *8afes'"and service. Clif . Evans, 2112 Junctio . El Dorado, Ark. 17-lMo TUKBE*"room°' "house, 4 block 'from business section. $15 pe "•month.* 7T6hn P. Vesey, ' ** "*'* Dec»],8-l mo hows'e Boated at 622 W on?, ,Wade Warren, Phon " " ^2063. 23-6 ThS Negro Community Or bHnfl Items to Ml»» Turner , at Hlcki Funeral Horn* ' Mr. Printls Otis Muldrew of letroil Mich., is spending the ihristmas holidays with his mo- ler, Mrs. Girdie Langston, and randparents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom .angston and other relatives. Aussies Salvage Some Consolation By WILL SYDNEV, Australia !/!>. Re- aounding from three straight defeats, Australia's Ken Rosewa'.l and Rex Hnrlrvig whipped America's Tony Trabert nnd Vic Seixss loday in the final two singles of (lie Davis Cup Challenge Round. But since the United States had already wof: (he cup, symbol of world t e n n i s ruprernacy, ths matches furnished only a measure of consolation to-Australia's pride 13 "made the final scpro for the record books, United. States 3_ Australia 2. With the pressure off, the littla southpaw Rorewall crushed Trabert f-7. 7-5, 6-3. Hartwig, playing his (irst Challenge Round singles, drubbed Seixas 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-3. Hartwig, who recently recovered from on attack of the mumps, was substituted for Lew Hoad. and his brilliant ph.y today started Australians second-guessing the selectors who passed over him in both the opening singles 'and doubles. "Well, there goes my prediction of five to iiithnig," said U.S Captain Bill Talbcrt with a broad smile. "But we'should worry. Wo have won the cup, and that's what matters." SPORTS ROUNDUP GAYLE tAL&o.t, By JACK HAND (F6f Gayle Talbot) , NEW YORK IM If Wiltte Mays and Roper Bannister will shove over a bit we'd like to rominatd Trabert ond Vic Seixas :; !of a rhare of the Athlete of t h'ortors. ,.'•'..'. At a time when 3pprt.i nists, cvjn sub columhists/ ducer. to chewing over tbc dusty memories of the past year or master-minding the~ b,6,wl •''. 'games, Ins U .^. Davis Cup pair cjame through with an excitini spot hisws development. ': . Weary makeup men who have . State to IhootWorksin Tonight 14), 77-58 y.'ctor' over Cornell; decide the consolation title. ' • , In other tournament p'ay last night, Louisville iNo. 13) won the Kentucky Invitation (93-77) over Eastern Kentucky. Western .Ken- tacky, defeated . Murray E-3-89 .for third place ; . • , . . Thrc-; other tournaments wound vp p'ny: Detroit wen its' own'Mo- tor City Classic, 82-57 over 'Wayne y'MD WILK Of the As&ofcla'ed frees It isn't enough that North Carolina State is the No. 2 team in college basketball and has ah 11-0 iecPrd; They want to score a slew of points too. Y/hat's more, you can bet the Woifpack will try to do just that (Mich). Penn State defeating Toledo 71-53 for third place. ', Spring Hilij a . . EC-hool in Mobile, Ala.., walked off Porks to Get Another Workout FAYETTEVILLE, (ffl T (.nsas Razorbacks, in top cal condition, are scheduled leave by special railroad car tonight for Dallas and their Jan. 1 football date with Georgia Tech in, Ihe Cotton Bowl. < The Porkers, surprise champions of' the . southwest Conference littfe" Cstroli" wade through a chilly pr&clicc 1 • —"-- ! here; yesterday. The horn-Ion- been writtaTheTds about 'the Navy tonight whe n it runs into Minnesota Mrs. Gertrude Thomas of Little Sock sj^ent the holidays with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Henry Criner, arid 'other relatives. THREE room furnished apartmen priyate bath, 420 Edgewood, Call »7-3|4f, 7-23^7 or 7-2776 after six. Mrs. F.rankie L. -Alexander of Li-ttle 'Rock has returned to her _^_ home after spending the holidays de'corated unfurnished! with her parents, Mrs. Martha Wil- aparfaient.' 1 Private bath. Bills son, and other relatives. paid. -Phone 7-3<j96. Prom 11 a. 8 p. n>., phone 7-9934. 15-tf For Sale '"APPLIANCES • •'Toasters • Miners f Waffle 'Irons •' Steam and - Travel Irons. • Electric Blanket^, ' • Everything in G-E Dpj7x»eyer Mirror-matic OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY. Mrs. Hattie L. Boozer of Chicago, 11., is spending the holidays with ler parents, Mr. and Mrs.. Delous Tones, and other relatives. Mrs. Helen jerkins, Mr. and Mrs. Ed riayden and Mrs. Madie Tohnson /have returned to their iprn.e in Dallas, Tex,, after having spent the holidays with Mrs. Ella and other relatives. Mrs. Lucille Stuart and Miss liouise (Jleghorn of Omaha, Nebr., spent the holidays with their mother, Mrs. Ella Cleghorn. Emerson Stuart of Omaha, Nebr., spent the holidays with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Stuart. Miss Norma J. Moses of Omaha Nebr., spent the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernarc Moses, and other relatives < Mr. and Mrs. Sana Johnson o Ohaha, Nebh., spent the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Herman Reed o Kansas City, Mo., sjpent the holi days with Mrs. Arzella Freeman Brooks Is the inGotton Bowl Game By HAROLD V. RATLIFF DALLAS W) Th e big individual Jucl in the'Cotton Bowl will be von by a fellow named Brooks. \Villiqm '(Bud Brppks) is the power of the ' Arkansas line the irst- unanimous All-America football player in the -school's history. Franklin Squinch Brocks is the inchor of the' Georgia Tech lino one of the greatest in the array of mighty men who have played r the Yellow Jackets. They have the same nr.ine and both .play guard and much of the time they'll'be smashing- at each other in the Cotton Bowl battle i'c-re Saturday. 'As they go it's likely their teams tquad's Christmas dinner and the Aching muscles of assorted halfbacks hsve fallen upon the . fresh news from Sydney like Jacki* Gleascn on 11 million dollars. ' The best part of the Dtvis Cup matches in Australia was the timing. Coming in the dead of wint'er during the holiday week when a baseball player signing his contract could ccmmand a top head, the tennis matches became Page I ituff in many sections. Although it was comforting to see the old cup come back to the United States, Christmas week won' tbe the s_ame for the Dixie Classic title. State's preference for high scores piped up yesterday when the Woifpack had to scramble for 47.44 edge over North Carolina. with the Gator Bowl crown by de- tea'tirig Florida 66-60. Florida State won the consolation honors from Georgia 97-37. : Tennessee Stats topped hdst Xavier in the New Orleans festival £6-57. Gratnli'rig (La) beat Dillard La) 81-73 for third. 'Most' of the top-ranked teams m this week's Associated Props were idle, but here's pcned to those Who'saw action: George Washington (Nc. 9> fcated Colgate 92- r i7 in a fitst-roilnd, - .. -- —„- game in the Richmond Invitation- 1 The Tarheels just didn't have the al . Alabama (No. 13) followed its bench to cope with the HKCS of .... any more without the Challenge Round Dosvn Under. Actually, we won't hav e too much time to gloat ovsr our new possession. In less, than eight months, the Aussies or possibly rome other nation will, to storming these shores for the • '35 matches. When the United . Stales held the cup in the past, the Challenge Round usually was played st Forest Hills in August. It to.ok the United States four yfcars to win it back after the 1950 defeat and the Aussies have youth qn their side in the SO-year-old pair of Ken Rosewell and Lewis Head. Seixas is 31 and Trabert 24_ although Ham Richardson, the third man, is only 21. State, so they shunned a running' game and went into a freeze. .It 'almost paid off. State had to overcome a five-point deficit in the second half to win at one point in the first half, Coach Frank McGuire's Tarheels held the ball for three minutes without trying a shot. Minnesota moved into the finale -won- "four-times by the Wolf- pack- by defeating Duke (No. 13) 79-73, ; The Gophers and Stale will have: it; put tonight after Wt.ke For-. e§t,'<' 96-9.4 .winner over West Virginia and Southern California (No. favorite role with .an f.4-64 semifinals victory ovor 'Arkansas in the Southwest Conference' Tournament, and Kansas (No. 10) \vas clumped by unrankcd -Iowa State B2-81 in first round play of the Bis Porkers will go. Bud Brooks was an All-Soulh- June Brown of Hope died at hi home Tuesday, December 28. Funeral arrangements are Incomplete. west Confeverce player in his sophomore season, but as a. junipr he had t-> fight his way back ionto the team-. Coa'ch Bowden -Wyatt, who doesn't deaj.in past history, didn't think Bud, showed the. proper desire. And it was the third game of the season before Brook.v could convince him he was ready to play foytbail. So in he went and he became . the 'greatest, of all Razorback •. linemen.-:/.:-?.; :; |>^;; -,\ Weighing 200 pounds but capable of running 100 yards in 10.3 -in Basketball .-Arkansas College 72" Beebp JC footfa'll.' regalia Sam Cooper of Fulton died at hisvh'oine Sunday, December 26. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. >ONE male Dpfyerman Pincher dog. 2 years old, Owner leaving for pyerseas sduty. Selling for best offer, 906 Diary. 24-6t high producing registered stejji pows. Everirett Ward, co)t, Ark, bulls from Hoi DOGS Why People Own Dogs Do you own a dog just to have someone' that you can boss who won't talk back? Or,do you really want the affection that a dog can give you? Psychologists have argued this point for years but until now no second fastest man en the Arkan s>.s squad Brooks -made All-America .in a breeze and also was awarded tha Outland Trophy as the top line- man'in the nation by the football writers. , . . When Franklin Brooks went, to Georuia Tech be. only had to step across the street. The O'Kcete high rchopl practice field at Atlanta WQF that close 'to the practice field at Georgia Tech. He was good enough id piny on Tech's test fqotbail team in 195K While istill a freshman. In 1953 he was lineman of the week for his great work against Southern Methodist. The 190-p.ouhder 'played defense only in 1952 but went both ways in 1953. He was not outstanding offensively until this season, however, when he found out it was fun to block as''well as tackle. Says Coach Bobby • Dodd: I think anybody to be better than Brooks v/oull have to be a super- ;"iDixie-ClasKic !$jV:..C. State 47, .'North Carolina 44 (fcemiffhal)'. ' '•" ' . .^Minnesota 79_ Duke' 73 (scmi-linal) , • ^Southern California 77,. Cornell 58' (consolation); ^Wake Forest 9G,' West; Virginia 94 (consolation) ^Richmond Invitational ji( First Round) J George Washington 92, Colgate 77 jjlichmond 90, Boston College 68 JWm'." & -Ma ry 84,; Boston Univ 74 Virginia; Tech 88, Rutgers 77 ?PCC Northern Division Classic : (First Round) Washington 77 Idaho 57 'Oregon State 68, Wash State 43 Gator Bowl .(Spring Hill 66, Florida 60 (championship) Western -Ky 98, Murray Ky 89 fgonso]ation) for Alabama , By MAX B. SKELTON HOUSTON iffl Alabama, the first" guest team to reach the fi- rials of the Southwest 'Conference tournament, is 'favpredto 'tukc the championship tonight over Texas Christian; . The,9 p. m. finale of the fowth irnhuai three : day tournament marks TCU's second trip to the | finals. The Horned Frogs won the first tournament in 1951. 'Rice and Southern Metht dist play fpr''the ( consolation title at 4 p. m. fallowing'a 2'p. rn.'game between Texas' and' Baylor -for seventh place. ... : Texas A&M and 'Arkansas de cide-third place at 7.30 p. m. Alabama set ja scoring record 'or 'the tournament last night a the Tide dropped Arkansas 84-04 in tho semi-finals.. TCU whipped man. Cotton Bowl reserved tickets, See Dr. 3U J. Harold, Pres' 283t cne h&d ever c.pme up \yjth any facts that did much to settle the question, Now however .a Chicago survey firm Social Research.'. Inc. has produced a study that for the first 27-12t time ] )as ' gone into the basic moti vations for dog ownership and So there are the fellows who will be facing -each other when Arkansas and Georgia-Tech-line .up for the Cotton Bowl -kickoff. It should be an intorerting afternoon just, watching tl-em. •fgouthwest Conference ''Alabama 84, Arkansas 64 (semi-final) : Texas Christian 72, Texas A&M r >7 (semifinal) i'l Southern Methodist 77, Texas 63 (consolation) Rice 67, Baylor 64 (consolation) Motor City Classic > Detroit 82, Wayne (Mich) 57 (championship) '"Penn State 71, Tpledo 5£ • (consolation) • ; Kentucky All-American City < (First Round) ; Maryland 58, Texas Tech 54 • Rhode Island 108, Ky Wesleyan 00 :.Big "Seven ;.'(First Round) Kansas State 38, California 75 Iowa State 83, Kansas 81 Plwne 7-^392. A. L. Park. fill dirt. Dec. 27-1 mo. electric fully recondi- and guaranteed. Takeover due $24 50. inlounation write Box A % 28-3t 400 WHITE Rocfc and Indian River fryers, 9 weeks old. 4 Turkeys, at CCC camp, 29-3t of ear corn. Hope Plione 7-254,7. 23-6t Opportunity ggrvice, Station at 3rd contact S. L. Murphy. dog owners haven't cpme off too baoly. What did they find out? They found out thnt very few people buy a dog merely to have something to satisfy their .egos. Dog .owners don't delight in asserting mastery over a smaller creature' On the contrary the attitude of the average owner toward his pet has three main emotional facets. First he values his dog because the dog both accepts and'returns affection. Second he likes having the dog dependent on him. And third his dog's aggressive impulse are a source of pleasure to him. Several hundred members of dog-owning families submitted to exhaustive interviews in the study which was made for Swift arid Company and designed to show what people fed their dbgs .and why- They discovered among pther things that people genernlly end up with the kind of dog they like. Whether the dog adapts himseif a to the demands of his envhon- Tech Team Leaves for Dallas Today ATLANTA W A 39-player Georgia Tech football squad was scheduled for its final workout today before flying to Dallas, where (he Engineers' tangle with Arkansas' Razorbacks in ' the Cotton Bowl Jan. 1. ... Coach Bobby Dodd and ms assistants held a blackboard session with the squad yesterday going over Arkans&s- type smgla wing plays. The squad leaves for Dallas tomorrow. Another plane carrying the 'coaching staff school officials and players' wives' will leave later. Dodd said he expects the. squaa to be in too physical condition for vhe game. Ends Henry Hair and pill Sennett still are recuperating from touches of influenza, but botn worked 'out yesterda.y. of Arkansan to Coach 49ers Pro Ttaiii SAN QiBANCJSCp OP The an SAN Fia(&N&8.Cd;#P) - The San Assistant Coach Ji.m Lawson and hiied Howard (Red)' Hickey,. one of four Los Angeles RamF' assist* ant coaches who resigned two • New Engltnd Invitation ! (First Round) . Middlebury 71, Amherst 68 Dartmouth 87, Massachusetts 65 • Brcwn 64 Colby 57 Connecticut 98, Harvard 60 Buffalo Queen City St. Bonaventure 66, Georgetown DC 59 (semifinal) Georgia Tech 72, Idaho State (first- round, overtime) Forcham 67, Columbia G2 (consolation) Ottawa, Kan. Invitation Baker (Kan.) 83. Washburn, 75 (semifinal) Ottawa (Kan) 74, Culver Stoct- ton 50 (semifinal) Panhandle A&M, Peru (Neb) 61 (consolation) Okla Baptist 63, Empona State 63 (consolation) North Central XFirst Round) Iowa Tchrs 94, Augustana (SD> 6<5 Morningside 77, North Dakota 65 North Dakota State 95, Gyinnell Dakota State 73, ScCUth Da Uta 55 '.: , Sunshine .(Frist Round) . Missouri Mines 72. Eastern New Mexico 63 : ' Fort Hays Stajte 82, Taylor .79 McKendree 71, Western (Colo) ment or his owner molds the dog into \he animal he wants isn't c'ear. The fact rcmauu that those whc regard the noodle iis proud >•• ™-- ---• • .v.o u ^ .,n appear to have that kind of poodle. &t« from 1941 to 1948. He won A 1- On the other hand thpse who con- Southwest Conference honors in football and basketball at Arkan- weeks aSP. was» a Rams th.e poodle the say clown cf dogdom will have a poodle that plays the roje to perfection. The study showed toq tliat tha dog may have an impprtant part in his owner's regions with, other ^ppje,. l^any s»\<n he, erter- 1 ---' vlsUo.rg fostered good fec'lu teryf4 8S a conversation Itj} strangws; And onp sas. Texas A^M 73-57 to reach th» finals.'. • " , •/ .• :•,.:'• • ' ••&.' Cbhsolation play opened will SMU's 77-63 triumph over Texa and Rice's 37-64- victory over Bay lor. The Alabama score replaced th eld high of 81 po:nts set last yea by Rice-in an overtime victor over SMU. , The Tide hit 38 pe cent pf its floor shots compare with 41 per cent in Monday night' opener, 'TCU topped both Alabama mark by hitting 43 per cent of its fiei goal .attempts. George Linn, • (j-fpot-4 junior from Ohip, dumped in 24 points to lead Alabama, past -Arkansas. Sophomore ; Jerry Harper was next with 21.-' The Tide started slowly, scoring only once from the field in the first six minutes, but moved ahead 19-18 on a free throw by Harper'and never lost the advantage. Alabama led 38-38 at'.half time. A&M, with .only -two victories this -season, jumped ahead of TCU by six points in the early minutes -and "matched the Frogs 32-32 ss'late, as three minutes deep in the second' half. Dick O'Noal rolled up 25 points before fouling put with 8:45 left to lead TCU. John Fortenbury, who set a tournament record for free throws Monday led A&M with 19. SMU's spphomore center 6-foot- 8 Jim Grebs, scored 29 points to pace the crippled Mustz.ngs past Texas. Krebs got 15 in the first half as SMU moved ahead by nine points, • Reserves played most of the Buchanan gave Texas its best second half for SMU. Wayman showing with 22 points. Forward Murra Bailey kept up his steady play with 28 points but got little .support as Bey lor fell before Rice. Bailey's efforts gave h'm the tournament scoring lead with 54 points in two garr.es, seven points better than the record of SMU's Krebs. O'Neal ond Ray Warren of TCU are next with 46 each, Fred Woods hit eight points late in the first half to give Rice a 26-25 lead at intermission, then came back .to sink a crip shot with. 10 seconds left to insure the Owls' victory, R,ice Hit U straight free throws in a, late' surge that gave the Owls a S5-.47 lead with five minutes to go, but almost blew the lead as Bailey kept pouring the points ihrough. A final Bailey goal with 15 seconds, to play cUt the Rice lead tQ one point before Woods the two-pointer. .Southwestern Okls 84, Southwest Louisiana 82 Quincy Invitation , (First Round) St. Ambrose 81, Kirk s \ille (Mp) 68 MUwaukiee Peter Mueller, 158, fenocked, out Ernio , payome, N J. (7 . MM». Al Andjt-^s, w Illinois Normal 70, Poras 67 ; Quincy 65, Illinois Wesleyan 61 > Western Illinois 95, Jjtonnwuth 7? • other Games State 68 jviontun,a Woods was Rice's top scorer with 181 ppinis. ' Statewide Horse Show Discussed LITTLE ROCK to inaugurate an A proposal annual state horse shp\y h,?fe ne.xt spring, with profits to .charities, has ben _ _ • _ — . if . I ' -XL: iM&if ARRANlAl Wednesday, December 4$, STAR, MO PI, it CHtek f«i«f OZAUK 1X1 BUT U/EJUST i> CALL SNAPPY FOR SHORt §Uf KlO MAttER KEMNiEL NAME IS SNAPISWAY OF. "ROGISTON,SlRED BY CHAMPION ALOHA THE THIRP . ,—, , WAS WARNED BY. 4.COACHI ANOTHER DOCTC3ft WHAT YC-LI CALL practice took place practice field. n» i ft Williams Athletic Directoi John Barnhlil sdid ' the team would r.rrive in AJ.UTH06E GdOFX W6UL, 1VE '' ABOUT THAT ^ NOTICfet> JUST OOESTDPaJVEA HE HASN'T MDU DON'T •tHW«"AuL you VOI& LOOK! A& MAN/ NECK OR Dallas Thursday morning. Answer to Previous Puzzlt The workout In freezing rain ap HB VSO^THE LAST SIX HOW&fTMERfe BNJ 006 N NEXT WfiEK'6 All Dressed Up parently did no thram tie OTTO DARt-lN©,WHAT &.TW6 MATTER? DID physical condition of the Razor- n «.TH/srMOON fLU BET ALL WASH! " P you EV£fcTHqy<SHT . ABOUT rfl£> THAT backs .There have been ACROSS 1 Outer garment 5 Let down a . dress .hem 9 Kind of pants band 8 Fo n ow Ladd 14 Make lace trimming 15 Wet weather shrew 17 Indian 11 Roman road 18 Singing voices is Map line 19 Thinner 20 Of ships 21 List of names 22 Pastries • 23 Consume 24 Scene of 24 Pick and . ., famed h«rp Harry's. , playing: companion 25 Baking 27 Not dressed . at all 29 Soft palates 32 Incarnation 34 Raised 36 Sharp reply 37 Actress Francis 38 Again 39 Location 41 Lair 42 Little Ridinghood 44 Foot covering 46 Girls 49 Torment 53 WingHke part 54 Adviser. 56 Bad (prefix) 57 Region' 58 Persian fairy 59 Donkey 60 Shoemaker's block '•": . 61 Observed 2 Landed 4 Trend 5 Kind of . dancer juries or illness during post-sea- .The Razorbacks will work out ' ' '' here' to'day 'and' in Dallas Thuvs Coach Bowden Wyatt's team was rate'd for' a bottom rung in 9 Spoke . haltingly 10 Shakespeare's 26 Fabrics 28 Poetry muse 30 Unaspitated 31 Arabian gulf 33 Pulled :••':', 35 Builds.:- •'•• 40 Puts forth 43 Transfer. Southwest Conference season guessers. But they beat five ' 46 Parent 47 Sad cry 48 Ibsen heroine 50 Toward the ' . sheltered side, $1 Painful ft? {'Emerald. • : ' Isle"- •. ' 55 Burmese . only to Southern Methodist finished; the season with a . 7 / 3 rec " " Seven tourney at Kansas City. WASH TUBiB!> SHOP BARRY'S design-(ah.)45 Retains HOW r FINP VOU ACHIt.t> • \vood'-demon | THB'DELW& AMD '' For TH U RSPAI OUR BOARDING HOUSt WE ILL BE ALL DAY SAT"., JAN- - New Years PLEASE Reonaa wi5^eeSfMY vtoeo/I'M coMiwspo^ DfSWX SOT FOR CHeiSTMAS47 VKTH A-A-A-K6R-C#£W/ jDST"T£u_-fHe/n T. peeree. T\ T>M ©OIMS TO BED ^fs^Jwm^n^oiH^fe^uM^A , PepCOLKCOK) • AND HER BUDDItl FOLGERS DOWN 1 Girl's name 2 Spoken : BLACKEYED P|AS MINUTE RICE. CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNV LIBBY'S PINEAPPLE >y rAAVBE THIS WIUL CONVINCE YOU I DON'T WANT ANV BRUSHES 5CR&M! Bv Herahberaw FUNNY BUSINESS KINGAH'S PLAIN CIRCLE K BRAND r / '',.' ' •'•>''.' ' _/3vJf) POTTED MEAT MADE BY SWIFT & Cp — MAXINE SOAP *LI,E> OOP THEN, LETS Ua<SC> PRODUCE THAT? HIS PRETTY; DINNY'S STILL J E:LSE,TOO AROUNP.HE MUST BE f I'M SURE - NOTHIN6 COUNTRV/^ BeTTCRTOPC? U.S. NO. 1 RED POTATOES 10 J "Actually I don't see what we need with a United Nations 1 when we already have a strong .federation of women's j »IDE GLANCES TURNIPS AND GREENS He always blindfolds himself when it's half gone—he can't bear to see it empty!" 19*29 OTHBMV PRISOLLA'S POP YELLD.W 'RIPE BANANAS " f ^ *' f V, ^r-wi q frjjL*. ? l^f^JgSaS SWEETIE PIE By Nodine $«lx0r WONDERRJUV k.1^*^ fc X/*\^3 CZ * dl * IC?<^i fc. y *. NO MOKE: BL. WON'T NEED ANV ;EU! M" CHECK GOOD GREEN CABBAGE I'M BLUE LIKE THIS THERE'S ONLY ONE CURE... A NEW HAT! OLEO SUN VALLEY IN OUR MARKET BRISKET or RIB STEW MEAT THUTORY OF MARTHA WAYNf , 8UT J IT/ J OQM'T INT^P "* IM FMKMR KW "Isn't winttr the mo«t wenderful ieaion? All pit R9iM«» en

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